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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 5, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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main break that happened over the weekends. i'll talk about that coming up in just a minute. justin, how is it feel howling there? >> little cold. so you're going to need the jacket. i rec. that will yes, talking about 40's in a lot of the suburbs this morning, but it is that time of year. we start to get the cold mornings in here, the sunshine returns this week, and temperatures actually warm back up to the 70s over the next few days, here we go right now, waking up around philadelphia, 52 degrees at the airport, but the suburbs already in the 40's right now, little mild nerve south jersey, still have the wind coming in off the water, still some clouds around, holding the temperatures up. forty-nine in mt. holly, new jersey, 46 degrees quakertown, pottstown, doylestown this hour. we will probably drop another degree or two just before sunrise. not much happening on storm scan3, clouds rolling on through, you can see breaks in the clouds, though, partly sunny skies, will return for today. still, have coastal flood advisory, for the potential for minor tidal flooding, along the delaware bay, some of the tidal creeks, in south jersey and delaware, the back bays, as well, so just keep that in mind.
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what to expected to? chilly start, sun, clouds, not as winnie, milder, high temperatures in the 60s, here's the school day forecast, dress the kids warm at the bus stop. temperatures only in the low 50's, right around 8:00. coming home, at 65. we give it b plus today as the sunshine does return. we will talk about that warmer temperature in the seven day forecast in a few more minute, now checking the traffic with meisha a good morning. >> good morning, b plus, not bad. that's better than his c last week, right? good morning, everyone, happen my n day. back at t it will be a great week. i just have a feeling. here is a look at the vine, looking good here still dark, everyone moving at posted speeds as we entete err the 5:00 hour. monday one of the busier travel days, looking at the vine make note, bridge repair construction starting tonight. both in the eastbound and westbound direction. it will start tonight, from 11:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. and that will happen every night until thursday. and this is going to be between broad street and 76, for those of how take the vine. make note of. that will because that
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closure again 11:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. that will happen every single day this week until thursday. also, the schuylkill eastbound past girard looking good, looking nice and quiet. we will know this will change very quickly here. looking at the boulevard, too, you can see, just kind of nice volume level starting to come around this curve. heading toward the schuylkill. the roosevelt boulevard, though, in general, starting this 5:00 hour looking good. mass transit looking good. this is that lansdale doylestown starting bussing today bussing through december, weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. between doylestown and colmar, back to you. >> thank you, philadelphia is on alert this morning after federal authorities say a threat of violence was made against the university in or around the city. this on line threat did not specify though which university. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now outside temple right now, she has the latest details for us. jan, good morning. >> good morning, no specific college or university named in this threatening post, campus communities all over the
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delaware valerie preparing, the officials have notified their student body and here at temple university, while there will be normal operations today, they say you can expect to see increased police presence on campus. >> school leaders are asking their students to be extra vigilant today after a threatening post was discovered on social media over the weekend. >> terrifying, i don't feel safe going to class. >> sunday, federal officials with the fbi and atf informed schools of post that threaten violence at quote philadelphia area college, or university. now, no specific school was name. but, according to that post, the threat is supposed to happen on monday october 5th, 2:00 p.m. makes me feel un safer. i have class in the middle of the day. >> i don't think in this instance that this is a very specific threat. >> just retired as a special agent to the f.b.i. for 26 years. he spent entire career analyzing threats like this
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one. >> this wouldn't have gone out like it had, law enforcement, the fbi, atf, other agencies would have been addressing this specific threat. >> local state federal authority are taking this threat seriously and working together to investigate. in the meantime, campus leaders have sent out thousands of alerts to student, like this one, from temple, that reads in part: temple police are closely monitoring this situation, and keeping in contact with local and federal officials. in addition, temple police, will have increased visibility on campus monday, the university will have normal operations, as well. but for many with college campus violence, fresh in mind, they can't help but feel on edge. >> the fbi is continuing to continue this threat. they are asking students to remain vigilant today and of course report any suspicious activity. reporting live at temple university, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, jan, thank you so much. meanwhile, swarthmore college student sent killed in a tragic accident. the school officials confirm
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sophomore anthony was killed saturday afternoon after falling off cliff in wooded section of the campus. grief counselling will be provided by the college. >> funeral arrangements are pending this morning, for well known civil right leader and former president of the philadelphia naacp jerry mondesire. he passed a i weigh after report ethically suffering a brain aneurysm undergoing kidney die al such as he led philadelphia's naacp chapter for more than two decades. but was suspended by the national organization last year over questions about finances at the local chapter. mondesire known for publishing the philadelphia sunday sun. in a statement his family says he was quote with family and close friends. they go ton say the family wants to thank everyone for their love and support. >> mondesire was also a founding member of the philadelphia association of black journalists. the organization released this statement reading in part: the members of the philadelphia association of black journalists would like to share our heartfelt
