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tv   Eyewitness News at 430  CBS  September 3, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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mass confusion, another round of security protocols just released as pope's visit but they are catching many people off guard. coming up details that may make it more difficult to see the holy father. today is thursday, september 3rd good morning thanks so much for being here i'm's nicole brewer. erika is off today but i have plenty of backup. we have meisha, kyla checking with weather and traffic, good morning, ladies. >> this week just went so fast. >> what? >> i will not say that but... >> all right, all right. >> sorry, meisha. >> all right you guys, to start off. >> well, i do have some good news coming.
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>> okay. >> anybody else whose week is getting a little sluggish, let me help you out. we have one shore day of heat and then nice weather. we will see where we are right the now. a 73 degrees. millville 68. seventy-one bensalem. cinnaminson, 71. lots of 70's at this hour. looking at current temperatures in philadelphia, 77 degrees, everybody. we are warming up, yet again today, we have relatively clear skies. few cloud to the north. nothing to speak of on storm scan three. we are letting sunshine in. when you do that, it heat up. 94 degrees. it is day five of the heat wave. we have then are storms and a cold front. is there the break. temperatures drop. on saturday still looking good with some sunshine, but i know what everybody wants to know what about labor day? well, it is four days a away. hang in there. in just a few moments i will be back with the seven day forecast. it is good news. we have a beautiful weekend
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and heat up next week, meisha, i don't think we are done with this heat yet, can you believe it. >> it is so great, i love the heat, for me, it is just a big win. great weekend, heat is coming, win/win. >> happy thursday. >> yes. >> it is still early out there, the weather is looking good. traffic is looking good as well. we did have an accident schuylkill westbound off ramp to 202 right shoulder was block in the bottom lower left hand corner. you can see flashing lights out there. not cause nothing i slow downs in the 4:00 a.m. hour. ninety-five southbound between woodhaven and academy right lane is block. i don't see cones. even if they are there and i cannot see them i can tell you right now not causing any slow downs. way too early for that. just make note of the construction there. beautiful look at ben franklin bridge for those coming from new jersey and center city looking good here. here's what we would expect. beautiful night to perk you up on this early morning.
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made in america festival, the inner lanes are closed until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday, starting tomorrow outer lanes are closed at 10:00 a a.m. this will be ben franklin parkway between 20th street and eakins oval. make note of that. that will be very busy. also construction 295 southbound at route 42, all lanes are block until 5:00 a.m. busy morning in terms of the traffic, nicole, back over to you. more security restrictions when pope francis visits philadelphia this month. secret service says you will need a ticket to enter the the most secure zones along ben franklin parkway and independent mall as well during that weekend. if you don't have one you have to watch holy father from the jumbo trons outside the most secure area. >> again, i will make it here in philadelphia. >> seemed to make it a little bit difficult to come here with the crowd. >> the archdiocese of philadelphia says tickets will be distributed to the 219
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parishes. tickets for meeting of religious freedom on independent mall will be available on line starting to tuesday. also we have learn why visitors are prohibited from bringing pass a security entry points there. backpacks, and bags of 18 by 13 by 7 inches. bicycles, coolers and selfie sticks. the full list is on cbs "eyewitness news" also talk one on one with the head of the world meeting of families. she told our pat ciarrocchi she's not concerned about the the number of people who may or may not show up for the the papal visit. >> are you worried about people showing up. >> no, i don't. i really don't. whatever the number is, wonderful. >> she said it is unclear if the pope will make his way down the parkway in the pope mobile. a new survey by philadelphia's city controller find businesses are not happy with the information they have been getting from the city about the pennsylvania papal visit.
