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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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trail for so long. >> smash being end to the search man wanted by police when the driver crashes into park car. find out why police were trying to stop that driver. it is monday, june 29, good morning. >> i'm nicole brewer in for erika this morning. she has great day to be off. we will start it on nice note. aren't we, katie? >> absolutely. >> and traffic actually looking good right now nice and quiet, battling sun glare. keepkeep that that in mind, we send it back to katie for the forecast. >> only thing the wet letter have to impact your travel this morning the fact you need your sunglasses, especially headed eastbound as the sun is many doing up, absolutely fantastic start to the morning here not just on the skydeck but pretty much everywhere else, feels so comfortable outside. seagulls getting in their morning garbage snack looks like here outside beach patrol headquarters, see the light waves lapping up. clearly popping over the horizon, beautiful start to the morning, storm scan3
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reflect that, you have got your tri-state sweep being made here, not picking up on much of anything at all courtesy of high fresh paying us nice visit brief visit but we will take it, nice the pop in's. 64 degrees at the airport actually dairy say kind of cool. out in lancaster, mount poe no, i would call it sweatshirt weather talking mid 50's, not terribly breezy outside but it is a cool day. but, that said, we came off of an even cooler weekends, with that storm moving through. talking 81 degrees or so in philadelphia, and give or take an agree or two in most locations, but the low humidity here to stay, at least for the entire afternoon, into tonight. but, things do begin to change for us, as this forecast progresses, and more heat, more humidity, and the threat for more storms, which we will continue to talk about justin, as the show progress. >> that's right, katie. good morning everyone,'s for late june. that's pretty impressive.
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knock off the ac, save couple of bucks on your electric bill. so far so good. pretty much on area roadways, exception in the sit. we take you out to eighth street and vine. we do have traffic light out right now. you can see the police activity there directing traffic. keep it in mind. off the ben franklin bridge, you will run into this at eighth and vine, traffic lights out and just use extra caution there, police are on the scene. all right, we take you over to 76, spring garden, both directions actually, looking pretty good this hour. running good speeds. still little early in the game here as far as the commute goes. different story on 95. starting to stack up little bit southbound at cottman pretty much a crawl head toward the vine street expressway. typical mid-morning rush hour stuff. we are shuttle bussing on route 15, 101, 102 trolleys due to construction, everywhere else looking good on mass transit. report nothing delays at the airport, as well. construction zone continues, route 70 westbound, before cuthbert boulevard. one, two lanes remain closed
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until midnight on wednesday. and also, on 295 northbound, and southbound, harmony road. the ramps are closed. and then near that vicinity, harmony road itself closed from 295 to 44, which is broad street. that's due to the downed trees and wires we had from the previous storms all the way from last week, heads up in south philly tonight. phillies-brewers in town at clock 05, first pitch just be aware of some extra delays in south philadelphia. that's a look at your ride. ukee, we send it back to you. >> in the news if you are just waking up for work right now, imagine doing so without electricity? now, imagine doing that for six straight days. >> brutal. unfortunately, that's what some folks in south jersey are dealing with, and it is really starting to take its toll. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live for us in gibbstown, new jersey, one of the areas hardest hit by last week's storms. justin, it is hard to believe they are going on a week without power. >> yes, it is getting very close. and if all goes as planned those who have no no power for
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so long should be back on line at the end of the day. you can imagine, there are fingers crossed across this area. hoping that crews can restore service to those in needed to. let's get to you video crews working hard, throughout the weaken, trying their best to restore that power. they were hampered by saturday's storms, we are told, which worsened kens out on the street. now, ac electric is hoping to get the last of customers back on line, at the end of today at the very latest. that forecast was confirmed by governor christie as office, they say, they are keeping an eye on these restoration effort. meantime, greenwich township mayor said he is keeping an eye on both ac electric and governor christie, he says christy waister less, in restoring communities after super storm sandy. he wants to see that in this case, as he can sign off on emergency paperwork. take a listen. >> the governor has been quoted as saying that if there is anything in a emergency declaration, would enhance that he would sign one. our message to our governor is
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sign it. then maybe we will see someone from fema. this town is going to be recovering for months. emergency declaration could speed that process. >> and fema is what residents here at this home are looking for at this time. as you can see getting the light back on for some, just one step among many, homes destroyed by trees and water in this storm, now months away, potentially, from getting back to normal. by days end, they are hoping to have all those outages 99% of them, back on line, by at least midnight today. so we'll see if that pans out. these people out here full week without power ukee, nicole? >> i here you. >> that's just awful. justin, thank you. and here is a look for you at the latest numbers ac electric is reporting about 5500 outages as of rid now. peco has 250 customers off line pse&g reporting about 50 outages, and delmarva says less than five customers are affected.
