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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  June 29, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. it is monday june 29th 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." escaped killer david sweat is shot and captured after 23 days on the run. this morning new details on the manhunt's final moments. a financial crisis in greece could bring turmoil in the global markets including right here in the u.s. and the fbi and homeland security issue an urgent new terrorist warning ahead of the fourth of july weekend. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your word in 90 seconds. >> the nightmare is finally over. let's give a big round of applause to the men and women of
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law enforcement. >> the manhunt ends with a man in custody. >> shot but taken alive in critical condition. >> a state trooper spotted david sweat walking just two miles from the canada border. >> now we can get back to normal. >> the fire in washington state has destroyed as many as 11 homes. >> authorities warn of a possible terrorist attack. >> we've stopped 50 of these terror plots in these last 12 months. it's gone up exponentially. >> a plane crashed into a house. all inside the house amazingly escaped. >> a fireball. everything was engulfed. >> an inmate who escaped from a north carolina prison is back in custody. a kitchen work is involved.
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closer to defaulting on its euro debt. >> chris christie released a campaign video. >> the b.e.t. awards in los angeles. things didn't go as planned for sean "diddy" combs. >> and all that matters. >> this is a day of celebration. >> from coast to coast. >> you could feel america turn a little bit on its axis. >> i'm not sure every governor should say, well it tees law of the land. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> what was this award for, i'm sorry. >> huh? oh. viewer's choice. oh, my god. y'all, thank you. this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." a massive three-week manhunt for
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two escaped killers in new york is over. a state trooper shot and captured david sweat on sunday. he was in constable, new york apparently running for the canadian border. >> in the newbie county of malone authorities shot and killed sweat's part mer rich art matt. matt. both men were caught. anna werner. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. bind me is a road where you see the bushes. that's the road where the constable -- the trooper was coming down when he saw david sweat somewhere in this area of the field. he yelled for him to stop. dabd sweat kept running. the constable -- the trooper, i'm sorry, shot sweat and in that back corner is where david swed's is
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sweat was finally captured. >> it gives us an opportunity to have more questions and provide more facts on the overall situation. >> reporter: first responders treat convicted killer david sweat sunday after he was shot twice in the back and taken into custody. new york state police sergeant jay cook is being hailed as a hero for capturing sweat. cook was on patrol by himself when he saw sweat walking by himself. he was unarmed but when confronted by cook he took off running. cook gave chase. >> at some point running across the field he realized he was going to make it to a tree line and possibly disappeared and he fired two shots from his service weapon. >> reporter: sweat was rushed to a medical center in malone and later transferred to albany medical center for treatment. this couple was visiting. >> he had a thousand feet.
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if he hit the forest dense for it, a straight mile to the canadian border topps. >> reporter: on friday richard matt was shot and killed in a confrontation with police. he had a shotgun. the two prisoners escaped the clinton correctional facility on may 10 in an elaborate plan using power tools including a hacksaw hidden in meat. two prison employees joyce mitchell are involved. >> we want to know who was involved or assisted in any way and we want the answers. now, david sweat is in critical condition at albany medical center and he has not been formally interviewed by investigators. over the weekend they found his dna on a pepper shaker near the spot where richard matt was killed. they now say the two men may have been trying to use pepper to throw off the scent of the
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dogs. gayle? >> so many interesting details coming out. thank you, anna. a big sigh of relief in that area. wall street is bracing for a big drop in stock this morning because of economic turmoil in greece. markets in europe and asia already seeing losses. greece is dangerously close to running out of money. all banks are closed and people are only allowed atn withdrawals of $60 a day. elizabeth palmer with fears of a meltdown rising. elizabeth elizabeth, good morning. >> the traders behind me are tracking those losses you mentioned overnight in asia and today in europe. on the virtual certainty now that greece will not be able to pay the international monetary fund $1.8 billion. it owes that much and the deadline is tomorrow. that set off waves of nervousness around the world and especially inside greece itself. across greece the long lines that had formed at atms over the
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weekend continued well into the night. people were anxious to withdraw at least some of their savings before the system went into meltdown. greek cabinet ministers left an overnight emergency meeting with angry words from the deputy interior minister. our creditors -- and he means european banks and politicians -- are trying to blackmail us he said. this morning greeks woke to the sight of most of their banks firmly closed for at least a week though the elderly are getting a special break. this is a bank that is authorized to pay out pensions but even here tepgs are running high. she's furious. here we are forced like beg gars waiting to withdraw our own money. life must go on but now everybody knows that greece is broke. the euros have allowed them to bail out and use the currency
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but only if the government cuts spending including pensions and spend salaries and at the same time raise taxes. they say it's already going to continue hurting. they decide to put it to a referendum sunday. confused? so are the greeks? she spoke for millions when she described the situation as chaos. we have no idea, she said what to broke for. this is brinksmanship of the very highest order and there is a tiny chance there's a chance for diplomat igs solution. the greeks say they're open to coming back to the negotiating table any time. charlie. >> thanks, elizabeth. it comes after friday's deadly beach attack by gunmen in tunisia. at least 15 british people among the 36 killed. charlie d'agata is at sousse at
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the scene of friday's attack. charlie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this is where the gunman walked onto the beach and opened fire on the tourists lying down on the sunbed. he continued unchallenged and new dramatic foot amg has emerged that shows how the attack unfolded after that. the gunman strolling on the beach, automatic weapon slung over his shoulder beach toys and bystanders in the background. cell phone video shot by a hotel employee shows that after he ran out of resident on the beach he hunted on the hotel grounds for more victims. at the pool more automatic gunfire and the sounds of something bigger. the staffers heard him him saying he killed the people. despite the fact the gunman is still armed people begin to give chase.
