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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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september 9th, good morning, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. >> we will check on kyla, meisha with an eye on the forecast. >> yes, good morning. it is shaping up to be a busy one. kyla, i know you have cold stuff. 07 degrees coming. but on our roadways we know everyone is back to work. >> i'm's ready to tell but cooler weather but it is not happening today, everybody. it will be another hot one. a few thoughts as we move toward heat wave number six and high of 90. did you know in 14 days fall begins, 25 days from now average high will be 70 degrees, 51 days until halloween and 52 days we have daylight savings time evening. keeping that in mind we are looking at 25 days for an average high of 70. already 76 degrees in philadelphia you can see 07 in lancaster. seventy-six in atlantic city. as we look at storm scan three, this is what is going to be the big game changer. our skies are clear. off to the west we will see
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stormy wet's head of the cold front that is track ago cross. that is what will cool us down. not today, folks. we have a cool down tomorrow. today a high of 90 in the city, down the shore 86 degrees and poconos, toasty up there 84 degrees where they have set a record with a high of 88 in the poconos. this is different as that cold front passes by. average temperature is 81 degrees. you see temperatures zooming down thursday into friday. big difference coming our way. we will talk about that in the seven day forecast. i will show you highs in the 70's, meisha. >> we will take it anyway, right. we will take whatever mother nature throws at us. >> enjoy 90's because you never know what is coming up, good morning, happy hump day, still early but i can tell you just take a look what is happening 95 southbound at castor. we had an accident at
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allegheny. that accident has now cleared but because of that we still have residual effects, plenty of vehicles on the roadways because everyone is back to work after the long holiday weekend. things are slowing down here west at posted speed. we have a disabled vehicle 95 north near cottman in the northbound direction. not causing too many slow downs but will not affect you traveling southbound where we see heavier congestion in the morning but make note it is there because vehicles could get on the roadways and could slow you down a little bit. ben franklin bridge from new jersey into center city we have lost that right lane, and it has been since cleared. it has moved to the eastbound side. we have lost that far right lane on the eastbound side coming from philadelphia, into new jersey. make note that should lift in november. tractor trailer accident involving two tractor trailers route 41 is closed because of the accident. it is still there at north
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road. are you trying to get a glimpse of pope francis in philadelphia if so you can get your hand on two different events if you hat quickly. they are going like hot cakes. >> "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch is joining us on the ben franklin parkway with the details, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. start practicing your skills right new because today you will have two chances to get your hand on papal passes for that september weekend for a combined total of 20,000 tickets. yesterday we saw 10,000 ticket go in two minutes, so today's will go likely very fast. first come, first serve, and free, that is how world meeting of families plans to give out remaining 20,000 public passes for papal events for the last weekend of september. >> a lot of people are talking bit. we are mostly concern about getting to class. >> reporter: at 4:00 p.m. today world meeting of families will put up 10,000 passes for festival of
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families saturday september 26th. 8:00 p.m. another 10,000 tickets become available for papal mass the following day. one person is eligible for up to four passes. these tickets come at in cost but don't be shock if soon you see some for sale on a high dollar on line. >> you get a free ticket and then throw it up on the site to try to sell it. i mean -- in at least the neighborhood i grew up, that is frightening. >> reporter: mayor nutter with choice word about papal ticket scalping, criticism coming after hearst to the pope's independent mall remarks were posted on line with sky-high markups. >> it is a shame but it is typical philadelphia, urban philadelphia, man. >> reporter: passes were gone in 120 seconds. a at noon yesterday give away began on the world meeting site and 12:02, none were
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left. now organizers see their site hosted 394,000 visitors, almost 40 times the amount of tickets a actually available. don't forget those free events happening on the parkway and still opened to the public, with or without a particular but don't forget, two chances, 4:00 o'clock and 8:00 o'clock today. we are live, i'm justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> warm up that finger. >> yes. >> thanks, justin. there are souvenirs and then there are official souvenirs. >> papal visit this morning the official world meeting of families merchandise shop opened up in the lobby of the aramark tour at 11th and market streets. store will carry everything from coffee mugs, attached to religious items. ribbon cutting begins at 10:00 . with just weeks to go before he comes to philadelphia, pope francis is making dramatic changes to the annulment process in the catholic church. he is streamlining them to
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make them faster, easier and less expensive among changes couples will only need one judgment, not two from a church tribunal. vatican experts say it is most sweeping change in centuries. we have your guys on our web site at cbs visit. team from the national transportation safety board is heading to las vegas today to begin investigating what caused a airways jet to catch fire. patrick walker reports from las vegas the pie will lot of the british airways, boeing 777 aborted take off radioing his emergency to the tower a at the las vegas mckaren international airport on tuesday afternoon. jet liner sat on the tarmac and thick black smoke billowed in orange flamed engulfed its wings.
