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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 27, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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francis boards shepherd one on his way back to rome. leaves philadelphia with a message of hope. >>. >> the holy father historic visit culminated with a historic mass on the ben franklin parkway. hundreds of thousands gathered if only to catch a glimpse at the holy father. a moment for many that will never be forgotten. >> a live look now on the ben franklin parkway and i'll tell you what a difference a few hours makes. look at logan circle early estimates say 860,000 people came for this evening's outdoor mass, came from near and a far to be part of a history making weekend. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're broadcasting with the stage behind us, this is where the papal mass was celebrated. todd quinones has quite a view for all of that. todd? >> reporter: during his homily
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here tonight, pope francis said that love is shown in the little things. but there was absolutely nothing little about what happened here. it was a mass on the parkway that will last a lifetime in the memories of the faithful. >> it was a feeling that you can do never describe in your entire life. >> what did you feel when you saw him. >> blessed, blessed, that i had the opportunity to -- to actually be here, and be a part of such a wonderful man. >> reporter: people of all backgrounds and faith came from far and near, some sat in the trees all to hear and see pope francis. do not hold back anything that is good, instead. help it grow. >> reporter: his message echoed across the parkway. >> it was amazing. i've never experienced nothing like it in my life. >> the people here were just tremendous. they couldn't have been friendlyier, smiling at you.
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it wasn't the philadelphia i know. >> reporter: maybe of the future. >> i certainly hope so. >> reporter: by the dozens. spanned out across the parkway to deliver communion. >> that's what we needed. >> reporter: during his homily pope francis made a point that cut across all religious lines including nonbelievers reminded us that love is seen and felt along every day gestures. >> these are the gestures done by grandmothers, father, and siblings, little signs of tenderness, affection, compassion, these are the little gestures of the warm supper were we look forward to at night. of an early lunch, breakfast awaiting someone who gets up early to go to work, gestures of home. like a blessing before we go to bed or the hug after we return
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from a hard day's work. >> i'm not catholic but community and we're all saying the same thing, because at the end of the day there's only one god. >> believers or nonbelievers door this man. >> reporter: as one man told me, he said that pope francis has a passion that is contagious and that was clear here tonight on the parkway. reporting on the parkway, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> thank you so much. it became the norm. anywhere no one got tired of seeing it. >> he also made a special stop, memorable stop an "eyewitness news" greg argos happened to have a front row seat to that. greg? >> reporter: jessica, ukee, good evening, it was incredible. hundreds of people that happened to be gathered here at the cathedral basilica.
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we saw the motorcade pass by. stopped his holiness got off. we were standing right where we are right now, pope francis came by and blessed 100,000 plus prayer requests here at the knotted grotto. it was an unscheduled appearance before holy mass. the holy father stopping by the cathedral basilica of st. peter and paul. you could always reach out to him as he walked right out to our location and some 100,000 prayers written on these white streamers. >> so humbling and we're so joyful because there's been. so people that have come here over the weeks moved to tears, writing struggles, stories, prayers. to think that pope francis blessed those. it's just overwhelming.
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>> reporter: sister mary helped plan the project and she's been praying pope francis would visit. when his motorcade turned on to the street in front of the basilica. she knew her prayers and thousands lining the grotto walls would be answered. >> he's so full of love. you see this is all about love, about compassion, all about mercy. it just was a spontaneous response to see him here. it was electric. it was beautiful. >> reporter: shocking, electric, beautiful. she could not have said it better. i asked sister mary a short while ago what would happen, how long will these now blessed prayer requests stay here? she said till the end of next week or end of october. she told me this is material that can actually be used to insulate homeless housing that is being built here throughout
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the city of philadelphia, that is will happen to all these prayer requests. we're live at the cathedral basilica greg argos, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> nicely done. thank you. >> so many people had to work to get down here. took time. they brought their patience. got here, then had to work to get back home. >> here's what we know. the schuylkill has reopened. the ben franklin bridges will hope 4:00 a.m. regional will be on a saturday schedule. >> david spunt is live at broad and spring garden with a mass exit us. >> reporter: can you imagine trying to get out on public transportation and just leaving the city? seems at this point, like things worked right here. the broad street line open until you 1:00. it's empty right now, it was
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empty across the street, there were little problems according to septa. maybe a few delays, for the most part, things came off without a hitch. hundreds of thousands lined center city streets sunday night after a whirlwind 48 hours. >> renewed thinking for me in the catholic church. >> amazing in he comes to america and it's only like a one time thing. >> reporter: long lines spotted at every septa station including jefferson in the city, mayor michael nutter briefed reporters on this traffic box that once closed off the city. >> three-quarters of the traffic box is gone. west philadelphia is still in effect that portion right now, and what we referred to by sectors as logan which is right where the heart of the activity is on the ben franklin parkway. >> reporter: people patient, reflecting on what happened this weekend. >> it has been awesome, and it has been a lot of pleasure.
