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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  September 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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remnants of his historic visit to philadelphia are still visible tonight. while clean up crews work around the clock city leaders and business owners reflect on the weekend. good evening, everyone, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. tomorrow many head back towering and school after days of road closures due to the pope's visit. "eyewitness news" reporter todd quinn nope is live along the ben franklin parkway. the one spot, todd, where cars still aren't allowed. >> reporter: yeah, jessica for the most par the streets in around the city are back open this evening but as you mentioned with the exception of course the ben franklin parkway. take live look behind me here. you can still see a number of barriers and barricades still remain in place as does part of the stage. by the art museum steps steps it will still be another couple of days before the parkway is fully back open. ♪ >> reporter: from the heavenly highs of angelic voice to the down and dirty job of clean up and the clear up along the
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parkway, post post opinions varied on how the city faired. in old city, cuba libra chef wasn't too happy about the city allowed so many streets to be closed. >> we had no foot traffic down here. nothing. like a dead zone. >> some who live near the parkway decided to get out of town. >> i kind of wish i would have stayed to be part of it. it was such an mazing kind of event. >> this uber x driving was hoping to make little cash driving around pilgrims. >> this weekend was a bust. >> people who work at this corner deli say the business was packed. >> there was countless numbers of people. >> mayor michael nutter responded oh some of the criticism. >> no matter what we do, no matter how we do it, i'm always thinking in my mind, was there one more thing? was there a better way? >> reporter: so going forward it will be interesting that see just how city officials apply
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what they've learned here from the pope's visit to philadelphia's next big event that of course being the democratic national convention. reporting 35 night here on the parkway, todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> all right, to, thanks so mu much. today philadelphia archbishop charles chaput revealed the pope's take on the steve brotherly love. >> the holy father really was very impressed with the beauty of our city. he commented on that. he was very touched by the size of the the crowd and the extraordinary effort of all those who put this together. >> chaput also says spending 48 hours with the pope was a surreal experience. the pope landed in rome early this morning after flight from philadelphia and during the trip reporters asked him to describe the people of each city he visited in the united states. he call the people in washington warm but formal. in philadelphia very expressive. when it came to new york, pope francis invente invented new won i'm tal yann which translates beyond all limits.
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pope francis tweeted about his trip to the united states. with my heartfelt thanks may the love of christ always guide the american people! hash tag god bless america. >> hun dressed thousands left philadelphia over the last 24 hours including a family from argentina we followed for sick months. why six months? well that's when they started their trip to see pope francis. here's david spunt. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands traveled far to see pope francis but noel, her husband and their four kids likely broke a record. they came from buenos aires argentina while it's the not are far most anyone traveled they did it in this 1980 volkswagen fan named fran caseic after the pope. >> it's a great van. it's like our fifth child. she's francisca like a person for us torn the kids. >> reporter: that was noel on tuesday. just a few hours after they arrived in philadelphia. little did the family know that on sunday morning they would get
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a phone call to come to saint charles seminary. after six months on the road, they met pope francis. >> it was so great. it was a surprise. we didn't know we would have this great opportunity. >> family spent a few minutes with the pope and when he heard they drove from boonies air rows through south america into central america then the united states, he had one thing to say. >> he said we were crazy. >> but no well and her family didn't care. they had a chance to meet not only the pope but a man who also grew up in their home city. they quickly found common grou ground. >> talking with him for while. he was so kind. >> after clocking 14,000 miles and spending thousand of dollars, not only did they get to meet the pope the couple taught their children about world at least most of the western hemisphere. and as they left, the pope made his signature request. >> please to pray for me.
