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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 2, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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made it to friday, october 2nd, i'm erika von tiehl. >> and i'm nicole brewer. good morning, erika. we are out here live, in willow grove, pennsylvania, to kick off the three day walk, as part of susan g. komen philadelphia. they're honoring, they're remembering, and they're walking, three days, 60 miles, a thousand participant more than 300 volunteers, it is about to get started in about an hour, and we will be checking in with you live with more on the stories, and updates, throughout the morning. erika, we send it back to you in the studio. >> nicole, special day, thank you so many. there is so much to cover this morning, learning about a possible motive in the deadly community college shooting out in oregon. we will check in out west. first though we of course want to know about our forecast and hurricane joaquin and the wet roads. let's check in with kyla and meisha. it is busy. >> reporter: good morning, so hard on day like today. because on the one end, you have got this kind of extreme weather, all of these weather element, not good for morning commuters, on the other end i'm a kid in a candy store
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here. monster jam opens tonight, at wells fargo center, so kyla, it is hard to contain it, on the one side of my face i am frowning. on the other side i am happy. >> what are you going to do? >> how is it looking out there? >> you'll bring us little smile i'm sure once we check out what you are up to in just a movement first we want to check out what hurricane joaquin is up to. i am happy to say i have good news, folks, check it out. this is the latest, off shore track, likely, and that is going to help an awful lot when it comes to our philadelphia forecast. take a look at joaquin right now, currently category four storm, 130-mile per hour sustained winds, as we take a look at the path, you see, it is expected to weaken and stay off shore, that means, when it cruises by us, at 2:00 a.m., thereon tuesday, as a cat one, well, we will be none the wiser for t that's fantastic. taking a live look at storm scan3, though, joaquin is not our only problem. you know that if you are at the shore. you have been dealing with these showers and flooding concerns, light showers rolling through right now, we do expect that we will see heavier showers, this afternoon. in fact, take a look at
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rehoboth, where they've had already pretty wet boardwalk there, we take a look at boardwalk plaza, look at the wind. on the bottom left side of your screen there, 40 miles per hour, that is going to be a big problem today, too, that wind helps to drive that water on to the shore. we can get storm surge flooding, moderate flooding expected as we are under coastal flood warning for today. right through the weekends actually we will have that problem. i want to also mention though for ladies walking get your walk in early today, it will be cold, windy, rainy, saturday looking little better in the afternoon, sunday lighter showers, little warmer. we head over to meisha now, what are you doing over there? can you see, i just can't. i'm smiling, so excited to be here, wells fargo sent, tell you what, the monster jam trucks, the show, it opens tonight, i don't know if you have ever seen this tour, but it is absolutely incredible. it is one of the biggest in the nation. but before we talk more about that, let me talk a little bit about the roadways. because there is certainly some weather elements,
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throwing us some curve balls early in the morning. ninety-five southbound, before girard, it is looking wet, volume levels are certainly starting to increase, and in that area, also, 422 eastbound, near collegeville, normal volume levels there, we will of course see those start to increase, the ben franklin bridge, for those every you in and around that area from jersey, coming in to philly, looking okay there. still, dark, still very wet on the roadways, also some road work, we have got route 70 at penn avenue moving eastbound direction route 70, right and center lanes, are blocked. so, for those every you just making note of this, friday's tend to be easier travel day, but because every these weather elements you certainly want to give yourself couple every extra minutes and just drive very, very carefully out there, ladies, back over to you. >> meisha, a thanks so much. people along the jersey shore keeping their eyes on not one but two storms. before walk joaquin moves up the coast another storm, kyla talk about this, bringing rain, wind, causing flooding concerns. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now live in sea isle city where governor
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christie will stop by later this morning to talk about the coastal flooding concerns. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, you can see, we are experiencing some heavy rain, and some very strong winds out here in sea isle city this morning. the wind is what's really making it hard for us to stand out here. because, not only are we wet now, but really cold, as well. and as you mention, governor chris christie will be stepping foot here in sea isle city little later today right around 11:00 to talk to local officials here about the storm preparations, and the flooding, and this comes as all of the jersey shore prepares for these types of conditions. take a look at the video. folks here in sea isle city definitely did not waste any time preparing. they were tying down pretty much everything, that they could get a hole of yesterday. they've been moving their cars from lower grounds, to higher ground, and the department of public works has been doing much of the same now. folks here in sea isle city are really hoping that these storms don't do more damage to the beaches. because unfortunately they were severely erroded during sandy, and irene, and actually
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still going through multi-million dollar project, to get the beaches back in place here. but these type of preparations have been seen all up and down the jersey shore from atlantic silt toy sea isle city and ocean city they have the emergency vehicles ready, to pick up people, if they do get stranded in flood watters in margate, they have sandbags, ready to go for people who want to troy to keep the flood waters out of their homes. and in the meantime, governor chris christie has issued a state of emergency for new jersey. take a listen. >> giving our emergency management folks tools they're going to need to ensure speedy and orderly response. nj dot is inspecting a cleaning drainage system, activated all emergency operation centers testing, the communication systems, and topping off fuel supplies. >> every once in a while we really get these strong gusts of winds, it is raining at steady clip right now, but the winds what really makes it bad out here. governor chris christie, again, will be here in sea isle city right around 11:00 this morning.
