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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 25, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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prices, kate. along the parkway clouds are creeping in and the temperature is dropping, it will be a cool, cloudy and breezy weekend for the pope's visit but will rain hold off for the big papal mass on sunday afternoon? that is the question, we will have a few answers for you coming up as "eyewitness news" at 6:00 starts right now. >> reporter: we will begin at 6:00 o'clock with a live look from madison square garden, pope francis wrapping up, what is a very busy day in insuring with the mass at the fame as you reen a it is his final event, before he makes his way to philadelphia, tomorrow morning. >> and from an address -- at the u.n. to an emotional visit to ground zero pope francis made several stops in the big apple, it was an extraordinary day for him and new yorkers. good evening i'm pat ciarrocchi. i'm jessica dean.
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welcome to our special, studio here on ben franklin parkway. we will go out live to "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt live in new york right now, david? >> reporter: jessica and pat a full schedule for pope francis all week that schedule will continue in the weekend. he is getting ready to celebrate mass with 20,000 at madison square garden but it seems the event he enjoyed the most was greeting catholic school children in harlem pope francis was all smiles as he made his way down the line to greet students at our lady queen of angels elementary school in harlem. he posed for pictures before walking inn side. earlier in the day the pope paid tribute to the victims listed at 9/11 memorial in lower manhattan. following the tribute he joined other religious leaders for an inter faith service encouraging a message of
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peace. >> the pope talk about the attack on america and resilience of the victim families. >> the family members in the face of pain leaves them speechless but that screams to heaven. >> reporter: his words rest mated with those who witnessed the september 11th attacks in lower manhattan. >> it was so real living here, and, you know, i think having him here is so symbolic and it is just such a tribute to the world, to the unity that we have. >> reporter: pope also became the fourth pope to visit the u.n. he spoke in front of the 170 world leaders, topics including nuclear weapons and environmental awareness. >> the harm done to the environment therefore a harm to humanity. >> i just think that he is the the most original, and contemporary pope. he is so open minded about
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everything. i just think he is great. >> reporter: in an hour the pope will head to the temporary residence for an evening where he will get some rest this was his last event madison square garden in new york. hopefully saving up some energy for the next two days, in philadelphia, over a million people, expected, coming up tonight live at 10:00 and 11:00 i will have reaction, from his mass at madison square garden. reporting live from new york city tonight, david spunt for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you very much. here in philadelphia some last minute preparations are certainly in order. the that is because holy father will be arriving tomorrow morning at 9:30. >> that is right, getting down to the wire now, and everything need to be finish, our greg argos is here along the parkway and been following along as the last minute preparations have been underway all day long, greg. >> reporter: jessica, good afternoon, good evening. you really said it right it is down to the wire. right now you 15 hours or so until his holiness arrives here in the city of brotherly
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love and so far 400 men and women have been piecing together the final parts of the stage. take a live look right now you can see it is lit up, and, and, for, of course, festival of families entertainment that is happening tomorrow. you'll notice thousands of empty white chairs, in 24 hours, it will be a very different scene. with one of the busiest roads in philadelphia cleared, last minute security sweeps and final clean up underway. >> what we are doing right now is team getting ready for the pope and cleaning up. >> reporter: city of brotherly love is ready to give pope francis a big hug. >> we have done big shows and this could be the biggest one. >> reporter: there are still some last minute touches live nation is doing prepare the stage for his holiness. >> that is what we will see just what we are looking at. >> he will sit right here. >> right here. >> reporter: the project manager says the the
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turnaround for sunday's mass is very quick. >> change over from saturday night in, to sunday maybe about a ten hour change. >> reporter: so right when it is over saturday you start working. >> that second we start going, yes. >> reporter: all timed to the second. >> it is, yes. >> reporter: you won't get any sleep overnight. >> we're not expecting it. >> reporter: not expecting it. those men and women have to change the scene you see right now that backdrop actually we're told will be taken down and, of course, papal stage will be an alter for sunday's mass. we're still expecting tens of thousands ifs not possibly hundreds of thousands even 1 million people here on sunday for the the papal mass. we are live here, greg argos for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". and, as you can imagine it is getting tighter by the hour. >> that is right, searches, greeting people, who were making their way through the center city streets between city hall and art museum to take. fences and metal barricade
