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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  September 25, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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for the city of philadelphia. i'm jessica dean. i'm path the sir. a as i list toned let there be peace on earth you cannot help but hear us what a beautiful time it will be in philadelphia when the holy father arrives. you are looking live at philadelphia's ben franklin parkway, thinks where the the final count down is now underway. so this time tomorrow, pope francis will be in philadelphia. >> interesting to sianni as we speak workers are still here, they are still working to put final touches on everything, as philadelphia prepares to showcase, itself to the entire world. in the meantime, pope francis is wrapping up what has been a whirlwind trip, in new york city. >> he is just gotten into his pope mobile, he is just left a heart problem catholic school. he then will make his way from there, to central park. thousands have been lined up all day long to catch a glimpse of the papal procession through that park. for more on holy father a's
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historic visit we will turn to "eyewitness news" reporter david spun live at the cbs broadcast center in new york. david, good evening. >> reporter: pat and jessica, good evening. another busy day for pope francis. hopefully he saves some of that energy for philadelphia tomorrow and sunday. he started his day early at the united nation as dressing the the general assembly. he is the the fourth pope in history to do so. >> mr. president, ladies, gentlemen, good morning. >> reporter: pope francis was clear, concise in his general assembly address friday, he called for end to nuclear weapons, and a road to peace. >> there is urgent need to work for a world free of nuclear weapons, in full application of the non-proliferation treaty in
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letter and in spirit towards the goal of a complete prohibition of these weapons. >> reporter: pope also met with u.n. employees thanking them for their behind the scenes work to promote a relationship between foreign nations. following his u.n. address the the holy father headed down to lower machine hat on to meet with 9/11 family members and tour the memorial. >> i just think he is -- i'm's still crying because i am very emotional. he is so open minded about everything. i think he is great. >> reporter: pope spent time with individual family members, something that struck his followers. >> i know, you know, i remember, where i was that day, i will never forget that day. >> i think he is a very humble man, and leader of the catholic church. >> reporter: pope francis joined other leaders for inter faith service with thousands watching. >> your goodness to givee term
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light and peace. >> reporter: 80,000 people at that central park parade and give mass in front of the 20,000 people at madison square garden. coming up tonight at 6:00 we will have some video and pictures of pope francis interest accounting with catholic school children in harlem. it was a chance to see his personality. he was taking selfies, enjoying himself before going in to that school. we will have that 5:69. we are live from new york city, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". extraordinary to be 78 years old and has this kind of energy. >> just keeps going and keeps going. we will see it this weekend. it is very exciting. in the meantime here in fill awe can kind of call it the calm before the storm, if you are out in center city to day a lot of people said it is like a ghost town out here. it was an interesting sight to see. the lets take a live look from our parkway cam, it will be the center of the action. this will look very, very different tomorrow. you can see there the stage, the world meeting of families that is right behind us right
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now. that is where history will be made. "eyewitness news" reporter greg argos is live on the parkway with more on the last minute work going on right now, greg. >> reporter: jessica and pat, good afternoon. a lot happening here within the last 24 hours, before his holiness arrives to the city of brotherly love. we're told some 400 men and women are putting those final touches on the stage behind me. you can see them working right now. they have been working all afternoon. you can see tens of thousands oz have white chairs, empty white chairs which will be a very different scene from 24 hours from right now. one of the busiest roads in philadelphia, clear. thousands of chairs, empty, but tomorrow that will all change. >> big time party we got all this cleaning up to do we have stuff every whereas can sianni what we're doing right now is we are getting ready for pope. >> reporter: as crews beautify the area around the papal
