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tv   Eyewitness News The Pope in Philadelphia  CBS  September 26, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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>> we've been here for fewer hours it, has been amazing, ever since the pope as lived this morning, the energy start today build. >> yes, and continues to build. it continues to build hour by hour. we want to say thanks to pat and jim for their incredible coverage. we were so glad were you able to share that with all of them. now we're excited to share all of this with you. as the day goes on, as we look ahead throughout the day, looking at the pope, making a speech on immigration, and also religious freedom at
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independence mall, which will be wonderful, at independence hall. >> right now the pope is resting. >> yes, he got a rest. >> borromeo seminary, he'll rest and make his mover over to independence mall about 3:45, this afternoon, large crowd, is there already. let's check in right now, with our todd quinones. he is among the fateful at independence mall, as you look live down the parkway right now, todd? >> reporter: well, ukee, jessica, what a historic day, what historic setting here, on independence mall, take a look behind me here. crowd of several hundreds, several thousand, have gun to gather here, they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of pope francis. when he comes here to speak, in just about an hour or so, he will speak right out in front of independence hall, and i'll be using a lecturn, speaking from lecturn, this is the same one that abraham lincoln used when he delivered the gettysburg address. so, a lot of history here, certainly, a lot of symbolism,
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at pope francis is expected to talk about immigration, among some of the other issues. you know, interesting to note, when i was down in washington, d.c., earlier this week, pope francis address that joint meeting of congress, you know, he touched briefly on immigration. and he mentioned that he, in being parks is the son of immigrants. and so i thought that was very important for him to note. we've heard that now from him several time. so, we expect to hear that same refrain during his speech here, today. he also talked about the way this country has treated immigrants. and he said this. he said i say this to you as a son of immigrants, knowing that so many of you are also descendents from imigrants. tragically the right of those long before us were not always respected. so i think if we sort of can jump forward to today, it will be interesting to see if pope francis sort of reaches back, to the past, and the past of this country, sort of address immigration, and the issues we're facing today, among some
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of the things we'll be close eye on. again, crowd of several thousand here, in front every independence mall, quite a day, what historic day, what a historic settling. back to you. >> todd, looks amazing out there. that crowd will continue to grow as we get closer to when pope francis arrives, and that won't be very long from now, ukee. >> not long at all watch better way, last leg of the journey here in philadelphia, melting pot of so many cultures, so many people, are here, and you can see that is evident here this afternoon, and the people as we said are gathering, specially right here on the ben franklin parkway. >> that's right. we drove up on the media buses and got to see all of the people that were out there. really is joyous atmosphere. >> no doubt. >> people are real excited. our steve patterson is live along the parkway with more on. that will steve? >> reporter: well, just did a -- jessica, ukee, i was on that bus with you, i saw the flags, shirt, from different cultural, real melting pot out there, unlike anything i've ever seen. i have to say this.
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you know, as a reporter, we spend so much time with people on the worse days of their lives, i can say i've met people today on the best day, and that's quite a feeling show you the crowdment take a look dozens at this point, obviously the pope is going to go to independence mall before he come here to the parkwayment you can see some of the people starting to filter in, some of the sisters and nuns, i just met some sisters, beautiful people from maryland, new york, and all over the country, coming here every course to see the pope, as you pan forward, see some of the massive set up that is in place for this concert. if you can pan over, take a look, pope sitting on the stage as musical act, mark walt berg, aretha franklin, so on, they continue to come in and play for the pope. at this point again just dozens getting in place, the set up continues, hearing obviously the sound checks on stage, as we've been here throughout the day.
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you think you tends to hear some tapping and some casino every just off kilter notes. ebola put sound. we start to hear more voices from the stage, excitement, i can tell you, is building right here, and it is so exciting to be here. and you see all of the bright faces people just smiling, already having good time. >> crowds are surge at this point, we don't know what it will look like at the end. day, but based on what we're seeing now truly exciting time here on the parkway. for now we send it back to you guys. >> philadelphia is the first american city to host the world meeting of families, all started back in 1992, and here we are in the city every brotherly love. >> the largest one, ever since it went into existence. which is very exciting, and of course people from all over the world, coming here, to the conference portion to talk
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about family. how do you raise children, you know about family. >> indeed. you know me. >> how do you raise children in the internet era watch about marriage, a lot of topics, finance recalls, families deal with every single day. and they did it through the lens of the catholic church what this is all becomes about strengthening families, through the catholic church, and so now, all of that portion is finished, they all moved out on to the parkway, we'll celebrate here today. i believe our greg argos out there on the parkway, right if. >> greg, let's check in with you now. good afternoon. >> live along the parkway, very loud, very exciting and incredible thing when you see the tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of people that are here, waiting to see pope francis, the incredible thing the diversity of the folks, all over the world, all over the country, in fact, i just met these two lovely people, they're from connecticut, newlyweds, here to see his holiness.
