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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  October 5, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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monday, october 5th, i'm erika von tiehl. the good news, looks like the rain is out of here. man, still cold when you head outside this morning, right, guys? >> yes, it did feel chilly, didn't it? i actually had found l up. i wore alert jacket this morning. but i hair that we're getting 70s later this week. so that's great stuff. >> you will need the jacket or sweater whatever. it is chilly. but it feels pretty good. good morning for a run or maybe just walking the dog out there. nice and refreshing air mass. skies are clear over center city t means we'll see the sunshine, and temperatures really reflecting the clear skies. we may drop another agree or two before sunrise,check it out, 40's north of philadelphia. suburbs mid 40's, even lower 40's in some of the neighborhoods, 47 in allentown officially as well as reading, a one at the airport, south jersey milder getting the winds over the ocean, more clouds and, 46 degrees in doyle town, 45 in quakertown, this hour. there are some of the clouds specially across south jersey and delaware, seeing breaks in
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them. so we call it partly sunny today. still, northeast wind continues, backs un the water little bit along the coats, so watch out for some minor title flooding, mainly the back bays and some of the title creeks in south jersey and along delaware. high tide along the ocean front around 4:00 this afternoon. that means, couple of hours later the back bays will see the high tide. for today, chilly start. see sun and clouds, not as windy, little milder temperatures back to the 60s. here is your school day forecast. certainly need to dress the kids warm this morning for 53 degrees, at 8:00. and then by afternoon, talking about 65, on the way home from school. give it b plus. just because it is still a little chilly for this time of year. not seeing full sunshine, 67 for the high for philadelphia, mid 60s at the shore, and 06, that's it, only in the poconos, warm up to mid 70s this week, we break down the seven day coming up in a few minutes, but over to meisha for checking the traffic. good morning. >> hey, good morning, happy monday to you, ham mine day to all of you joining us this morning, so happy you're here, we hope you have a cup of
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coffee as we sit down, take a book what's going on, this is about the biggest drama you will have right now, this is disable vehicle, pulled all the way off to the right shoulder. ninety-five north, past academy, not causing too many slow downs. i will say with any flashing lights that we get in the 6:00 hour, it is certainly can start to cause some slow downs, if this doesn't get out of the way. right now though things looking good, still traveling at posted speeds, now, this is one of the areas that, wow, look at this, in the 6:00 hour already getting very slow. ninety-five south at cottman, coming around the s curve trying to make your way no center city traveling less than posted speeds here. actually starting to see you can see, some tail light, break lights, starting to go off. that's an indicator that it is getting busy. that will usually is one of the areas that starts up little faster, certainly is right at the top of the 6:00 hour already. here's a look at the vine, looking good at all point. i will have you note though that starting tonight, bridge repair construction between broad street and the schuylkill both in the eastbound and westbound direction, now there is starts tonight, this will be closed, 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m.
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and this goes until thursday. so every night between 11 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., until thursday, you are closed. broad street to the schuylkill on the vine, just so you know, erika, over to you. >> thank you, 6:03, the fbi warnings a threat of violence was made against local university in philadelphia on social media. but, the on line post did not specify which university is the intended target. so this morning, authorities really are on high alert. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now, at temple university with more on this, a lot of people concerned this morning about this. good morning. >> erika, good morning. even though no specific university or college was named in this threat. campus officials from all across the delaware valley spent a lot of time yesterday notifying student. we saw alert sent out from drexel, u pen, temple university, many more. now, here at temple university, there will be normal operations today, but you can also expect to see an increase police presence. >> school leaders across delaware valley are asking their student to be extra vigilant today, after a
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threatening post was discovered on social media over the weekends. >> ill definitely be more sensitive to my surroundings. >> sunday federal officials with the fbi and atf informed schools after post that threatened violence at quote philadelphia area college or university. now, no specific school was name. but according to that post, the threat is supposed to happen on monday october 5th at 2:00 p.m. >> it makes me feel a little bit unsafe. i mean, i have class in the middle of the day. >> i don't think in this instance that this is a very specific threat. >> jj, just retired as a special agent, with the fbi for 26 years. he spent an entire career analyzing threats like this one. >> if there were a more specific threat, if there were more specific information, this wouldn't have gone out like it had. law enforcement, the fbi, atf, other agencies would have been addressing this specific threat. >> local state, federal authorities are taking this threat seriously, working together to investigate. in the meantime, campus leaders have sent out thousands of alerts to student, like this one, from temple, that reads in part:
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temple police are closely monitoring this situation and keeping in contact with local and federal officials. in addition, temple police will have increased visibility on campus monday. the university will have normal operations monday. >> but for many with college campus violence, fresh in mind, they can't help but feel on edge. >> this just makes me feel nervous to be by myself on campus, even during the day. >> reporter: now, the fbi is still investigating. in the meantime, officials want student to be extra vigilant today and of course let them know if they see anything suspicious activity. we will continue to follow this story. for now, live at temple university. jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> all right, jan, thank you. meanwhile, community college in oregon opens today, but classes will not be in session. a student who is spared by the gunman says he received an envelope with a flash drive from the shooter, and was then forced to watch as his classmates were killed. a law enforcement official previously said a manifesto
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from christopher harm err mercer was recovered at the scene. nine people were killed, in thursday shooting, harm err mercer killed himself. >> 6:06 right now. the eagles certainly not living up to the pre-season expectations of yesterday's game, with a pretty good example of that. cbs-3, sport reporter pat gallen joining us, just trying to make some sense. >> hard to make sense of all of the different moving parts, all of the issues this team has, but we will give it a shot. >> all right. >> another pivotal division until game. another major let down. yesterday in the nation's capitol, birds prime to turn their season around, but in the end they fell short as they have for much of the first quarter of the season. the eagles lost to washington, in heart breaking fashion, 23-20. so let's break down the issues with this team right now. it really all starts up front. if you can't block in the nfl, you can't win. sounds easy, right? well the offensive line has been a disaster for much of the season, giving sam bradford little time to feel comfortable and giving demarco
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had your and other few lanes to run through. one of chip kelly's biggest mistakes has been his lack of depth along the o line. because it is now a huge problem, eagles center jason kelce is not happy. >> right now, we don't run the ball whether we need tonight we don't pass when we need to. and, you know, it is a disgrace right now. >> good way to put t sam bradford bad in the first half, much better in the second, he hits nelson deep, who makes great one handed catch then the next play, nothing agholor once again, he femme bled on the very next play. that will kills the drive. that will will not really on sam bradford, but just as he was starting to get into that rhythm, chip kelly calls that play bradford regroups, takes it down for the first time this year, riley cooper 62 yard school. then little later on, miles austin, his touchdown went for 39 yards, bradford 370 through the air, see if he can roll
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this into the next game against the new orleans saint. demarco murray ran for over 1800 yards last year for the cowboys there is year running for his life. the eagles signed murr toy be the lead back, but yet to go off through four games against washington, he finished with just eight carries for 36 yards. basically all of that coming on one longrun early on. but again, the offensive line really did not help. as you can imagine, murray's frustrations were felt after the game, when asked if he is getting the ball enough. >> do i think i am touching -- i think yes, dow think? no, but that's how the plays are being called, and, you know, i'm -- i love this offense, i lover playing with these guys, and it is how it is. >> people are unhappy. if you are showing a kicker in the highlight either made the game winner or cost your team the game, sturgis may have lost his job in one week.
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he miss the 33-yard field goal and 33-yard extra point yesterday. i'm not a meat major, but field goal and extra point is four-point, eagles locals by three. chip kelly talks about what's missing. >> certain things we got to do. we got to execute. we had kim of the key drops. we catch those balls, we have two key drops, i think, trying to drive and keep the ball on our side, put us into -- catch those two balls, stay alive, give our opportunity to score more points. we got to execute. >> and let me go back to chip ill kelly briefly. he talked about execution, but he really never takes any of the blame on himself. it was basically all on the players. and that to me is embarrassing because it is on everyone, on the coaches, on the players, on the scheme. chip kelly he is the gm. he is the head coach. he has to be responsible for all of this. he needs to say as much tonight this point he hasn't done that. >> hey, guys, better next time. >> you really don't see that from him very often. that can't than way. so far the eagles aren't living up to the hype.
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eagles fans, as you can imagine, getting restless. >> yes, and quick to form an opinion. and letting us know how they feel about chip kelly, too. >> it is a disgrace. they ought to fire chip kelly. get him out of town. >> eagles do what they do every year. disappoint us. >> it was an awful game. they played terrible again. chip kelly has to go. >> eagles lost, the offense and defense, stunk. >> there is your hashtag, stunk. >> do you think they'll make the post season? good question. let us know what you think on facebook and twitter using the #cbs3. still ahead, philadelphia civil rights leader passes away, coming up, more on the lessees every jerry mondesire. >> north wildwood landmark washed away in this weekend storm. we'll check out some of the other damage at the jersey shore, as well. and coming up in the hell watch. why people with head injuries should avoid sugar. we'll break it down when we come right back.