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new this morning, felled police have cuss secretary p custody after stolen car crashes into another vehicle. it happened around 2:00 this morning, at st. vincent street and castor avenue. northeast deck, are on the this case. some new video just into us from overnight robbery at 7-eleven in june at a told two men with guns held up the store on hunting park avenue just before 4:00. they managed to get some cash before escaping. the search is also on for government in a triple shooting happened on the 1300 block every east price street, in east germantown. police say a 34 year old man was shot and killed, a 31 year old man is in critical condition, with multiple gunshot wounds, and another 31 year old man is in stable condition after he was shot in the leg. it is not known what led to all of the violence, nicole? >> ukee, after they weeks and one day on the run state troopers in up-state new york captured escaped killer david sweat. state trooper shot sweat in the torso as he was jogging and road near the canadian board earn.
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now, sweat's escape partner was shot and killed friday. police believe they know how matt and swept were able to travel more than 30 miles after breaking out of the clinton correctional facility back on june 6. >> we believe that possibly these two males were using pepper to throw the scent off of the dogs who were tracking him. >> prison officials say sweat is list in the critical condition at al bonnie medical center. sweat had been serving sentence of life without parole for the 2002 killing after sheriff's deputy. a plane that took off from lancaster, pennsylvania, crashes into a massachusetts home killing all three on board. now, the plane went down in plane ville that's about 45 minutes southwest of boston. it is not clear right now what caused that crash. according to our sister station, in boston, the pilot radioed about engine problems shortly before that crash. witnesses say the crash shook the ground of the entire neighborhood. >> i actually thought the quarry was blasting on sunday. i said they don't blast on sunday. and i ran outside, my daughter
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was in the front yard. and i saw a whole fireball. everything was engulfed. >> that home was occupied at the time. but everyone inside got out safely. the plane's victims' names have not been released. 6:08 right now. another dangerous discovery down the shore. wait until you see what one woman stumbled on while walking along the beach. >> also, ready to lawn: governor chris christie gives us a sneak peak at the theme for his presidential campaign that he is expected to announce tomorrow. >> police, people rough for cover, fire erupts atwater park, what investigators think sparked the deadly fire. >> and it is a magnificant start for your monday morning. just beautiful outside. katie lets you know how long this great weather will be with us around the region. good morning family, glad you're with us, see you in a bit.
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>> "eyewitness news" reporter matt rivers tells you, governor christie now has a website that's already accepting donations. >> for now this is simple and slogan telling it like it is and a video featuring christie. >> and if you're going to run for president of the united states, and you're going ask these people for their vote,
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that is the single most trusting thing they can do as a citizen is to give you their support. so you better tell them exactly what you are thinking, and exactly what you are feeling. >> the governor tells a story about how his mother always urged him to spoke his minds and that's why he does the same, it is the owning salvo in a christie presidential campaign that will almost assure educationally begin this week. christie has scheduled what he calls a special announcement event for tuesday former high school in livingston, new jersey, where he will like, political science professor, bill rosenberg says releasing the video launch his website this weekend was very much by design. >> it is not so surprising, to be sort of like a soft launch in a restaurant make sure everything works, you don't want to have something get released and then in the play well. >> he would be the 14th person to enter the race on the republican side, pole numbers
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as of late have not helped. home state of new jersey, just 30% of those polled say they they approved of the job he is doing while 55% disapprove. >> in i remaining doubt that christie is running for president, the video on that newly launch campaign website is paid for by chris christie for president inning. in the coming months you can expect to see the governor spending most of if not all of his time this is the state of new hampshire, his campaign strategy appears to at least initially be focusing on winning the presidential primary, to be held in that state, early next year. we're in the sat center, matt rivers cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and your time now 6:13. >> which means time to check the forecast before you head out the door. >> and it is looking good outside. >> it sure s at first i thought you meant me, ukee. >> oh, of course, goes without saying. >> see me fishing for compliment here? >> i got up, i got you. >> looks like absolutely phenominal start to the week here, doesn't necessarily stay