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stage. >> it is all about the pope. >> we took an exclusive look at the last minute work, live nation is doing on it to prepare this stage. >> we're actually on the pope tomorrow during the festival will be, sitting, exactly where i'm standing right here and take a look, this will be his view, right down to the ben franklin parkway. >> the final touches on saturday set upright now and we have completely set up for sunday. >> reporter: john stevenson say turnaround for sunday's mass is very quick. >> change over from saturday night into sunday will be about a ten hour change. >> reporter: so right when it is over saturday you can start working. >> that second we will start right away. >> reporter: back here live you heard just ten hours to change a lot here at the papal stage, in fact, papal stage will be the papal alter and we are told that massive screen behind me that will be taken down in that ten hour period and, of course, alter will go
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up for papal mass where 1 million people are expect here in the city of philadelphia. we're live, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". we also have learned there are 189 additional people who came in union in members, who came into work this job today, just to be able to get it done all in time. >> it is quite a project, in doubt bit. >> a lot of people are asking is it going to rain? it is obviously all outside tomorrow? the big question. >> well, "eyewitness news" meteorologist kate bilo is live for us and you have a beautiful will view yourself, kate. >> reporter: i have what might be the best view of the entire whole shebang this weekend right down the parkway art museum just over my shoulder. i can see where pope will be, we have basilica here just over to the left. it is a great view of the city. you can see as if on cue those cloud we have been talking about they have arrived. we have started the day with sunshine. looking at the parkway the flags are flying, nice day, breezy day, but clouds have rolled in, storm scan three
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shows that again, cloud drifting from the south as the system a a approaches. the lets zoom out and take a look what that system look like off to the south. it is producing rain just off to the south here over portions of the carolinas and coastal virginia. good news is heavier rain is off the coast, but as this storm lifts up, some of that rain could rotate a little bit further to the west, and impact us by late on sunday. right now temperatures only in the 07's, we are very cool, comfortable, nice day to be walking around the city. we are at 72 in philadelphia. sixty-nine in atlantic city airport. we have gusty breeze from the east and north east, wind about 15 to 20 miles an hour at the moment what to expect through the the weekend? gusty northeast wind will continue, minor coastal flooding and we have a chance for rain getting in on sunday. coming up with the full forecast we will time out rain more and talk about just how much dueled fall but reporting live from the parkway i'm meteorologist kate bilo now back to you. kate, thanks very much. if you plan to travel
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within the secure perimeter right now for paper at visit, keep in mind you will have to be screen. metal detectors are up and running around the parkway and a anyone traveling into the secure perimeter from 20th to 12th street must go through one of those checkpoints. pat, papal security is unprecedented. >> mayor michael nutter had the opportunity to walk through that secure perimeter, and he walked through it with "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter and here's walt's story. >> reporter: only the occasional siren blast from a police escort broke the unusual quiet on what would normally be a bustling center city street, jammed with cars and people at mid-morning. anybody going anywhere, was walking, to get there. >> this is a different version of the walkable city. you don't see something like this at any point in time. >> reporter: magnetometers ape searchers welcomed everyone through center city streets between city hall and art
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museum. fences and metal barricade lining almost every block. >> this is twilight zone unlike anything we have ever seen before. >> reporter: all and all things went smoothly at the screening sessions. the the challenge was just getting there through closed off streets in the first place. the residents woke early to the sound of security being put into place. >> we woke up this morning with them lifting the conn crease barriers, the at 6:00 o'clock. we found our way true the checkpoint over there and new we are just trying to get the heck out. >> reporter: mayor, after a quick walk through desserted streets near his office said the unprecedented security net in the early going work well, thanking officers for their efforts and the public for its patients. in center city, walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> pat, it is amazing to think there could be close to a million people here tomorrow because it is so quiet and calm in the city right now. >> there are a a lot of
