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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  June 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> good morning, chaotic scene in indonesia. death toll climbing after military plane crashes into a neighborhood. also two people shot including pregnant woman who lost her baby, and now she's fighting for her own life. we're live with the search for that gunman. after months every spec lake, new jersey governor chris christie is officially expected to announce he's running for president today. it is tuesday june 30th good morning everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm erika von tiehl. also tracking chance of storms for the afternoon, we want to get your day started off with a check on traffic and weather together good morning. >> sunshine right now, can change little later, may need the umbrella right katy? >> more likely it is you may need wet weather gear ready to go, we track warmfront today
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then eventually, some more unsettled weather further down the pike here. so for now what you are seeing on storm scan3 really just ground clutter, moisture starting to build in the atmosphere, but not seeing any rain as of yet. >> wealth weather issues, generally pent up back across central pennsylvania, and will eventually see this, obviously, migrate east, head our way as the day goes on, so essentially going to be from northwest to southeast, but see the wet wet earn issues starting to pick one time here. meantime woe give you your health report. air quality still pretty much okay. low too medium pollen leaf, despite more clouds than yesterday, still at what's technically very high, it will be up at a nine today. and heat index values, thankfully not too bad but we want you to use caution at the height of the afternoon as the heat gets to you. meanwhile right now temperatures flirting with 70, out at philadelphia international airport.
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mid 60s at the shore points, but, go through the day expect to heat up, generally tack on probably another 5 degrees or so, shooting for 86 in philadelphia, but that said, we mention showers and thunderstorms look for us later today. >> really no big signs of any big time intense heat coming up an as we head into july. lit hitting the roads right now to the ben franklin bridge. smooth sailing, so far headed into the city. see light volume. nice shot of the bridge there see reflection of the sun off the delaware river, nice start to our tuesday morning. forty-two freeway moving freely at this hour, looking at the headlight northbound, to problems this hour, we take you out to 422 saint gabe's curve, right ariot around the trooper area. battle some sun glare as you start to head eastward. sun up this morning dealing with little cloud cover have the sunglasses hand any case.
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travel times look great so far this morning on 95 north, from the vine street expressway, to woodhaven, that's 14 minute trip. seventy-six east from 476 to the vine, still looking good with clear conditions. that's a look at your ride, erika, back to you. >> thank you weaver some new video just in from that crash in indonesia. an indonesian air force transport plane crashed into neighborhood just two minute after take off the her cool is c130 reportedly was turning back to the base because of engine trouble when it slammed into the neighborhood in the country's third largest city. the c130 plane had 12 people on board. >> also, developing right now a man riding on japan high speed bullet trains sets himself on fire killing himself and a female passenger. the coach filled with smoke. nine people injured. one seriously injured mostly due to hoch inhalation. it is not known why the man poured oil on himself and
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ignited that fire. >> back home new this morning man and pregnant woman gunned down in west oaklane. >> now, police are looking for the man who pulled the trigger. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins now at police headquarters with more on that. >> good morning within one hour of that shooting, that man and pregnant woman were rushed to einstein medical center for treatment where doctors tried their best to save the babe he's life to no avail. now, we're told the mother in this case is fighting for her life too. >> behind crime tape, flickers of red and blue lights, on the 7300 block of thoron avenue, police beginning a thorough investigation of late night double shooting of man and woman with a surprising turn. >> upon arrival at einstein hospital doctors discovered she was approximately four months pregnant. she 32 years r of age suffering from gunshot wound it her lower back.
