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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  June 30, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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news". the race for president is about to get even more crowded today. new jersey governor, chris christie, is getting ready to jump into the race. >> so, how will his tough talk play with voters all around the country? hear what new jersey voters and political expert think about governor christie's signs of winning the republican nomination. >> and hey, it is dry out right now. but that's going to change this afternoon katie is talking about some showers rolling into the area later on. so don't be fooled by your morning drive to work. right, katy? >> that's pretty much it, yes. eventually things go downhill i would say just ten you drew the long straw for traffic today. because later today who ever is covering traffic look have some stuff to track. >> we've obviously had wet weather, pretty wet month in general across our area, which we will talk about here, but yes, later today when ' see the next round of rain moving on in to add to the monthly total. that's where actually i start things offer for you guys, take you on out look back to the month of june, thus far
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we've already pick up 7.38 inches, that's four plus inches above the norm for us throughout philadelphia. so, it was definitely an above average month. we peck up 1.34 inches of that, just the past saturday alone, so, definitely off to or rounding out the month on pretty soggy note. for now moisture building up in the atmosphere, isn't verifying as rain at the surface, but do obviously have wet weather just looming in the distance. that will eventually get here, bring with it potential for not just some showers but likely even some stronger thunderstorms. meantime, we also start to see the dow point creeping up, 62 isn't terrible for the afternoon, you will notice that it is a bit more humid certainly by comparison to yesterday. but not getting into oppressive or unsufferable territory. that's at least something good. but for now off to mild start. mid upper 60s generally the story, already at 07 in wildwood, now that the sun's popping over the horizon it, will shine obviously going to help warm things up. but with the heating of the
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day, with the building moisture, we eventually get in on some showers some thunderstorms, so region wide, talking shower thunderstorm, mainly this afternoon, at least beginning this afternoon, further inland go, at the shore though, probably get most of the day in, it is not until tonight that you start to seat storms rumbling in. closer to the coast. justin, over to you. >> good morning, everyone, 86 degrees for high. that's really where we should be for this time of year. so spot on, finish out the month of june. all right we hit the roads right now all quiet as far as the weather goes, little cloud cover to deal with. not as much sun as yesterday morning. sun coming up in about four minutes or so. looking at 95, right now at girard avenue both directions looking good. northbound and southbound, 761st, where we had disable vehicle now gone. past gulph mills. now to 95 at girard, both northbound southbound, looking good at this hour. little farther south toward the airport we check out 95, nice shot of the sky right there, you can see mid level cloud deck starting to move on
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in little sunshine the farther east you go. into new jersey, but eventually those clouds overtake the region. mass transit still shuttle bussing on route 15, 101, 102 trolleys due to construction, everyone else on time. that's look at your ride, err cape, back to you. >> being that you, justin. new jersey governor chris christie calling it a special announcement but many know what's coming. he is expected to officially announce his bid for the white house today. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now sampling voter reaction for us out in pennsauken, good morning. >> erika, good morning yes. it does look like the long wait is finally coming to an end with new jersey governor chris christie expected to officially announce his bid for the united states presidency, little bit later on today. we're told he'll do so at his old high school around 11:00 this morning but folks here in south jersey, are already chiming in, take a look at the video. once governor christie finally and officially make that announcement, he will be the 14th republican candidate to enter the fieldment some people we've spoken to say
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that won't help him. they say there are just too many choices. christy tee also battling low approval rating as governor, folks here saying his name is tied with the bridgegate scandal. still today he is expected to officially announce his run for president during what his camp is saying a special announcement. that will will happen at his old high school in livingston, new jersey where he served as class president, christie touting himself as the candidate who always speaks his mind, and voters are speaking theirs, this morning. >> i think whether what he has done so far has been good. i i know some people don't like him but i think new jersey has good things, too. >> election? >> nope. >> that's resounding know? >> no. >> why not? >> i don't like his attitude. >> i look what happened with what did he in greenwich, new jersey, gloucester city, i mean, that's not right. sends team down there real quick to get the power back on, been over like a week now so -- >> so you don't think he heist been doing his job in new jersey first?
