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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  August 20, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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later tonight. we are dealing with the first round of the bit of the 1/2 punch with heavy downpours embedded within this line of showers. where you see green is steady to moderate rainfall coming through but few spots dealing with heavier rain right now, namely, portions of the west chester county, highland, nottingham we are seeing heavy downpours there and that will cross along business route 30 and as we head into south jersey as well, woolwich township, pilesgrove and deerfield we are seeing heavier downpours as will well. there is a lot going on. we have jimmy buffet, rascal flats in atlantic city, dinner even blank but you want to be careful and safe as we will flash flood watch for much of the area that does not the include the shore and southern delaware. every place else included in that and what that means is these heavy downpours could drop 2 inches of rain per hour in spots, leading to street flooding. we are watching creeks and streams. don't drive through flood waters this photo from gary walk in dover, delaware.
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see how high those flood waters came up on the wheels of the jeep there. do not drive through road like this. this continues in the the overnight hours. i do have some good news for friday and the weekend coming up in just a few minutes. the jessica, back over to you. you can also track the storms, anytime you want with the cbs philly weather app, great tool on days like this. check radar and get an updated forecast anytime. down load the app right new for freon itunes and google play. grand jury votes against bringing charges against two new jersey police officers who shot and killed a man during a traffic stop. "eyewitness news" reporter charlotte hoffman is live in bridgeton with more on the decision, charlotte? >> reporter: jessica, grand jury's decision not to charge the the two officers is one that these activist plan to appeal to the u.s. department of justice and demand a federal investigation. >> it still seems as though a punch in the gut. >> reporter: react to go thursday's news is walter hudson chairman of the civil rights organization, national
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awareness alliance. >> what do we want. >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> reporter: group led protest this is year condemning the shooting. >> went right through that stop sign back there. >> reporter: happened during a december 30th traffic stop that quickly escalated when one bridgeton officer yells he sees a gun. >> he had has a gun. >> reporter: officer told reid not to move but he forced his way out of the vehicle and officer opened fire. after a prosecutor removed herself from the investigation because she knew one of the officers, protesters unsuccessfully called for the state attorney general to take over the investigation. >> our contention has been from the outset that we have no faith and just in the county prosecutor's office to hold their own accountable, and they proved us right. >> reporter: according to a lengthy statement released to day the prosecutor's office says that prosecutor, was not involved in the investigation or grand jury presentation.
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and before firing shots the officers perceived they were in imminent danger and feared for their lives. but hudson is not buying it. >> that is a common excuse that, you know, police officers, you know, use to just file their behavior. >> reporter: prosecutor's office denied our interview request but in that statement the office, reassured the public saying a comprehensive conflict inquiry was completed to ensure no conflict of interest existed in any of the people assigned to the case. we're live from bridgeton charlotte huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you, charlotte. authorities are releasing new details in their search for a suspect in two sexual attacks on a golf course. this story we first told but on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 last night. at salt happened on the cobbs creek golf course in overbrook and philadelphia police now believe that the same man committed both crimes. the most recent attack happened on friday night, the
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first attack, happened july the 11th. and in each case, the victims were welcomed and then the the suspect attacked them. police are warning women to be aware of the surrounding. >> mountain first case is there a pulling in the park and sexual assault and then fleeing. the in the second case, the subject like a blitz craig a attacks, poundses on her and renders her unconscious. >> police described the man as a hispanic man in his mid 30's, standing about 5 feet 5 inches tall, clean shave even with a muscular build. anyone with any information is ask to call police. we have learned that another person has died, from wednesday's fatal crash at southampton township. new jersey state police say 18 year-old jaris a galleveno hospital at coupe are hospital at 10:15 last night. car head four pedestrians on budd town road also killing a two-year old and critically injuring two other juveniles. new information about the visit of the pope francis and
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how residents of philadelphia can cope with the crowds, and the closures. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in center city with what officials have dubbed the papal visit play book. >> reporter: that is right. for weeks we have pneumonia hearing from resident who say they are concerned about what they will be able to do during the pope's visit and for weeks it seemed like city officials were only focusing on businesses, and business owners, but take a a look, we're here in center city. thinks the kennedy house. hundreds of people live in this place. so today the city has announced something called the papal will play book which is supposed to help them and other resident out. it is easy to see why harriet loves her 27th floor apartment in the kennedy house. >> i love the location, i love my view. >> reporter: but it is location overlooking part of the parkway, has her asking many locations about what will happen to her and her neighbor's lives during pope francis trip to the city of brotherly love. >> should i as a resident be