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now at this point, he says, it is much too early to issue any evacuation orders, but he sales, he want everyone to have a plan in place, if you live along the shore, get into contact with some family who lives away from this area, so you know you have place to go. if those emergency and those evacuation orders are indeed issued a little later, as this storm comes through and approaches. we'll keep you up-to-datement for now live in aisle city. >> jan, thank you so. >> now the concerns over flood having led to some school closings already. wildwood public schools, wildwood preschool programs, and also, the march great mace school. they're all closed today. we'll post any additional closings on our website also, get updated forecast any time with our cbs philly weather app. check live radar and severe weather alert and share your storm pictures with us, you can download that app on itunes and google play. >> your time right now 6:06. people in oregon are coming to grips with yet another mass shooting on us soil.
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investigators are trying to figure out why a young man opened fire on a campus, of a community college. cbs correspondent danielle nottingham, from rose berg, oregon, with more information on. >> this good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erika. this shooting has left this small rural community in shock. student describe a horrifying scene of hearing gunshot after gunshot. and still, there is no explanation for the attack. hundreds every mourners filled rose berg stewart park well past midnight, hold willing candles and saying prayers for the victims of thursday's mass shooting, at the community college. >> we need love and compassion and healing. >> this is active shooter -- >> several people were killed, other wounded, when a gunman identified by authorities as 26 year old chris harper mercer opened fire in a classroom. the incident sent the small campus into lock-down.
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>> you weren't even notified. i found out from my dad calling me. >> reporter: sources tell cbs news the suspect who died in a gun battle with police had four guns including a rifle and body armor. he allegedly also blogged about violence including the recent on-air murders of two journalists in virginia. mercer's father was visibly distraut when questioned by reporters. >> obviously, it has been a devastating day, devastating for me and my family. >> president obama prayed for the victim's families. >> may god bless the memories of those who were killed today. may he bring comfort to their families. >> authority have searched mercer's apartment complex, as well as the college campus, and parking lots, as they try to determine a motive. they're calling on the media not to use the suspect's name, but, focus on those who lost their lives instead. >> about 3,000 full-time student attend the community college. officials say the campus will
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be closed until monday. live in rose berk, oregon, danielle nottingham, erika, back to you. >> danielle, thank you. >> we want to show you a pick tour right now of stand crash a ya bowl and. we're told she survived being shot in the back by playing dead. right now she's undergoing surge troy her spine. she told her father the gunman singled out christians asking about their religion before shooting them. >> 6:09. new this morning, a man is in critical condition after he watts shot in the olney section of philadelphia. police say the shooting happened last night around 11:30 on the 200 block of rube can street. the victim shot in the head and shoulder. police say the suspect fled on foot. may still be armed. >> comedian bill cosby could soon face sex crime charges in los angeles. the la district attorney is looking into claims that cosby drugged and sexually assaulted a 18 year old model at the playboy mansion back in 2008. cosby's lawyer denies the
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claim, says his client was not in los angeles at the time of the alleged incident. >> happening today, former eagles wide receiver irving fryar learns his punishment for his conviction in a mortgage fraud scheme. friar faces to up ten years in prison. he and his mother tried apparently to steel more than a million dollars by illegally obtaining six loans on her burlington county home. friar grew up in mt. holly and played for the eagles in the late 90s. well, the weather is not really the best this morning, but hopefully not dampening the spirit of the thousands of walkers beginning the susan g. komen three day for the cure, that's where you find "eyewitness news" reporter nicole brewer. she joins us now in willow grove at the start of this very special journey. nicole, hoping people have the rain gear. how is it look being out there? >> you know, it is a little rainy. as you said, it is not dampening their spirit. i can assure you of that. specially because we've got these nice tents. that helps. but i have to tell you, three days, 60 miles, and the end to breast cancer.
