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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 23, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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nothing english the argentina born francis said he was grateful for the warm reception. >> as a son of an immigrant family, i'm happy to be a guest in this country. which is built on such families. >> reporter: , and address america's improving relations with cuba he also called for americans, to reject unjust discrimination and to protect, religious liberty. center piece of his speech was dedicated to climate change. >> mr. president, i find it encouraging that you are proposing a initiative for reducing air pollution. >> president obama said pope francis, set a pre found normal example. >> you shake our conscious from slumber and give us confidence that we can come together in humility, and service. >> reporter: among the crowd
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here to see the pope one massey who brought his family from salt lake city. >> a once in a chance of a lifetime are the. >> reporter: pope stopped to bless several children. pope francis tomorrow will be the first dover address a joint meeting of congress. in washington d.c., todd quinones, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the pope did reference the world meeting of families during his speech at the white house today. >> i will also travel to philadelphia for the world meeting of families, to celebrate and support the institutions of marriage and the familiarly at this critical moment in the the history of our civilization. >> he will be here soon. during diplomatic gift exchange at the white house pope privately gave the
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president a a bronze plaque commemorating the world meeting of the families. the president gave a pope the sculptor of the dove the international symbol of peace. count on "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the papal visit, we will have live reports from our todd quinones in washington d.c. tonight and david spunt will be with the pope in new york city later this week. and then when pope francis arrives here in philadelphia this weekend you can be an eyewitness to history as "eyewitness news", brings you live, continuing coverage, both on air, and at cbs philly to the come. and as we continue to count down to the papal visit the reason why he is even coming to philadelphia, the world meeting of families and it is wrapping up a second day of events. "eyewitness news" reporter al-zawahiri sandra hoff has the very latest. >> ♪ >> you look around here and you have 17,000 close friends and neighbors from 150 countries who have come here to philadelphia. >> reporter: city had a certain glow as largest ever world meeting of families
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entered into its second day. >> so grateful. >> reporter: inside the pennsylvania convention center thousands as tended today's keynote address provided by robert sirha before moving to side lectures or exploring the city. >> so far it seems like it is very organized, and lots for us to do. >> reporter: lots of inspiration to be found for these three young seminary students. >> the church is not dead. the church is very much alive. >> reporter: in fact, family fully a alive is theme of the four day event which had its lively kick off yesterday. >> we have local, far away, philippines, where ever they are from we are celebrating this together all across the world. >> reporter: bound by a common catholic faith, individual families, formed one, all children, waiting to greet the the holy father come at saturday. >> world meeting of families is a ones in a lifetime opportunity. pope francis coming in this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. it is going to be spectacular. >> i feel like god has come to us and i feel like it has been a change after this.
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>> reporter: well, coming up later, we will introduce to you a family who traveled a long way to give thanks for some answered prayers, all that is coming up at 6:00. reporting live from the pennsylvania convention centerral sand that hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". security will be tight for the papal visit and as a result the list of prohibited items for papal spectators is long. tonight, we have some do's and don't's, "eyewitness news" reporter ra hell solomon is live at 20th and callowhill with important information for people who plan to be there in person, rahel. >> reporter: well, jessica, good evening. we are all ready seeing some examples of the security measures. is there a fence now blocking parts the of the ben franklin parkway, and take a look at this sign just behind me. that yellow sign if you you plan to get anywhere near the pope this weekend these are all of the things that you cannot bring at the security checkpoint. before you get to this point this weekend, secret service wants to make sure you read
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through these points. >> they did, they were very exclusive as to what we can bring in. >> reporter: list of prohibited items for papal events includes everything from aerosol, to ammunition selfie sticks and toy guns. in total, 18 types of items including size restrictions on bags, and even some signs. >> avoid not being turned back we're just going to be real simple. >> reporter: attending the the world meeting of families are here from as far away as any gear, yeah many came to cbs-3 considering the magnitude of the list the list is fair. >> it is understand given the situation and number of people. >> reporter: other things on the list, animals unless it is a service animal, bicycles or balloons. >> we are getting ready. we have our backpack. so we can get a sandwich. and just water i think and that is it. >> reporter: we found many people, sporting these world