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that way. but only couple of hiccups, don't have any wash outs to lands for in this forecast, see retreat of the storm that brought the soaker saturday, still on the map slow to retreat, but at least gone for us already though, new system waits off in the distance here, that will eventually trigger shower thunderstorm by tomorrow. for now, you have got few clouds to kick start the morning outside cut town area middle school. this is casino of cool. 58 degrees, to start things off out there. but, overall beautiful weather, as we round out the rest of the day here, a low 80s, low humidity, and full sunshine. now by tomorrow, first warmfront comes in, first of series every fronts comes in, bridges in some showers, thunderstorms, and scattered variety generally speaking, we continue to keep the theme going on wednesday. as we kick start the month of july and you're going to see that theme repeat itself, quite a bit here down the road. generally mid upper 80s the expectation starting tomorrow. and thursday, and friday, also feature the possibility after shower or thunderstorm, so, in the meantime, it is
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beautiful today. no excuses not to get out and enjoy it make the most of it, again, some of the wet weather certainly going to be on the horizon for us as early as tomorrow. over to you. >> good morning, the fourth of july holiday could see few nature fireworks as well with chance for thunderstorm, looking good outside right now, just battling some sun glare, open up your car windows, enjoy the refreshing breeze on the ride n first major accident here, looking at at -- 959 northbound, street road, accident taking out the right lane. and, still moving okay speeds here but gaper delay headed southbound right around street road on 95, look at this, pile up, this is 95 cottman. headed south. at a crawl rid now. just heavy volume dealing with traffic headaches. coming off the ben franklin bridge run into that situation, police on the scene, directing traffic we still have downed wires.
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>> it station closed, exit 17 for gibbstown, then harmony road which is from 295 to 44, that stays closed due to down trees, wires due to last week's storms, on tuesday. here are your area speeds, slowing down, 14 miles per hour, northeast philadelphia, due to the accident. thirty, as you get closer to the vine street expressway still looking good on the blue route. that's a look at your ride, ukee back to you. >> thank you, vice president joe biden makes surprise appearance, see where he dropped in over the weekends. >> plus, putting bucks county on the map. i'll take you along for the walk that lets google gave you a virtual tour of some spots that are off the beaten path. beautiful bucks county. we'll be r
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>> four outages prompting greenwich mayor to ask new jersey governor chris christie for state of emergency. mayor unhappy over what he says is a lack of response from the state government, over the outage, from last tuesday's storms. >> new this morning philadelphia police are looking for two guns men who robbed a 7-eleven in june at a investigators say the thieves got away with about $300. >> the national transportation safety board heads to the scene, of a deadly plane crash, in massachusetts. a small plane that left lancaster county yesterday has crashed in plane ville killing three people. hang today we'll learn more about reward being offered in connection with a big theft at a west philadelphia catholic school.
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now, police have not yet found burglars who broke into saint ignascious of loyola school on north 43rd street earlier this month. the suspect stole dozen of computers and ipads. the fraternal order of police is offering a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those suspect the f.o.p. also replacing ipads stole never that burglary. >> there are long lines at grease's bank machines, as the country financial crisis deep edges. the government government is shutting down banks for six working days, after greek's rush to atm's a mid uncertainty about a bail-out deal. it also is imposing restrictions on cash withdrawals. there is a referendum next sunday on european proposals for reforms in returns for blocked funds. supreme court ruling on same sex marriage turns gay pride parades into true celebrations. we'll show you some of the festive tis. >> new video this morning cents fast moving wild fire burns out of control threatening dozens of homes. >> and katie is updating our forecast, she says, will be pretty nice day.
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today we start off on absolutely beautiful note here. that's right nicole. there will be more unsettled weather to track. there always is. and we'll tell when you to expect the next round of showers, thunderstorms after the break. stick around.
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>> chopper three over a large building fire still as you can see burning out of control in south harrison, township new jersey. this is at woodstown and monroe ville roads. now, we can see that that smoke is turning white. so the firefighters appear to be getting a handle on t but it has been ablaze for skate some time now. >> able to get it under control, because you can see the proximity to other buildings thereon that property. >> just thinking the embers, you know, don't want them to jump from build to go building t seems to be a wooded area, we saw wider shot, a lot of woods, trees around the areament not sure what type of building this; if there is machinery in there, what's in, there and the animals, what have you. but, yes firefighters are on the scene, both on the grounds and in the air. we'll keep an eye on this throughout the morning hopefully get some more information for you before we go off the air at 7:00. another funeral for one of the victims of the south carolina massacre. myra thompson will be laid to rest. yesterday vice president joe biden made surprise visit to the emanuel ame church.
