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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  September 21, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia is making room for pope francis. vehicles parked in the spring garden neighborhood are being towed right now. oh, hopefully that's not your car. as you imagine, not a lot of people are happy about it. >> good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. pat ciarrocchi on special assignment. >> we are still just days away from the arrival of pope francis here in philadelphia, but the parking authority says it is already time for some cars to go. we've been telling but
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neighborhood concerns even before the towing started last night. "eyewitness news" reporter joining us at 20th and callowhill in spring garden, good afternoon. >> good afternoon, erika, well, folks we've spoken to today say they're simply frustrated but ppa expects to be out through the week, sore more from tryings is possible, if you live near the parkway, these are the signs to be on the look-out for, more specifically, when you need to move your car. philadelphia parking authority, out in full force since sunday evening, the first area to be impacted was the ben franklin parkway from the art museum extending east to 12th street. by 9:00 a.m. this morning cars had to be moved from north and south of the parkway, by 6:00 p.m. tuesday, the area expands east of 12th street, to third street. at 9:00 a.m. wednesday, designated emergency routes will be cleared of park cars. again, business owners and neighbors we've spoken to, say the whole parking schedule is confusing, we even spoke to one woman on fairmount, who
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ran out just before her car was towed, she claims there weren't even signs of warning drivers. >> i didn't think they were going to get -- there were no signs. so i'm not surprised they're being fast, said they were going to tia loft cars. i just didn't expect it to be this block. >> reporter: now, if you had a residential parking permit, you can apply with the city to get a parking plaque adder, that will mean your car is good on the street until thursday, and then after that point you'll have to move into one of six lot. if you do not have a parking permit, you can have that same process, get the plaque adder, move your cars to a lot, but you will have to pay $20. much more on this story tonight beginning at 5:00. for now, reporting live, rahel solomon, "eyewitness news". >> as preparation also being completed here, pope francis continues his historic trip to cuba with visits two more cities today. the pontiff celebrated mass this morning and tonight will visit shrine to the country
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patron saint. adrianna diaz in cuba with more on the pope's busy day. >> a children's choir sang for pope francis on his arrival this morning in eastern cuba. he followed that with a ride in his pope mobile, then celebrated open air mass in the city. >> the pope has chosen his words carefully during three days in the communist country. on arrival, called for greater freedom of the church at the mass with cuban president, role all castro looking on, told the crowd to serve one another not in ideology. cuban political analyst carlos doesn't believe the pope will let politics over shadow his pastoral message. >> he won't be, you know, hard-line pushing, no, that's not how the church will work this. >> francis heads to the u.s. tomorrow for the first time ever. yesterday, the vatican released a message from the
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holy father to pilgrims attending world meeting of families. >> see in you philadelphia. >> but of get there, the pope will make stops in washington, d.c. and new york city. the pope wraps up his cuba trip tomorrow with another mass in the city of santiago, and meeting with catholic families. adrianna diaz, cbs news, havana, cuba. >> stay with cbs-3 "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the papal visit. we have full resource guide for you on >> just amazing video. check it out. coming to you out of a home near dallas, texas, it is just flattened by an explosion. a city spokesperson says three people were injured when the home blew apart this morning. two of those people were taken by helicopter to a hospital and the third was treated at the scene. nine other homes were damaged. the cause is currently under investigation. over to delaware county now. a stab something under investigation in upper darby.
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one person was reportedly stabbed in the providence manor apartments. it happened around 1:30 in the 800 block of providence road. no details right now on the victim's condition, or suspect at this time. >> a young girl reported missing over the weekend has been found safe and sound. blackwell wandered away from church saturday afternoon on the 2400 block of north 15th street in north philadelphia. police tell us she check herself into children's hospital last night and is in good condition. >> in campaign 2016 the two republican candidates with the most experience in the business world now top the list of potential gop presidential nominees. also hillary clinton gained strength while the democrat wait for vice president joe biden ' decision. >> carly fee or even a
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performance pairing off. in second place in the latest cnn pole released this weekend. donald trump is still in first, but he's dropped eight points in the last few weeks. trump went on the attack monday morning telling the "today show" that fiorina's business record which result in the her being fired from hewett packard, makes her unelectable. >> when people see her record, i don't see how she could possibly win. and the reason she lost when she ran for the senate and lost in a landslide is when her record was ex positioned. >> on the democratic side hillary clinton appears to be gaining strength. the cnn pole shows her well ahead of bernie saunders and joe biden, that lead jumps out even further when you take the vice president out of the mix. in an interview with america, the vice president tells the catholic magazine he still can't make a decision. >> it may not get there in time to make it feasible to be able to run and succeed because there are certain windows that will close. but if that's it, it is it.
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but it is not like i can rush it. >> if he does run, doctor joe biden's offers confirmed reports she will support him in a bid for the white house. craig boswell, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". coming up on "eyewitness news": still many preparations for the pope. we'll tell you why local student are learning the tango, and where the performance. also this. >> and the emmy goes to ... >> oh, tv's biggest night was full of surprises and historic firsts. we'll recap the big winners from the 67th annual emmy awards, that's coming up next.
