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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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it is 6:00 o'clock. good morning family. the search continues for a local high school student missing after going for a swim. we will tell what you we have learn overnight. also preparing for this years fourth of july holiday includes extra security measures. what local fbi officials say about the threat of a terror attack this independence day. and one person is dead, several others are hurt after a deadly crash in bucks county. route 309 is reopened, after being shut down, overnight. it is thursday, july 2nd i'm ukee washington. i'm quarter von tiehl. we have your day started with traffic and weather together hoping for a calmer day good morning, torey good morning, katie. >> at least right now roads are calm, can we say same thing for the weather katie. >> it is location, location, location, on this one yeah. we have a frontal boundary nearby, guys that will bring you wet weather and a little bit of activity on the radar right new. storm scan three notice what is happening in the last three hour loop.
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do you see that cluster moving across chesapeake and western del marva peninsula, that is ready to move in and strike portions of kent and sussex county. we have had a couple lightening strikes that are starting to fade away before your very eyes on the radar because they have happened in the last few minutes but because there are strong wind, and locally heavy pockets of the rain, traveling in portions of some of these counties here for georgetown, and you may see heavy rain, here this morning. that is kind of the story here in our area the beaches you are going to have a good day. 80 degrees eventually some showers. uv index lower courtesy of the cloud cover. i wouldn't say the best beach day we have every seen but it is also not a wash out either. with that said further north you go you are far enough removed that you will end up with at least a partly sunny day. off to a nice start in philadelphia we are shooting for 85 today. right on par where we should be. i would say vittoria, we are
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looking at a decent day in philly. you go further south you might to have flip the windshield wipers. >> location, location, location. >> boom. >> thanks, katie good morning everyone. right new it depend where you are heading because our majors are moving just fine. majority of them. but then others looking at i-95 are starting to accumulate rush hour traffic. if you are traveling in the southbound direction of i-95 it doesn't look like much here and it is not too much on i-95. we are seeing formation have of rush hour around girard avenue through construction zone and then slow go, of some traffic around cottman avenue construction zone as well. rush hour is still pretty non-existent at this time. roosevelt boulevard looks hazy in this shot here but traveling southbound through to the schuylkill no delays in either direction. north bound you are moving just as great. speed sensors are still averaging in the 50's. it is all good. later on tonight south philadelphia will be crowded the phillies take on the brewers tonight at 6:35. they have fire works in south
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philadelphia, it will be bubbling with folks. keep that in mine later tonight. otherwise it is a great way to start your morning erika. we're following breaking news right now more than 1,000 residents are evacuated from tennessee, after a train carrying chemicals derails. right new we're told that three cars on that freight train derailed from the tracks and one is on fire. resident living within 1 mile radius are being evacuated. we will keep you posted as this story develops. also in the news a balcony in a west philadelphia apartment building collapses overnight on the 6200 block of chestnut street. in one was hurt but for now it is unclear what cause that had third floor balance conn toy collapse. all lanes back opened on route 309 southbound in west rock hill bucks county after a fatal crash. a car traveling near ridge road somehow lost control and slammed in the tree. just before 11:00 last night. one person died at the scene three others were taken to the hospital, no details on their
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injuries, the driver though is, sus is peck of driving under the influence. efforts will resume to find a teenager who never re-surfaced after a swim in a south jersey quarry. >> rescuers were called to jackson road near piney hallow road in monroe township. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us from williamstown high school where the friend say he is a senior, justin. >> reporter: we are holding off on naming that victim at this time but his friend say he is 17 years old and a rising senior at williamstown high school where he played football and also on the wrestling team and perhaps now at parent victim of the drowning. as you mentioned, efforts are set to resume to find him later today. lets take you to some video of the search scene at state fish and wild life land on the 4600 block of jackson road in monroe township, gloucester county. this is graded property, restrict area but very popular spot who go to the lake to swim in the old quarry space.