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this is a big big deal. all to benefit susan g. komen philadelphia, so they're here, to honor, to remember, to walk. we're having some fun this morning. check it out. okay? we've got everything from susan g co-nan manicures, we've got the tutus', work them, the hair, the mummers inspired outfit, i mean, can you even take it? we've got a nice pair of crowns here, and while we've got another pair that i'm just going to leave at that. okay? so, needless to say, the fashion is fabulous out here this morning. and it is what, like 6:30, 6:15? so we're up early, ready, i know the barnes family, you're set for this journey. it is your fifth time, fifth walk. and you're here for very important reason. to that us about your story. >> my mother has breast cancer. she had it 14 years ago. now it is met that sized. so she has a terminal diagnosis, and we're here to
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do what we have to do. >> you know you're getting choke up. >> i'm sore. >> i no, that's okay, because that's what it is all about. right? and it is so important when you look around, and you see people that are here for you, here for your mom, here for your family. what's it like? >> important, so important. we're turning it over to the next generation. we have youth comes. we have kids. we have men. we have it all. we have people of all types here to try and then killer. it is important. we have to be here. we have to keep coming back every single year. >> i want to gave you a hug, all right? they're going to be, again, doing 60 miles in three days, they'll be camping out. her husband, jerry, said your he were -- were you in the service, right? you said this is still pretty serious. >> five years in infantry. this is legitimate walk. >> legitimate, people. the fashion as i said, pretty fabulous. we send it back to you in the studio. but look at them, they look great. what a great cause. absolutely, what a great cause. >> thank you so much. ladies, thank up, too, and gentleman. >> still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", as
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hurricane joaquin batters the bahamas, major flooding trammed people inside their homes. we have the latest on the hurricane's path and what it means for the east coast. meisha? >> reporter: well, you have everything on this show this morning, from weather, elements, to breast cancer awareness month, and now, monster jam. the tour is here. it kicks off tonight at wells fargo sent, i have to say, i'm so excited, behind me, grave digger, 10,000 pounds, 2,000 horse power, 100 miles per hour, all of the updates coming up. stay with you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" look right back
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joaquin now a powerful category four, hurricane, and we want to gave you a look what it, like like from space, as it batters part of the bahamas. storm hammering islands with torrential rains, winds,
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130 miles per hour. joaquin expected to reach cuba, haiti, the dominican republic sometime today. i know you have been tracking bringing so much rain to the bahamas. how is it looking right now. >> much better for us, those astronaunts take the best picture, power of category four storm, what joaquin is, 130-mile per hour sustained winds, gusting up to 160 miles per hour, but this is the good news, folks, check it out. the path now taking it off shore. so you can see by tuesday, 2:00 a.m., it will be away from philadelphia, and that means, we are not going to have big concerns about this. great news. stalled out front, showers along that front. it has been causing flooding already at the coast. we are going to see more that far today. those heaviest showers come in. currently 53 degrees, cold out there this morning, in philadelphia, looking live look at center city, it is windy, 18-mile per hour winds coming out of the north eat, see down the shore already to up 22-mile per hour winds
6:17 am
there. in wildwood. so we see the wind very gusty today. under high win warning, you can see, advisories, either side of that, 40, 50-mile per hour gusts expected today. also we have coastal flood warning, expect moderate flooding, see the entire area there covered in green. so it will be nasty day out there. let me track the showers for you. heavier showers coming in this afternoon, that's 4:00 p.m. they continue as we roll right through the 10:00 p.m. time frame. little bit after break we get into saturday, there, you can see, we do start to get the lighter showers, so today, rain, some heavy, very windy, very chilly, high up to 56 degrees. we get into tonight, low of 58. yes, sir yes, little higher than the high today, still gusty rainment take a look at your seven day forecast, and you can see, we don't really kick this until monday. we head over to meisha, a live checking out some monster trucks. i think we're doing that,
6:18 am
america a, there you go. >> limb ' so excited about it. wells fargo center tonight, the monster jam truck show tour, kicks off, so exciting first i need to direct your attention back to traffic. so we do have serious accident on state road at bridge street. this is in northeast philadelphia. there is a tow truck, police directing traffic, avoid the area, if at all costs, if possible, again, blocking in the center lanes, and of course, this is going to cause some real delays for a lot of you. so again, just avoid the area if you can, or at least give yourself couple of extra minutes. also, four it, the volume levels, are looking okay. forty-two freeway northbound, this is at creek road, approaching 295. looking okay, plenty of headlights, know the roadways are wet, sometimes that can be very dangerous. also, switching gears, airport delays to up hour. this will affect me, as well. i'm right there with you.
