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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  June 29, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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keeping an eye on things this morning. >> good morning, guys, you know, i would say that no day is a wash out nicole. you're right. today is one and only day that we can absolutely guarantee at least throughout the course of this work week, that will be bright sunny and dry for everyone. soy, it is a nice start to the day. not only do you have full sunshine, but also going to keep low humidity today. so very, very comfortable, out here on the skydeck right now dairy say even minor chill in the air, just because there is a very light breeze, and it is a cool breeze. but, hey, it is summer, you know? it feels good outside. we start thing off with a quick check on storm scan3 which remains empty at this point. there is a clear sky overhead, as we said. that's allowing the temperatures to drop off efficiently through the overnight, also of course had the pesky storm system to track through the course of the weekend. that left us with some cool air. so some recovery needed to take place there and we will certainly do that throughout the week. for now these are cool temperatures, at 59 degrees, in millville, 59 in reading pair of five's mount pocono, even 64 in philadelphia, is
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couple of degrees shy from the typical early morning low on this day of the year. we are in at six off in wilmington. that will feel cool to you in wilmington. meanwhile, in some of the outlying suburbs, you have the 50's, low 60s kind of the norm around the region, more remote the suburbs generally the cooler it will be this morning. but you will have full sunshine, not stopping us from having still nice long days. so we do start the recovery process in terms of the heat. getting back to the low 80s later today we call it comfortable warmth though, because with the low dew point, in other words, the low humidity, that continues for us it just feels good outside. so great excuse to get some yard work done, to have the dogs nice long walk, any kind of activity that you have got going on outside today maybe do some exercising outside. it will be good excuse for that. but as we look ahead to the ends of june here, it will be somewhat of an unsettled and because we are going to be tracking series every fronts specially here for the next couple of days so, the active pattern is set to continue for us but like i said, no day is a wash out. we still do have wet weather
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to track. hard to believe it is late june already. we take you outside right now, sunrise coming up around 5:35 skies starting to brickie brighten up. looking at eighth and the vine street expressway. see the police activity there on the right side of your screen. that's because of the traffic lit out. so just be aware that far situation coming offer the ben franklin bridge. just use extra caution at least the police are thereto direct some traffic. still, closed to the vine street expressway, again eastbound, from 76. this should be opening real soon though, as they wrap up the morning construction from that overhead bridge construction that will be ongoing, pretty much over the next several month. route 42, we have construction both northbound and southbound, between creek road and 295 that's lane shift. that will will go until midnight. all the way through august 1st each night. all right, route 70 westbound before cuthbert boulevard, one to two lanes closed until midnight on wednesday. more construction this morning, route 30, both directions at 130 and 38.
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lane shift until midnight also on wednesday. heads up down in wilmington, route 202 northbound, at i95 the right lane blocked until about now. should be wrapping that zone up. of course phillies-brewers in town tonight. 7:00 # five at the ballpark, so expect some more activity in south philadelphia, so just be aware of that traffic situation. that's a look at your ride this morning, we send it back over to you ukee. >> jd, thanks so much. another miserable morning for a loft people waking up again without power in parts of south jersey. they are going on six days now. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is in gibbstown gloucester county right now where frustration continues to build. justin good morning. >> reporter: ukee, good morning, those in the dark are hoping have light by late day. that forecast comes from governor christie as well as ac electric. they have been having crews out working around the clock since last tuesday, and they are hoping have service restored by later today. let's get you now to video taken over the weekends, crews working to clear up areas still congested by downed trees and wires some four
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roadways are still down, due to those downed wires. and some 717 customers awaiting service at this time. again, that should be restored by the end of the day. the mayor of greenwich township is urging governor christie to sign emergency paperwork that he says would fast forward the recovery effort here in south jersey, he said scares communication between his offers and the governor's, we also spoke to a family who lives in a home in gibbstown township, and they say there are some in their community who have it worse than they do. take a listen. >> reporter: some people, people that they don't have city water they don't even have water. like i mean they don't have electric. they don't have water. i mean, it is awful. it is awful. >> put it this way ill at the you the truth he didn't come through on saint, he needs to come through now. >> reporter: the homeowners here hoping that governor christie can help them and
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other in their neighborhood. perhaps you can see that broken branch back there they were in their living room on last tuesday when that tree sliced through the back of their home, again some 717 customers still needing service at this time this morning. we're told that storm on saturday actually hampered effort out here to clean up as well as gel power restored here. again by days ends, they are hoping to have the power outages down to 1% across south jersey, we are live in gibbstown, justin finch cbs-3, "eyewitness news". justin, thank you. here is a check of the latest outage numbers ac electric reporting 5500 outages. peco energy says 250 customers are still in the dark. pse&g is reporting 50 outages and delmarva says less than five customers are still affected. new this morning stolen car hits parked car in northeast philadelphia. now police have person in custody. this all happened at st. st. vincent street, castor avenue before 2:00 this morning northeast detective are now investigate. >> this is new video just in
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from overnight of robbery at a 7-eleven in juniata. we are told two men with guns held up the store on hunting park avenue just before 4:00. they managed to get some cash before escaping. >> and gunfire in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood ends with a man in critical condition and two suspect in custody. there is no word yet on what led to that shooting it, all happened outside bar late last night, on the 3,000 block of frankford avenue. police found man in a beer take out wound with a gunshot wounds to his abdomen. police also say they recovered weapons. >> police investigating triple shooting happened on the 1300 block of east price street east germantown. police say a 34 year old man was shot and killed, a 31 jerold man in critical condition, with multiple gunshot wounds, and another 31 year old man is in stable condition, after he was shot in the leg. it is not known what led to that shooting, the gunman remains at large. >> new jersey governor chris christie drops a big clue he's going to run for president. this weekend, he launched his campaign website.