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as he ran back toward the street tunisian security forces finally put his rampage to an end but in his wake bodies of victims lie everywhere the beach, on the stairs by the pool. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack calling a 24-year-old tunisian student a soldier of the calfiphate. they gave him a ride to the crime scene. mohammed told us he didn't seem like an extremist. he wore normal clothing he said. he had long hair like dancers. but he said he didn't have any friends in that neighborhood. he never spoke to anybody. no warning light, no indication of the violent intentions he was harboring inside. police arrested his father who has since been released. he described how shocked and
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ashamed he was over his son's actions and how he feels the loss for the families and how he feels like he died along with the victims. norah? >> charlie d'agata in tunisia. thank you. this morning federal agents are warning of possible terror attacks on the upcoming holiday weekend. they're urging local law enforcement to step up security and be vigilant during the fourth of july celebrations. cbs news senior security analyst michael morell. good morning. >> good morning. >> how serious is this threat? >> these warnings go out routinely but this one is not routine. there have been 50 people arrested in the last 12 months for being radicalized by isis wanting to fight there or attack here, so there are a lot of people seeing themselves as aligned with isis number one,
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and then number two, you have this isis call to arms during ramadan ramadan. we're right in the middle of ramadan, conducting attacks against our enemies. i'm worried about this one. >> what does it mean for americans on fourth of july. >> i don't want to tell americans what to do or not to do. but i wouldn't be surprised if we're sitting here a week from today talking about an attack over the weekend in the united states. that's how serious this is. >> how difficult is it to catch the home grown terrorists. you mentioned several arrests. >> it's difficult. they're being radicalized in their bedrooms, in their bassments. they're communicating. isis is telling them don't tell anybody about our conversations. that's where you catch these guys. >> from david cameron and others you're beginning to seaworld leaders it seems to me taking a new concern about this. it's risen to a new level of
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concern. >> it's what happens when there's three attacks in one day. what's interesting, one in kuwait, one in tunisia, one in france, they represent the different ways isis is threatening us. in kuwait i think what we're going to find is that isis actually sent this guy from iraq and syria to conduct this attack, right? that's one threat they pose, sending people at us. in tunisia i think we're going to find this guy was aligned with isis and in france it's just seventy-radical nationizationization, right? >> what can nations do? >> i think it's time to pick up the pace against isis. i think a big part of their seams pitch is how successful we are, right? they've got the momentum. it's time to take the momentum from them. >> make it less romantic. >> yes. >> thank you, michael morell. >> you're welcome.
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this morning the iran nuclear talks are headed into overtime. they acknowledge they will not meet tomorrow's deadline for a deal. secretary of state john kerry is trying to meet a key policy on the agenda. margaret brennan has more details on a new roadblock threatening the deal. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. negotiators say they need a few more days and they told secretary kerry not to rush. kerry still recovering from a recent biking accident now has until july 9th to present them with an agreement. it's his weapons inspector who will search iran's suspected nuclear site and how much access they get is the main sticking point holding up these talks. iran's top negotiator left last night for a 24-hour trip home to discuss that very issue because,
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charlie, iran's supreme leader recently said inspectors will only get access to some of it. thanks margaret. this morning the ntsb is trying to figure out what caused a deadly crash of a small plane into a massachusetts home. the single aircraft took off from an airport in massachusetts on sunday but the pilot got into trouble and smashed into a house. susie steimle has more. >> reporter: you wouldn't expect a plane to fly out of the sky and crash into a home but that's what happened in this neighborhood. >> sir we're not doing jack. we've got a real bad vibration.
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we're losing engines. we have no engines. i need help. >> reporter: which charred wreckage is all that remains from the single engine be-36 that went down sunday afteren in this small development. >> i saw the accident the plane, i was grilling dinner on the grill. it followed the street and banked and leveled off. i thought he was going to land on the street. >> reporter: but the pilot crashed into this home killing all three on board the plane including a child. >> there were two occupants in the home. they were able to safely escape the home. there were no apparent survivors. >> reporter: fire crews scrambled to put out the flames. despite the scene community members were relieved to see the family of four who were inside their home at the time of the crash escaped unharmed. >> thunder shook the house. i saw smoke everywhere and people running up the streets. >> our neighbor's lost
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everything and still walking around barefoot so i have to figure out what size shoe he has. >> the victims have not been released. we have learned about that plainville family. the two boys were upstairs in the home at the time of this plane crash and they miraculously escaped unharmed. norah. >> wow. incredible story. susie, thank you. at least 1,000 people in washington state have left their homes threatened by a fast moving wildfire. about a dozen buildings in the city of wenatchee have been destroyed. most of them were homes. the fires have burned out of control. firefighters battled temperatures of at least 108 degrees. this morning lightning is blamed for one death in arizona and more than a dozen injuries in colorado. 24-year-old christine garcia was struck and killed saturday while hiking with a group on moglion rim and on saturday a dog was
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killed and people struck. they were on the summit. several were knocked out for several minutes. >> strong storms brought tornados to missouri on sunday. this one was caught on video west of st. louis. there were no reports of injuries or serious damage. fans had to leave the upper deck to avoid the thunderstorms during the cubs/cardinals game at busch stadium. two people are recovering from separate shark attacks along a north carolina bank. one was taken via helicopter with injuries to his backside legs, and hands. his condition has been upgraded to serious. on friday a man was also bit multiple times, his jurps less serious. there have been six shark attacks in the past six weeks. >> the republican pretal hopeful released a video last night on his new website. it features christie speaking at a town hall event about his late
7:19 am
mother and how she inspired his moral compass. he's likely to announce his presidential plans tomorrow. >> another tease from governor christie. we shah see what happened tomorrow. a new setback for nasa after another failed space launch. ahead, what caused an american supply ship to exp >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by macy's.
