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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 2, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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hammers the jersey shore. tonight residents are bracing for more issues as they await another high tide. a live look now at storm scan3. this hour shows a lot of storms blanketing our region. the rain is expected to continue throughout the night. it's not just the rain that's the problem but all that wind out there. good evening, i'm jessica dean. >> i'm ukee washington. we have live team coverage for you. natasha is at the shore were high tide will hit in about an hour. kate by low has what's happening right now. >> looking at natasha you can tell what's happening right now. it is windy, it's cold the rain is still coming down although the shore right now getting a little bit of break in the act. the heaviest of the rain now is over the carolinas this is partially associated with a moisture blume associated with hurricane joaquin not a threat to the united states any more but that's where that moisture is coming from. talk more a little bit later about the flooding potential in the carolinas. heavy rain moving that was
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portions of the montgomery county, chester county steady showers across portions of ocean county right now further to the south a little bit of a break in the act down the shore in delaware rot now at least as far as the rain is concern that's good news. because now we approach high tide and it's another round of moderate to potentially major coastal flooding. joaquin now starting to make that northeast i'll have the track of that coming up it just came out still category three hurricane joaquin at the moment not a threat to the us coast. 42 miles per hour winds right now rehoboth beach. 33 miles an hour in atlantic city. 47 miles an hour gusts at the moment in ocean city, maryland. wind just continues to pile all this water on to the coast and then it overruns the streets and moves through the back bays. six to 10-foot breaking waves down the shore as well tonight. you can see the rain 3am starts to taper off little bit over in it. tomorrow we're just looking at a few showers. but many shots have seen over an inch or two of rain and the rain in the bigger problem down the shore the biggest problem that persistent northeast wind with gusts to 50 miles an hour that's
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causing major beach erosion. we had beer ear rogue issues last weekend because the super moon. that beach ear rogue continues. rough surf, coastal flooding and dangerous rip currents. it is a very very nasty night and it will be a nasty saturday down the shore watch out for roads covered with water coming up i'll have more on that threat also the latest on what keep and when this all moves out. that's all coming up in just a bit. ukee, back over to you. >> this comes with a nasty night thousand in the region are without power. ac electric reports close to 7,000 customers are in the dark. pse&g with around 16 hun outag outages. peco energy reports 4800 outages most in montgomery county. 9800 dell ma have a customers are without a power much it's a raw night along the jersey sho shore. relentless rain and flooding pounding neighborhoods up down the coast. our natasha brown is riding out the storm with residents in ocean city, cape may county. natasha? >> reporter: ukee, the weather is still very much a fact here in ocean city, inform.
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ocean is roaring beside us. steady rain and gusty winds. ocean city pretty much as ban ghost town most of the night with most people not wanting to venture out to streets already flood. >> honk before getting to the jersey shore the science along the highway warn of what was to come. high win, heavy downpours and the anticipation of coastal flooding. >> the weather predictions held true drivers navigating their way through flooded streets very carefully. while others backed away from the rising water. >> mott nature will do what it's going to do. we're just trying to ease our mind. >> dan branko drove down to check on his shore home in ocean city he's hoping for the best fearing the worst. >> today was supposed to be the worst day as far as the tides go. so we've already had the worst high tide. and as long as there's no water line in the house, then we shall be okay tonight. >> reporter: barricades kept folk at bay along bay avenue in ocean city. as street after street began to
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look more like this. >> this afternoon at high tied the came lapping up here, of course, there's wake from the cars going by. and you know then it goes back and it will be back again tonight at midnight. >> reporter: while bob mack moved some hires to higher ground some businesses bored up for the night. hours earlier, up and down the jersey shore, angry ocean for showed dode the night ahead. >> we have moderate to going on the verge of little bit of major flooding. just all on our low lying areas lie like usual. high tide is expecte expectt midnight tonight. meantime a coastal flood warning remains in effect for ocean city until 6:00 p.m. on sunday. we're live here along the boardwalk in ocean city, new jersey, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> natasha, thank you very much. our cameras were rolling during water rescues in atlantic city today. this is exclusive video of firefighters and police officers rescuing children from flood
