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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 3, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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dance moms terror. a man arrested for allegedly sending a preteen obscene material. >> hear what was inside the creepy package. >> harassing, stalking. >> what one young girl's mom is telling us and the other alleged celebrity target. >> he had a picture of lindsey lohan with blood dripping down her. and then "19 kids and counting" josh duggar. i talk to the adult film star who said he paid to sleep with her. how much did he offer for sex? >> $1500. >> shocking abuse allegations. >> i did push him back and say, that's too rough. it was terrifying. >> plus, where was ben affleck
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smiling and speaking out? >> also. are you excited for madonna's world tour? we talk to her opening act. >> she's closing for me. >> and scandal, brave, murder. all together for one sexy photo shoot. >> everybody. >> oh my god. >> now "e.t." with our take on today's top stories. who is this man arrested for allegedly sending creepy packages to a preteen star of "dance moms"? >> this is a story that will make almost any parent shudder and one of the moms sharing new details with us. >> and we spoke to tv's legal expert and this case since. >> they seem to blame it on a reality show. it's not the reality show's fault. it's scenic sunday. >> five parcels that were identified as being suspicious in nature, we x-rayed them. they were deemed dangerous. they contained items that were
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inappropriate for minors. harassing, stalking items. >> those packages were blasted by a bomb squad near pittsburgh tuesday night. we're told they were sent by this man. scenic sundown and attendintend a 12-year-old who we've chosen not to identify. "e.t." spoke exclusive to one of the dance moms who asked not to be named. all of the girls have been haunted by this sick man for a while now and been sending it to numerous girls for a while and some sent to home addresses and others sent to the girl's private studios in their hometown. so what is in the packages? the suspect's instagram account provides some clues. shirley temple movie. the hunger games dvd and a snow white doll. that's the photo of suri cruise. some received in the past contained sex toys, teddy bears and blankets.
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>> another aspect of this investigation is his online posting. that video could be traced back to him directly, can come into evidence. >> and we're learning more about the suspect, scenic sundown. the 36-year-old posted this disturbing video of himself smoking on youtube. and as if the joker's smile weren't creepy enough, a source tells us the fbi is speculating that the initial pl on his face could stand for 17-year-old disney star payton liz. he was arrested tuesday afternoon in san diego. >> also, disturbing facts that he had a picture of lindsey lohan with blood dripping down her and him holding a knife over her. he's charged with felony, providing obscene material to the minor. i predict that there is going to be a stack of felonies against him. i think they should all be served consecutively. one after the next. we already see he shouldn't be out on the streets. so i hope lady justice will keep him behind bars where he should be.
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>> well, we reached out to the production company behind dance moms and they said, quote, no statement and told us the show is not in production right now. >> most important thing, keep those girls safe. >> no doubt about that, right? ben affleck had a tough go with split of jennifer garner but check out this new video at the top of quick hits. >> how's it going, ben? >> surprise. ben speaks to the paparazzi. something he never does. >> looking good, man. >> affleck appeared to be in a good mood yesterday in an off the building parking garage carrying just the essentials, wallet, iphone and id and even gave the dose of sarcasm. they could not believe he was talking. so they in turn responded with compliment. >> you're the man. take care. >> now time for sofia vergara's
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peggy bundy transformation. "modern family" co-star and tv wife katey sagal. one misstep, how to spell her co-star's last name but this emoji is how we feel about this instagram post. next, amazing casting news. cate blanchett will play in a biopic about lucille ball about the "i love lucy" centered around her 20 year marriage. blanchett played another famous redhead, lucy, and katherine hepburn in "the aviator." with jennifer aniston, the atlanta set of "mother's day," who's that gorgeous lady peeking over my shoulder? and i think we're all in on
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the #letsconvincejentogeton instagram. and how about this one? anne hathaway too old for hollywood? we know it's hard to believe, but the 32-year-old oscar winning actress tells hollywood u.k. the obsession with beauty is hard to find work. i hate to admit it, but it's true. fewer roles and the competition is just as fierce as ever. the next meeting, just take your oscar in with you. move to a little music news with you. kicks off in montreal and how she always managed to keep things so hot and fresh. are you ready? people have opinions about your fashion and on stage. >> just about everything. >> what do they say about the culture at your age? >> i like your shoe size.
