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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  July 13, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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cute. oh erika. >> we'll put you in the middle of us, so the three of us can be together. >> oh, women, my friend, off to pretty quiet start. after what beautiful weekend we just enjoyed here, expect to see the sunshine once more tomorrow, really big difference though, is that humidity starts to creep back up on us. yesterday was hot but wasn't horribly humid for mid july standards. usually see much much worse than. that will wasn't bad weekend at all for the standards of july, but we are expecting to eventually see more showers and storms return. what else is new? we'll walk you outdoors, show you what's going on outside. view of storm scan3 which at this point is still generally just empty. do obviously so some moisture building in to the south and west it, will eventually be triggering some wet weather here in our local area. but for now just clouds, we've got some shown shine expected once the sun does climb over the horizon eventually end up with pretty typical heat out there. seventy-two already at philadelphia international airport. mid 60s or upper 60s around
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the rest of the board here. but i95 pretty much the sliver where you are finding this slew of observations, temperatures that are already into the 70s. so it is a typically warm beginning to the day as we go throughout the afternoon expect to see the sunshine and with the building heat and humidity, kind of steamy later today. 87 degrees our daytime high. tell you what, that's exactly where we should be and around the region we go with the area headlines, typical for today. but the storms are set to return for mid week. that means as early as even through the over night tonight, but specially tomorrow, as we see our next warm and cold front duo roll on through. so the heat will be sticking around for us, in the days ahead, but meantime, vittoria, we have to track the storms, we'll do just that for you as the show goes on. >> thanks so much, katie. good morning everyone, still great morning on the roads if you are traveling on the vine street expressway, construction cleared on both sides of the vine. soap, if you are planning to travel to and from 76 and 95, stray shot on the vine street expressway, you don't have to worry about it.
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we continue, take you elsewhere, now to the schuylkill expressway, not far from montgomery dry. traveling in either direction on the schuylkill, another area where it is all good. around center city, maybe making your way down toward the walt whitman bridge or coming from that area, or maybe heading toward your western suburbs really speed censors nice and high into the 50's, just how we like t if you are traveling or plan to travel 73, jump over the talcony palmyra bridge, they are anticipating opening of about 5:10 so in about eight minutes or so. we'll let you know it does in fact get pushed up. if you are traveling the northeast extention you may notice just touch every residual traffic right around the tolls on the northbound side, as a result of earlier overturned tractor-trailer. it has been cleared but still traveling in that area, i would keep an eye out. no delays for mass transit. things at the airport look just fine. erika? >> tour, thank you. new this morning thieves holdup center city restaurant. it sounds like these guys may have gotten away with a lot of money. jan carabeo joins us now from that scene in washington square. jan, what have you learned?
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning, all quiet right now outside had this restaurant washington square section of the city. but that certainly was not the case just short time ago. this is a popular restaurant, very busy section of the city. but, central detectives are busy this morning investigating a robbery that happened here. right now they aren't releasing much information. but police say robbery happened 1100 block spruce street around 1:30 this morning, at this point investigators are not disclosing how much money was taken. also aren't saying how many suspects police are now being looking for. and police have not disclosed exactly who was robbed, but they do say that this restaurant was the target of that robbery again, it is here in the washington square section of the city, a very popular restaurant, a lot of people around, so possibly a lot of money involved here. there was one employee inside, we knocked on the door, they didn't come to the door. as soon as we get more information about this robbery, we will bring that information straight to you. but for now we are live in
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the washington square section of philadelphia, jan carabeo cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. >> meanwhile, philadelphia police are also investigating a double shooting in ogontz. it happened around 10:00 last night on the 1600 block of widener place. police say a 21 year old man and 46 year old woman were shot. they're both in stable condition. there is no word yet on suspect or motive in the shooting. >> now, not too far from that scene, police say somebody riding a bike opened fire. "eyewitness news" on that scene last night at 21st and nidro, fortunately no one was actually shot. police are still looking for that shooter. >> and arson investigators are on scene of a row home fire in delaware county. flames broke out just after 3:00 on the 300 block of broomall street in chester. that fire spread across two homes and forced several residents to flee, luckily, no one was injured. >> want to gave you an update on breaking news, greece has struck bailout deal with the
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euro zone. the european union says that deal with creditors will allow greece to get back on track reportedly includes what euro zone calls financial aid and serious reforms, removes immediate threat greece could collapse financially and leave the euro. happening today, a historic nuclear deal with iran expected to be announced this comes after years of tense negotiations. cbs news correspondent hen a daniels in washington where the final agreement could face hurdles from congress. >> with less than 24 hours, to the latest deadline, officials from the us and five other world powers appear poised to reach historic deal to curb iran's nuclear programs. in exchange, for sanctions relief. secretary of state john kerry, is working with top diplomats, locked in marathon meeting in vienna, where officials continue to review 100 page provisional agreement. among the final sticking
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points whether to phase out armed of arms embargo that blocks iran from buying missiles and conventional weapons, and the duration of restrictions on tehran's at tomorrow i can development beyond the first decade after deal f a deal is approved by iranian leaders and president owe bamm, a congress then has 06 days to assess it. >> i know there will be a strong pull, not to go against the president or something, as important as this is, to him but i hope there will be enough democrats willing to look at this objectively. >> democratic senator bob menendez remains skeptical but has not ruled out his support. >> we have to make very clear that there is a deterence in the longer term. >> congress could try to impose new sanctions on iran, or try to prevent the president from suspending existing ones. in washington, hen a daniels cbs-3, "eyewitness news". wisconsin governor scott walker is expected to enter the already crowded field of republican presidential candidates today.
