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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 29, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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just off the university campus, tonight we will hear from concerned students as police try to track down this violent criminal. a nail salon scare, freshly manicured man shows his appreciation by robbing the the place at gunpoint. we have talk to the owner of the philadelphia salon about these frightening moments. downpours, in new jersey, pop up storms sweep across the region and it is just a preview of what is to come. in center city philadelphia today people were happy to have umbrellas handy a as they stayed dry when those drops started falling there. and there is no relief in sight, here's storm scan three where we have a lot of green, heading our way, and it will be messy out there, no doubt. good evening, i'm ukee washington. i'm yes, sir contact dean. we will want to get over to meteorologist kate bilo keeping an eye on the rain
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heading our way. >> showers and storms we have seen so far is appetizer, pop up storms out ahead of the main push of rain here tonight. what we are looking at off west is heavy rain south and west of washington d.c. but this will be lifting up toward our area during overnight hours and the heaviest will be in our north and western suburbs. a as we zoom in, we will see a few pop up showers have start add cross camden, gloucester counties in new jersey. that ban that came through earlier that lifted off to the north. right now this is the quiet as it will get through tonight, it does intensify during overnight hours and right into tomorrow morning. let's time it out by 11:00 we will see heavier rain moving in our western suburbs, heavy showers, really blanketing the the area by 1:00 a.m. heavier rain to the north and west of philadelphia, south and east we have a few pop up, but not a lot of rain here as this is lifting due north. allentown seeing still some steady rain at 4:00 a.m. we have a line of showers and
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storms copping through midday hours on your wednesday. rain amounts just in the next 24 hours two to 4 inches in the lehigh valley, upper bucks, montgomery counties. one to two around the city and northern and western suburbs less than a inch across portions of south jersey. we have pockets of heavy rain, one to three with the highest amounts north and west. wednesday starts with rain and cloudy, damp in the afternoon. tropical satellite image thinks tropical storm joaquin now and this storm is strengthening. look at cloud tops as it moves toward bohamas. it is slowly meandering toward bohamas and front coming through our area tonight will pick up this storm and take it to the north and that is when we will have to worry about joaquin becoming an issue for our region. a as we go through weekend and late week into the weekend when we can expect heavy rain from joaquin to move through. coming up we will have the latest what to expect and much more about when rain begins and how much we have to worry about that storm turning into a hurricane which it may do by tomorrow afternoon.
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jessica, back over to you. the the prospect of back to back rain events has concerns rising about flooding. "eyewitness news", new jersey reporter, cleve bryan is live along the rancocas creek in mount holly. this is a frequent problem spot for that, cleve. >> reporter: rancocas creek looks so calm, innocent right now. locals will tell you it takes a couple inches of rain and this can change very quickly as i spoke to a locally mergecy manager and he says he doesn't want anybody to be caught off guard this week. rain has fallen and much more is still to come. people living and work ago long rancocas creek will pay special attention to the forecast this week. just last year creek caused significant flood nothing several towns. >> we were waiting in water. >> we need rain but we don't have to get it all at one time. >> reporter: marlene perkins says it can turn into a problem with lots of rain. >> creek backs up and drains don't run and it is just, streets get flooded.
