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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 20, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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check with meteorologist kate bilo with the first look at the forecast, kate. >> we are in part one with the 1/2 pun watch this system. one area have rain lifting through. second line of storms is meeting with the first. but once this starts as it has across the area, already, it will not let up until overnight hours. we can see rain just starting to push into center city philadelphia heaviest has been by far off to the west all day long and that is where it is right now. you can see these mess owe scale features, little areas of rotation and in fact, you can see this bow hook structure. this very classic, a storm that larger comma shape but you you can see that in portions of the northern maryland and gusty wind possible and we are seeing those hook shapes in lancaster county. cannot rule out strong wind gust was these storms, but biggest threat by far will be heavy rain. you can see red are shading here now moving in berks county, an area under a a flood advisory.
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the entire region in the flash flood watch a and that goes right through tomorrow morning. conditions are favorable for flash flooding to occur. good news we have not seen any flash flood warnings just yet, we have this flood advisory across berks county that goes until 9:30 p.m. and what you have to watch out for is flash flood watch areas of downpours, as much as 2 inches per hour in the localized downpours embedded with the larger system, street flooding, watching creeks and streams, never drive through a flooded roadway. coming up we will time out the end of these storms as they move through overnight and we will have your weekend forecast as well. jessica, back over to you. grand jury has decide nod charges will be filed against two new jersey police officers involve in the fatal shooting of a man during a traffic stop. that is a decision that comes after an investigation into the case by the cumberland county prosecutor's office. "eyewitness news" reporter charlotte huffman is live in bridgeton with the details, charlotte? >> reporter: jessica, the the grand jury a's decision not to charge the office hours shot jermaine reid is one activist
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planned to appeal to the u.s. department of justice and demand a federal investigation. >> our contention has been from the outset that we have no faith and trust in the cumberland county prosecutor's office to hold their own accountable, and they proved us right. >> reporter: civil rights leader walter hudson condemned cumberland county prosecutor's office for their handling of the controversial shooting of reid. >> it happened during a december 30th traffic stop that quickly escalated with one bridgeton officer yelling he sees a gun. >> he has a gun in his glove part. >> reporter: officer told reid not to move but he forced his way out of the vehicle and officers opened fire. after prosecutors removed herself from the investigation because she knew one of the officers, protesters unsuccessfully called for the the state attorney general to take over the investigation. >> what do we want?
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>> justice. >> when do we want it. >> now. >> reporter: but according to a lengthy statement released to day the prosecutor's office says that prosecutor was not involved in the investigation or grand jury presentation. and, before firing shots, the officer perceived they were in imminent danger and feared for their lives. but hudson is not buying it. >> that is a common excuse that, you you know, police officers used to justify their, you know, gust stop owe behavior. >> reporter: prosecutor's office denied our interview request but in that statement that they released to day reassured the public saying a comprehensive conflict inquiry was completed to assure that no conflict of interest existed in any of the people assigned to the case. we're live from bridgeton charlotte huffman for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you. authorities believe that the same man sexually assaulted two women on the cobbs creek golf course in overbrook. last night on "eyewitness news" at 11:00 we first told
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but the most recent attack that happened friday night. first assault happened july 11th will. police are warning women to be aware of their surroundings as they search for the suspect. >> we believe this male may still be in the a area, because of his appearance, someone month apart. he is still out in that location. >> reporter: police described the suspect as a hispanic man in his mid 30's, standing 5 feet 5 inches tall, clean shave when a muscular build. anyone with any information is asked to call police. a second victim has died from injuries after being run over by a car in southampton, burlington county. police say 18 year-old, victim died last night. she was among four family members hit tuesday night as they walk on budd town road. her two-year old brother was also killed. at last check the other two children were in critical condition. police say no charges are expected against the driver. the the operator of a large construction crane, narrowly escaped injury today,