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condolances with his family and friends. jerry mondesire was 65 years old. >> 5:06. community college in oregon reopens today following last week's shooting massacre. people in the community came together in prayer yesterday, to remember the nine people killed. christopher harper mercer died in a shoot-out with police after opening fire on a writing class. we will have more details on this deadly shooting rampage coming up at 5:30. meanwhile today cape may county officials will consult with state and environmental officials just how they'll remove these two homes that fell into the bay near north wildwood over the weekend. watt verse receded. clean up continues in new jersey and delaware. "eyewitness news" reporter, rahel solomon, has more now from wildwood. >> the whipping winds and heavy rain, battered many shore towns this weekend, but of the worse example seen in this sell phone video shot by
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blogger tony. >> exact location where the house came off. >> in a picture post today his blog, north wildwood home before it was ripped from its morgue, apparently because of the storm, and sunday, floating here in the bay. >> this flooded road, near susquehanna avenue wildwood, driver suns day care fully testing their luck. you can see the water is at least ankle deep here on rio grand avenue, cars had been trying to make their way through this stretch this afternoon, meantime, take a look. the parking lot of the boathouse restaurant still almost completely submerged. >> sitting inside, watching. >> meanwhile, humor has been keeping joe entertained. as he watched his west wide wood yard disappear under several feet of water. when it re-emerged he net with a broom and patience. >> i've been out here since about 6:00. >> and delaware the bethany beach fire department has
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rescued two men stuck in high water possibly as deep as five to 6 feet in some areas. a spokesman for the fire department tells me, one man was standing on the truck's top when firefighters arrived. but despite the brutal beating and the significant property damage for some -- >> so sad, because everyone is losing so much of their property. >> no injuries were reported. in wildwood, rahel solomon, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". meanwhile, south carolina is clearly bearing the brunt of this weekend's storm system. state of emergency remains in effect as rising water is reaking havoc across the state. hundreds of roads and bridges were closed through the weekend. that storm has claimed already seven lives. 8,000 national guards men remain on stand by this morning. south carolina's governor, nicky haley, has been issued curfew in one hard hit area. >> regardless of where you are in the state, continue to stay home, continue to stay off the roadways, we are at a thousand year level of rain in parts of
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the low country. >> and it is only going to get worse before it get betterment today's forecast calls for even more rain for that area with no significant clearing until tuesday. >> now, that drenching rain in south carolina has trapped mother and her 15 year old child inside a flooded home. coals guard chopper video here captured that dramatic rescue over south carolina, just north of charleston. rising waters overwelmed the family's neighborhood on sunday afternoon, the mother and cher child were not injured and in temporary shelter this morning. >> 5:09 right now. and the eagles have got a lot of explaining to do. off to rough start this year. they better get things straightened out in a hurry as well. sports anchor pat gallen joins with us led's lost. they need to get it together. >> just when you thought they were about to turn a corner, this is what happens with your philadelphia eagles. another tough afternoon for eagles fans. and another winnable game that slips away. facing a divisional opponent the eagles had a chance to somehow climb back to 500, and get things moving in the right
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direction. but, no dice, in d.c. yesterday. washington jumps out to 13-nothing lead, that's quarterback kurt cousins who fumbles, and then stum unless for 1 yard, washington up 13-nothing at that point. after awful first half, the birds battle back in the second, sam bradford tosses three touchdowns, including this 62-yard tow real cooper. but the new kicker was a problem. call he can sturgis misses 33-yard ers and extra point. the eagles took a lead in the fourth quarter on bradford's third touchdown pass this one to miles austin. but it still wasn't enough. washington marched 90 yards in 15 plays, as pierre with the 4-yard game winner with under minute to go. they beat the birds 23-20. eagles now one and three, quarterback sam bradford trying to stay pop. -- positive. >> i don't think anyone's head is down. i thought this week we had great week of practice, i thought the energy levels were
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great. i think we will be back to work tuesday with the sam attitude. >> there were a lot of things that went wrong for the eagles yesterday. let's talk offensive line. bradford continued inconsistency, skating comment from both demarco murray and jason kelce, we will take a closer look at all of that coming up in our next hour, again, just about to turn that corner and turn this into something positive, yes, and at the end, know completely fell apart. >> what's confuse to go me before the season started yes, maybe the superbowl, such a great team, high hopes, then the delivery just wasn't there. >> expectations were so high with this team. i think when you throw so many different moving part together at one time, sometimes it just doesn't come together. and you're seeing that right now. >> hopefully it does next week. thanks so much. well, there is one thing you can count on of course eagles fans are pretty hon what's it comes to their opinions on the eagles. after yesterday certainly they are not happy. >> it is a disgrace. they taught fire chip kelly, get him out of town. >> eagles do what they do every year. disappoint us. >> it was an awful game. they played terrible again.