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advice i am came hours before the church was set to hold funeral services for one of the victims. nine people were killed at a bible study earlier this month. >> the supreme court wraps up it session today, with rulings on three more cases now the justices could also decided to if they'll hear cases on abortion affirmative action in the fall. today's decisions aren't nearly as historic as last week's case that is upheld part of the affordable care act, legalize same sex marriage across the country. nationwide celebrations continue through the weekend in wake that far friday ruling. thousands of people gathering for parades in san francisco houston, seattle and new york all highlighting the celebrations being held across the country. while advocates are overjoyed by this victory they say their next battle for fair housing and job discrimination practices. this is a proud day for america, because it stands up to one of the principals that makes america so special. and it says today we treat all
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people equally. >> while advocates are celebrating the victory they say their next battle again is for the fair housing and the job discrimination practices we mentioned just a tad earlier. >> many doing up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news" this morning we'll have the very latest on how police finally finally caught the second killer on the run in new york. jan? >> and, a small plane crash crashes in eastern massachusetts, killing everybody on board coming up, it local connection. >> also, the tall ship's festival wraps up. but the big attraction turns out to be a lame duck. why the giant rubber ducky spent most of the weekend deflated on the shore. >> oh, a shame that's a shame. katie has your forecast, and justin checking the roads on this monday morning. going to be a nice day. we'll have it all for you on the other side. good morning so glad you're with us, we'll be right back.
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fire burning in this area right now, it is in a building in south harrison township, new jersey, chopper three live over the scene atwood town and monroeville roads. we're not sure what's inside that far building but we do know the business is a farm. as we looked at these pictures not too long ago, seeing the white smoke, that's good news, we've just learned the fire department has placed this fire under control still hot spots, but for now the fire is under control in woodstown monroeville road. >> the search for clues starts after a fiery ends to flight from pennsylvania. the small plane here crashes into a house in massachusetts igniting a fire, killing awe three people on board. we'll have the latest on the investigation into what went wrong, including what the pilot said minutes before the crash. >> trouble in space. key items destroyed in this explosion, as nasa suffers yet
6:31 am
another set-back. >> and this is the casino of summer day we all love to see. it is cool. it is comfortable. you definately can't complain. when your work week gets off to start like there is i mean, pretty perfect weather right cattery. >> absolutely. can't go wrong with there is you have the sunshine, you have the warmth, but it is not so muggy outside. >> but how long will it last? >> one day. >> the pattern is going to go downhill it, doesn't look like any day is a wash out. that's always good to hear. you know, just got series every fronts. really good way to put it, take you out first and for most, still tracking generally just nice, clear sky keeping the sunshine around, there are couple of clouds further inland you go, but overall this is really nice start to the day for us. look at the 24 hour temperature change guys. specifically i want to draw your attention down to atlantic city, millville dover. where we have dropped 12,
6:32 am
15 degrees, knows are low case still with a lot of clouds from yesterday still had a chance to clear out the reason why the temperatures bottom out. five in mount pocono, spet shirt kind of morning for sure. feels ream comfortable here in philadelphia, having been on the skydeck couple of times nice comfortable air in place. i'll take that, all take this, too, nice day 81 degrees, with soul sunshine, low humidity is the story for us, and the thing is again it does only last for one day. high pressure paying us very brief visit so, we look forward in this forecast, unsettled month to the end every june kick starting month of july, as well, with active pattern. like i said, not talking any day being a total wash out. nothing like what we just saw saturday for example. so that's at least exactly something that we can manage. >> can i make a confession? >> ya. >> i had my seat warmers on this morning. >> seat warmers snob. >> silly! >> feels so good. >> i turnoff the air.