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wednesday afternoon police say a group of four teens went there for a swim. that victim dove in, they say appeared to have struggled and then his friend lost sight of him. officials say that water is deeper and much more dangerous then it looks listen. >> you walk out a few feet. you can feel it and everything. then it drops off, i don't know how deep. >> reporter: officials say they are battling against deep, merky dark water and all hand on deck response to find this victim. we are told from township first responders, state agencies, local fire fighters as well as police a meantime young people, airing their grievances and condolences on social media this morning. we are live at williamstown high i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a septa passenger is live thanks to quick thinking transit police officers. you can see the man falling on the platform and on the
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tracks. this happened at somerset station last night. two septa officers jumped town and pull that injured man to safety with the help of other passengers. it is in the clear why that man fell on the track. philadelphia is hosting america's birthday party and its tourist explore cities part in the history authorities are warning about the potential for a terrorist attack here in the u.s. new there is no specific threat, "eyewitness news" reporter david spun t has the story of why law enforcement officers are stepping up security. >> reporter: it is the busy season around independent hall. >> happy fourth of july. >> reporter: plenty of people around, ready to celebrate the fourth, where it all began 139 years ago. >> it is exciting to be out here. i have neff been out to philadelphia before. we are exited to see the sights. >> reporter: law enforcement across the country will have more eyes and ears out then ever before after the fbi and home land security, recently
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warned americans to pay attention. >> there are in specific threats targeting any location. >> reporter: fbi philadelphia agent jj klav era said it is best to watch your surroundings, have fun but make sure you know what is going on around you. >> there are groups that want to target our nation's critical infrastructure in symbolic locations and events. >> reporter: infrastructure like independent hall, former pennsylvania state house built in 1732, earlier this week former cia insider and cbs news court analyst mike morell warrant of a possible attack. >> i within surprised if we are sitting here talking about an attack over the weekend in the you had. that is how serious this is. >> reporter: those warnings are heard by americans but they plan to still have an old fashion fourth of july. >> we just hope nothing goes wrong. enjoy your day. try not to think bit. hepp for the best. >> am i going to go hide in my house and lock my doors and pull down my shades, no, i will not to that because life is worth living.
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>> reporter: authorities won't say how many officers will be out over next few days but we're told there will be officers in uniform, also under cover. the main thing if you see something, give police a call. reporting from independent hall, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> if you see something, say something. philadelphia police are looking for a man broke into several businesses all after hours. police say this video shows a man broke in the oriental chinese restaurant on south broad on the 21st of june. investigators say he has broken in to several other businesses in the pennsylvania past couple of months. if you have any information please contact the philadelphia police. well surprising new allegations against the airline industry, we will tell you why the government is launching an investigation. also ahead could forget these images from the unrest in baltimore after that cvs pharmacy was set on fire police have made an arrest. and why this student's selfie is causing a scandal in new york city, we will be right back.
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well, developing news right now fire fighters in california are battling a new brush fire that broke out overnight, fast moving flames have already burn through 175 acres outside los angeles and at this point fire is not threatening building but a nearby camping area is being
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evacuated. it looks like cloud showers will be the order today but will it clear in time for the upcoming holiday weekend. >> we can take rain today if we can grill out on the fourth katie. >> i hear you. this is a different system that will be potentially impacting our holiday weekend i which we will get to but i want to start off with if you are about red toy walk off the door. we want to get you off to a good start here and we will have a good start to work with as a far as weather cooperating but do you see moisture building up. thinks our frontal boundary stalled out nonetheless, but piece of energy starting to move in the shot here further off to the west. as we zoom out you can see it better. that is working its way along that front. because it is close enough for comfort, showers in the southern part of the area, as we go throughout the day well off to the west, very heavy rain falling across western nebraska and that is the sign of things yet to come for us. for now would i call it a quiet pattern because we are in the looking for severe weather.
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just some showers off to the south. mostly dry. we will get you in the mid 80's. similar forecast tomorrow with sunshine lower 80's, chance of the shower with that front close by. we will head into saturday and start to see more moisture building in here, new system getting its act together and moving closer and that is where that question mark comes into play. anything we have out there on saturday itself will be spotty at best. so i with say keep your outdoor plans but don't bank on a bright sunny fourth of july holiday. that will change. we have sun for now showers south, dropping down to 66 tonight under a variable cloudy sky and heading forward in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, it will get hot. second half of the holiday weekend 88 degrees with sunshine. flirting with 90 by monday. still filled with sunshine. tuesday looking good too. there is a much quieter pattern on deck but we have to get through the first stationary front today tomorrow and then just spotty shower or storm on the fourth.
