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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> temple police are investigating a sexual assault right off campus. >> more signs the city returning to normal. following the pope's visit, eyewitness cam video here shows barriers being taken down overnight. hear what mayor nutter has to say about criticism over the way the city handled the papal planning. and, some rain is on the way. check out storm scan3 here. justin lets us know when it arrives and just how much you may be getting. good morning, it is tuesday, september 29th, i'm erika von tiehl. we want to get the check on our forecast with justin and a look at the roads with meisha a good morning. >> so far the roads are looking really nice. although we are starting startio see volume levels picking up. residual effect from yesterday, but justin, i hear the rain is coming. sometimes we just can't complain about it, we just need it. >> it has been a while since we had a good rain. we made it through the weaken dry. heads up on the road, you may run into areas of locally dense fog. they drop the visibility down to little bit. we seeing the fog now in center city, over the past hour, really starting to develop. can't even see halfway up the
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skyscrapers right now, so looks like, little bit more thicker fog than what we had yesterday around philadelphia. so, heads up there. storm scan3, pretty quiet, maybe sprinkle up in the poconos this morning, everybody else is dry, with just some clouds, sole fog, this afternoon, tonight, start to see the rain chances really start to increase. sixty-nine the temperature at the airport, 70 in allentown and reading. so warm start to tuesday, tropical air mass, with light wind, helping to develop the fog, 3.3 of a mooing visibility in trenton this hour, five in wilmington, half mile still in dover, delaware, not everywhere, so stays humid today. morning fog otherwise mostly scatter skies, showers develop in the afternoon, norm warm one we make it to the 80sment back to school today for everybody. 8:00 temperature low 70s, by 3:00 talking low 80s coming home from school, best shot to see the shower so we give it c plus today with the clouds and shower chance. high of 82 for philadelphia.
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70s at the shore, talk about how much coming up in the full forecast if a few minute shall meisha, a how are the roads looking? >> still dark out, there but look at this, visibility issues for some you, look at the fog, a lot of fog out there shot of the ben franklin bridge, we can hardly tell what we're looking at right now, good thing, volume levels looking good specially here on ben franklin bridge. when we look at other parts like the blue route, approaching route one, volume levels are steadily picking up. when i look at the schuylkill, or the roosevelt, all heating up now, starting to see levels build like we would have somebody yesterday around the 6:00 hour. getting all of that today. >> aa lot of people took the day off. construction woodhaven eastbound off ramp to roosevelt, right lane block for those of you in and around the area also springfield township, few blocks from cheltenham avenue, where we have an accident, had your vine lane at laurel lane. another place, kind of some
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clean up still going on the ben franklin parkway closed between 16th and kelly drive, that clean up, erika, over to you. >> thank you. developing now, temple university student on alert after reported sexual assault near campus. jan carabeo joined us now at the scene, she has the latest on this investigation. good morning. >> police aren't releasing too much information about this case right now, but learning little bit more, coming to live from north philadelphia this morning, now, told that this is where the reported robbery and sexual assault happen, just behind me here on the 1400 block of north carlisle street. detective and the special victims aoun rid now hard at workment you can see that yellow police tape actually remain here on scene in this neighborhood this morning. temple university alert went out to student early this morning detailing the little that is known at this time. the university says philadelphia police investigating robbery and sexual assault that happened here north philly around midnight. the school goes on to say that the victim is a temple
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university student, but again, a lot of unknowns, no word on the circumstances of the robbery or what was taken, only the suspect arm, no update right now on the condition of the female student, and police have not yet described a possible suspect. >> north north carlisle street off campus, the scene located just south of the university. but a loft student do live around here, so clearly a report like this is very concerning, and the university is asking student don't stay alert and report any suspicious activity. back out live on scene, deck busy working this case again, what we know at this point, is that a female student of temple university reported a robbery and sexual assault, contacted the university for contact. as soon as we get more information, we'll bring it right to you. live from north philadelphia, jan carabeo, "eyewitness news". >> man in critical condition after being shot if the fairhill section of philadelphia, police say, a 39
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year old man was shot in the back around 11:00 czars 2800 block of mutter street. no suspect or motives at this time. and police say, no shell casings were found at the scene either. the man is recovering at temple hospital. another shooting in philadelphia now leaves three people including a eight year old girl injured. authority say the gunfire errupted inside a home on the 5,000 block of boudinot street around 8:30 last night. the young girl was grazed by a bullet while her mother and another woman in the home were shot. mr. is say none of the injuries are life threatening, and no arrests have been made. >> your time right now 6:05, clean up continues around town after the papal visit. it will take few more days for everything real toy get back to normal. >> this eyewitness cam video shot overnight shows crews removing the metal barriers. whether or not were you in town everyone has something to say about this historic visit. more now from todd quinones.