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detours that people will to have deal with and it can be a real problem on the roadway. we want to give you some ideas of chopper three to take a look at them for you. really unusual sight, normally very busy streets, and benjamin franklin bridge at this point is all blocked off. our meisha johnson has details on getting around town. >> yes, hey pat and jessica. it is crazy when we look at this because we are in the heart of the evening rush hour right now and take a look at this, this is a a shot from live chopper three, a bird's eye view of the schuylkill and vine. look at this you would never imagine that in the 5:00 o'clock hour evening rush and this is what it looks like clearly heeding our warnings to stay away from center city because of the detours and road closures. switching gears here i want to pull a map and just take a look at this, starting at 6:00 x which is the green line goes into effect meaning you can drive inside of that perimeter but you cannot reenter once
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you leave and you cannot enter the secure vehicle perimeter which is in black. also starting a at 10:00 p.m. the traffic box perimeter extend to university city and west philadelphia and tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. all metal detectors will open up. off ramps from the vine broad street and ben franklin parkway are closed and vine street is completely close is a at 10:00 p.m. tonight and more updates in the world of mass transit and i will get to that in a moment. >> meisha, thanks very much. it has been a festive four days with the world meeting of families. >> that is right, it closed to day in terms of the conference portion of the meet bug they got a lot done. they set a world record. our alexandria hoff reports. >> ♪ >> reporter: this group from zimbabwe has been attending the world meeting of families every three years since 2,000. >> i attended world meeting of
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families conference, and from then, i'm excited for the the next one. >> reporter: conference portion of the week wind down visitors rush to grab 2015 gear. thrills and holy moments are obviously far from over even once they are there is one thing very concrete that will remain. that thing is the enormous mural. >> everybody who wants to come and join us, paint a square. >> reporter: anybody included a very familiar pennsylvania family. >> we both got to paint with the argentina family who did the official stroke that put this mural over the top. >> reporter: aside from commemorating the event this work of art set a guinness world report with the most contributions to the paint bynum piece. in november, it will be made permanent on the side of saint maliki school in philadelphia, hoping to forever, drive memories. >> remember that weekend at end of the september when pope francis came to philadelphia that is what i love. i love murals capture that moment.
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>> reporter: as for this group they say they are already saving for the next world meeting of families. >> we don't know where it will be but we will prepare for it. >> reporter: alexandria hoff, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". be sure to stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the historic event, we will bring you live coverage, all weekend long of all of the major events during pontiff's visit the here on tv and always at cbs philly dot the come. many people who will be coming to see the pope will be walking here from new jersey. cleve. >> reporter: from security concerns to a flood of traffic, officials in new jersey are getting ready for the papal visit, i'm cleve bryan coming up we will hear from camden county about how well they are prepared. we are going to take you live to central park where the pontiff is expect to arrive very soon. they is, you can see pope mobile and you can see the the motorcycles, met or cade, ready to lead him through central park. this is all part of his trip,
5:14 pm
the pope has a conscious effort to meet people. he is hugging, kissing people, shaking hand. he really is the peoples pope. we have more live coverage after this break.
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back on "eyewitness news" at 5:00 with a live picture of pope francis in the pope mobile. the holy father has just arrived in central park, he will pass through central park in new york city, on his way to mass, tonight at madison square garden. so, so many people will be lining that route, they are still so excited to see the holy father, the pontiff just beaming when he sees crowds, hugging and kissing, lot of the pilgrims out there who have come to see him and, of course, huge presence of security there, there is noticeable as you can see the many police officers, secret service members, just lining their route there making sure that the pontiff is safe, but again, a very whirl win tour for him at this point as he is continuing his second leg of the tour in new york city. the pope mobile winding around central park, the pope there is inside, flanged by security as he wind his way around
5:18 pm
central park, of course, heading to madison square garden later tonight. i'm natasha brown here in the cbs-3 studios with a look at other stories making headlines today. u.s. house speaker john boehner dropping a bomb shell today by announcing he is resigning from congress. boehner says he is resigning because, prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable arm. an aid for the congressman tells cbs that boehner will resign his speakership and congressional seat effective october 30th. for the second time this week the white house south lawn was setting for a grand welcome. president obama welcomed chinese president to the white house today. the white house says that it skipped the the firing of weapons when pope francis arrived in deference to the pope's humility. president barack obama and the president stood side by side as military band played national anthems of both
