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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 4, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EDT

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>> right now at 11 clock south jersey homeowner is picking up the pieces after a storm
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boulevard the house up its foundation and into the waters up cape pay counting. good evening i'm natasha brown. the home was swept away. eyewitness news reporter steve patterson tells us what the man who owns this house is going to do now. >> reporter: here today gone tomorrow. >> by 2 by 4s and you know, hopeful p.m. we'll rebuild. >> reporter: with the side of his home broken and now submerge d we stumbled upon owner with the same disposition neighbors have come to no him buy half naked smile surfer dude attitude. >> its oath wood i got a hammer i got a saw. >> reporter: neighbors were a little more anxious many waking up to the sound of the homes biologies coming up. past the half dozens homes in
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middle township until it finally stopped. >> one of those things you've seen for years wondered when it was going to happen. >> reporter: he admits the home has been a structural mess falling into the channel for years spite attempts to fix it. he says the wind and water level of this storm was simply the last straw. >> stop the violence. current was so strong i looked tempers 16 inch 60 feet long broken like toothpicks u no one was home no one was hurt. because the structure wasn't connected to utilities no real danger to names, for the man watching nearly three decades of memories a way kindred spirits. >> i'm going to stay jersey strong and rebuild. >> reporter: that homeowner has been in touch with middle township police. police in touch with the department of environmental protection. and the coast guard as they all
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figure out how to safely remove that home out of the channel without the debris causing problems of the reporting from middle township steven patterson cbs3 eyewitness news. >> the worse of the storm is over now. but flooding is still a concern. kate is in our weather center with the first look at the forecast. ? >> this is not flooding from rain. this is coastal flooding thanks to persistent on shop wind dealing with since thursday. it will continue till tomorrow. thinks are starting wind down. we've had some good news its coastal tom area a not as much water as we had originally anticipated. storm scan three shows a lot of rain over south carolina. in fact over 14 inches of rain has fallen in portions of south carolina. more rain still falling tonight. partially associated with moisture connected to hurricane joaquin. in our area little bit of
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clearing to far north and west rest of the region pretty quiet. light showers over organizations of ocean county. mist and drizzle happening pretty much all across the area. 50 degrees right now. 49 in redding. temperatures will drop up. 40 in the suburbs not a huge drop as we head towards tomorrow? a. no. costate flood warning is still i know effect for all shop points and delaware beaches moderate flooding is expected till 6:00 sunday. 30 -- atlantic city 43 miles per hour. future whether shows not a lot happening over the next couple of hours see clouds start to fizzled as we starting to through the overnight hours into tomorrow. here's the latest on hurricane joaquin was tropical storm now of course it is a hurricane. strong category four. decreased a bit intensity.
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winds back to 130 miles. this storm is headed pretty quickly toward bermuda going to be a strong storm as it gets there category two hurricane as as it passes just to the west. dangerous right front quadrant of the storm as it moves yabbie. the good news is the storm is staying well away from the east court of the united states. once we get out of this pattern is, once we get this over with nicer weather next week. >> thank you very much. now storm also battered ocean city with strong winds and some beach errosion as well. and folks there road out the storm indifferent ways. >> reporter: brutal blinding whipping winds blocked out the sound of everything except a bulldozer. while last minute gas in the soon down were filled in ocean city surfers did what surfers do
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ignored safety warnings. paddling out into six to eight foot waves. >> i think local its, waves get a little better, i think everybody is scared. >> reporter: one man took storm water with a grain of salt or sand perhaps. but still called in help from his brother to secure his home. >> i had my brother down here. getting furniture out of the way stuff like that. we may be a little late with the wind. >> reporter: heavy rainfall coupled with high tide provided for heavy flooding and road closures. for one local surfer that i have made this a one and done outing. >> waves are big, six, seven, maybe eight, nine feet. >> reporter: the rest of the shore residents are riding out the stormy waters too. relieved that the worse of hurricane joaquin appears to miss new jersey coast. >> meantime the high winds
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pushed sand up and over a boat in ocean city. viewer posted these videos catamaran beurre read in the dunes at 40 and street. he happened upon this on annual fishing treat with his brothers chuck and mike. thanks you. also heavy rain and strong winds causing problems here in philadelphia as well. a huge tree came crashing down in south philly between jasmine and snyder street in south philly. crews shut the road down for hours while they worked to try to clean up the mess. join tense search has ended for the night at least for a cargo ship missing in hurricane joaquin the ship had 33 people on board. most of them are americans. today, a live raft was found so far there's been no sign of the ship. the us coast guard began searching for the ship thursday the crew radioed for help saying they lost power and we're taking on water.