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teenagers wanted help with a school project and so they asked a mobster. >> it was definitely shocking to see a letter from basically a serial killer in your mailbox. >> ahead why whitey bulger sums up his life in a few revealing words. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this morning."
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a chainy island sets up against a military.
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family is anxiously waiting and >> good blocker, i'm ukee washington. >> we kick things off with katie in the weather center if you have plans underway outdoors, keep them t won't be terribly uncomfortable for you. we had the storm system roll through over the weekends, knocked the temperatures back, now starting the process of the re warmth, eventually, humidity. today nice break between systems, so, high pressure keeping storm scan nice and empty. you have a few clouds here and, there overall nice start to the day. mostly sunny 81 degrees, minus humidity, can't beat. that will partly cloudy, pretty comfortable tonight. as early as tomorrow the threat for showers and thunderstorms returns. we can't promise completely dry day even as we head into the month of july. justin in.
7:27 am
>> typical summer like stuff as we head into the july time period, but here we go, serious accident, we take you to chopper three right now, looking at winslow township route 73 northbound at least four cars here involved in this accident. one person was air lifted, away from the scene so, we hit the maps right now again winslow township route 73 northbound close the at haze mill road. to 95 southbound, cottman still stacked up pretty good due to earlier accident. that's a look at your ride, ukee, back to you. >> we do it again at clock 55, up next on cbs this morning another failed mission as a space x rocket explodes during launch. a look at the problem placing nasa's partnerships with private industry. i'm ukee was
7:28 am
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today in landmark 6-3 decision the supreme court voted to uphold health insurance of the affordable care act. >> the decision dissented by justice anthony scalia calling the court's reasoning absurd, absurd, jiggery, pure applesauce. >> let me answer in terms i think you'll understand. yes, the court's ruling was a bit. but if it takes a touch of it to help keep the people of this great nation knell think, bring on the hoopla and zizzle and
7:31 am
zazzle. >> he has a way with words. >> yes, he does. >> the constitution through the british eyes. >> applesauce. i was waiting for him to put that in there. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up the american cargo headed to the space station skbloeds two minutes after lift-off. we'll look at the impact it could have. plus china is under scrutiny for building artificial islands but they're very real to some european families. but seth doane takes us on a trip to the south china sea which could be a military flashpoint. "the new york times" says puerto rico is facing a worsening debt crisis. the governor made a stark admission. it admitted the island cannot pay what it owes. it owes $72 billion in debt. it has money per capita than any other state.
7:32 am
a $94 million payment due july 15th is at rif risk. tomorrow one second will bed aed to clocks around the world to stay in synch around the world. china will just be opening. $4.6 million in stocks are traded every second on world markets. >> kristopher mcneil was cree captureded on sunday more than 80 miles from a prison after a tip. a prison employee is charged with helping him escape on saturday. "solar impulse 2" left japan overnight on a five-day flight to hawaii. after weeks of delays because of bad weather. it's the longest part of the solo plane's journey around the world. it's scheduled to fly over the
7:33 am
u.s. mediterranean and elsewhere on its return to abu dhabi. nba superstar lebron james will opt out of his arrangement. but word is he'll play. he t move will allow him to sign a maximum contract to make more money. right now he's being paid close to $22 million. this morning nasa vows to move forward after another failed launch of an unmanned cargo ship to the international space station. it exploded shortly after lift-off. vladimir duthiers shows us what happened in the latest failure. good morning. >> good morning. elon musk tweet thad the cost is still unknown after several thousand hours of early leer review. it was the latest in setbacks
7:34 am
for na sand the private space industry that hopes to one day carry astronauts into orbit. >> three, two, one, sequence mission start and lift-off of the spacex falcon rocket. >> reporter: it took off in swoo sunny skies but minutes after lift-off it exploded. >> we appear to have had a launch failure. >> there was $4,000 worth of cargo. space suit food a student experiment. >> this was a blow to us. we lost a lot of important research equipment on this flight r it's the third failed cargo launch in eight months. last october a sun ply ship built by orbital sciences exploded on takeoff. then in april a russian cargo ship spun out of control. >> you can see the earth
7:35 am
spinning. >> reporter: and burned upon re-entry. >> there's no commonality other than its space and it's difficult to go fly. >> nasa expected a failure every now and then but i think getting a cluster like this is pretty disheartening. >> after the explosion spacex founder elon musk tweeted there was an overhead tank. scott kelly watched the launch from the international space station. tweeting sadly failed. space is hard. >> it's not easy taking care of space station. i think sometimes folks think it's easy and routine and that's when we get in trouble. >> reporter: nasa says the crew onboard the space station is not in danger. they have enough food and supplies to make it to october. >> is this simply from the lack of support and mission for nasa? >> in the past the space station would have been the ways and
7:36 am
means to get supplies. now we don't have that. they're looking at private contractors and they're paying russia. >> i'm glad there were no people on board. i liked scott kelly. space is hard. >> space is hard. >> thank you, vlad. tensions this morning between china and its neighbors around the south china sea. as we reported china is reclaiming land and building islands. it's looking to expand its military mite. seth doane just returned from the south china sea. he's back in beijing. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the race is on to control part os testify resource-rich south china sea. we've visited one philippine island that's also claimed by the chinese. these idyllic hardly seem like a front line. but it's disputed territory.