5:19 pm
countries. new iphone has landed this was the scene earlier this morning as customers lined up outside the apple store in center city philadelphia. doors opened up at 8:00 o'clock this morning promptly, the new iphones lawn inched 12 countries today including the u.s. and chine, upgrades include 3-d touch and three stege a pixel rear facing camera as well. now lets send it back out to the ben franklin parkway for more live pope in philadelphia coverage, pat and jessica, back to you. >> natasha, thanks very much. well, everybody is watching the the forecast very closely, there is no doubt about that. it has gotten more cloudy. we have noticed that. >> our kate bilo ace long the parkway and she's watching it very carefully. hi kate. >> hi, pat and jessica, we are in the beautiful location here high up above the parkway, you can sea breeze has pick up here and after sunshine early today as if on cue those clouds have moved in, and we are going to be finding the cloud all weekend long. but again great vein stage
5:20 pm
point i will be here watching the weather as it rolls in and probably a little bit of rain still in the forecast for sunday. lets start off with storm scan three showing the storm moved in today. we have a few showers off to the south, and we are seeing those showers, start to lift up into the region, not quite into our region just yet but getting into portions of virginia, and for the nation's capitol a few spotty showers here and there. the good news is we don't expect any of that to get in here during overnight hours or into saturday. that will all stay to the south. we can see a disconnect here, heavier rain off the coast, we have showers back to the west. temperatures 73 in allentown. seventy-two in philadelphia a cool 69 degrees in atlantic city and 69 in wildwood as well. a as we head through the the weekend we will expect saturday, to be generally cloudy, breeze which that northeast wind, sunday we have to watch a storm moving up the eastern seaboard bringing that threat for a lit built of rain especially later on sunday afternoon. that is our p.m. rain chance.
5:21 pm
monday we will see showers linger through the the course of the day. a as we move through papal weekend chance for rain does increase, cloud increase as well, temperatures stay on the cool side, rain chance for sunday, best chance is after about 3:00 p.m. a 40 percent chance, 50 percent chance after 6:00 p.m. so just in time for papal mass a better chance for some rain. throughout the overnight hours, we will drop down in the 50's, cloudy, comfortable, your saturday looking g it looks like today, cloud, sun, breezy and cool at 74 degrees. the throughout the papal weekend we have temperatures in the lower 07's. more cloud then sun, that gusty breeze, super eclipse on sunday evening, probably will not be visible with the cloud cover, it is a rare event but we will hope it breaks in time for it and we will let you know. we will have more on the seven day forecast next time i join you and we will talk about when to expect the rain chance and how much rain could actually fall here as we head through the the weekend, so much more coming up but for now back over to. thanks, kate. i could take the
5:22 pm
over/under on whether we could see that super moon or not. it will be spectacular because the pope will be here. lets look at where the the pope is right now he is in his pope mobile, extensive security around him. he is working his way through central park. >> amazing to think that central park in man hat an, the largest city in america has come to a stand still, all of the people that have shown up to see the the pope who as you said takes special care to make sure to see the people. he is a pastor that want to be with people and not just see them from a distance. >> i think his whole issue is he would like to encounter the people of america, and we have seen that since's arrived in washington and then working his way through insuring on his way to us, so he was with a group of school children at a harlem catholic school. he is working through central park about 80,000 ticketed faithful are in central park to see him and greet him and working his way now to madison
5:23 pm
square garden. >> very exciting, very long day for him. he had has been up and down manhattan today and look at him there in the pope mobile, what so many people have been looking forward to seeing them with his own eyes and that pope mobile by the way secret service had it here, they specially check it out, designed it, made sure it was ready to go but you will notice it has front window but opened on both side because he likes to be out as much as possible. >> i had an opportunity to talk to the director of the secret service he said they are prepared to stop with the pope and when he eye balls somebody, a child, an elderly person, somebody he just must hug. >> yes,. >> there is surely somebody in that crowd that will get picked out. >> back here in philadelphia, some road closures, many road closures are in effect for people trying to get the in the city of philadelphia. >> they are, and in fact, everyone is trying to get around town today. here's steve paterson.