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at 11:15 p.m. her unborn fetus was pronounced dead. >> police believe the shots rang out about 10:15 monday night in west oaklane likely, from semiautomatic weapon, but police are left with few other clues, officers found the car a dodge caliber suv legally park against the curb. inside that woman was sitting and bleeding heavily. a haven from a hail of bullet. >> after being shot, we believe the female jumped into the passenger front seat of the vehicle. we didn't find any bullet holes, or any strike marks in the vehicle. the vehicle's engine was still running, upon police arrival. >> just outside her door, 46 year old man believed to be her boyfriend, was lying on the ground, shot, in both legs. northwest detective in on the case talking to witnesses and reportedly hearing consistent accounts. >> the witnesses not only heard four, five shots they heard some sort of argument
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just prior to the shots being fired. >> at last check both the man and woman in critical condition at this point. that will woman's condition said to be very serious at this time. police comb that dodge looking for additional clues in this case, and also looking for surveillance video to get a good look at the person or persons responsible for the shootingment witnesses say they saw two dark complected men leaving the scene in unknown direction, late last night. we are live at police headquarters, justin finch cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you for. that will also in the news, off duty philadelphia police officer is recovering after serious car crash overnight. the accident happened along 9500 block of germantown avenue just before 1:00 this morning. officer's vehicle flipped over, took out couple of pine trees. used jaws of life to get him out of the truck. officer taken to einstein hospital where we are told he was treated for bumps and bruises.
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>> watch out for that tree. large one fell on montgomery drive on belmont avenue in fairmount park. lags night "eyewitness news" photographer noticed just in time to avoid that huge tree. last time we checked with philadelphia police that tree was still there. told crews should remove it later today. for now be careful on that stretch of road. >> one week after that storm light back on for most can you toppers. south jersey christ making progress hundreds still wait to go turn on the light. >> ooh till at this pole down, so are dozens of power lines trees. pain sense running out. >> well, we've been on generator power have, our well running, have lights on in the house, our tv's, but it is to has been pretty tough. a lot of utilities we don't v our pool is turning green. i have a pregnant wife with no air-conditioning. so that, you can spec how that goes. >> east greenwich township, burger king and shoprite are running on generator power.
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crews continue to work around the clock. >> well, it's been the worse kept secret. new jersey governor chris christie plans to officially announce his run for the white house today. friends, supporters and the media are invite philadelphia attend the event planned for 11:00 a.m. at his alma matter, livingston high school where governor christie served as class president back in the day, launched his campaign website over the weaken, will become the 14th republican candidate to enter the race. >> well, a lot of people are wonder if vice president joe biden will run in the race for the white house the wall street journal reports biden's sons had encouraged him to run for president once again. but he still has not decided if he will challenge hillary clinton for the democratic nomination. democratic source says the vice president set an early august deadline to make the final decision. >> north jersey man charged with plotting to support the terror group isis makes his first appearance in federal
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court. on monday, 23 year old alaah was orders erred held without bail could face mack mum 20 years in prison. prosecutors say he was trying to recruit his brother to fly to the middle east to join the islamic state. department of homeland security warning about the possibility of terror attacks in in the u.s. over the july 4th weekend. experts say, there are three reasons why one the large number of americans who have been radicalized some 50 arrests in 12 months. two, a call by isis to take up arms against their enemies during ramidan, which is underway. and, lastly, the fact that july 4th is just a discontinuingly american holiday. it is important to note, though that there is no intelligence suggesting a specific threat. and still ahead this morning, massive prison riot in all strays ya forces guards and staff to get out of there and evacuate. also this morning, one of the convicted kill hostess caped prison in new york now talking
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to officers sharing details of their planment finds out where the pair was headed, and why they split up. >> and, flames out west, where a massive wild fire has already devoured more than two dozen homes. and firefighters are having a very tough time getting it all un control. >> ♪ ♪ >> we're getting one extra second tonight. >> wait a second. >> sure are. it is called a leaf second. uh-huh. clocks will pause at midnight as the entire planet gains a second. we'll break it down, explain little more thorough to the explanation coming up. good morning. >> ♪ ♪