7:37 am
even the school is controversial. >> the chinese did not want this school. >> why? >> because they say it is within their territory, it's within their sovereign territory. >> the mayor calls the school, these houses this entire community, an exercise in sovereignty, meaning just by living here this stays a philippine island while this chinese andcreate and expand them nearby. >> why civilian not military? >> that seems to be the buffer. >> war, war, war, war. >> the children ask you about war? >> yes, sir. >> reporter: they say they hear students talking about china. i don't think they have a full understanding of what's happening, he told us. they probably don't know to what
7:38 am
extent kai na has gone its coast guard blocking and intimidating filipino fishermen, for instance. they probably know of them just building islands and military bases. china is so much on their minds so much that this couple named their daughter china lynnin. she was one of the first ones born on this island. >> i came up with the name because we're so close to china. >> about 25 families roughly 100 people live here year round. it doesn't look like much but the government provides housing, electricity, even some food. and for most, life is better than it was before. >> john b. allen came here for a job in construction and wound up getting married here. you don't see anyone here other
7:39 am
than filipinos like me he said. this island is and always will be a philippine. >> the mayor seas each birth, each birth strengthens the philippines' claim to this place've though it's dwarfed by the chinese around them. >> do you explain to them? >> we explain it's not going to the shipping war. a miscalculation could be anywhere. let us be far away. >> reporter: a miscalculation is one of the real concerns. most of the incidents so far have been low levels involved different fishermen from the countries but the concern is that could escalate. >> thank you. would you want your 17-year-old daughter taking advice from whitey bulger?
7:40 am
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this morning three massachusetts teenagers are holding on to a piece of most wanted history, you could say. legendary crime boss whitey bulger became their pen boss of course. he inspired jack nicklaus's character. remember that? elaine quijano is here with his surprising message from behind bars. elaine, good morning. >> good morning. whitey bulger never testified at trial so this letter is his own words. he wrote back expressing regret on a life he called wasted. >> it was definitely shocking to see a letter from basically a
7:45 am
serial killer in your mailbox. >> reporter: the one-page handwritten letter was sent from a high security federal penitentiary in florida. in it whitey bulger wrote there are many more people deserving of your time and interest. don't waste your time on such as i. we are society's lower, best for gotten, not someone to look to for leadership. i was a ninth grade high school dropout and took the wrong road. >> i think he is very remorseful and regretful and tried to steer us away from choosing him as a promg. >> reporter: the three young women were working on a national history process. >> even though he didn't directly answer it what he did say was a lot different than a lot of people think that ee's all about. >> reporter: bulger was captured
7:46 am
in california in 2011 after 16 years on the run. he was convicted in 2013. sentenced for his role in 11 murders, federal racketeering extortion. >> he still did it and he's still a horrible guy but it was deaf niftly a different side. >> reporter: at the end of the letter time stamped, my life was wasted, spent foolishly, brought shame and suffering on my parents and siblings and will end soon. advice is a cheap come motty. if you want to make crime pay, go to lal school. sincerely, whitey bulger. a federal lawyer is set to request having his trial overturned. he's not expected to show up in
7:47 am
court next month. >> how unexpected. to write a letter to him and get a reply. >> i em i'm sure his family. >> he went to great lengths to say don't be listening to me. crime doesn't pay unless you to law school. first on "cbs this morning" "forbes" reveals the top celebrity earners. find out whose moneys are
7:48 am
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took a plunge in a hole in the floor. apparently somebody forgot to cover it up. later he posted to instagram the fall scared him but he had to get up. the other thing is janet jackson back in the lineup. >> that's incredible. ahead, they could be world cup champions. how the women of team usa may have trouble paying their rent. we'll explain. at subway, we begin with freshly-baked-bread; then combine tender turkey-breast, with robust, spicy, melty italian favorites; adding a splash of our new subway vinaigrette. the magnificent new turkey italiano melt. only at subway. when i'm out in the hot sun, i know how to hydrate on the inside. but what about my skin? coppertone sport sunscreen puts a breathable layer on your skin to help keep it hydrated by holding in natural moisture
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. >> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning i'm ukee washington katie i just went out for about 15 minute walk, it is beautiful outside. >> it is so nice, so comfortable, too so yes even you, speed walker washington, probably didn't even break a sweat, so pleasant outside. you'll feel that pretty much all day just comfort that's out there. storm scan3 clear as a bell, we've got the tri-state sweep not picking up on anything. couple of clouds out there granted, you can see it reflected in the live neighborhood network here. sun filtering through, bright blue skies and overall nice day. by tomorrow, not only are we starting to heat things up but the humidity is going to start to ramp up for us, as well bit of unsettled pattern is going to be taking grip. justin? >> good morning, everyone, here we are prime time rush
7:57 am
hour, so getting stuck in traffic jams, roll down your windows, enjoy the nice refreshing air mass, all right, # six at the boulevard. both directions stack up pretty good. so slow go inbound and out bound, in the city. we take to you delaware county, 95 northbound, it is slow basically, from the delaware pennsylvania line all the way up to the commodore barry bridge. it eventually does break up after that. again, heads up. still have the serious accident going on winslow township route 73 northbound closed at heyes mill road. one person airlifted. that's a look at your ride, back to you. >> let's do it again at 8:25, up next on cbs-3 this morning same sex marriage equal under the law. what's next? a
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it is monday, june 29th 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including next step for gay americans. after struggling for decades to be accepted are gays becoming too mainstream? that's the question for some. first here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> the troopers gave chase and he shot sweat and back in the corner is where david sweat's run finally ended. >> they will not be able to pay the $1.8 billion. >> i wouldn't be surprised if we're sitting here a week from today talking about an attack over the weekend in the united states. that's how serious this is. >> at least 1,000 people have left their homes threatened by a
8:01 am
fast moving wildfire. >> new dramatic footage has emerged that shows how the attack unfolded. >> weapons inspectors who will inspect nuclear sites and just how much assets they get is the main sticking point. >> the last thing you would expect, the plane crashing out of the sky and onto your home. >> it's like thunder shook a house. >> we visited one philippine island that has also been claimed by the chinese. >> do you feel you're ever in danger. >> he gets this approach straight into ground and that's the shortest throw you'll ever see. >> that's going to get some time everywhere on national tv. >> announcer: today's "eye opener" at 8:00 presented by choice hotels. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the second of two escaped