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back here at home a double shooting leaves one man dead suspected gun man behind bars. shots fired in germantown around 6:30 tonight. philadelphia police say a 19 year old was shot once in the chest and died at einstein medical center. 29 year old suspect was arrested after checking himself into that same hospital for bullet wound to rib cage. authority charge teenager in question with 15 robberies near drexel campus. he's seen here in this video attempting to use a victims atm card inside a convenience store. philadelphia police tell us the suspect lives in that neighborhood. >> he's walking out the store shoulder only went up to the push bar on the door. we still expected him to be the victim described 18 to 25, brought into custody he was only 14 years of age.
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>> 79 investigators say majority of the victims were females. meantime 12 staffers for the charity doctors without border in afghanistan have died in an air strike one that may have been carried out by us forces. it happened in northern seen of conducive patients including three children also died in the explosion. us army spokesman acknowledged the air strike may have caused collateral damage. they say war planes hit the medical facility while returning fire against taliban fighters. vatican fired a prominent priest after he came out as gay. monsignor krysztof olaf charamsa a mid level official in doctrine office came out in newspaper interviews in italy and poland. firing came one day after a high level meeting of catholic leaders to discuss family issues like divorce and same sex marriage. he says he wanted to challenge
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the church's backwards attitude toward home sexuality. vatican issued a statement saying in part the decision to make such appointed statement on the eve of the opening of the appears very serious and irresponsible since it aims to -- undue media pressure. chilling new details in deadly shooting rampage at a community college in oregon one of the fires says the gun man delivered happen final message. chris martinez has more. >> reporter: the medical examiner has determined the cause of death of the shooter to be suicide. >> reporter: authorities now seiches harper mercer died by his own hand shooting and killing himself after exchanged engining gunfire bit police. a newly released timeline shows the shooter was down 10 minuted after the first call to 911. >> to the families of the victims our hearts are with you.
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>> reporter: authorities say the gun man killed nine people whose ages ranged from 18 to 67. 16 year old shy an fitzgerald was among the nine people injured she lost her kidney. >> through the back and her lung. the person sitting next to her her family says the shooter singled out victims based on religion. >> he was asking people what religion was if they were christian when he would stand them up if they said they were christian he would say something along the lines you'll be with god soon. >> reporter: he left a document with one of the students to hand over to police. it could offer more insight a source describes it as a rant of someone who was mad at the world. he wrote about feeling like a lieu sir without a girlfriend. hatred for black man and going out in a blaze of glory. for cbs eyewitness news. >> stay with us. straight ahead on eyewitness news fear of a deadly bacteria
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recall of food sold right here in our area. what you need to know to make sure you don't get sick. and small but mighty a 20 pound dog goes after three baser bears more than five times her size. more of this incredible video for you when we come back, kate. chilly saturday out there it's going to stay chilly for sunday if you are ready for nicer fall weather i got that in the forecast also more on the coastal flood thread that continues tonight to tomorrow that's coming up in weather. eagles getting ready for the big game tomorrow against its washington redskins. leslie van arsdale has the, that for you when
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>> a woman killed when a three story home exploded in brooklyn new york this afternoon. three other people were had we're injured the blast happened while someone was changing out a stove in a second floor apartment around 1:00 this afternoon the cause is still under investigation at this hour. a small dog is being called quite a hero tonight for carrying three bears a way from her house. take a look. two bears wondered into the front yard of this california home. the third bear walked into the balcony that's when jewels leaped into action the 20 about
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french bull dog didn't hesitate. chased them all a one of the bears jumped the fence to a had escape jewels. >> well now campaign 2016 hillary clinton is promising sweeping action for lgbt americans if she's elected president. clinton spoke to the campaign today in washington. promised to increase legal protection of transgender americans. and also endorse an update to civil rights act of 1964. >> where lesbian gay bisexual are targeted. there's still too many young people out there feeling hopeless and alone. >> clinton also acknowledged that she once opposed same sex marriage. and thanks to human rights campaign for helping to change her mind.
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meanwhile clinton's closest democratic competitor approximately lead sported today in mash chutes. talked massachusetts. talked about income and he quality and/or began college shooting. said america needs tougher gun control laws. >> what we need to do is bring our people together. to stop the shouting. to pass sensible gun control legislation. >> recent poles show sander trailing clinton by double digits national l however he is leading in primary states iowa and new hampshire. due to a possible list steer yes contamination. 16 ounce bags with best if used by date june 29th, 200017, they
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were distributed nationwide. general mills says the recall is a precaution after one packet did test positive for the presence of listed yes, no related illnesses have been reported. three ma'am gaps in honor of breast cancer awareness woman. helped out uninsured and uninsured women. taught women how to do self exams. experts say mammograms are a very important tool for the early detection of breast cancer. awry yes health and breast cancer foundation partnered on this outreach effort today jam. if you will take note local landmarks all across the area are all a glow in pink the campaign started already the month of october mellon center in center city.