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>> to the down and dirty job of clean up, and the clear up along the parkway. post pope opinion vary on how the city fared. in old city cuba lib ray executive chef wasn't too happy about the city allowed so many street to be closed. >> we had no foot traffic down here, nothing. it was just like a dead zone. >> some who live another the parkway decided to get out of town. >> i kind of wish i stayed to be part of this. i mean, it was such an amazing kind of, you know, event. >> this uber ex driver hoping to make little cash driving around pilgrims. >> weekends was really good but this weekend a bus. >> other fared better people who work at this corner deli near the parkway say the bus was packed. >> there was just countless numbers of people. >> mayor michael nutter responded to s criticism. >> no matter what we do, no matter how we do it, i'm always thinking in my mind, was there one more thing?
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was there a better way? >> so it will be interesting to see just how city officials take what they learn here from the pope's visit, and apply that to our next big event, and that's of course when the dnc comes to town. reporting on the parkway, todd quinones, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> appearing before congress for controversial undercover video. it is the first time cecil richards will appear since the video's showing employees describing fetal tissue research released this last summer. defends organization sake the practice is just small part whatever it does. con send tifs, though, say they're breaking the law. >> and that hearing comes just one day after the senate passed a bill authorizing government spending including funding for planned parenthood. it had substantial bipartisan support passing with 77 votes to 19. that measure now goes to the house of representatives. it must be passed before wednesday, at midnight, to
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avoid a government shutdown. >> little more than a month before the general election, candidates in philadelphia face-off in first debate tonight. democratic nominee jim kenny and republican member is a murray bailey joined by other candidate in the race. the debate at the double tree hotel on broad street is free. and it is open to the public. it is sponsored by the united way of greater philadelphia in south jersey, voters head to the polls on november 13th. -- third. >> still ahead this morning, on "eyewitness news", lawsuit filed in the death of actor paul walker. why his daughter says porsche is to blame for his death. >> also, trouble down the shore, so many beaches looking more like cliffs with walls of sand as high as 8 feetment finds out what's causing all of that errosion. >> and tables and guests made for your smart phone. see how they charge your devices coming up. >> ♪
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>> check out errosion from ocean city fifth street beach. look how tall that cliff is. national weather service said
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week of high lunar tide cycle, straight wind, causing this kind of errosion. one resident is surprised by just how much washed away. at this point, we are at, lost at least half, if not a little bit more, than what was put back in june. >> experts say, that winter is the harsh time for this casino every errosion. ocean city off recalls say they're going to try to smooth out those cliffs that have formed. >> heading down south now, parts of south florida are underwater this morning. after continuous rain, high tides caused some cars to just stall in those rising waters. resident could experience a familiar scene today, as more rain is headed their way. just i know expecting some rain, any possible flooding from? what do you think? >> wove rain coming. been so dry, but always the chance for flood being, once we do have heavier showers moving, in more of localized type deal if it does happen. because it is so humid out there, so we will see heavier showers arriving tonight. here is the set up. dry right now, storm scan3, but cold front to the north and west, we have low pressure system to the south.
