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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  August 31, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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. from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". sadness and sorrow again for the philadelphia police department for the second weekends in a row, an off-duty officer is killed in a crash. this time, by a hit-and-run driver. and, are we on the verge of another heatwave? if so, what a way to end august and begin september, hot day for those going back to school today. good morning, it's monday, august 31. we check in with kyla, and meisha a last day of august, let's go out with a bang. >> by the way, where did the weekends go? >> oh, i know. >> hello? good morning, you guys, last week it seemed like the humidity was just starting to kick in. yesterday, now?
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>> ruth. >> i. >> and you know you are talking heat when it is this hour in the morning, right, 4:30 in the morning and we're already in the 70s. not just in one spot, but in many spots. in fact, let's take a look at the neighborhood network. live look at temperatures, you can see, new castle 75, same thing for millville, doylestown 71, bensalem, 74 degrees. wow, you know we're going up there. look at this in philadelphia. country at 78 degrees. get to the 60s, you have to go to allentown or the poconos, folks, already off to the races here, it will be a toast i day, in fact, expecting 80s, start to crop up anywhere around the 9:00 a.m. hour. see few clouds out there today. by the time we hit 11:00 a.m., specking 86 degrees. yes, going into the 90s yet again. so august is ending hot. today we could see our high in the low 90s, that would be the second, nine's days in a row, if we get three of them, we call that a heatwave. starting september, we also by the way have hurricane in the atlantic to talk about, hurricane fred. coming back in a few moments, i'll have your seven day
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forecast, we will talk about how long this heat is going to last, and meisha, i got to tell you, it is not one, two, three days. how about that? >> well, you know, what i guess you get to be the bearer of bad news for once maybe: sunny and gorgeous outside, thank you, kai l good morning, early monday morning, you can see still very dark out there. we have over night construction on the blue route sound bound near have saint david's, villanova. should get rolling. we'll have update in another 15 minute. blue route looking pretty good otherwise, here is another place where we have some construction, vine street expressway, westbound at broad street, right lane blocked, you can see the bright shiny arrow kinds of telling to you move on over. not causing any delays as we know typically in the 4:00 hour, no problem even with those overnight construction projects hearing beautiful look at the ben franklin bridge, for those of you coming in from jersey in center city, looking great, nice, slow, what we like to see in the 4:00 hour. showing itself here today and this beautiful calm monday. disable vehicle northeast
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extension southbound at lansdale, where you have the disable vehicle, right lane block, not that it will cause too many slow downs right now, that doesn't get out of the way as we move into the 5:00 hour t certainly could. erika, back over to you. >> thank you there is morning charges are expected against the driver after hit-and-run that killed an off-duty philadelphia police officer. it is the second weekend in row that an officer died if a crash. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins us, outside the 12th police district in southwest philadelphia where the officer will be greatly missed. justin, good morning. >> erika, good morning, the officer has been identified as lamar pool, age 42, and serving his 19th year with philadelphia police. and most recently, assigned here, to the 12th district where as you mentioned he will be missed this morning. investigators say pile was struck near roosevelt boulevard and devereaux avenue at 4:00 p.m. yesterday. from witnesses, police learned the striking car was a silver toyota corolla going east on the boulevard, pool on his
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honda motorcycle, was going west. it is believed that corolla made left turn, and struck pool, then sped off. that corolla was track by alert tow truck driver who tipped off police. meantime, pool had been eject from the his bike by the impact, he was not wearing a helmet. pool was taken to aria-torresdale with injuries, pronounced dead there soon after. over at the crash, they say he knew he hit pool. >> he gets out for one minute, looks, sees what happens, then gets back in his toyota corolla goes north on the boulevard. so he stayed briefly and took off. >> now, pool is the second off duty cop to die in as many weeks, sergeant raphael ali was killed last week in a single vehicle crash. corolla involved in this crash cents it was found near devereaux and bustleton avenue. the driver has not yet been named. we do know he is 58 years old, and did show signs of dui.
