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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 2, 2015 2:07am-2:38am EDT

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>> right now at 11:00 hall of fame wrestler charged with murder. authorities say jimmy super fly snuka is responsible for his girl friend's death more than 30 years ago. the findings of a grand jury investigation have sent shock waves through the wrestling world and large fan base. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. for the past three decades the death of nancy argentine know remain a mystery tom night
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prosecutors say snuka killed her. todd quinones is in our sat center. he has reaction from snuka's hometown in new jersey todd. >> ukee this was cold case. it was going nowhere and then jimmy put out a book and now his own words could come back to haunt him. in his heyday jimmy super fly snuka was a hero to young fans but today prosecutors say he's a killer. >> charges of third degree murder and involuntary manslaughter. >> reporter: now 72-year-old was arrested tuesday for the 1983 death of his girlfriend nancy argentina. i spoke with nancy's sister over the phone. >> very happy because it's been a long road. >> reporter: she sustained serious injuries to her head while staying snuka inside a whitehall township motel. she later died at the hospital. the then 39-year-old was wrestling at an event at allentown fairgrounds. no one answered the door at the wrestler's home in atco camden county, new jersey. his neighbors say he is well liked guy.
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>> i don't know. all this time past and now they're trying to get new charges against him. i don't know. >> reporter: in his 212 auto biography he said nancy fell and hit her head and that night quote ruined his life. that sparked nancy's family to push investigators to take another look. and a grand jury was convened. her sister says before nancy's death snuka displayed troubling behavior. >> he was on something and i said to nancy, listen, you've got to get rid of this guy. i mean, he is just bad news. >> reporter: lehigh county district attorney says a doctor concluded nancy's injuries were not consistent with a fall and that the grand jury found snuka made several inconsistent statements about what happened that night. >> indicated points that they were fooling around outside the hotel room. when he pushed her and she fell. he must have wrestled a little too much is a quote. >> reporter: snuka who is battling stomach cancer is out on bail tonight. he has denied killing his then 23-year-old girlfriend who was
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from brooklyn, new york. reporting live tonight in the sat center, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, todd, thank you. for many kids summer vacation is over. but this sepsis sell is interfering with classes. the penn ridge school district in bucks county announced early dismissal at its elementary schools both tomorrow and thursday. this as 90-degree temperatures just hang on. mitt meter justin drabick in for kate bilo with more on heat wave number five. year in the core of heat for tomorrow and thursday then finally we start to see relief coming up for labor day weekend but very muggy outside right now. get used it to. sticks around for another couple of days. we made it to 95 degrees. how about that officially at philadelphia international airport that ties for the hottest temperature so far this season high. average high is 83 degrees. so we are in the middle of heat wave number five. it starts off last sunday we had temperature of 91 degrees and 90's will continue through
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thursday. right now pretty warm. we're looking at mid and upper 70s. 78 degrees currently for physical. nice and dry on stor storm scan3 mostly clear skies through the overnight warm start to your wednesday morning. 76 by 7:00 o'clock in the sunshine. by early afternoon we're already at 90 degrees topping off in the mid 90's. talk about those changes in the seven day forecast coming up in a few minutes. back over to you. >> jd see in you a bit. thank you local man cat battling cancer has online fundraiser start beside a friend to help him with treatment cost. someone else is pocking the money and alleged crime left the family devastated. diana rocco is in east norriton right now where police are a revved the suss spec. diana. ukee, this woman was once a close family friend but tonight investigators say they was using their tragedy for her own personal gain. >> it's the worst nightmare you can possibly imagine. to watch someone go through that. >> reporter: devon henson's hub jay has advanced pancreatic
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cancer. they have two daughters and for the last nine months he's been on an aggressive form of chemotherapy. >> it's devastating. i mean it's devastating. >> never did they think a one-time friend would take advantage of their living nightmare. police say three months ago tracy cats sorry set up a website to raise money for jay's treatment even posting it on facebook. page called help jay henson beat cancer. >> she asked me if it was okay and i said yes. >> the donations started rolling in. jay's parents family members and friends were giving thousands to an account in her name. >> she dropped off two checks. the first week she claimed that they had to be under a thousand dollars for tax reasons. >> but after just two weeks the money stopped and instead of checks devon was getting text after text of excuses. she wouldn't give them the password or account information. seeing that the website had collected more than $10,000 from 90 different donors, devon became suspicious and contacted police.
