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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning, stages set for pope francis in philadelphia, you're looking live right now at that stage. we are just hours away from the pontiff a's arrival. security as you can imagine is tight throughout the city and especially a along ben franklin parkway, that is where holy father will celebrate mass on sunday, calm right now, but just you wait, huge crowd are expected. the pope is coming from new york where he just had a historic mass with a mass at madison square garden. we will recap that in a moment. it is saturday, september 26th, i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm nicole brewer. we are broadcasting live from the ben franklin parkway, such an exciting day, erika, good morning to you, getting set to be part of the historic visit the by pope francis. it certainly is on honor to becoming to you live this morning.
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i have to say as philadelphia prepares for the world stage you can see the stage is already set, the the papal stage in all of its magnificence. we have a great view here. we know pope francis will take that stage as part of the festival of families later on today and, of course, celebrate mass here on the parkway on sunday, something that the city of philadelphia has been counting down to and looking forward to, for quite sometime. i necessity as a kid growing up in the city here in philadelphia, hearing about pope john paul the the visit back in 1979 and thinking wow, wouldn't that be amazing if we were part of something like that, papal visit here in our city and fast forward what 20, 25 years, here we are, the day has arrived and we are so excited. clearly not a lot of people out and about here this morning but i have to tell you it will be a very different scene in just a few hours, erika, back to you in the studio. >> nicole, thank you. excitement is building. fortunately a cloudy cool
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arrival for pope francis. i wish we had sunshine to welcome him with but not the the case, kyla. but we have improvement for tomorrow's forecast, right. >> i think some of the prayers for better weather have been answered. >> yes. >> they are being heard and who knows maybe pope is helping us out with that one. >> yes. >> we will deal with the cloudy, cool conditions and very breezy today. that will be the thing you remember about today is breezy conditions. remember when we have a breeze it makes it feel cooler then actual number. lets look at our current temperature 63 in philadelphia. fifty-eight in reading. forty-eight in mount pocono. sixty-five in atlantic city as we await the pope's arrival lets talk about the the future wind gusts, that is 2:00 p.m. check out the shore, 34 miles an hour gustness wildwood, 22 miles an hour in philadelphia, we will go forward to sunday early sunday morning and those numbers are still in the 20's by the time we get to monday, sunday afternoon it does ramp down a bit. today very breezy, high of 75.
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your sunday 73 for your high, breeze will be with us, making it feel cooler then that and we have the chance of the scant p.m. shower. so, here's the problem, it is a low pressure system to the south. you can see it there in virginia delivering some rain this was nasty down in north carolina but it has lost its umf and that is a good thing. we will see a peak of sunshine work its way in there but mostly cloudy, and gusty a and you can see 70's in mount pocono. in the poconos we will see 60's. we will talk about more details about the specific events for papal event and we will talk more specifically in the seven day forecast coming up. but meisha, right now it is a all about the traffic closures. everybody is talking about that. >> is it though, kyla? >> yes. >> yes. >> here's a lot to get to here. good morning. happy sat the day. it is weekend. this is good news. pope is copping to town. the patco speed line here we go, there are only five stations opened both saturday and sunday, starting at 6:00a m to 4:00 p.m.