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>> good morning, several hundred people have been evacuated as wild fire burns out every control in central washington state. >> officials estimate that fire has burned down more than two dozen structures. heat is a factor with some sections that far state coping with scorching temperatures, exceeding 100 degrees. at least a thousand people have fled that area already. >> and, fire fight remembers monitoring possible hot spots this morning after this huge fire destroyed historic civic
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stadium in eugene, oregon. wooden stadium once home to the eugene emeralds, phillies farm team. players like mike schmidt bob boone, greg luzinski played there, 11 wooden stadiums remain in the u.s., dry conditions helped the flames spread big time. no one was hurt. >> time for check of weather and katie looking at some storms. >> looking pretty clear? >> absolutely, few clouds starting to build in here, and eventually we tart to see the wet weather build in late today. but i want to take you back in time now that we are can you believe it last day of june? i have feeling we can put green into the box on the 30 here as we wrap up the month. but look at how many boxes are shaded in the green to indicate we have measurable precipitation on each of those days, so we ended up with pretty high monthly total already, just shy of seven and a half inches throughout the course of the month of june. again, probably tack little bit more onto that before it is all said and done because of there is the combination of the next system already working their way toward us, so eventually, there will be showers, there will be few
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thunderstorms, but i do think if your travels are taking you to the shore point today, you will probably get most of the day in without a hitch here. sun, clouds, breezy day granted, uv index up there so sun block required. that's future mom in me, you know, 81 degrees the expected high, and the rip currents risk the other thing that is at moderate level. so remember when it comes to rip current, first and for most, swim near the lifeguards number one thing but the way rip currents works, at least what you want to be looking for channel of choppy water may be little different in color and, a break in the wave pattern, and if you ever feel yourself getting pulled out swim parallel to the shore until you don't feel that tug any more, then troy to swim back. but again swimming near the live guards probably your best option and also a pay attention to the flags meantime eyewitness weather seven day forecast, okay, so tacking summertime heat for sure. low, mid upper 80s majority of the time here, with some unsettled weather on the way today, some of the storms could be strong, so, you know, keep that cbs philly weather
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app on stand by here to pay attention to the radar again don't need the umbrella now but might want it on hand later on. >> and cooler temperatures. >> will make it feel more comfortable for you that's for sure. >> speaking every cold weather, something craze. >> i hold on, crazy? >> i hate to say the s word in june. >> tell me? >> mount pocono, trace of snow on this day. june 30th. >> that's nuts. >> why bring that inned down? >> i just had to throw that in there. >> get out of of that way back machine. come on home. >> that's crazy. >> come on back. >> no snow coming back. hitting the roads right now nice and warm, roll down the windows, enjoy the nice summer breeze, all right, disabling vehicle now, blue route south before mcdade boulevard. that is off to the shoulder. so look like we're in okay shape as far as any traffic backups go. ninety-five, different story cottman, right on schedule here volume starting to pick up head south northbound lanes are looking good, this hour. all right we still have to
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deal with that tree that's down on montgomery drive montgomery drive closed between belmont avenue, the belmont mansion drive again that large tree on the road causing a closure. good morning, new castle county delaware, you guys in good shape. headed toward bear, delaware, route 40 no problems, christianna, 95, 495, 95 around wilmington, hopping the river, into south jersey, no problems, 295 and the jersey turnpike, that's a look at your ride, ukee, back to you. >> thanks, let's update breaking news, death toll gone up to 37 now after military plane crashes into a residential area, in indonesia. twelve of the deaths reportedly crew members on the plane, several others killed on the ground. >> meanwhile, a pregnant woman lose her baby after being shot in west oaklane. that woman was 16 weeks pregnant she's now in critical condition. a man was also shot, he's in stable condition. and new jersey governor chris christie is expected to
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officially throw his hat into the ring for president today. governor christie would become the 14th republican candidate vying for the white house in 2016. right now 6:18. fourth every july weekend of course coming up this weekends, long weekends for a loft people. that means pool party barbequing, doctor jen is joining us, in a little bit with some tips how to keep your family safe during the festivities. >> not coming in barbequing? >> i wish she were. doctor jen step it up. >> watch this, that driver jumps an open draw bridge. something right out of star ski and hutch. you remember star ski and hutch? >> i sure. >> common. >> he had no problem telling police why he didn't see what was happening. we'll talk more about it on the other side. see you in a bit.
