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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 29, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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love to see. you know, it will be cool, it will be comfortable you definately can't complaint plane when your work week starts out this way not a bad monday, here to tell us more about it, is katie fehlinger. >> happy monday. >> i know, it is so pleasant outside this morning. yes, just feels good. you don't have the humidity, to worry about and also had a hole to dig out of, because the weekend casino of cool for the standards. but we are going to start to warm things up looks like here, in the days ahead starting with today. our transition day. but does start to turn more unsettled as time goes on. that's something else we have to talk b looking forward in this forecast, we will go ahead and do that, back in time, move it on forward with our handy dandy graphic. as we warm things back up here talking back to reality really for both tuesday wednesday, starting off though, from the weekend we didn't even break out of the 70s, which, i know, crazy to think that sounds cool, at the end of june, but it is. you know, average high at this time of year 86 degrees, so we were well below average saturday. all of the rain definitely was
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helping that along, meanwhile back to much more typical territory here in the days ahead, and today right now, not feeling too much in the way of the dew point, it is if a nice, cool, comfortable beginning, as we just said to the day with storm scan3 nice and quiet for you it, will look like beautiful day for you. i expect gorgeous sunrise coming up any second. 64 degrees, the current temperature meanwhile at philadelphia international airport. in at 62 degrees out atlantic city, and up in mount pocono, pair of five's to kick start your morning as the day progresses nice, police and the, with the full sunshine, the he can peck staying, down the shore point expect to need the sunscreen. you know what? it goes for everyone, i don't care where you are. if you are out here today across the delaware vale, mountains, any of the resort towns down the shore, have the sun block, because the sun will be shining nice and brightly partly sunny skies the expectation up in the poconos, keeping it just a smidge cooler for you at about 73 degrees. justin, we send it over to you. >> good morning, everyone, that sun is coming up, in a few minutes at 5:35, you will need to battle the sun glare
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this morning so bring the sunglasses out when you hit the roads. let's take you out to 95, cottman, both direction action actually looking pretty good. skies nice and bright now. moving good speeds, through northeast philadelphia, as you head toward the vine street expressway. we'll take new new jersey, as well. forty-two freeway oops, looks like we lost, that back to the city, eighth and vine, traffic lights are out. so just be aware that far coming over the ben franklin bridge, police activity there directing traffic. so just be aware that far situation. we still have the downed wires, going on 295 northbound, and southbound, at harmony road exit 17 for gibbstown, the ramps are closed, and then once you get on harmony road event lip remains closed, as women, 295, to highway 44, which is broad street, downed trees wires thereon harmony road. still trying to clean up that mess from the previous storms, we had last week. still, other construction zones, to deal with, around the region as well. phillies and brewers tonight down in south philadelphia. 7:00 # five, first pitch just be aware of increased traffic
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problems in south philadelphia. that's a look at your ride this morning, we send it back over to you ukee. >> thanks so much. learning about deadly plane crash of a plane that took off from lancaster pennsylvania shall crashed into massachusetts home sunday afternoon, killing all three people on board. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live in the cbs-3 satellite center more on that, jan? >> nicole, ukee, that plane crashed into home that was just about 30 miles outside of boston. the plane was headed to a small airport in the area. today, though, the ntsb will be on scene to try to determine exactly what went so terribly wrong. two-story colonial in plane ville, massachusetts went up in flames in a instant on sunday. the cause, a small plane had just crashed this photo captured the moment, snapped by neighbor marry from her front porch. pour people inside the home at the time of impact were able to get out unharmed. >> it was amazing all safe. >> but the two adult juvenile on board were killed. eric, lives just two doors down from where the plane
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crashed, he heard the explosion, and initially thought it came from nearby quarry. >> i said they don't blast on sunday. and i ran outside. my daughter was in the front yard. and i saw whole fireball. everything engulfed. >> monday the ntsb will be on scene investigating the cause. just before the crash the pilot reported an engine problem. the pilot telling air traffic control, quote, we have lost control, i can't do anything. i can't see anything. air traffic control asks: are you able to maintain 2500 feet there? the pilot responds: sir we're not doing jack. we've got a real bad vibration, we're losing engine. i need help. we're gliding. meantime mike brown was outside grilling when he heard the it sputtering. >> coming over the neighbor's house, actually followed the street down. i thought he was going to try to land. >> and again officials do believe that this plane actually took off from lancaster, pennsylvania, the three people on board the plane who died have not yet been identified. we're reporting live in the sat center this morning, jan
