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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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mass, in washington d.c. this is a live look at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. during mass the pontiff a friar, sarah, who was first hispanic to be named a saint and first person to be elevated to sainthood inside of the united states. the mass has just been part of the full day of events in our nation's capitol that included a speech at the white house. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm jessica dean. the as pontiff addressed the faithful we are counting down the days until he arrives here in philadelphia for the world meeting of families. we have full team three coverage for you tonight and it begins in washington d.c. with todd quinones, todd? >> reporter: well, jessica it is quite the remarkable view here behind me, the the crowd of some 25,000 are on hand, here, to soak up the word of the holy father. during mass here, this evening, pope francis proclaimed that jesus says go out and in my name, embrace life as it is and not as you
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think it should be. thousands cheered wildly as pope francis rolled through the streets of the nation's capitol. francis is known as a peoples pope and he lived up to that today stopping the parade several times, to kiss children. >> it was wonderful, great, to see him. >> the way he looked at us, really nice. >> we just love pope francis, his message, he is sending to the people and catholic church. >> reporter: later at the saint matthews cathedral the pope outlined his vision of the church and u.s. bishops and gave them specific guidance on the controversial issue of latin immigrants. the pope's first full day in the u.s. began at the white house where another large crowd gathered on the south lawn. speak nothing english, pope francis called for protection of religious liberties and commended president obama for his initiative toss reduce air pollution. >> we are in a critical moment of history.
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>> reporter: president obama said pope francis sets a profound moral example. >> you shake our conscious from slumber and give us confidence the that we can come together in humility and service. >> reporter: at catholic university of america where the pope is celebrating a mass of canonization at basilica of the national shrine of the east mack late conception we caught up with some students from delaware county and they told us what the pope's visit means to them. >> basically an opportunity to be here. it is a great place. we're very family oriented group. been a great time. four years is incredible. i'm a senior. i'm sad to leave. >> reporter: i'm so excited pope francis is doing great things in my opinion to bring the church in more modern world and to have such a popular pope to be here, meets the world eyes. >> reporter: tomorrow, pope francis will speak at a joint meeting of congress. that will be the first time that has ever happened. reporting live tonight from washington d.c., todd quinones, for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> such a popular pope indeed,
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todd, thank you. during the the diplomatic gift exchange at the white house the pope privately gave the president a bronze plaque commemorating the world meeting of families. the the president gave the pope a sculpture of the dove, international symbol of peace. back in our area chopper three over independent mall, workers there continue to get the stage set for the pope who will deliver a speech there on saturday. day two of the world meeting of families congress is complete, thousands of pilgrims, pack the pennsylvania convention center, and today's keynote address was performed by new gunie cardinal robert sarah and, he checked out exhibitors from around the world. eye witt the necessary news reporter alexandria hoff is live with more on this, alex. >> reporter: it has been a absolutely beautiful day. i don't think i saw a single person without a a smile on their face. it began with an early 8:30 a.m. mass. today a's concluded with the 6:00 p.m. mass wrapping upright now.