6:19 am
i can tell you get to the airport early. i know that i sure will. take it easy out on the roadways, travel 35 miles per hour, on 95, moving in the southbound direction, again, this is in the northeast. any time around cottman you certainly want to give yourself couple of extra minute specially today. so it is a messy one out, there ladies, back to you. >> thank you. still ahead this morning, vatican reveals truth behind pope's advice width kim davis. we'll tell you what they are releasing, also, taking breast cancer awareness on the road. find out how the philadelphia flyers are getting involve this month. that's coming upment we'll be right back.
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well, well. if it isn't the belle of the ball. gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now? it gives you coverage options based on your budget. i just hope whoever stole it knows that it only works at so, you can't use it to just buy stuff? no. i'm sorry, gustav. we have to go back to the pet store. [ gustav squawks ] he's gonna meet us there. the name your price tool. still only at >> vatican says quote the meeting not considered form of support for kim davey's position, she sent several days in jail for refusing to
6:22 am
issue marriage license toss same sex couples. she says the pope told her to stay strong. vatican says pope francis met with many people while in the u.s. due to quote his kindness and availability. taliban claiming responsible for shooting down military plane over afghanistan. 6us service members were killed. that crash happened near the border with pakistan early this morning. defense officials say the c130 went down with five additional passengers. all 11 people on board died. the taliban has been known to make false claims in the past. at this time defense officials have not confirm their plane. still to come, presidential candidate at the center of another hack attack, that's coming up. >> and kyla is tracking coastal storm, and hurricane, keeping it busy in the weather center. what's it mean for the jersey shore? >> what it means, looking out for flooding, and also we have high wind advisory to talk about, too, so i will be back with all of that, plus the latest track, on hurricane joaquin, stay with us, "eyewitness news" is coming
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right back.
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>> trump's name is in the news. companies targeted by hackers. hotel chain says hackers may have swiped credit card data and other sensitive information. guests between may 2014 and last june may be at risk. trump hotels is offering free identity fraud protection for a year to affected customers. >> morning customers may be affected who drink coffee, dunkin' donut shops located inch seed speedway gas stays cents will be close, will close later this year, and next year. >> terror behind the walls at eastern state penetentary celebrating its 25th anniversary, with two scary new attractions.
6:26 am
prepare for all of your sense toss come alive in the quarantine 4d attraction. guest lose learn about infectious outbreak that create minds al errings effect. and then, just when you think you found freedom, guests will be pulled back into the action with break-out. it is a prison break style adventure with inmates trying to escape, in every way imaginable. >> both of these attractions are design for true inter-active at this. guests will be separated. guests will scream. guests will have fun. >> okay. terror behind the walls runs select evenings through november 7th. all proceeds benefit the president err vagues of eastern state penetentary, national historic landmark, and spooky place this time of year. coming up in the next half hour on "eyewitness news", keeping close eye close eye on . category four hurricane is battering the bahamas, as the us braces for historic floods. >> right now a live look at sea isle city. now this is separate storm. it is bringing rain and wind to the jersey shore.
6:27 am
kyla is updating us on both systems. nicole? >> and speaking of weather, we definitely have some wind, some rain, some conditions to contend, with but it is in the hurricane joaquin. so we'll take t these ladies they came dressed for the occasion. say hello. we're live in willow grove coming up next.