5:24 pm
>> reporter: throughout the streets in philadelphia a felt empty with all of the security you are not alone but what about all of the highways that surround it. i'm steve paterson and i will take you inside the command center at penndot with the look
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a live look again as pope francis, now is in central park, the pope mobile making its way through the crowd, we have more live continuing coverage throughout the newscast. and back here at home in philadelphia, you can certainly sianni a noticeable shift in the security measures today. >> it has gotten much more intense. take a look at these pictures from chopper three, we happened to catch national guard troops, setting up a temporary base in northeast philadelphia, this is right by i-95 near state road, in the torresdale section, a large tent and several national guard vehicles are occupying an empty field near the highway. this is one of the largest security operations in the the history of our country and we are watching it unfold, before our eyes. >> so lets take yet another look at the benjamin franklin
5:28 pm
parkway on sunday, this area will be packed with the faithful, they will be gathering for a papal mass, besides what will happen tomorrow night. we will bring it to you live. and new at 6:00...
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live now at 5:30 our coverage of the historic papal visit continues, we will see a live picture from central park in new york city a as holy father head to mass at madison square garden. you can see a huge crowd there that has gathered to see pope francis. >> the pope has to move from the pope mobile to that very fancy, very simple fiat he has been traveling around in. >> he kicked off his jammed packed day in new york, with a speech before the u.n. >> the pontiff addressed the u.n. general assembly calling for a world free of nuclear weapons, a solution to the migrant crisis and also a road to peace. afterward, pope francis met with families of the 9/11
5:32 pm
memorial and then took part in the inner faith service. >> would rise, to be unjust, and death of the innocent because they were not a able to find solutions. >> tonight pope francis will wrap up his full day in new york by celebrating mass at madison square garden. >> lets take a live look from one of our cameras on the ben franklin parkway where final preparations are underway for the holy father's visit to philadelphia it is clear now. it will not look like that very soon. most of the action will be taking place on the francis festival ground. >> "eyewitness news" at independent hall this afternoon, workers there were busy setting up a stage for pope francis, the holy father will speak about immigration at 4:45 tomorrow. you can see that speech live right here on cbs-3 along with all of the major events,
5:33 pm
during his visit. you still have sometime, if you are interested to find some park nothing camden if you plan to begin your pilgrimage to see pep francis on the other side of the delaware river. >> you might to have do a little walking but you will have a parking spot. "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan has more. >> reporter: camden's iconic campbell's soup headquarters has a different look heading in to pope weekend. state troopers a and two dozen other public safety agencies are getting ready for possibly the largest event the region has ever seen. >> it has been unprecedented. i have been in public safety, law enforcement for 30 years i have never seen this level of the cooperation and teamwork. >> reporter: for the next 72 hours police and first responders will be monitoring traffic and emergency situations at the operations center in lindenwold. camden is call the gateway to the pope. >> we are prepared and welcome pilgrims from throughout the region who are making their journey to visit with the pope. >> reporter: there are three ways to access philadelphia through camden, train, ferry
5:34 pm
and walking over ben franklin bridge. there are about 8,000 parking spots available but so far less than 300 people have complied with requests, to pay an advance on line. >> i'm not sure what the disconnect may or may not be but again to the viewers there is parking available in camden and you can pay for parking the same day. >> reporter: safety officials say in recent weeks they have scaled back their crowd expectations, but they are prepared for up to a million and a half people to access philadelphia this weekend through new jersey. >> we are ready, our police officers and public servants will be out on the pedestrian routes. they are there to help you. they are ambassadors. >> reporter: officials are asking everyone to live in camden county to prepare for influx of traffic and for everyone planning to visit philadelphia through camden to register their cars on the web site gateway to the n camden, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". these security measures and road closures affecting people in new jersey and people all across the area. >> including the the suburbs.