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86 percent of businesses say they felt that they were provided with insufficient event details from city officials. of that 48 percent, they still felt they were able to plan, while 38 percent said they have in the been able to plan for the the pope's visit. of course, it will not be long now, we are 23 days away from the arrival of pope francis in philadelphia is there new information as you can imagine, and you can find a comprehensive guide, of the papal visit on our web site at cbs philly to the come. well, ride to go honor two members of the philadelphia police department. "eyewitness news" at 12th police district in southwest philadelphia one of the stops on the memorial motorcycle ride. those taking part showed their support for the families and co-workers of sergeant rafael ali and officer lemar poole, both killed in recent off-duty accidents. poole was killed when his motorcycle was hit by an alone drunk driver. sergeant ali died when he lost control of his pick up and hit a tree in roxborough. fall out continues around
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former wrestler jimmy super fly snuka. wwe is announced it is removing snuka's likeness from the web site and digital properties. we have new insight from a author that first investigated snuka in the death of his girl friend. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinones spoke to a writer who raised a awareness years ago. >> reporter: jimmy super fly snuka was in the week of the world, mysterious death of 23 year-old nancy argentino would haunt her family and fuel speculation. we spoke via skype to california author irving munchnick he wrote a e book titled justice denied detailing questions about the investigation. i asked him what he thought with snuka being charged with third degree murder. >> does it validate what you have been reporting and what you thought about this case previously. >> absolutely. >> reporter: he questioned the then deputy coroner about the case. >> as the first word that he said to me were, upon
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examining the body and consulting with the pathologist i immediately suspected foul play and so notified the district attorney. >> reporter: it was snuka's own ought by graph any 2012 that drew the ire of nancy's family. he wrote night nancy died ruined his life. >> and it favosa lot of insight into the case, and things that we didn't know, things that were shocking and alarming to us. >> reporter: nancy's family pressured jim martin, a grand jury was convene, leading to tuesday's charges. for second straight day in one answered door at snuka's camden county home. he has in the pennsylvania past denied killing nancy argentino. snuka has said that nancy fell that night in 1983, d.a. at the time was william platt. he is now a judge and when i talk to him last night he said his current position, prevents him from being able to comment
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as to why charges weren't filed some 30 years ago. reporting from the sat center, todd quinones, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". a crucial day for campaign 2016, donald trump had a meeting with the chairman of the republican national committee. he wants trump to sign a pledge not to launch a third party presidential bid if he does not get the g.o.p. nomination. trump is challenging republican rival jeb bush to speak english while in the united states. bush fired back and said trump is in the conservative in both evening i establish and spanish. vice-president gentlemen biden is visiting a synagogue in atlanta tonight as speculation continues about a bid for the white house. yesterday he traveled to the community college in miami and raised money for senate democrats. the vice-president will spend labor day in pittsburgh. he will appear next week on the late show with stephen colbert right here on cbs-3 so that should be very interesting. some democrats are urging by
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tone jump in the raza mid the controversy over hillary clinton's state department e-mails. a major victory for the obama administration's iran nuclear deal after senate democrats clinched the the votes to ensure the deal survives in congress. secretary of state john kerry was in philadelphia and he spoke about the deal at the national contusion center. secretary kerry says despite the the controversy surrounding that deal it is best way to stop iran from building a nuclear bomb. >> president obama and i are convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that the framework we have put forward will get the job done. >> critics say the deal gives too much power to iran and threatens israel and other countries in the middle east. county clerk in kentucky will find out today if she will be sanctioned for defying federal court orders to issue marriage licenses. rowan county clerk kim davis had has been ordered to appear in federal court. she stopped issuing all marriage licenses because she
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opposes same sex marriage saying they violate god's law. davis could be fine or possibly jailed. coming up next on "eyewitness news" an update on the fire we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning, a family of four found dead. that fire is being investigated as a case of murder/suicide. and also hanging on four stories up, a neighbor comes to a little girls rescue, how he used a kitchen tool to help save her, incredible. also the last game of the preseason is tonight and last chance for some position players, to secure a spot on the eagles roster. we will have full details in sports. we will be
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police are investigating a possible murder suicide after an entire family is found dead in monmouth county. authorities say four people including two children were found in long branch, new jersey. medical examiners told investigators that the injuries that killed this family were not fault of the fire. we spoke to an eyewitness.