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usually when someone is behaving like a child and wants to be an adult, you say that. in my case, that wouldn't apply. that's immature. i am acting my age. that's what i say. this is me. this is how i want to be. i can do what i want. >> at 57, madonna is still pushing limits. she's wearing a grill. she's making out with drake and pulling other stunts that probably embarrass her kids. now the proactive entertainer hitting with us her biggest tour yet. >> we know madonna is one of the hardest workers in showbusiness and been rehearsing 10 to 12 hours every day for this tour. >> rehearsals started six months ago and reportedly been rehearsing songs she hasn't sung in years. teasing her fans on instagram with her set list, songs like "into the groove," "material girl," and "vogue." >> hopefully, we can expect to see some famous faces on madonna's tour. most recent video had a lot of
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famous people in it. everyone from beyonce to miley cyrus to katy perry. she has star studded friends. madonna booked amy schumer to epif open for her in new york. >> chris rock called me about a month ago and was like, madonna wants your number. i was like, i don't even know how you have my number and said she wants you to open for her. that's insane. >> madonna's babies are all grown up. rocco is going to work on the tour behind the scenes and daughter lord. >> can you imagine if madonna showed at one of the michigan football games? >> how good would that be? >> oh, so much fun. you actually mentioned amy schumer. she's one of the amazing hosts "saturday night live" has for their line-up. got some snl secrets. >> miley cyrus in the premiere episode. looking forward to a lot of pasties. >> oh my god. who are you? what do you mean?
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i'm old you! >> got amy schumer, crazy big fan of and tracy morgan coming back for a third episode. and looking forward to it. and the weekend is coming. excited to hear the weeknd play live. >> snl star joins seth myers at the third season of "the awesome" premiering september 8th. >> that is the most amazing thing i have ever seen. >> myers also supporting microsoft's #the world and j. lo and ellen have joined seth in voting for their favorite non-profit. >> for survival, a charity that raises money for cancer research. happy that continues to grow every year. >> back now to snl. because the new season actually starts one month from today on october the 3rd. coming up, she claims that she slept with josh duggar, one of the stars of "19 kids and counting," but are the star's claims believable? >> how do i know you're telling the truth? >> plus, getting personal with captain america, chris evans.
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last time i talked, you were single. is that still the case? >> that's ahead.
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on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. this golf course is electric... looking sharp. chris evans traded his captain america suit for a three piece one and directing for the first time, but before we talk business, from we had to ask. >> are you still single? is that still the case? >> that's still the case. i only love socks. >> hard to believe this man is single, but got to love his movie before we go already earned over a million dollars since video on demand release since july and that's before it
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hits theaters tomorrow. >> what do you want to do? get a hotel room for something? >> excuse me? >> does this mean his super hero days are over? >> he said before that when your marvel contract is up, you want to focus on directing. is that still the case? >> yeah, i mean, i love acting. i always love acting. it's my first love, but i really enjoying doing ssme, you know, kind of excited for the knowledge i acquired during this process and apply it to the next one. hopefully i can keep the ball rolling. >> i'm sure it will if directing goes like acting because chris just wrapped up shooting third captain america movie, civil war. it's set to open on may 6th, 2016. meanwhile, new york's fashion week kicks off one week from today and one designer we have our eye on is takun. he's dressed everybody from mila
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kunis. but the first to end the show and now on a mission to make latest olympic edition collection to everybody. >> what i do is more high end fashion but with me, to really reach the bigger audience. >> designer line is pricey. mila kunis wore this little black dress to the mtv movie awards and anna kendrick rocks this and both dresses retail over $1600. ouch. but that is not the case with this design nation collection. floral ruffle dress is just $68. and for this ensemble, the pinstripe is $50. wrapped skirt is $50. >> i love working with florals. i love working with plaids. i love mixing feminine esthetic with something more tomboy masculine. >> how chic is this combo? and the cool check patterned shirt dress is $68. >> it's versatile. depending how you layer them, you can go anywhere. >> the collection doesn't hit stores until next thursday but you can shop these looks right now at up next, the cast of shawn de ran and giving up secrets. >> i had no idea he was the one. >> almost couldn't speak the
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words. >> and then cameron mathison with the adult film actress who claims josh duggar paid him for sex. >> she needs to leave him and separate herself and her children from him. >> we'll be right back with that. closed captioning provided by --
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now that is a room full of powerful women. the stars of "grey's anatomy" and "how to get away with murder" posing with the genius behind the shows, shonda rhimes, and only we can take you behind the scenes to the photo shoot. viola in a fiery halter gown and getting a hug from her little girl. tail with sexy lips and bed head hair, stunning. kerry, look at that and silvery dress. never looked better. and they are all in all of their fearless leader, shonda rimes. though she shocked us and kept us guessing, the world of shonda land shows. >> i think the friendships are the most interesting to me. >> known for producing shows with the most jaw-dropping twists and turns. >> the twists in the show that shocked me the most have to be when frank killed vaila.
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everybody's oh my god. i had no idea he was the one on that. i was happy it was not me. >> shonda in her "empire" profile featuring four different covers. she is surrounded by stars in this class photo with leading ladies front and center. "scandal's" president to on again off again primetime mistress whose love scene can get a little steamy. >> when that scene came up, i almost couldn't speak the words. even though they don't often behave very well with each other, they love each other really hard. and i think that's really beautiful. >> in ew's article, the stars gush about working for rimes. kerry said, she loves working for a woman. when i told my boss i was pregnant, she literally jumped up and down in my trailer. "scandal" young said part of the fun on a shonda show is reading the scripts for the first time. >> we are a vocal response team. so scream and cry. those real moments happen, it makes you just love what you do more.