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>> 022 we're vac waiting on the runway. we're vac waiting. >> reporter: 157 passengers and 13 crews, scrambled down emergency slides to evacuate. >> one of the first people off the plane and i looked up, and the flames seemed to be twice the the size of the aircraft. >> just shocking more than anything. >> reporter: some passengers were able to grab their carry ons before they slid down the shoot. it took less than five minutes for fire crew toss extinguish the flames and everyone to evacuate. those on board were placed on buses and taken to local hotels. at least 14 people were treated for minor injuries, so far, the cause of the fire is unknown. the path trick walker for cbs news, las vegas. kentucky county clerk jailed for refusing to grant same sex marriage licenses is waking up at home for the first time in days. kim davis walked out of jail yesterday after five days behind bars.
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she emerged with her husband and republican presidential candidate mike huckabee. davis was held in contempt of court for refusing to do her job. she said it was because of her religious beliefs. >> you are a a strong people. we survey living god who knows exactly where each and everyone of us is at, just keep on pressing. don't let down. >> the judge said that davis will face additional punishment if her actions, continue. she plans to return to work this week. >> it is a in your era for late night television, stephen colbert debuts as new host of the late show. >> if you watched last night you did in the get much sleep. it ways well worth it. long addition was well worth staying up for. >> steven, steven, steven. audience members waited for hours yesterday, for a chance to see the show inside newly
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renovated ed sullivan theater. colbert arrived early, ear buds and everything, his first guest arrived early too, george clooney and republican presidential candidate jeb bush. >> it was amazing. i laughed a ton, i clapped so much my hand are sore. >> it was real interest. it was great. >> fan reaction is any indication the late show with stephen colbert a huge hit. if you missed it don't worry, jan carabao has the highlights, coming up in our next half an hour. >> did i hear correctly there was cotton candy involved. >> yes, and oreos. >> snacks and comedy. >> it doesn't get much better than that. >> still ahead, a preview of apple's big announcement. a student repeatedly punches a substitute teacher and it is all caught on camera. simple request that set off that violence. >> no more fighting over remote control is a thing of the past coming up see how you he'll be able to power your
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television with a flick of wrist. >> ♪ >> halfway to the weekend, it is wednesday morning, looking live at center city and are we in the middle of the heat wave, kyla has details when we come back.
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most kids are back in school getting up, waking up having their cereals, and parents wondering how their children are growing so fast. >> i know. >> and each and everyone of you thank you for sending these terrific back to school photos. >> oh, man, that song. >> yes. >> one in particular caught our eye. this is lee davis, the the picture of her on the left was her going to kindergarten at school in south philadelphia. >> okay. >> on the right is lee, all grown up, now a senior, at gant, but yesterday, it was back in pigtails just like she did in kindergarten. >> isn't that great. >> she tells us she's an actress, singer and waiting a long time, to trace that
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moment. bravo, good luck to you and your students on the the rest of the school year. >> looking over the shoulder, backpack. >> adorable. >> hope your senior year is great. kid are back in school and thinking about the next big holiday, halloween. >> talking about that this morning. >> philadelphia's eastern state penitentiary is getting ready to 6-foot tall gargoyles are in place for the old prison's haunted house of terror behind the walls. frank and carson, they even blow smoke. terror behind the walls kicks off its 25th season, september . you see the preparations. >> yes it is really scary there. >> yes, really haunted place. >> it is not feeling like fall or halloween at all, kyla. >> no, it is hot today. you say how hot was it. go ahead. >> how hot was it. >> well, i'll tell you how hot it was. ninety-five in he had looking.