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meeting of families backpacks. officials say you don't to have carry a clear bag but it would be speeding things up. >> i'm hearing thaw will be waiting in lines for a little bit so we will see through bag and as little as possible. >> reporter: there is a chance on sunday that we may see some rain, of course, sunday being the day that we expect as many as a million people or more on the parkway. coming up at 6:00 what the secret service tells me about umbrellas, can you bring them with you through the perimeter. i will have that answer at 6:00. reporting live, rahel solomon cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> fingers crossed on that forecast, rahel, thanks very much. city of philadelphia has unveiled a turks alert system for use during the world meeting of families and pope's visit. sign up by texting papal visit, all one word to 888777. these text alerts will provide information on weather, traffic and travel information, as well as any possibly mergecy information. >> you heard rahel talking
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about it, we are keeping a close eye on the forecast for pope's visit to philadelphia kate bilo is on the sky deck to tell us more, kate. >> much like any major event the forecast can't just be straightforward rain or dry conditions, it has to be a challenge, but of course that is what we meteorologists live for. we are watching the threat of the coastal cyst to tell on sunday that could bring some showers to the area, in the meantime, things are beautiful right new but lets talk about what to expect. we will go out first to storm scan three which is completely clear. hard pressed to find a cloud, i'm turning around not seeing anything, maybe a which ispy one over the the sun, just beautiful first day of fall, but take a look off to the south. is what off the coast of the carolinas, there is a few showers and a few clouds, that has been sitting there for past couple days and will continue to sit there and even circle the area that is what you want to watch. moving north over next few days, the question is how far north does it get and will it impact papal weekend. we are watching that coastal low, trajectory it takes and strength of the area of high pressure you saw above it will mean difference just a cool,
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breezy saturday or a wet saturday, i should say, saturday does look cool and breezy but it will feel sun at least. temperatures right now are really, really comfortable. 79 degrees at the a airport. eighty in allentown. seventy-nine in wilmington. seventy-two in atlantic city. your second day of fall tomorrow looks great, anyone coming into town getting ready for papal weekend you'll love this forecast. eighty-one in the city. zero seven's down the shore and in the the poconos breeze will start to pick up down the shore but coming up we have got a lot to talk with about this weekend. another stunner tomorrow, clouds will start to invade with that coastal low friday and coming up we have got two scenarios that we have to look at the for sunday but over arching theme is plan for rain sunday f we don't get it, it is a great thing but you want to be prepare. we will have more when i join you inside. yom kippur, day of atonement ends this evening, it began last evening at sundown. it is last and most important of the judyism ten high holy days, that began, at rosh
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hashanah the jewish new year. chopper three is over breaking news over a police involve shooting in wilmington delaware. eyewitnesses tell cbs-3 an armed man was spotted on the 100 block of scott street. we're told that the suspect was ordered to drop his weapon. he reportedly, did not comply, and may have exchanged gunfire with police. the the suspect was shot and killed, no police officers were hurt. more updates as information comes in to us. just keeps getting worse for the eagles, they already zero-two coming off a loss to dallas and now one of their star players may be hurt. >> sports director don bell joins us now and everybody is going what, really. >> really. >> it is way the season has gone so far. demarco murray has had a miserable campaign just 11 rushing yard in two games but now time to add injury to insult. the eagles starting running back left practice today with a hamstring injury. he for the through some nagging issues throughout training camp and coming off a season which he had 449 touches, which is a a taxing
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number for a running back. this ace nightmare scenario for murray. we have seen him frustrated on the sidelines during the the teams zero and two start and he signed a 40 million-dollar deal with the eagles in the off season with 18 of it guarantied. murray was not made available to the media after the injury, but one would expect him to be evaluated in the coming days, as of right now his status for sunday against jets appears to be very much in question. >> hamstrings are no joke. >> especially that position. >> appreciate it. sports world is mourning loss of the legend, coming up tonight we will look back at the a amazing life of yogi berra on and off the baseball diamond. and we're getting a look at the shocking items people are trying to sneak by airport security. our jim donovan shows us the bizarre and dangerous things stopped by tsa agents. also, a big bust in philadelphia, federal authorities revealed what they seized and how criminals were trying to disguise it, that and more when we come back.