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(police in australia trying to contain dramatic riot that broke out australian maximum security prison, prison staff had to be evacuated after prisoners caring weapons breached secure area. this riot comes the day before a smoking ban at prisons goes into effect. the reports that the ban may have been enforced early. police say there is no threat to the public, though. he was slowing me down. that's the explanation from an escaped new york prisoner, now in custody. david sweats revealing details about his june 6th prison escape. sweat says that he and fellow
6:22 am
fugitive, richard matt initially planned to go to mexico. but, when that plan collapsed they made a run for the canadian border instead. sweat believed matt was slowing him down, so they split up about six days ago. police killed matt in a shoot-out on friday. sweat was captured two days later. >> well, a florida man faces wreckless driving charges after a death defying trip across an open draw bridge. investigators say the driver plowed through a traffic arm and went right over the flag, bridge just as it started to open. but, palm beach gardens police say 29 year old james monday tape owe is no daredevil but instead distract the driver. he and passenger treated for minor injuries. >> yes,. >> that could have gone the wrong way so quickly. >> we've all been there just looking at gps check your phone for directions, then in a second wow. >> that was close. our time now 6:22, the fighting phils get new president, that's next in sports. >> also, fleas are a problem for dogs and cats this time of
6:23 am
year. did you know the recent rain, high humidity, makes the problem even worse? we'll tell how to protect your pet coming up. >> speaking every rain, katie looking at some storms later today? >> indeed i am. we are tracking a warm and colds front duo sluggish duo at that. so couple of days worth of unsettled weather to tell you about, guys, we will do just that, time everything out, give you sense every exactly what to expect, it is all coming up.
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>> phillies taken another step in their rebuilding process with the hiring every new president, and andy macphail has pretty impressive resume. general manager of the twins when they won the world series in 87 and in 91. he was also president of the cubs and the orioles. macphail says it will take some time to get the phils back on track. >> i've been described as deliberate patient, and i think part that far is because i've wanted to collect as much information as i possibly can. if i'm not really a big believer in touting people -- >> in case you haven't heard pat gillick will stay on as president until the end of the season when he takes over, general manager rubin amaro will remain in place as well. well, last night the two teams with the most losses in the major leagues met at citizens
6:27 am
bank park, phils ceasar hernandez put the phils up four to one on milwaukee bruins had two hit in the game but the brewers hammered out 16 hit against phils pitching, and beat the phils came back to win it seven to four milwaukee. coal comb hamels gets the start, later tonight. >> team usa faces a huge test tonight in their quest for the women's world cup. the second ranked american face top ranked germany at 7:00 in montreal, with the winner going to the world cup finals. japan plays glands tomorrow in the other world cup semi, let's go usa. erika, back to you. >> got to keep it going ukee, thank you. up next, update on breaking news, a deadly plane crash in indonesia. also the greek death crisis. we're live with a look at how it could have serious implications on markets around the world and right here in the u.s. jan? >> and, after weeks of speculation, new jersey governor chris christie is expected to make a very big
6:28 am
announcement today. i'm jan carabeo live in pennsauken camden county, details about that announcement scheduled for 11:00 a.m. >> jan thanks. katie tracking some storms for your afternoon she has your forecast coming up next of the good morning.
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morning, everyone, here's what's happening in indonesian military transport plane has crashed into a neighborhood at least 37 people are dead, the country's third largest city. officials say the hercules c130 just had taken off from an air force base when the pilot reported engine trouble two minutes into the flight. he apparently tried to turn around, but could not get back to the base in time. also this morning back home tracking storms for this afternoon, but nothing nearly as severe as what we saw last week, think i we're all
6:32 am