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by prayer and plane, the cardinal family made it from puerto rica to philadelphia carrying their faith and their son. >> more difficult conditions. >> reporter: momma leash a explained that four year-old sebastian was born with a heart condition and is already well out lived doctor's expectations. she credits the catholic church for him being here, he and her husband are too. >> i come to say thank you. >> reporter: the world meeting of families was created by pope john paul the second in 1994 and unite families like the cardona as every three years. this is first for the united states, and now, the largest gathering, in history. >> we look around here, and we have 17,000 of the closest friend and neighbors from 150 countries who have come here. >> the the mission is a strength of the sacred bond of family unit, and starts with three these saying they will not have to forgo the priestly bound ahead of them. >> we will not have, three or
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four people call you, daddy, we will have thousands of people call me father. >> reporter: family theme continues in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection as this family awaits the arrival of the their holy father. >> i feel that god has come to us and i feel like it will change after. >> reporter: what do you think you'll feel when you see pope francis. >> we feel like our hearts will be better. >> reporter: they tell me from here they will spend the evening getting to know the city and getting to know each other but they will want to make sure they get some rest because there is another mass at 8:30 tomorrow morning. reporting live from the pennsylvania convention center alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". when the pope celebrates mass on the parkway on sunday he will speak before hundreds of thousands of faithful who are all trying to catch a glimpse. but will the weather hold? kate has the very latest on the chance for that papal
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precipitation, kate. >> this coastal storm that is a stubborn coastal system off the coast of the carolinas that could be presenting a bit of the spoiler for at least part of the papal weekend. hopefully we can get high pressure to hold on strong and keep the rain away at least until the the pope goes wheels up on sunday evening but is there a chance for some papal precipitation so to speak and it is all thanks to this system right here. not a lot right now. there is a big high centered right about here. it already is. it depend on how strong that high is if ate allows this storm to bring rain as far north as philadelphia right now models are split. it will bring clouds and cooler breeze then what we have been feeling so far today but question is does this rain get in here. we are watching the coast of the storm, lifting up the coast as we head through weekend. it will be a cool, breezy path western high to the north and low moving up the coast. we have brisk northeast wind similar to what we saw monday and tuesday. it will be comfortable with temperatures in the 07's but same thing we have to watch
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will showers sneak in time for pope's visit. ill he have after a few different scenarios. in the meantime enjoy first beautiful evening of fall. temperatures in the upper 07's and we are dropping in the the 50's tonight. we will have more on that rain forecast, coming up in a few minutes. jessica, back over to you. >> kate, we will see what happens there. that possibility of rain during the papal visit has people who hope to see the the pope in person wondering what they can bring with them? "eyewitness news" reporter ra hell solomon is live with more on what is allowed and what isn't, rahel. >> reporter: well, jessica, of course, the city is expecting massive crowds saturday and especially sunday. if you are one of those folks planning to get through security checkpoints secret service just warned make sure you pay very close attention to both sides and those signs. they are here from all around the world. >> frame nigeria, france. >> reporter: tens of thousands are already in town for the world meeting of families, but saturday and sunday, organizers expect as many as 1 million people if not more
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and security will be tight. >> i almost didn't even want to come because the crowds is intimidating but i mean this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> reporter: list of 18 types of prohibited items including backpacks, balloons, drones, toy guns and selfie lovers, no selfie sticks. >> when they said, you know, it is a good idea. >> reporter: largest crowd is expect sunday for pope francis papal mass. weather predictions say it may rain, and, john day of south philadelphia says he is prepare. >> bring a puncho and see through bag and hope for the best. >> reporter: punchos are not your thing, spokesmen for secret service a says umbrella as will be allowed on the perimeter so for folks like this woman, who had to get here she welcomes any rain and security checkpoints. after all, she's been planning for this for since february. >> i have a backpack.
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and just water i think, and that is it. >> reporter: some other items prohibited on that list, include aerosols, glass, and laser pointers. we will put the list on our web site at cbs reporting live, rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". septa is estimating 20,000 people will board trains at paoli train station but there are only 600 parking spaces, authorities are developing a strategy new to help riders, deal with the congestion. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is in paoli with what you need to know right now, walt. >> reporter: talk about a papal parking pinch, one neighbor's offering a space for three days, only $125 to park in his yard. we check with officials and here's some of the things you need to know if you are going from here to visit the pope. >> septa trains, to philadelphia. >> reporter: septa estimates as many as 20,000 passes may be sold for trips from pays yoel i, to see the pope.
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>> we are looking at a turnaround have of every half an hour we will be moving a thousand people, give or take. >> reporter: suggested to says with only 600 station parking spots, plan an airport style drop off, and don't even think about parking in lots for nearby businesses. >> very bad idea for any papal visitors a to park in this lot. >> yes, very very bad. >> reporter: heat are heyman says because of the concern about congestion she's closing saturday. >> we have a bridal party that day and we're going to go to them. do i not want to make a bride late for her wedding. >> reporter: at jewelry store next door owner joe testa is staying open, letting customers make the call. >> leave it up to them. >> reporter: when are heading to see the pope or forced to close because of his visit, everybody seems dedicated, doing what it takes to help celebrate a once in a lifetime moment. >> big catholic block party.
