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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 25, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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pope francis arrives in philadelphia in just about 10 hours. we've got a live look at the ben franklin parkway where the stage is set for a historic event. final road closures are in effect. an hour ago officials shut down the ben franklin bridge and at the same time i-76 east from the blue trout i-95 closed and westbound from i-95 to route 1 closed. meantime, the pope wrapped up a full day of emotional events in new york city. earlier this evening, he celebrated mass in front of thousands at madison square garden. right now the pope is resting in new york city before he journeys here to philadelphia first thing in the morning. good evening to you from the benjamin franklin parkway. i'm jessica dean. ukee washington is off tonight. the stage is set. we're ready to go this stage will host pope francis very soon and we have live team three coverage for you tonight. we begin our coverage with david spunt who is live in new york city. david? >> reporter: jessica, i hope
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pope francis is saving some of that energy he has had a busy week. new york the past two days was no exception. to night though a big highlight for many, a mass that pope francis celebrated with the public at madison square garden in front of 20,000. >> pope francis asked thousands of worshipers at madison square garden to remember immigrant, the poor and homeless in new york city. the pope's theme living in big city is not always easy. >> big cities are a reminder of the hidden richness present in our world with the diversity of cultures, traditions and historical experiences. >> reporter: on his way to mass he paraded through central park in the pope mobile in front of about 80,000 people. >> they just kept screaming pa papa, papa, papa.
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>> a once in a lifetime thing. i don't know what to say. i have goose bumps. >> reporter: the pope add dreft the general assembly at the united nations and met with 9/11 victims family members. the moment that made him light up the most was meeting students in harlem he posed for pictures with students before walking inside. ♪ >> reporter: don't forget homework. >> reporter: as the pope wrapped up the trip the focus started to shift towards philadelphia we found one woman considering make the trip after seeing the pope in new york. >> i have a friend that lives there and he's been telling me that they've been preparing for this, you know, for months and months and months and everybody is really excited. >> reporter: a lot of people have passed the pope white roses. we are told that that is the pope's favorite saint saint terese sat little flower. she lived in the late 1800's he has a photograph of her on his
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desk he actually put a white rose down at the 9/11 memorial earlier this morning in lower manhattan. we're live tonight in new york city, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". jessica, back to you. >> quite a day, david. thanks so much. back here in philadelphia, the excitement continues to build and we have you covered from all angles of the city. we have cameras spread out all over philadelphia and we want to show you some of them right now. this is the ben franklin parkway where we'll be working all weekend long. check this out. a beautiful shot from above the parkway courtesy of our high tech high powered camera. this is what it looked like earlier today. it was actually zooming in. it can zoom in from three quarters of a mile away. and here's a look at the camera itself that has high powered lense that's giving us the amazing view from far away and tonight chopper three befinned hence pennsylvania hall the landmark will be the back drop for the pope's immigration speech tomorrow. as you can imagine et cetera
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crunch time when it comes to preparing for pope francis to arrive here in philadelphia. our todd quinones has been here along the parkway all this afternoon and evening. todd, you've seen them finishing touches and getting ready and also to a star sighting we hear. >> reporter: yes. that is true jessica. yes, indeed we can report our first star sighting here in philadelphia. the first of many stars but of course the biggest star stars te bigger star of them he remains in new york city tonight. mark wahlberg who will emcee the festival of families saturday was on stage friday night. we watched as the star walked through some of the rehearsals. he'll be introducing among others arena franklin and andre ya bocelli. >> please come up to the stage. >> before the festivities begin there's still work to be done. >> long days. a lot of guys been here 20 hours a day doing a couple shifts. >> reporter: cbs3 got up close look at the look stage where pope francis will be and what his view will look like down the parkway.