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>> you have great view, i'll drive by, must be very exciting. >> very exciting indeed. >> we appreciate all that you have done for us. >> how long have you guys been here waiting for his holiness? >> this morning we got here at 8:30, staked out our place, yes. >> you are waiting? i mean, you have a great spot, as well, right along the line here. >> importance, all coming together, as one, there are catholics, non-catholics here. why is that so important? >> we are all the body of christ, pope being here bridges that hope to all every us. >> what is your name. >> quirky alex ander. >> i have heard a lot about this guy. this is corky. you have very unique story, from washington state.
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tell everyone at home watching right now, how did you get here? >> hitch hikes. >> hitch hiked all the way from washington state to see his holy father. why is it so important for you to be here? >> because i love the pope. i have prayers that i need, for sick relatives, and i don't know how to say it you. >> want his blessing? >> he, blessing of the pope it possible important that we recognize the positions of the church. as being a part of our lives. >> tell me, you hitched hike here from washington state, how long did that take you? >> eight days. >> eight days, and everyone, along the way was very helpful, very friendly? >> people in this country are beautiful. yes, i'm very grateful. >> thank you so much. really, a cross section of our society hire, everyone from around the country, different state, different backgrounds, different religions, even around the world, all gathered
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their see his holy father. once again right along the ben franklin parkway, we're expecting the papal parade to pass by, literally where you see some of these vehicles right now, just few hours around 7:30 tonight. and of course, you see, the crowd growing by the minute. we are on one side of the parkway earlier this afternoon, the other right now both sides just packed with people everyone excited everyone singing, praying, talking, meeting new friends, and just altogether having a good time here as we await pope francis arrival of the festival of families along the park wearing live along the park way, greg argos, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> greg, tank you so much for. that will love is sour mission, family full alive. when you think of that. that will make you hitch hike from washington state. >> that's quite under staking, isn't it? i couldn't believe it, wait, did i hear that right? washington state? >> that's fantastic. >> welcome to corky, yes. >> we'll take a short break right now, you are watching special coverage of the pope in philadelphia, i'm ukee washington along with jessica dean.
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let's take a look outside. see the throngs of pilgrim, throngs of faith full, here for this special event. you look live at independence mall, pappa will be joining them very, very shortly, scheduled to leave saint charles borromeo seminary in about 15, 20 minutes. stay with us, family.
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>> we are here in honor of the pope's visit, his historic visit to philadelphia. we're right here in front of the tangle take tonight for the festival of families, hear the sound check going on behind us, it is an exciting atmosphere here. >> it is a warm feeling, both spiritually, and weather wise because we are getting getting a little glow on us.
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>> the sun. >> there are some clouds in the sky, so a lot of people are little concerned about what the weather will be. right now it is really, really nice. >> let's got some answers now, little guidance, we can say, from our justin drabick. justin? >> no need to get nervous here, these clouds really aren't going to pro douse any rainfall in the delaware valley tonight. and they're just mid to high level clouds, right now, but just gorgeous shot. i think i got one of the coolest views here, see miles, down to the parkway, and out to the west, and looking good. a lot of people really feeling in here at logan square, and just kind of hanging out enjoying the sunshine right now, chilling out on the lawn, waiting for the pope to come back into the city and why not, we are setting to up to see great evening here in center city philadelphia. so casino every break down the forecast, every now and then we'll see the peak of sunshine, over the next few hours, before sunset. and here's what's happening on storm scan3, not whole lot. you do see some cloud cover streaming in from the south and west, again, mid to high level clouds, just filters out the sunshine little bit.