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gives you nexium level protection ññzñ for frequent heartburn all day and all night. try nexium 24hr, the #1 prescribed acid-blocking brand, and get all day, all night protection. nexium level protection. welcome back to "eyewitness news" with another live look in a at washington
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d.c. pope francis has just officially canonized california missionary sarah a, who becomes the first hispanic saint, and first person to be elevated to sainthood in the united states. gunfire in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood leaves a young man dead and a teenager wounded. chopper three over the scene on the 1800 block of monmouth street. police say 21 year-old map was shot once in the chest shortly after 11:00 this morning. he later died at a hospital. a 19 year-old woman was shot under her arm, and her condition has not yet been released. federal authorities make a multi million-dollar drug bust from the port of philadelphia. officials say they seized 363-pound of cocaine disguised in a ship. of pumpkin and squash. the drugs of a street value of more than six million-dollar. authorities say that it wasn't an easy discovery to make, cocaine was shaped into hundreds of thin packages and laminated inside cardboard boxes. >> we're dealing with sophisticated folks so you
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usually have to dig in the middle of back end of the contain tore find the product, and obviously that is what was done in this case and we were successful. >> the authorities also revealed that the drugs were in route from costa rica to the bronx. when it was intercepted in philadelphia there are no arrests at this time. well, tsa is on track to set a record for number of guns it has confiscate add cross the united states this year. >> three on your side's jim donovan shows us guns just one of the surprising things people are trying to get past tsa. >> reporter: that is right, i get nervous i will get nabbed for carrying too much hair gel in my carry on but wait until you see what the passenger next to you may have tried to bring on board. it took just two days to fill this table full of prohibited items passengers tried to bring through tsa checkpoints at dulles international airport outside of washington. items like stun guns, knives, clevers, ninja throwing stars, replica guns and nun chucks.
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scott johnson is federal security director at dulles. >> i will ask a passenger directly to the face do you have anything prohibited to the bag. we open up a bag, it will have a a knife, fake gun. >> reporter: some of the big head scratchers end up on the tsa instagram feed with more than three 36,000 followers it is an attempt to get the word out about what not to bring. most serious firearms. through july officers stopped more than 1900, nationwide, 18 at dull's loan. >> we have got a 357 magnum out here, at the checkpoint. >> reporter: despite those success, there remains concerns about what is not being caught, after details of an inspector general report, leaked that officer at to tsa checkpoints failed 67 of 70 test is allowing under cover agents to repeat thely bring potential weapons, through checkpoints. by the way, bringing a firearm a or concealing a weapon like a knife in luggage can result in criminal charges and
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significant fines. who brings a meat clever. >> a butcher. >> that is strange. >> a meat clever. >> that is change. >> thanks. nine police departments in bucks county are receiving federal fund to equip officers with body cameras. this will help i am travel community relations. >> thinks a collaborative endeavor to improve public safety and public trust, through transparency, between the the police and citizens. write want to deliver a positive experience to our communities. >> central bucks regional police department is the the lead agency on the body camera initiative. kate bilo joins us with our forecast. you know, what everybody is talking about. >> yes. >> what will the weather will be. >> we have only asked you a million times it is a million and one. >> wait, will it rain on sunday? i'm like... i'll tell you why i'm a little ugh about it because there is two scenarios, what you want to does plan like it will rain sunday. it could be worse. it could be hot, humid,
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90 degrees. we don't want that, 70's with clouds not too bad but question is, will it pour on us a and that question still does not i have clear answeron but i do think showers are likely sunday afternoon especially. the lets look at what is going on to start things off. the is there our parkway cam logan circle which looks different from yesterday. we have nothing but blue skies. today a fantastic start to the new fall season. doesn't feel very fall-like outside but we can deal with that. beautiful day. if only this weather could stick around for pope francis's arrival here in philadelphia i want to show you contrast on our live neighborhood network. the this is shot at kutztown area middle school. remember yesterday cloudy, gray, glummy, look at what it looks like right now there as the clouds cleared out, throughout the overnight hours, last night, sun came out and then now across the area we have got sunshine, blue skies, rehoboth beach looking great. palmyra grove looking great. nothing but sunshine all across the board here this evening. big difference from yesterday. that is because the clouds we had yesterday just cleared out