5:35 pm
so we sent out steve paterson who is live with us in the suburbs, steve, i'm not sure where you are, you can tell me. >> we are at 13th and race in the city, one of the few times in the it i's history we can stand in the middle of the street and not worry about getting hit by on coming traffic. we have been saying it all night, some of the security restrictions making this feel like parts of the philadelphia are a ghost town but in those suburbs what about the the highways, that surround this city, for a closer look at that we took a look inside the command center at penndot, listen to this. just as some parts of the city felt empty on friday, so did some of the highway surrounding it. >> the road look great right now. what it tells us is that everybody has heard our message. >> reporter: pennsylvania department of transportation secretary leslie richard says good, road clear ahead of the papal visit is exactly what penndot want. >> we want people who want to come to the event to be able to come, enjoy in a safe way,
5:36 pm
get where they need to go and of course we want people to know who don't need to be in philadelphia how and where to go. >> reporter: richard gave us a tour of the penndot papal command center starting now 300 operational cameras monitored 24/7 by 250 penndot employees, and the national guard monitoring below. security is a priority but suburban residents might see it differently. >> i figured it would be good weekend to get out of town and avoid all of the craziness. >> reporter: folks in montco starting ten friday night i-76 is closing eastbound from i476, to i-95, and west from i-95 to route one. richard says priority one may be securing path for pope and those flock to go see him but they are working just as heart on priority two. >> we are hoping to have everything reopened and back in business by early monday. >> reporter: if you live in the suburbs, pay close attention to 76, 476, and 676, major changes and closures
5:37 pm
coming from penndot starting at 10:00 o'clock tonight. for a closer look you can always head to our web site at cbs we are live from center city, i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> steve, right in the middle of the road. thanks very much. we will get details about some of the road closures during the papal visit at our web site at cbs let check on traffic conditions, because many of these closures will go in effect in a matter of minutes. yes, thanks pat. looking outside it is erie that how quiet it is. we are in the heart of the rush hour. here is the vine to and from the schuylkill looking really really nice. for anyone worried about this stretch looking good here but if you can avoid center city we have been saying it all morning and week long you certainly want to. people are heed ago this warning. vine street expressway off ramps are closed at broad street, ben franklin parkway and vine street expressway
5:38 pm
closes completely down tonight at 10:00 p.m. for those wandberg. that here are your major road closures. these go in effect tonight at the 10:00 p.m. through monday and that is, of course, schuylkill from the blue route to i-95, schuylkill westbound from i-95 to route one, ben franklin bridge closes tonight, kelly drive, martin luther king drive, 95 off ramp to the vine, broad street, and washington and in new jersey 10:00 p.m. closures, 676 and admiral wilson boulevard. we have touched base on that earlier, covering that one more time. also mass transit worries, all septa rails operating on a saturday schedule and only certain stations are opened, and right now all regonol rail lines are delayed, because of the heavy volume that we're experiencing there. an additional note any vehicle park at regional rail line stations that are now opened will be towed, at 6:00 p.m. septa stations that have have closed right now, these four take a peak regional rail market frankford, broad street
5:39 pm
line, and the trolley at 15th, both in the eastbound and westbound direction, jessica, over to you. thanks very much for the the information. a stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the hits torque event, we will bring you live coverage all weekend long of the major events during pontiff's visit both on tv and streaming at cbs if you are out enjoying the then we can end please let us know, connect with us on facebook and twitter using the hashtag, cbs philly/pope. as you can imagine there will be plenty of souvenirs for purchase this weekend. >> you can also imagine, that there were lots of entrepreneurs who were tea vinely inspired? we will have that story when we come back. it is a pleasant friday out here on the parkway but will this last through the entirety of the pope's visit, we will have have your latest
5:40 pm
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the stage is set for history, pope francis will arrive in philadelphia, tomorrow morning, for a whirlwind visit to the city of brotherly love. and we're ready for it, with the pope's historic visit to the u.s. it seems like you really can't buy anything pope related. i have seen pretzels, cookies, t-shirts, toast, everything. >> exactly. might want to call it a pope festival. it really has arrived. lots of souvenirs including coins, cut outs, even pope toast as we have said they are all available. quick search on e commerce site etsy turns up offer 800 unique items. right here in philadelphia at mcgillan's old ale house they are serving up something very special. >> of course, we will have a a
5:44 pm
special drink, popeini, and he was a bouncer at one time in his career, before he was a priest. >> a pope bouncer, my goodness. one of the more popular swag items, the pope bobble head, it is now the number one best selling bobble head on amazon. we will have more special coverage right after this. and new york is my home. there's no place like it in the world. and there's no time to see it like the fall.