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lining nearly every block. streets that we all know are normal willly jammed with cars, and traffic, are mostly empty right the now, soon to be filled with a whole lot of people. >> this is the twilight zone, unlike anything we have ever seen before. >> this is a different version of the walkable city. you don't see something like this, the at any point in time. >> reporter: tolls day mayor nutter thanked officers for their work and the public for its patients. we have breaking news for you, the dalai lama is canceling his trip to the united states, including a visit to philadelphia, next month. the dalai lama was to receive liberty medal at the national constitution center. he says that his doctors are advising him to rest. he is 80 years of age. he was at mayo clinic in the minnesota this week for what was described as a checkup but again a big disappointment to all of us here in philadelphia, the dalai lama
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has canceled his trip to the u.s., including the trip here to philadelphia. in the meantime all eyes are to the sky here in philadelphia, as everyone wonders just what the the weather will be like this weekend. >> our kate bilo is in the top of the world right now in philadelphia right now and she's watching the cloud roll in and we are seeing this too, kate. >> i was going to say, pat and jessica probably felt drop in temperature over past hour to half an hour, as cloud have thicken. we have gone from the mid 70's where we had sunshine, it felt warm outside and right now overcast and it feels cooler. i'm getting chilly out here on the balcony but what a beautiful view to see weather rolling in and action here on the parkway, and, all thanks to the, and, talking about all week long. lets look at storm scan three producing rain and starting to move, further to the north, just cloud over philadelphia but as we zoomed south the heavier rain is a off the coast of the north carolina and virginia, showers elsewhere, just south of d.c., this is lifting slowly to the
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north. high pressure is doing its part to suppress the rain south but eventually that rain will aloud to creep in here by the even of the weekend. temperature wise, temperatures have dropped a bit, we are down in the 50's in many locations right now, 68 in millville. sixty-eight in dover. 70 degrees in philadelphia and 71 in reading. it that is cool north east wind at ten to 15 miles an hour making it feel cooler outside. what to expect through the weekend gusty northeast wind will continue, minor coastal flooding as well as water piling up on the shoreline and full moon super moon happening sunday night. more cloud throughout weekend and p.m. rain chance on sunday. coming up we will have more on the threat for rain, we will tell you when most likely time rain will come in will be and what to expect as we head into next week with the seven day forecast, and i will that have in a few minutes. the path path and jessica, back to you. we have been waiting to hear more about that in a moment. lets take you back to new york city, madison square garden you can see holy father
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working his way in procession up to the alter in madison square garden where he will celebrate a mass. 20,000 people are ticketed, they are inside, they are ready to pray with the holy father. >> just a beautiful moment there and music itself gorgeous but you can see so many people there waiting so long to be there and now it is happening. when he went in a little bit ago when he arrived he was kissing children and greeting people there in the crowd and now a much more solemn time at madison square garden. >> there is a reason he is wearing green and you will see him wearing green in philadelphia when he celebrates mass here on sunday. that is a a lit turning california color used during different point during the year that calls for with a term ordinary time when there is not a special festival of some sort and so the the priests will wear green vest meant for that.
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we had an opportunity to seen the vince of green vestments for all of the priest that is will come celebrates the the mass in philadelphia it is incredible to see pageantry and to see it there, in madison square garden which is such a juxtaposition. we have train station there, penn station outside, so much going on in new york city but inside truly a quiet, holy moment for the faithful who have gathered and for pope francis who is including his stay there in new york city. we will bring you more from new york, our david spunt is their life, we will bring you the the latest as it happens. >> as we turn our attention to traffic here in philadelphia we necessity there are restrictions that have just gone into effect. >> lets go to meisha johnson now, tell us what you know. >> yeah, good evening, both jessica and pat, road are looking good. if there is one bright side to all of the road closures it is that rush hour is looking more like a ghost town. here's a live view from chopper three schuylkill at the vine.