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it will combine together, to bring steadier rain. some of the rain could be heavy at times, yes, lead to go potentially localized flooding, through the overnight into early tomorrow morning. warm, though. look at that, 60s to around 07 in south jersey and delaware, just heads up for areas of locally dense fog. sixty-seven out in malvern 68 chalfont this hour. similar numbers to the north, quakertown, allentown, pottstown, mid upper 60s to near 70 degrees. a loft humidity out there. it will feel steamy today, tomorrow, that's what's going to help bring some of the heavier rain showers in here. the humidity backs off little bit by the end of the week, but still, under the gun with more rain chances. this is tropical storm with a keen, winds 40 miles per hour expected to intensify little bit, to stronger tropical storm being then track northward off the east coast, sometime during the weekends, could be close enough to bring some more additional rain to the region this weekend. afternoon watch out for some scattered showers, to develop, here's the heavier steadier rain, overnight, midnight, tonight and then still some showers around through the
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morning, into the afternoon. so again, looks like the heaviest rain just north and west of the city, forecast rainfall amounts, some purple showing up here, possibly, 2 inches of rain. which is good news, because we do need the rain. forecast high today, 82 degrees, warm, humid, watch out for late day showers, steadier rain tonight, could be heavy at times, low of 07a here's the extended forecast, not looking good if you have outdoor plans, but if you want some fall temperatures, you are going to like it next few days, we are dropping back to the 60s, the weekend still looks pretty wet, could you see steadier rain, as well, on saturday. so dust off the umbrellas, it's been a while, here's the forecast. >> swing in temperatures, too, six a? >> this time of year, late september. >> all right, tis the season. >> roads are at least dry right now. >> yes, the roads are looking great. yep, they are dry. what you are dealing with right now, some visibility issues, we have a loft fog out there. but the good news, martin luther king drive now open. and take a look at this, speaking of that fog, this is the ben franklin bridge.
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buckly i see it. hopefully have the fog lights working, you may want to put those on today. it will cause some slow downs specially the more vehicles that hit the roadway, typically fog does that whether people can't see, it is authorities see. look, it looks like this is black camera. that's 95 southbound at cottman. can you believe that? this is where we do -- this is woodhaven road. this is an update. i'll back out of the wayment woodhaven road eastbound ram top roosevelt boulevard now closed. it was just the right lane before. now toss completely closed for you, in and around that area, and thorton road to the roosevelt boulevard right lane blocked due to. >> this remember i just showed that you camera, visibility, that's what i am mainly worried about this morning, 59 southbound at cottman looking very, very dark. this is where we have some clean up, ben franklin parkway closed between 16th and kelly drive for those of you casino of wondering about that. some fun stuff. the phillies versus the new york mets, 7:05 p.m., citizens bank park tonight. go phillies. overall, though, just make sure at that time bus routes,
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check them out, some still detoured. over to you. >> actor paul walker's daughter files wrongful death suit against porsche. the actor died in 2013 when the porsche gt he was road untiling crashed and burst into flames. walker's 16 year old daughter reportedly accuses porsche of taking shortcuts in building the car. the suit alleges the auto maker installed seatbelt in a way that they trapped walker and that burning vehicle. and, brown university has become the latest school to revoke bill cosby's honorary degree. last week fordham, marquette universities, rescind honorary die degrees a mid cosby's sexual assault allegations. he has admitted to having extra-marital relationships with some of the women accusing him of sexual assault. cosby has not been charged with any crime. >> 6:16. it is national coffee day, did you know? still ahead, find out where you can get a free cup of joe to celebrate. >> also, don't outhit when your gym clothe smell bad, even after you have just
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washed them? well, there is a new product out there, claim to go wash away that gym odor forever, that's coming u
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>> two southwest declines collide, planes were being prepared to tow to the gate, one aircraft rolled in the front of the other one.
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the nose and fuselage of one plane struck the end of the wing of the second aircraft. >> aircraft are not allowed to just roll around aimlessly on the runway by themselves or the tacky way. >> no one was hurt in the slow-moving crash. more southwest planes were involved in collisions at other airports. two planes collided at denver international last month, and two southwest planes clipped wings at the oakland airport last summer. and, oregon company says their product can keep your clothes free from funk, that means no more spill i gym attire. de-funk it is called, two step treatment, that cleans and seals clothing, keeping odor causing bacteria from growing. the company hopes that by keeping even sweaty clothes, smelling good, people will wash them less often and save water. and the treatment is no one-time deal. >> pretty much block for
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reach, permanent anti-stink. >> the company is distributing the product in the pacific northwest, but hopes to expand either further sometime soon. de funk, there you have it. >> millions of americans suffer from fall allergies. coming up doctor rob is here with some things you can do to find relief. >> furniture that charges your phone without a cord. i'm hena daniels in brooklyn, new york, and i'm going to have that story coming up. >> justin, going to see rain today? >> looks like starting to see the shower starting this afternoon, rain picking up tonight. wet pattern into the weekend, what to expect over the next seven days in a few more
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it was a record setting weekend for apple. the company says it sold 13 million iphone 6s and 6s plus devices so far at one point they were selling 3,000 per minute. this news comes just three days after the product launch. the new iphone's feature touch screen that senses just how long and hard someone's pressing, they also have a stronger alluminum body and higher resolution cameras. >> all pretty attached to our smart phones, right? with so many gadgets syma pain to find the right cord for t now, wireless charging technology stations, one major furniture company is billing it right into your table.