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going out and stocking my home with water. if the phone goes out, because of a catastrophe how do i communicate? >> reporter: how would you say the city has handled specifically the tenants, the residents so far. >> i don't think they have. >> good afternoon everyone. >> reporter: thursday's mayor nutter tried addressing those concerns. >> our collective goal, to reduce as many of the difficulties and challenges that our residents may experience. >> reporter: announcing a new on line directory which will go live monday. >> another resource for residents will be the papal visit the play book. >> reporter: specific details were not released but mayor says that play book will include information on trash pick up, which will be canceled both friday and monday of that visit. it will also map out local grocery stores, places of worship, and hospitals within the secure boundary. >> there is a lot of information,. >> reporter: but with few specifics today harriet says she's hoping to see what information is officially
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released next week. >> iowa was glad to hear we will get some information, i wish that it were out already if for no other reason people would feel relieved. >> reporter: jessica, also announce today increased hours for the cities 311 operator systems. the mayor saying that it will be staffed 24/7, from the thursday before the the pope visit, through the monday afterward. so any concerned residents can also call into that system as well. we are live from center city, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a lot of people trying to plan for that thanks very much. school reform commission will meet in 30 minutes to approve a plan to close philadelphia public schools on thursday, september 24th, that is just before the pope arrives. schools are already closed on wednesday, for yom kippur and friday for the papal visit. plans for monday after the pope leaves are still up in the air but we will let you know if they decide. complete coverage of the papal visit is available on line anytime, for you at cbs by the way, we're now just 37 days away from the big event.
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former president jimmy carter spoke out today about his fight against cancer. in an extraordinary news conference mr. carter revealed the cancer has spread to his brain. he underwent his first radiation treatment this afternoon and our pat ciarrocchi has more. >> i'm looking forward to a new adventure. >> reporter: jimmy carter drew on his candor and courage as he spoke publicly for the first time about a cancer that has spread. >> there were four spots of melanoma on my brain. >> reporter: doctors say typically melanoma begins as a skin lesion. for mr. carter it triggered a tumor in his liver and then the spots to his brain. >> i have had an exciting, adventure us, gratifying existence. >> reporter: and a life he is fight to go keep. mr. carter will have a two pronged treatment, first focused radiation on the brain lesions, and at penn medicine doctor jim metz, chair of radiation oncology showed us what mr. carter could expect in the treatment room. a mask formed for his face,
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would hold his head absolutely still and radiation is administered. >> we come from multiple directions concentrated in one area. >> reporter: second component is a iv drug to a attack the medical nome a doctor metz calls it a 1/2 punch with the radiation, it is all tolerated with few side effects. >> the idea is radiation will cause death of the tumor cells, cause an immune response and with that drug it makes immune system work better at treating not only that lesion but others in the body. >> i feel great. >> reporter: bob gordon's melanoma started on his scalp and spread were four lesion toss his lungs. he is 45. on that same drug, with good results. >> i had i think two on each side that i know of, two completely gone from the medicine and there is only two left but they are shrinking. >> reporter: as for mr. carter, he is 90. spirited, and philosophical. >> hope for the best and
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accept what comes. i have been as blessed as any human being in the world. >> penn medicine has been part of the clinical trials using that same drug for raise eyes and cancers that have spread. also doctors have seen a genetic link between the melanoma and also, pancreatic cancers that took four of mr. carter's family members. with this treatment, mr. carter is expected to have a good, quality of life. in the the sat center, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". wishing him the best, pat, thanks very much. caitlin jenner could face a vehicular manslaughter charge. jenner was involve in the fatal crash on the pacific coast highway in malibu last february. sheriff's department says jenner was driving unsafe for prevailing road conditions and is recommending prosecutors file the charge. the case will be presented for final review next week. well, it was a terrible day, on wall street, as the
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stock market got hammered across the the board the the dow jones industrial average dropped 358 points to just over 16990, steepes decline since february 2014 for both dow jones and s and p500. nasdaq dropped 141 points. the bad day was caused over concerns of the timing of the rate hike and global economy, primarily china. still to come on "eyewitness news" big changes for power ball lottery, the new rules that make it more likely that you could win some money. plus. >> i came here to try to be a better leader and improve myself and i feel like difficult that. >> she did more than just that she made history, had hear what the two women who broke barriers who graduated as an elite army ranger say about their historic achievement. stepped up security, the major theater chain that is people before they head into
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see films. we are keeping an eye on the storms rolling through the area, wet commute home on 202 near west chester. kate's got the latest on the downpours for you up next. bill's got a very tough 13lie here......