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so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. >> brutal weaken of damaging stores, yesterday afternoon there is was the scene in wildwood. stubborn flood waters lingering in some spots. that made it bit difficult for those trying to clean epp. rough waters, strong win, town batter the back bay. one west wildwood resident tells "eyewitness news", about her experience in the dark, during the height of the storm. >> toyed go out in the dark, and move my car, like 18 inches of water up here, i had to walk back in the dark. >> what was that like? >> that was really terrifying, because i was holding onto every pole, every carry could find. >> now, cape may county officials say they're now working with the state to determine how to remove two homes, that collapsed into the
6:14 am
bay, near north wildwood. delaware, also, hit again with heavy rains sunday night. the city from millsboro, sussex ex county many roads covered in weighter. residents tell "eyewitness news" that they're being told the water may not recede until later on today. so that means waking up so grateful for lack every rain and the sun's returning. >> really the rain is dumping, still the wind bit of usual ooh along the coastline, still potential for little minor tidying again the flow coming out of the northeast it, backs up the water so specially along the delaware bay, back base, south jersey, delaware, watch out later this evening, around times of high tide. could run into minor tidal flooding, wave heights just still running pretty high right now. you have walk even over bermuda, the off shore buoys, eight to 12, even 14 feet off the east coast. that's still bringing in near shore waves up around six to 8 feet. so again, still minor beach errosion possible through the next 24 hours. temperatures cool this morning, in the low 50's,
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south jersey, upper 50's in wildwood. similar numbers central deal which at this hour. closer to philadelphia, cooler, 49 in pal my, a 49 voorhees, new jersey, we have the clouds really breaking to the north and west. temperatures dropping 45. quakertown pottstown, so jacket coat weather this morning, sweater, grab it. but we will see some sunshine this afternoon. a lot of activity, storm scan3, the stubborn low pressure system brought 20 plus inches of rain to south carolina, still seeing it right now, joaquin north of bermuda continues to move to the north and northeast await from the us coastline, now it is starting to get chilly, start thinking about the fall foliage. typical average peak, peak in early october, extreme northern pennsylvania, southern tear of new york state, but around philadelphia don't peak until late october, early november. so few weeks to go yet. clouds linger on the coast today. inland spots see the sunshine, we clear out nicely tonight, tomorrow, abundant sunshine, temperatures really do warm up. the forecast, today 67 degrees, so bit milder partly sunny skies, tonight
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another cool night. talking 53, for the center city area, and then 40's again in the serbs, and here we go, the extended forecast go from 60s today back up to the low 70s tomorrow, mid 70s, on wednesday, looks like our next chance of rain, will be on friday, in the form of showers, just showers, doesn't look like anything still -- steady nice dry stretch going on. >> and the sun, too? >> beautiful october weather. enjoy it. >> how are the roads looking meisha? >> looking good, nice dry roadways to kick off this monday. mondays tends to be one of the busier travel days in the morning, and i'm happy to report that the construction, getting out of the way, do have two disable vehicle, i'll let you know, but water main break this past weekend saturday, i'll get to that, as well. now, where we do have disable vehicle, you can see, pulled all the way off to the right, see the flashing lights, in bensalem, woodhaven road eastbound, at bristol pike. at that exit. kind of pulled off to the shoulder now, not blocking that exit like it was earlier, so looking actually pretty
6:17 am
good in this area. another place where we have disable vehicle, you can see, he's out of his vehicle, on foot, whenever we see a person on foot be very, very careful. this is 95 northbound, past academy road, pulled all the way out to the shoulder, not causing too many slow downs, but having p person outside of his vehicle will cause a person to put on their brakes. ninety-five south at the betsy ross bridge, nice overview camera shot. looking good. starting to see the levels slowly build. i'll get to your mass transit checklist, too, couple of things you want to know. first a quick break. stay right where you are. the cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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the 2015 models are going fast. find your tag and get cash back for 15% of the msrp on select 2015 vehicles in stock. or, get zero percent financing for seventy-two months on most remaining 2015 chevy vehicles. up. >> funeral a rage, for jerry mondesire. passed away from suffering a brain aneurysm while undergoing kidney dialysis. led philadelphia's naacp chapter for more than too decades, suspended by the national organization last year over questions about finances at the local chapter. mondesire was also known for publishing the philadelphia sunday sun. he was 65 years old. 6:20 right now. hurricane joaquin is losing strength this morning, as it moves past bermuda and farther out into the atlantic.