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at this point, police say, the charges have not yet been announced. we are live at southwest philadelphia, justin finch, are. bs3, "eyewitness news", erika? >> justin, thank you. it was the second straight weekends crash killed an off-duty philadelphia police officer. on august 23rd, sergeant raphael ali died when he hit a tree 6,000 block of henry avenue in roxborough. ridley park police officer recovering at home this morning after being shot during a stand-off in delaware county. police were responding to calls that an armed soup sidal man was barricade in the no, ma'am yesterday morning on the 600 block of mohawk avenue in northwood. officer mark hanley was shot twice trying to apprehends that suspect. his bulletproof vest saved his life. >> the door opened up. they tried to deploy a taser to get the subject, at which time the subject stuffed a door and fired two rounds through the door. >> thirty-six year old darryl burt surrendered to police and
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treated at hospital for gunshot wound to the elbow, we're told before being charged with attempted murder. scheduled for preliminary hearing september 9th. >> new this morning, police questioning two people in connection with shooting in west philadelphia. investigators found a nine shell casings late last night, at south 52nd street and hazel avenue. a 23 year old man is in critical condition with gunshot wound to the crest. >> a multi fate memorial service remembers the virginia news crew killed on live tv. religious leaders, co-workers, families, gathered in roanoke in memory of alison parker and adam ward. a disgruntled co-worker killed them last wednesday, then killed himself hours later. during yesterday's service, the general manager of wdbj tv where the pair worked, he spoke about improving mental health treatment. >> i like to advise my colleagues, my employees, my friends, don't get angry. get strategic. angry to you and the result we
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saw on wednesday can be catostrophic. if we get strategic, we have a goal, possibility of positive action, and that's what i would like you to think about in memory of allison and adam. >> adam ward's funeral is tomorrow in roanoke. there will be private memorial service for alison parker then celebration of her life at a later date. happening today, the suspect in the fatal shooting after sheriff's dispute any texas appeared for his arraignment. shannon miles was charged with shooting deputy darren gofor the they say miles has criminal record, including convictions for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct with a firearm. at this point, authority believe, the goforth was targeted because he was waker an uniform. todd brady and roger goodel supposed to return to court over deflate gate suit. patriots appealing four game
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suspension. federal judge in new york is expected to rule by friday but could make a ruling today. he has been trying to broker deal between brady and goodel. >> fire fight remembers trying to pinpoint what caused an apartment fire in northeast philadelphia. the fire department got the call before 11:00 sunday morning to the academy apartments complex on the 9100 block of academy road. the fire was contained to one apartment. a man in a wheelchair was treated for smoke inhalation. firefighter was treated for chest pain. philadelphia police are investigating a two car accident that ended with one of those drivers smashing into a west kensington storefront. it happened at the intersection of north ninth street, and lehigh avenue, around noon on sunday. fire crews used use the jaws of life to get victim out of one of those cars. there is no word on the extent that far person's injuries. >> 4:38 right now. much more to cover here on "eyewitness news", thousands given their legs a good work out for phillies 10k run. we'll take you there. also, military jet that played a pivotal role in american
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history now on display at local museum. details on that and more when we come right
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>> thousand it is of runners hit the pavement for a 10k run through philadelphia. at the finish here at fifth and pine, well done. the 6.2-mile course had a neighborhood feel. runners made a path through some of philadelphia's vibrant areas including passyunk and good day square. good day for it. newly restored plane now part of the wings of freedom aviation museum in horsham. the first f8 crusader flew 1955. in 1957 future astronaut, john glenn, flew one that broke a cross country speed record. during the cuban missile crisis in 1962, it took surveillance photos of the soviet missile installments under construction. restrestoration project was not easy, though, undergoing transformation since 2006. >> people vandalized the airplane. it was mode and stones would hit it and panels were missing
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and we didn't just get a pliable airplane, we got just a hulk. >> it took those working on the f8 just over two years, just to restore the plane's main landing gear. so 2006-2015 well worth, what a great piece of history. >> right now, four will 42, man, the tropics really just busy this year so far. now we have red coming -- fred coming on over? >> fred is interesting. these things usually form over the coast of after, a watch it come across, straighten. jump has judge -- fred has jumped off the coast of africa, now into a hurricane. good and bad. let's look what's happening with fred. fred just kick to up 808 miles per hour, see category one hurricane. now the thing when i said this could be good and bad, here is the deal, fred is really far away still. so even though it is tracking out hurricane one, it is weakening, still far from lands. so this doesn't really concern me right now. of course anything in the