6:25 am
cbs news correspondent hena daniels report there is could be the start after huge trend. >> kelly donovan came to ikea to look at this ends table. tune see how it works, with her smart phone. >> i thought i would give it a try, see if it was worth it, or if it was, you know, going to work with my phone. >> the table is part of a new line of furniture, that has phone charging pads built in. which plug into an outlet, just lay your phone on top of the plus sign and the batteries starts charging. >> how quickly do the -- does the phone charge? >> it is to charges about as quickly as a standard charger will. >> but no cords? >> no cords. you don't have to worry about things to plug? >> ikea, says, shoppers can also buy a stand alone charger, and install it in their own desk or table. >> people are real excited about the product. >> i ikea furniture joins range of other wireless chargers on the market. but there is a down side. some phones, including the iphone, do not have wireless charging capability, built in. customers have to buy a separate adapt or case to make
6:26 am
it work. it is available in some devices and not available in other. >> but cnet jessica says it will likely change very soon. >> i think what we are starting to see is very beginning of a trends that will gather a lot of steam later on, and that's that wireless charging will start to become everywhere that we are. and the home, in the office, maybe even coffee shops and airport lounges, places like that. >> the lg phone work the the ikea chargers and planning to take one home. >> hena daniels, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> next big thing. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", hear what michelle obama had to say on the late show with stephen colbert. justin? >> and erika, griffin campbell accused of third degree murder, the salvation army store collapse back in 2013. set to appear today to begin trial. preview coming up live. >> well, we have dense fog and visibility issues, construction out there, also some clean up. all of the updates coming up. first a quick break, stay
6:27 am
right where you are. the cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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>> good morning, and you could see some fog as you hit the road this morning, take a look at your screen right now, that's the ben franklin bridge, if you can see it, lights they're making out, also tracking rain for later today, and also this week, just big shift after just lovely weaken, but now, got fog, rain to talk about. >> unsettled forecast, if you have outdoor plans, really today is the dayment even though we are dodging few scattered showers, but steady rain comes in here un, then we just keep wet forecast. >> we need it, though, been so long since we've had rain. >> yes, we are down, talking heavier rain, not huge flood potential because it's been so dry, but could be localized flooding later tonight. talk about that in a little bit. but actually, delaware, no the bad morning. see little break in the clouds. should be nice sunrise,
6:31 am
rehoboth beach, temperature at 7 degrees, wind pretty calm at this hour. what is happening storm scan3, clouds over us, few areas of patchy fog, all of the showers still well to the north and west, not until later this afternoon, we see some of the scattered showers move in, it is a steadier rain that arrives tonight. 60s to about 70 for the temperatures, what we are waking up to. so warm start, almost like summer feel, we have a loft humidity around, that's what's helping to develop some of the fog, visibilities still down in trenton, dover, looking little better down to 1 mile, or up to 1 mile now, half mile earlier. just be aware of locally dense fog. here is your school day forecast, giving it c plus with the clouds and the shower chance, mainly coming home from school. temperatures warm, though, going to be in the low 80s, warm day in the classroom. forecast high of 82 for philadelphia at the shore mid 70s in the poconos, also in the 70s, we time out the rain coming up in the full forecast in a few minute, but checking out the latest on the morning commute. morning, meisha. >> good morning, yes, big swings there in werth. irk tell in you terms of weather, what you are dealing with is some visibility issues
6:32 am
due to the dense fog, right now, here is a update with the woodhaven construction, woodhaven road eastbound ramp to boulevard closed. it was the right lane, now it is closed, woodhaven, thorton road to the boulevard, the right lane blocked, you can see, we just have construction truck in the view. you can't see it right now. but just know that's what you are dealing with out there. then 422, this is an accident report 22 eastbound before trooper road. that left lane is blocked due to the accident. also very dense fog on the boulevard, let me pull up that camera for you, there you go. look at this, you can see plenty of headlight out there, the roosevelt boulevard, head in southbound direction as you approach the schuylkill. this is casino whatever we've been seeing, casino of the theme all morning long, that what we normally would have seen, those volume levels yesterday, on busy monday morning, almost like everyone took the day off, or a lot of people took the day off. what we are seeing now is they're hitting roadways earlier this morning. we saw it start in the 5:00 hour. what you are seeing now, only