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we are all in the same boat. >> i will make it up somehow and maybe some extra blessings will be sent our way, send them to paoli. we could use it. >> reporter: now, if you do come you will stand in line behind me for a long time. good news they are giving out water, there will be food and a band playing. enjoy the moment. live from paoli, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a papal parking pinch, walt, perfect, thanks, sir. text alert system is up and running for using during the the world meeting of families. you can sign up by texting papal visit to 888777, text alert will provide information on weather, traffic and travel information as well as any possibly mergecy information. count on "eyewitness news" for complete coverage, look for more live reports from todd quinones in washington d.c. tonight, our own david spunt will be with the pope in new york city later this week and we will bring you live
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coverage of the every event, during the pope's stay in philadelphia, this weekend. some breaking news now a suspect is dead after a police involve shooting in wilmington. chopper three over the scene on the 100 block of south scott street. police say suspect was armed with the handgun and eyewitnesses say gunman ignored officers request to put his weapon down. the that suspect was shot and killed by police, no officers were hurt. misfortune for our philadelphia eagles, running back demarco murray left the practice with a hamstring injury. >> sports director don bell here with more bad news. i'm sorry, right. >> yes, things go from bad to worth. eagles 40 million-dollar running back demarco murray injured in practice today. murray left the field with the hamstring injury and team canceled his scheduled meeting with media afterward. murray has had a miserable season. both eli manning and nick foles have more rushing yard than demarco. he had 11.
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eagles signed him in the off season to replace the the traded lesean mccoy. we expect murray to be reevaluated before team's sunday with the jets. if he can't play another philadelphia newby ryan matthews will get the start. bird are trying to go zero and three for the first time this century. >> yes. >> wow, thanks buddy. see new a bit. when pope francis arrives in philadelphia his first stop is cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul. >> just ahead our own pat ciarrocchi shows you high tech improvements being installed just in time for the holy father's arrival, kate. as pope francis arrives in philadelphia, so will the cloud, the the question is, will it rain? this list will system you see off the coast of the caroline could bring a sunday spoiler to the area just in time for one of the biggest weekend in our history, i'll have more on that coming up w
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feces office pope's visit the start to come together and one big piece, the cathedral basilica of the st. peter and paul. >> it will be first stop for pope francis after he touches down in philadelphia. our pat ciarrocchi went behind the alter with a look at where the holy father will be for the the first time in philadelphia. >> reporter: welcome your
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holiness. >> reporter: the father dennis gill doesn't really need to rehearse,. >> is what your holiness in italian. as director of the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul, father gill will be on the front steps when the car door opens and pope francis emerges to applause. >> it is important. >> always important, especially for the cathedral. >> reporter: we found, these men working on the details. balance stores on the alter rail were job one. >> aim not catholic but i know it means a lot to him. >> reporter: cathedral, mother church of the archdiocese was also the first stop for pope john paul, ii, 36 years ago. pope francis will pray, under the same great dome, but communication will be hd, highlitive rent. >> yes, it is one of our new cameras installed, there are several throughout the
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basilica. >> reporter: eight, hd cameras manipulated from the second floor control room feeding images to new monitors, mounted on columns around the side aisles of the basilica. >> the holler father will rest here this roomies just off the main alter where pope francis will dress for mass. >> the holler father and his papal mass. maybe me. >> reporter: stacked in boxes, 100,000 communion wafers, made by the sisters in langhorne. >> and this. >> holy father on saturday and sun take will use a host this size. >> reporter: as he blessed the bread and wine the most sacred moment in the liturgy. i learn that the pope will be greeted with the singing of the archdiocese children's choir and also former pennsylvania governor and mrs. f the delegation that actually traveled to the vatican to ask pope francis to come to philadelphia. and when they left that day, the pope quietly indicated to