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but that announcement may have already been spoiled on social media. a tweet from the governor on friday said, quote scott walker is running for president. it was quickly deleted. his campaign says to stay tuned for an announcement. >> now walker will be the 15th candidate to enter the race. he joins hopefuls that include former florida governor jeb bush, new jersey governor, chris christie, and billionaire, donald trump. president obama will be in town tomorrow to speak at the naacp national convention in philadelphia. the 106 annual convention kick offer this weekend at the pennsylvania convention center. this year's theme is pursuing liberty in the face of injustice. and, many in attendance have ferguson baltimore and charleston on their minds. >> we are looking to bring about serious reforms in vogue, economic justice educational inch equity in in country. >> this year's convene comes on the peoples of the removal of the confederate flag from the state house in south carolina.
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that is a move that prompted the organization to end a 15 year boycott of the state. >> time right now 5:08. and the backlash is building after bill cosby's admission about drugs and women. but at least one group is sticking with the embattled comedian. we'll tell you how. >> also, notorious mexican drug kingpin on the run for the second time. we'll have the search for him after his elaborate escape. plus: >> quite possibly strange he is experience of my life. so i'm just chilling. fed ex office all by myself. >> calling himself the fed ex prisoner. that guy ended up getting stuck in a fed ex store for hours, clearly had a little bit of fun in there. see how he passed the time and how he was finally rescued. >> bit of muggy start to your week. katie has ion your storms that could ruin outdoor plans later on this week. she'll let you know the rain will arrive coming up next. we'll be right back.
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ ♪ >> coast guards crews looking for missing silver recovered a body in the delaware river. they have not confirm though, if the body is that of the man who went under yesterday afternoon. crews searched the waters off the national park gloucester county where the beach hill road meets the river. that man was originally swimming near the pennsylvania side of the river. several witnesses say they saw
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that man in the water before he disappeared and never resurfaced. >> very distraut, very distraut. we all were. we all were. at first we didn't know what was going on. and, you know, we were watching this through the binoculars, you know just very sad. >> the coast guard said the missing man was not wearing a life jacket while he was swimming in the water. developing right now the manhunt continues this morning, for a drug cartel kingpin. guzman broke out of mexican prison through an escape route. at brian web reports, it is not the first time a notorious drug lord has been on the run. >> the manhunt for mexico's most powerful drug lord known as elchop over continues this morning, from check point tight ends border security, to the closure of international airport, the search so far has turned up nothing. >> when you have the most notorious trafficker in mexico escape right un your nose at
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least in the shower is my understanding, quite a surprise to everyone. >> elchopoa real name, guzman, tour the building toured the end of his mile longest cape tunnel. shows the dark, dusty hole, spars homemade of concrete bricks, had kitchen bedroom where of pair of running shoes was left beside the had this ventilate, lighting, rail system ran 30 feet underground, emerged just below shower inside el chopo's prison cell, 30 guards have been interrogated about the escape. don winslow author written about mexico's cartel. >> there is intimidation factor with these guards and middle level officials where he has killed or had, you know principal on guards killed. can he threaten their families. >> this is not el chopoa he is first escape. he broke out another americans con prison in 20201 on the run for 13 years in new york, brian web cbs-3, "eyewitness
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news". republican presidential candidate done ametropi p very out spoke ben mexico lately and responded to the escape with several fiery tweet writing, quote mexico's biggest drug lord escapes from jail. unbelievable corruption and usa is paying the price. i told you so. he also added the us will invite el chapo mexican drug lord who escaped prison, to become u.s. citizen because our leaders can't say no. >> a new miss usa is crouds. >> miss oklahoma. >> olivia jordan from oak home a.m. is this year's miss usa. she beat out 50 women from each us state and the district of columbia a the pageant has been largely overshadowed by controversy surrounding it partial owner presidential candidate donald trump. nbc, uni vision, dropped the pageant after he called mexican immigrant rapists and killers. many performers including