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ninety-four in philly. record set in georgetown at 92. mount pocono 88 degrees. daily record for you too. we have relief coming in the form of the cold front, stormy weather ahead of that cold front. we have clear skies right now, this is tracking toward us into tonight and tomorrow and that will change these temperatures big time. 76 degrees big time in philadelphia 70 in lancaster. seventy-five in millville. seventy-five in atlantic city. we will head down the shore where people were hanging out last weekend. seventy-seven barnegat light. zero seven's down to cape may. off to a warm start. today, heading down there not the best beach day. we will have some sunshine. high of 86. we have a chance of the isolated thunderstorm later in the day-to-day. what will happies hot and humid air bumped out as this cold front tracks through. we will get cooler air behind it in the 80's we will go as we head toward weekend and then even some upper 70's
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coming our way. rain with this tomorrow. mostly tomorrow. the less than a inch for most spots and see pockets of higher numbers there. we could start to see localized flooding. 90 degrees today, here we go again everybody, another hot one, this is heat wave number six as they make it up to 90. seventy-two tonight. in the seven day forecast, the highs in the lower 80's. check it out toward weekend, 79 degrees is the high on sunday. huge difference, considering 76 out right now. >> yes. >> wow. >> it may be shocking frankly. >> i think people are looking forward to that as well. >> yes, a lot of fall lovers, one in particular in my household always getting rid of summer. >> i'm talking about my husband. >> i hang on to summer, as we get ready for fall. >> is there certainly something to be said about hot chocolate. >> apple picking. >> yes. >> i'm excited about that
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apple pie, start talking about food right now. good morning, everyone. it is early. 6:15. but i can tell you it is like everyone put their game face on after the labor day weekend. this is i-95 south at cottman. we had april accident. i-95 southbound atal gain that i slowed things down. that has been cleared. what we are seeing now is residual delays because of the high volume of vehicles we will have on the roadways, labor take has passed us and everyone back to work and school slowing down a little bit around that s curve trying to make your way in to center city. things are looking good. give yourself a couple extra minutes. here's the vine a quick peak moving in both east and westbound direction to and from the schuylkill, looking good on the vine. we have an accident involving two tractor trailers, plus a fluid spill on route 41 north road, route 41 is closed for
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those in and around that area, nicole, over to you. coming up, septa has update on the bed bugs scare aboard one of the buses. also horrific video of the student attacking a substitute teacher. find out what sparked that violent behavior coming up next. (plays throughout) ♪ sometimes, at last doesn't happen at first. ♪ ♪ your dad just kissed my mom. ♪ turning two worlds into one takes love. ♪ helping protect that world takes state farm.
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mom, brian threw a ball in the house!
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punching a substitute teacher. the attack was caught on cell phone video from other students recording it. fresno police say freshman girl attacked the substitute teacher after being told to put away her cell phone. even police were disturb by this attack. >> the type of of punch that could knock somebody out. she plugged her cell phone in, to charge it, and he ended uptaking it, the teacher took it away, walk to the front of the class and video you can see immediately attacks him. now the student even followed the teacher and continued the attack, when that teacher left the classroom. freshman faces assault and battery charges so far. 6:21. heart breaking investigation enters a new phase in massachusetts. officials released this new billboard featuring computer generated image of babe do. more than two months since dog walker discovered that toddler and a bag on the beach around deer island.