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looks like we have some sort of sea monster in the water hazard here. i believe that's a "kraken", bruce. it looks like he's going to go with a nine iron. that may not be enough club... well he's definitely going to lose a stroke on this hole. if you're a golf commentator, you whisper. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric...
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it is a party, down the shore in atlantic city right now. tens of thousands of people are eagerly awaiting tonight's rascal flats concert. "eyewitness news" reporter vittoria woodill is right there among so many other people, vittoria. >> that is right, we are live in atlantic city on the ever vibrant the atlantic city boardwalk awaiting rascal flats, just moments ago, singer/song writer, and country music monroe, just wrapped up, she was the the opening act but thousands as jessica mentioned are waiting on the board and beach for the main event and that is rascal flats. the the excitement is not just happening right now, it has been happening all day long, lets take a look. >> get your daily news on, the the fans started packing beach at noon when the gates open. >> are you ready for rascal flats. >> yes, wow. >> reporter: fired up for rascal flats summer riot tour picking up on spots with beach
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blankets ready for country down the shore. no one is minding a little sand in their cowboy boots. tell me how big a fan you are. >> about like that big. >> reporter: is what your favorite rascal flats song. >> my wish. >> lots of water, sun block, sun tan lotion. >> reporter: i have been waiting for rascal flats for six years. >> waiting for the smooth, summer sound. tickets start at 20 bucks. >> it is a all about people being happy. >> reporter: jeff is executive director of the atlantic city a lines promoting the city summer concert. why put these beach concerts together. >> we put them on because it business bringing new visitors who have a great time in atlantic city and putting people back to work and generating and spurring our economy here. >> ♪ >> reporter: country music singer song wish ashley monroe opened up for the trio.
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>> ♪ >> reporter: that is right, just moments ago ashley rocked out her opening act and she really set the tone. but i'm telling you like that little cow girl said earlier, how much do you love rascal flats. this much, this much. i have to gree with her, i love rascal flats this much as well. they start at 5:30. we are anxiously a awaiting, including that guy, come on, we're all waiting, excited, jessica, i'm sending it back to you. >> you have a lot of friend there that want to be very close to you. >> yes, exactly. >> there they are. >> all right. >> thanks, guys. >> love it. >> well, there is a lot of outdoor plans between that and dinner en blank is happening tonight. hopefully it stays dry. >> i don't know if i want to be outside in all white on a night-light tonight. >> good point. >> it will get wet out there. if you are ready for summer riots i think. >> or summer storms. >> yes, that would be it. we are ready for summer storms. they are here.or summer they will continue to move
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through during the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning. the good news this system is in and out faster then anticipated. we will salvage a pretty great friday but we have to get through tonight first. lets look the at what is happening. we will go outside to campbell's feel. you can see ben franklin bridge is looking ominous right now those dark clouds have filled the sky over center city philadelphia the rain, begins to push in from the west. not looking great outside right now, we're looking at these rain showers, moving on through, and it is going to get heavy in the city. very, very shortly. just in time for evening rush. lets look at storm scan three. you can see what we are looking at. 1/2 punch. first line of showers and storms lifting through right now but we have another line along the actual front back to the west. new there is a really good slug of dry arrow taiting around the center of this low that will get here eventually, it is pushing these storms through quicker and that is good news because it will clear it out during early morning hours tomorrow but right now they are seeing steady to moderate rain moving through. we have a few spots starting to pick up a few stronger