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find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get zero percent financing for seventy-two months on most remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning, we have some coastal concerns in new jersey, a live look right now, at the conditions in sea isle city. heavy rain, high winds, all of this could lead to flooding and more beach errosion. than is a completely separate system weep want to be clear that hurricane joaquin, but coastal resident right now, concerned about what you are
6:31 am
seeing. you can hear the wind. >> did you see that sign? >> right. >> back and forth. >> i mean, it is nasty down there. we have to deal with winds and rain and of course that means flooding. >> exactly. >> so we are under this coastal flood warning. not just for the coast, as you can see it, goes all the way up into philadelphia, too, right through the weekend. expecting more rain today. lighter showers right now. those will turn to heavier showers, as we work our way into the afternoon. taking a live look now at storm scan3, certainly seeing heaviest ones south of dover. live look at the neighborhood network, boardwalk plaza, 46-mile per hour winds right now out of the northeast, that's nasty. that's terrible. and as you can see, we are under also a high wind warning, right where you just saw that live picture, rehoboth beach. goes all the way from bethany beach, right to up atlantic city, flanked north and south of. that will expecting the wind to be very nasty. now, if there is an upside to this, it is that the hurricane will not provide a one-two punch, according to the latest trackment right now category four, sustained winds at
6:32 am
130 miles per hour, see on the track it does weaken, and stay out to sea, so that is probably the caveat that will make things little bit better for us, but today, high of just 56 degrees, nasty, windy, rainy, four our ladies out there walk, get your walk in early, heavier showers coming this afternoon, saturday little better. we catch break in the afternoon by sunday high of 66 degrees. so, little bit after rough forecast over the next few days, we head right now, out to the wells fargo center where meisha is having a little fun this morning. >> reporter: yes, i certainly a.m. i cannot complain. i know the weather element. they're in the great out there. but i can tell you i can't wipe the smile off my face here at the wells fargo center, monster jam, monster tour is in town kicks off tonight. so exciting. first let's draw our attention real quickly to the roadway, have an accident clearing out the center block talcony street at bridge street in bridesburg, trying to get out you have our way for little while.
6:33 am
make note of it if you are in the area, certainly be aware of that. also, 95 southbound near cottman, major delays starting to develop there. we know that 95 and cottman anywhere between cottman and girard really throws us curve balls in the morning, certainly looking very slow right now, again, give yourselves couple every extra minute in the area. in fact more than couple every minutement walt walt, due to high winds, down to 35 miles per hour. then when we look at the wide, 17 miles per hour, 95 southbound, 37 miles per hour the schuylkill, moving in the east and westbound direction. and going 40 miles per hour on the vine. will certainly already early stage of the morning starting to slide in those numbers. give yourselves like i said couple of extra minutes, it is wet roadways out there, erika, back over to you. >> we can't wait to hear more about monitor jam coming up in a few minute, meisha, a thank you. 6:33, hurricane joaquin expected like kyla said to stay off shore. that will does not mean the east coast is in the clear. emergency management officials are still bracing for potential flooding it could bring.
6:34 am
andrew spencer report. >> nothing has shown the immense power of hurricane joaquin, like what it has done in the bahamas. as joaquin essentially park over the country as a category four hurricane, forecasters expected it to drop ten to 20 inches of rain through friday. it is a long trip from the long island of the bahamas to the long island of new york. but crews there are already getting ready digging up mounds of sand to build dunes, hopefully keeping the potential storm surge from flooding the area. all along the coast, cities are preparing for worse case scenarios, at marine's in baltimore, for example, folks are getting their boats up out of the water. >> our biggest worry here, in this location, is the rise of the water. better to be high and dry than ride it out in the water. >> other take down what they can, and strap down everything else. officials in south carolina keep their eyes on the storm track, getting prepared, and urging resident to do the same. >> we're all over the city. and ready to respond whenever the rainfalls, where it falls.
6:35 am
>> food, water, milk, bread, ice, essentials that can help you sustained comfortably as you can be for, you know, couple of day period if necessary. >> in north carolina officials gone sofas to kick tourists off of the island, hide county commissioners issued mandatory evacuation order forcing visitors to leave. the 900 people who live there will be allowed to stay, but officials are asking them to prepare themselves, and their homes, just in case hurricane joaquin heads their way. andrew spencer, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". and for the latest on the coastal flooding and hurricane joaquin, check out there we have m preparedness guide in case you need it. >> meanwhile police no oregon continue looking for more clues as to what led a man to go on shooting spree at a community college yesterday morning. authorities have identified the gunman as 26 year old chris harper mercer. they say he opened fire inside a classroom killing ten and injuring seven others.
