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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  September 16, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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any lessons that you've learned so far this year? >> be grateful for even the bad things. >> our sitdown with the newly single gwen stefani. >> and victoria beckham gets slammed for sending too-thin models down the catwalk. >> that's right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> models are like 0.001 of the population. >> labeled skeletal spice, are beckham's girls too skinny? >> some of them are painfully, painfully thin. >> fashion week's model weight wars. just what should a woman on the catwalk look like? >> plus -- >> everything's great. >> is gwen stefani putting on a brave face, is miley moving on with dane cook, and is kate gosselin heartbroken. her ex with another woman. >> the youtube star exposing social media dangers. >> you could have been raped and
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murdered. >> only we go behind the scenes of this controversial and chilling experiment. >> they're playing the two pedophiles. this should teach those kids a lesson. >> and our star couple flashback. can you believe they dated? >> now, in our 35th season, this is "entertainment tonight." oh, boy, a weight war has broken out in new york fashion week with victoria beckham dead in cross-hairs. thanks for joining us. nancy o'dell is off. michelle turner joining me. >> it was just two days ago that victoria was quoted as saying that her fashion line were for all shapes and sizes. you wouldn't know that from the models she sent out to model her clothes. >> the models were very thin. there were some that distracted you and it's shocking. seeing bones protruding. you start worrying about the individual wearing your clothes. that's a missed opportunity for the designer. >> critics blasted beckham calling her runway show skeletal spice and anorexia chic. the models seemed to be ill said
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one observer. and piers morgan wrote, stop with the miserable skinny models. >> victoria designs for women that look like her, and she should. however, try and choose models that are healthier. >> i think that it would be unfair to single out any one designer for models being allegedly too thin. >> fashionista amy o'dell is the author of "tales from the back row." >> every designer uses the same sample size, which is a very small item of clothing. >> models are like 0.001 of the population. >> madmen's christina hendricks says fashion week has evolved. designers like zac posen and vera wang proudly embrace her. >> i love women with bodies. i think they're beautiful. >> it's nice to see the runway fantasy translate into real
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women that are glamorous, -pbeautiful and young. >> and this was a game changer. last night size 16 supermodel ashley grace hit the catwalk in her own line of lingerie. she was also part of lane bryant's plus is equal campaign in times square. >> i think this is a big step in the right direction. >> to be part of something that's so positive and uplifting is for me what fashion is all about. >> i feel like the illusion is curvy women are being accepted and we're marching to the beat of our own drum, but in actuality, it's still the same mess. >> i think wendy is spot on. but if i'm being honest, i feel like a hypocrite. while we all say that fat shaming is terrible, in the same breath we'll obsess about our weight. >> the more we see everyday women like the ones we marry and love, the better. remember kate gosselin from "kate plus 8" fame? earlier we all reported about the new man in her life and kate
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gushed about finally finding happiness. not so fast. speaking of fast, is miley cyrus dating dane cook? let's jump into a couples news. looks like kate's been replaced by a much younger woman. a source tells "e.t." gosselin's ex-boyfriend multimillionaire jeff prescott broke up with her before labor day just 48 hours before he was set to shoot his first scene for kate's show in new york. he got cold feet. he's now seeing in 26-year-old business major who is from the eastern european country of belarus. the two met in new york and have already vacationed in hawaii. our source says that kate is devastated by the split. is miley cyrus hooking up with dane cook? a new report says it's true. we do know from instagram posts, the two are flirty friends. six months ago, dane wrote this girl is nothing but class, sass and a hot piece of you know what. she's 22. he's 43.