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thunderstorms this one helping for berks county with good amount of rain and lightening heading for reading area if you are there things will go downhill quickly for us. watching a few other areas of storms this one right along i-95 in maryland, and back towards this area we are seeing a line of storms. this looks like isolated wind damage with that bow hook. thinks all lifting to the north, and east, so we have a good deal of storm activity, to get through before we clear it out tonight. you can see it is ominous on the palmyra cove nature park camera and lot at rain drops on the camera lens at kutztown area middle school where it is raining slightly, 72 degrees there now. temperatures started to drop as rain moves n we are back to the 07's in reading. seventy-seven in allentown. still hanging on to the 80's in philadelphia good news for rascal flats fans things look better down the shore as most of the showers stayed away, 28 at the atlantic city airport. how about this heat wave. we have just barely hit 90 today. so that means the heat wave lives, day number six of the latest heat wave our average
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high 85 degrees. what to expect this evening? a cluster of showers and storms moving through. isolated heavy downpours embedded within that cluster. watch for ponding, slow travel and possible flash flooding. here's what to expect for rest of tonight this batch lifts on out within the next couple of hours and then we will watch western line pick up the pace here by 11:00 o'clock. scattered showers and storms in the early morning hours, some of which could be locally heavy. we could get an additional half inch of rain in some spots, before all is said and done. and, danny, by the way, now a hurricane but it is fighting dry air. our model plots take it north of the lesser antill es approaching greater antilles a as we head into the start of next week. still not a threat for any u.s. territory. we will let you know as it moves closer to land. overnight, heavy rain possible, 72 degrees. for your friday things get better and great in the weekend, saturday is beautiful. eighty-four with low humidity. i will have seven day in a few minutes. now jessica, back to you. >> thanks very much, kate. a raging wild fire kills
5:21 pm
three fire fighters out west and injured several more and we're learning new information about the the growing fire. pat? jessica, as eagles practice with and prepare for ravens they got hit with an injury at a position where they cannot afford it. plus, it is end of an impressive era more on chase utley a's trade to the dodgers coming up in sports. narrvoted to defund planned parenthood - risking health care for millions of women.
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now republicans want to shut down the government - to block funding for planned parenthood. what would a shutdown mean for pennsylvania? veteran: will anyone be there to process my veterans benefits? senior: what will that do to social security and medicare? mom: will i be able to get my daughter into head start? small business woman: what about small business loans? narrator: tell senator toomey - stand up for planned parenthood health care - not a government shutdown.
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pat galleys joining us on the news chase utley is not a philly, that will take a while to get used to. >> i think once we see him with the dodgers blue on it wilsonk in. great era, an era that began on april 4th, 2003 and lasted parts of the 13 seasons. we witness that had beautiful swing, incredible hustle, six all-star appearances and world championship but the chase utley era ended last night with a trade to the los angeles dodgers where he will team up with jimmy rollins once again. utley says leaving philly is the hardest part. >> it is difficult not seeing
5:25 pm
the phillies fans out there and their support, but i just hope they know how much i appreciate their support over the years. >> at eagles practice with the rave topes day a player bird were counting on to fill a large role, left the the field in a cart. marcus smith injured his hamstring and, according to reports is scheduled to have a mri. a as we look to saturday, in baltimore we are not sure if sam bradford will be the starting quarterback. chip kelly kept him out and said he would play with the ravens but today he was non-committal. >> we have today's training and tomorrow's training and then we will sit down tomorrow afternoon and decide who is playing what and what is going on saturday night. >> i haven't talk to him this week but our conversation last week was he is was going to play but with coach, you never know. i'm hoping he hasn't changed his mind. >> i think everybody is hoping he hasn't change his mind. the lets see this guy throw the the football. >> i think so. >> thanks very much.