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i turned on the seat warmer. >> that's a shame. >> really is a shame for me. i'm always cold. >> i love it. >> still beautiful monday. and every day is even more beautiful for you right now congratulations, young man tell everybody? >> welcome to the club. >> last tuesday baby boy was born. >> nice! >> oh, my gosh! >> goodness. >> those cheeks. stop. look at you. 10 ounces. >> mom doing well? >> doing great yes baby doing well. >> congratulations. >> he's awesome. yes. >> look at that face. >> pretty soon get baseball in his hands. >> you sound like my husband. >> surf board, ya, ya, good times. >> he want a telescope. looking at the stars. >> that's right. you know he was born right before all of those tornado warnings and thunderstorms. so it only makes sense. >> right on. congratulations. >> that's great. >> appreciate it. >> so happy for you. beautiful. and the best to your wife. >> indeed. i'll let her know. that we hit the roads right now, couple of accidents to talk b going to the schuylkill expressway westbound we do have a disable vehicle there
6:34 am
taking out the left lane. this is between university and vare. so again, you can see that here, right there so we got little bit of back up here going westbound on the schuylkill. going to 95, where we have an accident going on, this is south, really, right after cottman. you can see this is taking out the left lane, as well, so slow go. at a crawl. northbound looking okay, but you will run into the sun glare. then farther up north, we take you to 95, and street road. we did have an accident, which is now on the shoulder. so looking much better there that's northbound, on 95. let's take you to new jersey right now where the fire is going on, harrison township route 45 at monroe ville. just be aware that far situation. and, into the city, eighth and vine traffic lights are still out. police are on the scene there directing traffic. be aware that far one headed over the ben franklin bridge. there are the speeds. really trouble spot is 95. south, through northeast philadelphia, it is slow. due to the couple of accident. and again rush hour also slow on the schuylkill, but right now the blue route still
6:35 am
looking in good shape. that's checking your road this morning, ukee, nicole being back to you. >> learning more about deadly plane crash that took off from lancaster airport. >> it crashed into a massachusetts home sunday afternoon, killing all three people on board. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo live for us in the cbs-3 satellite center more on that jan good morning. >> nicole, ukee, good morning. that plane crashed into a home just about 30 miles outside of boston, the plane was headed to small airport in the area. now, the ns -- ntsb will be on scene to see what went so terribly wrong. >> two story colonial in plane ville, massachusetts, went up in flames in a instant on sunday. the cause, a small plane had just crashed. this photo captured the moment napped by neighbor mayor fry her front porch. four people inside the home at the time of impact, were able to get out unharmed. >> it was amazing, all saints. >> but the two adults, and juvenile on board were killed. eric decash lives two doors
6:36 am
down from where the plane crashed, he heard the explosion, and initially thought it came from nearby quarry. >> i said they don't blast on sunday. i ran outside, my daughter was in the front yard. and i saw whole fireball, everything was engulfed. >> monday the ntsb will be on scene investigating the cause. just before the crash the pilot reported an engine problem. >> we're unable to maintain altitude. >> are you able to maintain -- >> sir we're not doing jack. we got real bad vibration. we're losing engines. we have no engines. i need help. >> meantime mike brown was outside grilling when he heard the beach craft engine putter. >> coming over the neighbor's house, actually followed the street down. i thought he was going to try to land. >> officials again will be on scene, the ntsb there just outside of boston to investigate exactly what happened. officials again say that plane had just taken off from lancaster, pennsylvania, and it had gotten just about 20 miles away from its final
6:37 am
destination, all three people on board, two died, have not yet been identified. we are reporting live in the sat center this morning, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". jan, thank you for. that will lets he is go back to. >> this updating breaking news, huge fire burning in this building in south harrison township new jersey. chopper three, still live over the scene at woodstown and monroe ville road. now, we just got new information in just few seconds ago these flames, as you can see behind that smoke there, that white smoke, they have kick up again. and we aren't sure what is inside that building, but we do know that business is a farm, and we're also hearing that the firefighters are having some trouble getting more water to this scene. they are starting to truck the water in now to the scene. you can see the flames here to the right side of the building, then white smoke over top of t but that fire is still kicking up. first it was declared under control, but once again those hot spots they pop up at any time. >> when you look at the wide shot from our chopper, you can see pretty large property. so getting water in to that location may be, you know, that's the issue there. but just hoping it doesn't
6:38 am
spread to the neighboring buildings because they are in pretty close proximity there. >> exactly. we'll keep an eye. >> hopefully everyone okay, too. >> that one hot spot, flames back at it again and looking pretty wild. trying to hose it down. trucking watt near that, we'll keep an eye on it throughout our broadcast. nicole? >> meanwhile, 20 year old woman died this morning from injuries she sustained in a explosion that hit a water park in taiwan over the weekend. this is the first death in this incident by the way. officials say saturday explosion happened when colored powder ignited over that crowd. now, officials are looking into the possibility that a cigarette butt or maybe a spark caused that blaze that burned more than 500 people. just awful scene. very chaotic scene out there. >> our time now 6:38. and it has been rough couple of days for sean ditty combs. first he's arrested and then he takes an embarrassing spill at awards show. see how he recovered from this. >> also, did you ever wonder how google gets pictures for it mass off the beaten path?
