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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 7, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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i am hoping you will throw us a bone in terms of wetter. >> we could do the flip side that far. things pretty quiet overall, for the northern tier of the area shall meisha, a we are however still watching the storm system, we just showed you on storm scan, the wide zoom. we start things off though this time around by looking at the localized zoom. got to tell you brunt of what we've seen out of the storm pretty much already happened. we did have steadier rain roll through southern counties last night, now kinds of just left with this few spits of drizzle, showers here and there, philadelphia, expected to primarily just be done with this storm. so it really is a system that's completely clipped us, what you will find out there, for the rest of this morning, though, really more than anything, just some clouds. the further north you go, you will likely even start off with some sun, talking the lehigh valley, peck know region, any of the showers we still have out there are primarily confined south of the city. so if that's where your travels take you, that's what we will likely finds damp roadways, even slick roadways, but just be extra cautious of.
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that will meanwhile the rest of the region as whole, off to cool start because of the clearing sky. check out allentown, below 606 already, flirting with 70 granted right now at the airport, but, it is a comfortable start to the morning, all things considered. specially considering the fact that you have got a storm over head, moisture to work with, you would think there would be more humidity, but not too bad. as the day progresses, we've bumped up high expectations little bit since we think we'll see more sunshine before the day is said and done. about 84 degrees at the height of the afternoon, meisha, a not terrible day whatsoever, specially since this storm system has really been the billing thing that we've been following all week long, could have been so much worse. >> i've been all ears, listening toy every single morning, that's good news, and i'm glad we have good news, because a it is friday and b, it has been busy in the traffic center. for those every you hitting the roadways, here is a look at the schuylkill, off ram top spring garden, still closed as you know, we've been talking about that for quite some time. that will reopens on the 12th. then the roosevelt boulevard you can see coming around this s curve trying to make your
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way to the schuylkill, trying to make it westbound, all week i've been talking about this stretch, because it has been very busy. not so much right now. looking pretty good right now. but certainly will, even as we get into the 5:00 hour then the 6:00 hour of of course the ben franklin bridge, those coming into new jersey, looking great in this area, typically does, still early, still waking up on the roadways, we had one of our first accidents of the morning, in honeybrook, casino of in the northwest region, twin county road between poplar street and ash streets, now close in the all directions, all lanes blocked, so use that alternate of route 23 for those of you in and around that area. then we have the construction 202 northbound for those of you in and around that area. just make note that far construction project. it has been in place, now, erika, over to you. >> thank you. new this morning, man shot and killed, on north philadelphia street. philadelphia police are investigating the shoot that took place just after midnight. it happened on the 1900 block of north crosskeys street. police arrived to find a 18 year old man, shot in the
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chest, and stomach. he was taken to temple hospital where he died shortly after 2:00 this morning. his attacker is still at large. we'll have more on this many coming up in a live report with our jan carabeo at 5:30. >> right now pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane she plans to stay on the job after she is charged with violating grand jury secrecy, and then lying about it under oath. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us now, in the cbs-3 sat center with the latest details, justin, good morning. >> good morning, that's right. staying on the job, even as governor wolf, doubts that kane can be effective attorney general, now facing serious charges, including corruption, obstruction, oppression, perjury, and false swearing. the case against kane has been more than a year in the making, and she says she is now looking forward to her day in court. >> a campaign of cover ups and counter blows charging documents released thursday, cast attorney general kathleen kane as commander of a political war. >> no one is above the law.