6:22 am
police hope someone seeing that billboard along the highway can place a name with the face. >> to give sort of the fresh visual image, after labor day summer is over, people are done with their summer travels and they are returning back to every day life. >> detectives have not yet determined the cause of the child's death and they are looking into high tech tests on their hair, teeth and clothing. 6:22. coming up next see how your hand will replace the remet control. >> see this going on. vanessa williams makes a big announce. three decade in the making what she's doing for first time since that miss america nude photo scandal. one more hot, steamy day before you get some kind of relief, kyla. we have relief on the way, huge difference in temperatures, cold front coming our way, i'll tell you all bit, we are talk highs of 90 today but 07's in the seven day forecast as highs, i'll have details, stay with us, "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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happening today a day they have been waiting for. >> the annual event, joined by all of the newest apple products. do we know what it will be? not the exactly. but tim cookies expect to show off new versions of the iphone. the experts say that we could
6:26 am
see a newer version of the apple tv and improvement to the digital update to siri but bigger news could be a larger version of the ipad. >> something that you can see is forced touch which is a feature they introduced in the apple watch. this is something where you touch it, you know, different sorts of the pressure, different feelings, causes phone to do different things. this is something we could possibly see. >> remember when a phone was just a phone. >> yeah. >> i do. >> experts say new i phone could have a front facing flash, and camera with more mega pixels and front facing flash will allow selfies, yes, selfies in the dark you will not see yourself. >> big problem. >> check this out wye may soon say bye-bye remote control and hello flick of the finger. the israeli company is checking out hand gestures as a way to control your tv and our alliances. i can see this going wrong.
6:27 am
>> yeah. >> this sound good, it can detect fingertip gestures. your fink tore scroll, and pinch to click. then scroll to the setting like volume and start clicking up or down. can you imagine all these people, by yourself, this could be terrific, but family all gathered around tv. >> i know, they are all like, no, no, no, no. >> beauty to the one remote control. >> whoever has the the power. >> exactly. >> there is a lot to be said for that. coming up next on "eyewitness news" stephen colbert makes his debut as the late show host. >> i used to play narcissist particular conserve ant pundit but now i'm just a narcissist. >> we got to see real stephen colbert as he welcomed jeb bush and george clooney to the newly renovated ed sullivan theater. we will look at highlights and hear what people are saying this morning, meisha. >> we are certainly slowing down, and we have an accident in chester county we will have
6:28 am
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being irregular is the worst. get more fiber with chocolatey, chewy fiber one bars. feeling good can taste great. well, once we hit 90 degrees we will officially mark our sixth heat wave of the summer season but there is some relief on the way, that is good news or maybe bad news if you like it hot like meisha. >> yes, meisha likes it hot. >> but look at how pretty that shot is. >> yes. >> the water, who cares if it is 90 degrees. >> you can always get in the what the's a this is point. >> hello. >> we will see some relief coming. we have some good news. it comes in the form of the rain and we need some rain. >> it has been a while. >> it has been a while. >> since august 1st we have been under a rain deficit of three and a half inches. our last measurable rain was august 20th, so if you can go
6:32 am
back in the memory bank and say when was that, right? well, take a look what is happening. storm scan three is showing nice and clear right new but looking off to the west we see stormy weather ahead of our cold front. that is the game changer, that knocks the heat out of the way and really changes things temperature wise. currently we are looking at 76 2 in reading. seventy-four in trenton. seventy-three in wildwood. keep in mind we are in the mid 70's already, heading to a 90-degree high today, hot and humid here at the shore about 86 and poconos about 84. keep in mind i say because 70's right now, we are looking at as we head in the weekend at highs in the upper 70's. one more scorcher today. stray shower tonight but tomorrow is bulk of the stormy weather coming our way. that will cool us down and that will be the big change in our temperatures, so then when we head toward weekend we are talking lower 80's and upper 70's. i will have that in the seven day forecast but for now lets