6:39 am
kind of tucked away? i'm tell you how you take a trek convert it into pictures, then somehow manage to get it on the world-wide web. somehow, some way, it is magic. we'll be right back. >> ♪ ♪ >> all the rain this weekend lot of folks wearing their boot, i'm telling you. >> not all dry yet. >> no, no, no. >> grounds still very wet. >> that sky looks good right now. >> the sun should help. >> dry things up, lift our moods, you snow. >> let's do it, even on a monday. how about that? >> specially on a monday. katie has your forecast, justin looking at your roads good morning family, see you in a bit.
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>> fire fighters washington state battling a grass fire
6:43 am
are pushing for hundreds to evacuate their home. now, so far, the flames have destroyed nine structures, and scorched 2.6 square miles. an emergency shelter is now open at a high school there and the good news, there are no reports of injuries. >> 6:43, more good news for you, we will have a great day. >> we real dow. yes, good morning nicole, everyone beautiful and comfortable start to the morning for you out here. and the eyewitness weather watcher certainly reflect that with their observations. >> this one made me real jealous when i read her comment. sharon has full sunshine, sent us within the last couple every minutes 63 degrees, so it is comfortable outside she's in gloucester township. and, her comment what got to me. enjoying her coffee or enjoying her coffee on the deck this morning, oh, i'm so jealous. i want to go out and be reading the paper next to her just like oh, what a lovely morning. all right, enjoy it, my friends. let's take you further inland here, go out to 54 degrees meant from eileen, got little bit of mixture of sun clouds, but you can see that reflect in the her photo here.
6:44 am
it is more sun and blue sky than anything, out in gilbertsville. more so in the suburbs where you have cooler air. 54 degrees, grab a fleece if i were you walking out the door. julia sent in more clouds than anything at the moment, allentown, at 62 degrees, but we are expecting to see the sun take over across the region really will be nice day for everyone. now, the pattern as a whole there you go, storm scan3 definitely does starting to a little downhill with time. you can see off in the distance here, we do have the combination right now of a disturbance, moving through cincinnati, it will be pushing our way, in the form really of couple of fronts for the next couple of days. so warmfront first then cold front, that will sag south immediately t really is just going to be one of those patterns that turns un settle for variety of reasons. as we head to the beginning of july really sets us up for slightly above average pattern. see that reflected in the temperatures. so while today is warm, it is technically cooler than average. we flirt with 90 by the beginning of july. and right through friday, starting tomorrow, shower or
6:45 am
thunderstorm, is in our forecast but no day is expected to be a wash out. so that's some good news. justin, over to you. >> all right, good morning everyone, still dealing with this disable vehicle again, this is westbound on the schuylkill expressway. right after university ave., you can see, firetruck here, car here, this is taking out the left lane. so we are back up all the way persevere avenue. keep it in mind when traveling on the expressway again this is westbound. we take to you 95 southbound at cottman. accident scene off on the loft lane, as women. so back up pretty good. so it is a crawl here. you can see a loft sunshine around this morning so we are dealing with the sun glare heads up on the manayunk norristown line, 20 minute delays, due to signal problems aboard out bound platforms, between norristown and miquon. to the city, eighth and vine, lights out. police activity on the scene heads up when going over the ben franklin bridge. you will run into that situation, and still the onramp on 295 northbound and southbound at exit 17.