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services running from new jersey to philadelphia, every 16 minutes, and starting a at 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 you are suspended in both directions, 5:30 is starting a at 5:30 and afterward eastbound services only. that is a lot to go through. all between that as well. here's the traffic box around center city. starting at 6:00 a.m. metal detectors go in effect at independent hall and art museum in center city areas. then after 6:00 p.m. the secure perimeter around independent hall right here then frees up so no more metal detectors after 6:00 p.m. the city avenue closed between lancaster and belmont, today between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m. and sunday 7:00 a.m. until late afternoon, city avenue, new closure there and here's a look the at ben franklin bridge, totally ghost town like as ben franklin bridge, as of last night at 10:00 p.m. i will have more updates
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coming up in about five minutes. nicole, over to you. >> all right, meisha, thank you. excitement is mounting for pope francis arrival here in center city. the here's a look what his busy day is going to be like, quite a jammed packed schedule if i do say so myself. the holy fat's arriving at 9:30. at 10:30 he celebrates mass at basilica of saints peter and paul. 1:15, st. francis arriving the at saint charles borromeo ceremony and 4:45 the the pontiff's a address at independent hall. at 7:30 this evening pope francis arrives at the festival of the families and 8:35 he will have closing remarks. so a lot of folks looking forward to that for sure. here at cbs-3 we have you covered from basically all angles. we have live pictures, we have got cameras, we have a team of report tours get you set up and to show you the setup. lets go through that right now. we have cameras all over the area throughout center city and beyond. here's a live look at ben
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franklin parkway this morning which is expect to be pack with people once pope francis arrives. you will be able to see everything happening along with the parkway courtesy of our high tech, high powered camera there. you can see it can zoom in from three-quarters of a mile away. that is a pretty good shot there. it can get an up close look at the stage which is set for pope francis, here's a look at the the stage and also the the papal chair that the pope will be sitting in. and we also want to show you the camera, bringing it all to you. it has this high powered lens, giving us just this amazing view from so, so far away. just incredible what technology can do and really connect us to this experience as it plays out live. chopper three above independent hall we do have you cover from the sky as well, landmarks will be the backdrop of the pope's immigration, speech today. so a lot happening, and again, cbs-3 has you covered throughout, all of it, but later today we know that
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attention will be shifting back to the ben franklin parkway and, of course, we have that covered as well and host of the festival of the families. right new we have "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff live with more details in a preview what is to come. we know it will be crazy, good morning. >> certainly busier then expect right now, the sun has yet to come up but weaver getting lit by these jumbo trons, testing out that technology for later. we're here at the parkway on 20th near logan square and it is row after row of those jumbo tronness both directions all leading up to the papal stage. it is because it is, i have have spoken already to countless families from all over the country and all over the world who have come out here, they are here this early to secure their spots to hopefully get a glimpse of the pope francis, some sleeping right on this concrete. the others too excited to sleep.
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they are awaiting the the arrival of the holy father, massive parade that will follow, his appearance at the basilica and on independent hall and then that free concert held in his honor. that will be hosted by mark wahlberg, of course, a proud catholic and featuring andre a bocelli, aretha franklin, and among many others. as far as security goes we entered through the same checkpoint that anyone without a ticket, jena a myth answer, would go through, so, we experienced that, it didn't take very long at all but it is still very early. it was home land security, tsa, just a routine bag check but you will want to account for some time for that but people are out here very, very early to secure their spots. i met up with one family one of the gentlemen i spoke with said he is not even a a faithful guy, not even a believer but he wanted to be here for this experience, knowing it would be once in the lifetime. we have a look at some people over there they are trying to sleep. i don't know how they possibly
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are. here are some more people coming out. seeing more and more busy as this morning goes on. i can only imagine what it will be like a couple hearst from now. back to you for now. all right, alex, thanks very much for that report. you are right, it will be a very different scene in a couple hours from now. we know pope francis wrapped up a very busy day in the big apple as well. he was in new york where's dressed the united nations general assembly and also visited 9/11 memorial. we have alex standish from our sister station in new york joining us now on his visit to new york. you have been where we're going to day so you know what this is all about, good morning to you, alex report report oh, i know you are just excited as we were to welcome him here in new york city. so pope francis has just over my shoulder. i'm on the upper east side 22nd and madison in front of the papal residence where at
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7:30 he will exit, travel to the airport, of course, to see you all in philadelphia a from here it was an emotional trip. did travel to all of those monumental spots in our city but it was yesterday where 80,000 lucky ticket holders had an opportunity to see him in central park. many of them waiting, for hours, just to catch a glimpse of him in the fiat as he traveled then down to madison square garden where he held mass which was incredibly emotional as well. everyone had an opportunity to experience his mess age, a very special opportunity to have him touch them. it moved many to tears. i had an opportunity to see him thursday evening and again, one of those fleeting moments in his fia at. but what is so specialist he has this ability to make eye contact and you share a moment. you feel as though he is looking at you. lie forward to see what you think when he arrives there
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later today because it is something you will hear people say in your city over and over. this is a moment i will remember for a lifetime. it is true, i cannot say it the any other way but i wish you all best and can't wait, as i say to hear what you think when he arrives. >> that humility, the the humanity is something to sianni something we are exited to experience here in philadelphia a alex, live for news new york, thank you so much. we will send it back to the studio and erika von tiehl for more on the the news, erika, good morning. >> it looks terrific out there, thank you. meisha was talking about the road earlier. the those road closures and detours they are par for the the course here in philadelphia, but how will this impact the suburbs. pennsylvania department of transportation secretary, leslie richard gave "eyewitness news" a behind the scenes look at penndot papal command center. >> 300 cameras keep watch, for any signs of trouble or traffic jams. >> giving the people who go to the papal mass, which we
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expect, probably the largest mums for any event over the weekend. we have to allow them to safely exit and then we will start reopening the roads but we hope to have everything reopened, back in business, by early monday. >> more than 250 penndot employees will monitor cameras throughout the clock. national guard troops will monitor cam was in the papal command center throughout the weekend. stay on top of the traffic issues, the city of philadelphia has unveiled a new text alert system for you during the papal visit. it is not too late to sign up. just text papal visit all one word to 888777. you can get information on weather and any possibly mergecy information, good idea to sign up. stay with us, we will be right back.