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waters at the atlantic city community charter school. "eyewitness news" at 200 north texas avenue where the first responders were able to get everyone out safely. and we want to you connect with us send your photos and videos of flooding and damage to us use the hash tag cbs3 storm. now to the latest on hurricane joaquin. coast guard is searching for a cargo with 28 americans on board that got caught in the hurricane near the bahamas. the ship left from puerto rico on its way to jacksonville florida. this is a photo of the ship before the storm. there were also five polish nationals i was bore. meanwhile in the bahamas the category four storm destroyed houses uprooted trees and unleashed heavy floodin floodind toured rain across the island for second day. no reports of any deaths so far. >> now back in our area, authorities believe the bad weather made a role in frightening car crash in chester county. a car flipped over into a pond after the driver lost control in tredyffrin township on glenn
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avenue around 5:00 o'clock. emergency crews rescued two people from the vehicle. they were rushed to paoli hospital. still no word at this time on their conditions. >> tonight we're getting a look at surveillance video of a suspect wanted attack op temple university student. police say this suspect who had a sexually assaulted and robbed a woman monday night off campus in the 1400 block of north carolina loyal street. the 20-year-old was walking home from the library when she was tacked. police say the same man may be connect to do at least one of four recent robberies in the statement area. meantime tonight police are investigate gatin gating gat gas near the drexel university campus. one of the victims is a drexel student. >> diana rocco is live with more from police tonight. die nan. >> jessica, we did speak with that drexel student just a short time ago. the victim in the latest robbery here. she said she's shaken but she's going to be okay. meanwhile, police are warning
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all drexel students not to walk alone. after a rash of robberies north and west of campus. police are looking for this man believed to be one of at least two or three suspects police say are targeting drexel students robbing them at gun point as they walk off campus. police say there have been seven robberies in the last 10 days. >> majority of them have one or two persons on bike, and all the instants that are ewing hasn't gun. so we're concern because obviously these are college student. >> latest incident happened wednesday morning before 7:00 off camera the 21 year old victim tells "eyewitness news" she was walking to work on the 400 block of powelton avenue. she walk by the suspect on a nearby porch when he follow her. showed a gun and tried to take her purse. she thought fought back and he punch the her numerous time kneeing on foot. she caught up to him and he struck her again threatening to kill her. >> we also have about sick other robberies in that immediate area between 40th and 42nd
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powelton avenue up to fairmount and it looks like these individuals or preying on people walking alone. >> all believe to be the same suspect who police say leaves nearby. they were able to recover this individual where the atm card was later used unsuccessfully. police are asking anyone with information to give them a call. police are also telling us tonight that there have been an unrelated rash of robberies north of campus in the last couple of week since the end of august. those have also been armed robberies. but they do not believe those are related to these. the suspect in this case is about 18 to 25 years old. 5-foot five or 5-foot six. we're live in university city tonight i'm diana rocco cbs3 it witness news. >> diana, thank you for that. cold case no longer. police make an arrest 31 years after the rape and murder of a bensalem teenager. barbara rowan disappeared in 1984 when she was 14 years old.
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police say george shaw arrested in florida killed the teenager after inviting her over to babysit. second suspect robert sanders is accuse of helping shaw dispose of the body. he was arrested in the poconos. investigators say they never gave up on the case. >> detectives and members of the district attorney's office notified barbara rowan's parents who are still alive that there's closure is this case. i'm just glad we got to this point. this about barbara and her family. >> police say tests by the fbi of tape found on rowan's body as well as wire taps led to the arrests. we're learning more tonight about the victim shot and killed on oregon college campus. authorities say the gunman killed eight classmates antti which are at umpqua community college in roseberg thursday. the victim victim range in age 8 to 67. the shooter is dead. his motives still aren't clear but he dropped out of the army and studied mass shooters.
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investigators have recovered 13 weapons related to the investigation including the handgun used in the rampage. we continue to have our eye on the storm. the shore getting hit the hardest. kate is closely watching what comes neck. >> ukee the shore is under a coastal flood warning as well as whipped advisory tonight you can see the rain continuing to impact much of the east coast. but the coastal flooding not due to the rain. it's due of course to high tide. pulling in extra water. i'll tell you more about when those high tides will be and when the nasty weather moves out. that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> former eagles star is heading to prison for his role in mortgage scam. fine out about the sentence handed down to irving fryar. also this. >> friends couldn't believe it. a local woman gets a whole new look courtesy of our vittoria whittle. >> we took 50 bucks and gave a nifty thrifty fall fashion makeover the reveal is coming up and you don't want to miss it.