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not a bad forecast, couple of runs ago in the models we were more worried. it is looking better now. >> indeed. >> i like that. >> good morning young lady. >> good morning everyone. on the road it is pretty easy for the most part, i would say your worse spot would be 95 where you usually develop that traffic around cottman girard. it is starting to build. this is i-95 at girard avenue. traveling in the southbound direction your head lights that we are getting saturated out there i always say when sun comes up, rush comes in. we are not seeing too much sun just when it gets light outside when we will feel rush hour. that occurs around 6:00 o'clock, 6:15. rush hour right on time. southbound i-95 anticipate volume, throughout that construction zone. catch a break but then approaching betsy ross bridge down through vine is where we will fine delays looking like this. north bound i-95 a great, smooth ride, and then making your way throughout the north
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east. heading in to new jersey if that is are with you you are going. schuylkill expressway looking great to and from the king of prussia this shot here no major problems on the schuylkill just yet. you will notice our average speed sensor is 55. quite different then 34 which is your average on i-95. fifty-five as well as 476 pennsylvania turnpike running smoothly and traveling in new jersey, the nun turnpike, 295 acx, garden state parkway it is all good so far. things could change. that is you why want to keep it here. if you do plan on traveling patco, they have instituted a special thursday schedule for today. the times may be different so double-check that before you leave the house. otherwise mass transit is looking great and there are in delays at the airport but just good idea to call ahead ukee. another look at today's headlines, investigators are trying to determine if alcohol played a role in the fatal crash in bucks county. they say a car south bun on route 309 lost control and hit a tree. crash killed one person and injured three others. also the search resumes
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for missing swim inner gloucester county this morning, friend say a teenager dove in the quarry in monroe township and then disappeared. overnight sixth are make a trade with the sacramento kings, nik stauskus is part of the salary shedding move to let the kings pursue free agent. they get jason thompson, karl land dry and one first round draft pick next year this starts new. summer is here and time is right for dancing in the streets. >> sound like a song. >> and also, fun stuff too. last night a little bit of everything in cherry hill, families enjoyed the annual grooving and grubbing concert series at the garden state discovery museum. there were also some food trucks on hand offering a variety of delicious by the. >> nice. >> there will be another concert next wednesday night as well in case you missed it. >> that looks like a great time. >> yeah, food trucks and music. >> check my man out dancing in the streets. >> yes. >> got the trucks out. >> very nice to see everybody out there.
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>> ice cream cones, perfect summer night. >> community and family right there, and. >> dangerous and unsanitary, surprising ward to describe philadelphia's schools. we will tell you how school district is responding. >> we will show you video here shot from inside a cockpit of the recent flight. we will tell you who is in that cockpit and why it resulted in two pilots now getting fired details on that when we return.
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two pilots from an airline are out of the job after a disturbing video is released and airline bosses are in the finished yet. video here shows a model in the cockpit during a june between the second flight, sitting in between the pilots and even touching the controls. it is not clear how long that she was there but she was inside the cockpit when the plane took off. the airline now wants criminal charges pressed a as well, the models is banned from that airline's flight for five years. philadelphia city controller allah an butkovitz says his most recent inspection of city school buildings, once again found unsanitary dangerous conditions. this is to 20 schools, turned up water leaks, mold cockroaches and unsanitary bathrooms. these are pictures from the controller's office. butkovitz last inspected school build initial 2008 and says not much has improved ever since. >> you know, we have got what 170,000 philadelphia school kids going to school every day in these conditions and why isn't that a public health
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emergency. >> school district spokesmen says the district welcomes the report to highlight the need for more funding, to maintain, the schools. your time right now 6:21. still ahead this morning tv land pull s rerun of the dukes of has air. >> it is all because of the confederate flag on the dodge charger. now we are hearing from within of the series stars about the cancellation. and katie updating a forecast, how sit looking. >> not terrible. >> we have a frontal boundary, and little close for comfort i will explain how it will impact our forecast today tomorrow and how that all important holiday weekend too coming up.