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we are back right now with a live look at ben franklin parkway this morning and the stage, where pope francis will be when he speaks to the faithful this weekend, you can see the the chair that the holy father will sit in, everything coming together for this very special visit. also a sighting on the ben franklin parkway mark wahlberg hosting festival of the families later tonight, they is waving, on the stage for last night's rehearsal. he will introduce aretha franklin and andre bocelli, an all-star line up there. crews have been working 20
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hour shifts, 20 hour shifts to make sure that stage is ready in time and everyone hoping for good weather for the pope's visit but also tonight for the concert but looking cloudy and breezy out there, kyla. >> you will want to have have a jacket out there, because the breeze will kick up. we will get to that in a moment. i want to say good morning to the eyewitness weather watchers, troops on the ground getting observation this is morning. we will start with this one david dutch, 63. and notice cloud cover that is showing up there we are seeing a lot of cloud this 157 degrees, good morning to bill, he is in cardington and bill is always taking his dog out for a walk. he says overcast, cool, dew point at 51 degrees, this morning. the lets go further north up to allentown and say good morning to julia. now julia is exception to the rule. she's seeing clearer skies, at 54. not everyone with the cloud but they are coming. hang in there. lets take a live look at our campbell's feel camera and you can see we will do parkway
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cam. all right. lets look at this. this is where you'll see so many people heading out as we get in the afternoon. it is amazing, think about this, look at this now and see how clear it is and later this afternoon watching our live coverage you will see just people every where, and the the energy in the city is ready for this and it will be a lot of fun. the currently right now temperatures in philadelphia 63 degrees. mount pocono cooler this morning at 48. sixty-one in millville. sixty-five down in atlantic city. notice the the future wind gusts, this is what than the happening right new but this is predicted this afternoon at 3:00 p.m. check it out down the shore we can see 32-mile an hour wind gustness philadelphia, not in te 20's as well, it will get very windy, that of course can get complicated if we have a lot of people out the side, lot of stages set up and all. that just be prepared for that as temperatures will stay relatively cool as we hear celebration of the mass at 10:30 a.m., 68 degrees, sun will peak in and out but it
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will not win the the day-to-day. cloud will. as we get into tomorrow cool, breezy and we have a slight chance of the shower in the afternoon. you can see temperatures staying in the lower 70's at best tomorrow. this is what is causing a little bit of the problem for us, it is low pressure system to the south, good news is the rain is relatively light here, you do not see orange and yellow. we are looking good. this system is tracking further north, high pressure tracking to the south and we will start to see that we will have windy conditions because those two things are lining up. also a rip current risk, high risk today and coastal flood advisory down the shore. so today a high of 75 degrees. we will see some thawn peeking out there tonight, low of 59, and looking at our seven day forecast you can see that rain will stick with us on monday, finally heading out on tuesday when we to warm up. meisha, every than would is scrambling to get places to day. >> yes, they are, right. we have been talking bit for a long time. it is now upon us, this
6:20 am
weekend will be fantastic. we need to know how to navigate outside the schuylkill eastbound ramps from the vine. this is what you will be seeing on our main road. we have been talking about the closures. i will reiterate for them again this morning and throughout the day. here's where wheat show which stations are opened and closing, including a few trolley lines. reminder bring those pope passes, without those on some lines you'll not be able to get on and ride. also, septa information, renal nal rails, fewer running lines, bus services, detours and suspensions. make sure you check your schedules. route 15 is shuttle busing and route ten, route ten trolley, that is completely suspended for those traveling with that. new jersey transit info, access lanes suspended, bus services suspended between new jersey and philadelphia. patco is cross honoring, new jersey transit the tickets and both ac rail lines and new jersey river line has limited
6:21 am