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now one thing we just have to keep our eye on, storm system to the south. right now it is well to our south. still casino of protected by an area of high pressure, but notice the heavy rainfall over eastern north carolina into southern virginia. >> real a battle zone, that we will be dealing with for the second half of the weekends, will the high pressure system win out? check it out, i think will at this point. high will protect us, still going to bring in the clouds. and a cool breeze, off the ocean, but looks like the shower chances will be on the low side, maybe one sneaks in here, sposhly sunday afternoon, but doesn't look like steady rainment rainfall amount, pretty much through sunday, mainly dry, not until late sunday night into monday, when we see the best chance for some wet weather. so again, much of your sunday should stay dry. and then that heaviest rainfall stays well to the south. or that center of low pressure is. all right, if you skip town, didn't want to deal with the
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crowds, and maybe head to the shore, not the best weekend at the jersey shore, delaware beaches. this will be a gusty wind up to 30 miles per hour, some minor beach errosion with the persistent northeast wind, watch out for some rough surf. some of the off shore bo east up around 7:00 -- seven, eight, 9 feet, will lead to coastal flooding not just along the coast but also up along the delaware bay, delaware river. back to the city hanging here to watch the papal mass or festival of families tonight, again, it is looking pretty good. just some clouds, few stars around, temperatures around 7:00. 70 degrees, tomorrow morning for the bishop's meeting talking temperatures upper 60s with mostly cloudy skies, that trends will continue at 4:00 which is the start of the papal mass, temperature kicking off that mass at 72 degrees, at four with clouds, little sunshine. little breezy tomorrow on the cool side. we will talk about the highs little below average in the lower 70s, better chance for some showers in here late sunday, into monday, and then we actually warm the
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temperatures up little bit upper 70s, then near 08 degrees on tuesday, but again, in the fall season, so signs every cold air returning by the end of next week, sunshine, clouds, temperatures back to the upper 60s both thursday and friday. spectacular weather, hear the sound check going on down toward eakin oval. that's what we're all here for setting up for the festival of families tonight, jam packed crowd, compared to earlier this morning, i would say the crowd at least tripled if not more than that. a lot going on here with perfect weather. that's the latest here, 28 floors up from the parkway, we send it back over to you, ukee, jessica. >> you called it perfect weather and everyone is enjoying it, thank i, my friend, we'll check back with you in just a little bit later. yes the sound checks continue. >> this will be fun night avenue feeling. >> fantastic. absolutely. >> stick around, we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back to cbs-3's continuing coverage, of the papal visit here to philadelphia. you're looking live right now, at independence mall, where you can see so many people gathered there to see the pope, we will arrive, let's see, in roughly 40 minute or
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so hoping to see help there. the crowd looking forward to. that will also his remarks on immigration, and religious freedom. so still a lot more to come to pope francis today. >> definitely families are here to meet and share thoughts of dialogue, and prayers, all in an effort to grow as a family unit, and be better people. that's what it is all about right now, a loft those people right now are at independence mall waiting for the pope to arrive there. not too long from now, and so is our mike dinardo from sister station "kyw news radio" with what's up now. mike? >> good afternoon, ukee, you know, you can divide those people into two groups. the people who are awaiting for pope francis address on religious freedom, and those who just want aglimmerment of the holy father. and i'm with many of them, though he is of folks lining fifth street, chestnut street, the area around independence mall, hoping that the pope mobile will come by and they can get a glimpse of the holy
3:22 pm
father again, for many of them intensely personal experience, a moment of faith, and something that they've waited all day for, some of these folk, thousands have been here all day as early at #, 9:00 in the morning, still coming in. so pope francis is expected to arrive here at about 4:00 or so. that will be highly anticipated moment here. >> marge dinardo, we thank you so much my friend. we'll definitely check back with you. thank you, mark, we appreciate t so many people have been waiting and watching the countdown that we've been doing for a long time now. >> from 60 days to 40 days, now just hours. >> now it is here and it all, i guess, the countdown, clock stopped this morning, at the airport at philadelphia international airport, somewhere between 9:30 and 9:45. >> that's right. they were little late landing today at philadelphia international airport but the pope more than made up for it by greeting everyone there.
3:23 pm
special moment. here's our justin finch. >> the start of the once in a lifetime moment. shepherd i, the pope's plane, lands at philadelphia international airport. he gets in his car, and then comes your way. >> oh, when he gets to my son, it was wonderful. >> overcome there is mother watched pope francis bless her son michael. >> the fact that the pope kissed him on the head and blessed him, is something that i would have never imagined possible for any of my children. >> cerebral palsy took her ten year old son's ability to speak or mover. but michael's twin brother, chris, older sister katie, saw proof their brother felt something. >> he look up to him, and then after he like blessed him he just started smiling. >> michael's bishop shanahan high family was there, too, their marching bands planned for the pope's landing, michael's dad is their director. >> so to see them receive this, their emotion was the same as mine, and i think they took it for what it was, and just they're going to remember this. >> the pope's historic arrival also not lost on those who welcomed him.