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just a slight 21-year age difference. miley's last hook-up was reportedly with girlfriend model stella maxwell who stepped out last night at a new york fashion week premier where miley was slated to attend but didn't show up. >> miley cyrus and dane cook? we'll talk about another star whose personal life has been making major headlines lately. gwen stefani. >> and sadly, it's not been happy news. we were caught by surprise when her husband gavin rosdale announced they were getting a divorce. but gwen told me she's in a great place right now. ♪ do you have any lessons that you've learned so far this year? >> of course i have. i feel like i think the number one thing is probably living in the moment. because if you can do that and you can just sit there and be grateful for even the bad things and the good things, then you will have peace. ♪
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>> following her split from husband gavin, gwen is keeping focus on her boys. your kids listen to your classic no doubt albums? ♪ i'm just a girl >> they do not. i took them to aspen. it was supercool. i feel like that's the first time they've seen the show. jason was like, mom, were you drunk? because the way you were acting, you were telling the audience like you knew them or something. i'm like, first of all, no, i wasn't. and how do you even know about drunk? he definitely wants me to write hits. he's like, mom, you got write hits. i'm like, okay. ♪ ain't no holla back girl >> gwen might even debut some of the new hits she's working on when she rocks the stage october 17th at her solo mastercard concert in new york. i know you're working on your third full album? >> i am. >> what's the timing? do you have any timing?
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>> every single time i go to the studio i've written a song. we have 15 songs. have you ever seen that movie "inside out" yet, that's what this record feels like. capturing these moments. >> i cannot wait for that album. i love her so much. when i got there, i was really hoping to see gwen with that awesome purple and black she has in the no doubt concert. but she says she changes them for each event because she can. >> she's a woman. that's her prerogative. >> exactly. >> because she's gwen. this weekend it's the biggest event in the tv world. the 67th primetime emmy awards. i headed down to the theater this morning just to see how things are shaping up. at 9:00 a.m. the emmy red carpet was rolled out with the help of host andy samberg. the red carpet itself is 25,000 square feet. it has to house hundreds of reporters and photographers that come from all over the globe. >> it will be completely different than every other year. >> okay. >> yeah. >> keep going. >> i'm going to come flying in
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in a jet pack. >> inside, the challenge is the 95 acting nominees and their plus one, all needing seats. do you have any doubt about the star power of "empire," put that away. because here front and center taraji p. henson and terrence howard. expect a big audience on fox. the lead-in is football. >> i'm hoping that the second game goes into overtime. we would probably inherit an audience of about 30 million people. >> before being handed out in los angeles, the emmys have to fly the 1700 miles plus from chicago where they're made. i was the only journalist aboard the plane. give me a good round of applause for the emmys this sunday. here's something you may not know. before ever leaving chicago, there's a placard that's made with every nominee's name with "winner" on it. while most of the 120 statuettes have to fly in the cargo hold, two special ladies got seats on& united airlines flight 965.
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>> i really don't deserve this. >> we're back in los angeles and so are the emmys. from here, they'll be taken to the microsoft theater to get ready for the big night on sunday. >> by the way, shut out of the emmys this year was four-time winner jim parsons. tomorrow we're on the set of "the big bang theory." >> we talked about the new season and the alleged snub. you're not going to the emmys this year? >> no. >> and sarah gilbert and linda perry have a brand-new album and their baby actually plays in it. >> he's going to be the youngest grammy winner ever. >> that's next. closed captioning provided by --
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sara gilbert and the ladies of "the talk" are red hot right now. sara is so busy. she has a new album with her wife, linda perry. many of you know that linda is a super producer. she's written some of the biggest hits like christina aguilera's "beautiful." >> you know what i think is beautiful? that family they created together. how they're even getting their adorable baby boy in on the act. ♪ i have a dream but you're my dream ♪
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♪ the way you learn to smile >> the first date we even went on, linda was talking about, oh, i always wanted to make a children's album. so it just kind of was in the consciousness right from the beginning. >> this would be the first song that we wrote for the album. and i literally was holding him and i started singing the lyrics. then she helped me write the rest of the lyrics, then the kids came in and wrote some of the chorus. ♪ yeah, you're my dream >> i love that rhodes is credited as one of the co-writers on the album as are all your children. but he's only 6 months old. >> but he did write his own piano concerto. >> he wrote that. we put him on the piano and he started stepping on the keys and making noises. that's one of the tracks. ♪ >> he'll be the youngest grammy winner, by the way. >> "deer sounds" is the name of the album as well as the name of
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their band. so what sound ask a deer make? kind of sounds like a baby crying or perhaps singing. ♪ the laughter you make is tenderness ♪ >> you sing it. >> that's literally the sweetest thing i've ever done. just now. thank you for that. >> that makes me want one. >> you tell me that kid is not going to be a rock star. >> he's already a rock star. did you see his hat? oh, my goodness. their album "deer sounds" drops this friday. >> only we're behind a youtube star's sting operation. you really need to watch this. because it shows how easily your kid can fall victim to online predators. >> are you freaking kidding me? >> then as we celebrate our 35th season, we look back at our moments with star couples you might have forgotten about. >> they're irish commitment rings. >> we plan to get married.