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chip kelly has got to go. >> the eagles lost, the offense and defense stunning. >> stunning, there you have it. what do you think? well the eagles make the play off the, connect with us on facebook and twitter, use the hash tal c >> 5:12, search continues for cargo shop gone missing in hurricane joaquin. still ahead the new discovery rescuers made over the weekend. this as family members grow more desperate by the hour. >> also ahead it, wasn't just new jersey and delaware beaches battered by this weekend's storm. damage in another popular resort town, ocean city maryland.
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> the every continues for a cargo ship that's gone missing in hurricane joaquin. bermuda being pummeled by gusting wind and pelting rain from a weakening hurricane joaquin. meanwhile officials in bat hamas assess the massive damage, the storm left behind. now, weaver some aerial video right here, it was released by the united states coast guards, hundreds of homes are gone, many residential areas are flooded. the boo bo haim yan government said it is still work to go,
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the damage to infrastructure and private property. not clear if that storm caused any injuries or deaths. meanwhile, coast guard crews continue an intensive search for the cargo ship missing in the ocean churned up by joaquin. thirty-three people were on board. rescuers have spot debris include that life preservers it, has the name of the ship written on it. the ship has not been heard from since thursday when it lost power and began taking on water. floods and high winds battered ocean city maryland this weekend, as women. while members of the national guards day a close eye on the shore town, many residents say they've never seen conditions this bad. flooding on the back bay was severe at high tide. but, even though things looked bleak, some chose to make the best after bad situation, check it outright here, they used these flooded flood waters for quick little surround every session. >> we are lucky we didn't get the hurricane. >> so looking at the people what they're doing down in charleston right now, what they are going through, we're very fortunate. >> now, in addition to the flood water, beach errosion
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now a big problem along the entire ocean city coast. flood waters are expected to last until later on today. >> the latest on how forecast is looking, any flooding concerns for us today? >> still there is chance for some beach errosion, minor tidal flooding specially on the back bays, tidal creeks, still the ocean roughed up. we have this push of on shore flow from northeast winds, that's backing un the water little bit. wave heights are still running real high now. over the weekends we had off shore buoys off the delaware coast reaching 20 feet. still see the core of the waves out near bermuda. actually joaquin, really errupting up the sees. current wave heights, off shore, still running about eight to 12 feet. past that, that's what you get near the coastline, that's still ripping up the beaches little bit. watch out for minor tidal flooding around times every high tide specially in the back base once again today. temperatures though do warm up. 70 degrees is the average high. today still below that in the 60s, see the sunshine, then back to the 70s tuesday, wednesday, through the rest of the week, looks like wednesday
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and friday, are going to be the warmest days with highs above average. grab the jacket, little bit milder in the south though, we do have the clouds, south jersey, delaware, mid and upper 50's, but you get closer to philadelphia, start to break the clouds up little bit. 48 degrees in chalfont, 46 out in malvern, 49 in woodstown, go gets even cooler further north, quakertown, 46 degrees, 48 reading, allentown this morning. clouds over us right now, again, breaking up from time to time. so we will see peaks of sunshine throughout your day. still some gusty winds to deal, with specially along the coast, out of the northeast at about 20 miles area hour, watch what happens to the winds tomorrow. really start relax, so improving conditions as far as the wind gusts go. here is the latest on joaquin, as of 5:00 this morning, winds down to eight a miles per hour, about 125 miles north of bermuda right now, movement north-northeast at 13. so again moving away from the island, but still it, will send some higher swells to the area beaches over the next couple every days. that storm continues to weaken. here is the set up. lingering clouds along the
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coast, stub your honor low pressure system over the carolinas, throwing back the rain, starts to mover eastward during the day tuesday, and then really kicks on out of hoo err for wednesday, that's when we are able to clear the skies out real nice and warm the temperatures back up. here we, are miler today, partly sunny, 67 degrees, another cool night mostly clear skies, 53 for center city, 40's out nut suburbs, into is dry stretch of weather though, great news, lot every sunday, low to mid 70s for the next several days, looks like friday another rain chance, in the form of just some showers, nothing heavy at this point, cold front that moves through, then dry out with temperatures right around 70 for the weekends. how are the roads looking this morning? >> 70s justin, sounds great. roads looking really good. good morning, happy honda, live will the from the mobile three, water main break saturday, summer ton section of philly, southampton road between theresa drive and covert drive. see the water let me back out, give you good glance at this. now the road is open here but restrictions in place,
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evidence by the cones, but just little while ago i did see cars kind of maneuvering around, not causing too many problems right now, but certainly could a little bit later. going to the vine, just look at vine and broad street, looking good. but there is some bridge repair construction twin broad street and the schuylkill, will go into effect tonight, in both directions, eastbound and westbound. this is closing tonight between 11 p.m. and 5:00 a.m. >> this will happen every night, until thursday. so, again, bridge repair construction between broad street and the schuylkill, east and westbound direction, starting tonight 11:00 p.m. through 5:00 a.m. again, will go until thursday. make note of. that will also, the lansdale-doylestown line shuttle bussing starting today through december, weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. between doylestown and colmar, for those you have taking this line, certainly want to be aware of that, also construction in new jersey, two places on 55, route 55 north past route 674, right lane blocked until 3:30 p.m. and also, moving in the southbound direction on # five at route 49.