5:26 pm
still to come, kate's tracking storms that are leading to the threat of the flash flooding, but it is a female first, two women who just passed army ranger school are talking about their historic achievement. hear their message for other women. former president jimmy carter in the fight of his life as he starts radiation treatment for brain cancer, we will talk to a local doctor about carter's a treatment and prognosis. and new at 6:00 tonight desperate to divorce a woman takes to crowd funding to raise money for legal proceedings and as you can imagine it is causing quite a don't. we will talk bit tonight
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i'm jessica dean with the day's top stories. a grand jury declines to indict two bridgeton, new jersey police officers over their use of deadly force. the the officers fatally shot jeremy reid during a traffic stop last december and that encounter was captured on
5:30 pm
police dash cam video. authorities now believe that the same man, sexually assaulted two women on the cobbs creek golf course in overbrook. the most recent attack happened friday night, the first assault happened july 11th, and police are warning women to be aware of their surroundings as they searched for the suspect. the city of philadelphia reveals new details for resident when pope francis is in town, and on line directory will go live monday and it is being called papal visit play book, kate? jessica, heavy rain moving through right now and it will continue through tonight and into the the overnight hours. you can see where heavier rain is yellow shading on the triple sweep up through lehigh valley, into berks county. one nasty looking thunderstorm heading for reading but we have to watch for the storms firing up to the west and they will eventually slide in the area, rain just poised to move into center city philadelphia, most of the region is under a flash flood watch and that goes right through tomorrow morning and that means conditions are favorable for flash flooding to occur, if you encounter any flooding on
5:31 pm
area roadways do not drive through, find an alternate route. i have better news with the seven day forecast and i will that have in a few minutes. for now, jessica, back to you. first female soldiers to complete the army ranger school will graduate tomorrow, is there the first woman who will earn the right to wear coveted ranger tab on their uniforms. but as cbs news correspondent craig boswell reports tonight they won't aloud to serve in the ranger regimen. >> reporter: for the first time two women will graduate from the army's demanding ranger school. >> it is awesome just to be part of the history of a ranger school in general for graduating with these guys next to me. >> reporter: first lieutenant shay happenner and christian grise were part of the test program to see how women perform and the the intense and physical mental course. >> i hope with our performance in ranger school we have been able to inform that decision as to what they can expect from women in the military that we can handle things, same level as men. >> reporter: joan was in the
5:32 pm
first class of women at west point. >> either ground broke or we point. >> reporter: it is long past time for accomplishments like this to be news worthy. >> we wanted to get to the so what, okay, man, woman if they can dot job, good for them. >> reporter: for now they will not be allowed to join a ranger regimen but pentagon official says that could soon change. >> the department's policy is that all combat positions will be opened to women, unless rigorous analysis of factual data shows the positions must remain closed. >> reporter: the military has until october 1st to present the findings of their analysis to the pentagon for a review. craig boswell for cbs news, the pentagon. well, wild fires in the the west have turned deadly now after flames in washington state kill three fire fighters, and injured four others. fire crews continue to fight the blaze that has consumed more than one and a half million acres. more than 1300 residents from several different communities were forced to leave their homes. state's governor has asked for
5:33 pm
emergency federal a assistance. former president jimmy carter is opt mystic about his, cancer fight. ninety year-old appeared upbeat as he discussed the moment he found out there was now cancer in his brain after doctors removed the mass in the liver. >> would i say that night and the next day until i came back up to emery i just thought i had had a few weeks left but i was surprisingly at ease. >> mr. carter began radiation treatment this afternoon and his cancer diagnosis prompting some new questions about the best way to treat cancer in older patients. we have doctor lynn schechter here, chief of hemotology and oncology at penn's abramson cancer center what type of cancer this is that the former president is facing. >> so he has a type of cancer called medical nome, melanoma generally starts on the skin, and this cancer has traveled through the bloodstream to involve his liver and his brain. so it is in the brain cancer
5:34 pm
or liver cancer, it is actually melanoma that is involving these other organs. >> that is somewhat unique, it generally appears on the skin, when we hear melanoma, there is a skin. >> usually there is a history of the funny looking mold that changed and turned into melanoma. it is likely that the primary site on the skin just disappeared on its own but then later reappeared, traveled and now has affect him. >> of course, former president is 90 years old. it is a trick probably treating cancer in older patients like this but he will use a newer drug, is that right. >> that is right. in the last four to five years the treatment of metastatic melanoma has really change. is there new approaches with immuno therapy that i refs up the immune system. he is getting a medication that stimulates his t cells and will attack his cancer. this type of treatment has many fewer side effects then traditional chemotherapy.