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>> reporter: patricia made the trip from nigeria. >> reporter: do you want the to come back to philadelphia. >> any time. >> reporter: lines filled up for hour, people didn't seem to mine. in some cases they found other people to keep them entertained. from nigeria to china philadelphia saw faces never seen around town before, "eyewitness news" met a couple who lived in philadelphia their entire lives, they say this weekend changed their perception of philadelphia. >> we were crying, laughing, hugging. hair was standing on the back of our necks. >> we're glad these people came and glad our city represented. we did a beautiful job. >> reporter: broad street going west seems to be the cut-off trying to open spring garden going west as soon as possible, i have the tell you jessica and egg, a lot of people visiting
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said they appreciated the philadelphia police department and the septa transit workers because as you had thousands, tens of thousands of people trying to get on the rail lines, they were making jokes trying to lighten up the mood a little bit. those jokes were pretty funny, live tonight, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> you made us smile just saying that. >> why not listen to jokes. we also had breaking news in terms of transportation penndot just letting everyone know 76 reopened blue route 95 things getting before a, to normal slowly but surely. just about clean and green going to take time but we'll keep you updated. >> here in the city, the clean-up is under way on the parkway, sanitation crews already spreading out throughout the city picking up the trash and debris left behind by large crowds. no word yet how long the whole
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process will take. we saw them last night. re have hard at work. i have a feeling they will be getting it done quickly. >> no question. >> after a whirlwind week in the us and cuba, pope francis pretty well into his trip back to rome. >> of course he wasn't allowed to leave without the proper send be off, steve patterson reports for you from philadelphia international airport. >> reporter: i'm steve patterson reporting from philadelphia international airport. where sunday night the shepherd boarded shepherd one and went wheels up, not before an impressive sends be off. vice president joe biden leading a delegation of dignitaries saying thank you to the holy father for an incredible message of hope as he graced us here in philadelphia with so many moments and now lasting memories. the vp flagged by mayor michael nutter tom wolf and a sizeable contingent from the united states conference of bishops after a brief private meeting
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and a not so brief motorcade, the pope arrived on the tarmac to the sound of high school students, cardinal o'hara marching brand just as they did for pope john paul the second in 1979. we spoke to some of the members about the honor. >> all inspiring just to be able to play for the leader of the catholic church. what words can you have. >> with watched the holy father walk down the red carpet and up the white steps saying good-bye to philadelphia one last time, certainly only physically leaving memories that will last a lifetime reporting from philadelphia international airport, steve patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> earlier in the day, special and powerful woman, pope visited the currean, fromhold. >> we'll have more the message
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the holy father delivered to inmates. >> we're going to tell you about the unforgetable moment. how the pontiff caught the politician off guard. kate? . >> great news, the rain held off for the papal visit, but we do still have rain in the forecast and the city starts to recover from the papal visit, we got rain to talk about. i'll have the latest coming up with the seven-day forecast. in sports the eagles searching for first win of the season at met life stadium. we got the highlights and
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. following his desire to seek out those what he a calls the peripheries, pope francis visited the largest prison today. >> sta of crime to offer criminal attempt and our jan carabeo was there. >> reporter: curran, fromhold correctional facility in northeast philadelphia erupted into applause sunday morning upon sight of holy father. here in this small gym, in front of inmates, his message was that of redemption and hope. >> he doesn't talk to us where
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we have been, he doesn't question us about what we have done. this time in your life can only have one purpose, to give you a hand in getting back on the right road. >> the roughly 80 prisoners listened. >> it was beautiful, breath taking. he said god bless me. >> reporter: ruth cologne was the second woman to shake hands with the pontiff. he spent just as much time encountering his audience as speaking. >> told him to get rest. he needs some rest, he needed some rest. >> reporter: in the last row, this happened. and then again. i hope years to come to tell my granddaughters how close i was to the pope. >> reporter: the holy father made it to point to visit prisons during his visit he emphasizes empathy and embraces the forgotten they won't look.