6:33 am
head over to the lovely meisha. is traffic heating up too, meisha. >> it is because everyone is after the labor day weekend and everyone hits the roadway, so yes we will start our trek across early. we start and then would i say late 5:00 o'clock moving in at 6:00 and then here is schuylkill eastbound at girard. we are looking good here. we do have a vehicle pulled off to the right shoulder but doesn't look like it is causing any slow downs w that said if that doesn't get cleared out soon we will see brake lights coming on. here's the ben franklin bridge. construction on the right side for those moving from new jersey into center city, we have lost that right lane for so long, that has switched to the eastbound side. for those traveling into new jersey we have lost right lane side and clearing in early november. i'll let you know when it does. we have an accident in chester county involving two tractor trailers and fluid spill at route 41 is closed, make note of that. also we have a water main
6:34 am
break this past monday route 130 southbound before route nine on, the the right lane is still block. erika, back over to you. right now 6:34. the numbers are in and new late show with stephen colbert is a huge hit. >> we have our hand on the neilson ratings and colbert easily won his time spot the in the philadelphia area jan carabao is here with details on the show. >> i have a feeling stephen colbert will be just fine. >> safe bet. >> reporter: late show with stephen colbert with singing, dancing and snacks. see what we mean in a minute. critics are weighing in. if you like colbert on the colbert report you'll like him on the late show. his crowd last night definitely was not disappointed. excitement not to be contained a packed crowd on its feet, as stephen colbert kick off his debut tuesday as new host of the late show, and the comedian quickly got into the game having some fun comparing
6:35 am
donald trump sound by the with mexico cookies. >> mexico is taking our economy and they are ripping tonight two. >> reporter: colbert's first guest george clooney who admitted yes accepted the comedian's invite. >> i'm just here to see you. >> thank you very much. >> i think that is why everybody else is here. >> reporter: then it turnout to colbert, those who he loves, as colbert interviewed republican presidential candidate jeb bush. >> i don't think barack obama has bad motives, i just think he is wrong on a lot of issues. >> you are so close, you were this close. >> reporter: colbert has no problem garnering applause, the crowd was filled with long time fans who have watched colbert for nearly two decade as he made his way from cable tv, now to the ed sullivan theater on brought way. >> he was amazing, singing, dancing, cookies, cotton candy. >> we loved him on the colbert show but that is not his real character and just amaze to go
6:36 am
see him, how smart he is, how funny he is. >> wow. >> that dance is also awesome. you saw a couple of clip there is. viewers were introduce todd band leader john baptiste and it ended with every day people. more laughs are guarantied tonight when colbert welcomes scarlet the johann son, tezsla motors ceo elon must being and kendrick lemar. >> i love thaty love dance moves. i love how he keeps positive energy going. if you like the colbert report you want to see some part of that character. >> we love it. >> that twirling. >> good cardio right there. >> he has got the moves. frequently featured on the late show with david letterman will have new merchandise in the window. it has a new item,. >> the colbert sandwich is a wi, lettuce, sweet peppers and
6:37 am
mayor. the owner is happy to have the new late show host. the show generate as lot of foot traffic in there. >> yes. >> i'm just happy that colbert is in the neighborhood. he is a entertaining person. >> and there are a lot of exciting guests lined up for the premiere, scarlet johann son, see hate she stephen colbert right here on cbs-3 after "eyewitness news" at 11:00. free ticket for two events tied to pope francis visit to philadelphia will be available later today. 10,000 tickets will be available for september 26th festival of the families. there is another 10,000 tickets for pope's september 27th mass on the ben franklin parkway. yesterday tickets for pope's speech on independent mall were gone in two minutes. now some are available on line for hundreds of dollars. >> you get a free ticket and then throw it up on the site to try to sell it.