service and special passes needed. patco speed line lets go through this quickly for those needing this only five stations opened today and tomorrow, starting 6:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. services running only to new jersey to philadelphia, every 15 minutes and 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 suspended both directions completely. a at 5:30 p.m. running in the eastbound direction, only, so that is a lot of information. i will tweet it. i will go over and over with you today. >> once in center city you get to walk around which makes it easier. when you are outside walking around we want to see your photos. connect with us with social media with this, hold it up so you can see, cbs philly pope, when you post pictures to instagram or facebook and twitter use this so we can find them and get them here on cbs-3. much more to come, our walt hunter is on his way to the basilica where pope will celebrate mass this morning at 10:30. we will check with him coming up next as you look live at the stage where the pope will
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pope's plane is expected to touchdown in philadelphia at 8:30. dan winning from kyw news radio is a at the the airport and joins us now at the phone. dan, good morning. >> good morning, erika. pope francis's plane expected here in three hours time at philadelphia international the airport and, again, with one of his greeters, or many of his greeters have just arrived
6:25 am
on the scene. bishop shanahan catholic marching band and they are here, all here with huge smiles on their face in full uniform ready to greet the pope with a few performances that will happen at 9:30 when the pope's plane touches down at philadelphia international a airport. he will be joined by a few others including mayor michael nutter, archbishop charles chaput and pennsylvania governor tom wolf and his wife in addition to the philadelphia police officer richard bowes injured in the line of duty in 2008 during a shooting which killed his partner and officer bowes and his family will be presenting the pontiff with the pennsylvania state flower, that will happen on the tarmac when pope francis arrive in just a few hours. >> dan winning, reporting from kyw news radio, dan, thank you. of course, pope just a arriving very soon this morning. final touches are being made for papal events here in the city. "eyewitness news", spotted mark wahlberg rehearsing during today's events.
6:26 am
actor will mc festival of families later on tonight. stage crews have been working 20 hour shift getting everything ready. once the event end tonight, they will have ten hours to change it over for sunday's mass. >> on sunday all this goes away, and we have a completely different set up to put up overnight for the mass on sunday good they have their work cut out for them. crews say recent stretch of good weather allowed them to stay ahead of schedule. great to hear. the the philadelphia orchestra is tuning up for the papal visit. >> ♪ >> the talented musicians will perform for the pope during festival of the families on the parkway today. they rehearsed at the kimmel center yesterday afternoon. star studded line up includes aretha franklin and andre bocelli. wait is almost over, just hours away, pope arrives, in about three hours, just over, final stop for his first ever visit to the united states. and final preparations are
6:27 am
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we have three more hours until pope francis highly
6:30 am
anticipated arrival here in philadelphia. we're looking live at ben franklin parkway where a huge crowd of faithful will gather where pope celebrates mass on sunday. meanwhile the pope does have a a very busy schedule while in town so it is important to get his rest. we will take you inside his private quarters where he is staying. hoping for some clear skies during the papal visit but kyla is tracking a chance of rain tomorrow, she has an update coming up in just a moment. good morning, i'm erika von tiehl. >> good morning to you, erika i'm nicole brewer. we are live from the ben franklin parkway this morning, all part of this historic visit, pope francis coming here to the u.s. and eventually here to philadelphia, in just a few hours from now. but what an honor to be part of the event. you can see we have a good view of the stage, papal stage where festival of the families will happen here today and then the papal mass license celebrated on sunday. as you can tell i think you can tell these seats are empty at this her but very soon that
6:31 am
will change as they are expecting more than a million people to be here, in philadelphia, for this visit throughout the weekend. a lot of excitement, a lot of anticipation and we will bring it live as it happens. for new we will send it back to you in the studio with more on whether and traffic. hopefully a good day for pope francis. >> fingers both crossed. lets get over to kyla grogan with more, it the is little bit cloudy right the now. >> we are cloudy, cool and wind is not bad but we will see win ramp up throughout the day today. that will be our story for our saturday. and then we have showers into our sunday. lets look the at the temperatures. we have 75 degrees for your saturday. breezy conditions. these clouds will be taking over today. on sun take wind will be an issue but more importantly we have a chance of a little scant shower or two in the afternoon when we get up to a high of 73. one of the days where you want to make sure you are layered up and we have warmer a tire