6:33 am
6:30, pushing toward the rush hour, so certainly no doubt about it, we will get volume level. but little heavier, certainly heavier than it was yesterday. also, some construction, pennsylvania turnpike eastbound, the off ramp to ft. washington. one lane block for those every in you this area. and some bus routes are still detoured, because of the pope visit last week, erika, over to you. >> meisha, a thank you. demolition contractor griffin campbell's trial begins today. campbell faces third degree murder charges in the center city building collapse that left six people dead more than dozen injured. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins you now, outside the courthouse, he has the latest on this story, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, that trial is set to begin today, but we do know that last week that griffin campbell turned down a plea deal, that would have reduced his prison time as well as his chargesment now, if accepted, campbell's deal women have thrown out his murder charges, and capped his prison term to no mow that 20 years. campbell is a contractor by trade, and he now faces charges, including, third degree murder, wreckless
6:34 am
endangerment, conspiracy, other offenses. campbell is one of two charged in that deadly salvation army store collapse, on june 5th, 2013, at 22nd and market street. six were killed, more than dozen were injured. the one-story store was topple by an unsupported 3-story wall, that wall was part of next-door demolition job with back hoe operator sean benschop. he took a plea deal similar to one campbell refused. he said he knew that dim owe was very dangerous but proceeded because his boss, campbell, toll him to. benschop cheering back in july, campbell's lawyer shot down benschop. >> today's plea offer, the district attorney failed to mention about the high level of thc, the marijuana opinion seconder sets that were ingested. >> now, campbell has been held in custody since june 2013. again, he has pleaded not guilty. we are told there is a chance
6:35 am
that winschop could take the stands against him. live in center city. justin finch, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you so much. >> meanwhile, the site of the collapse at 22nd and market streets is being turned into a memorial park. the salvation army donate that property to honor the victims. but before construction can begin, organizers need to raise almost one and a half million dollars for the project. they'll update us on the fun racing progress later today. >> 6:35. and in a recent survey, nine out of ten americans agree that when they receive financial guidance, the person provide that advice should put the consumers' interest ahead of theirs, makes sense, right? but according to cbs news business analyst jill schlessinger the law has not quite caught those police yet. it seems common sense, but not this is the case of the law, right, jill? >> yes. this is so weird. because the vast majority of folks out there, who were providing financial advice, their health is something called suitability standard. now that means, that any
6:36 am
advice, or product, that they recommend, has to be suitable for you. but it may not be the best product. it may not be in your best interest. a smaller percentage of advisors are held to tougher standards, and that's called fed usual area, it is legally binding, client-first model. >> sounds familiar, jim. wasn't president obama talking about this earlier this year? >> absolutely. the white house has actually already endorsed a department of labor proposal. and that would require all financial professionals to act as fed usual areas, when they're working with any retirement investors. a lot of large firms have said that that proposal would lead to a number of negative consequences for individual investors, however, the financial planning coalition, that's three-part coalition, the cfp board, financial planning association, national association of personal financial advisors, that coalition supports the change, it says, its long overdue. it also dismisses that some of the alternative proposals from
6:37 am
big financial service firms, they say, look, that's just going to dilute the basic requirements of a true fed usual area standard. to learn more about fed usual area, you can go to jill on money. com. if you want to find an individuals or who is a fed usual area, go to planner search. org. i really recommend that the fed usual area become a familiar part of your vocabulary shall specially since we already think that people are putting our best interests first. bee might as well make sure they're legally bound to do so. >> absolutely, jill, good call. thanks so much. >> take care. >> now, despite what people are posting on facebook, they're not going to be charging for the site any time soon, maybe seeing one of these post in your friends themes. one of the hoaxes circulating on social media right now. the other claims that by copying and pacing a legal dis claim their you pro tech your privacy and photos. now facebook has long said users own and control their content, as stated in the site's statement of right and responsibility. 6:37 right now.