8:02 am
murderers in northern new jersey is in custody this morning in critical condition. a state trooper shot david sweat on sunday near the canadian border. his partner richard matt was shot and killed friday in malone, new york. >> the region in northern new york is starting to get back to normal after the manhunt that lasted more than three weeks. anna werner is in constable new york where sweat was captured just 30 miles away from where they escaped. anna good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> hi. >> caller: hi. >> anna you've been on this story from the very beginning. it was very interesting and exciting to watch the breaking news yesterday when it happened in the afternoon. >> reporter: yeah. and, gayle, this is kind of an interesting scene how this happened here. if you get a sense behind those bushes is a road and the state police trooper was coming down that road evidently saw david sweat on the road stopped him to talk to him, and then told him to come near him. instead david sweat took off
8:03 am
across this field. now, the constable was trying to get him to stop. he gave chase. evidently he realized he wasn't going to stop and he wound up shooting him twice in his chest or back and basically if you look at that back corner back there, that's where david sweat wound up. >> how close did he get to the canadian border? >> caller: it's a great question. we were talking to some people last night who used to live here and they actually were here when this all went down last night and they said we're maybe a couple hundred yards to that treeline. they say if he had got on the the treeline you're a mile into the woods and right over to the canadian border. literally he was probably a mile and a half from the border. he almost made it. >> anna why was he on the road and not in the trees anyway? >> you know it's a really good question, right? we're wondering that ourselves. why are you walking down the
8:04 am
road if you are an escapee from a prison and you presumably know there are cops wherever looking for you. this is interesting detail where the police tell us they had been using pepper at their locations where they were bedding down trying to throw off the scent of dogs. norah? >> thanks anna. the question is how did they stay out on the lam for so many weeks. that's the story that will still be told. this morning investigators in taiwan believe a cigarette butt may have sparked a massive wire at a water park. it happened saturday night when a colored powder cause on fire. one person died. more than 400 people remain in the hospital with severe burns. gay pride celebrations over the weekend carried new meaning. parades and rallies stretched from new york to san francisco. there was added injury in the
8:05 am
lgbt pride month celebrations friday to legalize same-sex marriage. now many are looking to the future of gay rights. >> i cried. i thought of all the people who weren't able to get married or who died for our rights and it was just a phenomenal day. >> this is day for celebration and i'm all done up and rather pleased. >> privileged almost. what could be better. >> at the end of the day, love wins. >> i came out in '97, and i didn't think i would see gay marriage in my lifetime in the u.s., and so this is a big, big, big event. >> i feel like we're moving into a different era, a different consciousness, where love of humanity is being birthed. >> york times reporter and contributor jodie offered her
8:06 am
assessment. she writes just as the gay marriage movement peaks so does the debate over whether gay rights are a success. you say it's bittersweet. what do you mean? >> even at the gay rights parade they're like, what do we want, we got it yesterday. so that changes thing, right? so much of gay identity in culture is born of persecution stigma terrible treatment. ho do things change now that gay marriage is marriage in many ways. >> you mentioned i miss the specialness of being gay. >> absolutely. and even language that we're used to like coming out of the closet may not apply anymore. i spoke ta a lot of young people who said they were never in a closet. i said, how long did you go from when you realized you wither guy
8:07 am
to when you told people. she said 12 hours. >> so it's much different. there's still stigma for some gay americans. doesn't that still have an effect? >> absolutely. there's a call now by the organized gay community to essentially fight housing discrimination, job discrimination as the next barrier, but i do think we will see the culture change. gay people for so long were almost forced to form their own community. >> less co-he's sniev because they weren't welcomed in the mainstream. whether you look at gay neighborhoods or gay bars these were safe spaces where they knew they would be treated well. those places are less necessary now. so what happens to them. >> let's turn to politics because none of the 13 republican candidates who are running for president have embraced gay marriage how does that affect the ongoing presidential campaign? >> i think they're in a tough spot. i think we saw with some of the republican candidates they were
8:08 am
trying to have it both ways. they disagreed with the decision but disrespectful. they don't want to be seen as throwbacks or backwards thinking. there's this fight brewing on between the one hand gay rights and on the other hand claim of religious freedom. >> you'll begin to see that on the sunday talk shows where they begin to talking what actions they might take now. >> yeah so explain that. some are calling for a constitution alg amendment where some are saying accept the court's decision. >> citing martin luther king. >> it's a terrible position for a t candidates to be in. if you have a couple who wants to be served in a restaurant and a waiter says i don't want to. i don't think a republican candidate is going to want to have to choose sides in that battle. >> jodi kanter thaerngs for
8:09 am
being you. >> thank you. the world's best athletes they're not being >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener" at 8:00 is sponsored by choice hotels. you always have a choice.
8:10 am
some good new this morning in the middle of california's historic water emergency. >> i'm ben tracy in the vineyards of napa valley. california's drought has hit agriculture hard but there's an unexpected side of the drought that you might find in your next glass of wine. we'll tell you ahead on "cbs this morning." i'm feeling lucky. today is the day. i knew it! (robot voice) activate probe.
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tomorrow night, team usa takes on germany in the women's world come semifinal but while they're playing on their biggest stage this week ladies in sports are still making a lot less than men. of the 100 highest paid athletes in 2015 only two women make the
8:15 am
list including maria shera powe va coming in 26th. she makes half of what roger federer earned in endorsements. jericka duncan with how women are upping their game. good morning jericka. >> good morning, norah. it might be hard for some to believe that being a women athlete is hardly lucrative. but some are making significant changes in their image and doing it at the right time. millions of people are watching alex morgan here but millions more will see her here as the face of mcdonald's. >> i don't just play soccer. i do more. >> degree and nationwide insurance ads the young vibrant forward for the u.s. national team 25-year-old morgan is one of only a few women who can make a living playing professional soccer. her skills and image will earn her more than a million dollar this year.