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>> he asked us to pray for him. >> i spoke to the family late tonight by phone. they left philadelphia this morning. they're going to travel to new york, boston and washington, d.c. before heading to miami and that famous van. they're going to leave that van they spent so much time with and fly back to argentin argentina. they want to get home and get some rest. david spunt, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> wonderful story. still ahead at 11:00 o'clock, pontiff had very busy weekend as you know in philadelphia. he had to eat well to keep up his energy. we have an exclusive back stage pass with the man who prepared food for the holy father. the snacks the pope quested coming up in about eight minute. >> the rain held off for the papal visit but now it's head our way. meteorologist kate bilo is tracking the timing of the wet weather plus possible tropical trouble. kate? >> that's right, jessica. we have two threats for heavy
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rain this week. the first one comes tomorrow night. the second one comes on saturday as result our next tropical system which i'll physical you about in just a few minutes i now storm scan3 showing what's happening at the moment. mainly cloudy conditions but the showers that popped up a bit ago have really kind of fizzled out. not a whole lot of wet weather on the map right now. a lot of players older field so to speak. we take look at storm scan3 a front right about here cutting through the great lakes, moisture lifted from the tropic from the gulf of mexico a lot of moisture in place. you can feel it in the air outside definitely feels warmer and more humid than it did over the weekend and we are tapping into again gulf moisture to provide tomorrow's threat for rain. it's mainly overnight. and into wednesday morning. temperatures right now on the warm side. it's 71 in philadelphia. 73 degrees in allentown. 71 in wilmington. we're not going to drop much past the upper 60s to night. certainly warmer than recent nights. notice generally dry through tomorrow. mainly chowed dee conditions maybe a stray shower. later tomorrow evening that instead injury rain starts to
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pick up 9:00 p.m. start to see little bit coming in at this time tomorrow we will be tracking potentially heavy rain especial until our western suburbs. that continues to move through during the overnight hours and then does taper off early wednesday morning. so coming up i'll tell you just how much rain you can expect tomorrow night into wednesday. behind that, a major cool down fort end of the week and we're watching the coast as the impact from potential tropical system could move in this weekend i'll have much more on that coming up with the full forecast in just a few minutes. jessica. >> see you then, kate, thank you new castle county councilman is calling for the department of justice to investigate the shooting death of a man in a wheelchair. councilman jay street wants an investigation into the death of jeremy mcdole. mcdole was shot dead by wilmington police and that shooting was caught on camera. police say he shot himself and was armed with weapon. >> a familiar until shock tonight after father is killed during a home april vague. police in lower moreland montgomery county identified the victim as 53-year-old kevin brown. he died last night after he was
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shot by an intruder in his philmont avenue home. his wife escaped by jumping out of the window. three of the couple's children hid during the attack and were not harm. gunman escaped on foot and police believe this family was targeted although they will not say why. young teenager died after he was pinned aunt forklift in tacony. family identified the vick testimony as 13-year-old ethan shoemaker. he allegedly broke into new man paper company through a roughed gate. gaining access to forklifts. shoemaker died after he was pinned under one of them. police are investigating the accident. president obama and russian president vladimir putin meet at the un after both addressed the general social security simply. reuter social security reporting putin agreed to work with the president on relations. president putin also said it would be a mistake to abandon the current government in syria president obama has said he would like to see a political
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transition there. meantime first lady michelle obama will appear on the late show tonight. first lady joins stephen colbert on the zest his new show not her first time talk wig colbert. she was a guest several time on the colbert report. she'll be talking about her new initiative let girls learn program and reach higher cam pin. you can catch the first lady on the late show with stephen colbert and john legend coming up at 11:35 right after "eyewitness news". amazing sight down the shore. some beaches are starting to look more like cliffs. >> walls of sand as high as 8 feet in some places. still ahead at 11:00 we'll take a look what's causing this major ear rogue. plus, the secret reveal. what researchers say they discovered on mars and why it changes what we previously thought about the red planet. kate? >> it's a rainy week. two chances for heavy rain. one of them from newly minted tropical storm joaquin.
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i'll have more on that storm how about it could impact your weekend coming up in just a few minutes. ♪ >> the voice of an angel. bobby hill sang for hope francis and captured the hearts around the world. tonight we catch up with bobby and one of his choir leaders about the moment people cannot stop talking about. be right back. and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks
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everyone's nola is different. follow yours.