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>> the fees that, you know torque hear from the police report that she was just really going into target and mcdonald's and like spending this money without a thought in the world. it's unbelievable to me. >> investigators say she spent more than $8,000 over two months withdrawing the account to a negative balance. devon feels terrible for the people who donated but is still so moved by their generosity. >> that has been amazing. like how many complete strangers have done things for my husband. >> reporter: the woman has been charged with felony theft among other things. she's been released on bail but did not answer the door at her norristown home tonight. since then, the family has set up another website for donations under www.jay of course we'll have much more information on this on our website at we're live in east norriton, montgomery county, i'm diana
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rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, thank you. well tonight police are warning gloucester township residents to be aware after a woman is robbed by fake utility workers. please take a good look at this sketch a man entered it's house of an elderly woman on honey locust court asking to check her water. he and another man then disable her home phone and stole items from her dresser drawer. if you have any information please contact the police. authorities in gloucester county arrest and charge a man in attempted luring incident we first told you about last week. the suspect is identified as gregory scott end lives at the washington way apartment complex in blackwood. police say scott open the first floor bedroom window of a six-year-old who lives at that same complex and tried to lure her away. the child's mother happened to come home as it was all unfolding and police say scott ran away. the child was not injured. decomposing bodies at an unrunsed west philadelphia funeral home lead to charges to night. 52-year-old blair hawkins the
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funeral director at the hawkins funeral home has been charged with three counts of abuse of a corporation. yesterday authorities found those decomposing bodies at the funeral home at 53rd and 59. >> police in illinois are conducting a massive manhunt for three suspects wanted in the shooting death of a police officer. at least six federal agencies are on the hunt for the three men accused of gunning down fox lake police lieutenant charles glenn witch before he was shot his morning in fox lake which is north of chicago, the lieutenant radioed that he was chasing three suspects. glenn witch is the father of 44 sons. he was with the fox lake police department for more than three decades. protesters from the group black lives matter interrupted an event with philadelphia police commissioner charles ramsay who was set to speak about policing tonight. >> black lives matter! >> black lives matter! >> several chants drowned out the commissioner including black lives matter and no racist police. this happened tonight in eastern state penetentiary in philadelphia.
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the protesters shut down the event. the commissioner was there to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing police forces in 2015. while touching on events in baltimore, ferguson and elsewhere. a big announcement today from the vet can. pope francis says he will allow priests to absolve people from what the church calls the sin abortion. the pope is not changing church doctrine but will extend mercy to those seeking forgiveness. ab so lucien will be part of the upcoming year of mercy that begins in december. arch with shall charles chaput spoke about today's revelation christians believe god's mercy is endless and the pope wants to express that in a way that captures the imagination of people who don't believe it or don't experience it. and i think a group of people that have very hard time sometimes experiencing the forgiveness of god are those who are involved in abortions. >> chaput was also the keynote speaker tonight at an immigration panel. there he discussed the
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importance of keeping immigrant families together and the archbishop said federal legislation must be passed. congress needs to stop squabble link and pass real immigration reform including a legalization program that gives do you meaned persons and honest attainable chance at citizensh citizenship. >> immigration and religious liberty are expected to be the themes of the pope's speech at independence hall at the end of the month. just 25 days until pope francis arrives in philadelphia to talk about immigration and then deliver a mass on the parkway. more than a million people are expected to come to the city. >> if you're coming to see the pope from new jersey, there's an easy option if you do not want to walk across the ben franklin bridge. the river link ferry is adding extra service on saturday and sunday during the papal visit it will operate from 7:30 a.m. until midnight and lots to do when you arrive at pennsylvania lanning. >> you can stop for a quick bite or drink at river park or blue
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cross river rink. a great way get across the riv river. alternative to public transit. >> the ride take 10 minutes. tickets are on sale online at $7 piece. mayor nutter addressed the media today about another event that will take place in the days leading up to the to the world meeting of families the international mayor's forum will be held at lasalle university. it will bring together leaders from new orleans, rome, pub low, mexico and other cities to discuss issues of public safety, education and family. >> on the health watch eye opening new research about how being overweight can affect the mine. we've got dough tails for you straight ahead. also coming up at 11:00, knew he can technology giving us a view of the heart that could forever change how doctors treat their patients. health reporter stephanie stahl with more on what's being called the living heart project. and gas prices, car maintenance and traffic jams. the list is out on the worst states for drivers wallets. see how the tri-state region
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faired. >> justin. >> we are tracking some changes eventually for the holiday weekend. until then the heat wave continues. a lot of sunshine but of course we'll talk about that important labor day forecast coming up in a few more minutes. >> plus, david letterman like we never seen him. what he's saying about the debut of the late tow with stephen colbert. stay with us.