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of here and storm scan three shows no problems outside right now. here's our problem, it the is lurking off the coast of the carolinas. not a lot of rain with this as of of yet the but just light showers and mainly out to sea. we are dealing with cloud cover from the hampton road area have of virginia down charleston, south carolina this storm will be lifting further north as we head through the upcoming weekend. temperatures right now pretty comfortable. 79 degrees at philadelphia airport. eighty in allentown. seventy-nine in millville. it is 71 down in wildwood. dew points are in the 40's, so we are right back to the very dry air, dew points in 409's meaning humidity is basically non-existent and it feels fantastic outside. overnight it will be very comfortable. we will drop down in the 50's. 57 degrees. the mainly clear and cool. for your thursday, mostly sunny, very nice day. 81 degrees with low humidity. two scenarios i want to talk b first is european model one we look at a lot. this is the high saturday at 12:00, highs overhead, we have cloud cover but watch where the rain is through the day on
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sunday. the rain is off to the south here as that high holds stronger. european model keeps high strong, coastal lowell is expressed. another main model we will look at here's saturday at 3:00 p.m. high is weak, coastal low is stronger and rain just off to the south and as we set this into motion, sun die by 9:00 a.m. we have showers. by showers at 3:00 we have a steady light rain with this particular model. it just depend on the strength of that high and strength of the coastal low as well. gfs keeps it stronger, bringing showers a bit further north. the as of right now breeze which clouds and sun on saturday. 72 degrees on sunday. with that chance for showers. eyewitness weather three day forecast, beautiful, outside for thursday, 81. friday 76. we have some sunshine and saturday for the first day of the papal visit, clouds, breezy but i do think it stays dry at least for now, now back to you at the desk. >> thanks very much. sea lion in new zealand is getting an awful lot of
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attention. >> he is especially large this sea lion. take a look the at big guy hanging out on the beach there. he is attract ago lot of onlookers so to keep people at bay police are trained a nearby surveillance camera on the seal. >> people seem to be getting quite close to it, and they might be unaware of how fast these things can move and so he would just, give people a reminder just to move back. >> well, seal has been on the beach for several days, that has led to speculation about the seal's health. so hopefully they can check in on it. we will
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fans are remembering the the life of baseball great, yogi berra. >> hall of fame new york yankees catcher died at 90 today at an assist ted living facility where he has live since 2012. cbs this morning anchor charlie rose takes a look at his captivating life both on and off the field. >> it is not over until it is
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over. >> reporter: yogi berra had a quick witt and a even quicker bat. it was berra's unique spin on the english language combined with his brilliant play on the field that endured him to, fans, even presidents. >> we may be lost but we are make gooding time. >> when you come to the fork of the road, take it. >> high drive, that is trouble. >> reporter: berra a played the game big despite standing only 5 feet 8 inches tall. he was, an integral part of some of the greatest yankee teams ever assembled, playing long side joe dimaggio and mickey mantle. berra had as many world series rings as he did fingers. >> here comes the pitch, a in hitter. >> reporter: this was his iconic leap into pitcher don larson's arms after larson pitched a perfect game in the 1956 world series. his exuberance, burned into the american memory.
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>> there is so much yogiisms. >> reporter: in 1998 i spoke with the hall of fame catcher for my pbs program. >> deja vu all over again. >> that is when maris and mantle hit home runs over again back to back. >> there was too many people talking, it was hard to have a conversation all at once. >> okay. you finish them, i will tell them the first half. you can observe a lot by watching. >> you don't have have to be a manager, easy. >> the future ain't. >> what it used to be. >> it ain't over until it is over. >> after meeting the pope you were on camera and said, tried to go to mass once a week, berra reportedly said, hello yogi. and you you replied. >> hello, pope. >> overnight, the yankees remembered berra, saying we are deeply saddened by the loss of a legend, and an
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american hero. >> one of the greatest on and off the field what a life, and hello pope. >> i loved that. >> love it. >> that was charlie rose reporting for us, coming up in the next half an hour the latest fall out in the volkswagen emissions scandal, we will tell you how ceo of the ought the owe giant responded today. >> reporter: preparations underway for fall irish week men north wildwood, the question is, how will pope's visit impact business? i'm's cleve bryan, coming up, we will talk to will local businessmen about their predictions. and new at 6:00 our own pat ciarrocchi takes you inside cathedral basilica of saints peter a and paul where pope francis will make his first stop after arriving in philadelphia see last minute improvements that are being made, at 6:00 we will be right back.