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strong winds and high tides have made it tough week for some shore town. as the beaches look for like cliffs of sand. this video from ocean city's fifth street beach. national weather service said a week of straight easterly winds and a high lunar tied cycle recipe for this kind of ear rogue. one resident is shock at how much washed away. >> at this point we've lost at least half if not a little bit more. what was putting in ba june. >> experts say that winter is the harshest time for this kind of erosion. owing city says they'll bring out their backhoes and front end
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loaders to try to smooth out the cliffs that have formed. wholefoods is cutting hundreds of jobs in an evident to cut down costs. the upscale grocery store chain says the cuts are necessary in order to invest in technology up grades and improve its cost structure. wholefoods says it may move people into new jobs at new value focused stores geared toward younger customers. unlikely super star emerged during the visit of pope franc francis. the fiat. thanks to that little black car interest in the brand has spike and we got a look at a black fiat just like the holy father's at jeff fiat on the mainline. it's a four door 500l costs about 27 grand. you don't get the cut out of the pope. sources say six fiat were delivered to the secret service a few weeks before the pope's visit to the u.s. we wanted to know if pope francis had any special food requests while he was in philadelphia. and we found out the vatican did ask for certain items to be on
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end at the festival of families. our vittoria whittle gives us an exclusive back stage pass. >> reporter: pope francis was a religious rock star this weekend in philly. >> ♪ >> reporter: and like all rock stars there are screaming fans, vip lounge an few special requests. >> this room is where the vips were although it was a bunch of cubicles and dressing rooms a couple hours ago. this was his personal area. >> standing right here. >> pope was standing right here where we are right now. >> reporter: no rookie when it comes to setting up a back stage bounty rocco and his company innovative catering response al for vip spread for the papal visit. >> when you originally were asked to plan the papal menu, did you get so excited and were you like i want to make a pope francis fran choi or i want to make a pope francis flounder? >> we cepit simple. >> reporter: although there are a few requests from the
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vatican. >> dark chocolate. chocolate bars. it was nuts, no peanuts with saul. there were bananas. naturally he's a big fan of bananas. and there was are a tease breads and some cheeses that we had in there along with some fruit and cookies. >> cookies and smores tarts cave from south philly. >> getting these pastries to the parkway on saturday locked down down by secret service clearly paid to name drop. >> needed an escorting to get the pastries so i can get in and out of the zone okay. next thing i know, there's two motorcycle cops in front of my car saying come on where do we have to go, sir? i'm like, okay, what do i do. just follow behind us. >> rock star request didn't stop with the pontiff. ♪ >> italian tenor andrea bocelli wanted pasta. >> he also made up a platter of calf telly for him. >> reporter: espresso shots
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were big hit with latin america super star. we also heard downed a couple shots of espresso. espresso came from jack treatment owner of old city coffee. >> goose bumps and nervousness when you provide the comradery of a cup of coffee to visitors and dignitaries that's as good as it gets in this business. >> reporter: rocco would also agree. >> biggest honor anybody could have. our resume is official caterer for the woman's world meeting of families. >> although the festivities are over rocky will never forget this experience. he said preparing food for the pope was the best day of his life. next to the day he was married and the birth of his children. vittoria whittle, cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> very nice. i tried get back there but my name wasn't on the list. >> no, sorry. >> no bananas or dark chocolate for you. >> get out. >> he took the stage and capture the world's attention. 14-year-old bobby hill of the keystone state boys choir is
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enjoying his now found fame. ♪ >> bobby was chosen to form for the pope four minutes before he needed to take the stage. he handled all that pressure like an old pro. some say the voice an angel. certainly captivated the crowd on the parkway in everyone who heard his voice all the around the world after singing he met the holy father and they exchanged gifts. >> the choir keystone state boys choir in 2009 went to antarctica and we're the only choir in history to do that and we brought back a rock to give to someone special. and we gave it to the pope last night. >> we talk with steven fisher the associate mew second director of choir how baby starring moment came to be. it turns out bobby really wanted to meet andrea bocelli. >> i had a chance to grab bobby and walk him up to mr. bocelli and bobby just broke out into --
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does he that solo for us. so that wasn't unusual but he just seemed in very good form and with great confidence there he is in front of one of the great opera singers of our tim times. so hours later when the producer said we need 60 seconds filled or the holy father will be looking at a set change can you helps? what can the choir do? i said we have amazing choir. but i also have a choir of one his name is bobby. >> wow. the rest is history. fisher went on to say the choir is about more than music they aim to build self-confidence, commitment and in the young people. something bobby showed in abundance. >> great story. so many opportunities for young people keystone boys choir. philadelphia girls choir i love to see the young people involved in the art. >> he has that self-confidence. we're so proud of him. >> yes indeed no question. >> finding out four minutes you'll perform for the pope and knocking it out of the park.