6:38 am
i mean that's, that's -- in at least the neighborhood where i grew up. that is frightening. >> archdiocese does in the endorse selling tickets, that are free but is there nothing that they can do about it. if you are riding septa to see the pope it will be easier. they are doubling stations that will be available on the 26th and 27th along market frankford and broad street lines. you can use tokens and weekly or monthly transit passes, septa is now offering a $10 papal pass for three day travel on the two lines. national transportation safety board is helding a hearing today on the plane crash that killed inquirer owner lewis katz and six others. the private jet crashed after it over ran end of the runway in massachusetts on may 31st last year n a preliminary report ntsb suggest the crew did in the perform a flight control check before attempting take off. happening today driver for pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane is scheduled for a hearing in norristown.
6:39 am
kane's driver patrick reese reese faces contempt related to investigation of his was. he is a accused of an e-mail snooping scheme to help kane keep tabs on the grand jury investigation aimed at her. reese pleaded not guilty to the charge last movement. vanessa williams returns to the the miss america pageant three decade after giving up her crown amid that nude photo scandal. >> williams, first african-american miss america, won in 1984 but she resigned after penthouse magazine public sexually explicit photographs of her taken several years earlier. at ward winning actress and singer will serve as head judge for 2016 competition. nice to see she's welcome back in the organization. >> all these years later she has proven she's more than that. she has had a successful career in the entertainment industry. >> happy to be back too. 6:39. still ahead tens of thousands office people were in philadelphia for that made in america festival and many complained of spotty cell phone services.
6:40 am
papal visit will draw of course more people to the city so what are the big companies doing to ensure that they can make calls and posts on social media, we will get answers next. here's a question for your wednesday morning would you grab a great white shark by its tail. >> nope. >> well, these folks did. that is good. queen elizabeth making history, royal history. >> yes. >> we're talking about the queen herself, we will have more on her big mark in that part of the world we will be right back.
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(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. good morning. >> yep, good morning. lets look at these observations we have another one on tap, i will head over
6:44 am
here further west then we normally go, this one is 66 degrees, good morning, rusty. he has 91 percent humidity and he a says very humid. he has been sweaty after his morning run. i bet you were when is relief coming? not today, starting tomorrow as we work later in the day. good morning to jesse in hatfield, pennsylvania. he is at 74 but 39 percent humidity. the let's try one more here, 74 for this one, this is bill in cardington and his cute dog in the picture there he said muggy, humid with a to point of 69 degrees. it has been a bit of the rough ride already this morning. taking a live look at our neighborhood network. thinks a kutztown area. 69 degrees. we have cloud cover this morning and that is going to dissipate throughout the the day-to-day. 76 degrees in philadelphia 67 in mount pocono. seventy-three down in wildwood. temperatures, very warm around the region as well, we will
6:45 am
see 70's down from new york to richmond and over to cleveland, ohio. it is a rough start. this relief is coming. when is it coming, in the form of the cold front. that will track our way, when it does we will get much needed rain and we will also knock temperatures down but today we are off to the races again a as we see working our way right through the afternoon we will see 90-degree temperatures, cloud coming this afternoon. we will see a spotty shower or two this afternoon but bigger bulk will come tomorrow. we will see spots showing up here tomorrow afternoon when we're going to start to see action and get significant rain too. meisha, it will be a run with these temperatures and mess of us will have less than a inch but few spots could get more. >> what would fall be without fall weather, right? at some point it just has to drop down, good morning. happy hump day. just waking up to us it has been a fairly busy morning all things considering. everyone back on the roadways this morning.