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>> lady and two gentlemen went kid inside the house and they are screaming, a lot of chaos and they feel helpless. >> among dead were 35 year-old lyndon beharry, a amanda morris and their sons brandon and brian, who were seven and four. the investigation into that fire continues but authorities say it does not appear to be accidental. heart pounding moments caught in camera in china when a man saves a toddler dangling from the fourth story window. her parents left her loan and she crawled out of it. her head got stuck and she started screaming. the that is when man climbed out of the nearby window and used a mop to prop her up. the little girl was not hurt. >> wow. >> thank god for that person. >> that is a miracle. >> wow. >> look at that. you cannot leave children that age alone for five seconds. >> you said it, not even for five seconds, i turnaround and
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baby jackies free. >> yes. >> they are little ones and they are exploring. >> what about the the weather today. will there be any drop in humidity, because that has been really bad this morning. >> look at nicole's hair, look at my hair. >> flat iron, i had to. >> it is coming on the weekend. we're not there yet, though, but it will feel humidity difference on saturday, nicole. we are off to the race west these temperatures. in philadelphia, 77 degrees. seventy-three in dover. seventy down in wildwood. seventy in lancaster. a a as we zoom out you can see the region popping in the 70's from new york down to washington d.c. here is storm scan three, pretty clear, we have got a few cloud but that is about it. the a as we, zoom out though you do see we have a cold front that will make its way through. so starting to see activity in places like michigan making its way toward us but that is
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not until tomorrow. we have 70's in some spots. look at wildwood. moisture is with is. humidity is there it means my hair will be big again today. oh, good news. here's what nicole is talking about. where is the break in the humidity. we will feel it on saturday. saturday and sunday should be quite nice across the board really. heading to the shore, oh, man will it be nice. we have three days of beautiful 70's and sunshine. that is perfect. if you are down the shore fantastic. monday high of 82. in the city, labor take we are heating up. weekend will cool down, 90-degree day, more humidity expect monday. it is interesting we are starting september with heat and humidity but today is there, high of 94 degrees. overnight lows, will feel that muggy feeling, that 73. take a look at your seven day forecast, break is coming saturday and sunday. we will feel it on friday with isolated thunderstorms as that front moves through. we will heat up again, monday, tuesday, wednesday. >> i can see it.
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>> oh, lordy can see it. but you know what, it is still summer, kyla. i can accept that. >> good attitude. >> all right. talking sports right now phillies wrap up the mets series and they may have lost more than just the ballgame. yep, second inning and shot down the right field line, let's get right to it, come on, lets get that video going where dominic brown cannot make the play. he flips over the the side wall, and instead of the single ruben to had a has a inside the park home run. brown will see a concussion specialist today and will misread socks seer thinks weekend. mets beat the phillies nine-four. eagles play their last preseason game of the year against the jets at the meadow land. it will be a big night for eagles rookies including rasheed bailey, he is second on the team in catches this preseason after signing as an undrafted free agent. he grew up rooting for the the eagles. he went to roxborough high and dell val college. 4:49. still ahead, tezsla gets ready
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to unveil a more affordable car? how much will it cost you? we will have details. but first here's is what coming up tonight on cbs-3. my name's hillary. i was born on september 11, 2001. i know a lot of people who go to my school and lost their parents or other family members in 9/11. i would hope people can realize how much the world has grown. doing something good makes me realize i have the power to change things. this 9/11 day, remember to do one good deed.
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the secret service says to see the the pope up close you will need a ticket to enter the the most secure zones along ben franklin parkway and independent mall. tickets will be distributed to 219 parishes in the archdiocese. and in campaign 2016, donald trump will meet with the chairman of the rnc in new york to discuss signing pledge to support eventual g.o.p. presidential nominee. vice-president joe biden play coy at an event on wednesday when asked if he will soon launch his own presidential campaign. county clerk in kentucky faces a federal judge for the first time for refusing to issue marriage licenses, to
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same sex couples. kim davis maintains issuing the the licenses will violate god's definition of marriage. 4:50. time for a check on business news, money watch's jill wagner joins us from the the new york stock exchange. good morning, jill. so markets rebound yesterday, what are investors watching for today. >> well, good morning, nicole. asian markets rebounded this morning following wall street's rally on wednesday. china's market is closed for a holiday. investors are keeping a close eye on tomorrow's government jobs report. strong numbers could make it more likely that the fed will raise interest rates as soon as next month. yesterday reports from adp shows there were solid job growth in the private sector last month. nicole. >> so that is good news. we are hearing that tezsla is making a more affordable electric car, what can you tell us? >> reporter: that is right, ceo of tezsla says they will start producing a new car that will cost about $35,000. that is about half of the