6:36 am
mercer then died in a gun battle with police. authorities have searched the department complex, as well as the college campus and parking lot as they try to determine a motive. >> thursday night, hundreds of mourners filled the public park near the scene of that shooting. many staying well past midnight holding candles, and saying prayers for the victims of yesterday's mass shooting at the community college. 6:36 right now. despite the rain, despite the wind, a sea of pink is brightening up willow grove this morning. thousands of walkers are got their for the start of the susan g. komen three day for the cure. the 06-mile journey kicks off this morning. that's where we find our lovely nicole brewer surrounded by pink, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, yes, there is wind, there is rain, but none of it is dampening the spirits out here in willow grove. as you mention, the three day is about to kick off at 7:00 this morning. they will be weaving their way throughout the city of philadelphia. ends up in the navy yard sunday, after three days, 60 miles, this is big deal, a thousand participant, more
6:37 am
than 300 volunteers. and just so much spirit. so many memories. you're here to honor, remember, and walk, i'm joined by these lovely ladies. we talked about the winds, the rain, the cold temperatures. i mean, there is a hurricane upon us, people. and you ladies are dressed for the occasion. i'm loving the pink poncho. how are you feeling this morning? >> so excited. >> i love the spirit. we have to tell our viewers at home that right here is a five year survivor. >> huge congratulations to you, your first walk, i know your friends lynn here has been walking for you, for what five years lynn? >> i have. i wear her picture on my back and i've been walking for her so that she stays healthy. >> what does it feel like to be walking this year? >> amazing, i don't think it can be put into words. just this is just such amazing
6:38 am
experience, so emotional. so emotional. >> i can see the tears coming there. i'll give you laid ace moment. i opportunity share friends over here. >> nicely crafted bra there, i'm into that. real quickly, we do want to mention, use hashtag pink toyota. you can't see, my friends blocking it here, but when you use hashtag pink toyota, toyota will donate 1 dollar per photo to research for breast cancer. >> nicole, what happened to the selfie stick? come on, thanks so much, nicole.
6:39 am
>> well, not just pink. also seeing a loft orange during breast cancer awareness, that's because the flyers are on a mission, taking it on the road. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on a new mobile screening unit and what this has to do with the flyers. >> jan? >> wind, very strong wind, in sea isle city, the rain letting up just little bit. this area is preparing for the storms moving through this area coming up take a look at the preparation and what chris christie is doing in this area
6:40 am
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>> they've got the coffee in hands, ponchos on, all ready, all part of the susan komen three day for the cure, walking to find a cure. they're out there, as they prepare to step-off at
6:43 am
7:00 a.m. just terrific. in this morning's health watch. the depending upon where it comes from that glass of red wine might not be so good four. report out of the university of washington tested 65 red wines, from four state. california, washington, new york, and oregon. the study found high level of arsonic, in all but one. statistics show that washington state wines had the highest average arsonic concentrations, oregon wines, had the lowest. and, does haw tall you are determine your risk of cancer? new swedish study more than five p.m. people roughly every 4 inches every height, cancer risk increases 18% in women, 11% in men. the study also found, that taller women had a 20% greater risk of developing breast cancer. >> good morning to the werth
6:44 am
watchers. 43 degrees in downingtown, pa, rain coming down, and she says windy, chilly morning. i think that will be turning into windy and chilly day, as well. 50 degrees in we take a look at this one from bill, necessary cardington. he has rainfall as well. he says rain, cold this morning, watch out for the leaves on the roads. they can make the roads slick. you're absolutely right about. that will i want to get to this one picture that was sent in by ed connor this morning. that's how do you it, he's getting the puppy ready for all of the rain today. and it is going to be cold, winnie rainy. currently 53 degrees in philadelphia, 56 atlantic city and check out mount pocono, just 45 degrees at this hour, if you hit the space bar, there you go. >> you see the rain rolling in, lighter rain now, heavier rain as we get into the afternoon. >> this has nothing to do with joaquin, which is down in the bahamas, stalled out cold front, and we basically have stormy weather ahead of it, that just keeps this party
6:45 am
going. and so, unfortunately, that's what we are stuck with today. speaking of stuck, hit the space bar again, there go. >> graphics little slow today. >> wind alert is in play for you, seeing 40, to 60-mile per hour gusts, as we head throughout our day today. and again, jeff, if you can hit that for me, because i got nothing over here. okay, and we are looking at current winds right now, 06 miles per hour in philadelphia, about 22 in wildwood. and that is going to increase as we go throughout the day today that we will see the wind keep going. under coastal inned warning all the way from rehoboth beach up to toms river, moderate flooding expected as this continues throughout our day today. so it will be rough ride today. expecting heavier showers, future, as we roll into the afternoon and evening. so tough one, we head now over to erika. >> kyla, thank youment talk about that flooding, rain certainly moving in, winds picking up, raising the coastal flooding concerns along the jersey shore, jan
6:46 am