8:16 am
>> i think alex is marketable because she scores goals. she's someone that really enjoys people, connecting with her fans and companies and brands see that. >> and you have all kinds of endorsement endorsements, deal making. >> i would never get any of those endorsements or sponsorships if it wasn't for the work i put in on the field. i remember that every single day and i know that that's my priority and that's what i love to do. >> sure they love it but can they make a living playing it. national women's soccer league players make anywhere from $6,800 to nearly $38,000 this season. >> as much as you want from an altruistic sense from sports and things to thrive that doesn't put butts in the seats. >> reporter: grand wall is a senior writer for "sports
8:17 am
illustrated" and says it's still a struggle to get endorsements. take abby wambach. as a leading scorer she made $190,000 laugh year or roughly what argentinian lionel messi makes in one day. one reason says wall is endorsements are closely tied to profit. fill stands and you'll be paid good. >> it had been encouraging for women's soccer to see more money coming in in recent years but it's been a long process and a lot of women really fought hard for that very mia hamm is one of them. at 15 years old she joined the nationalgtional soccer team but she became a household name when she helped win a world cup at home in front of 14 million viewers. the lucrative sponsorship
8:18 am
follows. levy also represents hamm. >> what makes her so relatable? >> it wasn't just her though. it was the entire team. that i inspired young people and took the time to do that. >> reporter: but wall says there are other reasons why companies find these players attractive. >> how you look seems to matter when it comes to endorsement deals. >> reporter: does it matter more when you're a woman? >> yes. >> reporter: is that fair? >> i don't necessarily think it's fair myself. >> reporter: fair or not, in the world of sports in the world of endorsementnds and the opportunities. >> i want to have a long career. that's my minority. >> how long? >> as long as my body allow mess to play at this level, i think. >> more and more are tuning in. 5.7 million saw usa play china. that set a record for spos
8:19 am
sports. keep in mind close to 60 million watch the u.s. men played ghana in last year's world cup. >> i don't know. when i see the u.s. women on some of those ads, i want to buy those products because i'm a big fan. >> great group. >> support those women. >> let that continue. go usa. that i play again coming up. jericka, thank you. cheryl sandberg opens up about the sudden death of her husband. how she shared and inspirational message on dave goldberg's lasting impact on silicon valley. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. the thing is people think boys are loud and immature and don't care about feelings.
8:20 am
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this month cheryl sandberg hopes graduates find inspiration from her late husband. she opened up an address in beijing saturday. it was nearly two months after david goldberg died suddenly. she praised how he motivated his silicon valley employees and his own family. >> he was kind and generous and thoughtful. he raised the performance of everyone around him.
8:24 am
did it as ceo of surveymonkey and he did it for your me and our children. frye said leadership is making others better. as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts into your absence. like dave you can do this. for not just yourself but for other people. >> sand beg also quoted a family friend and venture capitalist who said goldberg's greatness was not competitive and threatening but gentle and inspirational without ee kboe. >> anybody who knew him said the same thing. i bet it's helpful to speak about him the way she does. >> beautiful speech. >> worth reading? always inspirational. first on "cbs this morning," we're revealing famous men and women. a woman is on the cover, but is she number one? that's straight ahead after your local news. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:25 am
this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> good morning, everyone, i'm ukee washington, in the news no injuries but plenty of damage after a fire in gloucester county. the fire broke out in a building on a farm, near monroe ville road in state road 45 in south harrison township. it took about a half hour to put out those flames, the roof of the farm building collapsed during the blaze. right now a cause is under investigation. >> let's get your forecast with katie in the weather center. >> good morning, overall just beautiful weather to start the week off. then it begins to go at least little bit downhill. we will be heating up by comparison, in the days ahead storm scan3 quiet as can be. you have got high pressure briefly paying visit to bring in full sunshine. couple every clouds here and there, more than anything, just bright, sunny beautiful also with low humidity, too so feels great.