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>> and if you're going to run for president of the united state, and you're going to ask these people for their vote, that is the single most trusting thing they can do as a citizen is to give you their support. >> christy's campaign message is telling it like it is, in addition to the video governor christie's website is seeking donations, a drexel university pole call science professor said no surprise christy went on line early. >> the reality is it is very close to when his official announcement will be on tuesday. and i think christie is really using words in his announcement that are very much along vernacular of republican candidate. >> governor christie is expected to kick off his campaign tomorrow at his old high school in livingston. >> now the republican field will soon be even more crowded, ohio governor, john case i can will formally announce his plans july 21. no republican has won the white house without caring ohio. next year, the state holds
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extra weight as cleveland plays host to the republican convention. democrats of course holding their convention right here in philadelphia. >> today authorities hope to learn more from the second of two escape convict in up-state new york. david sweat was shot and captured sunday, short distance from where his fellow escapee, richard matt, was gunned down and killed by police last week. cbs news correspondent mark albert has the latest flu albany. law enforcement officials escorted the ambulance caring david sweat to albany medical center sunday night where he is list in the critical condition. throughout have placed sweat in a secure section of the hospital, as doctors continue to assess his injuries. >> based on the preliminary evaluation of the patient, it is obvious that he would nod to be here for at least series every dares. >> hours earlier state police sergeant jay cook, alone on routine patrol, spotted sweat in the town of constable just 2 miles from the canadian border. this image shows the fugitive covered in blood after the 21 year veteran shot him twice in
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the torso as he tried to get away. >> we wish it didn't happen in the first place but if you have to have it happen this is the way you want it to end. >> as sweat continues to rolf here they've launched full investigation, into how he and richard matt managed to evade capture, for three weeks. >> sweat's mother, pam last wishes he would have just served out his time. >> sweat and matt broke out of the clinton correctional facility using power tools authority believe the pair were using pepper to throw off dogs who were tracking them. mark albert, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> and in north carolina, escaped inmate there is also back behind bars this morning christopher mcneal escaped from county jail in lexington saturday. he was captured walking along the road about 80 miles from where he escaped. thirty-three year old prison kitchen worker kendra miller accused of something sexual relationship with mcneal, has been charged with helping him
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escape. well, a reward will be announce in the connection with a big theft at a west philadelphia catholic school today. police have not yet found burglars who broke into saint ignascious of loyola school on north 43rd street earlier this month. suspect stole dozen of computers and ipads. the fraternal order of police is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects. the f.o.p. is also replacing the ipads stolen in the burglar. >> greece's financial crisis is now worsening. this morning people are lining up at atm's and the government sim posting restrictions on cash withdrawals and shutting down banks for six working days. people can still pay their bills on line. credit and bank cards issued outside of greece have no restrictions so, naturally. that will help the tourism industry. >> our time is coming up on 5:11 another dangerous discovery down the shore. we'll tell you what one woman stumbled on, while walking along the beach. >> plus, a plane that left pennsylvania ends up crashing
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into a house killing everyone on board. here how the people inside that home escaped the fiery crash. >> and some new video for this morning, as fast moving wild fire burns out of control threatening dozens of homes. >> sometimes do you have wait for a beautiful day, and this juan is long time coming. so you know, we'll take it, we'll enjoy, it is supposed to be sunny monday, something to look forward to. >> we'll take it. >> we certainly l kately have your forecast on the other side. stick around. >> ♪ ♪
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>> a plane crashes into a massachusetts home killing all three on board. it went down in planeville, southwest of boston. not clear what caused the crash as of yet. according to sister station in boston pilot radioed about engine problems shortly before
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the crash. witnesses say the crash shook the ground of the entire neighborhood. >> i actually thought that the quarry was blasting on sunday, i said they don't blast on sunday. ran outside. my daughter was in the front yard. and i saw whole fireball. everything was engulfed. >> and the home was occupied at the time. but everyone inside got out safely. plane's victims names have not been released. nicole? >> fire fight remembers urging hundreds of neighbors to evacuate as this grass fire grows in central washington state. the flames have destroyed or damaged at least nine structures, and spread to about 2.6 square miles. now, an emergency shelter is open in a high school for people who evacuated that area. so far we're told, there are no injuries, so some good news here no word on how this fire started. ukee? >> for the second time this month, dangerous portuguese man of war washes up down the shore, ann del april i tweeted these pictures of the man of war she supported during one of her dahli walks in stone harbor. she sent the pictures to the