carabeo in the thick of it right in you in sea isle city where governor chris christie is going to stop by to talk to about storm preps this morning, jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, the rain haslett up ever so slicely here in sea isle city this morning. what's really hitting us now the strong wind. making it hard for us out here. i have to hold onto my hat here. yes, governor chris christie will be in the area around 11:00 to talk about storm preparation and flooding, take a look at the video you can see folks wasted no time preparing for the possibility of moderate to major coastal flooding, many have already secured outside furniture, other october, sure hope so this morning. also moved their cars to higher grounds. now the city also asking people who live off the island to stay away this weekend, officials say they just don't want any more strain on first responders. now here in sea isle city sandy and irene erroded nearly
6:47 am
half of the beaches in some places, and $25 million beach replentishment project is still in progress, so they hope there is no more damage done with these stormsment take a listen. >> taking down banners, moving in trash cans, battening down the hatches. >> and you can see, the same type of work from atlantic city all the way down the jersey shore. taking a look at ocean sit where emergency vehicles are ready for those who may get stranded in flood water nan margate sandbags are prepared for those hoping to keep the flood waters at bay. governor chris christie has state of emergency, but not too late to start with a plan. see how rough the conditions r he said start thinking about it as crews continue to work in preparation, take a listen.
6:48 am
>> acted dollars emergency kahn systems, topping off fuel supplies. >> so be did a very careful out there today. you can see how dangerous the conditions r reporting live in sea isle city. jan carabeo, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> thanks so much. right now 6:48. time to see what's coming up on cbs this morning, we check in with nora o'donnell with a preview for us, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, erika. we're in oregon with new details about the heroes, that help take down the gunman in the deadly school shooting. plus, the threat from hurricane joaquin. we're spread out along the east costes millions prepare for flood emergencies. and there is growing outrage about new app that let you post reviews about people you know. i'd give you five stars. the news is back in the morning, see in you ten minutes. >> right back at up, nora, thank you so much. a check on the wet road right now with meisha who is nice and dry, inside the wells fargo center, monster jam is
6:49 am
happening later on this weekend, we're so pumped about it, we know you are specially, meisha, good morning. >> reporter: oh, erika, can i not even tell you, i used to be so involved with super cross motor cross, atv, the dirt, the pile, the gasoline, all of this stuff. so when get here, and look around at this 10,000-pound machinery my blood starts to boilment quickly we do have disable vehicle # a southbound at girard blocking center lane, make note that far, when we go to the wide, you can see, the censor maps are slowly starting to dip little bit. 10 miles per hour, 95 southbound between cottman and girard. certainly give yourself couple of extra minutes on that stretch. also, just know, the weather l. >> , they're in play this morning, extreme winds, evidence by some of the down polls we saw earlier, evidenced by some of the delays at the airport. one hour delay at the airport by the way.
6:50 am
so but let's switch gears. completely. because now that i am here, wells fargo center, and now that i know that monster jam, the tour, is in town, kicking off tonight, i got to bring in my pal, randy brown, common in here now. this guy, for those of you taking peak at this, this guy, yes, he's known around the world, why, because of the grave digger truck he drives. get. >> this i asked randy, do you have any fears, i know you're not scared in here in the pit, but deaf any fears in life? and he didn't. he's that cool. so, randy, i have to ask, how did you get involved in all of this. >> you know, interesting north carolina, i grew up around motorsports, motorsports capitol of the world. so i just kind of grew up around it, grew up down the road from dennis anderson the guy that created grave diggerment seemed like perfect filth for me. i raised everything else i could growing up. anything with the engines, anything without an engine from bikes to motorcycles, i was on it, seem like the biggest challenge yet. >> certainly is. 10,000 pounds, that truck. talk little bit about its
6:51 am
speed in it is build as 10,000-pound, 1600 horse power, just massive monster jam machine, you know, we can fly these things 40, 50 feet in the air. incredible. in it is raining, if you need something to do, come down to monster jam. it is for the whole family and so amazing, 2,000 horse power. needy say more? ladies, back to you. >> all right, meisha, a thanks so much. >> right now, 651:67:89 the month of october means it is time for our area to glow pink once again. this is the love park fountain in pink, as cbs-3 and the "cw philly" along with komen philadelphia, kick off the 14th annual live for the cure campaign. october is national breast cancer awareness month, and really, no bet r time to schedule a mammogram and stay vigilant in the fight against breast cancer. stay up-to-date on the light for the cure campaign at
6:52 am beautiful site. >> and, there is a new effort to help more women get those mammograms. now mammograms can come to you. >> rolling out for breast cancer awareness month, new mobile screening unit, sponsored by fox chase cancer center, and the flyers wives. >> to get involved in the women's health in the community. >> mobile unit is dispatched to communities and corporate sites to make getting a mammogram quick and easier. >> anything to help women get what they need certainly our goal. if it is convenience, i think it is a lot easier to just come and get it taken care of. >> doctor catherine evers, director of breast imaging, says the insight is a mini version whatever would you find at a regular screening center. >> this is standard mammogram unit. >> digital mammogram? >> yes, definitely.