6:46 am
for those in new jersey, 42 freeway north bound at creek road approaching 295. keeping an eye on that stretch as it builds. we are traveling at posted speed which is great news as we push toward our rush hour. an area where we are slowing down, less than posted speed 422 eastbound approaching trooper, you can see look at this. just a line, just a sea of headlights, letting you know if you have to move around, give yourself a couple extra minutes, 95 southbound past cottman moving into center city. this is another area give yourself couple extra minutes. that would be net today as everyone is back on the roadways, erika, over to you. social media still buzzing over bed bug infestation on septa we have had photo that went viral earlier this week that a appears to be bed bugs on a septa route six bus. officials say that septa battled bed bugs about twice a year. head of the philadelphia bed bug task force, yes, there is
6:47 am
one, they think septa has to get better with the school year starting and world meeting of families coming up. >> bed bugs travel on peoples personal belongings so the fact that we have so many people coming here i'm sure some will be bringing their bed bugs with them. >> septa says route six buses were cleaned over the past weekend and they say switching from the fabric seats to molded plastic ones will help keep bed bugs in check. 6:47. mayor michael nutter is calling labor day weekend's made in america festival a success. at a tuesday news conference the the mayor says musical celebration on the the parkway was sold out both days with more attendees then in years past. more than 65,000 people attend saturday's concerts and more than 64,000 attended on sunday. but while concert may have been a big success the cell phone systems are getting questionable grade. music lovers complained of spotty cell phone services all weekend. "eyewitness news" reporter rachel solomon has more on how the cell even if problem is being addressed. >> i just had a hard time
6:48 am
getting connections. >> reporter: for natalie, of fairmount getting cell service during made in america was a challenge. >> making calls and not going through. >> reporter: but she did not attend she just happens to live nearby. >> during the concert. yes, the the whole weekend, you know, i had off an on issues. >> reporter: nearly 65,000 music goers pack ben franklin parkway, saturday and sunday. >> in made in america was busy but i can't imagine what it will be like with the pope coming. >> reporter: at a press conference tuesday afternoon mayor michael nutter said he was aware of the reports of the cellular network complaints. >> sometimes it goes, sometimes it doesn't. you know, it is kind of what happens with technology. having said that, we will work with the carriers about their systems. we don't don't own home or operate them but we want them to work.
6:49 am
>> reporter: verizon spokesmen john o'malley said they had minor issues but they are working to resolve it. >> what we saw down here over the weekend was not our fully optimized network. we have things we are planning to do and we will keep doing those. >> reporter: she says despite cell issues she's not complaining. >> after a couple tries making a call it did go through, eventually it did go through. >> reporter: although she's thinking during papal visit she may just avoid crowds and excitement all together and skip town. one of the things carriers are doing they have set up mobile cell phone sites just behind me. they call them cows. verizon told me even after pope francis has come and gone they hope to keep them around in the future to improve cell even if services. reporting live a parkway hahel sol machine cbs-3 "eyewitness news". time to see is what coming up on cbs this morning. >> gayle king joins with us that preview, good morning. >> nicole and erika, right now you cannot see but i'm having
6:50 am
a hot flash feeling a little uncomfortable. >> is that better, gayle. >> i knew you would want to know. here we go guys at the las vegas airport, hearing from passengers on that plane that caught fire plus isis making millions off the antique they have not destroyed this was a six month investigation. we will have all of the big moments from last night premiere have the late show with stephen colbert. the news is back in the morning. we will see new ten minutes. see. >> nora o'donnell has a fan. >> she has got your back. >> friend helping friends. >> love that. >> you guys are great. >> she's crazy. >> less than a year ago two south jersey woman looked around the community and saw people that needed help. they started collecting clothing and food to pass along and thought it would be a small project.