3:24 pm
including the family of former police officer richard bowes, governor and mrs. wolf, mayor michael nutter and his wife, archbishop charles chaput, police commissioner charles ramsey, all joined the pope as he left the tarmac. and with the arrival of shepherd i here in philadelphia, the pope's adventure in our city now begins, and the entire city will be watching. at philadelphia international airport, justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and that is such a signature for pope francis, is the emotional connection to people. and we've seen that over and over again in new york and washington, d.c., now you can see, it happening here in philadelphia. and it is interesting, i talk with the archdioces before, and they were really saying, you know, this is part of his human connection. >> sure. keeps it real. >> official business that he took care of in washington, did. c, and in new york, but here in philadelphia, this is about being with the people, being a pastor. >> no doubt about it. >> to the flock. certainly started there today at the airport, and will continue throughout the day. >> pope francis is changing the face of catholosism,
3:25 pm
religion, cultures all around the world are taking notice. and excepting him in such a way, it is a beautiful thing. we will continue our live coverage here in center city philadelphia, the pope in philadelphia, with much more after a short break. we'll be right back. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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talk to a state farm agent today.
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recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. welcome back, i'm ukee washington along with jessica dean. you are looking live right now at the crowd packing the ben franklin parkway, for the festival of families. the pope is expected here in just a few hours, you know, during his short role today as leader of the catholic church the foundation based on simplicity, kindness and love. and we are seeing that here. no doubt. >> that's right, the feeling is all over, isn't it? our david spunt is live on the parkway, with more, from all the people that are out there gathered see pope francis and take part in all of the
3:29 pm
festivities. david? >> beautiful day outside, positive energy, we are on the parkway right now, just kennel of blocks away from where you are overlooking eakin's oval. but i have to tell you, a loft folks here are so surprised that how close they're going to be to pope francis. he will actually come down this road where you're seeing the pope mobile. a lot of people thought they wouldn't be able to get this close. i want to introduce you to some folks i've been talking to little while. introduce to you lisa cunningham, least, a how are you today? >> good, david, how are you? >> go ahead, tell me a little about being here today. what does it mean snow. >> to tell you the truth we kind of debate philadelphia we wanted to fight the crowds to come here. but in the end thought this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. we had to be here. i don't know if we'll actually see the pope but getting close is good enough. >> i think you will and her husker chuck, how does it feel to be here today? >> oh, this is incredible. >> were you telling me you're from philadelphia. have you ever seen anything
3:30 pm
like this? >> not at all. once in a lifetime. >> and definitely a ton of people here. >> two native philadelphians experiencing something in new in their sit. >> i folks from out every town, this is back, go ahead, tell me, your first time in philadelphia? >> it is, and actually this is real exciting get to see the pope. first pope i would have seen. thirds pope i've lived through. i was born before jp2 died. then benedict was elected now francis. so this is real exciting. >> welcome from st. louis, the rest of the crowd, luke, five years old, hi, luke. >> high. >> luke wants to see pope francis, excited and people just excited because they're going get a chance when he parades down in the pope mobile before he heads to the festival of family security here telling thaws will happen about 5:30. so we send it back to you, jest, a ukee. the folks down here are just excited that they're going to get a chance to see pope francis in person.
3:31 pm
guys, back to you. >> david, thank you so much. you know, a lot of the media members are as well. i will put it right out there. driving over here on the bus, that was -- we saw the lines of people out on the parkway, and our bus windows are kinds of tinted, they were waiving and it was a beautiful thing. so, can you just feel that energy. >> a lot of positive energy, just flowing from the city of brotherly love today. and also, people are broadcasting it on social media, as well. fun to see what everybody's coming up with and all of the different vantage points, for more on that we go to our diana rocco who has been monitoring #cbsphillypope. diana? >> that's right, ukee, jessica, good afternoon tote above you, one of the most exciting seats in the house, because we've been seeing what everybody is saying, whether they're here on the parkway or they are home watching our coverage on tv. or some even down the shore this weekend, getting in on t so let's get started. our first tweet is coming in, a shot of the ben franklin bridge with not a car in site.
