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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  September 23, 2015 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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take care everybody. we will see you t >> pelley: pomp, pageantry, and parade for the pope in america. >> i am happy to be a guest in this country. >> pelley: in washington, the little girl who just had to meet the pope. and why francis calls the internet a gift from god. also tonight, will a drug company roll back a huge price hike after a heavy dose of criticism? and we'll remember yogi and his way with words. >> when you come to the fork in the road, take it. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: we are across from the basilica of the national
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shrine of the immaculate conception, where pope francis has just celebrated an outdoor mass for 25,000. he has come to tend to the hearts and souls of millions of catholics, including this young girl who touched the pope's heart. on his first full day here, francis met controversy head on, from climate change to sex abuse by priests. he raised immigration in his very first sentence, wiping away the borders of the hemisphere, he said he came to the united states in the name of all americans. norah o'donnell begins our coverage. ( cheers ) >> reporter: tens of thousands gathered along constitution avenue to catch a glimpse of francis, the people's pope, who stopped along the way to embrace small children and bask in the glow of his first american audience. he began his day greeting school kid gathered outside of his
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sleeping quarters, taking time for handshakes and hugs. ♪ ♪ then his holiness, in all his humility, drove in a small fiat 500 to an elaborate white house ceremony, where he was welcomed by the president, mrs. obama, and 11,000 ticketed guests. >> i should explain that our backyard is not typically this crowded. in your humility, we see a living example of jesus' teachings, a leader whose moral authority comes not just through words but also through deeds. ( applause ) >> reporter: the holy father drew upon that moral authority to address issues more political than pastoral, like immigration and climate change. >> as the son of an immigrant family, i am happy to be a guest in this country, which was
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largely built by such families. ( applause ) mr. president, i find it encouraging that you are proposing an initiative for reducing air pollution. ( applause ) ♪ ♪ >> reporter: it was then on to the cathedral of st. matthew the apostle for a mass in spanish with 280 bishops. and for the first time in his visit, he spoke about one of catholicism's darkest chapters, the sexual abuse of children by american clergy. he never addressed the victims directly but vowed "to ensure that such crimes will never be repeated." ( applause ) and, scott, it was extraordinary to hear the pope today here at the white house call on the world to address climate change, and in doing so, he invoked
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martin luther king, and he referenced his can th his "i ha" speech, "defaulting on a promissory note" and saying now is the time to honor it. scott, we understand his holiness will again wade into controversial policy issues when he addresses a joint meeting of congress tomorrow, the first pope in history to do so. >> pelley: and, norah, you'll be right here covering that historic event in washington on "cbs this morning." thanks very much for your coverage tonight. you know, when the pope speaks of being an immigrant, he is referring to his birth in argentina to italian parents, the first pope in 1,000 years not born in europe. maybe that's what was behind the most remarkable moment of this day when a five-year-old girl emigrated beyond the security line. sofi cruz squeezed through security barriers to deliver a message to the pope.
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a child of illegal immigrant, she has put a new face on the debate over immigration reform. sophie traveled to washington from los angeles with her father. and what did you do? >> i went to the pope. >> reporter: and what did you give him? >> the letter and a shirt like this. >> pelley: in her letter, she asks francis to help all immigrant children. the secret service held sofi back, but when the pope saw her, he waved her over and blessed her. it reminded us of a moment last year when another girl from los angeles greeted the pope in st. peters square in rome. 11-year-old jersey vargas traveled there to help her father, mario, who was in the custody of u.s. immigration. she called it her miracle moment. >> i told him, "please help my family because my dad was going to be deported, and it's unfair that millions of children are also suffering in my same situation." and he blessed me. he kissed me on my forehead and
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he told me he was going to talk with the president. >> reporter: not long after her father was released and his case is now under review. jersey was in washington today hoping for another meeting with the pope. >> i'm passionate because about what happened to my dad. i also want to make a difference in the world because i won't stop fighting until immigration reform happens. >> pelley: and jan crawford has been speaking to many of the folks who have spent hours today waiting for just a few seconds that they will remember the rest of their lives. >> reporter: for the thousands who lined the streets just hoping for a glimpse, it was a moment. >> it was awesome. really awesome. my heart is still beating from seeing the pope. >> reporter: they came from everywhere. >> from puerto rico. >> reporter: and you're memphis, tennessee? anybody else? >> pittsburgh. >> nashville. >> reporter: pittsburgh, nashville. >> mexico.