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>> , no worrying about the presidency thing right now. >> and his announcement shouldn't commas a surprise, especially, since his camp launched chris christie. com over the weekends with slogan telling it like it is, also paid for by chris christie for president. he will make the big announce until the town hall style. so used to seeing him of course now cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be there to cover it all. ukee, back to you. >> thanks so much. see you in a bit. state department plans to release the next set of hillary clinton's emails today. the plan followed the controversy that erupt in the march over the former secretary of state private e-mail server. it was revealed that during her time at the state department clinton used personal e-mail account instead after protected government account. >> well, donald trump considering legal action against nbc and uni vision after the networks severed business ties with him. network will no longer air the miss universe or miss usa
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pageant. uni vision dropped trump and the pageant a week ago, in a statement nbc said it reached it decision after gop comment describing mexican immigrant as criminals and rapistsment trump called the network weak. >> the problem with these public companies they get little bit of pressure and they immediately say oh, gee we can't be associated with that. >> the coalition coalition of latino groups, petitioned nbc to fire trump for what they call disgust. discusting views about immigrant. will continue the at penn tis without him. 5:36. in business news this morning more workers could be getting over time pay if the president has his way. >> also the country of greece could go where no country has gone before. money watch's jill wagner joins us now from the new york stock exchange, she has those stories anamorphous good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ukee, err cape. greece's bailout deal expires today. the country does not have money to repay nearly
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$2 billion. this weekend greece will vote on whether to except strict osterity, like more pension cuts in exchange for additional bailout money. but if they vote no, greece could be forced to drop the euro as its currency, that's something that has never happened before. the uncertainty sent stocks on wall street to their biggest losses of the year yesterday. the dow plunged 350-point the nasdaq fell 122-point. >> president obama want to dramatically increase the number of workers who are eligible for over time pay. he wrote in the handcuff inning ton post saying salary workers make nearly thousand dollars a week should be eligible for ot. that's more than double the current level t would raise wages for estimated 5 million americans. >> and apple music launches today at 11:00 a.m. eastern time. the streaming service will be available as part of a update to apple's ios software. users get a free, three-month trial, after that it will cost about $10 a month. apple says, its play lists are picked by humans, not
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computers. and there will be a loft out takes, and musician interviews. pretty interesting how far they've come from the itunes model where we paid a dollar per song, ukee, erika. >> no kidding but hey quick to catch up. a.m. sell ton. >> sound good. thanks jill. >> right now your time 5:38. law enforcement agencies across the country are on high alert a mid terror warning for the july 4th weekend. this follows calls by isis last week, to take up arms against enemies during the holy month of ramidan. hen a daniels with the latest for from new york. >> in new york city where one of the nays' biggest fireworks displays is set to take place officials will be keeping an eye on things from the air and a ground. >> there is going to be very robust deployment of both patrol resources, plane clothes resources technology. >> sources tell wcbs officials will use dozens of mobile cameras, to monitor the festivities. manhole covers will also be
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welded in place. the development follows joint intelligence bullet continue issued last week, urging members of law enforce tonight remain vigilant, to prevent possible terror attack on us soil. >> i would say that this is the most serious level of threat that i've seen since september 11. >> while federal officials maintain there is no specific threat, they remain concerned about isis. specifically, the group's use of social media whether successfully recruiting americans, and other westerners. >> i think one of the reasons they're so successful, just because they're perceived to have the the momentum, perceived to be winning. >> charged with providing materials support to isis. according to the criminal complaint, bought plane ticket for his brother to fly overseas to join the terror group. in new york, hen a daniels "eyewitness news", on the "cw philly". >> your time now 5:39. get ready for time to stand still today.
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>> don't worry it, will just be for a second. still, we'll tell you why clocks around the world will need to be adjusted. >> also, is it too much of a good thing? we'll let you know why you may want to go easy on the orange juice this morning. >> and, it is a traffic stop surprise. hear that woman's reaction after her son pulled off big prank with the help of police. >> ♪ ♪ >> katy perry caught in a unusual fight. we have the words on why the pop star is battling some nuns, as you look live, at our control center, the brains of the operation, to keep us on the air. what's up, family? >> ♪ ♪
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>> the words this morning cha-ching. mayweather and pack yo the worlds' highest paid celebrities with estimated $300 million in earnings, over the past 12 month may weather more than lived to up his nickname, which is money.