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>> shonda is always busy. her company right now is developing a new drama about a group of nuns in the bronx to save. >> everything shonda does is a hit, isn't it? >> keep in mind, thursday september 24th, the new season of "grey's," "scandal," and "murder" starts. >> can't get here fast enough. seems like it's from a shonda rhimes script, but it's not. josh duggar, his wife, and the adult film star who said she slept with josh. cameron mathison got the only on-camera interview and she held nothing back. >> she did not. very candid. very honest. in fact, some of the details, so graphic we can't even air them but still plenty that we can. danica walked me through every step of what she claims was the sexual encounter with josh that turned violent. how much did he offer for sex? >> $1500.
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>> he paid $1500. then what happened? you go back to his hotel, your hotel? >> my hotel. i get flown in. they pay for my accommodations. i said, okay. well, i'm at this hotel. you meet me there. we hang out. >> and you still, at this time, did not know who he was? >> i had no clue who he was. >> danica alleges josh approached her with the offer while working in a strip club in philadelphia. at the time, his wife was pregnant with the couple's fourth child. so he met you at the hotel. he comes in. what's the first thing that happened? >> he was very rough with me. threw me on the bed and, in all honesty, though it was consensual, it more or less felt like i was being raped. >> that's strong. >> i was called almost every name you could think of. whore, slut. a skank. i never told him no.
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i'm going to have to reiterate that, i never told him no. but i did push him back and say that's too rough. that's too rough. >> was it terrifying? >> it was terrifying. >> he offered you $1500? how much did he? >> $1,000. >> we reached out to the duggar family for comment. they did not respond. danica offered her money to see her again and she accepted. at this point, for the second encounter, did you know who he was? did you recognize him on television at this point? >> i still had no clue who he was. >> still no idea who he was. i knew him from the first encounter. >> so if he shortchanged you on the first encounter, he was extremely rough at first encounter. made you feel creepy. why in the world would you agree to go back with him? >> in our industry, it's all about making as much money and capitalizing on ourselves as much as possible. it's $1500 more in my pocket. >> you did it anyway. >> yeah. i -- >> scary decision. very risky decision. >> it is.
7:23 pm
>> danica claims josh behaved during their second encounter, but admits she had a phone under her pillow with 9-1-1 ready to dial. how do we know you're telling the truth? like, what proof do you have? >> when i did my interview with "in touch," they made me take a polygraph test. >> a test which "in touch" said danica passed. >> what do you think? >> i think she needs to leave him and separate herself and her children from him. until he mentally can be stable enough to be trusted around his children. >> josh is in rehab for sex addiction. do you think that is where he needs to be? >> i believe he needs rehab. >> you think he can be rehabilitated? >> no. >> i asked if danica has advice for josh. got to the point. said stop preying on women. >> i doubt this is the last
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we're going to hear about all of this. >> isn't that the truth? >> we'll be right back.
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all right. we're out of time but we're going to leave you with one more thing. a look at tomorrow's "e.t." >> bye-bye. >> the summer's hottest bikini bodies. taylor, reese, j. law. then a young super bowl commercial star with a surgery to save his life. inside the hospital with mini darth vader. >> focus on the things you can do instead of the things you can't do. >> his courage and parents' heartbreak. and remembering joan rivers the year after her passing. the latest in the wrongful death lawsuit. tomorrow on "e.t." -- captions by i'd like to put in my 15-years notice.ration you're quitting!? technically retiring, sir. with a little help from my state farm agent, i plan to retire in 15 years. wow! you're totally blindsiding me here. who's gonna manage your accounts? this is a devastating blow i was not prepared for. well, i'm gonna finish packing my things. 15 years will really sneak up on you. jennifer with do your exit interview and adam made you a cake. red velvet. oh, thank you.
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>> bieber's redemption tour kicks off. but has the public truly forgiven his past transgressions? >> mr. bieber, you are charged with dui, alcohol and drugs. >> as justin confesses how he became a changed man. >> i just had a bunch of knuckle heads around me. plus, why is stephen colbert shaking down jeb bush? >> house always gets beak wet. where's the beak, gov? sounds off on former client's race scandal. >> if you want to date me, some girl underage. and jake gyllenhaal reaches new peaks in "everest." >> no, no. come on. >> but will an oscar be waiting for him at the summit? >> you are the golden boy, buddy. >> oh, golden man. >> you know what i mean? >> now hollywood from the inside out. it's "the insider" together with yahoo. >> hello, everyone. and welcome to the "insider." >> let's kick things off with the top trending story dominating the


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