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>> another stock market slide today. worries about china's deteriorating growth and week u.s. manufacturing numbers trigger another big sell off. stocks started the session sharply lower than then never return. today's drop, the wild swings were coming to an end. here's a look at the closing numbers. dow jones slipped nearly 470 points to close just above the
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16,000 mark. nasdaq fell more than 140 poin points. s&p 500 was also sharply lower. family and friends gathered to say farewell to basketball legend darryl law you dawkins. public viewing was held this afternoon at st. paul's church in lehigh county. private funeral set for tomorr tomorrow. nicknamed chocolate thunder dawkins was a fan favorite for seven seasons with the sixers. he was also a warrior when it came to bettering the community. he died last week of a heart attack at the age of 58. on the cbs3 health watch tonight, another reason to watch your waistline. new research says obesity in middle-aged may influence when a person develops alzheimer's disease. researchers found among elderly adults with alzheimer's those who were overweight at age 5010 to do develop that disorder earlier. about 5 million people in the u.s. are living with alzheimer alzheimer's. the number expected to more than double by 2050. on the health watch new heart devices usually need to be
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tested on real people before being used in the main stream. but now there's a new one of a kind virtual technology that could be a game changer. health reporter stephanie stahl takes you on trip through the heart like you've never seen before. >> reporter: jeez see levine was born with a rare heart defect requiring multiple heart surgeries and a pacemaker with complications. >> she's had three wires break inside her body. so we know that there's improvement that can be made in the case of the leads. >> reporter: hoping to improve medical technology jesse's dad steve whose an engineer launched the living heart project. it uses 3d technology to give doctors and scientists a virtual view inside the human heart. >> a lot of doctors struggle with looking at a 2d slice or representation and in their minds having to imagine the 3d manifestation. >> reporter: with 3d glasses here's view and side the heartly you can see muscle movements, electrical impulses and blood
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flow. this severe like experience and a small portable version will allow doctors to not only study a healthy heart but also see what happens when something goes wrong. one day with ekg and mri data they will make custom 3d models of pain's hearts to test thera therapies before prescribing them. like new pacemaker leads for jesse who is now 26 but still has challenges. >> when i think about the fact that maybe one day my daughter's life will actually be dependent on the work i'm doing, um, it's really profound feeling. >> reporter: in unprecedented move fda join the project hoping the delivering heart can be used as a tool to screen medical devices before they're approve. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". bad news for drivers in new jersey and delaware. those states have ranked among its among the wore the for drivers. rankings compiled by bank rate look at average commute times, gas prices, repair costs,
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insurance premiums, fatal crashes and car thefts. new jersey and delaware ranged fifth and sixth worst overall. pennsylvania came in at number 24. thanks to what was cited as a low theft rate and below average gas expenses. vice-president joe biden will be making an appearance on the late show way stephen colbert. vice-president will stop by neck thursday night. could he announce a run for president? also, colbert's predecessor david letter manmade a rare public eastern the now bearded comedian walked the red carpet in san francisco to celebrate the indy car championship. dave was asked if he'll be watching colbert's debut and he'll be in the front row with this family. was that joke. we'll have to tune in to fine out. he'll be in the front row in his living room with his family. colbert takes over the late show in just seven days. you won't want to miss his next debut next tuesday night right here on cbs3. >> it is hard to believe we're already into september. >> here we go. >> september 1. >> and it is not quite september
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kind of conjures fall but we're still at summer. >> we are. >> labor day is not here yet. >> that's right. >> still got some time. enjoy it. it could be worse. not talkin talking record tempe. it can get a lot worse. we are tracking changes for labor day weekend. we'll get to that in just a bit but until then, a couple more days with hot temperatures running a good 12 degrees above average. pretty quiet outside right now as we look at the ben franklin bridge. really no problems mostly clear skies. little bit hazy out there with that humidity around. little bit tougher to breathe with that tropical air mass in place. so the humidity just sticks around for a couple of more da days. but august certainly was a hot month as we just recap it. the numbers are in. both the high temperatures and low temperatures you add them all do the averages 2.2 degrees above average and we're starring off the month of september strong with a warm temperatures. rain we do need it. jut less than an inch of rain officially at the airport for the month of august much that's over 2.5-inches below average. highest temp for august was 94. how about today we hit
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95 degrees. heat wave this is number five. again, continues and looks like we'll see the end of it later on this week so this an extended heat wave similar to the one we had in the middle of the month of august. all right. records to beat like i said it would be a lot worse. one hadn't dread degrees the record high temperature tomorrow that was set back in 1953. also, same deal on thursday. 100 same year 1953. that's not going to be reached. 78 degrees currently. we're in philadelphia. low 70s in south jersey. little breeze coming in off the water. that's just bringing in a more humid air mass. dew point temperatures really sky rocking now. once they're in the 70s oppressive you want to be inside in the air conditioning. got that tropical feel to the air. another steamy day tomorrow. same deal on thursday. friday starting to change things up. humid but noticeably different and then setting up to see a pleasant start to the weekend as far as the humidity levels go. and if you don't like the heat you can blame high pressure which is anchored over the mid land that's why storm scan3 is just so quiet.