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>> reporter: emergency manager ed mccauley says rain doesn't have 48 hours to drain after tuesday night's rain before the second downpour, there could be significant flooding. >> if we get a heavy downpour and those areas flooding and street and tough like that then we want to avoid those areas so we don't have accident. >> reporter: he says later this week it may be necessary for people to move their cars and fortify their homes and watch out for road closures and avoid driving through standing water. >> if it looks deep, don't drive-in it. just have some common sense. if you can avoid the area, avoid it. >> reporter: officials say make sure you check your social media they like to give updates on facebook and twitter. also, tomorrow morning give yourself time to get to work. reporting live, i'm cleve bryan, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". well, community around temple university is on high alert after a student is attack near campus. "eyewitness news" reporter walt hunter is at the scene in north philadelphia where police hoped surveillance video could lead them to the suspect, walt. >> reporter: ukee that vicious attack happened in this very
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spot, behind me, a 20 year-old temple student walking home from the library just off campus, lives not far from here and then she's robbed, sexually assaulted and a neighbor, landlord whose building has 15 surveillance cameras, hopes that some of that video will help catch this vicious predator. as investigators, scoured the neighborhood, climbing atop containers, searching sewer grates and dumpsters and evidence, there was growing concern about a 20 year-old temple student being robbed and sexually assaulted at gunpoint as she walk home from the library to her residence just off campus around midnight. >> i knock on the door and my neighbors who were good friends of the two. they heard a lot of screaming outside and a lot of commotion. >> reporter: police say the attacker ambush the victim moments after she separated from a companion with whom she was walking. investigators tried to determine if the attack is linked to a robbery less than two hours before, three blocks
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away at 15th and thompson in which a woman was push to the ground and then shots were fired. >> that is scary because i'm over there, almost every day. >> reporter: detectives, concentrated on searching for surveillance video that might help identify the predator. >> we all hope for the same thing that the individual is apprehended and prosecuted. >> reporter: tom, ciro who owns several properties on the adjoining block hopes his surveillance cameras which have helped detective solve crimes in the past will provide crucial evidence that will lead to an arrest. >> i pray to god that they do. >> reporter: so will surveillance cameras like this one directly above the crime scene really make the difference. really provide evidence that police need. investigators, students here are all hoping they will make that difference. police described suspect as a man 6 feet tall in his 20's with a goat tea carrying a silver handgun. it happened around midnight in the 1400 block of north carlisle. if you have any information, police want to hear from you.
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live from north philadelphia, walt hunter, cb is s3 "eyewitness news". a toy gun caused temporarily lock down of chester high school in delaware county to kay. student saw a classmate remove a gun from his waist ban and place it in the backpack around some 30:00 this morning. school officials notified police and locked down the building. it was later determined that the weapon was a toy gun. police say it resembled a colt 45. >> and, the individuals, located and weapon was found but toy or no toy, this is no joke and this could get him killed by police or someone else with a gun. we are grateful to the students and in cooperation. >> the student was taken in custody, and prosecutors say they do not plan to press charges. opening statements could begin tomorrow in the trial for griffin campbell, the contractor charged with murder in the deadly center city building collapse. six people died in june of
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203, when part of the building being demolished felon a neighboring salvation army thrift store at 22nd and market. thirteen others were injured. chopper three over septa bus crash in overbrook that happened at haverford and land down avenues just after 10:00 o'clock this morning. septa tells "eyewitness news" that the bus driver lost control and slammed into a pole after suffering a medical emergency. the driver and 11 passengers were hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries. governor wolf has vetoed a short term spending plan put forth by republicans in the legislature this comes as the state budget stalemate nears its fourth month. >> we don't want what washington has. we don't want that dysfunction. we want a budget. we actually want a budget that allows us to invest in education. we want a budget that is real, that balances good republicans say that their $11,000,000,000.04 month spending package would have ended hardships while budge it talks continue. with more than a month before the general election candidates for philadelphia
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mayor will face off in their first debate tonight. democratic nominee jim kenney and republican nominee melissa murray-bailey will be joined by other candidates in the race. the debate at double tree hotel is free, and also opened to the public. it is sponsored bayou nighted way of greater philadelphia and south jersey. voters by the way get to the poles november 3rd. still to come on "eyewitness news", employees at a philadelphia nail salon scattered after a customer pulls a shotgun after getting a manicure. we will hear from the owner of the salon when we come back. special ride more than 200 veterans sweep through philadelphia on a long distance trek all for an important cause, kate? today kicks off days and days with rain in the forecast, heavy rain targeting the area here tonight but coming up later this week we will track joaquin and the impact that storm could have on our area. we will have the very latest coming up, pat? hey kate, former sixers head coach larry brownies in the hot water with the ncaa
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once again, we have details of his suspension and eagles are prepping for washington. we will give you updates on injuries and more coming up in sports.