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the chair he was sitting in, some of the oh inmates hand carved it out of american walnut. >> brandon hargrove put in time of work. hearing the holy father loved his craftsman ship. >> i can't wait to talk to my children and let them know, whatever you're going through, keep the faith and your hope alive. >>. >> reporter: a conversation pope francis would be proud of, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> here's an inside look at some of our team who made it all happen this morning as we provided a feed for all i have the press, while pope francis spoke to inmates at the correctional facility, we snapped these behind the scenes notes to give you a sense of the teamwork it takes to bring it altogether. we set up our makeshift control room at a nearby fitness room and the event itself was held on
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a basketball court there. so many people across the area had these memorable face-to-face encounters were i pope francis over the last two days, one of them democratic brendan boyle. >> happened while the pope was at curran, fromhold. and the congressman was there nurseing a broken leg in a wheelchair. >> some italian security guard saw the wheelchair i have a football injury, so grabbed me over and i thought it was to get a picture. i was shaking hands with the pope. very exciting. >> the congressman broke his leg three weeks ago while playing on the congressal football team. he's now wondering if today will speed up the process. >> maybe. >> we got through the weekend. we got through the weekend without any precipitation. >> meteorologist standing by with a look ahead. also, too, kate, way to go, you guys nailed the forecast.
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>> thank you, jessica be ukee, love it when a plan comes together. we were hoping the rain would move away. give a little credit to pope francis. that storm pushed to the south and fell apart. much as we were hoping it would and maybe he had a little bit little bit of say in in. we do have a pretty great event happening right now, a super lunar eclipse stip going on, going is to start to mean in the next five minutes or so. the problem is we got a lot of cloud cover in the city. on the outskirts especially down the shore, skies are clear up in you can see. 17 percent brighter than the normal moon. it has a reddish appearance, system pretty much fell apart still have showers drifting into western pennsylvania. you can see the cloud cover
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nonexiste nonexistent. as far as temperature, not as cool, winds died down, 66 at the airport. 64 in allentown and 63 in atlantic city. we didn't escape the rain altogether. kind of delayed it. still have the hair of low pressure off the coast. going to start to tap into warmer moist air over the next few days, keep the clouds in place, and showerss possible at any time through monday, will be few and far between, same story early tuesday, watch what happens tuesday night. this front -- look at that rain blows else across the region. as far as your rain chances are concerned, we're looking at a really decent chance for rain late tuesday into wednesday. future rain amounts, many spots could see between an inch and three inches especially to the north and west. the good news is this beneficial rainfall we need if a good soaking it's been awhile since we had heavy rain as long as it doesn't come down too fast too
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soon. rain chances 30 percent, scattered showers here and there. tuesday, especially after about 7:00 or 8:00, possible. could last into early wednesday, wednesday is your best chance for rain, ten percent chance of a shower on thursday, overnight mostly cloudy little breezy still, 60 degrees overnight low, monday, mostly cloudy again. clouds hung on all weekend, they will be around through the early part of the week as well. you can see that on the "eyewitness news" seven-day forecast, lot of cloud cover monday, tuesday and wednesday, again, possible tuesday night into wednesday, re as of now looks like the sun will come back. look how chill it gets, temperatures in the 60's another chance for rain over the weekend weekend. we didn't get rid of the rain altogether but kind of a good price to pay, we can deal with a little bit of rain over the work week. >> that we can, kate, thanks so much. the world was watching at pope francis made history on the ben
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franklin parkway. >> he took over the air waves. he also kind of took over the internet. when you think about it. social media was all over this one, we're going to talk closer look at that when we come back, also this evening, we seen the pope kiss many babies. types we're going to introduce you to baby and her parents and wh
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. to be in that proximity to him, it was amazing. >> he's so personable. . >> he said breath taking to see the holy father. >> there was so much excitement surrounding the pope's visit. in this digital world, seems like everyone took to social media. >> they can do take pictures and have the comments, natasha brown
11:25 pm
monitoring twitter and facebook all day long. what did you see. >> with hundreds of thousands of people with you guys along parkway, many of them chronicleded their journey. we got plenty of tweets. let's take you to the most memorable. up close and personal shot of the popemobile whizing by her there along the parkway. thank you very much allison. here's philly news guy, we love this one. pope francis is down with at cbsphilly not photo shopped. there you see our "eyewitness news" live truck prominently displayed there. there was a mass exit us as you guys know. this was just one of the lines tweeted cindy webster lines for train at 30th street are insane. you can imagine all these folks trying to anxiously get home. and john mcdevitt of our sister
11:26 pm
radio station sent us this shot near our station, massive lynn for septa spring garden subway is it stops. many lines died down, folks are likely home now watching us. blake robinson. blake and his lovely new bride, holding our sign cbsphilly. today they returned to the parkway a married couple and sent us this shot after mass. pope smiled at us in philadelphia, hope he'll bless our marriage in rome. >> now that the pope smiled at them. i can't imagine that's not going to happen. we got other poignant memories here. this is from diana rocco, who, as you will see was on the parkway. state police moving out crowds stopped to applaud them. this is a shot that is really memorable because we know how many law enforcement officials it took to make this historic
11:27 pm
day possible and we thank all of them for protecting all of us in this moment. ukee and jessica back to you. >> natasha thank you so much. >> they did such an amazing job. you are watching a special hour-long edition of "eyewitness news" at 11:00. the pope in philadelphia. >> stay with us. there is much more to come as we take you outside to the stage. lot of activity was there last night. now, as you see, time to pack up. what a beautiful weekend it was. we'll be that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend.