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tropics we keep an eye on. right now, look like fred little a over achieve earn, that could squash it, get it out of, there out of our view which would be nice. we do have to deal with some clouds today heading back home, live look at storm scan3, see the clouds rolling across, see few blips on the radar, but would surprise me if any that far shit the gown, if anything, sprinkle or two. temperatures the story today, guys, look at this, already at 78 degrees in philadelphia. wow, you know it will be a hot one when, 75 in wildwood. fifty-seven atlantic sit, see 72 in reading in the 60s up in mount pocono, mid 70s already, all up and down the shore line. so we are off to toasty start, and we are going to rev right up as you can see, as we head right into say the 1:00 hour, already in the upper 80s, we will see the 90's as we head into the afternoon. few cloud out there today. cloud cover will likely stay with us, if you are going out to the beaches, it will be nice day out there, 84 degrees, partly sunny, breezy, uv index will still be
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up there. notice that we still have moderate rip countries being, too, so be minds full t actually is a little bit larger of area than it was yesterday. so it is really the entire shore line, if you are going to be at the beaches, that we have the moderate risk, i like it tell people talk to your lifeguards, they will let you know anything is happening out there to keep an eye on. today partly sin, yes, see the sunshine, hot out there, 09 degrees, our winds out of the west about 10 miles per hour, few clouds tonight, low of about 73. but here we go. we made it to 91 yesterday. expecting 90 today. more 90s even peak of the heat as we get into wednesday. lock at the high of 94 degrees. we don't see 80s until we head toward the weekend. so heatwave, oh, yep, that would qualify for heatwave. erika? >> all right, thank you, kyla. >> talking sports, eagles have to cut their roster down to 75 players by 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. they cut 12 players yesterday, including former quarterback, gj kinny. he was trying to make the switch to wide receiver. eagles have just one pre-season game left. that's thursday night against the jets in north jersey.
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>> over to baseball now, the mom of yesterday's philly start, alec asher, right there, check out mom sporting phillies jersey, and asher didn't do that b did he allow homerun in the first inning, to padres matt kemp. asher pitched into the sixth, but took his first major league lost, nine to four. phils play the mets in new york tonight. >> pennsylvania's lewis berry little leaguers got out to good start at the little league world series. had ten to two lead after the first inning. but the japanese team came back with five homeruns, out lalls dollars the pennsylvanians 18 to 11. just a terrific run, though, for the lewis ferry team, japan, though, did win, the 2015 little league wormed series. still, so proud of our team from here. >> and, to keep up with all of the philly sport teams, sign up for our text alerts. you can do that by ticking cbs philly sports to 84816. have your --
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>> to you with fill connection turns 70. more on that coming up. first though, here's what's ahead tonight on cbs-3.
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my name's hillary. i was born on september 11, 2001. i know a lot of people who go to my school and lost their parents or other family members in 9/11.
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i would hope people can realize how much the world has grown. doing something good makes me realize i have the power to change things. this 9/11 day, remember to do one good deed. >> one more look at your headlines, off duty philadelphia police officer is struck and killed, in a hit-and-run crash, in northeast philadelphia. the officer has been identified as 42 year old lamar pool, 18 year veteran of the force. police arrested the suspect just a short time later. >> lots, a ridley park police officer is recovering after he was shot during a stand-off. that officer was shot while trying to apprehend a man who barricaded himself in a norwood apartment. the suspect faces attempted murder charges. >> and, the suspect in the fatal shooting after sheriff's dispute any texas will be formally charged today. shannon miles is accused of shooting deputy darren goforth
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execution style at a houston gas station friday night. they believe the officer was targeted because he watts wearing an uniform. >> 4:49. we check on business news headlines, hen a daniels, up at the stock exchange. we have news about interest rates. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, err cape, absolutely right. dels by the the global economic turmoil, the federal reserve advice chairman remains open to the possibility of raising interest rate in september. fed advice chairman stanley fisher says there is good reason to believe inflation will move higher. speaking at annual conference, they say pressure holding inflation down has already gun to fade. before the recent market turmoil, the fedoras expected to race rates after its mid september meeting. it says it has discovered massive gas field off egypt. describing it as the largest ever found in the mediterranian sea. says the find could hold potential of 30 trillion cubic