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>> did kane arrange leaks of high profile cases to defend de tractors and then deny it all under oath? district attorney risa furman of montgomery county believes so. outlining criminal case, more than a year in the making. >> when an elected official violate the public trust, and violates his or her oath, it is up to us to stand up and hold that person accountable. >> the case alleges kane directed her driver, patrick reese, to pull secret grand jury documents, from a 2009 probe and release them to the philadelphia daily news. kane herself has been under investigation for month. then january, word of grand jury recommendation to charge kane with leaking information and launching a cover up. elected to fight corruption, now facing charges of corruption, governor tom wolf expressed concern. >> i am not sure how the top law enforcement officer in pennsylvania can continue to perform her duties while she
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is defending herself against these serious charges. >> kane has said she has no plans to resign, but yesterday fuhrman hinted more charges in the kane case could surface. >> whether or not she should step down is a decision she will have to make, and whether any action should be taken regard that is something that others outside of this room will have to address. >> and we do have a statement from kane this morning, reading in part: i look forward to the opportunity to present my case in a public courtroom, and move beyond the behind the scenes maneuvering that has defined the pros toast this point. now, kane is the first woman and first democrat elected pennsylvania attorney general, and she is said to surrender, erika, at a later date. live in the sat center, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> we will be following it, justin, thank you. now if kane were to step down, bruce beamer her dispute i would take over as interim attorney general. governor wolf appoint a successor to complete kane's term which goes until 2017. that successor would need to be approved of two thirds of
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the pennsylvania senate members. stay with "eyewitness news", as we stay on top of this story for you. when you are not near a tv you can always hop on line to get the latest at >> 5:06 right now. and there is newly revised class action lawsuit in the george washington bridge scandal. seeks damages for drivers and taxi companies caught in lane closures in 2013. the suit does not name new jersey governor chris christie. it names the former new york-new jersey port authority official who pleaded guilty to helping orchestrate the traffic jams. it was allegedly pay-back for a mayor who would not support christie's re-election bid. >> and, turning now to campaign 2016, top ten republican presidential candidates square off in their first debate. there were few on-stage spat, and few swings taken at the other side of the aisle, specifically at hillary clinton. andrew spencer takes a look. >> donald trump once again
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being un apologetically donald trump. >> i've been challenged by so many people. and i don't frankly have time for total political correctness. >> during the prime time debate, jeb bush won cheers on education. >> if we are going to compete in this world we're in today, there is no possible way we can do it with lowering expectations and coming down everything, children are going to suffer and families hearts are going to be broke fen their kids won't be able to get a job in the 21st century. >> trump held most of the attention at center stage, past contribution toss democratic candidate, calling the relationship between money and politics a broken system. >> what did you get from hillary clinton and nancy pelosi? >> with hillary clinton i said be at my wedding and she came to my wedding. you know why? she had no choice because i gave. i didn't know her money would be used on private jets going all over the worlds. >> the democratic frontrunner wasn't in the room. but she was certainly a topic of conversation last night. >> we spent a lot of time talking about hillary clinton and pitting us back and forth.
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let's be cheer. we should be talking about hillary clinton on the last subject because everywhere in the world that hillary clinton touched is more messed up today than before -- >> we have many questions to come. many questions to come. >> and scott walker wasn't the only one issuing a clear challenge. >> hillary clinton is the candidate which i doubt that would be a dream come true. >> all of the candidates on stage said they would support who ever gets the party's nomination with a clear exception of course of donald trump. andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> and, during that debate, one of the moderators asked donald trump to explain his past business bankrupcies. and this is what drum-to say about leaving atlantic city. >> i had the good sense to leave atlantic city, which by the way, ceasar's just went bankrupt, every company, chris can tell you, every company virtually in atlantic city went bankrupt. every company. let me just tell you, i had the good sense, and i've gotten an lot of credit in the financial pages, seven years ago i left atlantic city before it totally cratered.
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and i made a lot of money in atlantic city and i'm very proud of t i want to tell you that, very, very proud of it. >> while the gop candidates were debating democratic candidate hillary clinton was fundraising in california. check this out. kim kardashian tweeted this selfie, with the former secretary of state, along with kardashian's husband, kanye west. she writes, quote, i got myself owe. i really loved hearing her speak and hearing her goals for our country. hashtag hillary for president. >> 5:09. philadelphia police are searching for a man who was seen on video, chasing his victim down a queen village street. check it outright here. the 28 year old victim was walking on the 700 block of passyunk avenue last week, when the suspect chased her. officials say the manna tack her and stole her cell phone before running away. if you recognize that man you are asked to call police. also, this morning, this man is accused of using craigslist to steel from his victims. philadelphia police are searching for 44 year old
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harry moore. they say that he list at a -- list as property for rent, takes cash deposit, just keeps the money. so far he's stolen more than $10,000, and that's just since marble. >> still ahead this morning, taiwan is bracing for impact from a massive typhoon. we'll have the latest just ahead. then this weekend marks the one year anniversary of the unrest in ferguson. we'll tell you how local businesses are work to go rebuild. >> and talk about flying the unfriendly skies, a fight breaks out inside an airplane. we'll tell you why those two passengers are slugging it out. >> ♪ >> our forecast certainly changed for today, katie tracking it all week long, looking like the rain will just clip us. how is your weekend looking? she has the details as you look live inside of our control room. happy friday morning, gang,
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all of the folks behind the scenes, come on, can you biff me a wave? that's our fantastic producer, there he is, two hands in the sky. good morning, we'll be right back. >> ♪