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every now and then you get a spotty shower or storm because there's lot of humidity around. overall another dry day on wednesday. lots of sunshine. low to mid 90's for the high temperatures. another repeat on thursday. then we'll watch this front move in from the north. that knocks the temperatures back down friday as we get more of an easterly wind flow could be a scattered shower as well. tomorrow morning looks good. sunshine and some clouds. that's the trend into the afternoon. not much happening on thursday. so pretty boring looking at this future weather model. great day if you have plans to hit the shore tomorrow lots of sunshine. upper 80s initial initially before the sea breeze kicks in. rip current risk stays low. 73 for center city. another hot day tomorrow. 94 degrees. mostly sunny skies. we'll head into your labor day forecast looking great. it is warm at 88 degrees. humidity not too bad but at least it's dry. here's the extended forecast still a pretty dry seven day coming up but we do get that relief in here labor day week and with the sunshine it. enjoy it. >> looking good, justin. thanks. >> lesley has your sports. we have one more britt counts.
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eagles preseason finale looming we have energy news plus a starting quarterback for thursday's game. four months since the phillies beat the mets. the phillies trying to end a
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>> phillies came into accept riding 10 game losing streak to the mets. you'd never know the young phils line up snapped that skid in style. top of the third phillies up two-nothing. darrin ruf golf clubs a three run homer to left. the phillies are out to a five five-zero lead. the melts cut it to a six-four game in the sixth but then the phillies will blow this one wide open. bases loaded two outs rough crushes a single to center that will plate two more run. the phillies up 11-four. they got another on a throwing error in the same inning if you like offense this is your game. phils win this one, 14-eight. the busy day for eagles. had to trim that roster down to 75.
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players by 4:00 o'clock this afternoon. the team released former villanova running back kevin, injured a cho and gentleman cory shepherd on ir. >> we have notes from pack digits alonso and josh huff are expected to play in thursday's preseason finale. riley cooper back after sitting out on monday. marcus smith and zach ertz have not returned to practice. cody parkey is toss up for thursday. matt bark l start the meadowlands. >> start the game but who starts and who finishes forty two preseason game i don't think that's important. trying to distribute the reps is the big thing and we haven't talk about exactly how we'll drib the reps. >> alonso toll reporters he'll play a few series on thursday. late scratch kept him out on saturday. alonso has tendinitis in the same leg that required surgery after his acl tear. chip was not commit cal thinking tendinitis issue was not a big deal. do have sad news for local
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guy, patz patriots fullback james devlin out for the entire season with a broken leg. he fractured tibia in a preseason game again the panthers. it was thought he can return this system but he's placed on ir. division one college football begins this week and we're kicking off the local slate with penn state and temple down at the linc on saturday. the owls have not defeated penn state since 1941. the nittany lions looking for strong start before enjoying five straight home games. >> although the overall record is strongly in penn state's favor the games have gotten closer and closer over the yea years. i think matt has done a great job. i really do. >> going up against a team that's, um, veteran team, well coached. they have a good plan. they're very comfortable with what they do. so, um, i think it will ab great challenge for us. >> do not count temple out. >> exactly. that will be a good game. >> it will be close. >> thanks lesley. appreciate it.
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♪ new tonight fashion and cheesesteaks team up in south philly. >> "eyewitness news" at geno's steaks for fashion with geno's. the event is part of philly fashion week and people enjoyed an outdoor fashion show and block party. naturally chowing down on cheesesteaks. >> of course. >> needless to say the event had distinctly philly take. >> catwalks was a basketball court. that was pretty cool. >> so many thing going on. >> that will do it for us. our morning team is back at 4:30 a.m. for lesley, justin our entire team i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always for you at blue bloods is next. >> thanks for watching. good night, family. sleep well. ♪
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