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carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". jan, thank up, we'll get back to you. hard to believe the power outages remain nearly week after severe storms rolled through our area. chopper three over east greenwich township new jersey where crews worked to restore that power. the township's mayor is outraged by what he says is a lack of state government response. he's urging governor christie to sign an emergency declaration to speed up resources in the recovery effort. >> i'm disheartened by the governor's lack of response to our needs as a fellow republican, i have been good to him from day one. as a community this township has been good to him. the governor repaid us by forgetting us in our time of need. >> now, the governor released a statement saying, power should be restored for 99% of the state by this morning. >> and it is 5:35 right now. business news this morning what's next for the greek struggling finances? >> and puerto rico is having
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money troubles as well. jill wagner joins us up it the stock exchange in new york, hi jill. good morning. >> good morning again. ukee nicole, today starts shortened trading week because of the july 4th holiday. investors, though, have a lot of news to digest. on friday it was a mixed finish nasdaq topped three; greece on the verge of default, could be forbes dollars from the euro, the country has less than 48 hours to pay back $1.7 billion in loans. hopes of deal are fading so the greek government is taking emergency measures, they're shutting banks, lilt withing drawls from atm's. the line stretched for blocks. port reek east also reportedly unable to pay its $72 billion public debt, new york times say the governor will look to defer payments while negotiating. with creditors, puerto rico's power company alone owes $9 billion. and, employees of the famous wald or historia in new york city are cashing in on the
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sale of the hotels. new owners want to convert part of the hotel into luxury condos, an union contract, though standing in the way. so an agreement has been reached, almost $149 million in severance packages, for those union employees. the average pay-out is $142,000. one long time worker is walking away with over $650,000. pretty good. ukee nicole. >> very good. >> i would say so. thanks jill. we'll get back to you. >> all right well the supreme court wraps up it session today with rulings on three more cases. now, the justices could also decided to if they'll hear cases on abortion and affirmative action in the fall. today's decisions aren't nearly as historic as last week's case that is upheld part of the affordable care act, legalize same sex marriage across the country. >> now the scores' friday ruling on same sex marriage celebrate from the case to coast over the week end. >> cbs correspondent wendy gillette more on how many previously scheduled pride
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festivals took very special meaning this year. >> the cheers seemed just a bit louder at this year's new york city gay pride parade. the drumming, and dancing more joyful, as an estimated 2 million people celebrate dollars the supreme court's decision to legalize same sex marriage nationwide. >> everyone's really happy and excited. you can sense like a difference, i think more excitement. >> the wet pavement reflected the sea of rainbow flags. >> it is just the fact that i can marry my partner and i can live anywhere, and no one can tell me that that's wrong. >> actor even and severed at one of the grand marshals. >> all the right movement, in the right direction. and i think people around the world will take comfort. >> first new york city march was in 1970. now, there are days of event and the march is part of the biggest pride celebration in the world. >> i now pronounce you married.
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>> new york governor andrew cuomo officiated at wedding in front of the stone wall in, where the movement began in 1969. >> any day that love wins, is a good day. >> san francisco held it largest pride parade in 45 years. and hundreds of thousands of revelers marked the water shed moment in other cities around the nation. wendy gillette, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> well, talk about frightening flight. paris hilton is the victim after prank. high in the sky. >> yes, see the terrifying trick that made her scream big time in fear. >> that's messed up. >> it is. >> plus, kanye west gets a taste of his own medicine. we have the words on how a heckler interrupted his highly anticipated concert. >> and are you planning a trip to disney in the future? we'll let you know the popular item that's no longer welcome at the happiest place on earth. we're so happy you're with us, be right back.