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tonight at 11:00, imagine never need to go look down at your dashboard to check things like how fast you are going. three on your side jim donovan looks at new technology that could lead to other things on your windshield like text messages, tonight, at 11:00 o'clock. philadelphia police are looking for a man whom they say sat through a manicure and then robbed a nail salon. >> "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon talk to the frightening employees. >> reporter: police say in one was hurt here but they say they are investigating whether this suspect could be responsible for other robberies in the area. he came in just as business was closing on sunday, he asked for a manicure and then he sat through a manicure. but when asked to pay police say it was him who wanted the money. >> he pointed a gun at her and asked her to give him money. >> it is pretty any ofy to sit in the nail salon and actually
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get a manicure, and then produce a gun and announce a robbery. very serious about what he was doing. >> reporter: surveillance shows us suspect appears to snatch money from one worker's hand and then grabs more cash the from the register. police say he also stole a cell phone and money from a worker's purse. >> they are always afraid because he has a gun. he got money, once he got money they left. >> reporter: police are looking into whether this man is responsible for other robberies, in the same area. >> we are looking at this individual, as a potential suspect in a couple of those robberies as well. >> reporter: leaving in the same direction he came police hope that this video helps identify and catch him, and owner, does too. she said incident has scared off her customers. >> she installed security camera and an alarm that connect to the police. >> reporter: police are encouraging anyone with any information about this crime, or this suspect to give them a
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call but they warned they believe he is armed so do not approach. reporting from northwest detectives, rahel sol machine for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". philadelphia police are searching for a suspect who burglarize aid grocery store in kensington. survival is lance video, shows that suspect in action. police say man broke in ventura grocery's just before 6:00 unday morning. he got away with cash, cigarettes and bus tokens. if you know who that is, call police. group of the injured veterans are up for challenge they are embarking on a 460-mile ride to recovery. >> "eyewitness news" caught up with the group during their lunch stop in northeast philadelphia more than 200 veterans and supporters are taking part in the united health care army/navy challenge. it is a program that use long distance psyched tolling improve physical hunt and mental wellness. >> it allows you with scars that people cannot see be able to completely either show it sometimes and just uplifts
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them. it is wonderful. >> the the ride began in north jersey on sunday and they are expect to make stops in wilmington, baltimore before wrapping up on friday in annapolis, maryland. >> look at. that i'm looking at kate. storm scan three, getting green are by the minute. >> yes, not very appetizing. >> we have a lot to talk about tonight, and right in the weekend with tropical storm joaquin. lets get into it. we are tracking rain tonight that has nothing to do with tropical storm joaquin. this is first course. you can see it on storm scan three. lots of rain. all of pennsylvania except really us in philadelphia getting soak at the moment. very heavy rain, looking at yellow, north shading, just to the south and west of washington d.c. poised to push right through d.c., during the next hour or so. so a messy evening commute down that way. this batch of rain is going to lift to the north. up through lehigh valley these are areas that will get heavier amount of rain here tonight while in philadelphia we will get locally heavily scattered showers. this is just missing our area
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like we are still in the pope bubble but we don't have it. maybe we need to call pope francis back in town to keep rain away heading in the weekend. we have a lot more rain where thinks coming from. future rain amounts, this is just tomorrow, this has nothing to do with joaquin, three to 4 inches expected in some spots up toward mount pocono. 3 inches possible near allentown. in philadelphia war looking at an inch or so overnight. less than a inch down into new jersey and delaware. so then we focus in on more rain heading our way by end of the week. since july 1st in philadelphia we have 2.4 3 inches below average since july 1st. in the next five days up to 6 inches of rain is possible and a lot of it is partially because of this storm. this is tropical storm joaquin down here near bohamas. it is strengthening. latest update kept it with wind at 65, gusts to 75. moving slowly to the west/southwest at 5 miles per hour. it will me ander toward bohamas. there are ocean water
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temperatures down here in the mid 80's. definitely enough warmth for this storm to continue to strengthen. national hurricane center does expect it will be a category one before it makes pretty much a sharp north turn and that is thanks to the deep trough coming through tonight, cold front with the low pressure that will pick this storm up and kick it out into the the open atlantic. the problem is there ace chance once we get to this position on sunday afternoon there is a chance this could recur and head up toward new england but just a good a chance this stays off shore. either way that doesn't matter for our purposes at the moment. what does matter is what happens to some of the moisture transport with this storm as we get in the weekend. here's the factors. we have joaquin. trap keeps it out to sea for right now but this front that is coming through tonight will stall overhead and even though storm stays off shore moisture gets pulled in and new developing low forming along this boundary and just rotates through the entire mid-atlantic and north east friday into saturday producing