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wetlands institute in stone harbor. last week we showed you another man of war in harvey cedars, man of wars have long tent calls filled with din up -- venum can also be painful but deadly. >> i guess that's why they call it man of war. >> there you go. dot nos -- does not play. >> should be good day down the shore today? >> absolutely, keep an eye on the circle there my goodness, minds the jellyfish, i guess. but we do thankfully have some really great shore weather for you, if you are going to be headed out to the beaches here today, bright sunny no matter what you're going to be doing outside today looking good for any of t so, let me start it off by taking you out to storm scan3 nice, quiet view for us here, nice clear sky, we are basically just in the midst of high pressure, going to pay us just brief visit, but it is paying us a visit nonetheless. it does mean you will have pretty pleasant weather to enjoy here today while we still have a lot churning away around us here, things are nice and sort of sheltered here in our little bubble in
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the delaware valley for you. no one system the one that brought the soaking rain still pulling away, visible on the radar, next in line, currently brinking in some pretty heavy rain just outside of this cincinnati vicinity, eventually get in on some that far ourselves does mean dew points goes on uphill climb in the days ahead. for now though this just feels good for late june, for the dew point to be in the 50's, maybe no higher than six off at best throughout the day. good stuff. it will feel really comfortable to you. but that humidity does start to steam up over the course of time. as we start to see these front moving in, just sort of the difference in the way you know, the up lift, the moisture that get brought into the area. all of those things sort of factoring in. meantime water temperatures, they are pretty toasty further south you travel. but for us, starting to heat things up, as women. it is getting there. little more my personal taste anyway. now that we have at least surpassed the 07 degrees mark in many locations, and the off shore buy nerve atlantic city for example saying 57 degrees. not terrible. so, if you are hitting the
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shore point today really nice for you overall. we have the rip currents risk up little bit. make sure you're swimming near lifeguard, paying heed to any flags that might be flying out there. but, we're going to start warming things up, heating things up in a big way wednesday shall flirting with 90, today the one and only definitely dry day of the next five. shower thunderstorm pretty much any chance for us any time for the rest of the week. justin, over to you. >> good morning everyone, 81 degrees, late june, pretty impressive record high for this date is 102. not even close to. that will but open the un windows on your morning ride, pretty comfortable outside. hit the roads see what's happening. take you out to 76 and the vine street expressway. good news, it is back open for business, as they ended the morning construction, from that overhead bridge construction. that will continue to be ongoing over the next several month. so looking pretty good. nice shot of the sky there. sunrise coming up at 5:35, police activity, eighth and vine st. due to light that are out traffic lights gone, black, so again be aware that
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far one. over the ben franklin bridge, both directions actually looking pretty good. looks like setting to up see beautiful sunrise this morning all across the delaware valley. area speeds, running at the speed limit 95, through northeast philadelphia, schuylkill looking good right around city avenue. no problems on the blue route into new jersey, speeds also in good shape on 295 42, and the new jersey turnpike. we do have construction zone on 42, though, northbound and southbound between creek road and 295. it is a lane shift. that will will gully way until august 1st. so, they wrap that up. here is mass transit. bussing on the routes 15, 101 102 trolleys, everybody else on time. good shape. that's look at your ride this morning, we send it back over to you nicole? >> justin, thanks. should be great day to take a dip in the pool. people living in camden can go swimming today when mayor dana red officially opens the city's two pools for the summer. now the city has pools at the north camden community center, and ace bell community center along with several spray pools to help beat the summer heat. >> mayor red doesn't jump in like former mayor ed rendell
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did years ago. >> we shall see. >> i don't think she does. >> stay tuned. she might get crazy. >> might. never know. >> i hope so. >> rough kel he will every days for sean ditty combs, if i arrested then takes embarrassing spill at awards show see how he returned from the stumble. >> also the tall ships festival wraps up. the big attraction, turns out to be a lame duck. why the giant rubber ducky spent most of the weekend deflated on the shore. not all it is quack up to be. >> , no you didn't. >> yes, she did. >> we'll be right back. >> yes, i did.