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and do you need a little extra jolt to start your day? we've god got good news, today is national coffee day. to celebrate pick up free coffee of any size at wawa, dunkin' donuts will gave you a free medium cup of hot or iced dark roast coffee, i know just ten enjoying that right now. and krispy kreme giving away free glazed coffee with your free coffee. expect a long line. fall allergies in full swing, and those watery eyes, walter eye noses bothering a lot of people. up next doctor rob here with some ways you can get some relief. >> also, ahead, thousands of people visited the knotted grotto during the pope's visit to philadelphia. now we know what will come from all of t find out how those ribbons will help keep the homeless warm. >> and check this out. yes, that's an owl catching a ride on a kayak. but how he got there is really just a crazy story. we'll break it down for you coming up.
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>> could doctor actually be life on mars? new evidence says may be. nasa says liquid water cents been discovered on the red planet. scientists say hey, where ever there is water, there is live n2008 scientists confirm the existence of frozen water on mars, and now evidence that water in liquid form, trickles down certain martian slopes in the warmer month. scientists say this water could be a lifesaver for future astronaunts. so big development there. >> right now 4:42, checking in with justin and our weather watchers, kind of muggy out there this morning at 6:42. >> talk about a lot of water right here in the form every rain. good news, we need rain across the region shall but waking up to another warm start, upper 60s to 70, checking in with weather watchers. i throw up the list form to get everybody involved here. buena fist that township new jersey, margo, she has 64 degrees, little cool, there james, ocean city, little miler at 69 degrees this hour, upper 60s, and in
6:43 am
gilbertsville, 56 degrees in chesterfield, in philadelphia, here, phil, he had 67 this hour. but really kind of similar numbers, because of the clouds, some fog around, middletown, 68 degrees, dover, you guys are seeing the fog, as womenment looking at upper 60s, and ed connor sends in another picture of the fog, this morning, in chesterfield. on the chesterfield track. that's what we're dealing with, really depends on where you are, visibility down about half mile or less in some spots. >> so here is the set up. dry right now, storm scan3, notice showers, well to the north and west. looks like scattered shower chances get in here really this afternoon. that's when you will need the umbrella. tonight into wednesday morning, watch out for potential for some heavy rain. there is one to 3 inches possible, specially north and west of the citiment so could be localized flooding. then saturday, could be raining again. that steady rain, we have to watch what is left of tropical storm joaquin, how close is that storm system get to our coastline? into the afternoon, scatter shower chances but notice the heavy rain pulling in here, midnight tonight. a loft yellow, orange, red showing up. indicating heavier showers.
6:44 am
even wednesday morning, still, some left over showers around into the afternoon, but looks like the heaviest will be through the overnight. forecast high today, again, 82 degrees, with scatter shower in the afternoon, tonight mild night. muggy 70, warm forecast, but low of 75. here is the phillies game, fishes pitch 7:00. 75 degrees, watch out for some steady rain at the ends of the game. how is the traffic locking? >> things looking pretty good. one thing to be dealing with so far this morning, some visibility issues, because of the dense fog. now here is a beautiful shot of the ben franklin bridge for those of you coming from jersey in center city. so aside from the visibility issues, what we are seeing is some of the volume issues. oh, yes. they started early. i would say even in the 4:00 hour, 4:30, seeing more than we normally see even on monday. so looks like a lot of the people that took off yesterday, are now hitting the roadways today. another area of town, we have accident on 422 eastbound, this is at trooper road. make note of that. pulled all the way out to the left shoulder, but it is blocking some of the left
6:45 am
lane, as women. what's happening because of the volume levels, starting to see those speed censors drop, just little bit. so just make note of that. use your best discretion in this that area, still active. forty-two at creek road, approach 295, again, here, another spot where you can see volume levels certainly heavy -- hefty and pulled off to the right shoulder, freeway friend, always there, but not causing too many problems out there. but what happens is when we get volume levels like this, censor maps start to drop. even something as small as that can start to cause problems. another accident broad street, arch street, make note that far for those of in you and around the area. also we still have some that far clean upgoing on, ben franklin parkway, still closed between 16th and kelly drive. and one more area of construction, route 55 northbound, route 49, all of the updates coming up in a little bit. erika, over to you. >> all right, time for what's up what's up doc. every year the spring leads millions of us sniffing and sneezing, l allergy sir ers
6:46 am