8:26 am
later tonight we drop to 65, couple of clouds, nothing more, and we are heating back up as we wrap up the month of june, kick start the month every july. we are expect to go see at least shot for a shower, thunderstorm tuesday wednesday, thursday, friday, and right now possibly even into the holiday itself on july 4th saturday. so we'll keep you posted as the week continues here, but thankfully justin, no days looks like a total wash out right now. >> not at all. then, may get some of the nature fireworks going on for the fourth every july. overall looking pretty good. not so great on the schuylkill before montgomery, looking westbound pretty slow, eastbound, breaking up, still slow, specially right around city avenue. look at that, 18-mile per hour speed slows inbound, out bound at the city, problems also on the blue route northbound from 95 to about route one running only about 13 miles per hour, new jersey for the most part looking okay, little slow on 295, southbound, and still northeast philadelphia, coming on 95, slow. winslow township, that severe accident still closing down 73
8:27 am
northbound at haze mill road. that's a look at your ride, back to you. >> next update at 85:00, a ahead on cbs this morning which celebrities banks enough dough to make it on forks top 100 list? find out next. i'm
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up this half hour turning worries into wine. we'll show you how california's drought is creating historic opportunities for california's vineyard. it's also changing what you see on the bottle. plus one baseball player made history by the numbers. this morning we'll see. that's ahead. >> rolling stone remembers chris squire, cofounder of the progressive rock band yes. the bassist died saturday from cancer. he had hits like "owner of a
8:31 am
lonely heart." he was the only player on every album. he was just 60 years old. tom cruise will play in a sequel of "top gun." cruise will star in the new movie and not make just a cameo appearance. the plot will feature the latest developments in warfare such as drones. >> do you have the need for speed, norah? >> i feel the need the need for speed. i wonder who's going to play goose. obviously one of the great movies of all time. if you talk to some of the younger people who worked with us they've never seen "top gun." it's kind of a phenomena. >> who directed it. >> ooh charlie, stump question. i don't know. >> who? >> i don't know. >> who? >> tony scott. >> tony
8:32 am
more rehntynti on the floor. quazi moto won the ugliest dog. she beat out 25 other dogs to win the competition and a $1,500 prize. >> her face isn't so bad but her body looks like it's cut off. >> i've never seen an ugly dog. >> i know. >> you raise a really good point. they give us unconditional love. "forbes" is revealing its annual celebrity list. at number 5, howard stern with 95 million big ones. one direction comes in fourth at 130 million. katy perry is a financial firework at $135 million. >> well written. >> and a cover girl. manny pacquiao is part of the
8:33 am
one-two punch but floyd mayweather coming in at $330 million. "forbes" apzeditor with a cool name zach o'malley greenberg. >> a little bit of irish. >> with that one fight alone, may weather made the most that any athlete has made in a single year by more than a double. >> wow. that's incredible. last year beyonce and jay z were 28 and 29. why the change? >> they're still popular as ever, had a huge stadium but what changed is their method methodology methodology. so instead of looking at power, combining earnings with magazine covers and social media flowers and things like that we went right for the money.
8:34 am
we figured we're "forbes," we're just going to make it by the money. this is what people know us for. this is what they want to know and it changes us up. >> what they earn includes endorsements? >> everything. record sales. >> you put katy perry on the cover. i was surprise shed beat out taylor swift. did that surprise you? >> yeah. but looking at international touring, a lot of the musicians are on the list. katy perry played ore 125 show dates in our scoring period. that was many, many more over taylor swift. katy perry makes the bulk of her money abroad. that's kind of a recurring theme throughout the list is people who can appeal to these broad audiences and go out there. >> robert downey jr. number eight on this list earning $80
8:35 am
million. wow. >> yeah. it's a combination of earnings on the back end of "avengers" and then the next captain america movie. he's always kind of up in that range but this is the best year he's had so far. >> among writering james patterson. >> he's going to be here. >> he has a factory. >> yeah. he's unbelievable. you know as a writer i'm kind of jealous at the prolific nature. ten book as year or something like that. >> something for you to strive for. you had maria sharapova on the list beating out shorea williams. i was surprised she was not on the list. >> very, very close. one of the ways she does it is a lot of it can come down to one tournament a month before our scoring period or a month after. these little changes in things. somebody took a two-month vacation. one month vacation.
8:36 am
>> lewis hamilton made the list. >> that's right. $39 million. he is one of 32 non-americans on the list so it's about one-third international. we thought that was kind of cool for a celebrity. >> yeah, i like him. >> thanks. great to have you. >> very interesting. >> temperatures in parts of california sun in joaquin valley are expected to top 110 degree. farmers there are battling to keep crops live in the historic drought but in another part of the state the crisis is creating a golden opportunity. ben carter . >> reporter: in napa valley home of some of california's prized vineyards, they don't detest the drought. what has the drought meant for
8:37 am
you? >> it really has been a positive. >> reporter: michael hoenig owns a 67-acre vineyard in na pachlt he says the rain produced in the last six years has produced the best wine in a decade. >> reporter: why a dry wine? >> it forces the vine to find water on its own and really penetrates deeply into the soils. you want to stress out a vine to a point. you want to explore it before you go off the cliff. >> reporter: normal conditions grapevines go between as deep but in stressed out conditions they go deeper. >> rewell want ripeness to get the fruit character to make these lush expressive wines. >> reporter: can you really taste the difference between a wet year and a dry year? >> yes, you can because in a wet
8:38 am
year the fruit does not get as ripe. >> this is the bright part of the day. >> yes. >> open bottles. >> it's got a beautiful depth of flavor. >> from a 2011 vintage, a wet year, which can make the wine taste a bit green. >> it's almost like eating your vegetables in a glass that most people don't say i want my wine to taste like asparagus. >> not the best thing. we checked with susan who has been rating and reviewing california wines for the past 30 years. >> we're looking at scores and they're obviously going up. obviously our tasters are liking the concentration and intensity of the wines. >> reporter: in fact in 200007 a wet yeel 47% were rated 9 points or more.
8:39 am
in 2012 a dry year that jumped to 53%. however, there is one big question with the smaller grapes. if you make wine based on quantity, not quality, think two-buck chuck, it's now more expensive to produce. that could lead to higher prices for consumers. and a prolonged drought could cause soil to build up and cause damage to the vines. for your now michael honig is happy to be drunk. >> nice to look at the bright side of the the drought. i known someone who own as winery out there and they have special irrigations so it ooh's couple drips on each plant in order to get them enough water so they can control it very well >> have at it you two. >> yeah. >> charlie, we'll have to celebrate later this week.
8:40 am
>> yes, you will. all right. one man made the diamond perfect. >> reporter: i'm lee cowan. what would you do if you had just one chance to play one game in the major leagues, just once? we'll introduce you to a man who did just that and what he did with that chance coming up later on "cb
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
when the houston astros fight, they're fighting the best league but they're part of a sports history. that's the subject of a new book. the rise and fall of john pa choreic, baseball's greatest one-game wonder. wts lee cowan introduces us to man who's much more than the sum of his stats. >> all right. still 5-4. you guys are up. >> reporter: you'd never know it by looking at the man with the whistle but this p.e. teacher may well be the single most perfect baseball player the game ever knew. >> touchdown. >> the kids here do they know your history? >> no. they don't know. no no. not too much of it.