3:32 pm
not every day you get to stand in the middle of the ben franklin bridge hashtag pope in philly. that's for sure. certainly, worth the walk over just to get a look at that. john is telling us, i676 completely shutdown, remind me of a scene from the walking dead. well i have to tell you, john, we've been saying that ourselves in the days leading up to today. it has been one to remember. rose mcmannus, knowns at crepery. hash tal nuntella creeps. pope in philly. another one brian, kids don't care about anything when there is a water ice involved. isn't that true? and you certainly can't make a trip into the city, without leaving with the rita's water ice. so the next one coming in from, folks, saw folks from columbia, brazil, canada, all wait to go see the pope. and we've been seeing a lot of that, as we've been out and about this these last couple of days. people from all over the
3:33 pm
world, all over the country singing cultural songs, and really just getting excited about what we've been able to witness this weekend. another, pope francis outside the cathedral. take a look at this. so close to the pope, they could almost get a selfie in with him. and, speaking of that, connor quinn has some pope specials for all of us this weekend. cbs philly pope specials this weekend, at kettle half-town. wet toll kettle's, he's got the vatican omlet, maple pancakes, pope francis flat bread, italian antipas that, and saint or sinner burger. i like that one. and, another writing in from down the shore at cbs philly the pope made a pit stop in ocean city new jersey for some relaxing and some coffee. we know he's needed some relaxing. such a busy schedule. she has the coffee there, and even a pope. audrey, sends us a pope selfie. we would love to see it. so
3:34 pm
that is what we have been monitoring, over the last couple of hours, we would like to see your tweets. keep sending them n we want to see your philadelphia photos this weekend. and when you post them on social media, make sure you use the hashtag cbs pope in philly. we mace use them on tv. ukee, jest, a i know both of you have been tweeting as well. >> indeed. no doubt about that. cbs philly pope. thank you, diane a as we know the pope is very camera friendly. he keeps it real r ever he goes, he keeps it real. thank you for that. >> we also know the pope likes to travel and pay attention to what he calls the periphery. when he talks about this, talking about people who are often unseen by so many of us rushing about the normal day-to-day, you miss the per effere re. that's where he has made his hallmark. that's what has made this pope so unique and connected with so many different people. so when he is hereof course he'll make that part of his travel schedule. and in that he's going to go to curren fromhold prison
3:35 pm
tomorrow morning again trying to reach people and those peripheries. >> we have powerful story right now, our pat ciarrocchi went to the women's prison and she talked to the women who will meet the pope. >> i've never met a religious person of such stature. >> one thing i would like to ask the pope is why do they not get married. >> be among the 20 women and 80 men, who will meet pope francis on sunday morning, at curren frame holds. >> not every day you hear people coming in here to actually give us encouragement or hope. >> for pope francis, pope is the point. we are brb wire with the isolation. i found the women early to learn more about pope francis. >> how come he is always in white? >> that's the color that the pope wears all the time. >> they also were open in sharing their pain. >> some lady screams at me, she's like i know you're a murderer. and i was just like, she might
3:36 pm
have been a little off. but it is embarrassing. >> amanda, who has been in prison for five years, is charged with you had america. her trial is tentatively set for october. >> i first met amanda early this summer when the prison ministry troop shining light came to perform at riverside correctional. drawing the women into a circle of hope. >> i've never met anyone that didn't seem like they didn't have any casino of judgement in the back of their mind about us being here. >> ruth countdown, too, has been inside one year and 16 days. she had been drug addicted. >> you're sober, clean? >> definitely. i love it. >> come and asking for his blessing, i don't have much to give him. >> except this humble offering. >> ♪ take me to the king ♪ i don't have much to bring ♪
3:37 pm
my heart is torn to pieces ♪ it is my offering ♪ please take me to the king ♪ >> that was beautiful. so beautiful. a simple man with values so close to his heart for everyone, no matter where you're from, and what you look like, what you're all about, values so close to his heart. >> that's right. >> all right, we are going to continue our coverage, don't forget to send us any photos you have got. #cbsphillypope. we want to see them. we want to get them on the air. we'll be right back. >> in a style worthy of the deed itself, was boldly declared the independence of these vast united states, which has gun for the civilized worlds the era of a new and of the only true social order founded on the un all enable right of man.