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it is quiet right now in philadelphia in fact, some places anotherly quiet. we are looking at logan circle but by this time tomorrow the city will be buzzing with excitement, that is because pope francis will be in philadelphia. >> you are in the city this weekend join our coverage, be a part of it by tweeting your pictures, use hashtag cbs philly pope. there is the stage right now and as they get ready. a local high school is making some special accommodations for young pilgrims who are coming to see pope francis. >> in fact, there are hundreds of students who are staying at st. joes prep, that is a jesuit school. our jan carabao caught up with some of them.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: st. joes prep in north philadelphia welcomes 350 new students this week, boys and girls from across the country and beyond, embarking on a pilgrimage to see pope francis. >> i'm he just so excited, i just can't wait to see the pope and it is just mind blowing, i never thought i would be able to do this. >> we drove 15 hours, so we are all kind of ready to getting and get out and get moving. >> reporter: they have brought essentials, backpacks with clothes, and sleeping bags, in complaints here though, they are all anxious to get to know their jesuit brothers and sisters. >> it is really amazing to be able to see these student come from all over. >> reporter: on the first day of the prep thursday students were treated to a barbecue with the philly twist: some games. and a pep rally but motto here is this is a pilgrimage, not the a vacation, so to take they will prepare for that walk into center city to see the holy father saturday and sunday. >> i just think it is great that pope francis is so
5:49 pm
humble. >> we really want them to come away with the broad vision, a bigger goal, and to see themselves as being able to have an impact on the cities where they live and build up common good. >> reporter: you can easily see what a draw this pope is, kid are here from all over the country including seattle, detroit, houston, san francisco, canada, even pure toast rico, they will stay here throughout the weekend and head back home on monday with the message and the experience. in north philadelphia, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". it was a st. joes prep injuries that i mayor nutter presented to the pope when they asked him to come to philadelphia a maybe that was the magic. >> i think, they will all remember this for a long time. >> i think so. >> i hope they brought maybe punchos or umbrella or something because all eyes are on the forecast for this weekend. >> meteorologist kate bilo is here what do you think. can we get through without? >> you may be able to get
5:50 pm
through without a puncho, i would not recommend trying it because if you are out there for mass and it is a showers that sets up over the the parkway you don't want to get drenched. it wouldn't be comfortable. the best bet bring the rain gear, even fit is like plastic one just in case heading out to the papal mass on sunday. that is only time you'll need it when talk about the papal events schedule. rest of the weekend looks cloudy, cool but dry. i have the the best seat in the house what a great view of the parkway, art museum, i can see included rolling in which is near and dear to my weather tweak heart. we will check with our eyewitness weather watch tours start off. we will look at temperatures they are experiencing this afternoon. we are looking at lower 70's right now across the the the a area reading dave parselar is at seven 36789 wayne is 71. gar any sewell, new jersey at 71. lynn only 07 in cherry hill a lot of the cloud thanks to the coastal storm. we were telling you some sun early friday and then cloud,
5:51 pm
and then on cue the cloud thicken. you can see how close that rain is over portions of the norfolk virginia area heavier showers off shore. notice yellow and orange does not seem to be progressing far to the north. problem is with that storm moving up the coast and high pressure to the north we have a lot of water piling up along the coastline. coastal flood advisory has been issued that includes shore points and delaware beaches and that goes through the weekend. pressure gradient shown on this next map is high to the north and low to the south. that gives us that brisk northeast wind we will be feeling all weekend. as we set this in motion through the day saturday and into sunday high pressure does hold strong and that should keep storms relatively suppressed tout south. only late on sunday a few showers start to creep in. it does remain to be seen this is one of the dryer models we are looking at. is there a chance that rain gets closer. the wind will be gusty, right through the weekend. by 8:00 tonight we have gusts to 25 miles an hour in the city, saturday morning same
5:52 pm