6:46 am
gibbstown, they stay closed and also in the vicinity, harmony road itself remains closed 295 to broad street. clue to down trees wires from last week's previous storms. ukee, we send it back to you. >> thank you, watch where you walk for the second time this month, dangerous portuguese man of war washes up down the shore. and ann delaney tweeted these pictures of the man of war she spotted during one of her daily walks in stone harbor. she sent the pictures to the wetlands institute in stone harbor, as well. now, last week we showed you another man of war in harvey cedars. man of war's have long tent calls filled with venum in addition to being extremely painful in some cases they can be deadly, as well. just heads up if you are down the beach. google, google is taking its street view technology up a notch to give virtual visitors a closer look at places off the beaten path. >> yes actually program called google trek err. and, soon it will feature bucks county. i took to core creek park to see how the high tech gadget at this is being used in now
6:47 am
area. >> want to ride camelback through the pyramids of gift. ass zza? couple of clicks, you can experience some of the most impressive, off road locations across the world and soon, gazel trek letter add beautiful bucks county to its list. >> people expect to see videos, to see photos, and now they can experience it first-hand. >> think google street view. but off the beaten path. it captured with this high-tech back pack. visit bucks county vice president paul, one of hands full of employees that will spend six of weeks shooting over 70,000 pan ram i can photos with 15 different lenses in 12 different locations. here in core creek park, he is taking his time it get the best pictures possible. >> you can't walk at a fast pace t needs to be about 23 to 25 minute mile pace. >> with the help after navigator, he covers plenty of grounds and sends the data back to google via blue treat. treking is one thing but try
6:48 am
doing it with this thing on your back. this thing is weighing in at 50 pounds. yes, google trekers, they're getting a work out. >> just imagine if you had like, i don't know, a fourth or fifth grader doing piggyback all day, you know. my calves are like stone. yes, definitely a work out. >> i can vouch for that. >> little heavy. >> you weren't lying. >> i tried it on for all of five minutes. before giving it back to paul. he says bucks county may be small, just 622 square miles but hopes to leave big imprint on the world-wide web. >> it is really setting up with the trends, meeting the users expectations. we want to be able to, you know present bucks county on line interact with them, and engage with them, so they'll come and visit with us. >> after all the view in person always beats your browser. >> certainly does. >> wow. >> bucks county such gorgeous place, but i got a big kick out of the place it is the vice president of visit bucks county doing those 20 to 30-mile trecks with this thing as he said like a fifth grader
6:49 am
on your back. >> let's talk more about that thing. that will was a crazy work out. 50 pounds? >> 50 pounds. which is why i kept it on for all of five minutes. >> there go. >> you see? i tried it on. >> got the harness. >> okay. >> yes no, really interesting technology though, as mention. you are looking at over a dozen lenses that capture photos, and then basically you sends it back to google. i believe this sent it back as of june 12th. they stitched together those images to create that virtual experience. so when orgone the computer you can casino of fill your way around. >> i am i know five minutes but did you feel it all? >> i'm not that -- >> just wondering. >> geez, what are you saying? >> you look good. you looked good. it was fun very, very cool. 6:49 right now. there is a lot coming up on cbs this morning. >> charlie roads joins us from new york with your preview charlie, good morning! >> good morning, ukee, nicole. ahead, we're in up-state new york learning more about how police captured the second escaped killer. plus we will talk with
6:50 am
michael morrell about the new terror warning for the fourth of july. also ahead the reason the doubt means better wine in california. and, forbes reveals it list of the celebrities who made the most money in the past year. all of that, and more, the news is back in the morning. see in you about ten minutes. >> my friends, see you in ten. thank you charles. appreciate it. >> you got it. >> breaking news tops our headlines here on cbs-3 still live over fire in gloucester county. see the flames and smoke pouring from farm building building in south harrison township being smoke starting to die down little bit now. the roof has collapsed we're told, there are no reports though of injuries. >> small plane that took off from lancaster county has crashed into a home in massachusetts, killing all three people on board. the national transportation safety board will arrive on the scene this morning to investigate that crash. >> and it is another sign new jersey governor chris christie is running for president. he now has a campaign website. the governor is supposed to make his formal announcement tomorrow. ♪ ♪
6:51 am
>> look out. ditty takes a big spill at a bt awards show performance. >> casino of having rough week. watch the video ditty seen here in red and white walks away from the camera, just drops to the floor. see it there? he took a hard fall into a hole that was actually on stage, for lil' kim to come out of just few minute before. ditty, though, always the show man, shook it off, you know, t swift style. finished his performance with jay-z, said he wasn't hurt. >> that has to be surprisingly , wacking -- walking along doing your thing, bamm. >> he rolls with it. >> paris hilton will think twice after she hops on a plane, the victim after very cruel prank. take a look. >> is this normal? it always does this? (screams). >> i still can't believe this. >> it is so mean.