3:38 pm
>> at the time of lafayette's visit, this site now recognized around the worlds as a shrine to the ideal of self-government and equality, had fallen into disrepair. lafayette's visit and speech brought about a dramatic reversal of the nation's apathy toward this history. his inspirational words, launched a patriots i can movement to repair and restore the building. the transformation of the old neglected pennsylvania state house into the newly renamed hall of independence, w
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3:41 pm
independence mall, what we are looking ahead, to also the big crowd right there on the parkway for the festival of families, and the concert that's going on tonight. packed schedule for pope francis, really on whirlwind tour of north america, you start in cuba, then to washington, then to new york and then here to philadelphia where he's going to finish out history. we're happy to have him here and send him back to the vatican. >> i mentioned missionary outreach. we have a special guest with our natasha brown to talk more about. that will natasha? >> reporter: well, good afternoon to you, ukee and jessica. we have one of the best vantage point in the city right now, here on the 28 floor of the embassy suites, looking above the parkway we can hear the festivities, practice going on behind me, see the crowds are growing, by the minute here on the parkway, logan square, all the way up to the art museum. and joined, by, sister mary skull yen, advocate for the homeless, project home, thank you so much for being here with us, we so appreciate it.
3:42 pm
>> i'm real excited to be here, natasha, thank you. >> tell us little bit about how you are feeling, just having the pope here in our city, just your reaction. >> so humbling, inspiring, hopeful, such a positive energy and excitementment, really a great time not only for our church butt for our country. >> tell me what you have seen for the pope. i know were you talking about the mass earlier, his homily, how lots of folks can connect with what he was saying. >> i think pope francis is such a humble man, very accessible, to all people, people from all faiths, people from all walks of life and speaks message that we can all take something from and strive for and learn and move ourselves and our communities forward. >> and we know that poverty, homelessness, really has made that accute platform in his papacy, and you can connect being an ad vaux cat for the homeless.
3:43 pm
we asked you earlier, do you see a little bit of yourself in the pope? >> well, i really am just so grateful for the holy father's leadership on the issue of poverty and homelessness, not only in our country, but around our world. he is really brought that prothetic call, that is asking all of us to change, to be converted, to build community one community of inclusion of development, of sustain recall development. we haven't had that casino of leadership for awhile and so really is a welcome voice. so many times we see the polarization in our country, and congress, and in our political parties, or we see it in a world with such war and violence and just really such tragedy. but pope francis seems to be
3:44 pm
that unifying voice, a voice that gets above all of that political after is agents, you know, in-fighting, and things like that, and really challenges us to listen to one another, to dialogue, and to be changed by the voice of the other, and to open our circles of friends and families and communities to welcome this stranger, to welcome those that are different. and by doing that, i think we'll all take another step forward on the road to peace, to inclusion, to sustainability, with development that's integral. >> we talked just little bit about in a sense you don't have to be catholic to connect with pope francis, and the pope at all, you have seen him just step out after car spontaneously to embrace a child, you know, a sick child, or disable child, we've seen how he interacts with the crowd. he seems most at ease in those moments when he has those personal connections. >> absolutely, i think pope,
3:45 pm
one of pope francis' gets, he's very pastoral. he really cares about the individual person. he really understands the suffering that so many people are dealing with, and how suffering, like homelessness, or poverty, can make people marginal eyes, they're excluded, i think that's why he is so intentional about going to the people that oftentimes society marginaleyess to bring them in, exam tonight all every us. he is named after saint francis, and saint francis has a famous quote that says preach the gospel of all time. use words if necessary. and i think pope francis, by his actions, speak to what the gospel is all about rather than someone who just says what we all should do, but, right, but, you know, so he speaks by example. he leads by example. and i think that is another very powerful quality that he has.