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road are nice and clear. traffic box just went into effect at 6:00 p.m. switching gears, some notes for you here, outside, septa stations or some of them that are closed right new for those who are taking septa this evening, and also i just want to let you know that all septa rails, i will backup so you can enjoy this rule, all septa rails are operating on saturday schedule and only stations are opened right now. also right the now all regional rail lines are delayed, because of very heavy volume. septa stations that are closed now until monday, here they are, all four, regional rail line at suburban station, market frankford, broad street line, and the trolley street and also new jersey transit, for those in new jersey take a peak, access link is now suspended, buses are suspended, atlantic city rail line special pass necessary order, westbound starting a at 10:42 p.m., eastbound at 12:50, river line is limited
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and also a quick peak we have covered this all day long major road closures starting tonight a at 10:00 p.m. and all of these are in effect, until monday. there is a lot of them, i know, it is like class is in session take notes, over to you. >> thanks very much. when pope's visit has impacted philadelphia businessness many different ways. >> one popular chain's tried to charge a little bit more for their items. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon has more on this. >> reporter: friday afternoon it was business as usual for the dunkin' donuts at 11th and walnut but friday morning just walking out not buying nothing. >> reporter: some stores apparently raised their prices because of the papal visit and i'm told customers weren't having it. >> i'm not paying this much for a cup of coffee. >> a company spokesmen says it appears stores had higher prices are owned by same franchiseese that in a
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statement individual franchisees are solely responsible for making their own business decisions that include setting price necessary their restaurants. he also added we do not encourage them to temporarily increase prices for specific special events or occasions. meantime some business owners here at 15th and arch who were just outside of the perimeter say they have been planning for this for months, have spent thousands of dollars stocking up, and they didn't realize these huge gates would be standing between their business and all of the crowds inside. >> how will we do any business. >> reporter: city pointed to a map of the secure area and said red line should be interpreted as a gate. he says that he and others here thought this event would mean big business. and while friday may have been a bust they are crossing their fingers for the weekend. in center city rahel solomon for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still to come here on "eyewitness news", not everyone is packing into philadelphia, they are going
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other places. >> solve escaped to the jersey shore, cleve. >> reporter: that is right, people left philadelphia, we found many of them here in ocean city, coming up a live report from people just checking out boardwalk to get away from philadelphia but question is will weather get better than this, kate? it does not look like it will get better than that unfortunately down the shore this weekend, wendy, cloudy and chance for rain, and in philadelphia, cloud are in, so can we expect to see sun at all throughout the papal weekend? i'll h
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as we prepare for people to pack the parkway in philadelphia, there are others who decided to get out of dodge. >> that is right, "eyewitness news" reporter cleve bryan is in ocean city more on that, cleve. >> reporter: hey, september is supposed to be one of the best months at the jersey shore, this weather doesn't exactly fit the bill but we came to the ocean city boardwalk and there are thousands of people down here many of them just trying to get away from philadelphia. >> we wanted to escape madness going on in philadelphia right new. >> reporter: many people from philadelphia are trade nothing huge crowd for moderate sized ones filling ocean city boardwalk friday afternoon. >> we are on a pope vacation, we're fleeing philadelphia. >> reporter: crew from his warminster feared grid lock because of people trying to use the train station near
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their home. >> would i love to see the pope but he is a nervous nellie so we are living. >> i'm doing this for a mental health break, this is my yearly thing, i like to get away just to sort of like hide. >> and the crowd. >> reporter: while many at jersey shore are seeking an escape some people are here friday as part of the total pilgrimage experience. >> i'm here for a pope vacation, my first time in philadelphia, and new jersey, i came from south dakota. >> reporter: shore cannot promise sunshine and beach weather this weekend but there are still plenty of things to do sianni of course eat and unlike the city no vehicle checkpoints. >> we would have loved to have seen the pope but just the crowds scared us a way. >> reporter: pat and jessica, thinks sweat shirt and jean weather at jersey shore. one bonus just about all that clothing is on sale. we're live, cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> my favorite time at the