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that crane tipped over, and crashed to the ground in manayunk. the accident happened at one cotton street around 11:30 this morning. chopper three over the scene. the tip of the crane hit railroad tracks run along the construction area and authorities are now investigating what caused this to happen. the sit irv philadelphia is about to go live with what it calls the papal visit play book an on line directory aimed at answering the questions of anxious residents, wondering how they will cope with changes to life as usual. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live in center city with more on this, greg. >> reporter: jessica, basically the pennsylvania papal play book the who's who, what's what for tens of thousands of resident living in or near the secured perimeter zones. it sound like something straight out of the football movie. >> yet another resource for residents will be papal visit play book. >> reporter: but today mayor nutter and his staff announced a way that the city is trying to address concerns for
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resident and those living within secured zones set up for pope's visit. >> our focus is on residents here. >> reporter: dann a ferrell, executive director of the world meeting of families says play book will include emergency information and map of businesses and hospitals within the secure zone but it will also include ways to take part in the visit. >> special events, available, opened to residents in advance of pope francis arrival. >> reporter: how would you say the city has handled specifically the tenants, residents, so far. >> i don't think they have. >> reporter: but play book does not go live until monday and resident like harriet says that they cannot wait to get their hand on it. >> i'm glad to hear we will get some information. i wish it were out already if for no other reason that people would feel relieved. >> we have learned some other information during this afternoon's press conference with the mayor, one trash pick up will be canceled the friday before and on monday after the pope's visit and 311 line, the cities information line will
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be staffed 24/7 starting the thursday before the pope visits the city. we are live from center city, i'm greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks very much. be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the papal visit. by the way, 37 days now until pope francis is here. former president jimmy carter is tackling his cancer diagnosis head on. the 90 year-old received his first radiation treatment today just hours after revealing he has melanoma spots on his brain. >> it is a hardship on me. i feel it is in the hand of god. >> mr. carter says he first thought he was cancer free after doctors removed a tumor in his liver earlier this month but late their day an mri showed it was also on his brain. cbs news team will have much more on president carter's cancer fight, tonight on the "cbs evening news",
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that happens right here after "eyewitness news" at 6:00. new at 6:00 the ashley madison hacking scandal reaches halls of the philadelphia government. we now know city e-mail addresses are linked to the cheating web site. "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live in the news center with more on this, alex. >> reporter: just this week when hack information was unleashed on to the internet and just this afternoon even more came out. right here is an example of these files that came out today looked like. they are complicated stuff especially if you don't know what you are looking for and sort through and figure out what is going on but now many government agencies will have to try. as private information of ashley madison some 32 million users, gathered across the the internet philadelphia officials are now looking into multiple accounts that appears to have been set up using state and city domains like philly dot gov and pa dot gov. >> we are investigating right report mother board and gawker
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have massive data drops and found over 13,000 cheating hopefuls with what appear to be military or government log ins. >> one of the problems is that ashley madison is not verifying the accounts. if you go in and just sign up for a free account. >> reporter: but gawker did manage to find more confirming information about alleged customer and shamed evangelical reality star josh douger including his address, part of the credit card information and sexual preferences but experts note that the crime isn't the cheating, it is the the hacking. >> my fear is that because of the fallacious nature of the web site were our attentions being drawn to that as opposed to where is the harm here. >> reporter: the question now becomes, how much government time may have been spent on a site like ashley madison, and would it be worth it to the taxpayers to pay for the the time it takes to find out. following this leak there have been many web sites offering to help you look up names of
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the loved ones using, that may have been part of the hack or part of the leak or maybe even the leak information of your own, well, our experts tell us that those sites are typically up to no good and can inject, infect m a answer local wear in your computer. alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". lets go to a story generate ago lot of buzz on social media. debbie, of cherry hill, has set up a go fund me page to pay for her divorce. she is seeking seven grand, so far she has got $315. she says divorce is more expensive then she anticipated. now this story has, lit up our facebook page, lot of comments there. sarah says i love every go fund me count starts with i'm not comfortable asking for money. then don't, she says. j.d. writes so many people start these fund, rake in the money, and idiots donate that is on them. it is a shame these kind of things go on all the time and diminishes those in real need.