3:46 pm
>> yes. now, am i mistaken, were you giving a pope a stole? tell me a little about that. >> in preparation for the pope's visit, because he cares so much about those that are imprisoned, those that are homeless, those that are immigrants, we thought what could we do to present with him, you know, our work, and so we developed two pieces of art, one is the knotted grotto, which over 100,000 people have come to the grotto and left their knotts, their struggles, their prayers. and it is one of his favorite devotion cents to mary, undo-er of knotts, and when he was young, he was in knotts. he ran into a few difficulties and challenges in his own life and his own ministry. when he went to germany to study, he saw this painting of mary undo-er of knotts. he was so moved by it, you know, prayed for the blessed mother to unloosen his knotts,
3:47 pm
that when he went back it buenos aries, he commissioned similar. so we got that painting. and it is hung by the grotto. and then we invited people to come and not only bring their knots and prayers but also to take one of the knots there, read it, pray for that person, and then put the knot back. so, it is a very inter-active, you know, grotto. so we pray for each other, we share our pains and struggles, and in some ways that loosen our knots. then we went to prisons and recovery residences and shellers -- shelters, and had people, had a woman get 14 different kind of animal hair, she spun it into yarn, then people tide, physically, tide their knot. and she pun that into a stole. so that there is a stole for pope francis, with all of our knots on it. so we're hoping that he will come and bless the grotto and bless the stole, wear and feel
3:48 pm
our knots. so that was part of our preparation for his visit. >> wow, well, thank you so much. we so appreciate all that you do for our city, as well. >> well, thank you, that the tasha. great being with you. >> thank you for being with us, we send it back to ukee and jest, a here again on the 28th floor of the embassy suites. >> thank you, natasha, and sister mary, the catholic church stronger witness of poverty, simplicity, and you talk about individual, and organization, that stands to that, sister mary, seen a loft her work around the city for years. unbelievable. >> and i love that knotted grotto, i don't know if you have gotten to see it, by the cathedral basilica, got to see it late last night after we wrapped up the broadcast, to see it in the night, with all of the people around it, to really think, than is really what pope francis does, if everybody has been able to go up and put whatever is hard in their life, whatever is the struggle or challenge in their life, write it down, and put it there, that each of those pieces of fabric represents a
3:49 pm
challenge for somebody. tan remind that you whatever backgrounds we all come from, everybody has a struggle. and i think that is part of t he really want us to remember that we're all here together. all in it together, right? >> and so many are so hoping that he comes by, as sister mary says, blesses it, i like our chances. >> i think they could be good. >> before he does that, or might do that, let's head out to independence mall, the next stop for pope francis, he is expected to be there around 4:00 this afternoon. >> todd quinones out there now, todd? >> poach francis will be delivering his speech here on these historic grounds in spanish. i think probably no coincidence the con turks every his speech will center in on immigration. you know, as he said in the past, he is in fact is the son of imigrants. on prior speeches on immigration, pope urged people when talking about imigrants, he said, you know, he's asking people oftentimes inch -- to
3:50 pm
set aside the politics instead place humanity at the centerpiece. also, when i was down in washington, d.c. earlier this week, heard pope francis speak to joint meeting of congress, he made the point that immigrant in the history of this country, are that their first contact were often turbulence and violence, he went on to say that when these stranger is in our midst, and he appeals to us, we must not repeat the sins and the errors of the past. i think that kind of >> we got chance to talk, to one of those people. >> i'm not even catholic. i go to mother bethel. i'm a philadelphia and, from philadelphia, but, he's open, he is excepting of things that other popes haven't been excepting of. this is a great place to be
3:51 pm
today. >> now, looking live right now, at the lecturn, that pope francis will be speaking at here, momentarily. that is the same lecturn that president abraham lincoln used to deliver the gettysburg address. so, i think that the speech will be interesting to see how, again, pope francis is able to reach back, into the history of this country, and in order to possibly illuminate our future. so that's one of the things we will certainly be looking and listening for. reporting live here from independence mall, back to you, ukee, and jessica. >> all right, todd, thank you so much. in washington, d.c., recently the pope said he was quoting reverend doctor martin luther king many times america is the land every dreams, what better venue than independence hall to talk about that and then some. >> absolutely perfect location, and then the abraham lincoln tie in, talking about, that as well, with martin luther king, name check abraham lincoln as well, stowe will be a very interesting to see what he has to say, this afternoon, we will bring it to you all live, right here on cbs-3, we hope you'll stay along for the ride. we'll be right back.
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>> i am just waiting for a glimpse of pappa francis. i love him that much. and he is the vicar every christ for 1.2 billion catholics, so what's been amaze to go me about this week is that besides those 1.2 billion catholics, there are so many people that just want to feel his presence. >> he is here in philadelphia, philadelphia being the first american city to host the world meeting of families. just beautiful thing. beautiful thing. and the pope i understands is about to be on the move.