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>> greenwich township's mayor wants a declaration to speed up the pros toast restore power after last week's storms. governor christie speaks 99% of customers to have power back by today. >> christie unveiled his website for anticipated run for the white house. christie supposed to announce plans tomorrow from his old high school in livingston. >> the national transportation
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safety board is investigating the crash of a small plane that killed three people. the beach craft b36 took off from lancaster airport and crashed into a house in massachusetts. everyone in the home got out safely. >> it is 5:43 right now. complain about what you wanted to, but can't be the weather. because it is pretty good? >> absolutely. today will be fantastic summer day for us. you know, for the end every june normally expect to have some casino of humidity, right? today you really are not going to be in the g it all that much out there. and the eyewitness weather watch remembers certainly reporting some very cool temperatures, this morning and you have got low 60s at best, for warmth this morning and quite a few 50's, in some of the outlying suburbs. mark sending in even despite full sunshine chad worth 57 degrees, cool start to the day for him. and we take you little further off to the west, where it is 63 for david he too under generally full sunshine, modest breeze, low humidity, overall, and just really nice start to the day. fifty-six for john ken kins, up in perkasie, you know, that
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is cool enough, you may want to think about having a sweatshirt or fleece or light jacket ready to go, with this casino every cool air. for late june, you would never even think of that, right? so keep that in mind, that's where the weather watchers comes in, so grateful for their observations on the gown. he says he is looking forwards to sunnier day than y and yes you know, even though we were in transition mode yesterday watching this storm system which is still visible on the area radar pulling away, it is long gone at this point. taking all of that moisture with it, high pressure briefly in place and then, the next system already waiting in the wings here off to the west. so we will eventually be watching for that to move in, as we head toward tomorrow. but, for now, it is a good day. air quality is nice just good uv index still up there. remember, you have got full sunshine today, so it does not matter how low the humidity; it is still a nice strong sun angle. be ready for that heat index basically, none out there. just because what you see will be what you get on the
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thermometer, and it is night terribly hot outside. just 81 degrees nice comfortable pleasant warmth for you. then starting to seem things up in the days ahead notice, pretty much every single day features at least shot for shower or storm so today's the one and only guaranteed dry sunny day of the next five. but, pretty much everything that you see coming through here, no wash out just your classic summertime pattern really unfolding justin, over to you. >> good morning pretty impressive. 81 degrees for the high today. average 86 records 102. enjoy it if you do not like the hot weather. here we go, this is eighth and vine st. traffic lights are out. police are here directing traffic. so again coming over the ben franklin bridge, you're going to run into this headed into philadelphia, traffic light are out. just be aware that far situation. let's take you to 95, awesome shot right here, sun came up at 5:35 this morning. so battling sun glare. this is approaching girard avenue. southbound, the traffic or steadier traffic northbound you will run into the sun glarement make sure to have the sunglasses around this
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morning. open up the windows enjoy the fresh air nice breeds outside right now. area speeds still looking good on 95 through northeast philadelphia at the speed limit, also, 295, 42 freeway jersey turnpike, no problems, blue route still in good shape this morning. coming in at the speed limit as well. heads up 295 northbound and southbound, at harmony road exit 17 for gibbstown, the ramps are closed, also, into the vicinity harmony road stays closed between 295 and 44, which is broad treat. that's due to downed trees and wires from the storms we had last week. and, still construction going on, 42 freeway, northbound and southbound, between creek road and 295, it is a lane shift will last all the way until august 1st. that's a look at your ride, also don't forget, when you are on the road, you can get updated information about traffic backups, new cbs philly traffic app download the app now on itunes or in google play. nicole? >> justin, put your selfie stick away. starting tomorrow, a selfie stick ban goes no effect at all disney theme parks across the country. the ban comes after inches den
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where selfie stick actually stalled a roller coaster. now, if someone is spotted using a selfie stick at disney park, it will be confiscated some places already put this casino of ban into place the kentucky derby wimbleton and the palace of very sigh. >> well, we row lion our kitchen sink daily so when it is clogged it can be a big headache, one that could also end up costing you big time problems. >> angie list report, keeping your disposal and sing. >> if you're not running your garbage disposal properly, you'll more likely ends up with a clog. you should never forget the water. you should run cold water 102nd before putting food down the drain. >> you're grinding food, trying to float that food to the pipes. so the key is water. >> food should always be added a little at a time, and be
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careful when you -- what you put into it. >> many of us know you shouldn't be grease down your garbage disposal, what you might not realize things that absorb water like rice, pasta coffee grounds, even egg shells. they can all do damage to your garbage disposal. >> use your disposal every day. letting it sit idle for several days can shorten it life span. >> even if you're not using your garbage disposal regularly, you should still be maintaining it run it at least once a day to avoid grime build up that could lead to corrosion. >> grinding ice cubes orange peels, every month or so, will also help extend the life of your disposal. >> they have a future that reverses the spin. so, if it jams, automatically you shut it off and when you turn it back on it, spins the other way. and it will take care of a lot of troubles by itself. >> for more advice from ankle toy make sure what to do to
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make sure your king keeps working, visit's list. i'm jim donovan. >> got two words for you: look out. disney takes big spill at the bet award show performance. >> oh, oh. watch this video seen here in the red and white walking away from the camera, just drops to the floor. ouch. >> hard fall into hole apparently in the stage of the little kid came out minute before. individual always a show man finds i shall offer finished his performance with jay-z not sure about his ego. >> i'm telling you, kanye west now knows how it feels to be upstaged even for just few second. british comedian lee nelson jumped on stage during west's opening song at the festival. he did this stunt after calls to cancel the headlining act. five day british music festival went unheard. nelson claimed credit for the student on the -- the stunt kanyed kanye.