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and we still have no limits on carbon pollution % which can lead to more asthma attacks in children but senator toomey has voted repeatedly to let polluters keep releasing unlimited carbon pollution into the air. and took more than one million dollars from the polluters.
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tell senator toomey to vote for the clean power plan, because unlimited pollution shouldn't be a right. but playing outside should be.
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>> as we countdown to the papal visit local student getting ready for performance after lifetime. they'll be dancing at the festival of families this weekend. eyewitness neutral reporter jan carabeo spoke with the students about this incredible opportunity. >> it is not a spelling lesson in the least, inside this gym. these seventh and eighth grade students at j school perfecting their tango. >> who fells like they have it? >> and just about ready to take the stage in front of the world during the festival of families this weekend. >> i'm going to be really prepared. because i've been working really hard during the rehearsals. >> i'm always dancing in front of my family, and this is not my first time dancing in front after crowd. >> no fresh your, nadir,
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festival crowd only expected in the hundreds of thousand cents after all. >> it is unbelievable t wakes me up at night t keeps me up at night. a program started here ten years ago as a way to teach kids manners and respect. last week she and 44 student learned they'll dance at the world meeting of families celebration on the parkway, that initial excitement caught on video has now turned into focus. at least a hour's practice every day. >> the student will perform swing number and this tango, special dance in honor of the holy father. >> i never new that i would do the tango, which is the pope's favorite dance. >> now the group doesn't know if the pope will get to see their performance, which is scheduled for early afternoon. he's not expected to be at the festival until later this day. you just never know with pope francis. >> high hope is he sees a jumbo tron somewhere. >> the fact we are able to be a part of once in a lifetime
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experience, really significant for us. >> until then, will warm up. >> and then get back to ballroom. >> there are two stages for the festival of families, main stage, and smaller logan square stage, where the student lent perform, at 12:45, saturday afternoon. in center city, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> still ahead on "eyewitness news", the good, the bad and the injuries. eagles low light, yep. that game. we're talking about that next. justin? >> at least we have decent forecast. >> there go. >> bright sign. >> pleasant conditions this afternoon, that trend does continue, to break down the seven day forecast, coming up continue, to break down the seven day forecast, coming up
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>> eagles head coach chip kelly addresses the media in less than an hour to discuss the bird's disastrous home opener against the cowboys. what a game. cowboys quarterback tony romo suffered a broken collarbone, but back up brandon weed end chipped in 42-yard touchdown pass. the eagles running back and former cowboy demarco murray managed only 2 yards on 13 carries. eagles lost this one, a painful lost, too, 20 to ten. hear from the coach coming up tonight at 5:00. i just want to put that behind us. such an ugly lost. >> can't blame the weather on that one. >> but beautiful forecast. >> that time of year, starts to get the cooler temperatures, we it this morning, woke to up 40's, 50's, pleasant outside right now. check it out. live look as we go out, look at spring garden, we have some
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sunshine, mix in the with some clouds, real nice, temperature, holding right around 70 degrees. there go. we are looking east, call it partly sunny for the rest of the afternoon, keeping things nice and dry. from outdoor plans, walking around the city, looks pretty good. so here's the temperature trends, over the weekend we were in the 80s, that's above the average, stowe did feel like summer, we should be mid 70s this time of year. we will do that today. actually couple of degrees below average. same deal tomorrow. then wednesday, which is the start of the fall season, we actually do warm up. looks like we will make a run at 08 degrees again. by the end of the week we start to drop the temperatures to where they should be looks like by next weekends back to the mid 70s. now, part of the reason for the cooler temperatures today, that wind direction out of the east northeast. see the win arrows pointing to the south and wells. that's cooler flow coming in from the north. look at that 65 still in allentown and reading. zero seven in philadelphia, little mild nerve south jersey. and delaware, but there is a pocket of cool air across new england, that's compliment of of high pressure, flow around the high, northeast, look at
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that 63 in albany, six a still in state college. here is the winds right now, little breezy at times. ten to 15 miles per hour, gustier along the shore, seeing gusts near 30 miles per hour, and that's also brinking in some chop year waves, along the area beaches, so do you have beach plans, not the best conditions to go swimming. all right, fall officially does arrive wednesday morning. at 4:21, that's when the sun aligns itself with the equator. we have some clouds over us right now, few breaks in those clouds, every now and then, most of the rain that you're seeing will stay to the south and west. maybe stray sprinkle in the far northwestern suburbs, extreme western berks county, that's possible, but i think most areas stay dry. high pressure protect us from the rain getting in here. low pressure off shore. inbetween you get the flow out of the northeast, that set up sits here for about 48 hours or so. so we have the cool flow continuing, tuesday, with some sun and clouds, finally wednesday, gee back to mostly sunny conditions, and that bright sunshine, helps warm the temperatures back up above average around 08 degrees. forecast highs today, notice whether cooler, only 74 for
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the afternoon temperature under partly sunny skies, we head to tonight keep things night and -- nice and comfortable, low of 61 for center city, suburbs will drop down to the 50's in many locations and looking ahead to the papal visit this upcoming weaken, how about this? looks like keeping things dry at this point. some clouds around saturday, comfortable 74 degrees, breezy at times throughout the entire weaken, looks like more sunshine does return on sunday. so just pretty much nice pleasant fall weekend shaping up. extended forecast on the cooler side today, tomorrow, mid 70s, bump it to eight as fall arrives wednesday with the mostly sunny conditions, starts to slowly cool back down to the mid and upper 70s by thursday, friday, with sunshine. and then again the weekend looks nice and dry. little breezy at times, but hey we'll take it, not first bad weekend of the fall season with highs in the low to mid 70s, that's checking your forecast, erika?