collectively breathing a sigh of relief. >> key handle little wet wetter. >> i think we did see stronger storms out of the system coming in, but again you're right. the threats are a lot lower for us, we do sit in slight risk, however, which we will go over here. but it is not until later today. so if you're not ready to hit the road, we have clouds granted here, in our live neighborhood network but are expect to go see some sunshine, you can see it reflected here, 64 degrees, the temperature outside kutztown area middle school at this hour. and we go next to a little tighter zoom on storm scan3 granted moisture beginning to get pick up here, but a lot of this isn't actually hitting the gown just yet as rain. you have got some time to kill. off to the west, though, that is going to be our story as we move forward here, some showers, some thunderstorms in the forecast later on today. some of those storms could be stronger meantime, we do, as i said, sit in a slight risk for severe weather mainly, we would be talking about gusty winds, some small size hail potential, frequent lightning
6:33 am
perhaps, few heavier downpours, but the moisture content in the atmosphere isn't quite what it was we don't have quite the humidity content at the moment. so around the region we go, here sun clouds at the shore for most of the day tonight we eventually end one some wet weather. and in philadelphia, likely start to see some of the wet weather as early as the afternoon. 86 degrees in the meantime for the daytime high. that temperature is actually bed- dead-on with where we should be. call it average summer day. how about that? wrapping up the month of june. can you believe this, justin? >> just flying by. >> where does the time go? >> fourth of july already this saturday. but yes average temperatures, real now big signs of intense heat coming up as we approach the fourth of july holiday. we take you outside right now. we are dealing with tree, that's blocking montgomery avenue. again, both directions, at belmont, belmont avenue, again, this is large tree that fell down here, not sure the reason, we didn't have any storms last night but could be saturated ground taking
6:34 am
down this tree. so there we hit the maps, see where this is montgomery drive closed between belmont avenue and belmont mansion drive. again, both directions, so just be aware of the situation. may take some time to clear up the tree. we're slow here, schuylkill at city avenue headed out to the city so again just be aware of that slow reverse commute going this morning. we check out your area speeds again, trouble spots, right around city avenue on the schuylkill, both directions, down to about 18 miles per hour slowing down, now hitting the brakes, northeast philadelphia on 95, 14 miles per hour still looks good on the blue route also, the turnpike no problems. exit at 17, still remain closed, we send it back to you >> well the question will he or won't he? will all could end today. chris christie expected to formally announce his run for the white house. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now has been talking with voters out in pennsauken, what did they have to say jan good morning.
6:35 am
>> erika ukee, good morning there is was probably one of the worse kept secret, right? yes, new jersey governor, chris christie is expected to formally officially, finally announce his bid for president of the united states later on this morning. it is scheduled to happen in north jersey, right around 11:00. but, here in south jersey, people are already chiming in, as is the case in any good debate, opinion is mixed this morning. soap take a lock at the video, when governor christie officially makes that announcement he will be the 14th republican candidate to ender the field. some people we've spoke tone say it will help him. just too many choices. christie also battling a low approval rating as governor, folks here saying his name is tied to the bridgegate scandal. still today, he is expected to officially announce his run for president during what his camp is calling a special announcement, that will happen at his old high school in livingston, new jersey, where he served as class president. christie, touting himself as the candidate who always speaks his mind, voters are speaking theirs this morning we asked will he vote for
6:36 am
christie come election day if he makes the ballot? take a listen. >> i believe he has done a lot tort state of new jersey. so yes i would back him. >> i am a democrat. and his values, so they're more moderate than some. >> it is a mistake. >> why not? >> i don't trust him. i don't trust him. >> his announcement shouldn't commas surprise, especially, since his camp launched chris christie. com over the weekend with slogan telling it like it is. also paid for by chris christie for president and today, we're told he'll make this big announcement at town hall style meeting we've seen him do so many times and of course cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be there to cover it all. for now live in pennsauken, camden county, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan thank you.