5:35 pm
he will be a able to tolerate his chemotherapy, even though he is 90, he is in good health and these new immuno therapies have much fewer side effects then traditional chemotherapy. >> we all know just how difficult chemotherapy can be on the body, you are trying to get better but it can make you sick especially if you are older like that. >> that is correct, the results of these new treatments are better than what we saw in the past. so, as somebody who was diagnosed we might not have considered treatment, but now these new treatments have a really meaningful chance of shrinking the tumor. sometimes they even go away completely, and interestingly the treatments are also effective for the brain lesions. for melanoma in the brain while he is getting radiation treatment, the immuno therapy is likely to help the brain as well. >> quickly before we go, prognosis, i know it is hard to say you are in the treating him but what generally is prognosis. >> it is hard to say because of these new advances. there are occasionally complete responses and for the
5:36 pm
first time where we're using the word cure for stage four medical nome a so, obviously it is very serious, we can hope that he will have some shrinkage of the tumors and that his life will be extended because of the treatment. >> we all hope that. >> doctor schechter, thanks very much for being with us. >> thank you great information. helping us all understand a little bit better. >> thank you. tsa find loaded gun in carry on luggage at philadelphia international airport. the authorities say they found this gun in the luggage of the 69 year-old man headed from philadelphia to chicago august . the man was arrested, this is the the eighth firearm discovered in carry on luggage this year at philadelphia international. movie theater chain regal entertainment group will begin checking bags of some movie goers. this follows last month's theater shooting in louisiana when a gunman killed two women. regal says they are aimed at increasing security. while some call the new policy an invasion of privacy, others says being safe is more
5:37 pm
important. >> make sure that everybody has no gun. >> regal entertainment group posted this statement on their web site. we acknowledge this procedure can cause inconvenience and that it is not without flaws, but hope these are minor in comparison to increased safety. still to come here on "eyewitness news", many students are easy targets for identity theft, three on your side, so you don't become victim of hackers, vittoria. we are live down the shore, on the atlantic city boardwalk and you cannot see it the here and out there on the beach, there is some cow girls and cowboys and even one, famous cowboy is getting in on the action, stay tune, rascal flats is coming up. we're all hoping rain doesn't ruin the concert down the shore, kate is tracking the storms and she will have the latest when we com
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narrvoted to defund planned parenthood - risking health care for millions of women. now republicans want to shut down the government - to block funding for planned parenthood.
5:43 pm
what would a shutdown mean for pennsylvania? veteran: will anyone be there to process my veterans benefits? senior: what will that do to social security and medicare? mom: will i be able to get my daughter into head start? small business woman: what about small business loans? narrator: tell senator toomey - stand up for planned parenthood health care - not a government shutdown.
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down the the shore, in
5:45 pm
atlantic city, it is the place to be right now, country music star rascal flats are putting on a concert on the beach for tens of thousands of fans. "eyewitness news" reporter vittoria woodill is live on the boardwalk, how is the crowd, vittoria. >> the crowd, it is huge, jessica, literally, huge, thousands and thousands, mile long down the beach, so big that we're here on the boardwalk getting a little wiggle room outside of brighton park. boardwalk is busy but beach is even busier and i heard from a source, a few sources, out of syracuse, new york you were going to go to the concert but you decided to park it right here on the board. >> it is crazy, out there. >> it is nuts. >> there is a ton of people, thousands of people out there. right here is the best place. >> you are in good company because we have an eagles fan over here. we're talking syracuse, new york, give them a pound, tommy, and eagles fan. you took a trip to the link,
5:46 pm
tommy, how was it. >> good. >> what was your favorite part? everything. >> basically. >> right. you got backpack, the hat, and basically, the beach is definitely a busy, busy place to be. if you look over my head here, take a look at these speakers. the is there a stage down to the far right, then a set of speakers in the middle but it is not the middle because the beach extend so far long where thousands of beach chairs and umbrellas and blankets, and people, and cowboys, cowboys, cowboy boots, and cow girl hats are happening right here on the beach as we wait anxiously for rascal flats. look at this, we have got some tickets. >> anybody looking for free tickets, i got them, come look for me. >> who is this generous man who just came up. >> is what your name. >> jim. >> where are you from. >> mace landing why are you being so gracious. >> i got a couple extra tickets and spreading the wealth. >> do you see we meet here