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shore, thanks very much, cleve. so because of the pope coming here we were concerned about the forecast. >> lets get over to kate bilo who has a look at your forecast, kate? >> thanks, jessica and pat. it will be best in the poconos this weekend, okay in the city, in the so great down the shore because it is a coastal low impacting the forecast. lets look the at storm can three. nasty looking system right now luckily well off to the south but we have heavy rain just off the coast of the carolinas and virginia and some of that rain will be rotating back to the west as we head into the second half of the weekend. temperatures right now we will take a a look at a few spots on the live neighborhood network with the clouds proliferating across the area, flat sky, only in the 60's in many locations and you can see as we head into saturday, same story, we will see few breaks of sun, gusty breeze throughout the day created by a pressure gradient highs to the north and that low to the south. on unday that rain sneaks closer to us and we have that chance for afternoon rain, and better chance for showers,
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lingering through monday, when i think showers will be around all day long. take a look at your saturday planner, first, a look at rain chances on sunday here, best chance after 3:00 p.m. just in time for papal mass we have rain chances in the forecast, that could impact you, your saturday planner, temperatures, will be in the 60's to start. seventy's by midday, sunday chance for rain especially in the evening and quick look at you're witness weather seven day forecast shows night weather returns after the papal weekend. we will have sunshine returning especially as we get into tuesday of next week, we will be back in the 80's. and then on wednesday, 70's ape chance for showers later in the week and cools down quite a bit. we will have more coverage when we come right back.
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but playing outside should be.
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well, the pope's visit to the united states has been extremely busy, and his stamina is remarkable,
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especially for somebody his age. >> but he also has a condition that can become very painful. medical reporter stephanie stahl explains. >> reporter: the 78 year-old pope has been moving slowly and occasionally limping, experts say it is probably from the back problems he has, lower back pain that is made worse with a lot of standing and sitting. >> i think he is in a considerable amount of pain. >> reporter: doctor jay, chief of rehabilitation medicine treats many patients with this problem. >> sciattic nerve comes out and runs through the pelvis and into the back side of the leg. >> so it runs on both sides. >> both side. >> i have had it, and basically it is unrelenting. you cannot getaway from it. >> reporter: he says it is usually caused when disk deteriorate and nerves around the spine get irritated and inflamed. it can be caused by an juror age, we don't necessity when the pope developed sciattica but when making a speech, in
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an airplane, pack in the little fiat, he will have compression of that nerve and that makes it difficult. he must have a relatively high pain tolerance to be able to tolerate this kind of busy schedule, in and out of cars, standing, sitting, travel is often very difficult. >> reporter: but pope has kept up a rerelentless schedule and appears to be enjoying himself. >> it is remarkable a gentlemen in his age group is doing as well as he is. >> reporter: main treatments are anti-inflammatory, steroid and epidural injections, but it is not known how the pope's sciattica is being treated. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". impressive stamina in doubt bit. >> we will have more when we
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we are looking at again, live at madison square garden... you can see the holy father in the middle of celebrating mass, at madison square garden. this end a very, very busy day for him. it appears to me as if he is giving his homly at this point we will have more at 11:00 tonight. here's pope francis schedule tomorrow in philadelphia. at 9:30 in the morning pope francis will arrive at 10:30 a.m. he will celebrate another mass at basilica of st. peter and paul. a at 1:15 pope francis arrives at saint charles seminary and then at 4:45 he will a dress individual at independence mall. at 7:30 pope francis arrives at festival of the familiar his with the closing remarks at 8:35. >> thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 up next scott pelley from new
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york and the evening news. >> pelley: an earthquake shakes the house. >> this morning, i woke up, and i said my prayers, as i always do, and i decided, you know. today's the day i'm going to do this. >> pelley: also tonight, donald trump, thin of skin? an impression is created, though, that you like to dish it out, but you can't attack a punch. the pope plays the garden and gets treated like a rock star. and steve hartman with football's toughest yard and a half measured vertically. >> you have heard about, like, the little dog with the big-dog heart. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: as parades go, it was st. patrick's day and thanksgiving rolled into one. thousands lined the sidewalks of new york today for a chance to


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