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once the events end here saturday night, crews will have just 10 hours to change it once more. >> completely different set for sunday. for sunday all this goes away and we have a completely different setup to put overnight for the mass on sunday. >> reporter: security remains high for the pope's visit police commissioner charles ramsay told us officers days off were canceled for this weekend. >> we're going to have a considerable complement of people down here. but we have a lot of people out in the neighborhoods patrolling because we have to have balance. i mean this is a major event, but we still have a city to manage. >> reporter: and because of all the good weather we've been having, there haven't were it in weather delays. so crews getting everything read here tell me they have remained ahead of schedule. roaring live tonight along the parkway, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, todd, thanks so much. and as the pope's rival draws closer, security gets tighter. if you were in center city today you certainly noticed that. "eyewitness news" reporter diana
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rocco is live in center city with a look at all of the measures now in place. diana, this is extensive. >> reporter: it is, jessica. and certainly a whole different feel down here tonight. we're live on broad street outside what will be the most secure perimeter come tomorrow morning you can see the barricades are up and the security checkpoint is in place. those in the distance are the metal detectors the crowds will be fumbling through come tomorrow morning. originally it was thought there would be nearly 2 million people here this weekend. in recent days those estimates have gone down so tonight we asked the governor if he thought that all of this security was affecting the masses. center city is locked down. metal detectors are up at the most secure perimeters and barricades are blocking vehicle traffic. out of towners are pouring in and ready for the pontiff's visit. this group of more than 100 came all the way from phoenix. >> really excited. really exciting for me 'cause i
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visited the pope a couple times already. >> reporter: national guards men at their post at nearly every corner with tighter security here than new york and d.c. we asked the governor if the extensive measures will be keeping away the faithful. >> the other cities didn't have the open events that we have here. that's a balancing act. you can't just throw things open and hopes it work out. you've got to do some planning. >> reporter: the governor will greet the pope when he plans saturday and attendance at his masses. >> the proof's in the pudding but we've done everything we can to make this safe visit but pleasant one for the people here. >> reporter: volunteers an inform comings and nora mull vain knee say the measures are well worth it. >> we need the security. you don't know what's around the corner. >> watching it on tv, washington and new york, it real it's good you more excited. >> reporter: expected crowds or not the street vendors are cashing in selling memorabilia and even a selfie with pope francis.
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>> how many have you done today. >> about a hundred. >> reporter: wow. >> $5. >> you stand behind me and i sake a selfie. >> take a selfie. this is selling for $5 pop? >> yeah. >> reporter: so the answer to the question is we'll have to wait and see exactly how many people show up this weekend. they shall have a better idea by monday or tuesday of next week. but the city says, no matter what the number, they are prepared. we're live in center city tonight, diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, diana, thanks so much. aside from all the security measures in place here in philadelphia, across the river in camden county there's an additional security plan in place for everyone whose living and staying over there. across the river there are three ways to access philadelphia. train, ferry and walking over the ben franklin bridge. if you have to park your car there are about 8,000 spots available and officials say you can pay on the same day. they are asking everyone whose planning to visit philly through camden to register their cars online. >> we are ready. our police officers and public
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servants will be out on the pedestrian routes. they're there to help you. they are ambassadors. >> state troopers more than two other dozen public off cease are stayinged at the iconic campbell soup head cars. they'll be monitoring traffic and emergency situations. as we get closer to the weekend everyone eyes on the forecast wanting to know if the rain will hold off. kate bilo has been tracking a storm season and joins us now with the first forecast. kate? jessica the good news so far the weather is behaving pretty much exactly as we had wants pated. we started the day with sunshine. the clouds have rolled in. our coastal low is definitely still there and still looking strong. but the good news it look like most of the weekend will be dry. we're out here along the parkway i have great vantage point of the clouds rolling in. got the ben franklin parkway i like to call it jumbo tron alley set up behind me right now and it's dry for now. it look like it will stay dry tomorrow. i know that looks scary on storm scan3 but notice that rain is really not pushing north. thanks to high pressure keeping
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it suppressed to the south but with clouds and breezy conditions it is cool outside tonight. temperature right now only in the 60s across the vast majority of the area. and feeling chilly as we head into the overnight hours we'll drop down into the 50s it's northeast breeze winds about five to 10 miles an hour. not too strong right now but that's making it feel cool and coming up i'll have more on that papal outlook as we head through the weekend what to expect for all the different events as temperatures head to the 70s for the next couple of days. we'll time out the chance for showers as well and for now jessica back over to you. >> all right, kate, check it out with in you little bit as well. after four days of activities the world meeting of families congress has closed. they a lot of people over there at the pennsylvania convention zen. many took pride in contributing to this lar large mural set a guiness world record for the most contributions to a paint by number piece anyone who want to do contribute including former governor tom corbett and his wife susan. the mural will be permanent display at saint mal low can i's
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school in north philadelphia. stay with "eyewitness news" for continuing coverage of the historic event. we'll bring you live non-stop coverage all weekend long. showcasing all of the major events during the pontiff's visit. we've got you covered right here tv and also at now after the pope's departure, philadelphia was supposed to welcome another high-powered well-known world figure to the city. but now that's not happening. still ahead at 11:00 night why the dalai lama canceled his upcoming october visit to the united states. plus a shocking resignation. house speaker john boehner gets emotional when he announces he's calling it quits. why he says it's time to move on. and bucks county family is counting down the hours to an extraordinary opportunity. the role they'll play during sunday's papal mass when we return.