5:47 pm
on the boardwalk. >> spreading the wealth, come on down. >> let's find this guy. >> well, there you have it, fine him right on the boardwalk here in atlantic city, rascal flats is coming up in a little bit, as we await, hopefully we will get a sneak peak later on. tune in for that. >> looking forward to that. vittoria, you are meeting all kind of friend down there. >> let me tell you, atlantic city boardwalk is a vibrant place. >> yes, it is. >> enjoy. >> it really is. >> a lot of characters out there and especially with the cons inert place, a lot of cowboy boots. >> never know who you will meet. >> will they stay dry? i'm worried about them. >> i was looking at this sky behind vittoria and blue skies, atlantic city, beautiful for now. they will get the concert in. good news for them. maybe not the best news for dinner en blank and jimmy buff net camden. we will take you outside and looking ominous over center city but good news is it
5:48 pm
hasn't started to rain much. a few light sprinkles here and there but most of the rain is hitting a wall copping into philadelphia you can see rain drop hit the camera lens there. that is sky cam three looking live in at center city from the rooftop at cbs-3 studios. not bad in center city but rain is coming. heavier thunderstorms are still off to the west, and those are areas getting hit hard right now. lets look at our eyewitness weather watchers and see what they have. see if they are seeing that heavier rain. we will head back to the west to start off where we will check in at 77 degrees with eileen mur any gilberts rain. what does eileen to have say, light rain, nice relief from the heat. we do need rain. so this is kind of much needed rain for us, although, when it comes too fast, too quickly we will get threat for flooding. bill layden is in cordington and is reporting rain as well, 76 degrees. light rain currently. very humid. dew point is 72. air is saturated with moisture, but as you head down into south jersey, not
5:49 pm
seeing much, margot in buena vista township 85, no rain there. eighty-three in chesterfield, new jersey. just some clouds at ed connor's house. mostly cloudy here. no rain here. although it looks threatening. it does look ominous outside. lets look at how things are shaping up in reading. thinks 13th and green elementary school. we will he set this in motion and see palmyra cove nature park in new jersey. same story looking ominous. as we head from the city over toward red aring is where we are getting those ominous clouds and you can see how these clouds have started to really gather over the city of philadelphia beautiful shot there with the sky line in the back and boats moving through on the delaware river. storm scan three is showing us what we are looking at. this line of heavy storms extending from new york state, new york state throughway getting clobbered up in new york state. western new york. central pennsylvania, as well, if you are traveling on interstate 80. this is the line that will eventually push through overnight. in the meantime we have appetizers so to speak. the light to moderate rain
5:50 pm
pushing through at the moment, just starting to make its way in south philadelphia, delaware county, heavier showers back into chester county. heavier showers in berks county near reading where we have a few flood advisories to tell but lets take a look at those flood advisories here on storm scan three. you can see flood advisory until 9:30 for all of berks county including reading, muhlenburg, lees port, poor drainage flooding, areas prone to flooding will see it tonight. scattered showers and storms areas we have i rain, and for your friday things get better, morning cloud, afternoon sun, we will clear it the out, beautiful afternoon friday, sat the day is down right stunning. temperatures in the 80's and low humidity. danny, by the the way take a quick peak has strengthened to a category one hurricane with sustained wind to 80 miles an hour but still days away from rain. they will approach lesser antill hence these weekend. showers and storms some with heavy rain. tomorrow cloud give way to sun. wake up at 7:00 a.m., then sun comes out throughout the day and turns into a beautiful
5:51 pm
afternoon with temperatures in the upper 80's but lower humidity. saturday looks great. sunday not bad. hot and humid again monday at least until cool front in the evening. the middle of next week looks down right gorgeous, and seasonal. jessica, back to you. all these -- they are celebrating their grand opening in the area the stores opening in new jersey and philadelphia, were opened in former bottom dollar food stores and in tote all aldi will open up 24 new stores by the owned this have year. if you would like to play power ball get ready for rule changes. they are adding ten more white balls for total of 69, but there will only be 26 numbers to pick for power ball instead of 35. this change improves your odds of winning any prize to about one in 25 but odds have of winning the big jackpot got a lot longer. one in 175 million to one in 292 million. quite a chance there. those chances go in effect in
5:52 pm
october. we will be right back.