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prolonged, heavy rainfall, prolong on shore flow as well as leading to coastal impacts, heavy rain definitely biggest risk up and down easterne game. this is just one model, gfs, global forecast systems, you had model. it doesn't have a lot of rain. mostly missing us to the north. watch through the weekend. take a look at this yellow shading by saturday at 10:00 o'clock some spots cumulatively will end up with six or 7 inches of rain. this model has heaviest over north carolina and ra but it is possible with tonight's rainfall couple with the rainfall we will get later this week and weekend some spots in our area could get four to 6 inches total. while we need rain you never need too much, too soon. possible impacts, heavy rain, gusty wind and significant coastal impacts as well such as more beach erosion and dangerous rip currents. we are looking at pockets of heavy rain north and west, morning rain for your wednesday, then mostly cloudy,
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temperatures in the mid to upper 70's. then gets cooler, very windy on thursday, rain returns to the area thursday evening and then we have rain, win, friday, saturday and possibly unday as well. is there a chance unday is better but i went bank on anything outdoors this weekend and hopefully nicer weather next week. >> that is bleak looking good thanks, kate. "cbs evening news" is a few minutes away. >> scott pelley joins with us a look ahead. >> hi ukee and yes, sir contact great to be with you here in philadelphia. here's the "cbs evening news" tonight. pope is making a last minute plea to stay the execution of the convicted american murderer, we will have the look into why he is interest region in the case. plus a tropical storm brings heavy rain to the south, where is it heading next? a texas judge has banned the sale of the volkswagen diesel vehicles, all out from the emission scandal continues, we will have those stories jaws head on the "cbs
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division is tightening up. >> always a big game when it is washington, dallas, giants but it is washington this week. eagles will look to grab a all important nfc east win when they battle washington redskins. bird back in practice. michael kendricks and demarco murray returned. kiko alonzo's status is unknown. we know about codey parkey he is done with the year with the groin injury so eagles signed former dolphins caleb surge ises. parkey said he tore three different muscles in the groin area but he kick through it. he is not sure when it occurred. >> during the season i thought it was getting good. ii don't really remember. i necessity yesterday it was are painful, or sunday. >> through three weeks washington rang fourth in the nfl behind tandem of matt jones anal fred morris. however eagles run defense has been stodt with fletcher cox and others stuffing middle, bird are a allowing just
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3.1-yard per carry, the fewest in the league. >> they are the big strong downhill brake tackle runners. they have the ability to go but they really are, a downhill. they run the stretch game, they have added to their running game, over there, and they are committed to the running game and it shows in the first three games. giant game they had to get away from it. i don't think they wanted to. but those two runners are solid downhill tackle breakers good phillies begin a three game series tonight with the mets have lock up the nl east title as david buchanan against bartolo colon. miguel franco could return to the line up for final series on the the year, begins marlins this weekend. stop if you have heard this before, larry brown, former sixers head coach, head man at southern methodist, has been suspended for multiple violations including academic fraud and unethical conduct. the seven five-year eld brown was cited for lack of head
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coach control. he will miss nine games plus fsu is banned from post season play. has he not learned? this is third time larry brown has done that. >> he talks about the right way a lot good that is his met the owe, a lot. >> my goodness. >> we will be right back.
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thanks for watching "eyewitness news" at 6:00 we are back at ten on our sister station cw philly and we're back here at cbs-3 at 11:00. up next, the "cbs evening news" tonight, have mercy, dean reynold introduces you to a football coaching nun, from new york here's scott pelley. take care family.
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we will see you tonight. >> pelley: the pope pleads for mercy as georgia counts the minutes to an execution. also tonight, a double wallop of weather. storms in the south and wau could hit the east coast. donald trump's tax plan-- could it actually work? and the hills are alive with the sound of-- >> let's go, guys! get in there! >> pelley: football. >> i get to pray and be a football coach. that's pretty cool. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: record rain is pumpling the east coast, and more is on the way. have a look inside this tunnel that connects two parts of the campus at james madison university in


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