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as we said a lot of thoughts. we want to know what you have to say. find this conversation on our facebook page and send us a tweet at cbs philly. a bit of the birds is heading to center city, coming up what retailer is coming to the washington square location. it has got residents talking. they are excited but they have a few concerns. we will explain, torey. we are live, down the shore, on the atlantic city boardwalk for beach concert featuring rascal flats and these beach concerts are doing big things for the city and coming up my co pilot and i, that is the mayor, don guardian we will talk all about it. luckily for folks in atlantic city rain has stayed away from the shore but we are tracking heavier storms and heavy rain and flash flood watch in effect from the city on west but it is all going to push through. everybody gets their fair share of the rain overnight, we will have the latest on the timing in your seven day forecast when we come back,
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pat. kate, unfortunately life without chase utley begins tonight the for the phillies. more on their series with the marlins is ahead, and this weekend we will get a look at a quarterback chip kelly says is one of the best, who is he talking about? we will talk to you in sports.
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target is building a brand new store in center city that will go up at 12th and chestnut in washington square neighborhood. the site will be 19,000 square feet, with apartment build on top of the retailer. the residents say they are excited about target's arrival but they do worry about the parking. >> if there is no where to parkas it is, if you are putting rest are tension properties up there, and, you are going to have target and you have other, that is going to be crazy, i don't know where people will park. >> this will open up the same month the the target stories being built in rittenhouse square. big day in atlantic city. tens of thousands are packing the beach to see rascal flats. and, that is where our vittoria woodill is, you are pretty lucky today, vittoria.
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>> it has been a fantastic day, here down the shore in atlantic city. i am so honored right now to have someone who is so passionate and brings so much love to the city, it is really, probably more than anyone else, here and that i can think of ape that is mayor don guardian the the mayor of atlantic city. thanks so much for having me. >> thanks for coming down. when you want to party, you have to come to atlantic city, have a great banding on, rascal flats. the this entire summer of really good things to do. summer is in the over yet. we have shows coming up on for free this weekend and even tonight after rascal flats right behind us, our thursday jazz festival as well. we have an air show coming up, military parade, we have miss america pageant. we're winding down summer but this is the place to be. lots of things to do, afterward too. come out, visit our beach bars. cool place, buffalo's brand new one, chelsea has a new
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beach bar. we have eight new bars, from philadelphia, all under one single roof,. >> your versatility is endless. wharf is even less. entertainment is endless. tell me what do these beaches, these beach concerts do for the city. >> short term, a million-dollar is being spent, all local, working to bring in these concert. to put up the stage and run these places. 50,000 people on sunday. at least 25 you this today, they are staying, they are having a good time, enjoying livevations, sticking around afterward too. this is really well for boardwalk. the this is what we are all about. come down and party. >> it is place to do ac. >> we're thrilled to have philadelphia, come down, help news our hour of need and put a little boom back in the city we appreciate it. thanks so much for having me, mr. mayor. happy to be here. rascal flats is rocking out. me and mayor will put our feet in the stand and our hands in the air and rock on.
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back over to you, jessica and kate. >> rock on. >> thanks very much, variety the tore use. >> so glad weather held out. cloud are building in down the shore. >> yes. >> so, i think they will notice. >> we are tracking some storms this evening and now just making tonight to center city we are seeing heavier rain pushing through. that is where it continues to be. this evening. lets look at outside. we san key big dark cloud because it is obscured by rain. that foggy look off in the distance an indication that rain is falling, a as we look east or look to the west from the east, cross the river, looking west toward center city over ben franklin bridge and then looking ominous right now. you can see how day turned out. we will go to the time lapse video, working at 13th and green streets in reading, elementary school here. we're looking toward those clouds, moving in and the showers coming through.