are falling right back to the symptoms as we enter autumn. family physician doctor rob dan off joining us now with tips on fighting fall allergies and also finding some relief. always think the spring, we forget about the fall. >> you're right. fall is a big time for allergies. >> who are the big culprits in the fall compared to the spring? >> ragweed, ragweed, pollen. these like weeds are all over the place, they could be in yards, by the river bank, and here is the thing. rag wood gives off pollen millions of grains can carry in the air over 400 miles, even if we don't see them right here you can walk around the city and sneeze and itchy eyes from ragweed pollen. >> are there certain foods you should avoid from a sensitivity toward ragweed? >> good point. pollen has certain proteins that some people are sensitive to or have allergic reaction. if you like cantelope, or bananas, or honey do melon, sunflower seeds, or if you even take the pill echo asia to try to stop a coal, get what -- guess what? you might get swelling of your mouth, itchy mouth, that's because if you're allergic or ragweed or have the allergic
6:47 am
reaction, may have the same reaction from these foods. careful. >> interesting. i heard people have scratchy throat after cantelope, sensitive toy to ragweed sensitivity? >> i wouldn't doubt it. people, listen if you are having this reaction from it, it may not be allergic reaction to the food but it may problem ragweed political glenn interesting. so out and about. how can you reduce your exposure to these pollens. >> in the city, the highest rag wood pollen level between ten a.m. and 3:00 p.m. so when you run, erika, don't go during those times, knock. >> i won't. >> also, biggest thing, closure windows, you can't be talking to your neighbor there, political won't just go through the windows whether car or home, pollen grains go in there. also what outwent do shower at the end of the day, because this way you're washing the pollen out of your hair, and off your skin, so you don't bring it in your bed and snows all night. change the filters on the heater an at your home, guess what, want to wear clothes with cotton. >> why is that? >> because certain like polly cents esther or acrylics have,
6:48 am
electrical charge, attract pollen, so you could be wearing this type of material and be your own pollen tree just spreading it around. could the doesn't do that. >> anything to do in the winter when walking on carpet and you get the little knock. >> he can actually right. certain materials you wear attract these electrical things, and often zap. >> same thing for political never. >> yes. >> interesting. >> attract political glenn who knew that, okay. also when it comes to other allergens and like mold, what should we do to fight those? >> moldy time of year specially now with the humidity, moisture, so what you want to do. clean your air events. when was the last time you cleaned your air event? >> little while. >> yes. so all of these particles in there. also replace carpets when it is time with flooring, that's non-carpet, because can't are like a sponge for pollen, and mold. also, get rid of any leaf, pollen piles around the house, because leaves look pretty but you don't want the piles around your house, guess what grows on the leaves, mole. use de humidify err, mold like humid airs. keep it dry.
6:49 am
real important specially for people with asthma. and also, carry any medications you need for your allergic reaction or for the asthma. >> 102nd left, if you have these symptoms, what should you do? >> go see your doctor, we can give you medication toss help up, decrease your symptoms if you have contact loans cents don't wear them in your eyes itch. normal saline, car wash for your nose, clear the pollen. >> car wash for your nose, doctor rob, thank you so many. right now 6:49. time to see what's coming up on cbs this morning, nora o'donnell has the preview. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, erika. ahead we will talk about kevin mccarthy wants to be the next house speaker. only on cbs this morning, david cameron right here in studio 57. also, melody, on whether volkswagon can bounce back from the emissions scandal. >> and we reveal the forbes lit of americas' wealthiest people. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you in just about ten minute. >> thanks so much. we now know what will happen to the 100,000 plus prayer row
6:50 am
questions strips on the nodded grotto. in you a chance to write one, you may have noticed the material is not paper it is towelly insulation. that insulation will now be used inside 88 brand new homes that will be built for the homeless on north broad street. the display will stay up until at least the end of the week, and possibly through the end of october. so it find a new purpose. >> and, it was a moment that had a lot of people laughing. did you see this? we now know the family that dressed their four year old daughter like the popement they were visiting from massachusetts. dana and daniel madden shared this video of their daughter quinn being blessed look at the little outfit on quinn, the pope seemed amused with the outfit. he sent word to the family that he appreciated their great sense of humor. oh, what a great photo up there. >> now, the pope he had busy schedule of course, but did take some time to meet with vice president biden before departing sun dame. while the vice president political future remains in the air, he will be allowed to take part in the first
6:51 am
democratic primary debate if he runs. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, lincoln chappie, martin o'malley and jim web, have already been invited. >> first lady michelle obama joked with stephen colbert during her first appearance on the late show. mrs. obama said she is looking forward to just doing some of the little things she can't do right now because she's the first lady. she also talked about leaving a letter offering advice to the next first lady or first man. >> i also want to do little things like open a window. i mean -- >> i'm sorry -- >> i want to go to target. >> if we have a female president next, would you leave a letter for her husband? >> (laughter). >> the first lady also spoke about her new initiatives, the let girls learn program, and her reach higher campaign.