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starting price of its model s sedan. the tezsla will start taking order for what they are calling the the model three, they will take order in march, production won't begin for about two years, but still a really big step because tezsla cars gets great ratings, they usually score high with consumer reports, but they are pretty expensive. so, this could get a lot more people, driving electric cars, there you go. >> that might help overall, jill, thanks. we will check in with you in a little bit. 4:51. coming up, we will get another ch
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it is 4:53. let's check on the roads, meisha. >> let's do so. good morning nicole. good morning to all of you at home . if you are just joining us, waking up with us, wow, look at that. good morning, everybody. it is thursday. we have construction that has been cleared, we have i-95 north past the blue route. it was between ridley park and
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blue route but up there looking great. that truck pulled off to the side not causing any slow downs. it will in the because that truck will soon move and be completely out of your way, in the 5:00 o'clock hour. you can see this these traveling from new jersey, heading into, you know, right around the trying to make your way to 295, this is creek red in the north bound direction you can see, some volume levels just starting to build now in the 5:00 o'clock hour. fairly typical but looking nice, for those coming from new jersey, looking really good. here's i-95 southbound coming around that s curve through center city. just a nice string of vehicles out there and overnight construction projects are now starting to lift. overall things are looking good on this thursday morning. kyla, how are things looking in your department. >> we're having a heat wave. >> i did hear. >> yes. >> and it is, in fully affect again today, everybody. we will see temperatures in the 90's yet again but much nicer weekend ahead. we will see 77 degrees, already at this early hour.
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64 percent humidity. you know this song and dance. we are off to the races with these temperatures. looking around the region we will see 70's, 73 wildwood. seventy in mount pocono we are in the lower 60's. that is cooler up there nice and clear, the look up to the left, upper portion of your screen we will start to see action up there, right in michigan. that is because there is a cold front that will make its way toward us and help us cool down. now today though because in philadelphia we will see high of 94. eighty-six the at the shore. nice beach weather. in the poconos, 84 degrees. i know you want to know about labor day in the city, it will warm up, yet gannon monday, to a 90-degree high. we will talk burr seven day forecast, there is a nice break this weekend but more heat on the other side, nicole. >> doesn't end, kyla, thank you. lets get a check of the stories our sister station kyw news radio 1060 is following. as budget standoff continues state senate plans to consider temporary funding legislation.
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concussion experts talk about the risk that athletes face and new movie about nfl concussion crisis. also the schuylkill river trail captures first place as best urban trail in the nationwide pole, how cool that? check in two, three, four times a day on kyw news radio 1060. coming up next on "eyewitness news" we are live as a local family gets head i to head back to school. also a pennsylvania state trooper is attacked in schuylkill county. we will have the latest on the manhunt for that suspect. take a look at these images, we will tell you how this ieven if came to the rescue of a college student, we are back at the top of the hour, stay with us.
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our top stories this morning caught off guard another round of security measures making for mass confusion surrounding the pope's visit. developing right now a pennsylvania state trooper attacked, we will have the latest on the search for a suspect. and we are in for another, day of 90-degree plus temperatures, but will the holiday weekend bring yet another heat wave? i hope you like it hot because that is what we're getting. it is thursday, september 3rd, good morning, thanks so much for joining us, i'm nicole brewer. kyla outside on the sky deck and meisha checking the roads, good morning. >> it is thursday already. i know kyla you were saying it feels like this week is slowly moving on. >> yes. >> it seems like it is going
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so fast, how is it feeling. >> it feels really nice. that is the the key. you have to get out and get any major physical activity done early part of the day is time to do it because right now it is pretty nice. yes, i feel humidity out here on the sky deck and yes, we will heat up again. but right now not bad. let look at where we are right now. poconos are nice and cool. 66 degrees. seventy-six in philadelphia. 70 degrees in atlantic city. we are warming up. clear skies helping us to warm up. we will get sunshine in quickly. we don't have cloud cover. we can warm up fast. looking north and west we will see a mess out there on the radar on storm scan three. that is effects of the cold front. it will cool us down tomorrow. so, as we go throughout our day to day we are expecting 90's yet again, everybody. we will warm up to a high of 94 degrees. so one more hot day and then we will get a sunny labor day weekend but on the other side of the weekend we could see another run of 90's. i know that is


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