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. special blessing to cap off a whirlwind tour, pope francis makes an unscheduled stop at the cardinal of the basilica of sts. peter and paul. the holy father father blessed 100,000 prayers as he bid an emotional fair well to philadelphia and the united states. the final day to pope francis' visit to philadelphia began at saint charles seminary in lower merion. privately apologized to five victims of priest sexual abuse and pledged all responsible will be held accountable. >> the pontiff visits
11:31 pm
fromhold in philadelphia, becoming the first pope ever to visit an american prison of the pope also comforted the family also of the prison as he sat in the chair that was built by the inmates. and the main event rode through center city on his way to a massive open air mass to the ben franklin parkway. that's where the took the grandist of stages and merely 1 million worshipers. the pope delivered his message of peace in the city of brother's love and sister's affection. >> on his way back to rome after a final fair well. the holy father departed philadelphia on shepherd one and gave one last blessing concluding his history making tour of the. now the clean-up begins. >> i'm jessica dean, we are here on the ben franklin parkway, where nearly a million people
11:32 pm
turned out today for the papal mass. it was quite a sight to see. as you can imagine, now that everyone gone back home and the pope departed; the clean-up is under way. working to get everything back to normal. a lot of men and women at work. "eyewitness news" diana rocco who has more on dleclean-up happening right now. >> reporter: high ukee and jessica, as you can imagine this is a big job between the gates and all of garbage but crews have been hard at work. we're literally watching these gates come down between us, 20 minutes ago. that checkpoint was there and now gone. crews work overnight, trying hard to get the city back to normal. >> the state police are moving out in formation marching down the ben franklin parkway to the applause of a grateful crowd. a sure sign the party is over. >> the great job with security
11:33 pm
that they did, protecting the holy father this weekend. it was just, just everything was very moving. >> the faithful had departed and the parkway and surrounding streets had been left covered in garbage, unopened water and overflowing garbage cans have given sanitation and clean-up crews a big job. >> we road tripped from the south side of chicago. >> reporter: gates and barricades still remain but the work has started and will likely last for days. it could be a week before the city looks like itself again. so many came from so far away and are now leaving with a lifetime memory. >> the mass is beautiful. music was beautiful. it was wonderful experience. >> it was worth it. >> reporter: we're told these big barricades will be moved by some time tomorrow but the gates have to come down before the
11:34 pm
traffic patterns can return to normal. hopefully that will happen soon. we're hearing they are ahead of schedule. then ukee and jessica we never have to talk about security perimeters again, at least not for awhile. live in center city, let's send it back to you. >> not for awhile. put it that way. thank you, diana. it was a long way for many who came here to the ben franklin parkway to celebrate mass with pope. >> they told "eyewitness news" rahel solomon, right away you wonderful the way the. >> reporter: for many it has been countdown after countdown and waiting and more waiting. >> i stood in line about four hours i think to get in. it was worth it. >> reporter: sunday evening, pl pilgrims, pope francis made his way around the ben franklin parkway kissing babies and children along the way. and people went to great lengths to get a good view. >> it's just a very special
11:35 pm
human being. >> reporter: people leaving the parkway they say they can't believe mass is over. the day has come and gone. for some who didn't make it inside, they say it was all worth it. >> being in this atmosphere and being in whole advisement, that in itself is a blessing. >> reporter: she waited for hours in security so long, never made it inside, but still inspired by the turn-out. he says he's been waiting too, as a child he met pope john paul the second. >> very visit memory and i still remember it. >> reporter: he's been waiting to give his children the same experience. now that wait is over. on the parkway, rahel solomon cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> dozens of parents this weekend got the thrill of a lifetime when they got to watch tear babies be kissed on the


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