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i'm ukee washington and here are the day's top stories. washington d.c. rolled out red carpet to welcome pope francis today. he visited the white house, greeted faithful from the pope mobile and celebrating an open air mass for 25,000 followers. the world meeting of families congress just wrapped up a second day of event, thousands of pilgrims from around the world pack the pennsylvania convention center. today began with the morning mass, many also took part in various break out sessions, and exhibits. the secret service wants to get the the list out about prohibited items for those coming to see the pope in philadelphia the list includes everything from aerosols and ammunition, to selfie sticks and toy guns. there are also, size restrictions on bags and size, kate? of course, all eyes are on the forecast for the big weekend in philadelphia. the big question will it rain or won't it. coming up, we will have more warmth on the way, for day number two of fall tomorrow. i will have you ever papal
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events forecast and break it down by event what the greatly likelihood of rain on sunday and a super blood moon lunar eclipse this weekend, besides being a great ban name thinks actually happening on sunday. i will have more on that with the full forecast, jessica. >> kate, thank you. new at 5:30 more on the historic visit of pope francis to the you had. the lets look live, from the national shrine of the east mack late conception in washington d.c., the holy the father is celebrating a canonization mass there right now. he has elevated an 18th century missionary who brought catholicism to california to sainthood. the pope will arrive in philadelphia on saturday. as you can imagine, preparations continue. crews have put up concrete barriers around saint charles seminary on city avenue and traffic in that area will be effect until next week. pope francis will stay at the seminary during his visit to the city. awe any billboard is up welcoming to the pope to philadelphia, i a 2400 market street and featured xander
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casanova who is battling cancer. billboard, including a quote from pope francis, life is a precious gift but we realize it only when we give it to others. billboard was conceived by michael's way a charity dedicated to improving the lives of children with cancer. crews in philadelphia making final preparations for the pope's visit, and they are keeping your cell phone in mind. they have been working to make sure services and even your battery stays up to snuff, iain bush from our kyw news radio sister station reports now from logan square. >> reporter: thinks one of the cells on wheels or cows that the big wireless carriers have parked near the the parkway to make sure that our customers will be happy, you can see the phone and use them. >> reporter: brandy bell says those temporary towers combined with small cells here at love park and along independent mall will black it butts yes, sir parts of the city with signal during pope weekend, and after francis heads home. >> nearly 23 million-dollar to i am have prove solutions in
5:34 pm
the area and we have cows as well as our permanent solution that is will benefit the city for many years to come. >> reporter: even if those improvements cannot handle smart phone masses of mass and festival families you will be able to juice up, a at device charging stations at septa's, atat, and jefferson and walnut station. >> we will have ports for all makes and models. we have have some portable unit that our folks will have, carts and they will be carrying those around with portable batteries as well. >> reporter: tack a on 1 percent to your battery for every minute you have, plugged in. >> thinks an unprecedented historic event inn it is a challenge but one that we are giving everything that we have got. >> reporter: for million or so people expect for pope's visit temporary towers and these charging stations, should help you tweak that selfie you score with the pope. on london square, iain bush for kyw news radio for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". count on "eyewitness news" for complete coverage of the the papal visit. look for live reports from todd quinones in washington d.c. tonight and davey spunt
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who will be with the pope in new york city later this week. when pope francis arrives here in philadelphia this weekend, be an eyewitness to history as "eyewitness news" brings you live continuing coverage, both on air, and on line, on our web site at cbs it is also shaping up to be a very big weekend down the shore. annual irish festival is back in north wildwood and it will take place september 24th to the 27th. "eyewitness news" new jersey reporter cleve bryan has a preview of the festivities. >> reporter: move out pool tables,ably in the beer tubs and don't forget to post the rules. preparations are underway in north wildwood for the 24th annual irish fall festival. >> this is always the biggest weekend of the year actual any north wildwood. of course, it is coinciding with a gentlemen visiting philadelphia as well. >> reporter: papal visit put a twist on plans for what is largest irish festivals in the america. put on by anxious order of