6:37 am
part of international paying bailout expiring with no new deal. fears of default sent the dow down 350 points. worse single day drop this year. the s&p 500 were also down. for a second day people are forming lines at atm's banks still closed. without a 11th how solution greece will lose access to the rescue loans it needs to pay its doubt, one every which is due today. greece cash crisis could things around the world, including your retirement funds. >> cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger joins us to explain. she's up in new york for us. good morning. >> good morning. >> now negotiations for a restructured bail-out broke down over the weekend. so, what is next? >> well, without that european life line, greek banks were forced to close see them close throughout the entire week,
6:38 am
trying to put stop to cash withdrawals. now, greece also imposed something called capitol controls, that limits citizens, to withdrawing 66 bucks a day, per account from their atm's. today, the deadline for grease's $1.000000000 loan to the international monetary funds is probably not going to happen so it will be inch in default. ims, not the european central bank the other creditors then we have to wait until sunday day when greek citizens will vote on whether or not to except the new european demand of more taxes and increased pension contributions. if they agree to it, they'll get influx of cash into their system if they don't, looks like they're on their way out of the euro. >> now, these issues in this country may seem world away. but we really should care about this crisis in greece, right? >> well, yes. look greece is tiny economy. it is .3 of pun% of the global economy. us banks have very little
6:39 am
exposure to the country over the past five years. so, what's the biggest impact? what you talked about. your investment accounts right? because we know ocean european markets down three and a half% yesterday. us stocks, down 2%. now, if you are traveling to greece, your atm card should work there. and you will not be limited in withdraws. but, sources on the ground, tell me, there are long lines and some of these atm's are not working so you may want to bring a little extra cash. for more on why we are all suffering from greek fatigue go to jill on money. com. >> isn't it the truth? all right. >> jill, thanks. still ahead there is tuesday morning protecting your pet from fleece fleas, a problem this time of year. do you know it gets worse after it rains or when the humidity is high? coming up next, some simple things you can do to keep them away from your best friends. >> also, many of you probably have a pool party over barbeque planned for this fourth of july weekend. doctor jen is here, she's in studio with some tips on how
6:40 am
to avoid getting sick, so you don't miss out on all of the summertime fun. >> ♪ ♪ >> summertime national anthem. got to show some love to cool and the gang, of corpse, the original who did the song back in the day. >> see best musical had the song, i believe summertime. >> but nothing nothing nothing like -- but it is nothing like this, that's whole different vibe. >> a whole different vibe. have you heard the cool one? >> we agree to disagree. we'll supply the cool and the gang sometime this week. good morning family. back in a bit. >> ♪ ♪
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and good morning everyone we want to check in quickly with the eyewitness weather watcher network, give you sense what we're finding from all of you out on the
6:44 am
ground here, our eyewitness weather reports, coming in, and we're finding generally speaking mid 60s sort of the norm here, but split difference, more cloud cover being reported from the for example for the north and little bit more sunshine, the further south you travel it makes, but yes here more just list, margo checking in with 61 fills 67, 63 coming in to us from peter and lauren, you get the idea. off to mild start. starting to notice more humidity building in which makes sense you have system on the move, combination of larger system, will bring in warmfront, cold front over the course of the next day and a half with it already you can see few little speckles, of not just some brighter shading on the radar here, indicating some heavier rain, but couple of lightning strikes pick up. we are eventually ourselves going to end up with threat for some stronger storms, here's sort of the short list of the different impacts that we may see. very low tornado ritz being about 2% for that but still worth a mention obviously, i
6:45 am
would say biggest issues, gusty win small size hail, frequent lightning couple of heavy downpours along the way too. in the meantime, shore points, not bad. low risk for rip current at the delaware beaches, up on the jersey shore line, a moderate rip current ricks. should overall be a pretty good beach day. tonight, different story, once the storms get here. but if you are going to be out on the shore point just take heed, swim near the lifeguards of course, and looking forward in this forecast, i do think we'll see the front sort of stall south, and bring generally nice conditions, thursday, friday. but i don't want to totally rule out shower south of the city thursday or friday, and a question mark for fourth of july. >> looks like you don't have it cancel the barbeque for the fourth every july plans. no 90s in the forecast, though, no big time heat coming up in the next week or so. looking at 95, approaching the commodore barry bridge looking northbound, southbound, looks like some slow travel this hour, typical mid-morning rush hour in delaware county. ben franklin bridge, for the most part, looking in good shape. coming over the bridge, from new jersey, smooth sailing
6:46 am
heading into new jersey, no problems, clouds rolling on in battling in some location, downed tree continues to block montgomery drive stays closed bell monday mansion drive. fell down early this morning may tike a while to clean it up. construction going on hainesport township new jersey both directions route 38 between fostertown road and route 206. that should continue until 4:00, this afternoon and again, area speeds for the most part looking okay, but trouble spot, the schuylkill, right around city avenue typical for this time. getting slow now on 95 through northeast philadelphia, blue route, still? good shape coming in at 55 miles per hour, that's a look at your ride, we send it back over to you. >> holiday weekend fast approaching, at love of us celebrating with family, friend from pool parties when playing cool and the gang to food safety at the fourth of
6:47 am
july barbeque. >> like a dog with a bone. >> i know. we can all try and stay health think summer. doctor jen joins with us advice good morning doctor. >> good morning hammy summer. >> happy summer to you, as women. cdc come out with important information when it comes to illnesses and pools and space. >> that's right. >> so the cdc recently report that one of the main causes of recreational water illness, that sickness that we get from being in bodies of water like swimming pools caused by a bug that is called cript tow crypto. important, what's so important about this bug? it is a tough one. this is a tough little bug. it can actually live in properly chlorinated water for over ten days. >> oh, wow. >> it can cause die rear a that lasts two, three weeks. really the key here is about prevention that's one of the reasons why it is good the cdc release this is report. >> talking prevention, a lot of folks get into the pool. what should we do? >> we start with doctor jen's rules about the letter p.