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governor christie, weighs in on president obama's plan to reopen the american embassy in havana. >> he is gig away our ability to have a economic relationship and political relationship with the united states. they have done nothing nothing, to reform itself. >> police in the garden state see diplomatic move as an opportunity to return the convicted killer of a police office tore prison. joe and chessmar quick in the 1973 murder of the new jersey state trooper escaped prison and fled to cuba. a college student selfie
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on top of the brooklyn bridge, prompts increased security. selfie stick picture here taken over weekend proving clearly this guy is not afraid of heights. david carinch of tennessee said he walk across an overhead beam on the bridge snapping that selfie standing on the side railing. he adds that in one stopped him. >> is there two cops in the beginning, at the end of the bridge, but they just sit there, and there was nobody in the middle. >> now, this selfie is making round on social media prompting, counter terrorism team to now sit at the foot of the brooklyn bridge. nypd issued this statement calling it both irresponsible and illegal. they have installed a new barrier to prevent anyone from climbing to the top of the span. >> how dangerous is that. >> why do people do this stuff. >> not only one person do that a and that was supervised, pat croce did that. >> supervised, legal no selfie stick involved. >> yes. >> coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live with the latest on the search for south jersey student athletes missing in an area
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swimming spot. halfway through the year jill schlesinger joins us with what you need to know to get in good financial shape nicole. >> ukee and erika good morning, happy hoagie day to you, coming up, we will explain how this hometown favorite goes to support our hometown heroes and yes i necessity you will appreciate the hat. we will see new a bit. >> i love it. >> i have never been more happier then i am at this moment seeing nicole, with that hat. >> let's stay on that shot. >> your forecast has no shot of matching nicole's hat in terms of awesomeness. >> how do you top that. >> it is press i tough. >> katie has your forecast when we come back good morning.
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ahh, good thursday morning to you. we have a bit have the split
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forecast, it depend on where you are with a little rain or not. >> that is right we will eventually end up with wet weather to the south and southern tear of our area where best shot is for all of that yeah. we are likely going to see more than anything some sun sheen further north you go which is great to see. >> exactly. >> looking at storm scan three shows that here. we do have have some moisture building in, right now across del marva peninsula and we will continue to see that one little pocket of rain moving into kent and sussex county here in the minutes ahead. so expect to see that perhaps a couple showers across area, and as we look forward throughout the rest of the day we will even up with certainly some sunshine up to the north. it looks like the guy and the dog knew we were coming to the camera shot. he just ran right out of the shot, darn it, we just missed it. it is a very quiet scene here outside beach patrol headquarters in margate and our live neighborhood network. those waves look choppy, to kick things off here and very limited sunshine as you can
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tell. around the region as a whole we have low to mid 80's for shore points in philadelphia poconos will have more sun then anything. beautiful day for you. not only is is it comfortably mild but also keeping sun around and we have got some lower humidity too. further south you go the more clouds you'll see more muggy you will become. we have more noticeable the further south you travel and you will end up with some showers as you travel further south. here's a snapshot of what fourth of july is looking like at this point. notice the question mark, on the thunderstorm there. so we will be talking about the reasons that we have got that question mark there as we move forward in the forecast for you in the minutes ahead but for now it is a forecast that splits the delaware val any two, vittoria. >> we will see what happens thanks katie. right now fuzz are traveling out and about on the road we have rush hour, developing on i-95, i-95 southbound will be extremely slow out of the north east down through the vine but on the schuylkill, schuylkill has