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right lane block again until 3:00 p.m. so again, on 55, two points you want to be aware of. back to you. >> thank you, still ahead this morning on "eyewitness news", tips to make sure your deck is safe. also ahead, they brave the cold, wind and rain all to make a difference in the battle against breast cancer. we have more from this weekend's three day for the cure when we come right back.
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j we'll get the coaches take on the eagles lost in washington. chip kelly meeting with the media at 1:00 this afternoon, he will let us know what the birds have to do to get back on the winning track with the saint at the linc this sunday. >> the nfc east first place team in action, and the late night game last night, dallas and the saints in new orleans here there is one went to over time. and the saints drew brees hits cj still tow make quick work of the boys, he will follow that side line ride to the end zone. saints win this 126 to 20. everyone in the ffc east is two and two, except the eagles
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. david buchanon gets the final start. they scored four runs. the phillies win, seven to two, avoiding their first 100 lost season since 1961. the phils get the first pick in june's baseball draft, spring training only about five months away, just got to get through fall and winter first. hundreds complete a 60-mile journey to support the fight against breast cancer. >> susan g. komen three day for the cure, walkers began their journey on friday, a rough windy start. one walker logged nearly 3,000 miles and raised over $1,620,000 for his mother. >> a loft times you come into this, i am the one hurt. i am the one having to deal with there is then you find
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thousands others having to cope in the same way. >> three day walk raised $2.7 million over the past decade, more than $50 million have been raised. now, landmarks in our area, they are glowing pink for the light for the cure campaigning. have you seen these? among them, peco's building in center city. the campaign is a joint effort by cbs-3, the "cw philly" and susan g. komen philadelphia in honor of breast cancer awareness month. >> 5:26 right now. coming up in the next half hour, the site of deadly mass shooting last week, reopens today. we have the latest from oregon. then, reports this morning, that a new york university student being held in north korea may soon be released. >> also, we'll tell you where you soon might be able to buy that apple watch. justin? >> all right, we are waking up to some chilly temperatures, 40 east, 50's, grab the coat, sunshine returns, and we will warm it up this week. details coming up in a few minute. >> like the sound of. that will a and also your monday morning commute off and running. meisha checking on the roads when we come right back.
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>> good morning, it is monday, october 5th, i'm erika von tiehl. good news for you, too, finally drying out after the weekends with so much rain. we will get a check on fewer cast in just a minute, first, how much would you pay for piece of hollywood history?
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do you remember that princess leia goal end bikini? uh-huh it, sold at auction, we'll let you know how many thousands of dollars somebody shelled out. except one of those things you think of star wars, bunts on the head, then also of course the goal end bick keen i. so, somebody paid a loft money for t more important to us here probably locally, the rain finally getting out of here. mack that difference, dry roadways. >> sunshine makes you feel good on a monday morning, and it is cold, though, always tough to get out every bed when it is cold. i had that problem this morning. >> nice to snuggle on the weekend, but now back to work. >> we'll warm it up later this week with the sunshine, here go, 52 at the airport, in philadelphia, upper 40's, in northwest suburbs, allentown 48 degrees, reading at 48. so again, jacket coat weather maybe the hot drink this morning, to keep you warm. but again, through the afternoon, we start to get the sunshine, still pretty strong this time of year. quakertown doylestown bo


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