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well the fighting's host the milwaukee brewer, both teams in last place in their division. yesterday, the phillies lost the first game of their double-header, with the nationals three-two, but came back in game two franco two for five in game two and drove in three runs. the phillies batted around in the second inning, and held on to win this 18-five. it was phillies interim
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manager pete's first win as the skipper. >> well for the third time in 60s, labron james is a unrestricted free agent. but this time, hat bron is likely, they say staying put in cleveland. sources say king james will not exercise his $21.6 million option for next season. the move will allow labron to sign another one, two year deal. that will pay him more than the last, especially, with the nba's new television contract. nicole? >> all right, well the young baseball players every philadelphia as anderson monarchs, traveling this summer, learning more about america on the road. star pitcher monet davis and tell mates visited little little rock arkansas. the monarch's coach says he wants to give his team a clear goal. >> we use baseball and sports, especially in the rec department, to hook kids into our programs, but ultimately it is education, so even when these kids were seven and
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eight, we talk about college. >> love that. love to hear. that will the monarchs are a.m. bass does for baseball in the sinner city program playing some games during the three week trip, which is just incredible. >> very nice, learning about the game of life, as women. the tall ships that line the delaware riverfront for the last four days are setting sale out of philadelphia and camden. they are leaving town after spending a long weaken here for the tall ships festival. hopefully you got to see it. many people toured the ships and went for rides around the river, but, one of the main attractions, 61-foot tall, 11-ton yellow rubber duck was unable to be put on display for the entire festival. it was damaged you see on thursday and couldn't be inflated because of the strong winds. that's too bad. >> the festival wrapped up last night with a spectacular fireworks show there on the river. the fireworks were postponed saturday night because of the rain but as you can see, it was quite a show. very nice. nicole, back over to you. >> beautiful. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" the
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latest on to ever restore people's electricity almost week after those devastating storms. plus, a wild ends to college party in northampton count when this bear decides to drop on in. living the good days, i guess. we'll let you know where it was found the lengths it went to get there. >> and the supreme court ruling on same sex marriage turns gay pride parade into true celebrations. we'll show you more. katie? >> and ukee, starting the work week off here on really pleasant summer note for you. full sunshine, coming your way with low humidity, as well. but it is about to turn little on the unsettled side. full details for you coming up. nicole? >> katie, justin is following the trouble spots on the road, he'll have the areas to avoid as you get ready to leave your home this morning. we'll be back.
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y- and this morning, the search for clues begins. after a fiery end to flight from pennsylvania, the small plane crashes no a house in massachusetts, igniting a fire and killing all three people on board. amazingly, everyone inside the home managed to escape. we'll have the very latest on the investigation into what went wrong, including what the pilot said moments before the crash. >> of course, this is the kind of summer day you just
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love to see. you know, it will be cool, it will be comfortable you definately can't complaint plane when your work week starts out this way not a bad monday, here to tell us more about it, is katie fehlinger. >> happy monday. >> i know, it is so pleasant outside this morning. yes, just feels good. you don't have the humidity, to worry about and also had a hole to dig out of, because the weekend casino of cool for the standards. but we are going to start to warm things up looks like here, in the days ahead starting with today. our transition day. but does start to turn more unsettled as time goes on. that's something else we have to talk b looking forward in this forecast, we will go ahead and do that, back in time, move it on forward with our handy dandy graphic. as we warm things back up here talking back to reality really for both tuesday wednesday, starting off though, from the weekend we didn't even break out of the 70s, which, i know, crazy to think that sounds cool, at the end of june, but it is. you know, average high at this time of year 86 degrees, so we were well below average saturday. all of the


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