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me thinking like hey you guys, where is everybody? traveling on 76 in the westbound direction as you make your way approaching city avenue usually you hit the brakes as this pocket here in city but it does seem that there aren't too many vehicles on the roadway because is there something going on and we have to look into that. this is light are then we're used to seeing. it could be a great thing that we're in the seeing too much traffic making your way throughout the western suburbs. if you are traveling in new jersey you do want to be mine full that the 42 freeway is crowded in the northbound direction as awe approach the area have of 295. if you are traveling southbound no major problems. generally speaking the rest of our majors in new jersey are great. if you are traveling turnpike or maybe traveling the atlantic city expressway, so on, so forth it is all good. we have the delaware memorial bridge northbound a tie up there due to the slow moving maintenance vehicle. they are fixing a pothole. be careful traveling there. we are seeing a slow down. phillies are playing tonight
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fire works night big happening in south philadelphia. brace yourself for additional rush hour traffic in and around this area and in delays for mass transit ukee. in the news, search resumes for a missing teenage swim inner gloucester county. chopper three live over what used to be a quarry on jackson road in monroe township where teenager was swimming with three friend yesterday. "eyewitness news" learned search teams will be out there in a half an hour around 7:00. friend identified missing swimmer as a senior at williamstown high school. philadelphia police department plans to release names of the officers involved in police shootings. commissioner charles ramsey has sent a memo to officers and says that the department will release names of any office shore fires their gun at a suspect so long as their lives and the lives of their families have in the been considered to be put at risk. all this happened within 72 hours of the shooting, fraternal order or police is not happen bye that new policy effective immediately. >> we have an obligation to the public but we have an
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obligation to our officers and fit is something where people are making threats, then they can expect me not to release that kind of information. >> i don't like the fact this they didn't have common courtesy to sit down a fop a dam thing about it. that is what i'm pissed off about. >> commissioner ramsey says policy follows recommendation from the presidential task force which he chaired. department obvious advertise has launched an antitrust investigation to see whether major u.s. airlines are conspiring to keep prices high. cbs news has learn that american southwest united and delta received letters asking for information relating to an airline capacity. government figures show the average domestic airfare rose 13 percent between 2009 and 2014. over the last few years u.s. airlines have earned rorrer profits of nearly $20 billion. american southwest delta and united control 80 percent of the seats for domestic travel. right now 6:34. hard to believe but we are halfway through 2015.
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>> yes i agree good this is perfect time to revisit financial issues in your life. >> for more, we are joined by cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger up in new york for us jill, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. >> what should investors do right now. >> i know you want to shut down for the summer but wait, before you do review your accounts and rebalance them so your allocation remains at your desired levels. while you are at it, you might as well free up some cash for near term expenses, i'm talking about anything you need to pay within the next year. maybe tuition maybe big purchase like a car. if you work with an advisor or broken schedule an appointment and review your progress and of course, confirm how you are paying for service so many people say i don't know how i pay him i just pay him. >> those fees sneak up too. >> yes, they do. >> how about those non-investment tips, what should we be doing. >> homeowners, renters, before something bad happens lets
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make sure your current coverage is adequate. the three biggest mistakes people make with their homeowners or renters coverage is number one they under insure they shop for price only and they don't compare apples to apples and they don't read those policy details. finally, what would it be that right before the long weekend for me to make my semi annual plea to hire a qualified estate attorney to provide a will a how many of attorney and health care proxy. you know you said you would do it at new years. those who have much more control over disposition of their assets they may want a trust. limit you can give away with no tax, 5.43 million-dollar for individual, and 10.86 million for couples. for more on our economic intermission and what you need to do during it go to jill on >> thanks, jill, appreciate it. check this out pope gift
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shop has now been opened for business and just in time for his visit to philadelphia world meeting of family launches official retail web site for everything pope. have you always wanted a pope francis bobble head. >> there it is right there. >> you can get one for $25. >> site features more than 200 pope related items. pope francis is scheduled to arrive in philadelphia on september 26th, a saturday, get your pope shirt ready. >> get your pope shirt right here. welcome america is turning independent mall into hoagie heaven you might call it. >> wawa is building a 5-ton version of the philly's own sandwich to celebrate hoagie day. "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer is over at ncc to tell you all bit. nick. >> love the hat. >> good morning guys still getting craze which wally, we have shortie in the house now. is what going on. it is part of the 23rd annual hoagie fest. these folks behind me are excited. they have been busy, as of