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in a medical study, most stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®. >> police say 26 year old vincent had long history of pschiatric treatment. monday tan owe attack several
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movie-goers with pepper spray, a hatchet and a pellet gun wednesday. no patrons were seriously injured. swat team members shot and killed mantano outside of theater. officials say he had previously committed pschiatric facilities. >> jury deliberations are expected to resume today in the death penalty case of colorado movie theater gunman james homes. closing arguments finished up yesterday afternoon. jurors will now decide whether holmes gets life in prison or the death penalty. twelve people died in the july 2012 massacre. sunday will mark the first anniversary of the police shooting avianca can american teenager in ferguson, missouri. michael brown's death sparked vandalism and looting in the st. louis suburb. more than 200 businesses suffered either in damage or a drop in revenue. but, zombies cents are rebuilding, it is all thanks to millions of dollars in loans and grant. >> customers not like to go into a building with a burned building right next to it. so it was very important to us
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to help bring these burned structures down. >> scars remain, though. twenty damaged businesses remain closed for now. most owners plan to rebuild. high winds are being blamed for toppling this big rig on busy arizona highway. take a closer look right here. we want to show you the scene along interstate ten yesterday. does in the appear the driver suffered any injuries. national weather service said dust what is was wild up by 62-mile per hour winds. >> right now check this out. gusty winds are also churning up the surf along key lawn harbor. much of taiwan already shutdown as resident prepare for landfall later this evening. many flights also in and out of the country have also been canceled, katie there is could be hits tore i can typhoon for ther? >> absolutely there is will be one of the big ones that hits them here, as it moves ever closer, a very large system for one thing, it is definitely very, very well defined, and it has got some
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very significant wind. so storm surge, the strong wind, the rip current, the heavy rain that will all come along with this, all of major concern for our area. we do need to start things offer though. we go on out there and check out what's happening here with this track. so we will take you there first. remember, these categorization cents, cat three of hurricane relate to what are national weather service and noah specifically how they classify hurricanes. they do it little differently with the typhoon service. but regardless there is gives you a idea it, makes it a little more understandable what we are looking at here. wind gusts with the storm up to 155 miles per hour. the tiny little island of taiwan is right in the path, then it crosses over, it remains a cat two, essentially, as it moves on shore, on eastern china, and then it starts to weaken. it will continue to produce very, very heavy rain, through that area, through the course of the weekends. meanwhile, we bring it back stateside. show you what's happening here at the local level. we do continue to track the retreat at least at this point
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of a mid-atlantic storm. still see showers, some drizzle, firing up on the area radar here, primarily all southeast of philadelphia. and the i95 corridor. however, i want to zoom it out one more time here. you see the combination every pretty well defined, nice curvature with this particular storm, over the canadian prairie. this will be a slow mover, but eventually, it does sort of turn into and go into the next best chance for wet weather. dew point wise, lower the dew point, drier the air. always the motto, right? so you have got good hair day to start things off in the mount pocono area, allentown area, not too terrible with storm over head across the southern count ills. where we stand temperature wise, the actual air at 69 degrees, in philadelphia at the airport, not best beach day, clouds more than anything, but not wash out, just few showers out there, as the storm retreat. and we will get you in the mid 80s for the next seven days, it looks like, in philadelphia. the weekend looks good. if have a weekend scheduled at the shore, real toy do
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anything else outside, you're a-okay. looks good. >> mid 80s. >> yes. >> feels good. >> thank you. >> tgif, everyone, live look outside. ninety-five, southbound, at cottman, coming around the s curve into center city looking great here. we will probably see this maintain to lock like this through the 5:00 hour, of course around the 6:00 hour, definately see the change, it has been one of the hot spots. also the schuylkill eastbound, the off ramp from spring garden, on to the schuylkill expressway. now the off ramp is closed until 5:00 a.m., every day, until the 12th. so, it opens after 5:00 a.m. but until the 12th, it is closed until 5:00 a.m. again. that's the off ramp from spring garden, on to the schuylkill expressway eastbound. here's a look at 309 northbound, at the pennsylvania turnpike, looks very quiet, very nice, for those of you just thinking about leaving your homes in this area. now is a good time to do so. we've got construction, 202 north, the off ramp to route 401 is closed friday,
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7:00 p.m., until monday, at 5:00 a.m. so make little note of that. going to the wide, all the speed censors are showing nice and hi, just what we want to see, erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. two passengers brawl on crowded plane and all of it is caught on camera too. keep an eye here on the man standing in the aisle put that back pack on. now, he is being kick off at united airlines flight about to de par to chicago, slugs the other pass inning nerve first class. we have it in motion. that man being removed by the captain, because he apparently refused to turnoff his cell phone, and he just clocks the guy. he is now being charged, facing charges of battery, and resisting arrest. >> 5:19 right now. and they are being called angels at the airport. 2tsa agent at philadelphia international airport are hailed as heroes after saving a man's life at a security check point. connie la boot and la sean did a rushed over to help george when they heard his wife scream out emergency. george was having a heart attack. connie performed cpr until aed
5:20 am
was used on his chest. >> when he came back we were like yeah, we got him. i asked him his name, how he is feeling, where he was going. and you know i told him, i said well you are good today. >> really i am still processing that. it is tough because the outcome had been different, i would be sitting in black and our whole family would be devestated. >> thank goodness they were there. now, tsa officers are not regularly trained to perform cpr. but thankfully, connie and laseanda had previously training. >> one learned as varsity soccer coach, and the other with training with an emt. right place, right time. >> us department of agriculture said they found destructive pets in shipment to the philadelphia seaport. that one found in a shipment of pineapples from costa rica. this type of moth can cause damage to crops, perrenials, trees, shrubs.