story, even gusts to 30 miles an hour down the shore. you can see why that water is piling up. sunday wind die down, we have east wind at 15 miles an hour and gusts there. future rain amounts, not much as we look at this, sunday through the day sunday by 11c o'clock, not a whole lot a tenth of an inch. just a few the scattered showers throughout the afternoon hours on sunday. we are not talking about a wash out or downpours but we are talking about a chance for rain. tonight mostly cloudy, comfortable, 58 degrees. saturday, cloud sun, breezy and cool and seven 46789 papal visit weekend breezy on saturday 74 degrees. sunday we have a rain chance just in time for papal mass. lets look at the papal mass forecast. seventy-two at 4:00. sixty-six by 7:00 p.m. that is when we have better chance for rain. quick look at the seven day forecast does bring warmer temperatures back next week. we will be in the 80's by tuesday and then gets cool by end of the next week. so all eyes still on the
5:53 pm
forecast, still that chance of rain. we will fine tune it as we go through the weekend. we will be here all weekend watching it roll in from along the parkway. the path path and jessica, back to you. >> thanks, very much. lets go live again to new york city where the pope has now made his way to madison square garden where he will celebrate mass with thousands and thousands of faithful. there he is, inside. he has moved from the pope mobile into what looked like a golf cart kind of. >> absolutely. >> you can see he is stopping along the way, having an opportunity to be blessed -- to blessing these beautiful children. it is a hallmark of this man who is so compassionate and you can tears in the eyes of parents. >> look at these parents. >> spectacular. >> because they have such sense of hope that if the holy father touches their sick child somehow they will be able to feel that there is a
5:54 pm
miracle taking place. >> he does have a heart for children, you can see his eyes light up, as they seem to respond to him. i see so many hugs to pope francis and then you can just see absolute jew on their face after they have had that moment with him. he is making his way there in madison square garden, what a special moment there, thousands of people who have shown up to be part of what will be a historic event. >> what will happen right now is holy father will go back behind a alter area, these 20,000 people will be waiting for him to come out. he will dress, they call it vesting he will put on his garment for mass and take him a few minutes to do that and then he will come out and celebrate mass for these people who because of security have had to wait the a number of hours to be able to see him and pray with him. >> look at the that choir, it is incredible, imagine how many people and how many voices you will hear there in
5:55 pm
madison square garden. quite a sight to see. we will continue to bring it to you live tonight and all the way through the weekend, we will be right back. and we still have no limits on carbon pollution which can lead to more asthma attacks in children
5:56 pm
but senator toomey has voted repeatedly to let polluters keep releasing unlimited carbon pollution into the air. and took more than one million dollars from the polluters. tell senator toomey to vote for the clean power plan, because unlimited pollution shouldn't be a right. but playing outside should be.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
pope francis is in madison square garden behind the scenes, he is putting on his vest meant for mass, what he is wearing, when he celebrates mass for the 20,000 people who are packed into madison square garden to be a able to pray with him. he has arrived just a few moments ago accompanied by cardinal timothy dolan of new york. he came through central park in his pope mobile to get to
5:59 pm
madison square garden. you take a look at that and take it in this is where concerts are held, basketball games, big sporting events and it is filled, packed, sold out to see pope francis here in the united states, for a very, very special night in new york city. that will be us pretty soon right here in philadelphia, no doubt bit. >> just beautiful. >> he gets closer and closer to philadelphia. that will do it for "eyewitness news" at 5:00, now at 6:00 a papal procession, through central park after a busy day in new york, pope francis is greeted by cheering crowds on his way to a madison square garden mass. we will have a live report for you from the big apple. then tomorrow morning pope francis will arrive here in philadelphia, final preparations along the the parkway tonight, as we get ready for the pope, in philadelphia. plus papal pricing, customers say they have seen an up tic in cost for papal visits. we will hear what company respond to the a alleged
6:00 pm
prices, kate. along the parkway clouds are creeping in and the temperature is dropping, it will be a cool, cloudy and breezy weekend for the pope's visit but will rain hold off for the big papal mass on sunday afternoon? that is the question, we will have a few answers for you coming up as "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. >> reporter: we will begin at 6:00 o'clock with a live look from madison square garden, pope francis wrapping up, what is a very busy day in insuring with the mass at the fame as you reen a it is his final event, before he makes his way to philadelphia, tomorrow morning. >> and from an address -- at the u.n. to an emotional visit to ground zero pope francis made several stops in the big apple, it was an extraordinary day for him and new yorkers. good evening i'm pat ciarrocchi. >


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