6:32 am
with you, as you walk for many hours. 63 degrees looking live at center city. that win at north east at 9 miles april hour. higher down the shore. they are ones that have the concern for gusty wind and that could cause coastal flooding into tonight. looking at storm scan three you can see we have a le pressure system to the south providing rain. that is what will be a little kink in the plane in the next few days and as we get into monday the shower chance actually continues, but we will see temperatures warm up. we will get in more details as to what to expect through your saturday and sunday and your seven day forecast coming up. for now we will talk about these lovely road closures going on for that. >> so much fun to talk about, kyla, let me tell you. good morning everyone. happy saturday. it is good, the cooler weather is nice and we will have large crowd. maybe they will work for a visit, little chilly out there. here is schuylkill eastbound at gulph mills. eastbound we have lost that
6:33 am
far left lane, that is just to slow track because from golf millions to the blue route we are down that one lane but once we hit the blue route, you cannot travel any further here on the schuylkill. that is what you are seeing. this is a way to slow down traffic on the schuylkill eastbound, this is again, the the camera at gulph mills and you cannot drive past the blue route. now just a reminder these are major road closures through monday at vine street expressway, the the schuylkill, between the blue route and i-95, all the way down you can read these and, of course, we have new jersey closures. 676 northbound and admiral wilson boulevard head willing in the westbound direction. also, i just want to make sure you have heard this, this is a new closure city avenue between lancaster and belmont avenue between 10:00 and 10:00 . until late afternoon. that is the the city avenue closure. this is the traffic box around center city. you can drive inside this green area but once you get
6:34 am
out of that you cannot get back in. also, the the metal detectors are in fully affect at independent hall, this area right here, at the art museum center city area and after 6:00 p.m. secure perimeter around independent hall is lifted. the a lot of information. i will update new 15 minutes. nicole, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. well, thousands of the faithful pack madison square garden last night, as the pontiff celebrated mass there in new york city. earlier in the day 80,000 spectators gathered, in central park get a glimpse of the holy father. other sister station in new york was there for all of the fanfare. i'm sure it was an exciting day, diane, good morning. >> reporter: it was indeed. i'm in front of the st. patrick a's cathedral right now and last time i was here this place was mobbed with security, crowd, media as pope kicked off his new york trip, and it is hard to believe that was only about 36 hours ago.
6:35 am
it wasn't a very licensing trip the the pope embraced the new york spirit of making the most of his time here. >> reporter: pope started addressing the largest gather of the world leaders ever at u.n. >> reporter: pope francis greeted everyone this his native spanish and addressed topics like equality, climate change and iran nuclear deal. >> we need to work for a world without nuclear weapons. applying fully the none in proliferation treat in letter and spirit. >> reporter: he blessed everyone in attendance, crowd responded with a standing ovation. things were much more quiet for his next stop as pope francis paused for a moment of prayer at the 9/11 memorial ape placed a white rose at the edge of the one of the reflecting pool.
6:36 am
he spoke with relatives before holding an inter faith service where he prayed for those families. >> give them the strength to continue life with hope an and happiness. >> reporter: day took a different tone as pope arrived at our lady queen of angels school in east harlem to a rock star welcome. >> what was that like for to you meet the pope. >> i was like my god he is here, i'm so excited, i'm so nervous. >> ♪ >> reporter: inside the school two dozen third and fourth graders from four harlem catholic schools serenaded pope francis, he listen, he spoke, and he embraced. >> he padded me on the head i felt better. >> i felt like my head, dropped all the way to my toes and i was actually crying. >> reporter: what did he say to you. >> said to pray for him and he hope that he does.