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and rain or shine it's game on for many. the original friday football frenzy coming up. >> and coming after "eyewitness news" at 11:00 it's the late show with stephen colbert tonight he welcomes morgan freeman, actress ruth wilson and video game developer sean murr murray. the laughs get started tonight at 11:35. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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>> today a judge sentenced irving fryar for to five years in prison. fryar and his mother tried to steal more than a million dollars by ill leally obtaining six loans on her burlington county home. she was sentenced three years probation. he grew up in mt. holly and played for the eagles in the late 90's. >> thousands in our area are taking part in the susan g. komen thee day walk to fight breast cancer this weekend. the wet is not the greatest this weekend but it did not dampen the spirit of those taking part. over the next three dates
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participants will walk 60 miles to raise money and awareness. and local landmark across our area are a glow in pink lights the lights for the cure campaign. among them, the national couldn't stewing center on independent mall. lights for the cure is a joint effort by cbs3 the cw philly susan g. komen philadelphia and that pink light is a reminder to schedule a mammogram. another independence mall landmark also taking part the national museum of american jewish history. lights for the cure is now in its 14th year and october is breast cancer awareness month. >> i saw boat house row tonight. it was absolutely beautiful. >> looks so great out there with this chilly weather many of us are getting out our warmer clothes and you might not be too happy with that old sweater or jack. but don't head to the department store just yet. >> you can update your wardrobe without spending a lot of money our victoria woo ill gives a local woman a surprise makeover in a new segment we're calling nifty thrifty. ♪ >> reporter: fall season is
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now upon us and it's all about breaking out the layers but the last thing you want to do is break the bank. i need that money for late tase. 50 bucks, one hour to shop and we're getting nifty thrifty right here at the thrift store but first we need to find someone to give a makeover to. let's go. ♪ >> reporter: don't believe me. i set out to make a nifty thrift out of one lucky lady on her lunch break. how would you feel if i gave someone a quick ambush makeover on cbs3? >> what? >> yes! >> i'll do it. >> reporter: this woman is a cosmetology student and we took her to retrospect vintage on south street to get thrifty. we'll get nifty thrifty for 50 buck and all about fall fashion we've got one hour to shop before you have t to go back to school. >> i think what would be great would be a dress for you. >> do you like blue. >> yes. i like blue. >> do you see anything that you like? this would be awesome. >> it's really thick.
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i love how it has the zipper in the back. that should be beautiful on you. >> although a solid color long sleeved dress is the perfect fall search investing in printed coat adds a touch of fall spice. >> plaid is a great go to print for fall just because it's cozy yet makes bold statement. so something like this. this would be awesome. >> since thrift stores are full of surprises, this chic plaid coat was actually a robe. after a few swings through the rack, and some more digging, i think this is beautiful. i feel like it's rich looking. and for $3 i mean, come on. >> it matches the blue and this flood. >> her hands were fall of fall flare and time to put it altogether in the dressing room. take a good look at her before and now the nifty thrifty reve reveal. >> oh, my god! >> yes!
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>> that looks so pretty. >> oh, my god. that looks really amazing. >> it will be your new book. >> 5.99 for the boots. $18 for this jacket. $16 for the dress. and three bucks for the neckla necklace. >> if you were counting with me, that's a complete outfit for under $43. and just like that, the thrifty experience became priceless. with some money left over for lattes. >> girls come on let's get to you school looking fabulous. for more tips and tricks for your life, for your fashion, go to we've got it all and that's nifty. time for pumpkin spiced lattes. hurry before the bell rink! ♪ >> looking great. that was great. >> awesome. >> i love it. >> that was fantastic. >> oh my gosh i want her to take me living. >> that was fun. >> she's great at that. >> really fun and glad they got it before the deluge hit because it wouldn't have been fun to
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shop in this weather. >> that would be a great segment. how do you look stylish on a day like today. it's pretty miserable. hard to look stylish. i have my rain boots right now. not stylish but functional. i do have them on right now we'll go out in puddle. the heaviest rain is starting to taper. let's take look what's going on right now take you out to storm scan3 you can see the rain set up over the carolinas very strong moisture plume there are some indications on the models that some spots could see over 20-inches of rain before the weekend is done. that could cause the threat for catastrophic flooding especially in portions of the south carolina, southern north carolina here. for us you can see the rain is moving in. this is the result of deep moisture convergence moving in from the south around an upper level low moving in different direction than northeast wind created boy a strong pressure gradient. we've got the moisture surging in from the coast and we've got that strong northeast wind battering the shore line. still steady rain over montgomery county and bucks county but the rain as you know as you can see here star startio
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break apart little bit. take look how chilly it is. only in the 40s in beverly at the samuel m. ridgeway middle school. 47 degrees and won't warm oomph through the overnight hours. doppler estimated rainfall totals an inch 2-inches in the past 24 hours with two to 3-inches especially in portions of delaware. now this is not quite enough rain to cause the risk for inn lapped flooding but we do have the threat still for coastal flooding mainly because of these winds. here's saturday morning. right through saturday night winds over 40 miles an hour down the shore. over 30 miles an hour in the city. that's just causes water to pile up along the coast. that northeast wind piles the water up here is your coastal flood warning entirety of the shore points the delaware beaches the mouth of the delaware bay and the delaware river as that water gets pushed on to land that will last through the whole weekend. close to high tide as well. 12:06 in row hoe women beach. cape may after midnight. 12:0 sick in wildwood and 11:58 in atlantic city. within the next 45 minutes to an hour another repeat performance of this major to moderate
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coastal flooding as high tide rolls in. here's the latest on hurricane joaquin. it is still weakening and notice this is very end ratching moving northeast at 10 miles an hour started to get a little faster out of here that's what we need to move it away from the bahamas with winds at 125 gusts to 155 but the good news is, this stays well off the eastern seaboard. it is going to make close past we are mood today. bermuda under a hurricane watch and tropical storm warning. curve out to sea and does not have direct impact here on philadelphia which is great news. we don't need a one-two punch number one punch is bad enough. the rain i just mentio mentioner portions of the carl loin nass. sick plus inches. some indications more than a foot or 20-inches could fall. overnight periods of rain on and off. they are tapering off for your saturday cloudy and blustery. not the best weekend for the komen three day. cloudy and windy the rain should die down a bit that's a little bit of good news and next week with joaquin heading away we're back to the 70s with sunshine
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returning. stay there. we'll be right back.