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natalee rla rose also absent from last night's broadcast. want to get our forecast in just a minute, first check this out. emergency crews forced to perform multiple water rescues after heavy rain caused flashflooding in louisville, kentucky. yet water returns from creeks, rivers, trapping many drivers in their cars. flooding left mower than 2,000 people without power. authority say that no one was injured. and such a drastic contrast to our weekend beautiful dry. >> yes. >> yes, starting to change, though. >> okay. >> yes, i know. toss bridge some storms. >> we start to see the moisture building up. i would say specially tomorrow. really when we start to see the moisture lifting in, to the point that we end up getting potentially drenched at times too. >> enjoy today. >> exactly, that time of year, hopefully everybody a chance to enjoy the beautiful weekend. nice weather down the road at least, but a little bit after hiccup along, for the mid week here comes courtesy of a new system right?
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>> we need them every couple of days to keep the water levels the way they need to be, in the rain. >> keep the grass green. >> exactly, the flowers, they like their drinks. >> they do. >> exactly. >> drink it in. >> so let's go ahead start things off showing you the ben franklin bridge here, and it looks as though at this point things still pretty tranquil over the benny we continue to keep it that way. see more clouds today, also going to start to in the that the humidity beginning to ramp up on you here, but still all-in-all, not terrible day although again in transition mode at this point. taking it out next specifically to storm scan3 what we notice here is that there is definitely moisture working its way just talked about kentucky, some of the moisture working its way through the virginia as at this point, very heavy rain with that, for the most part, staying off to the south. we are waiting for warmfront to lift in here, bring with it obviously not just warmth, but also some moisture. that's where we ends up with the next round of showers storms, so as we jump ahead to tomorrow morning 5:00 a.m. that's when we do begin to see
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again the better shot for some showers and thunderstorms pecking up here. so through the course of the morning, that moisture is building up, and important to remember there this is model not necessarily exactly where things are going to show up. but gives you good sense of the fact okay, timing thing out here, we start to see heavier moisture about the time a loft are you out maybe on the highways. soap, gout to keep that in mind. then nice bulls eye, lovely, centered over philadelphia, about 2:00 p.m. or so. so likely seeing pockets of heavier showers thunderstorm, lingers headed into early morning wednesday. then we've got the cold front that needs to cross through that's going to usher in shower thunderstorm, what you might expect out of this is that with limited sunshine uv index goes on little roller coaster ride specially for tomorrow. so still up there still in the high range as we call it here on the uv index but not going to have the bright sunshine like the weekend produced. meantime expected to to feature mix of those sun and clouds, high very seasonable at 87 with humidity creeping up on us. later tonight it will dot same. down to 70 degrees, moving
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forward in the eyewitness weather seven day forecast, mid 80s basically the story tomorrow wednesday thursday, friday, but big difference is that come thursday this system is clearing out. so going to feel lower humidity, and also see more sunshine return. vittoria, over to you. >> thank you so much katie. good morning everyone, right now the talcony palmyra bridge now up, so 73 is closed t does seem to be that it is being put back down ever so slowly here. we'll let you know it it does get put back down. do anticipate to travel 73 in the next 15, 20 minute, i would say, you have good chance you should be good to go. still waiting on t this is 95 southbound, right around 420 disable, looks like, postal truck, blocking the right-hand lane, or partially blocking the right hand lane. traffic is a breeze, though, no volume real toy talk about. so traveling throughout this area, delaware county, still moving at great speed and also, 95 really generally anywhere, the speed censors are nice and high into the 50's. same thing really goes everywhere. traveling pa, new jersey,
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delaware, it is all good this morning. if you are traveling mass transit, you are looking great. if you are traveling in the airport, looking great. and maybe later on tonight traveling into new jersey, to the susquehanna bank center, 7:00 p.m., foo fighters will be there with royal blood. and i get will get busy and crowded but right now, in the meantime, there is no crowds on the roadway you look just fine. >> the smithsonian will continue to display collection of art donated by bill cosby and his wife. about a third of the smithsonian's national museum of african art 50th anniversary exhibition was donated by the couple. a museum official says the exhibit is not a tribute to cosby. cosby and his wife have also given the exhibit $176,000. still to come this morning, gas prices are going down. but if you commute by treanor by bus get ready to pay more to get to work. we'll let you know who is talking about raising ticket prices this week. and, it is a historic mission, nine and a half years in the making, now, we're
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about to get our best look yet at pluto. details on that coming up. good morning.