6:51 am
but as "eyewitness news" anchor ukee washington shows news this weeks brotherly love it is greg very big, very fast. >> reporter: inside and old bank building in blackwood, new jersey volunteers are fixing up hundreds of peanut butter and jelly zapped witches. >> we are making sandwiches for homeless people. >> reporter: they are surrounded by clothing racks, boxes and shelves full of clothing, to give away to the needy age that is just upstairs. >> i would guess 400 bags of clothing in there. >> reporter: that is michelle showing us overflow in the basement. she's one of the founders of the the start up non-profit call unforgotten haven she and her co founder jen mclaughlin are here today and night. >> i always just wanted to help people. >> reporter: they say they started by asking friend and family to help homeless family they have met, word spread, so many donations started pouring in so fast they needed to rent space. >> this started as a small project but it has grown big
6:52 am
time. >> we have amazing support with donations. we have over 10,000 followers on facebook. the word is getting out there. >> reporter: gina rodriguez donated first six months rent on this building. >> i don't want her to worry about that stuff. she has paid a lot out of her own pocket. that is not the right. if i can help, why not. >> reporter: they are keeping faith, staying opened long hours including children as helpers. >> i saw young people, the kid, how important is that. >> we can instill that need kids while they are young, they will grow up and amazing, giving children. >> reporter: unforgotten haven is raising fund for next round of rent and utilities. if you would like to help out go to cbs for more information. ill a's see you tonight. i'm ukee washington. cbs-3 "eyewitness news". just amazing when something comes from the heart how much it can do. her majesty the the queen reaches a a major milestone today. >> queen elizabeth the second
6:53 am
becomes the longest reigning monarch. exact moment that the queen reaches that milestone is not yet known because her father george the the sixth passed away february in 1952. she 25 years old, when she became. serving 63 years surpasses record set by her great grandmother queen vittoria. >> what a family and life. >> for a change we're not talking about kate and will or charlotte. >> mixing up our royal news. >> we will be right back. >> but first here's what is coming up tonight on cbs-3.
6:54 am
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so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. welcome back. two more chances to see the pope in philadelphia. >> free tickets will be available in a few hours. the justin finch joins us on the ben franklin parkway with the details on that. hey, justin. >> 4:00 p.m. is start of the
6:57 am
first two big giveaways, first for the festival of families and then at the 8:00 p.m. ticket for the sunday papal mass, both event taking place here on the parkway, that papal weekend that last weekend of september, each event offers 10,000 free ticket, that will be giving you close to action and pope himself. these tickets are free and will be offered on the world meeting of families web site and one person can take home up to four passes. but you can expect high demand here, because just yesterday, we saw that, 10,000 passes to the pope's independent hall event ran out in just two minutes. they have popped up quickly though on rine by scalpers who had those ticket for sale for three digit price tag, some higher then that but you do have two chances, o'clock, to get your hand on as many as 20,000 ticket and one person can get four passes, if they win that lottery. we are here at the parkway
6:58 am
justin finch for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> selling out fast. >> justin thank. marine experts are trying to figure out cause of the death of the great white shark off the coast of cape cod. >> shark died despite efforts of the people nearby working there. struggle caught on camera as beach goers tried to pour water on the shark and got a trench trying to dry it back in the ocean. >> 14-foot great white appeared to be healthy but found dead off the shore a short time later. >> yes, really trying their bet. >> another story, a panda curb, growing before our eyes. >> i love seeing this new video shows little guy, black and white hair starting, just a a little guy there. >> i see him. >> so cute. >> he weighs just about a pound which is three times more then when he was born two weeks ago. >> wow. >> and his eyes won't open for another movement we will have more video then. >> yes. >> update on that panda cup, too cute.
6:59 am
>> yes. how is that forecast looking. >> steam toy day but relief is on the way, and, stormy weather tomorrow. normal 90-degree high and upper 70's, as we get toward weekend and bulk of the rain coming tomorrow afternoon with the stray showers possible too. >> good to know. >> everyone is back to work you guys after a long labor day weekend here's a look at the schuylkill westbound at city avenue. an area traveling west at posted speeds and another area 95 southbound at cottman. you are slowing down there as well. >> yes. >> it is 7:00 a.m., what can you do. >> next up, this morning how to talk tour kid and teens about credit card, debit, debt and savings and why it is important to start early. >> join us bright and early on cbs-3 we will get you started nice and early, 4:30, hopefully you are too. thanks so much for joining us. have a great day, happy wednesday.
7:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, september 9th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." terrifying moments when a plane's engine burst into flames on a las vegas runway. more than a dozen are hurt. bombshell accusations against the patriots team that the cheating scandals run deeper than first thought. and stephen colbert's season debut. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> it seemed to be twice the height of the aircraft. >> a british


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