8:45 am
>> reporter: his name is john paciorek. on one day back in 1963 the right fielder did something historic. it was the last game of the subpoena for the colt 45s the team that would eventually become the houston astros and paciorek, the 18-year-old rookie was getting his first shot at the big leagues. >> they said do you want to play in this game i said yes. >> you wanted to do it. it was a dream come true. >> oh, yeah. >> he had been brie pairing for that moment all his life. he grew up in a working class family outside of detroit, a city that loved baseball. all he wanted was a life in the outfield, not a life on the joorks automotive say iowa semably line? is that all you thought about? >> all i could think about. >> he trained day and night with
8:46 am
the help of his brother. >> how was he? >> he was awesome. he was as talented an athlete as there was in the country. >> reporter: and he wasted no time proving it. >> now the bases loaded no one out. the batter is john paciorek. >> reporter: he went to bat five times and reached base every time on three hits, two walks. >> he's having a big day. >> reporter: he scored four runs and drove in three more. >> can't have a better debut in baseball. >> reporter: in the end it was one of the first first games ever played in major league history. >> john paciorek. >> reporter: in fact it was perfect. >> when i got up there, i was so ready. i felt that i belonged there. i always thought i belonged playing in that situation. >> reporter: whispers of the boy who might be the next mickey mantle made it all the way to the ears of dodger great tommy
8:47 am
lasorda. >> a great man at this time had everything going for him. you could see a great career with him. >> but paciorek had a secret he never told any of his teammates. >> how bad was it. >> like somebody was stabbing me with a knife. >> by spring training he couldn't hit, eh couldn't catch and he was sent back down to the minors. the once perfect paciorek never played another major league game again but was left with the best career record in the history of the game. >> it was pretty impressive, you know. he's still the answer to a great trivia question. >> i mean the guy played one game and that was it. i mean how many times has that ever happened. >> tommy lasorda did recrete another paciorek. john's younger brother tom. he e went on to have a lock
8:48 am
career in the majors. much of it with the dodgers. >> that's the only thing that i really envied about my brother, that he had the opportunity to play for tommy lasorda. >> reporter: instead john went back to school to become that p.e. teacher. and he's been quietly doing that job, coaching and mentoring ever since. >> the think about it is it's not the success that you have as how many lives have you touched. >> good play jay. good play. >> and i think he's touched much more lives than i have. >> nothing happened by accident you know. i was relatively free from bad things happening, i mean except for this. people think oh that's the worst thing that could ever happen. it's not. i think everything that has happened to me since then has been good. >> reporter: no hard feelings or
8:49 am
regret. for john paciorek his field of dreams is right here. more mundane perhaps than the majors, but to him, just as perfect. >> all right. that's it. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning" i'm lee cowan in los angeles. >> you know, you wonder with medical care having come the way it is they might have found a cure for whatever ailed him in his back. >> but that's the kind of coach you want, though guys. something like that. i love the dynamic between those two brothers too. >> my producer says paciorek means little prayer in pole live. >> very fitting. >> very fitting.
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
morning." that does it for us. be sure to tune in to the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." and for news any time anywhere watch our 24-hour digital news
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8:55 am
good morning, everyone ukee washington in the news, six days after damaging storms hammered our area, thousands of people are still without power. let's gave you a look at some of the damage in greenwich township gloucester county. some resident of gibbsboro have been without power for almost a week now. atlantic city electric says, they could have the power back on by the end of the day. officials want new jersey governor chris christie to make a disaster declaration. katie has your forecast now in the weather center. >> thankfully clean up efforts won't be affected by the weather here today ukee, expect dry weather expecting low humidity, and temperatures that are pretty comfortable still, topping off in the low 80s, we think but won't have that humidity to make it feel oppressive. beautiful day unfolding here. storm scan3 empty tri-state
8:56 am
sweep being made around the area. blue skies pretty much across the board and high of 81 degrees, minus the humidity, you can't beat. that will tonight's comfortable, as women, we drop to 656789 then we start to see bit more of unsettled pattern picking up with time here. temperatures are back in the mid and upper 80s by tuesday wednesday, certainly feeling steamy, warm and cold front duo, and as we head into thursday friday, 84 degrees, apiece, and again shower or under this earl storm, is still in the forecast, so, no day is a wash out justin, but definitely expecting to see some stormy weather unfold in the days ahead. >> that's right. typical for middle of summer, we head into july, scattered showers, storms, more humidity, all right, here we go tail ends of the rush hour, still back up pretty good. ninety-five south at girard, so heading into the city still going to deal with some delays. look at the guy on the bike shall cruising right by there. all right but here in the cars, you will be slowed up little bit. we take you to the schuylkill expressway, at montgomery, headed into the city, still little slow out bound right here, looking pretty good. see a loft sunshine, so have
8:57 am
the sunglasses around through the rest of the afternoon be battling some sun glare. that's look at your ride. back to you. >> that's going to do it for right now. don't forget always on at join us for "eyewitness news" at noon. i'm ukee washington, have a good morning family, see you in a bit.
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>> hollywood marriages. which ones work and which ones won't last and why? >> axample whatnot to do. >> and the perfect man is a click away. >> it's nuts how these dating websites are out there. n e and then blind for 15 years. >> my mother has never seen my wife's face. never seen any children's faces. >> can a new bionic >> give her back her sight? >> wow! >> on "the doctors." ♪ eye [ applause ] >> a list stars equals a list love stories? that's not always the case. let's have a look. >> break ups, shake ups and makeups. when it comes to relationships, nobody does them better or worse than the stars! and when they date each other, it's a match made in heaven, or


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