6:53 am
>> it is personal for diane, wife of flyers general manager, ron hextall. she had a breast lump removed when she was just 26. >> quite scary, that cancer, so it does rattle your cage. >> diane's lamp was benign, but ever since she's been vigilant, want to spread the word about early detection. >> i encourage those sisters and neighbors and friends and family, just to go get screened, and know the fact. >> the van will be rolled out as it get request cents from community groups, like with any mammogram, women over the age of 40 will need prescription to be screened in the mobile unit. the entire process in the van takes less than 15 minutes. stephanie stahl. >> terrific program. we'll be right back, first what's coming up tonight on cbs-
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for the general assembly, they're for us, but we know how. they're bankrolled by groups funded by north jersey casino backers. and you know what that means - north jersey casino bigwigs can count on them. but can we? it's a dirty trick. north jersey casinos would take our casinos, and our jobs, and ruin our economy. will pauls and chris brown. when the chips are down, we can't trust them to stand up against north jersey casinos.
6:57 am
>> emotional journey about to get underway in willow grove. thousands getting ready to take part in the susan g. komen three day for the cure. within this morning, our own lovely nicole brewer. she joins us now, there she; turn around, nicole, over here. >> stand by. >> here we go. nicole? >> looking lovely. good morning. >> you know, erika, it is not easy to coral this crowd, because there is so much excitement surrounding this event. you can hear it, hine me, about to kick off. say hello to these amazing people. here for the susan g. komen three day, such exciting morning here in willow grove, pennsylvania. as i've been mentioning all
6:58 am
morning long, three days, 60 miles, all to put an end to breast cancer. 300 volunteers, a lot goes into this. these people camping out to get this done. 20 miles a day, and they're raising a lot of money. quick shout out, to karen here, five years survivor. we send it back to you. >> absolutely. >> we are applauding karen in the studio, well done, five years, that's what it is all about, all of those survivors everyone pulling together. you want to get those miles in early, right, kyla? >> rough afternoon. you saw the win out there, everybody's little ponchos blowing around, so we will see win, rain today, high of just 56 degrees. if there is any caveat here, saturday afternoon we catch little break. gets little better as we go on, light showers, some win expected sunday, but temperatures pulling up to 66 degrees. my respect goes out to those men and women, out there, 20 miles a day, in this
6:59 am
weather. you have got my respect, i hope you stop and have nice little warm hot cocoa on the way, too. >> and great closing is her moan he tonight, stowe will clear up. >> little bit. should get little better sunday. >> next on cbs this morning, how parent of teenager killed on football field are helping schools protect other athlete. first though we want to give you live look back where nicole is, all of the terrific men and women about to walk 06 miles in three days, for the komen three day. they step-off in less than one minute, 302nd and counting, huge thank you to you and all of walking and everything do you to help raise awareness of the battle against breast cancer. we will be right back. hope you have a great day.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs captioning funded by cbs good morning. it's friday, october 2nd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." a hero emerges in the oregon college shooting. new details on the victim and the gunman who witnesses say targeted christians. hurricane joaquin gains strength but the track could be changing. the latest on the threat to the united states. controversy over a new app considered the yelp for people. do you deserve five stars? we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. the suspect is down. we have got multiple gunshot wounds. we are going to need multiple ambulances on scen


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