5:53 pm
every saturday, mrs. tanner connects with her free transit ride at 10am which takes her to storytime at the library across town,
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meteorologist katie fehlinger is getting a lot of support on facebook because of a post about her pregnancy. katie's almost 35 weeks pregnant with twins and she has received some negative comments lately about her size. but she didn't just take it as criticizing her she felt it was an tack on all pregnant woman. the katie responded with what she called for a message of haters writing even on the most uncomfortable and let's face it less than glamorous symptoms of pregnancy what women go through to bring their precious children in the world is simply put amazing and you should be lauded. franklin i don't care how terrible or inappropriate the
5:56 pm
anyone thinks i look, i will gladly gain 50-pound and suffer sleepless uncomfortable nights fit means upping my chances to deliver two healthy baby girls. well done, katie. she is now hearing from people all around the country supporting her with more than 27,000 likes, and we want to see your beautiful baby bump pictures. we are celebrating them here. we are celebrating katie. just send them to us on social media. use hashtag cbs-3 so we can find them and you might see them here on tv. as college students begin to head back to school they will get lots of reminders about how to keep their personal belongings safe but different kind of theft could be far more costly. three on your side consumer reporter jim donovan has advice for keeping your personal data safe. >> that is right, good afternoon. students pass around a lot of personal information the first day of the school year, every where from the register's office to the bank. that posts some risk.
5:57 pm
from the federal government, to massive retailers, data breaches have have become more prevalent in the last few years. academic institutions haven't been immune. >> student data people coming to school for first time, registering for classes, all these information they have to give to institution that is is valuable data to cyber chemicals. >> reporter: michael kieser of the national cyber security alliance said that exchange of information plus data from other things like medical research, and other scientific contracts can make these institutions a big target. or only just catching up to that idea. >> they may not always be aware how much data they have and that really starts in any kind of organization looking at what is the data that we have in our campus. what are the the crown jewels of that data? what are we doing to protect it. >> reporter: to try to get a sense of the college or university's privacy policies and whether they can leave an opening for breach. >> it starts at basic level of every user accessing a network, simple things like software patches, strong pass
5:58 pm
word, multi factor awe then case which is a way to have something in addition to the pass word. that should be implemented at every college campus at this point. >> reporter: parents can help by keeping lines of communication opened making sure students air wear to breach toes a bank, insurance company or anywhere else the family does business and remine students to check their credit card, reports, and bank accounts, regularly, for science of fraud. >> it is not most fun thing to think about. >> kid will not do that. >> but hopefully parents will because fur credit gets messed up in college, forget bit. >> reporter: kid are target because they have clean record at that point. >> good information, thanks very much. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00, now at 6:00 a flash flood watch is in effect. we're also tracking storms, kate. >> storms moving in the region as we speak, heavy rain is biggest threat with anyone of these storms and it will not be over until at least the overnight hours, coming up i'll tell what you to expect for tonight and if we can look forward to the nice weekend, all at 6:00.
5:59 pm
user information from a hacked web site that promotes extra marital affairs contains e-mail addresses link to philadelphia city government that is not all. plus desperate to divorce, a woman takes to crowd funding to raise money for legal proceedings, and as you you would imagine, it is causing quite a debate. we're talking about it, of course. >> reporter: we are live, down the shore in atlantic city and boardwalk and beach are bum pink. you know what that means? "eyewitness news" at 6:00 rocks on, right now. we are tracking storms tonight, you can see them live from storm scan three, they will dump a lot of rain on the area and that has led to flash flood watches. good evening to you i'm jessica dean. ukee washington is off tonight. there are heavy rains across the area right now, let's
6:00 pm
check with meteorologist kate bilo with the first look at the forecast, kate. >> we are in part one with the 1/2 pun watch this system. one area have rain lifting through. second line of storms is meeting with the first. but once this starts as it has across the area, already, it will not let up until overnight hours. we can see rain just starting to push into center city philadelphia heaviest has been by far off to the west all day long and that is where it is right now. you can see these mess owe scale features, little areas of rotation and in fact, you can see this bow hook structure. this very classic, a storm that larger comma shape but you you can see that in portions of the northern maryland and gusty wind possible and we are seeing those hook shapes in lancaster county. cannot rule out strong wind gust was these storms, but biggest threat by far will be heavy rain. you can see red are shading here now moving in berks county, an area under a a flood


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