6:48 am
>> okay. >> starting with the letter p.m. an important one. like sesame street. starting with the letter p. do not pea or poo in the water. >> all right. i got you. >> one of the main things you can do. >> yes. >> katie is clapping. >> bravo. >> few other things, stay out of the water if have you stomach illness. if you're sick don't swim. shower before you get into the water. don't swallow the water and drink the water of course, we talked about not peeing or poo in the water. parent talk your kids on bathroom breaks, regularly schedule just to make sure this doesn't happen. and, other things you can do, make sure not changing diapers around pool areas stuff like. that will that's how this bug is spread through someone who has, spread through the gi tract and g i am secretions. >> so true. >> remember the rule of p's. >> got it. i won't forget that one. >> how about food, preparing food, hot weather. >> so talking about you know, chilling and grilling this summer, i can bring my grill with me, but that's okay. if you're grilling this fourth of july real important. one in six americans will get
6:49 am
food poisoning of some sort, so real important to keep that in mind. four things i want to keep in mind. okay? you want to clean or wash things. you want to make sure you separate things, make sure you cook, you chill. we start with washing. wash your hands 202nd seeing the happy birthday song. that will get you through washing your hands with soap and water. also, wash your utensils. separate okay, raw fruits, vegtables, should not be with raw meats. keep those separate. when you are cooking, you know, do you grill ukee? >> not much. >> the family does. >> well, a lot of people will look at their meat oh, i think that's done, i think that's ready. you can't really look at it and tell. you want to use the food thermometer. make sure the meat between 145-160 degrees. >> most cut it open. >> right. use thermometer. make sure it is hot enough, and finally, the chill okay, this is probably biggest thing, out on the grill, taken the potato salad out of the frig, whatever, do not let your food sit out for longer than two hours. food shouldn't be getting
6:50 am
cold, it shouldn't be getting warm. okay? if it is over 90 degrees, you want to make sure that you put it back and make sure you chill it within one hour, that's the biggest thing when food gets off the grill or take the potato salad out of the frig. >> nobody wants to see a potato sam add sweat. >> very true. >> when is the picnic or l grill? >> i was going to ask you about that. >> i'll ask erica about that. >> hey going to ukee's house i say let's go. >> oh, okay. thanks doctor, good stuff good information indeed. right now 50:00. time to see what's coming up on cbs this morning. >> nora o'donnell has your preview. good morning. >> hey, good morning to you ukee erika. ahead, in washington state where massive while fire destroyed dozens of homes and more are in dining. plus ricky will join us on these new vaccination rules sue law in california, what do they mean for the rest of the country. and author james patterson going to be here in studio 57 also first on cbs this morning, race car len end jeff gordon here to reveal big
6:51 am
change for upcoming race. stay tuned for. that will the news is back in the morning. see you guys in about ten minutes. >> james patterson zoo coming up on cbs want to see that. >> very nice. look at you ukee. >> come on now. that looked good. that was good. thanks nora. >> you know your stuff. >> yes, ma'am. thanks. >> take care guys. here is a look at your headlines today on cbs-3 pregnant woman loses her baby after a double shooting in the city's west oaklane section. she in critical condition. a man in his 40's in stable condition. >> suspect turned himself in for west philadelphia block party shooting that sent ten people to the hospital on june 20th. dominick lamar surrendered yesterday, another suspect though remains at large. >> and happening today, a ribbon cutting ceremony for new public park at the philadelphia navy yard. the 5-acre space will feature a lounge with hammocks, table tennis even some bouchee courts. looks like fun. residents in philadelphia's east mt. airy neighborhood are on edge, after an elderly woman was found with her
6:52 am
throat slashed. eight a year old regina bruner found dead inside her home on romfort road yesterday. her car silver 2007 silver toyota corolla is missing. now, she had been living with a man neighbors describe as a friend, so far though, he's not a suspect since he's been in the hospital for the past week. well after shocking burglary, fraternal order of police offers reward and donation to help out a west philadelphia catholic school. >> earlier this month in addition to offering $5,000 reward, the f.o.p. is replacing 20 of the stolen ipads. hopefully by first day of school we are hoping it be replaced. >> anyone who would like to replace the stolen ipads contact their offices, please,