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second making 160 million. katy perry world tour helped her knack third place $135 million, followed by british boy band, one direction, with $130 million. >> speaking every katy perry some nuns are roaring over the singers attempt top buy convent in los angeles. court documents show the catholic church's diocese signed a deal with perry. but the five nuns living in the convent say they signed a deal with someone else. the sisters reportedly googled perry's videos and were not impressed. both sides are now filing papers to fight the contract. >> how about that? >> that's why she is in a fight with nuns. i was quite curious. >> now we know. time 5:44, do you ever feel like there is not enough time in the day? if you do, today is your lucky day. >> oh, don't spends this all in one place. you gather extra second, known as the leap second. >> every second counts. >> it does, right before 8:00 tonight, the simple explanation here let's break it down, make it easy, the earth is slowing down, so that extra second keeps the clocks
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n'sync. as -- >> rotation? >> yes, the extra second will happen just before 8:00 tonight our time unfortunately, though, can't get much done, but we'll take it. >> and we'll do this a few times today ada. >> as the worlds turns. >> that's it. >> hey katie good morning. >> and more actually on that idea of the leap second. >> yes. >> give you little more after explanation, so, basically we've gotten so good at keeping time, that the at tomorrow i can clock needs to be accounted for every couple of years not like leap year, where tough every four years it has actually only happened 25 different times added back in 1972, and as you said, the slowing of the earth's rotation, because the moon is tucking on us basically that's what happens, and when will happen is that you get that maritime clock that gets one extra second added before we turn over here. that can disrupt electronics consideration disrupt internet applications, and actually the last time they did this in
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2012, it was linked in, mosill a and redit crashed. almost like 2:00k stuff can occur because of one second. you can make really dumb face in one second, though, that's kind of fun. make goofy, like take a goofy selfie and pose it, we would like to see it. anyway, storm scan3, definitely featuring signs of life here. next warmfront already on the move. i want to quickly check in with weather watchers pretty much finding low mid 60s, 16 sent into us from ed, mixture of sun and clouds, he said cool morning but humidity starting to creep up. if he ends up with the rain he will switch over into indoor project, good idea with the storms on the horizon later today. you know, fran also out in hot ingham finding mid 60s at this point and finding also a mixture of sun and clouds. but that will likely change since we obviously have some wet weather to track in the days ahead. looking at the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, every day at least in the low 80s, definitely, little warmer for most of these days here,
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and with this sluggish system, you have got some showers and storms later today. that could be locally strong by the way that will even be running theme for us tomorrow with colds front crossing through, that front drops south thursday, friday, so most every us stay dry but maybe still a shower. off to the south. justin, over to you. >> good morning everyone, starting to pick up little bit as far as the volume goes on 95, looking at cottman still looking okay headed southbound, you can see some sun shining there so maybe battling little sun glare this morning, but clouds are starting to roll in from the west. we take you out to 422 looking eastbound here, the headlight still in good shape this hour. and this is just past route 29. we'll take you also out to 202, at 76, both directions, also in good shape so far this morning. all right still dealing with downed tree, montgomery drive causing some problems, trees out in the road. so just be aware of that, blocking the wrote pretty well. at belmont avenue. again, 295 northbound southbound ramps to exit 17 still remain closed due to downed wires because of the
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storms from last tuesday. checking out area speeds, great shape this hour. at the speed limit on all of the major highways into new jersey, no problems on 295 four it, the jersey turnpike, and again heads un tonight increase traffic activity around the stadium complex as the brew remembers in town, first pitch coming in at 7:05 tonight. that's a look at your ride this morning, we send it back over to you ukee. >> thanks so much. here is a look at today's headlines, pregnant woman loses her baby after double shooting in west oaklane. the woman is in critical condition right now man in his 40's in stable condition. >> indonesia, seven people dead after military plane crashes into a residential area. all 12 crew members on board the plane are reportedly dead along with several people on the ground. chris christie expected to enter the presidential rales, would become the 14th vowing for the white house in 2016.