6:37 am
>> reporter: from that school as you mentioned he went on to central park, lots of spectators there trying to catch a glimpse and then went to celebrate mass at madison square garden. this morning of course his new york trip comes to an end, we expect him to take off at 8:45, heading for your way in philadelphia live outside st. patrick's cathedral dianne massito, channel three "eyewitness news". for sure, pope francis shines in the presence of children. it has been fun to see. diane mentioned it but the pope will leave new york's jfk airport later this morning and fly here to philadelphia. when he gets here he will fine what we already know, the the security is extremely tight, and for more on that "eyewitness news" reporter alexandria hoff is live with more on the security. we know it has to be tight because this is a big deal, good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. this is absolutely a big deal. wet lot going on behind us. we are at 20th street near logan square.
6:38 am
the these jumbo trons are in service. and those are securing best seats in the the house except at this hour they are less seats then there are. we have spoken to countless families from all over the country and world who spent hours out here some sleeping, some too exited to sleep right there on the concrete and hopes to get a glimpse of the holy father later today. now earlier i spoke with the family, they are originally from peru and they are hoping to catch a glimpse of the pope and their spirits are high. >> he is the the close toes god, so we're catholic, that is our faith. >> reporter: all right. you mentioned security, nicole, we came in through a general checkpoint that anyone without a ticket would be coming through, anyone coming through at this hour would be entering. it is routine, it is home land security, secret service, tsa agents checking your bags and
6:39 am
what not. there are pro hinted items. they don't want anything sharp or aerosols. it didn't take us too long but we were here much earlier this morning and the crowds will justin to come at this hour, already, very busy a as you can see behind me. reporting live from the ben franklin parkway alexandria hoff for cbs-3 "eyewitness news" good people are up early for this pope, alex, thank you. we will send it back inside the studio for erika von tiehl and more on the news, erika, good morning. world meeting of families, we cannot the forget about that, it has come to a close. many took pride in contribute to go this large mural, it set a world record for most contributors, to a paint bynum piece. how about that. anyone who wanted to contribute, could including former governor tom corbett and his wife susan. the mural will be made permanent on the side of the saint maliki school in north philadelphia. the pope of course expected to draw huge crowd while here in philadelphia, his first stop have after landing at philadelphia a
6:40 am
international airport will be basilica, where he will celebrate mass at 0:30. we are looking live as people line up outside church, they want good seats. coming up next we are live with where the pope is staying while here in philadelphia. stay with us, we will be right back.
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you're looking live at ben franklin parkway where all of the ago will be happening through the pope's visit in philadelphia sun has listen the the beautiful shot there spectacular view. our view isn't too bad either, we are live broadcasting from the ben franklin parkway and papal stage just over might right shoulder here. you can see stage is set as philadelphia prepares to take its place on the world stage, pope francis will be, just, you know, a few hundred yard from where we're at. he will be there as part of the festival of families but also, giving, mass, on sunday, where crowds, hundreds of the thousands of people are expected, to arrive here as part of that historic event. so a very exciting time, for the city of philadelphia, i know that as a kid growing up in the city, i heard about pope john paul the second's trip back in 1979 and so many neighbors having such memories of his visit here, and thinking to myself, wow, wouldn't that be amaze if you
6:44 am
go some day we had that same experience and here we are 25 years later and it is pretty exciting stuff. back now on "eyewitness news" though we want to check with don champion, he is live for us, talking her about this historic visit. don, i know you are also here in philadelphia. a lot of fans, a lot of security. what have you seen so far. >> reporter: yeah, definitely a lot of security here, in center city. a police helicopter flew above. we headed over to saint charles seminary where pope is staying this weekend and director say they have been preparing for his visit for about a year, and he said that nothing there has been left to chance. >> reporter: at saint charles borromeo seminary light bulbs have been change and many walls sport a fresh coat of paint, this is where pope francis will be staying in philadelphia. >> it is incredible, a wonderful moment. >> reporter: bishop timothy
6:45 am
senior, seminary a's director is in charge of the preparations for the pope's arrival, everything including the pope's diet has been taken into account. a group of sisters who usually care for philadelphia's archbishop will prepare the pope's meal. >> our focus is making sure that his needs are met, he has had the opportunity to get some downtime, to have his meals. >> reporter: pictures near main entrance show this isn't the first visit by a pope. pope john paul, ii was here in 1979, bishop senior was a young seminary student at the time and met the pope that day. >> you hold a special place in my thought and prayers. >> i was really transformed. all of a sudden i had a glimpse of the trans send event, of what i was aspiring to be a catholic priest. >> reporter: an experience he has shared with young seminary students a at saint charles. pope francis will host meeting