6:53 am
they estimate $17,000 worth of equipment was stolen from the school. >> happening today apple's streaming music service debuts at 11:00 eastern time. apple music will allow to you play unlimited tracks for flat monthly fee, just like many other streaming services, however, apple is offering free three month trial. >> need the latest operating system there is fall it will be an app for android took little while to get into the streaming game. >> high rain and humidity forces fleas. >> those fleas eager to jump on your pant leg more likely your pet who carries them inside the home. and once they're inside, experts say, they cause real havoc on your home. >> female flea wants start sucking blood lives maximum two weeks, in that periods of time could lay 2,000 eggs. >> 2,000 eggs? several types every flea medications on the market, but
6:54 am
it is not a one size fit all. choosing correct treatment depends on your situation like what kind, and how many pets you have, as well as what kind of flooring you have in your home. that matters too. that safe prevention is really the best way to fight off fleas. i'm sure do you with this your dogs at home every month. >> indeed. wow, 2,000 negatives i would have nightmares about that. >> just think what's lurking in your sofa. >> goodness, good heads up, though. >> we'll be right back. >> first a look at what's coming up tonight on cbs-3 see you in a bit.
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>> before we leave this morning we would like to update you on story we've been following all morning long, philadelphia police looking for clues in double shooting. >> man and pregnant woman shot in west oaklane justin finch joins us at police headquarters with the very latest. good morning. >> ukee, erika last check that man and woman are in critical condition, einstein medical center, recovering from their gunshot wounds this
6:58 am
morning. and that's also where they're baby was pronounced dead late last night. we take to you video of the scene, in west oaklane that is where they were both found after 10:00 p.m., monday night, on the 7300 block of thoron avenue, that woman found shot in her lower back, inside dodge suv. that man was found lying on the gown, neck to her was shot, both of his legs. neighbors tell police they heard about an argument, about four, five shots soon after that, and that's when they realize the pair had been shot. also saw two men fleeing on foot described as dark complected, at this hour, police looking for surveillance video in hopes of catching those two men. and we are live at police headquarters i'm justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. right now quick check on your traffic and weather together. >> expect to go see some sunshine, there is system in the works will your nerve eventually some late day shower thunderstorms, a and since we have doctor jen on the set talking about her grilling skills, ukee trying
6:59 am
to get -- we want to prove the man can grill. >> thank you. >> and what proves that better than ukee wearing graphic hat? >> i make reservation. >> do you to very well. >> you got skilled. >> i'm thinking grilled chicken? >> all right. >> we'll see you later. >> lean and mean. there go, montgomery avenue from 76 to the police activity block off. due to the downed tree that's closing montgomery drive. so you can get on montgomery drive from 76. we do have an accident involving a tractor-trailer turnpike westbound, to the onramp to 476. so be aware that far. >> thank you, butted. >> i thank you justin, next on cbs this morning fear on the force. what you need to know about a terror warning this independence day weekends. >> police remember to join us bright and early or dark and early each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting at 4:30 a.m. cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day family. and as always thanks for joining us, see you!
7:00 am
>> ♪ ♪ ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning, it is tuesday, june 30th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." wildfires rage across the west and force thousands to vatican in california. >> chris christie will join the presidential race today. can the new jersey governor win back republicans? only on "cbs this morning," nascar's jeff gordon is here in the studio 57. his plans to retirement and a colorful change for an upcoming race. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> our house is going to burn


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