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>> back now on "eyewitness news", a live look at the ben franklin parkway where you see the pope's chair is in place. the pope will land in philadelphia in a little more than 10 hours. and no one may be more excited about the pope coming here to philadelphia than mayor michael nutter. he stopped by our studio just little bit ago and told me it's game time. >> if you're out on the street, folks are having a ball out there. they're very very excited. i was out first thing that the this morning. people were already commenting on how beautiful philadelphia is. i met people from on the parts of philadelphia, people from halfway around the worldly peel are very very excited about this. folks should come on down and really enjoy all that this special moment is going to be. >> mayor nutter also told me he's most excited to formally welcome the pope when he comes off the plane tomorrow. with the papal mass unfolds here on the ben franklin parkway one bucks county family may be closer than most to the pope. our natasha brown has their story. natasha? >> reporter: this is a very
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exciting opportunity for a bucks county family. they have been given very special duties during the papal mass. and they are looking forward to being in the presence of the pontiff. they're an ordinary family about to embark on an extraordinary opportunity. quiet honor for our family to. (the gifts. >> the devout catholic family will represent saint andrews parish in newtown by. (ing the gifts during the historic mass led by pope francis along the ben franklin parkway. huge crowds are expected to flood the area to celebrate mass and no one is more excited about being in the presence of the pontiff more than the izzys. >> monsignor had called bob and asked him if we would take up the gifts at the papal mass at saint andrews parish. >> when you bring the gifts up at mass you're really representing all the lives of the people who are attending mass. we want to present the gifts of our lives, of the things we do for others. >> reporter: her mother claire
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who will be helping the chance avenue lifetime after being a faithful servant of the catholic church her entire life. >> i am so thrilled. i feel like i've been flying in the air. i don't feel like i'm down here. >> there's still a shrowd of secrecy surrounding the details of the mass. >> we do not know any detail at this point. we're still in the dark. >> the iz seem i familiar al fine example of people who practice their faith sincerely devoutly and regularly as well. so to me as pastor that's a wonderful gift to have people like that. >> reporter: they like so many around the world embraced pope francis' humility and loving spirit with open arms. >> i like he's such an advocate for the poor. he's such a loving man. >> if they can ask him to do one thing it would be this. >> bless us all. bless the country. >> reporter: the entire izzy family will be bringing up the gusts during the papal mass. they say they're a little bit nervous but more proud than ever
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to be able to be in the presence of the holy father. meantime the dalai lama has cancel his trip to the us next month which included a visit to philadelphia. he was to receive the liberty medal at the national constitution center. doctors are advising him to re rest. the 80-year-old was at the mayo clinic this week for what was described as a checkup. the national constitution center issued a statement. our thoughts and prayers are with the dalai lama as he recovers his strength. we look forward to honoring his holy less' contributions to world piece and individual freedom at the liberty medal ceremony on objection 26. and are working with his office to a range for him to accept the award through a representative. a limited number of free public tickets will be available beginning thursday, objection first at 10am. and now to a size mick shift of power on capitol hill. house speaker john boehner dropped a bombshell today by announcing he's resigning from congress.