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>> that's ahead.
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♪ that is the most disturbing moment in a viral video that's been viewed more than 38 million times. it shows how easily a teenaged girl could be lured into a dangerous situation through social media. this video as a parent scares the crap out of me. >> as a parent, scary for everybody. studies have shown as much as 30% of teen girls have met with online strangers. this video was created by kobe person. he's doing great work out there. it's made him a star. he's letting us join him behind thh scenes of his next project that shows teenaged boys are just as vulnerable as girls. >> i got you, don't worry. >> help me! help! >> every parent's worst nightmare. >> didn't i tell you not to do this on facebook?
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>> i made a fake profile as a 15-year-old girl named amanda. and i friend requested these boys with the parents' permission. and i was friends with them for a day or less than a day. and i got them to meet up with me. this is what you see. >> didn't we just talk about this? then what are you doing in here? >> just because you're going to see the fear that was in these kids and took it to the next level, not just grabbing kids. we're not going to show people getting beat up, but the kids were screaming very loud. and shake up the world to teach these kids a lesson they will learn after that. >> he invited us behind the scenes to see how he sets up this very intense social experiment. >> we have matt and eddie. they're playing the two pedophiles that are going to scare the kid when he comes into the house. when he comes in, he'll come through that door right there. >> this 12-year-old is about to make the biggest mistake of his young life. >> we talk to thomas about not talking to strangers online. >> yeah, several times. >> he said be there in 20 minutes. riding my bike. >> help! get off me! help! >> it didn't take much to lure
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these boys into the house. and in each case, the boy's parent seemed stunned to find that their warnings went unheard. fear and anger quickly take over. >> are you freaking kidding me? do you even know where you are right now? you could have been killed. >> they're very shocked. at the same time they want to be compassionate to the kid because they love them. there's a lot of compassion in this video. there's a lot of love. >> i don't want to feel like this no more. >> he tell us that the videos have been so popular he's been approached to make the leap to tv. but his motivation for these videos is very personal. >> i've gotten thousands of e-mails people saying i wish i would have saw this video before because i was kidnapped when i was a little kid. i wish i had seen it. i wouldn't have talked to anyone online. >> tough for me to watch at times. on some levels, kind of strange that the parents are on board with the whole thing. >> i was actually really cool with it. i would rather have it done for a youtube video that i know about than it be some stranger to take my kid away.