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feet of gas over 38 miles. it is being called one of the world's largest natural gas finds. erika? >> hena, thank you so much. also, talking about the sling i, all time classic childhood toy is celebrating big dirt day this weekend. tell us more. >> reporter: that's right, sling i celebrated it seven ' birthday this weekend, naval engineer richard james came up with the idea for shriningy back in 1945 after knocking spring offer his work bench. it is made from 67 feet of steel wire, over 300 million were sold in the first 06 years. and, erika, there is a philadelphia connection, to this story, the furs were sold at gimbell's in 1945. >> very good. well, oh, just one of those classic toys i think every kid loved them, every kid still love today. >> i still love that toy. >> always fun going down the stairs, good time. hena, thank you so much. see you later this morning, coming up after the break, another check on your traffic and weather together before you head out the door. we'll
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>> first look, vine street expressway, westbound at broad street, the first look that we're having it all clear. so, we are looking good at vine street expressway, and also, the blue route southbound, near saint david's villanova also looking pretty good. 995 southbound at cottman, you can see, moving into center city, just starting to see some headlights, some taillights, tail light of course moving in the southbound direction, this is one of the areas that i keep my eye on really early in the morning, we usually see start
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to heat up in the 5:00 hour. what you are looking over, posted speeds, really nice, mass transit, three trolleys, still bussing, the 15, until saturday, 101, 102, until sunday. let me back out of the way so you can get good clear picture for those of you commuting, disabled vehicle, now clear on the northeast extension southbound. kyla, over to you, i hear it will be a humid one. >> yes, i mean, yesterday it was, right? when you walk out the door, it just got hotter and hotter as the day went on. another day like that on top, everybody. in fact, we got run of heat coming our way. not bad out there right now. so if you have to take your early morning walk or jog, i think you will be in good shape. take a look at temperatures, and right now, you can see already at 78 degrees, in philadelphia. sixty-seven in the poconos. 75 degrees down in atlantic city, an indication what's coming our way when we're already that warm. this is where we are going today. another 09 degrees day expected in philadelphia, we will get some clouds in the sky today. little more than yesterday.
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and, 80s at the shore, that could be pretty nice beach day. eighty-three, in the poconos, so, it will be a little toasty, and not just today, this is the story here. this is going to continue right through most of the week, it looks like we will see 90s, so run, if you count yesterday was one, then today, two. it looks like we have three, four, five coming our way. we have more than three days we call it a heatwave. that's what we are being look at. so we will ends august very hot, wrapping it up hot in september with a heatwave. we also have hurricane in the atlantic, that we are keeping an eye on, hurricane fred. so i will talk about that as well as give you your seven day forecast when i come back in just a few moment, err dismay. >> thank you, want to get a check on stories our sister station "kyw news radio" 1060 is following. pennsylvania entering third month without a state budget. lawmakers at the government, stalemate. lawmakers getting tougher on people who leave their pets un attends in the cars.
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exercising to help you avoid fatal heart attack. those stories and much much more. they'll give you 22 minute, they'll give you the worlds. >> coming up: many children going back to school this week. more on how one school is getting ready ahead of students arrival today. >> also, for the second weekends in a row, an off-duty police officer, killed in a crash. this time, it was a hit-and-run driver, we have a live update for you. >> and, the presidential frontrunners on both sides of the aisle are losing ground in the race for their parties nomination. those nipping at the heals of hillary clinton, and donald trump. we're back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good monday morning, to you. oh, we're coming back to work, back to school with the heat also returning for the start of your work week. finds out how long the hot and humid temperatures will stick around, fan we can expect another heatwave. >> also, for the second weekends in a row, the philadelphia police department mourns the loss of one of their own. another crash takes the life after off duty police officer, this time, it was because of a hit-and-run driver. we'll have a live report. >> and, donald trump and hillary clinton are thought to be their parties frontrunners right now, but both candidates are slipping in the polls. see how is gaining traction in the presidential race. good morning, it is monday, august 3; i'm erika von tiehl. we want to check in with kyla
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and meisha. good morning, ladies. >> good morning, yes, roads looking pretty good. how is it feeling out there, kyla. >> feeling soupy out here already. and i got to tell you, this early, right? already feeling it, if you have to do any strenuous physical activity today, you got to get out early. it will be another scorcher. we are winding up our august awfully hot. start september that way, too. let's take look at some of the statistics, of what has happened so far this month. well, our temperatures have been about 2 degrees above average, but look at how much we have been down on precipitation. we're about 2.3 inches less than we should be. our highest temperature so far this month, 94. our lowest, 63. that's where we've been. this is where we're going, everybody. current temperature in philadelphia, 77 degrees. 60s in the poconos. mid 70s already down in atlantic city. so it is toasty. we feel the humidity. look at the 77 already in palmyra, 73 in pottstown, so you know when you are seeing seven's and it is 5:00 in the


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