6:52 am
>> paris screamed as you might imagine in fear, when she thought her plane was going to crash, it turns out, it was all a big prank for an egyptian actor's show. at one point a pass inning war parachute, who was in on the prank, was even thrown off the plane. yep. when safely back on the gown, scariest moment of my life. i believed the plane was going to crash. >> that's ridiculous. >> a joke, i mean, what if you had a heart a snack. >> they have different brands of humor i guess? my goodness. that's unbelievable. >> i feel for her. >> i'm scared just thinking about it, watching the video that's wild. >> those pranksters. >> well, before you walk out the door, we're updating effort to restore everyone's power almost a week after the those devastating storms. >> been so long. but first a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs-3. we'll be back.
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>> quick update now on the ongoing power problems in our area. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is live in gibbstown, one of the areas hardest hit by last week's storms. justin? >> nicole, ukee, officials say having your lights back on is critical. and restarting your community and your home, like this house here which has had some bad storm damage, since last tree cave syringe in the roof also inside wet with water from rains from last tuesday and also on saturday, having power to a house like this, would help them restore their home, and get back on track. ac electric says, some 717 customers, still have no power as of today. they hope to restore that, by the end of the day. that 99% of all outages will be restored by that time. governor christie said his offers will monitor that effort, to make sure that does happen. and the mayor of greenwich township says he'll watch ac electric, and also, governor christie, to make sure that they make good on this claim. that power will be back on by the end of the day people here going almost a week
6:57 am
without lights in several parts of south jersey, the governor rather, the mayor of greenwich townships want the governor to sign off on paperwork that would declare this area an emergency too fast, trying recovery efforts this morning err i kay ukee. >> for the second time in eight months, rocket heading to the international spay station, explodes, shortly after take off. nasa and space ex trying to figure out what went wrong yesterday. the ship full of supplies exploded just couple every minutes after taking off from cape canaveral. those supplies included first of its kinds port that was supposed to let commercial flights dock, with the international space station. tall shims that line the delaware riverfront for the last four days are setting sale out of philadelphia and camden. they are leaving town after spending a long weaken here for the tall ships festival. many people toured those ships, and went for rides around the river. but, one of the main attractions, 61-foot tall, 11-ton yellow rubber ducky was unable to be put on display for the entire festival. a lot of people disappointed
6:58 am
about this one apparently damaged on thursday, and couldn't be inflated because of those strong winds as i said little earlier not all she's quack up to be. >> poor mama duck. but hey, festival fireworks show went off without a hitch. one day after being delayed from rain. theme of the show where america set sale, celebrated the journey of the ships leaving their home ports to philadelphia and camden, more than 4 tons every explosives were used in that show. and at any time is spectacular? >> beautiful beautiful beautiful. katie and jd, take us home. >> yes, that weather real had i major impact obviously on the tall ships festival. tell you what, it really doesn't have much impact at all on your outdoor plans of any kind here today. absolutely beautiful day. phyllis at home again sun and clouds over head, comfortable upper 70s fine night for baseball, and very quickly we just give you the last check on the eyewitness weather seven day start to heat things up, steam it up for you here with a threat of showers storms, returning as early as tomorrow. justin? >> take advantage that far nice refreshing air mass right
6:59 am
now, open up the windows, but do have problems, 76 westbound, just after university. we do have an accident taking out the left lane. the back up for several miles. so it is rough headed west on 76 you may want to try another route. we take to you 95 looking south pales cottman. over on the left lane there looks like we're moving okay this morning. >> jd, thanks so much. next on cbs this morning manhunt comes to an end anna westerner how authorities found two escape prisoners on the lamb for more than two weeks. >> all banks are closed in the capped strait country, elizabeth palazhchenko america with concerns, also possible global implications here. huge. also remember to join us britain early eastern week bay morning here cbs-3 starting 4:30. >> so glad you're with us, this morning cb is this morning is coming up next, we of course updates throughout your morning. have a great day. be well. >> ♪ ♪
7:00 am
good morning. it is monday june 29th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." escaped killer david sweat is shot and captured after 23 days on the run. this morning new details on the manhunt's final moments. a financial crisis in greece could bring turmoil in the global markets including right here in the u.s. and the fbi and homeland security issue an urgent new terrorist warning ahead of the fourth of july weekend. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your word in 90 seconds. >> the nightmare is finally over. let's give a big round of applause to the men and women of


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