5:36 pm
hibernians. >> i don't know if it will hurt us. >> reporter: due to mandatory overtime many nurses, police officers and fire fighters from the philadelphia area who usually come won't be able to make it, philadelphia police and fire pipes and drums had to cancel a performance. but the beat, and what is simply known as irish weekend march on. >> would like to be up there because we have a business to run. we have to make the best of it. i think we will have a a lot of people from the philadelphia and surrounding year to come down not forgetting the moment but enjoying the heritage as well. >> reporter: people wanting to avoid the crowd may more than make up for lost business. dellmontty's who manage two hotels say they will be book. >> we're ready. we will have beautiful weather. i think it will be another great irish weekend for us. >> this festival is huge, we call this the shoulder season. the as when the summer is over. this is one of the biggest festivals in the east coast and it the helps the local economy out. >> reporter: pope's visit will make this irish weekend one people will never forget and they don't to have miss out. bars like keenan's say they will have pope asthmas on their tv's n north wildwood,
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cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". the university of delaware holds a conversation about race at the spot where objects reported as nooses, were found last night. student sent "eyewitness news" a photo of the items made of rope and hangers. an investigation by the university, determined that the objects were materials used to hang paper lanterns, at an earlier event, and not a hate crime. administrators say the incident highlighted the need for campus wide discussion about race. volkswagen's chief executive officer resigned amid a growing emission rigging scandal n a news release martin wintercourt said the german auto maker needs a fresh start. they admit that had 11 million vehicles were fitted with software to beat east mission tests. he denied personal wrongdoing, german authorities are investigating. a 5,000 percent price hike for the drug daraprim, will be rolled back following an angry
5:38 pm
backlash. the medication is used to treat a disease that can than fatal to those with a suppressed immune system such as cancer and hiv patients. the pharmaceutical company raised the price from $13.50 to $750 per pill, the company has not said what the new price will be. and in campaign 2016, hillary clinton continues to be dogged by questions about the private e-mail server that she used during her term as secretary of state. and now, there are reports that the e-mails that were believed to have been permanently deleted, still exists, cbs news reporter mark albert has more from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton wanted her head lines to be about energy, and opposition to the keystone pipeline construction. >> i don't think it is in the best interest of what we need to do to combat climate change. >> reporter: instead, the headlines revert back to the private e-mail server that she used while she was secretary of state. bloomberg is reporting that the fbi has recovered, personal, and work e-mails,
5:39 pm
from the server, which was supposedly wiped clean. the next step is to determine if any of the e-mails contain classified information. clinton spokesmen told cbs news we have cooperated to date and we will continue to do so. clinton's e-mail issues have been a dragon her poll numbers all summer and knew bloomberg poll out wednesday morning shows clinton still lead ago monk democratic candidates but vice-president joe biden, who has not yet entered the race now has support of a quarter of the democrats polled. >> ladies and gentlemen, donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump still leads among republican candidates but even on the late show with stephen colbert he cannot escape one question. >> i want to hear this one. >> barack obama, born in the united states? >> i don't talk about that anymore. >> reporter: trum didn't say he wants to put in a giant door in his huge wall along the board tore help with legal immigration. mark albert for cbs-3 "eyewitness news".
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stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the campaign 2016. get latest anytime at cbs tomorrow thursday night football on cbs. redskins verse giants, will washington keep new york's losing streaking. >> insider michael yo joins us from los angeles with his game day prediction what do you know. >> ukee and jessica, yo knows football. let me break it down. the last week thursday night spotlight was on payton manning where denver broncos beat the kansas city chiefs third one-24. tomorrow night it is, eli's turn. he is payton's brother. giants are zero and two but they are playing at home. eli, the the struggle is real. dude, you just signed a four year, 85 million-dollar, 65 million-dollar guarantied, you need to play better. washington redskins, one and one, you remember that guy named rg3. now the the three stand for third string. so he won't be a a factor, neither will their defense.