3:55 pm
>> i think he is about to be on the move. let guess to david spunt live on the park are way with more on. that will david? >> hey, jest, a ukee, people here -- >> people excited on the parkway, pope francis will be making his way down the parkway. at about a 30:00, parading right by where i am standing right now, i want to tell you there are a lot of people out here do not expect the pope to actually be as close to them as they thought. so wait to introduce you right now to gary, >> kids are real pumped. >> gary, thank you very much. all right, that's gary, we send it back to you, ukee and jessica. >> all right, david, thank you so much. you're looking live right now, rahel solomon, and on the
3:56 pm
move, he is headed toward center city right now. >> ukee, good afternoon, yes. it looks like he's making his way down city avenue, right now, at 54th street. first glim p of the motorcade, it is absolutely electric out here, may have heard some of the folks who have been waiting screaming, just so excited to get glimpse of pope francis, the pope of the people. it looks like he'll be making his way down city line avenue. i'm told city from belmont to lancaster, are closed >> so many people telling me they just cannot believe this is happening. this is just incredible. and there you have it. pope francis driving by us as we speak in his fiat, this is the pope mobile. and you can just hear the screams of excitement.
3:57 pm
people have watched pope francis travel down city line avenue in philadelphia just beside st. joseph university. it is absolutely historic moment for the city for catholic, non-catholic, everyone just so, so excited. i can tell you, i even have goosebumps watching this moment unfold. i want to stay out of the camera so you can see what's happening now. live, it is absolutely just excitement is bubbling, people so vehicles excited. he'll make his way to independence mall, of course, another crowd is expected to meet. and there possibly even larger crowd, but, you know, for these folks, some say they've been waiting out here since 10:00 this morning. just hoping to get just one glimpse, just one glimpse of the pope, and as we know that just happened. i got a glimpse, too, so it is very exciting to be a part of this cough -- coverage. very exciting for all every those folks who are from
3:58 pm
philadelphia. we've been hearing this coming to our town for so very long, i'm a philadelphia native as well, so to have this happen in our city of brotherly love, sisterly affection, just historic moment, again, pope francis, just driving by in his fiat and his pope mobile. everyone is so excited, see, everybody's so excited. >> yes, what was that like, seeing pope francis in his fiat? >> it was awesome. second time we actually got to see him, we are very excited, so lucky to have our cafe, miley cafe right across from it, hoping to get more publicity out there, please come visit us. >> thank you very much. >> yeah! >> (. >> i'm proud to be a catholic. >> proud to be a catholic. >> i'm neighborhood, but i saw him coming up, and now i see him going down. >> you're from this neighborhood. did you ever think you would see a pope driving through your neighborhood?
3:59 pm
>> not 54th street, no, i was shocked. >> it shows us humble, he slowed down for everybody. 's good man. , yes, i like that the most. >> that's awesome. i came all the way from lebanon to see that. >> you came from lebanon to philadelphia? >> yes, yes, yes. >> what was that like? >> i'm visiting my father-in-law, he has a shop rite here, just opened. >> okay. >> mile's cafe. >> welcome to philadelphia. so happy to have you. you know, we often call him the pope of the people. you can just see why. see that excitement from everyone, so just saw him drive by in his car. people still screaming. this is why they call him the pope of the people. this is what he is known to do. so i sends it back to you guys, the excitement, the energy, the love, still very much in the air. fifty-fourth and city line avenue. for now reporting live, rahel solomon, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> oh, rahel and friends out
4:00 pm
there. >> that's fantastic, for minute there, you know how the pope; i thought they might make right turn, because larry's steaks is right down the street there. >> stop off for a second? >> i won't count it out. long time until tomorrow night. wonder full moment indeed. now that motorcade should be getting down to center city shortly, be in the area of fifth and chestnut. and they will also be close to the stage at independence mall, so they can exit their vehicles and be close to the stage of the pope and the entourage can get out and be very close before the speech starts. >> and so many of us know who are here in the city all of the roads closed down to make this a very fast trip. so from city line avenue, to independence mall, i'm sure we will be record time. >> no traffic there. >> no question. >> they will be making it very quickly. he is supposed to be there 4:00 # five, looks like he'll probably make it, might be there right on time. we will be real excited to see him and see what he has to say again, add dregg that crowd, of thousands, many of whom have been out there since very early this morning. staking out their spot, ready to hear, what t p


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