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6:00 o'clock, they hit 5,000 marks which means they made 5,000 hoagies already. not bad. quarter of the way done. their goal, 21,000 hoagies. of course, it all goes for a good cause. joining me is glenn birdman of philabundance, i understand first 5,000 sandwiches go to help your organization. >> 5,000 sandwiches, we have chris, george here who are about to leave on the truck right now to go to camden, to chester and philadelphia pant tries for 5,000 people are going to have wawa hoagies today in these pantry, it is wonderful to have fresh food. >> good cause i'm being a good sport. >> you look very good in it. >> thank you. >> i know you are lying but thank you. due to the importance of the event like they are here in philadelphia area we all love our hoagies, so we know it is something very important. >> we serve about 65,000 people every week who are food
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in secure and wawa and the team that you have here, and team building that is here, it is really exciting for us and for our team also. we encourage to you continue to do this. wawa has donated over a million years in our relationship with them. that is a real big deal. that kind of partnership is wonderful, thank you. >> problem, thank you. guys thanks very much. we will send them off. meanwhile, welcome here, i cannot forget wawa associates here making it all happen. they are taking a break right now in the assembly because they hit that 5,000 mark. and, what it takes to make a really fabulous italian hoagie. >> it just takes passion. you have to have passion. i love what i to every day and i can make a banging sandwich. come to jenkintown wawa, we're the best. >> let me see that sandwich. >> somebody has got to eat it, right. >> why not me.
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we will send it back to you in the studio. >> somebody has got to eat it. >> might as well be the girl. >> you drop your tomato. >> thanks, nick. >> i love that bread. >> still ahead, he is credited with saving lives of more than 600 jewish children during holocaust and we will look back at the life of britain's nicholas. capture killer david sweat is offering more details about his and fellow inmates richard matt's time on the run, what he is telling investigators about their getaway. >> she's a single mom breast cancer survivor and truck driver but now this pennsylvania woman has another title to add to her resume, we will tell you all bit. little shot of the control room with huggie bear, vince right there there we go. is that joe at the controls.
6:41 am
is that kara in the picture? >> yes, it is. >> very nice. >> great team behind the scenes. >> yeah, we all got it. >> that is our family behind the scenes. behind the scenes. we can't do it without them. >> i said i attended a dance party and i'm not seeing one. >> huggie, there he is. >> work it. >> that is what i thought. >> dance party in the control room. >> good morning, that is our family we will see new a bit.
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♪ >> i'm sure so many remember that song. >> yeah. >> that takes you back. >> yes indeed. >> dukes of hazard gets pulled from cable television. >> the cancellation has one of the stars upset this morning. that popular 1980's tv show featuring that 1969 dodge charger with the confederate battle flag painted on the
6:45 am
roof, john snyder, who plays bo duke says shows content was in the based on racism. recent church shooting in south carolina renewed debate over confederate flag because gunman was seen in photos posing with the flag. lets get our forecast, 8:40. 6:45. hang on. >> yes. >> people spit their coffee out, what time is it. >> it happens. we have a little clock in the bottom of the monitor, it is difficult to see. bear with us, eyewitness weather watchers reporting this morning. temperatures in the low to mid 60's generally speaking around the game. i want to go on a tour. ed connor sent in full sunshine in chester feel. he has a hint of some haze, in the foreground of the shot, mist on the soy farm. he is in chester feel. we will go across the river and back in toward western suburbs and rick is in at 60 degrees in bethel with more
6:46 am
sunshine. he is predicting a beautiful day to day. and v and s hoagie for lunch. is that veggie and salt, i just don't know. does anybody know what that means. >> maybe a local deli. >> i don't know. >> it could be a store. >> we just don't know. >> vin good are gar and salt. that sound like it might be consensus in the control room, anyway. if anybody knows for sure, i'd love to hear bit on katie katie fehlinger is my handle. storm scan three showing you signs of life, we have a front willal boundary stalling nearby triggering some showers to the south tear of our area meanwhile we have got first pitch here this evening for the phillies, we are seeing some sunshine but eventually we are going to see perhaps a sprinkle tonight. they have fire works going on. it is an earlier start at the ballpark. temperatures will stay mile. real quick check of the seven day looking forward to the upcoming holiday weekend. manmade and nature made fire