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>> television's big neice, plenty to talk about today. from the awards to the wardrobe and a lot of big moment, too. joining us now from los angeles, from the insider, good morning, rather, good afternoon. >> good morning, erika. >> biggest party, let me tell you, so many great moments, so many emotional moments. we kick it off with tracy morgan making his triumphant return to the emmies. john ham, bravo, finally putting toned back-to-back seventh time losing streak, finally winning, so happy about that. >> me too. it was his last shot to win. i love how you crawled on the stage to win. hysterical. game of thrones, took on best drama, 11 other trophies, as well, so 12 in all. the man everyone was talking about was andy sandberg. take a look. >> i'm so honored, incredible legendary people like robert blake and bill cosby. oh, no. i got to get out of here.
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>> enough to get them to laugh and people are wondering is he going to do welly? i think did he well. >> i think he crushed it, speaking of funny guys, leading men of late night took turn in the spotlight. john stewart, that was great, who won the final emmy of the 16 year daily show run, we also caught up with the guy taking over john's desk next monday, trevor noah. >> anyone stepping into those shoes has got to feel a little bit, little trepidation. >> more than little bit. i mean, i want to joke and say it is crazy somehow i found the one comedy job that has more than any political jobs i'm supposed to be analyzing, crazy endeavor. >> he is not kid ago lot of scrutiny on that job. it is john stewart. the guy is a legend. i hope he's as funny as he is good looking because he was very easy on the ice, forget it, we could listen to him all night. >> truly it belonged to the ladies of the house, julia lee dreufuss, of course viola
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davis, became the first african-american woman best lead actress, making history. >> the only thing that separates women of color from anyone he will; opportunity. >> what an emotional speech, not dry eye in the house, i have chills watching it. >> i also loved how she name check her fellow nominees from regina king, who also had very emotional acceptance speeches. here's what regina told me before. >> i'm excited to be here during a year where so many people of color are recognized. it's been pretty phenominal year. >> pretty phenominal night for a loft people for a loft reasons. talking to ren evening a and other winners. >> breaking down all of the red carpet fashion, there is heidi with expert style joe z. there she is viola. there is sophia. >> that was hard color. >> it went both ways, a lot of people didn't like t a lot of people up close and personal i think she looked -- >> talking about heidi klume.
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if she wore a paper bag it would great. >> meanwhile, everybody look great, but so sweaty from head to tow just dripping. >> we were wet. >> we were wet. >> we were seriously wet. >> but i'm sure you still looked fantastic, guys, thank you so much. my personally i loved sarah highland. i thought that zach, stunning. >> yes. >> and allison jannie? >> kerry washington my favorite. >> amazing. guys, see you tonight, thanks for staying up with us. >> you can see the insider tonight and every week night at clock 30, right here on cbs36789 we'll b
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>> right here on cbs 3, the show follows the short family and those hilarious awkward milestone moments, that many families face. >> so happen. >> i it is incredible. >> no, i mean, i never even held a baby until yesterday. slow down. >> i spoke with actress colin hangs, zoe, colin toll me just the scene we just saw really rang true for him. >> that was based on an experience i had with my wife, where we just cried tears of joy all the way home from the hospital. so i have a feeling that things like that are going to
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be very common where we're, you know, moments from our lives are going to be incorporated into the show. that's really what the though is about, you know, that it is all about those little, those little pieces, those little moments of your life. >> and you can catch the premiere of life in pieces tonight right here on cbs-3, at 8:30, and just from looking at the teaser, the little previews, they look so funny, and relating, too. did you cry on the way home with your baby? >> i didn't cry, but i can relate to some that far stuff. >> should be good. >> that's "eyewitness news" at noon, i'm erika von tiehl. for justin and all of us here thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00. we're always on line at >> the young and the restless is coming up next. >> ♪
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>> paul: so, what did kevin find when he hacked into colin's bank records? >> dylan: uh, there was a payment to an escort service. >> paul: okay. so, colin's a sleaze. we knew that. what else? >> dylan: well, it turns out that colin paid the escort to spend the night with devon at his bachelor party. i tracked the, uh, the escort down, and she admitted that she'd lied to devon the next morning. >> paul: she lied? about what? >> dylan: she lied about saying that they had sex, and they really didn't 'cause devon passed out and didn't remember, and he had to take her word for it. >> paul: oh. nice. anything else? >> dylan: well, colin strolls into the coffeehouse. so i ask him, and he insists that i'm looking in the wrong direction, that he set the deal up with somebody else. >> paul: who? >> dylan: a person who does not want to see devon and hilary live happir


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