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wow, great stuff. tomorrow another issue confronting parents. the teen plastic surgery explosion. who is speaking out? >> i don't really think that young people should do anything. >> celebs inspiring the look. is social media to blame? >> i barely took selfies. >> then child stars before fame. >> i'm just in second grade. >> drew at 6, little leo. geeky gosling. >> my mother calls every kid that used to beat me up. >> tomorrow. >> keeping with that theme, our first ever magazine. "e.t." before they were famous. hits newsstands and supermarkets today. i guarantee you we posted them when they were just starting out. you also might be surprised who our cameras caught going out on dates. remember this couple? jennifer aniston and actor tate donovan. they dated in real life. >> do you guys have special rings? >> irish commitment rings. for our first anniversary we gave them to each other. >> a little token. >> while tate was one lucky guy before jen he was involved with
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sandra. kind of funny that now she and jen are new bffs. sandra then dated her co-star matthew mcconaughey. >> have you ever loved and lost? >> yeah. i think when you get to -- yeah, i think everyone at this age has pretty much loved and lost. but it's worth it. >> after that a reported romance with ryan gosling who was 17 years younger. ryan became involved with rachel mcadam his "notebook" co-star. julia roberts almost became mrs. dylan mcdermott. when that fizzled, she took up with keither sutherland. >> unbelievable. >> they were supposed to get married on the fox studios lot. >> we plan to get married. i've never sort of been involved in planning a wedding before. >> but it was called off just days before the i dos. she then moved on to actor jason patrick, a marriage to country star lyle lovett, then she dated benjamin bratt. >> this lovely young lady with me is demi moore.
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and she's my valentine. >> demi and emilio were once engaged. when it fizzled, he married paula abdul. demi's marriage to bruce willis lasted nearly 13 years before she tied the knot with ashton. but before demi, he was with "mad men's" january joan, then fell for the late brittany murphy. >> we're a pair. >> we're just married. >> they were just kidding. but these two lived together for many years. >> hi. sarah jessica roberts. >> brad pitt went from juliet lewis to gwyneth paltrow. she then moved on to ben affleck who was later with j. lo. they bailed on their wedding at the last minute. do you remember that ben's pal matt damon dated minnie driver? but she didn't know he would announce this on oprah. >> i was with minnie for a while, but we're not really romantically involved any more. we're just really good friends and i love her dearly. >> post-minnie, he dated winona rider who had once been with johnny depp.
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you got to love cher and her younger men, and we wish her romance with tom cruise had gone the distance. >> it was a long time ago. a long, long time ago. and neither one of us ever talks about it. i don't know why. >> until cher sat down with "e.t." by the way, there are more star flashbacks on our website, in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which "mean girl" star told us that the 2004 premipr premiere of that movie that the paparazzi hadn't given her any trouble yet.
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do what we do...make it progresso. "entertainment tonight" travel consideration provided by -- look at all those stars blowing out birthday candles. which "mean girl" star told us that the paparazzi hadn't given her any trouble yet? >> no, pretty much not knowing who i am. but i can take that. my ego's taken much worse. >> amy poehler who turns 44 today. happy birthday. we'll leave you with this. the first ever fall issue is out. >> jack fowler from "how to get away with murder." scream queens keke palmer and
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many of the hot young stars we'll be watching this fall. check it out. >> are you watching at home? i didn't know this was the first one. it's amazing. >> i'm a part of the first one? that's fantastic. there's a bunch of beautiful people here. i was looking around. and just having fun. >> just meeting a lot of these folks. i knew a few of them. i actually went to school with rachel. so we had a nice little reunion. >> rachel's amazing. i'm excited for her show. >> we're joking because our shows are back-to-back on the cw. we're back to back. she's like, oh, i just got it.
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"the insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. >> serena! >> twitter blames her app for serena's epic grand slam upset. but it looks like she's found love off the court.
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>> stop it. >> then terrence howard comes clean. "the empire" star's new confession. >> plus janice dickinson seeking therapy. is cosby to blame? >> i was sexually assaulted. >> as bill's accusers bring their stories to prime time tv. >> it ain't over yet. don't make me mad. >> then two timeless hunks return to the small screen. rob lowe and john stamos enter their new prime. 60-year-olds were abe vigoda. now it's >> why do you look so good at 50 are you drinking unicorn m >> always. >> now, hollywood from the inside out, it's "the insider" together with yahoo! plus social media advantage. we break down donald trump by the numbers goi into tonight's


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