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>> reporter: mexico. manyicating for hours. you came in late last night. >> late last night. straight here, midnight, camped out. >> reporter: milton leon and his family got in line at 1:00 in the morning for a spot in the front. >> i saw him very well. i was yelling, "francesco! francesco." >> reporter: his wife, janneth, cried. >> my whole body was shaking and my heart was just going up. >> reporter: for all the security and pageantry, it was a day when francis touched the people. 17-year-old christian esherick waited in line hoping to share his family's christmas card with a picture of his older brother, andrew. he passed away five months ago. pope francis gave his blessing. >> he just gave that almost fatherly look that he really cared about each and every individual. possibly the best moment of my life. >> reporter: making his way through the crowds, the pope's focus was the children.
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even the youngest connectedly with the 78-year-old. and given a chance, had to take a selfie. your finger got in the way? >> yeah. >> reporter: or in the case of 11-year-old walter cunningham, a shaky video on his cell phone he can't wait to share with friends. >> i'm going to tell them they saw the pope, and they should have been here. >> reporter: now, the thing that really characterizes this day is joy. and, scott, every time the pope comes and goes from here at the vatican embassy, he greets another group of ecstatic school children. >> pelley: jan crawford, thank you very much, jan. the holy father made another statement about immigrants right here, simply by celebrating his first mass in the united states in spanish. here's chip reid. >> reporter: pope francis couldn't resist the opportunity of another joyous open-air ride in the popemobile as an adoring crowd of 25,000 welcomed him to
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washington's basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. ♪ ♪ as he walked through the basilica, the faithful who filled the aisles, strained to see or even touch him. before he made his way to a small chapel, where he prayed in private. then on the steps of the largest catholic church in north america at an elaborate temporary outdoor altar, the pope celebrated mass in spanish, his native language. unlike earlier speeches, he avoided controversial issues like immigration and religious freedom and focused on what it means to be a catholic. "go out to tell the good news fearlessly," he said "without prejudice, without superiority, without condescension. to all those who have lost the joy of living." the crowd was full of young
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people. many told us they've never felt so good about being catholic and praised pope francis for his non-judgmental style. a highlight of the more than two-hour ser mope was the pope's elevation of junipero serra to sainthood. serra was a missionary in the 1700s in what is now california. it is the first-ever canonization mass on american soil. for him, the pope said, this was the way to continue experiencing the joy of the gospel. so not only did the pope speak in spanish, but junipero serra, the new saint, is from spain, and a large portion of this audience was from hispanic parishes. in other words, scott, this was a very big day for hispanics in the catholic church. >> pelley: chip, thank you very much. that canonization of junipero serra is controversial and
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carter evans found out why. >> reporter: at mission san juan capistrano, junipero serra was honored, but 430 miles north at mission glores, protesters denounced him. people look at this building right here and they see history. what do you see? >> i see pain from my ancestors. i see a change in our entirely world. >> reporter: for corinna gould this is sacred ground. thousands of her ancestors are buried here in unmarked graves. for her, serra left a brutal allegiance in his drive to baptize and assimilate california indians, often beating and imprisoning them in the missions. >> once you were baptize and you had became catholic, then you lost your freedom all together. you become the property of the church. >> but serra doesn't see that. he sees indians as naked, as hungry, as hungering, literally, for food and for salvation in christ. >> reporter: history professor steven hackel says for many
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hispanics in california, serra is seen as a founding father. his presence is everywhere. >> i think what the pope is really trying to do is open up an understanding of our american origins. it wasn't just angloamerican protestants, but catholic priests throughout the continentinant. >> father serra was white. he was not hispanic. >> reporter: and gould believes by make serra a saint, the church is ignoring an ugly chapter in california history. >> the mission system he brought with him created total destruction of who we were as a people and our culture. >> reporter: serra is the first spanish-speaking saint from the u.s., and pope francis even fast tracked his canonization. scott, he waived the usual rule requiring two miracles for sainthood and accepted just one. >> pelley: carter evans, thanks. cbs news coverage of pope francis' visit continues tomorrow morning with the first papal address ever to a joint
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aids and cancer patients. he raised the price from $13.50 a pill to $750. don dahler has been looking into the c.e.o.'s background. >> reporter: the moment martin shkreli announced a 5,000% increase in the price of daraa prim, the internet exploded with rage. he was even called, "a disgusting specimen of humanity." did you anticipate this kind of backlash? >> well, i don't think there's been a lot of backlash, honestly. i think the backlash is from people who don't really understand health care very well and hopefully here to help educate how our system works. >> reporter: shkreli's bio says he has a bachelor's of business administration from baruch college. what he learned about health care he learned as a hedge fund manager who often clashed with drug company. you see how it looks, though? you came from the world of hedge funds, going into pharmaceuticals. why would you do that if not to make a lot of money. >> i think it will be a win-win february everyone. i think our company will develop