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>> we may see the closest pictures to date of pluto tomorrow morning. correspondent meg oliver tells us, mission nearly ten years in the making. judge. >> if you think this is jaw dropping, haven't seen anything yet. >> space consultant, bill harwood. >> won't see anything like this again i don't think in our lives. >> nasa's new horizon spacecraft will zip by 7:58 tuesday, for the closest to date. fly by takes place 7800 miles away from pluto. >> nobody has any idea what the spacecraft is going to show them. the pictures on the way in, really exciting. >> mission nine and a half years in the making. new horizons launched in 2006 leaving earth at 36,000 miles an hour. it has travel nearly million miles a day for close to
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decade. tom has been if the front line for nasa since 1965. reaching the solar system's coldest destination will be historic featt. >> really running high, as soon as they see new set of data, and it goes up on the screen, you know, they burst into applause, high fives, everything else. >> sale altitude from spares, can make out the softball fields from central park. hoping to catch amazing details like that on tuesday. meg oliver cbs news. so cool, flight talking sports right now the phillies are off until friday, for the all-star break. they have the worse record in baseball and they just set the franchise record for most losses before the all-star back with 62. homerun derby tonight in cincinnati with the all-star game tomorrow. >> and hey check it out.
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texas longhorns kicker nick rose kicking 80-yard field gold. he makes it look routine despite the fact the longest fields goal in the nfl 64 yards and the longest in college football, 69 yards. just amazing kick there. and he even has little room to spare. look how far the ball goes. 80 yards, how about that? >> coming up in the next half hour frightening flight. see how the sky divers even have a chance to jump out of the plane. justin? >> two people recovering after being shot, one of two shootings late last night. i'm justin finch. details coming up after this. >> justin, thanks. also, fire fighting danger. the unusual problem that briefly stops firefighters from battling this wild fire. katy? >> erika, we are setting ourselves up for very typical mid-july day here, temperatures are typical humidity is typical but woe eventually end one more wet weather. we'll track it for you coming up. >> vittoria watching those roads for up.
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she let you know about the backups before you walk out the door. good morning.
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>> live with the search for the shooters and what's
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happening now, all of that coming up in a moment. first after gorgeous week, back to work for all of us, oh ya. >> beautiful weekend here we are. >> showers roads looking great? >> hope it stays like this for as long as possible, but great way to start your morning commute. i would say weather wise -- >> not terrible, not terrible yet. start to seep the moisture building up. so starts to notice the humidity today eventually warm and cold front, have to boss cross through so mid week where it starts to get a little meh. >> that's what the forecast says meh (. >> but let me get you outside little more detail what in fact is actually going on outside. at the moment, not a heck of a lot. not even terribly humid yet. starting to creep up on us though. that's what you can expect through the course of the day so we get on outside, first and for most to shore shot here outside side in the live neighborhood network quiet as
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can be, some of the guard boats there, and the trash can, at the moment nice and clean, looks like the seagulls have done their bills or haven't arrived yet. one or the other. because usually we see the trash just strewn around because they take care of business in the morning. but let's go ahead next, we see obviously quiet view, out here, as well, with nothing more than couple of clouds, off to good start. moisture bing to become more noticeable, few showers, one of the models trying to hint we might even see quick shower, if you saw throughout the daylight hours, if you did see that, don't be shock by it but most of the day will feature what we call partly sunny day, you can expect, though to start to feel muggier and muggier with time. temperatures meantime should still hit pretty seasonable territory, mid upper eight's the expectation, again generally spec to go see some sunshine. now, as we take you down to the shore points there is isn't looking bad. starting offer as we showed you in the shot second ago with with a couple of clouds here and there but


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