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>> all right karma. >> there it is. >> hey turns out foul mouth teddy bear is no match for a pack every dinosaurs. under performed this weekend coming in third in the box office behind jurassic world and inside out. now, this weekend jurassic world hit the 500 million-dollar mark, domestically, only the fifth film by the way in history to do that. here's a look at this weekend's box office numbers for you narrowly held on to the top spot followed by inside out ted two max and spy. well, this next story all kind of messed up, ukee, paris hilton will probably think twice the next time she hops on a plane after she's a victim after cruel prank. >> it was cruel. >> is this normal? it always does this? (screams). >> hilton screamed in fear when she thought her plane was going to crash. it turns out, it was all a big
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prank for egyptian actor's show. at one point a pass inning war parachute who was in on the prank was even thrown off the plane! >> oh, my. that's too much. >> isn't it? >> way too much. >> after she was saferly back on the gown, hill on tweeted scariest moment of my life. ii really believed the plane was going to crash and we were all going to die. >> can you imagine if she had a heart attack or anything? >> anyone. oh, you don't do. that will that's going way beyond. not cool. >> you are so tall right now ukee, i need to get some heals up in here. >> look at this. that's just sad. i'm like a little munchkin. >> hey, another scare at the beach to tell but when a teenager bitten by a shark. we'll let you know where the latest shark attack happened. >> trouble in space whether rocket blows up on the way to the international stays station, key item destroyed as nasa suffers another setback. first, here's a look at what's coming upton on cbs-3. i'll run and get my heals.
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i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said "that was me, mom." [ laughter ] (an only party gets wild in lehigh county. police helped capture this unwanted guest black weighing
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between 30400-pound. prompted flood of 911 calls. the bear was trans willized and remains in custody of the game commission, right now. teenager is in serious condition, after a shark attack. police say the 17 year old was bitten saturday, while swimming in the outer banks. officials say he suffered bites to the calf, buttocks, and both hands. now, this is the second attack in as many days, and the sixth in the past two weeks. >> very scary. for the second time in eight months, a rocket heading to the international space station explodes shortly after taking off. nasa and space x are trying to figure out with a went wrong yesterday. now, that ship full every supplies exploded just couple every minute after taking off from cape canaveral. included first of its kinds port supposed to let commercial flights dock with the international space station. >> now, the second frightening failure for rocket headed to the space station. probably remember this explosion, last october as a rocket lifted off from
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virginia. in a cruel twist of faith, some high school student from south carolina lost special experiments, when both of those rockets blew up. dangerous mission, yes. very difficult. >> coming up in the next hour, cbs-3, "eyewitness news" the latest on the power problems still plaguing some neighborhoods for almost a week now. >> also, a water park turns into an inferno burning hundreds of people, find out what investigators think sparked this deadly fire. >> and putting bucks county on the map. the virtual map we should say. i'll show you the spec technology being used to help google gave you a virtual tour of the spots off the beaten path. >> i put one of those on? >> i did and it is heavy 50-pound heavy. >> we'll have that and more whether we come back, morning family, see you in a bit.
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know better sleep with sleep number. >> six days after the damaging storms blew through, some people still waking up without power. live with one of the areas still recovering from the severe weather and who they are blaming for the power problems. >> plus, after three weeks on the run the manhunt is now over police in new york, the every day item he used to keep police off his trail for so
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long. >> smash being end to the search man wanted by police when the driver crashes into park car. find out why police were trying to stop that driver. it is monday, june 29, good morning. >> i'm nicole brewer in for erika this morning. she has great day to be off. we will start it on nice note. aren't we, katie? >> absolutely. >> and traffic actually looking good right now nice and quiet, battling sun glare. keepkeep that that in mind, we send it back to katie for the forecast. >> only thing the wet letter have to impact your travel this morning the fact you need your sunglasses, especially headed eastbound as the sun is many doing up, absolutely fantastic start to the morning here not just on the skydeck but pretty much everywhere else, feels so comfortable outside. seagulls getting in their morning garbage snack looks like here outside beach patrol headquarters, see the light waves lapping up. clearly popping over the horizon, beautiful start to the m


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