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>> fed he can field here we come. >> here we go. >> let's do this. >> we were worried for minute. >> game on. >> eagles and washington game will be played sunday in landover maryland. the league had thought about moving the game to detroit hurricane joaquin has moved further out to sea it's not going to affect the game. demarco murray practiced again today. he's listed as questionable for sunday's game. so far this season he hasn't look like the defending rushing champ 11 yards in two games. has he lost confidence in the eagles offense?
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>> not at all. confidence will never waiver at all. i mean i have 100% confidence and my team and this coaching staff and this organization. so not at all. >> no surprise the phillies marlins game rained out. they'll play a double header tomorrow starting at 4:05. they need one victory to avoid losing 100 games. >> temple on the road facing charlotte the owls looking to start the season four-zero for the first time in 41 years. they led 10 to three going in the third and then turned it on. made it 17-three. pj walker finding rock bee anderson. temple scored 27 unanswered points in the second half and beat charlotte 37-three. ♪
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all right. it's that time of the week. friday football frenzy a bit of a rain shortened frenzy. many of the games canceled or postponed including our game of the week. many schools braced the elements. let's get right to it. we'll start in the public league northeast sitting roxborough. take care of that ball in the rain. that will be a fumble quinton wooten with the strip. chris rouche with recovery northeast wins it 38-12. central visiting mastbaum. off to the races. 57 yards for the score. central winner 36-nothing. edison visiting george washington. all the way from canada to see this game. in the foul weather they got to see tale of adams bust through the line for a sack. edison wins it six to nothing. plymouth white marsh visi visiting wick hick couldn't.
11:27 pm
looking deep. finds jamal for the touchdown right here. whitemarsh wins this one big time 50-eight. mal malvern prep taking on st. joe's. busting a big touchdown run he here. wondering what's that little circle s that's what happens when water gets inside the lense. that kind of a night. malvern prep wins 36-21. rain pouring in south philadelphia as prep charter took on kipp dubois. tyre howard looking down the field. here comes marcus bryant. fumble. prep charter wins this one, 34-nothing. let's head over the bridge. we have camden hosting willingboro. josh clark take the hand off goes 11 yards for the score. camden wins this 128-seven. and finally, tonight, we have phoenixville at owen j. roberts. also raining in chester county. these fans trying very hard to stay warm. and this is ray quon stewart.
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gets into the end soap. owen j. roberts wins this one,
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>> the philadelphia fire department honors some of its own at tonight's fire prevention dinner dance. >> fire commissioner sawyer was on hadn't to. (awards for he's had go the extra mile to teach prevention. civilian award was also
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presented to local radio personal patti jackson. >> all right. >> congratulations. we'll be right back.
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that's going to do it for us tonight. our morning team is back tomorrow and on the air from five to 7am. for lesley, our entire squad i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're always on at cbsphilly.c the late show with stephen colbert is coming up next. >> thanks for watching. have a great weekend. good in it, family. sleep well. ♪
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( band playing "late show" theme ) captioning sponsored by cbs ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: whooo! >> stephen, stephen, stephen! >> stephen: thank you very much. that's very nice of you. that's entirely nice of you. thank you very much. welcome to "the late show." as you can tell by the name you have been chanting ui am stephen colbert. i hope you had a good day. it's a bit oa


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