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choking back tears, speaker boehner told reporters the turmoil in the house led to his decision to quit. the ohio republican has faced strong opposition from conservatives who claim he was not fighting hard enough to defund planned parenthood. even though doing so would risk a government shut down. >> it's become clear to me that this prolonged leadership turmoil would do epp pep rabble harm to the institution. >> boehner became speaker in 2011. he was first elected to congress in 1990. his resignation is effective objection 30th now for more on the pope in philadelphia, let's send things back out to jessica on the ben franklin parkway. >> all right, natasha, thanks so much. a lot of people of course thousands and thousands of them headed here to philadelphia to see pope francis but a lot of others are saying we'll take little vacation this weekend. we'll go down the shore and mack get away from the crowds so we check in with them. "eyewitness news" on the ocean city boardwalk today where many people are take wagon they call a pope indication. we spoke to one couple from
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warminster who told us they traveled because they were afraid of gridlock that their town. >> we are on a pope vacation. pope vation. whatever. we're fleeing philadelphia i'd love to see the pope but he's nervous nilly. so we're leaving. >> i'm doing this for a mental health break because this is my yearly thing. >> well the shore can't promise sunshine and beach weather this weekend. there's still plenty to do and see and unlike the city, hey, there's no vehicle checkpoints. now with that being said, a lot of people's eyes are on the sky. so many of the events this weekend are outside and everyone wants to know if the weather will hold. got a little clue dee this afternoon. kate bilo is joining us now with her forecast. kate? jessica, so far the forecast is panning out exactly as we had expected. the clouds rolled in right on schedule this afternoon and it does loon like the clouds will stickie round for much of the weekend. the good news it's still doesn't look as though rain will be a huge factor this weekend. maybe a few showers late sunday. but that's about it. now the shore won't be quiet as
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nice as the city. poconos if you're taking a pocono pope vacation that may be the nicest weather we have in our area. ben franklin parkway looking great this evening. i have a good vantage point. let's take a look what's happening on storm scan3 that coastal low really starts to ramp just off to our south producing heavy rain just off the coast of virginia and north carolina but notice it's staying south of us and that's courtesy an area of high pressure overhead which is protecting us from that rain getting in at lost for now. we'll call it the pope bubble if we will. our live anybody network a few of our local catholic schools to talk about. got a little theme going here saint gregory the great in hamilton at 59. pope john paul high school in royersford is 60. st. pie pius x 62. saint charles is nine minute son 61. even though it stays dry it will be a windy saturday. sunday that's when that stamp gets little bit closer looks like the showers stay just off to our south but a few could
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creep in after about 3:00 p.m. you still want to bring the rain gear just if case for the papal mass. on monday a better chance for those showers to finally move inform our model are in better agreement how much rain will fall. they're basically saying not much at all. in fact the highest hoddle the gfs the wettest really for the past week plus now has just over tenth of an inch. a few other models don't have much at all but it is a very very close call in fact take a look as we zoom to the south. just how much rain this system will produce over portions of north carolina and virginia over the next couple of days over 3-inches of rain in new burn, 2.27 in rocky mount we are protected from that heff vo rain and that's a good thing with all these thousands of people descending on philadelphia this weekend. overnight it's chilly, 58 degrees with a few clouds. for your saturday clouds, some breaks of sun. again breezy and cool at 74. breaking it down a little more. 10am out and about on saturday 68 degrees. 74 thee p.m. 70 by 7:00 o'clock. and on sunday, still that chance for a shower. best chance will be around 4:00
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p.m. when we're at 72 just in time for the papal mass. "eyewitness weather" seven day forecast, again, cool, cloudy, breezy, hey f you're walking a few miles to seat pope you're not going to mind the clouds and the breezy cool conditions this weekend. showers mainly stay south until late sunday showers again monday and then we warm it up 81 tuesday. cool again bite end of neck week. so good news looks like the showers stay way for the most par and we will keep it cool for the papal w
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>> demarco murray back on the practice field today. reportedly will play in sunday's game against the jets. hopefully healthy murray can take some of the pressure off sam brad he has struggled in the first two games. throwing four interceptions the second most in the league. fourth worse passer rating. we expected rust but the eagles are if danger to falling to zero and three for the first time since 1999. >> obviously i haven't played to my capabilities. i felt like you know i was playing much better than this a couple years ago. i expect myself to may better. like i said, i think sometimes when it starts out like this you got to get back to basics. look at the fundamentals. get back to you know taking the right routes. correct foot work. i know it's there. i've played really well in training camp. i felt leak i had two good practices this week i'll try to build on that. >> the season almost over phillies started their final road series tonight against the nats the fightings need to win six of their final nine games to avoid losing 100 games for the first time in 54 years. third inning the bases loaded
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for aaron, hits a line drive to centerfield. michael taylor dives and misses the ball goes all the way to the wall and he has hit an inside the park grand slam not done yet in the fifth. long fly ball to left that will make it over wall for his second homer of the game. and the phillies will take fiv five-one lead. injury rad goes seven innings allowing two runs and struck out 10. the phils beat the nats eight-wolf phils can eliminate the washington nationals for the post season with a victory tomorrow. flyers playing fourth preseason game against the i atlantics down is the center tonight. first period flyers down a goal. orange and black able to tie up the game right here. later on in the period flyers on the power play and ghosts slap shot find the back of the net the flyers
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we'll be right back.
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this weekend you have an opportunity to be an eyewitness to history, zen us your photos using hash tag cbs philly pope. we can't wait to see what you see and share it all with you again. counsel on us for continuing coverage or non-stop coverage begins tomorrow at 5am for kate, lesley, natasha and all of us here at oy witness news, have a good night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪
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