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you can see we started with blue skies there but we are seeing these ongoing downpours, that is 74 at the the moment. so, some rain cooled air is heavy rain moving through. that is where heavier rain is over berks county, lancaster county. we are watching this cell lift nothing southern chester county and you can see heavier rain is still well back to the west, just moving into harrisburg. got to watch out for isolated wind damage as well, just with these lines that bow out a little bit off to the west here. once the sun goes down the the threat for any severe weather should start to diminishing but threat for heavy rain will not. that will continue into the overnight. right now 79 at the the airport. eighty-one in atlantic city. that is where sunnies hanging on. we will hit 90 today just barely. we have snuck it in, sneaked it in as daze number six of our latest heat wave, heat wave lives on. but, this will be the last of it. you can see that rain pushinges through in the overnight hours. here's midnight continuing to see showers and thunderstorms. localized downpours with this. 3:00 a.m. starts to move toward the the shore and we will clear out. through the rest of the
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evening cluster of showers and storms moving through. localized downpours. watching for ponding and slow travel and possible flooding, as well. we are under a flash flood watch until tomorrow morning. hurricane danny is category one but will encounter dry air. that will weaken back to a tropical storm as it moves through lesser anilles, and as far as overnight, heavy rain, showers, storms, 72 degrees. good news is cloud give way to sun for your friday and much nicer day. 87 degrees. we will clear it out and we will stay nice for the weekend. saturday looks great. eighty-four with sunshine. low humidity. we will steam it up sunday and monday but then next week look fantastic, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, get ready for a really great stretch. stay there we will
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pat gallon with more on what the eagles were up to today. >> we just want to see sam bradford at some point.
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that would be lovely. eagles play ravens on saturday this week they have been scrimmage go to prepare for the game, sam bradford, still not a lock, to play in that game, according to head coach chip kelly. chip said last week wow play but remains non-committal about it. one quarterback we will see is audubon new jersey native and super bowl winner joe flacco. so, how goodies joe flacco. >> i think he is one of the great quarterbacks in the league. he has a big time arm. he is obviously a big, you roll up on joe he is a big human being. he is tough to bring down. he is also just so poised when he plays back there. >> i see a big, tall, quarterback that could command his offense and, you know, he made some great throws down the field. i'm not a quarterback coach. >> it was an amazing 13 season run for the man, as harry kalas called him but all good things must come to an end and chase utley era ended last night with the trade to the
6:25 pm
l.a. dodgers. in exchange, phillies will get darnell sweeney plus minor league pitcher john richie. phillies gain more prospects for the future but lose a guy had went all out, every night. >> i have always considered myself a player that plays the game hard and plays the game the right way. i don't necessarily have a definition of that, but i try to play every game like it is my last game. >> almost starting to cry there. phillies open up in miami with the marlins at 7:10, last night they snapped their four game losing streak beating blue jays seven-four. sweeney, picked up in that trade for you the thely will join the team, they also added jared. ichoff, as part of the cole hamels trade but won't look or feel the same without number 26 on that phillies roster. very odd. >> very odd. >> isn't that the truth. >> we have to get use to it. >> we will be right back.
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to block funding for planned parenthood. what would a shutdown mean for pennsylvania? veteran: will anyone be there to process my veterans benefits? senior: what will that do to social security and medicare? mom: will i be able to get my daughter into head start? small business woman: what about small business loans? narrator: tell senator toomey - stand up for planned parenthood health care - not a government shutdown.
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new at 6:00 tonight celebrating an important relationship, between the philadelphia fire tenth, and the muscular dystrophy association, at a fire house at front and luzerne fire commissioner derrick sawyer presented a fire chief hell myth to natalie the goodwill ambassador child. in return natalie and at so, presented engine number 55 withdrawing that is say, thanks. the fire department for their participation in the silver boot campaign. that is a really good drawing. >> yes. >> and, thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on the cw philly and then again here at cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, political food fight breaks out between donald
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trump and jeb bush. here now is charlie rose. >> rose: the wildfires turn deadly. the victims, three firefighters, caught in a hell storm. >> these fires have burned a big hole in our state's heart displr also tonight, jimmy carter on the battle of his life. >> i'm ready for anything. i'm look forward to a new adventure. >> rose: bush v. trump in the battle for g.o.p. hearts and votes. and a goofy idea leads to serious progress against a cruel disease. >> what if it would change the world? captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> rose: good evening. scott is off tonight. i'm charlie rose. the flag at the landmark space need nel seattle was lowered today to half-staff in honor of three firefighters who died yesterday in the battle against a wildfire in washington


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