5:41 pm
d line crushes it tomorrow night and giants win convincingly 31 -21. back to you guys in the studio. you are welcome. yo, thank you. president yo. you can see redskins battle giants right here on cbs-3, coverage starts tomorrow night at seven credit 30. still to come on "eyewitness news" tonight no royal treatment here where princess william and harry, were rolling up their sleeves and putting on their hard hats. how about booz well. a burrito, taco bellies trying out a alcohol friendly location, we will tell you where you'll to have go to get that, kate. what a beautiful start to fall today nothing but sunshine and blue skies and tomorrow, stays the same, and then big changes as pope arrives, so do the clouds, and we will track chance for some rain for papal vice it this weekend. we will have complete
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geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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tack other bell lovers can have a brew with their burritos. >> except , you have to go to chicago to do that. at least for the time being. the chain opened up its first test location in the windy city today and new adult beverage items will include wine, beer, sangria and frozen mixed drinks. it will open up in san francisco next week. we have not heard anything about a east coast restaurant. >> wait and see. new chapter for book industry, it seems e book readers are going back to actual printed book or more of a hybrid read shore just juggles both device and paper. according to the association of american publishers, e book sales fell by 10 percent first five months of the year. we will be right back.
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survivor is back and this season the the fans, have spoken. >> i'm so happy to say kelly will get a second shot. get up on that stage. >> this season for the first time ever, we have turn survivor, over to the fans. twenty former players who have played only ones were selected by a nationwide, audience
5:49 pm
vote. they are being given a second chance to finish what they have started. >> host jeb probest told us how this years fan voting impact the contestants. >> it did have an impact, in that it the gave them the sense of pride that people went to their computers and voted for me and now i don't want to disappoint them and it helped, amp up the game because there was this pressure to deliver. >> all right. survivor fans, a special 90 minute survivor premiers tonight at 8:00 o'clock right here on cbs-3. britain's prince william and prince harry donned their hard hats for do it yourself work. >> they pitched in for a program, named diy, s.o.s., royal brothers help in the process of rehabbing some empty homes for veterans. they joined hundreds of others volunteers and builders so that you can imagine they commanded a lot of attention. by the way the show will air,
5:50 pm
next month. kate joins us now, all eyes are on your forecast here, kate. >> i know, it is a tough one, i always say with big ends, weather likes to be challenging and throw us a curve ball. >> it just can't be full sunshine. is there a forecasting challenge. that is what we live for. we are tracking a threat for few showers on sunday. that is what you need to know. at least plan to have a pontiff puncho on sunday. more i can say that, the better it will be. >> all right. >> live that phrase. no need for punch o here tonight. what a beautiful day it has been. your first day of fall feeling more like summer. we have started out the week last two days of summer feeling like fall today. in the sun, it will be very, very warm but in the shade there is a nice breeze and humidity is incredibly low, and you can see that by bright blue skies, not a looked of clouds there today. eyewitness weather watchers are loving this day. lets check with them now. mainly upper 70's across the
5:51 pm
region. we will check with kenneth martin in willingboro 78 degrees, cool is back, nothing like sleeping with the windows open, it is a great night for that as well. temps in the 50's. leave that window cracked if you enjoyed sleeping like that. jerry aubrey in blue bell at 79, sunshine, beautiful. you just see one word there. in delaware 78 degrees, with walter, 78 in newark. no problems, lots of sunshine. this beautiful shot of what the the sky looks like on this beautiful day. this is, from walter in newark. great day in the city all together. take a look at kutztown now blue skies as far as the eye can see. what a beautiful afternoon. 75 degrees there at the moment. quick look at storm scan three shows our papal weekend spoiler. this system right here producing showers off the coast. you can see cloud cover spinning back into north carolina and virginia. not a lot of rain but we may see more rain but still with that east wind, temperatures are very comfortable, up are 70's across much of the
5:52 pm
region. seventy-two in atlantic city. zero seven in wildwood. big high over the the northeast keeping things calm, and pleasant. high pressure as autumn begins today and continues, into today and tomorrow, lots of sunshine and again not feeling autumnal out there. temperatures in the mid 70's. we will be back in the lower 80's for your thursday. then we have to watch that coastal low. on friday we will see sun giving way to increasing cloud as that system works further to the the north. most of the day is nice but in the afternoon especially down the shore cloud will increase and mostly cloudy on saturday. temperatures in the 07's. it will be like early this week, yesterday, and then on monday with more clouds but cool and comfortable conditions if you outside for the first part of the pope's visit on saturday. just a quick look what is happening overnight. mainly clear and cool at 57 degrees. tomorrow looks great. day two will fall, 81, mostly sunny. lets break down your papal itinerary with different events this weekend. clouds and a few breaks of sun at 10:30 saturday for celebration of the mass, festival of the families 7:00 p.m. on saturday. 07 degrees.