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the pink light is a reminder to schedule a mammogram. we are so proud and on whored in order to be a part of that every year. boy did i need a little jacket today i had a small one. doesn't feel like early october. it feels like late october. >> i know. maybe november or december. >> high need a parka. we needed to brake break out heavy gear. feels like maybe we skipped the nice fall weather and went from '60s to '80s. we have a nice stretch it comes just time to head back to work next week. good news things are wind ding down with coastal storm. let's take a look at what's happening. we'll take you out to roof topical a rain has tapered in the city. it did pretty much all day on and off little spurts of showers. there is still some drizzle hanging in the air tonight. not the worse. the worse of the rain over south
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carolina continues flash flood warning in effect for many of the counties. some spots already seen 14 inches of rain and more rain is falling at the moment. for us a little bit of clearing especially if you are heading toward north and west. that will be the case tomorrow start with cloud cover the sunday will start to break it up a few spots by afternoon. a long time since we've seen the sun. my son said where's the sun. molly its been gone a few days next week it will be back. margate showed the suffer rising pretty far up the beach here. beach errosion. coastal flooding that has been the story all week end long. certainly yesterday and on thursday even as that northeast flow started down the shore. rain flow not enough to cause inland flooding. general north and west of philadelphia less than an inch of rain. one to two inches across philadelphia and much of new jersey. some spots down in delaware especially portion's of kent county four inches of rain.
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had been so dry that we need add lot of rain an short amount of time to cause inland flooding. strong pressure high to the north low to the south. winds coming out of the north and east battering the coast line for past 48 hours. as we head through weekend we start to see high pressure move east. sunshine back. there's joaquin out to see headed towards bermuda past still strong hurricane could cause wind damage and threat for flooding. wind die down. sun comes out. clouds brake to sunshine. tomorrow morning you can see gust of 40 miles an hour in of the afternoon winds start to diminish from northwest to southeast. northeast flow. that continues right through much of the day monday. coastal flooding will continue through the weekend. for the shore points and delaware beaches goes through tomorrow evening at 6:00. on shore flow pushing water onto
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land. worse will be to the time of high tide. 1:0 3w. all shore communities that's when you are going to want to watch for another -- overnight windy. cold with light rain and drizzle. 51 degrees will be overnight low. sun little bit warmer 63 degrees. breezy with a shower. mostly cloudy. i'm optimistic the sun tries to peek o eyewitness weather forecast stretch of nice october weather '70s, sunny, low humidity. next week looks great. we are not track ting a had tracking a hurricane as we head into next week. >> joaquin is out of here. thank you very much. college football penn state on a roll.
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, the eagles
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>> all right leslie loving your green dress. >> i'm ready. poms poms. eagles and washington tomorrow nfc contest. redskins are the fourth ranked rushing, well the eagles looking for consistency seven to 12 quarter. sam bradford got up to a rocky start. five turnovers and throwing two touchdowns. unless nine third downs. second worse in the league. >> past two games, you don't
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keep yourself on the field it's hard to keep a rhythm. so we can get into that rhythm. >> i don't think we are too far up. once we get rolling then confidence will be back and i think we. well phillies season comes to an end tomorrow they need towline the final game. marlons took both games 6789 double header today. game one basis loaded cody line drive, fred key gallons fa son. next i know brian first pitch he goes to the opposite field. over the wall second home run all tide up. ken jewels in, doesn't happen, with line drive right field corner. chris scores in the game tie.
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ground, moellons take that one seven to six. to game two us women's soccer star from did he tell ran, marlons took a two nothing lead center field. michael franking company, rushing pitch. just was not enough. marlons complete the sweep with a five to two victory. tonight at city mat sir sher. 17 strike outside set a team record. two regular season hall of fame misdemeanor nolan ryan 42 years ago. penn state starts playing next week a four game winning
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streak after they beat army. first quarter ball hand up to nick rubs it up the middle he scores to give penn state the early lead. scanning the field looking looking and fients his man down the side line penn state had a 27 lead going fourth quarter. big zach to zeal the date. penn state with fourth straight win 20 to 14 the final. and soccer, he knows what to do
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>> welcome back everyone. many stroll 32 old city. the national park service has been a special walking 24 today. park rangers assess the italian influences on the city of philadelphia. and many of its
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