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>> bobby is like i'm good. what else you need? >> children have that confidence. it's great. >> we should all look to them for that. >> kate, how is it looking out there. we got rain moving into the area. >> it's going to be dry until about this time tomorrow night. we'll have a couple of scattered showers. tomorrow is not a terrible day. later after nightfall we have to watch for rape coming in. once the rain gets here we'll a busy stretch of weather heading into the weekend. we have trop stall storm joaquin that could impact portions of our area especially the coastline. certainly inn lapped areas as well. as we get into the weekend. so let's start off with what's happening outside right now. we'll take you out to our rooftop camera. city definitely a little quieter tonight than it has been for the past couple of nights. the streets are pretty empty still. although traffic is getting moving again we don't have million people wander aig round. definitely a quiet pleasant night as we look life towards center city. the showers that popped up earlier have fizzled and moved on out. seeing a few break in the cloud
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cover off to the south. we're pulling in lot of moisture from the gulf of mexico from the south and west and then we've got this front which is advancing on the area kind of a squeeze play. drawing the moisture in and then we'll have some heavy rainfall along that boundary. temperatures across the area right now are still right around tent degree70 degrees much the s the great lakes moisture to the south and watch how this is all drawn together looks like these two systems are magnets pulling the low further to the north as that front creeps in. 10:00 o'clock tomorrow we start to see rain picking up overnight tomorrow night 1am heavy rain around the city of philadelphia. 3am it's continuing. during the day wednesday we'll see the rain start to fizzle a little bit not before much of the area sees one to three plus inches of rain as we get into tomorrow night this batch of heavy rain moves through the area anything you see shaded in red to could see over 3-inches. we need the rain it comes down too fast too furious we can see the threat for some flash
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flooding out there. definitely something we'll be taltalking about at this time tomorrow. make sure you're with you much latest oh on tropical storm joaquin winds 40 miles an hour, gusts to 50 very slow moving and then it will get pick up by advancing trough. notice saturday 8:00 p.m., 65 miles an hour winds just off the coast of delaware. so potential impacts from this again still a long way out that cone of uncertainty very large. heavy rain, gusty winds, beach erosion rough surf and coastal floodinflooding as that storm cp the coast on saturday. we'll keep you posted on that. overnight mostly cloudy and muggy with a shower at 69 news. tuesday warm and humid. showers during the day on and off. rain after 9:00 o'clock tomorrow night. heavy rain into wednesday morning. look how chilly it is thursday and friday. general the just cloudy those two days. saturday the rain returns and possibly a pretty close pass by tropical storm as well. just going to get worse as the week goes along. >> oh, good. >> we're ready.
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>> we know you'll be watching it kate. thanks so much. >> lesley has sports. >> old friend jonathan papelbon in the news again much his season and cody parkey's both over. i'll explain coming up. what role did pope francis play in that eagles victory yesterday. chip kelly talks about divine
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royal caribbean's wow sale is back. buy one get one half off. plus free upgrades and up to $200 onboard spending money. it all ends september 30th, so call 1-800-royal-caribbean or your travel agent today. >> eagles back to work tomorrow. it will be a short a couple place. andrew gardner has a foot injury it look like pro bowl kicker cody parkey's season is over. they'll put him on injured reserve. he hurt himself in pre-game warm
11:26 pm
ups yesterday. last year he set an nfl rookie record scoring 150 points. going to sign caleb sturgess he was cut by the dolphins earlier this month. third game of the season but this was kind of a must win for the birds. they came through. they beat the jets thanks to the two touchdown performances by darren sproles plus 108 yards rushing from ryan matthews who played for the injured demarco murray and defense forced four turnovers. with pope francis in philadelphia over the weekend what role did the holy father play in that victory? pope helped us that's 100% true. if you watch what we did in the second half we were trying to get the game over quicker so we can come back and see hmm. >> that's angelo. you can tell that laugh anywhe anywhere. phillies with the day off think start their final home stan of the season when they take on the newly crowned nl east champion new york mets at the bank. meanwhile jonathan pap pell been season over. the nats suspended him four games after this right here. grabbing teammate bryce harper
11:27 pm
by the throat yesterday in that 12-five loss to the phils. paps also september add three game suspension for throwing at baltimore manny ma chad dough. scary moment at the cardinals pirates game. st. louis outfielder steven scotty collides with teammate peter bore jess going after a bleigh ball. his niece hits him in the he laid motion less on the grass for several minutes. the cards say he has a bruise on his head and he was taken to a hospital for observation. flyers in preseason action facing the ranger at madison square garr garden. second period on the power play. timmons to knock the rebound. and they had two goal lead. the rangers tie up the game in overtime penalty shot skates on in. right past steve mason. rain verse beat the flyers three to two. preseason, regular season, it doesn't matter. there's a problem at the garden for the flyers. >> there is a problem at the garden.
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>> good practice game. good practice game. season right around the corner isn't can't wait. i was going to the library to do my homework. it was a little bit of a walk to get to the bus stop. i had to wait in line to use the computer. took a lot of juggling to keep it all together. what's possible when you have high-speed internet at home? the library never closes. it makes it so much better to do homework when you're at home.
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and we still have no limits on carbon pollution which can lead to more asthma attacks in children but senator toomey has voted repeatedly to let polluters keep releasing unlimited carbon pollution into the air. and took more than one million dollars from the polluters. tell senator toomey to vote for the clean power plan, because unlimited pollution shouldn't be a right. but playing outside should be. >> new testified night there may be extra terrestrial life on mars. there appears to be flowing water on the red planet. scientists say the water boosts the odds of life on the planet. back in 2008 scientists confirm the existence of frozen water on mars. but now instruments aboard one of nasa' are orbiters shows
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strong evidence that water water in liquid form trickles down slopes much it remains unclear where the water originates. we'll be right back.
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that's going to do it for us tonight. for lesley, kate our entire team i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen colbert is next with first lady michelle obama and john legend. >> thanks for watching. have a good night, family, and
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