5:53 pm
bishop's meeting 9:30 a.m., 67, mostly cloudy and a chance for showers at world meeting of families papal mass 4:00 p.m. sunday. you want to break out rain gear for that one. 27 degrees. if the skies clear we have something to look forward to in the sky on sunday night. this is a super mean. also a lunar eclipse. we don't get that very often super moon. it happened five times in the 90es a it won't happen again for 18 years. it moves through, the the earth's shadow f we clear out enough we will see that total lunar eclipse, this weekend. eye witt the necessary weather seven day forecast, it looks good friday. tomorrow 76 with sun giving way to increasing cloud. more clouds as we head through weekend with the chance for showers sunday but you then next week we are right back to the beautiful weather, 80 again by tuesday. stay there we will be right ba
5:54 pm
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and we still have no limits on carbon pollution which can lead to more asthma attacks in children but senator toomey has voted repeatedly to let polluters keep releasing unlimited carbon pollution into the air. and took more than one million dollars from the polluters. tell senator toomey to vote for the clean power plan, because unlimited pollution shouldn't be a right. but playing outside should be. in brotherly love volunteers at world meeting of
5:57 pm
families are helping children of all abilities to be part of the big week. >> special programming is called the youth congress and it is a place for children age six to 17, to learn about their catholic faith, with fun. >> wow, wow. >> it was hard to tell who was more excited when youth congress opens, the kids or the adults. >> are we ready this area of the pennsylvania convention center came alive with hundreds of children tuesday a afternoon. it was full of activity stations for children to learn about faith or just blow off steam. >> i thought that pilgrimage would be a really nice for my life and my soul. >> reporter: we met nine year-old gabriel he haveheart of the ohio, he has a joint and muscle disorder and uses a wheelchair. at this station he was writing messages of faith for a time capsule to take home. >> when i opened up in 25 years and it remind me of what we did 25 years ago. >> reporter: volunteers steph niece quick quigley of lance tail was on hand to help the
5:58 pm
children. >> they are really the future of the church. if we can have the the children love and grow in the the faith then that is just promising that is for the catholic church. >> reporter: children who need a break especially special need children have the sensory serenity space with big pillows to relax, or, sand to sculp. >> every child, every child is a gift. >> reporter: this is especially important to maryann of hatboro and her husband rich. they had a special need son who passed away, richard junior, and he loved to volunteer. >> he kind of blazed a trail for us. we try to do what he would do. >> reporter: they are volunteering, helping to bring peace to the little attendees of the world meeting of families. >> teach the children well and let them lead the way. >> what a wonderful way to honor their son. >> really beautiful. >> beautiful. >> that is "eyewitness news" at 5:00. >> now at 6:00 a philadelphia scrambles to make sure everything is ready for pope francis visit, the holy father is speaking to the faithful
5:59 pm
right now in washington d.c. we will have a full coverage of the pontiff's big day in our nation's capitol. also we are learning more about security measures that will be in place while the pope is here this weekend, find out what you will and will not be allowed to carry with you on to the the pennsylvania parkway for the sunday mass, kate? and with the beautiful start to fall, today, but we are tracking chance for papal precipitation, could we be seeing rain just in time for the pope's visit? i will have latest details and a few different scenarios we will go overcoming up in weather. it is pays yoel i papal parking squeeze, 600 spaces here with as much as 20,000 septa riders expect over two days. we will have have the the information, that you need to know, coming up. and right now, pope francis is celebrating his first ever, united states
6:00 pm
mass, in washington d.c. this is a live look at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. during mass the pontiff a friar, sarah, who was first hispanic to be named a saint and first person to be elevated to sainthood inside of the united states. the mass has just been part of the full day of events in our nation's capitol that included a speech at the white house. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. the as pontiff addressed the faithful we are counting down the days until he arrives here in philadelphia for the world meeting of families. we have full team three coverage for you tonight and it begins in washington d.c. with todd quinones, todd? >> reporter: well, jessica it is quite the remarkable view here behind me, the the crowd of some 25,000 are on hand, here, to soak up the word of the holy father. during mass here, this evening, pope francis proclaimed that jesus says go out and in my name, embrace life as it is andot


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