6:46 am
with bishops from around the world at saint martin's chapel. it will be a very powerful experience, for all of those young seminary students at saint charles, all of them will be taking part in activities at the seminary this weekend for the pope's visit. they will get up, and close to the pope and bishop senior says much like john paul's vice tonight 1979 for him, he is hoping this is a life changing experience for them as well. nicole, back to you. >> don, champion we appreciate that report. thank you. talking about the pope francis visit here, and his past schedule i just hope he has sometime to rest, throughout all of it because it is certainly an exciting, line up of events. we will toss it back to erika and see what is happening in the studio, good morning. >> reporter: we're hoping for better weather when pope arrives this morning, kyla, checking with our weather watchers, a little cool outside. >> it is cool, cloudy and good
6:47 am
news is erika things are looking better to day for sunday then they were yesterday. they are moving in the right direction. let say good morning to the eyewitness weather watchers and we will start moving further south here, check out this one, 55 where delores is in newark and you cane she has got cloud there. very cloud think morning. the she's shrouded in crowd. we are all seeing cloud cover. and, lets look at this 60 where johnnies. he is in philadelphia also seeing that, cloud cover, brisk and damp for pope's first day in philadelphia. it is unfortunately we are going to have a brisk feeling as well with the wind today. lets look at where we can expect for the day-to-day. we have mostly cloudy skies, cool and breezy. the those temperatures not getting out of the mid 70's. so it means if you are heading outside today definitely take a sweater, jacket, something that you can maybe ward off the the breeze. the it will pick up today. sunday cool and breezy. we have a scant chance of the afternoon shower in there.
6:48 am
temperatures just in the lower 70's, even cooler then saturday. storm scan three shows cloud cover that has been moving in that will stick here throughout the day-to-day. here's our low pressure system to the south. the rain is trying to make its way in but we are getting good news. this is a pretty high resolution model i'm showing you right now. by saturday night we are looking good here but this is what happens as we get into our sunday. bit of the easterly flow trying to bring just a little spotty shower then. there is 1:00 o'clock, that is why we have that papal mass on sat take, i cannot say we will in the the see a potential shower. we could. it will be depending where you are at and depending whether you are in the the place where that shower hits, that is what you could see. we will see very windy conditions today, as you can see throughout the day to take we are talking to 20 to 30 miles an hour wind gusts looking at future wind here throughout the afternoon and that keeps us as we head into tomorrow, also getting better on our sunday afternoon then today. that wind will be something to contend w63 degrees in philadelphia, 48 in mount
6:49 am
pocono. sixty-one in millville. atlantic city coming in at 65 degrees. we have to look out as well because this wind will pile water up on the shore. those along the shore, coastal flood advisory starting at 6:00 p.m. tonight until noon. high tidies your big problem there. 6:42pn. we are talking gusty wind up to 30 miles an hour, rough is your, if beach erosion and coast willal flooding as a possibility. heads up to those down the shore. today a high of 75. sun will try to work its waste in but it will not be very successful, mostly cloudy through tonight, low of 59 degrees and again we have east northeasterly wind causing a few problems. look at your seven day forecast we will roll through weekend by monday we are looking at for a few showers, temperatures starting to warm up though and notice we have an 80-degree day as we get into tuesday. this pattern stuck. it will keep us cloudy with a threat of showers for next couple days. meisha, do you have your walking shoes on today. >> i do, why, do i look
6:50 am
shorter? >> today is day you cannot wear fancy heels in center city. >> no way, jose, i refused to put on my tennis shoes and walk around. it will be gorgeous outside. here's the tacony palmyra bridge. this is close to the pedestrians. you can still drive over this but close todd pedestrian. ben franklin bridge is closed to the vehicles but opened to the pedestrians. make note. other bridges are just fine. here's is something i will show you so you can see which stations are opened including a few trolley lines. bring those pope passes. we have been talking about that for so long. you need those to get where you are going. also septa information, regional rails, fewer running stations, bus services, there is detours and suspensions so check your local schedules. route 15 is shuttle will busing hidden by that clock but it is shutting busing and route ten is completely suspended for those who normally take that. new jersey transit line, acts like it is suspended.