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them, that he would be here, and in three days, he will make good on that promise. in the sat center, pat ciarrocchi, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> a long time in the making, pat, thanks very much. we will have full coverage of all of the papal events this weekend in philadelphia, object air and on cbs yom kippur, day of atonement end this evening and began last night at sundown. yom kip are is last and most important of the judyism ten high holy days which begins on rash hashanah the jewish new year. kate is joining us now. you have been keeping an eye on the coming days especially the weekend. it is ever changing i guess. >> yes, it is ever changing. you know, home with the kid looking at new models coming in. i need to know what will happen. a all eyes are on this forecast and there is not a lot of consensus just yet a lot of players on the field this weekend and a lot have players in the city as well. >> that is for sure. >> i hope to have that for you but there is a chance at least for a little bit of rain later
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in the day sunday. best chance would be sunday afternoon and that is when we don't what the want it. we have a mass sunday afternoon. most of the weekend should stay rain free. let get to the forecast and take you out to storm scan three. quick look locally because we have nothing to see there not even a cloud in the sky this first day of fall. the as we widen out we will see showers starting to churning off the coast of the carolinas. a lot of cloud with that as well. this is moving further north and to the west over next several days. eventually getting in the carolinas, virginia and then potentially bringing some rain our way, and, watching two scenarios of what can happen. but right now temperatures feeling great. seventy-eight in philadelphia 76 in millville. zero seven in atlantic city thanks to the east win. clear night means we will cool off quickly down to 57 degrees, great night to sleep with the windows open. your thursday looks great. the mostly sunny, very nice. lets start off with the european model, one we look at a lot. high pressure will a stay strong. and watch what happens into sunday. the rain will miss us to the
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south. very cloudy day but 3:00 p.m. rain still off to the south and maybe cloud starting to break in time for that lunar eclipse. high stays stronger, coastal low suppressed. rain staying to the south. the that is good news scenario. then we have gfs model, american model and that takes the high weaker. the saturday afternoon rain off to the south. better chance for showers sunday morning and sunday afternoon before that system moves out of here. high is weaker. coastal low is stronger. the showers then pull further north. at least plan for a shower. is there a chance rain could miss us to the south. it will be cloudy and breezy otherwise 72. saturday mostly cloudy, breezy but not bad. comfortable. temperature wise 74. eyewitness weather seven day forecast, papal weekend sandwiched between two great stretches of weather. tomorrow looking great. monday, tuesday next week looking pretty nice as well, we will be right
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number 29 isn't feeling so fine. >> we will talk with this all week. recapping our top stories, running back demarco murray left practice with a hamstring injury. he was not made available to the media afterward. we expect him to be evaluated in the come days. his status for sunday's game at the meadow land begins the the jetties up in the air. speaking of up in the air here's a sign hanging from the building in the city this week. dear mr. pope: any chance you can talk to your boss about our eagles? we could use some help. i'm in the the sure if mr. pope will help the birds but do i know head coach chip kelly is doing his best to avoid the papal crush. team is leaving town early to practice at monmouth, university in new jersey. >> supposed to be a lot of people coming town this weekend, something going on. >> how does that change anything preparation wise. >> it doesn't change anything. >> that dry humor.
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>> chip kelly also talk about sam bradford today, he was asked by new york media if the quarterback would be replaced by mark sanchez, and kelly stood behind bradford who had two touchdowns and four picks. sam was asked if his struggles had anything to do with predictability. >> our offense, think i have said it is not most complex offense in the world. we try to play fast, when you play fast, i think we have, some plays. dallas did a good job recognizing some things. >> that is sport i saw a commercial that said you can save $500 by switching to progressive. that was me, mom. [ laugh ] i thought you said, "that was me, mom." [ laughter ]
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00. we are back at cw philly and we're back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, the the "cbs evening news". here's scott pelley.
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take care everybody. we will see you t >> pelley: pomp, pageantry, and parade for the pope in america. >> i am happy to be a guest in this country. >> pelley: in washington, the little girl who just had to meet the pope. and why francis calls the internet a gift from god. also tonight, will a drug company roll back a huge price hike after a heavy dose of criticism? and we'll remember yogi and his way with words. >> when you come to the fork in the road, take it. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we are across from the basilica of the national


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