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drugs for disease that no one has touched. >> reporter: the board of directors of retrophin, shkreli's first company which he foundefounded in 2011, kicked ht and filed suit in august for $65 million. he is alleged to have used his control in retrophin to enrich himself and pay back members in a hedge fund. an earlier lawsuit brought by a former retrophin employee, timothy perotti, accused shkreli of harassing his family. court documents include a message to perotti's wife, "i hope to see you and your four children homeless and will do whatever i can to assure this." and a facebook post to perotti's 16-year-old son saying, "i want you to know about your dad. he betrayed me. he stole $3 million from me." that lawsuit was settled, scott. the current lawsuit with retrophin alleges shkreli spent more time moving large amounts of money around between that company and his former investors than he did developing effective
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>> pelley: baseball hall of famer yogi berra died last night at age 90. perhaps it's fitting that it happened during a papal visit. berra famously met john xxiii in 1959 and greeted him with, "hello, pope." anthony mason now on the man who figures prominently in record books and books of famous quotations. >> berra is the first batter up. >> reporter: he was 5'8" with a body one magazine said only an anthropologist could love, but yogi berra became one of the game's greatest catchers. >> yogi is chasing it. he almost slips and he's got it. >> reporter: he was behind the plate in 1956 when don larson
6:52 pm
pitched the oinl perfect game in world series history. >> yogi berra runs out there. he leaps on larson! >> reporter: an all-star 15 consecutive seasons with the yankees, he hit more than 350 home runs, played on 10 championship teams, and later managed crosstown rivals the new york mets, where in the midst of a slump he famously said-- >> i said it's not over till it's over. >> reporter: it wasn't. he led the mets to the world series, and that saying made it into "bartlett's" quotations. president's quoted him. >> yogi berra once said when you come to the fork in the road, take it. >> we may be lost but we're making good time. >> reporter: yoag's favorite. >> when it gets daerk get out of here. >> reporter: on the "charlie rose show" yogi said he was never trying to be funny. >> i never know i say them i really don't. i don't know i say them. >> reporter: but it led to a second career in tv commercials for beer. >> it's got a third less calories than i probably thought
6:53 pm
it didn't even have. >> reporter: insurance. >> and they give you cash, which is just as good as money. >> reporter: and new york city tourism. >> who in the heck is this guy phila harmonic. >> at his hall of fame induction he thanked baseball. and he always thanked his wife of 65 years, carmen, who died last year. "behind every good man is a good woman," yogi berra also said. "behind me usually was an umpire." anthony mason, cbs news, new york. >> pelley: asked once if he'd had an audience with pope john, berra replied, "nope, but i met with him." pope francis is meeting millions online and zeal that story next. you tuck here... you tuck there. if you're a toe tucker... because of toenail fungus, ask your doctor now about prescription kerydin. used daily, kerydin drops may kill the fungus
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>> pelley: finally tonight, pope francis is the leader of an ancient church, but he's learned to use the most modern communications to spread the word. he has 23 million followers on twitter in nine languages. he's among the most retweeted leaders in the world, and he calls the internet "a gift from
6:57 pm
god." from the moment the pope left the vatican embassy this morning, his ever step was captured by a smartphone. the elusive papal selfie was the real prize. this is what you saw on enija davidonyte's facebook page. the teenager from lithuania got one of the first selfies posting "i feel absolutely blessed." this boy was all smiles on instagram, and this girl got the pope's back, literally. this man nearly bent over backwards to get a shot. at the white house welcoming ceremony, people far from center stage and those close enough to use both pope and president as a backdrop wanted to prove that they were there. even celebrities posted from the white house lawn. actress eva longoria wrote:
6:58 pm
you could almost watch the papal parade from a network of cell phones. those who were too far away to actually see the pope made the best of it posting with francis toys, a painting, or their own pet dog. when else could you see a group of nuns tailgating? it seemed that everyone wanted to be part of the moment. one boy posted his crayon-written letter, "pope francis, we fray pray for you. we believe." and that's the cbs evening news from washington. with thanks to theological college, the national seminary of the catholic university of america, and for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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victoria beckham's stumbling party exit. what happened? plus celebs making the pilgrimage to d.c. to see the pope. >> that's coming up right now. >> on "entertainment tonight." >> pope, there it is! >> the networks are all stepping up. >> inside the media madness for a fiat-riding pope francis today. why the stars are fired up? >> plus -- >> are newly single "voice" coaches gwen and blake dating? as beckham props up his wife. did she party too much? >> then leave a legacy for your children. >> inside frank gifford's will. who will his reported $10 million fortune? >> my vocal cord was cut open. >> donny osmond's first in


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