6:52 am
you can catch the late show with stephen colbert tonight at 11:00 35:00 right after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 right here on cbs-3. his guests tonight are actors allen page, and jessie eisenbergment we'll be right back. first what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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update on developing story, sexual assault investigation near the temple university campus.
6:56 am
"eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now at that scene with the latest information. jan, good morning. >> good morning, detective, and a special victims unit, are working hard on this case, now, they're not releasing too much information right now but we have learned that it was a temple university student who was reportedly robbed and sexually assaulted here overnight. take a look at the video, this is what the scene look like earlier this morning, this is the 1400 block of north carlisle street north philadelphia. temple university sent out alert to the student bod bye what happened here, in that alert, the student says female student was robbed and sexually assaulted around midnight. but, right now, there is no update on the condition of that student, and there is no word on the circumstances of the robbery, or what was taken, only that the suspect was armed. no description of possible suspect either. now, the 1400 block of north carlisle street is off campus, the scene is located just south of the university, but a loft student live in this area, so it is very concerning, the university's asking student to be on alert.
6:57 am
reporting in north philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. 6:57 right now. we've all heard those fish stories about the one that got away. but this fisherman has quite a store bit one that actually stuck around. gary olson is pretty successful fisherman, but never expected to real in an owl. the owl had swooped down, to grab his lure on texas lake, and then tangled its talents in the fishing line. gary helped that owl on board, and notified animal control. many got to know his passenger >> owl, how are you? you enjoying your kayak ride? me too. >> pretty neat because it sat right on the front of my kayak, for about an hour, very calm, and collective. >> beautiful animal, too. a vet checked out that owl, and said he was just fine, he was released back into the wild. gary says the experience, can you guess, it was a hoot, he
6:58 am
says. you never expect that, in the lake fishing and this owl arrives? >> and doesn't it look like a stuffed annual. >> really does. >> so beautiful. >> little baby. >> cool. just hanging out there. >> tied up in the lines being not much else he can do, but still. >> they became best east. >> finally getting some rain, needing it, dry for so long. so this afternoon you think, justin? >> this afternoon, really the main event tonight. so if you have outdoor plans tonight, i think you are okay. may dodge scattered shower or two. steadier, heavier ann rye arrives through the overnight hours. but high temperature today around 82 degrees, potential maybe for little bit of localized flooding through the overnight just because there could be downpours, early tomorrow morning, heads up, still heavy rain early, then taper off to few showers for the afternoon. still thursday, friday, i think it stays un settle. does column down, back to the 60s, then we watch another weekend storm bringing round of stead inch rain. wet forecast for the next several dames. >> if you were thinking were
6:59 am
you going to get off the hook early this morning because yesterday was so nice, no, it is busy today. take a look at this, if i didn't know because of the ban across the bottom interstate 95, i would have no idea what this is. this is 59 southbound at cottman, the kind of fog you are dealing with this morning. also, when taking a look at the ben franklin bridge, look at this, you can't even see some of this. so, overall, just know that you certainly want to have your either fog light working or your lights on or just make sure to give yourself some extra space between you and the car in front of you. >> last time, the red lights. >> oh,. >> all right, coming up next on cbs this morning, british prime minister david cameron, what he thinks about syria and its president. and remind tear join us bright and early every weekday morning, we kicks things off 4:30 right here on cbs-3. hope you have great day and bring that umbrella with you. we need it. good morning.
7:00 am
it is tuesday, september 29th, 2015. welcome to c "cbs this morning." president putin and obama clash over syria and ukraine. details of their first formal meeting in more than two years. congressman kevin mccarthy tells us why he's the best person to replace john boehner as speaker of the house. first, forbes unveils the list of america's wealthiest people. >> we begin there morning at a look at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >> strengthening in the atlantic ocean. joaquin could affect the mid-atlantic or at least northeast. >> a tropical storm


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