6:47 am
works going on, any then are storms very spotty though and hot and sunny for sunday and machine for that matter, vittoria. >> good morning everyone. it is rush hour, you can see behind me it is slow, traveling in the southbound section of i-95 or planning to travel on i-95 out of the north east down through the vine we are heavily saturated. highest points of volume approaching betsy ross bridge and making your way down to the vine every single lane here will be just a drag. ninety-five northbound is moving well in and out of the delaware county and throughout the north east. moving on to 476 southbound around the area of media swarthmore not bad at all but that north bound side will get sticky between 95 and moving beyond this area of route one. give yourself some more time if that is where you are headed because that is just the start. looking at travel times interesting on the schuylkill expressway slight westbound delay but in the full blown. would i say only time before that changes. eastbound on the schuylkill we
6:48 am
are in the clear, 15 minute commute between blue right and vine but i never trust 76 ever. if you are traveling out of the western suburbs into the city anticipate slight delay around conshohocken. i'm's throwing it out there because schuylkill is not within to be trusted. ninety-five southbound 25 minute commute between woodhaven and vine. 202 and pennsylvania turnpike looking g if you are traveling in new jersey, however northbound 42 anticipate delays approaching 295. no delays for mass transit erika. >> can't trust that 76, vittoria. >> never. >> 6:48. following the death of the freddie gray, it became an iconic image of the baltimore riots. now police arrested a man for setting fire to the neighborhood cvs. they said he intentionally torch the pharmacy resulting in one million-dollar worth of damage. he has been charged with federal arson offenses. police say carter's arrest serves as a warning for others who committed crimes during the riots. >> for those who have
6:49 am
destroyed our stores, who have thrown rocks at our officers, we're coming. we have not finish yet. >> the atf is investigating seven fires intentionally set across the city. if convicted carter could face between five and 20 years in prison. surviving convict in new york state prison break is telling more about his close calls with the law david sweat reportedly told police that he and richard matt heard voices of people hiding in a hunting cabin. sweat told police after the two split up he hid in the tree stand that hunters used and saw law enforcement officer walk right by him. cbs news has learn that the body of richard matt has been claim by his estrange son. nicholas harris a and v harris claim the body. it was unclear when it happen. he said body will be transported back to the buffalo area today for a private funeral. 6:49. time to see is what coming up on cbs this morning.
6:50 am
>> charlie rosies here with the preview. good morning. >> good morning. just ahead we will talk to the nypd a's john miller about terror warnings and increased security for fourth of july celebrations. plus doctor holy phillips on the new diet drug and can use it. and this the cutting edge technology where computers could replace co pilots in planes. incredible story of two sisters raised a world apart who found each other and now shaking up the wine industry. all that and more, the news is back in the morning and we will see new about ten minutes. >> you got it, see you then. >> thanks, charlie. man known as britain's oscar shindler has passed away. >> nicholas winton was 106 years old. winton is credited with saving the lives of more than 600 children during the holocaust. ever humble he kept his work secret for half century. in 2003 queen elizabeth knighted win ton for his services to humanity. our time 6:50. breaking news tops today's
6:51 am
headlines. authorities say at least one train car carrying a flammable toxic gas has derailed and caught fire in easton tennessee and forced evacuation within a 1 mile radius. shelter is set up, at an area high school. now an investigation is underway into whether alcohol played a role in the crash on route 309 in bucks county. investigators say a car left the road and hit a tree in west rock hilltown ship that killed one person and injured three others. three players are coming to the sixers in a trade freeing up cap space for sacramento kings. they get nik stauskus, jason thompson, karl landry and one first round pick next year. truck magazine has named pennsylvania woman the most beautiful, female trucker. >> over drive magazine award joann of middletown the title. he beat out 86 other truck drivers, foda is single mom and breast cancer survivor. she has been in the trucking business for 15 years. she says it was a struggle in the beginning.