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>> on the cbs23 health watch this morning the high death toll linked to sugary drinks. researchers at tough university say an estimated 184,000 deaths may be caused by the consumption of sugary beverages, each year. in the world-wide study the sugar sweetened drinks led to 133,000 deaths from diabetes, 45,000, from cardiovascular disease, and 6400 from cancer. >> and eating fruit, we know that's good for you becomes you could eating too much citrus lead to skin cancer, new study published in the journal of clinical oncology finds that 36% increase in the melanoma risk for people who ate or drank about an ounce and a half of citrus each day. now, don't talk about your favorite fruit yet but researchers say the variety here is the the key to maintaining a healthy diet. >> shoppers in europe don't have to worry about those pesky stickers on produce any longer. the food is getting a facelift as cbs news
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correspondent jonathan reports, the new look could be heading to the u.s. >> shoppers have to look twice before even noticing, fruits, once wade down by the up from pi stickers. >> i don't always come up very east. >> i now for sleek look, it is called the lazer labels. >> this is not any more, it is a brands melon, melon with its own mark. >> says labels are etched onto melons and citrus fruits, using dye that's safe and won't break the skin. >> each melon have their own number, own traceable number. >> idea born out of an identity crisis of sorts when a piece of fruit loses its sticker you can't trace it back to where it is from. >> grossers frequently have feet fruit as organic. >> cheap expensive and expensive labels. and that happens more than we think. >> not everyone likes the new look. >> good idea, you don't play
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around with fruit. just stick to it, that's it, keep it normal. >> european regulators disagree allowing lazered fruit in france, spain and poland, with more countries lining up for this taste of the future. jonathan, cbs news, london. by the way the fda action food and drug administration, not yet given the green light for producers in the u.s. to use the lazer label. keep you posted. >> interesting idea. never thought switching out the stickers, but hey works for everyone. >> sure does. >> learning new information about a plane that crashed into a house after leaving a pennsylvania airport. >> rather frightening scene when a boat burst into flames. how a quick thinking worker prevented an even bigger disaster. when we come back.
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we have learned more about the three people killed when their shane crashed into home in massachusetts. their tentatively identified as a tennessee doctor, his wife, and their college age daughter. plane left lancaster airport sunday, on it way to norwood when the pilot reported he had no engine power. everyone in the house got out unharmed. over colorado right now boat bursting into flames, but the damage is minimal all thanks to a quick thinking marina employee. two young boys and their grandfather were in that boat when it exploded. everyone, on board did manage to escape, but his burning
5:55 am
boat began drifting toward the docks, and fuel tanks. a marina employee jumped into a dingy, and then pushed the burning boat away from the marina. >> i got to keep it away from the tanks, i'm getting the dingy, i had no other way it was in flames, and it was hot. >> now, that employee is credited now with saving not just the marina but also 125 boats docked there. the two boys on the boat that blew up there suffered some minor burns but quick thinking, because that could have been so much worse. >> very quick, yes. >> hey, here is a good reason to always pay attention behind the wheel. watch this. see that? as it was owning, the driver told police, he was messing with the gps when he plowed right through the bridges' arms. >> he got out of the car probably couldn't believe what happened. >> no kiddingment thank his lucky stars he got a ticket, but i'm happy he paid the
5:56 am
ticket, happy to be okay. >> massachusetts woman got surprised when pulled over for a traffic stop. >> oh, traffic stop i'm sure she was happy to v donna mcallister working -- driving home from work, milled pulled her over, said she was speeding, then her is the year old son appeared home from his army base for the first time ever. >> unspeakable. , no words to describe it, good feeling to be home. >> i just think i said i hate you? >> we respect everything he does, if we could help him out, make his mother smile cry, on the side of the road, perfect. >> that was wonderful. >> everyone coming together. mcallister left home six months ago he says from the moment he left, he's been thinking about how he could return home, in a big way how great, the local police department everyone on board. >> big surprise from mom. >> that's fantastic nicely done. >> and first thing she said, i hate you. then i love you. >> coming up in the next hour, katie tracking storms for you
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later today. find out what it means for your entire day. >> also, pregnant woman shot and her unborn baby does not survive. she's not the only one struck by gunfire either. we're live with a search for the shooter. >> and, have you fired up your grill yet this summer? barbeques are popular this time of years. but, food born illnesses are a risk. doctor jen's in the house with some tips on how to keep your party and yourself safe. good morning family, see you in a
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>> good morning, chaotic scene in indonesia. death toll climbing after military plane crashes into a neighborhood. also two people shot including pregnant woman who lost her baby, and now she's fighting for her own life. we're live with the search for that gunman. after months every spec lake, new jersey governor chris christie is officially expected to announce he's running for president today. it is tuesday june 30th good morning everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. also tracking chance of storms for the afternoon, we want to get your day started off with a check on traffic and weather together good morning. >> sunshine right now, can change little later, may need the umbrella right katy? >> more likely it is you may need wet wea


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