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also found beat that many can damage other comes. officials say they fume gale dollars the shipment, everything now appears to be okay. >> and check this out. the walls of texas home filled with bees. about half million bees in all. neighbors say the house scheduled for demolition had been abandoned for years. specialists with the american honey bee protection agency worked for two hours to remove all of those bees. they will then be moved to a new location, where they are needed for pollination. >> right now, 5:21. time to check your philadelphia job market report. cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger joins us with more. >> stay at home parent rejoining the work force need to take essential steps to help them land a job. start by working your network. contact former co-workers and supervisors who know you and the quality of your work. in updating your resume and your link in the profile, highlight activities that you have done while at home, like blogging, leading organizations, or volunteering.
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on-line courses or classes at a local college will make you more marketable, and show that you have kept current on your skills. one valuable resource is i relaunch, company helps people jump start their professional lives after a career break. the site provides information and links to companies with programs to recruit stay at home parent. the financial services industry is aggressively recruiting employees looking to re-enter the work force. personal financial advisors here in the philadelphia area are at median annual pay of over $119,000. and moms, take note, these firms are specifically targeting women. because research shows that women prefer to work with female advisors. i'm jill schlessinger for cbs-3, ooh i witness news.
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>> remind err for you about cbs-3 amazing race casting call. it is today, finally today, at the kalahari resorts and convention in pocono manor. get full details at our website just search amazing race. topping sports right now, the phillies begin nine game west coast trip tonight in san diego. the phils have lost their last two games in a rope. chase utley, em be back in action for the phillies tonight. he's been out since june with a ankle injury. the phils say utley will play about four days in a row, four days a week for now, could see action at first, and second base. so look for. that will. >> coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", this amazing story of something lost and found, after more than three decades. we'll explain. jan? >> and, erika, 18 year old man is gunned down, outside of his north philadelphia home. i'm jan carabeo, reporting live on scene this morning,
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coming up: why investigators now say they're searching for an unusual suspect. >> all right, jan, thank you. also, john stewart signs off from the daily show, for the last time. we'll have a look at his final show, such funny guy, kate. >> i absolutely, love him, we will miss him a lot. tell you what: this forecast is looking better and bert, if you have got plans to be outside this weekend, i think you'll like what we've got to report here. we do, however, have showers, storms, down the road in the forecast. we'll tell you when to expect the next round coming up.
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>> good morning to you, it is friday, august 7th, i i'm erica von tiehl. deadly shooting overnight, also the inch opportunity every pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane. and if your waking up this morning, and you must i had that papal pass lottery, we'll tell but septa plans for riders who still need those tickets. but, at least we made it to friday, ladies. >> indeed we d the weather is working out for us, but the roads are busier than they normally are on fry morning. >> specially for a friday morning, monday, we get it, but yes, for a friday, what? right before the weekends. >> yes. >> i don't know, but at least the weather is looking good. >> it is better at least. i wouldn't call it the perfect day, but sure beats what the prague knows his looked like earlier in the week when so many of our computer mod were jumping on this idea of heavy rain brunt of the storm already through. >> we will take it. >> yes, you might have slept right through it. >> y


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