6:51 am
bus service is suspended between new jersey and philadelphia, path companies is cross honoring, new jersey transit bus tickets, and both ac rail lines and new jersey river lines had limited services, so special passes are needed, erika, over to you. >> for all of the information. in case you need to hear it again or get more information on the road closures during papal visit go to our web site at cbs we will have complete coverage of the pope's historic visit there. there is a security plan in place for pilgrims in camden county. from across the river there are three case to access philadelphia here they are, for you you: by train, by ferry or just wearing those comfortable walking shoes and walking over ben franklin bridge. if you do need to park your car there are 8,000 spots available in camden, officials say you can pay the same day. pull up, pay, park. they are asking everyone who is planning to visit philadelphia through camden to register their cars on line. >> we are ready, our police officers and public serve
6:52 am
apartments will be out on the pedestrian routes. they are there to help you. they are ambassadors. >> reporter: state troopers a and one dozen other public safety agencies are at iconic campbell's soup headquarters monitoring traffic and emergency situations from there. everyone wanting to commemorate the pope's visit to the u.s. can do so with a huge variety of pope francis souvenirs. they have thought of everything here. pope francis inspired hundreds of momentoes from the bobble heads, coins to cardboard cut out. and as a matter of fact amazon's best selling bobble head is pope francis, who but. that restaurant and bars in the area are commemorating the pope. mcgillian's old ale house is hoping a popetini for the weekend. there is plenty of way to remember pope francis in philadelphia so many ways to do so. did you know what the pope's visit is costing the city of philadelphia? about 12 million-dollar? however the world meeting of families will reimburse city for all of those costs but 12
6:53 am
million-dollar, how about that. lets give you a i live picture of the ben franklin bridge shut down no cars right now, to thousands of the faithful can make that pilgrimage we told but from camden to philadelphia, definitely an exciting time in our area skies lighting up out there don't go anywhere we will check on the nicole and parkway after this break.
6:54 am
6:55 am
welcome back, what an honor it is to be part of such a historic president, here in philadelphia a, a big moment for our city a as we prior to take our place on the world stage. you are looking live at the papal stage, right here, it is set, and ready to welcome pope
6:56 am
francis here in just a a few hours, such an exciting time, of course, anticipation is building. we are ready. the city of philadelphia is ready to welcome pope francis, erika good morning to you. we have been talking about this for months now so exciting to have it here finally that day, thanks very much that day. lets look at his schedule when pope francis arrives. gets here at 9:30 at 10:30 he celebrates mass at cathedral basilica of st. peter and paul. 1:15 pope francis arrives at saint a charles borromeo seminary, little rest there and 4:45 the pontiff address is independence hall. 7:30 tonight pope francis arrives for festival of the families and at 8:35 he will have closing remarks. all getting. lets check with one last time on the forecast and road and hope for peter weather but could be worse, kyla. >> it could be worse. but it will be the wind and cooler temperatures. wind breaker, stay nice and warm, high of 75.
6:57 am
tomorrow high up to 73. a scant p.m. shower possible, so don't rule it out completely but we are looking better, so just make sure you're prepared that jacket with the waterproof hood will be a good idea tomorrow. >> lets look at the bend been here. no vehicles but pedestrians can access this. we are seeing people walk across from new jersey into center city. you guys, it is easy to forget how cool this experience is. >> yes. >> walking around in center city, overcome, amazing. >> and when you are taking pictures we want to see them use hashtag cbs philly pope. our live coverage continues at 9:00 a.m. right here on cbs-3. we will have have you covered. have a great day.
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good morning: it is september 26th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning saturday." mass excitement at the world's most famous arena. pope francis wraps up his new york trip in grand fashion. and a sudden step down from the speaker of the house. john boehner announces he's leaving congress next month. >> they are halfway home. 250 miles from earth. checking in on the yearlong space mission six months in. also, he created countless classics and walked away from


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