6:52 am
>> i'm representing all of the people that have supported me and the town, so it is really neat. >> it is just something you have to do differently then what the men do and handle yourself differently but it is amazing how you are accepted after a while. >> all right. according to the over drive magazine just 7 percent of america's 3 million professional truck drivers are women and from our state. so well done. >> way to go jo, nicely done. >> momma von tiehl that was her childhood dream. >> that is erika's mom. >> yes, she wanted to be. >> really. >> never fulfilled that dream. >> but great provings, way to go jo. >> video going viral ace attract ago attention from music lovers. >> is there just one person the musician wants to reach. >> ♪ >> he is a home less former marine and talented piano player. gold says his only money comes
6:53 am
from tips playing in public piano in sarasota, florida. he is overjoyed his video has gone viral and hoping his estrange son sees it, and comes to visit him. >> if my ear serves me correctly he's playing i'm sailing away. >> yes, very good. >> what a talented musician, hopefully he cannery connect with his family. >> we will be right back. >> but first here's is what coming upright here on cbs-3. we will see new a bit.
6:54 am
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more on efforts to find a teen who never re-surfaced swimming in south jersey. >> rescuers were called to the quarry on jackson road are near piney hallow road in monroe township and justin finch has been outside williamstown high school where friend say that victim is a senior justin. >> reporter: ukee and erika friend say that victim is a rising senior at williamstown high school and he is on the football and wrestling teams here.
6:57 am
lets go to chopper video above that search scene and see a very active investigation here. this is 4600 block of jackson road in monroe township. that is state fish and wild life property but it is gated and friend say that is one of four swimming in the old quarry turn lake in that area. victim diving in, struggling, witnesses say and that is when they lost sight there. they have been looking for him now ever since. back out live we understand that area is restrict, actually there is in swimming allowed but popular spot for teens, and that is why this has been a tough search this morning. erika and ukee. thanks very much. right new quick check of traffic and weather. >> we have figure out out in mystery of the v and s sandwich shop, and ton of people got back to me immediately on twitter. it is v and s shop. >> traffic producer tim said very same thing he said it is a amazing. >> yes. >> i know where it is.
6:58 am
>> yes. >> yes. >> they are obviously good. thank you for letting us know. we love to hear the good stuff, right. we have good stuff generally speaking when it comes to your weather pattern. ukee don't think we forgot about this pool party idea. i know you are trying to hide. >> he is not even coming up all the way. >> maybe he doesn't want to. >> exactly. >> i got to get a new suit. >> we have tried to figure out are you in the deepen or kneeling down. >> kneeling down, true yeah. >> we have four out of five beach balls because there will be showers off to the south might mess with your beach take plans, with the showers moving in at some point but overall, it could be worse no severe weather threats just keep an eye to the sky and have wet weather issues further south of the city, vittoria. >> why is that so funny. >> it is adorable. >> rubber ducky in the pool. >> don't talk about my ducky. >> right now on the roads it is in the a wash, traveling 42 freeway, southbound, it is
6:59 am
best taillight moving away, north bound copping toward you. north bound slow approaching 295 but not bad at all. look at the schuylkill expressway looking toward far right side of the screen that is westbound side approaching city avenue that usual pocket that we have making your way toward western suburbs but the busiest roadway right now is going to be i-95 out of the northeast down through the vine. usual suspects but in delays for mass transit. thanks vittoria. next up on cbs this morning historic toned cold war diplomacy. latest on the derailed freight train fire in tennessee as well carrying poisonous chemicals. it was on fire. they evacuated 1,000 people. they will have the latest on that. please remember to join us dark and relevant i each weekday morning on cbs-3. we go on the air 4:30 a.m. so glad you are with us. time to call it a morning. we will be right back at 7:25. >> roughly. >> good morning family have a great day.
7:00 am
good morning. it is thursday july 2nd 2000156789 welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news overnight. a freight train derails spilling poisonous gas in east tennessee. thousands are forced to evacuate. >> police are on high alert for possible july 4th terror attacks. the nypd's john miller will assess the threat and what's being done to protect millions. >> and new technology is replacing co-pilots with digital pilots. we look at the changes that could save lives. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 skojds. >> a fireman come up


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