6:21 am
meanwhile, officials are getting a look at the destruction that storm left behind. we have aerial video right hire released by the us coast guard. hundreds of homes are gone, and many residential areas have been flooded. the government says still work to go calculate the extent of the damage to infrastructure and private property. it is not yet clear if the storm caused any injuries or death. >> air crafts and ships meanwhile searching offer the bay ham yan islands for us cargo ship that lost contact during hurricane joaquin. rescue crews fawn more debris and clues but no definitive word on the fate of the vessel or the 33 people on board. it has not been heard from since thursday when it lost power and began taking on water. >> still ahead this morning, in your health watch, the common medication that could stunt your growth. listen up for that one. also, new app that is casino every like yelp except not rating restaurants here, you rate people. we'll explain. well, justin, if we were
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rating you i would gave you a gold star. you are bringing the sun back today. >> loft people are looking forward to. that will two system off the southeast coast, joaquin, moving away, that means we'll clear the skies out. the temperature clears out, five day coming up in a
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(new information about simulant medication for children with adhd. study find children with adhd and congenital heart disease can safely take stimulant medications, fda currently requires stimulant carry warning with children with heart problems, but doctors say stimulant most effective way to manage adhd symptoms. >> new research links some asthma medication toss stunted growth. provides oral or inhaled steroids to infants with wheezing, found those children are often short for their age. >> and, consuming too much high fructose sugar after head trauma can slow the brain's recovery. ucla researchers conduct their study on lab rat, they found that fructose disrupted the brain's ability to create new pathways between cells. >> breast cancer survive offers, and supporters, help raise over two and a half million dollars in this year's susan g. komen three day for
6:26 am
the cure. pink warriors took player final steps yesterday to wrap up the three day, 06-mile walk, about a thousand people began that journey on friday. the walk was not easy. we had all of the win, and rain, but they still took part in hopes of finding a cure for breast cancer. >> so our feet hurt. the weather, you know, was not great. it is nothing compared to what you go through when you are fighting cancer. >> the three day walk raised $2.7 million. now, keep in mind, in the past decade, this event has raised $50 million for breast cancer research. well done. >> still to come in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", height ends security today, at philadelphia area colleges and universities after threat posted on line for violence, shared on social media. we're live with the warning the student. >> also this: >> student faculty and staff at the community college return to cam it is today for the first time after last week's deadly mass shooting. i'm chris martinez in
6:27 am
rose-percent oregon, that story coming up. >> we have an accident, two disable vehicle, had water main break causing some slow downs, as well. all of the updates coming up. first we take a quick break. stay right where you are. stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness new yeah, we know that feeling. you're so bloated you've started wearing sweatpants ...everywhere. when it finally happens, it's always the worst possible time. and when you're finished, you realize you've been in there for a very, very long time. being irregular is the worst. get more fiber with chocolatey, chewy fiber one bars. feeling good can taste great.
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is the #1 prescribed blood thinner in its class. that's a big win. it is for me. with xarelto® there is no regular blood monitoring and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto®... ...was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. >> good morning, we know it is monday, headed back to work, to school. we know the eagles lost, but good news, we have some sunny skies returning to give us something to smile about this morning. because, after that weekend it was just so dreary, just kind of stay home casino every weather, now, finally, lightening up a little bit outside. >> some light there, the clouds breaking up. >> still chilly. don't forget your sweatshirt or jacket this morning. >> it kind of hit you out, there but it is refreshing. if you are a return, good morning to get that jog in this morning.
6:31 am
but we'll see the sunshine this afternoon, we start to warm things up little bit. to our neighborhood network, near the other side of the delaware river, palmyra cove nature park, and looking at center city. you can see the buildings there as clouds will start to break up as we progress through the morning. temperature of 51 at the airport, but suburb specially north and west of the city, a lot of widespread 40's showing up, 45 quakertown and in pottstown. and we could drop another agree or we, before the sunrise. all right, storm scan3, over the delaware valley, just seeing clouds, and again, we still have the stubborn storm off the southeast coast bringing steady rain to south carolina, then you have joaquin over bermuda, a two systems slowly move to the east. we continue to clear out skies over the next 24 hours. flow continues to remain on shore. so that's backing up the water, still the threat for minor tidal flooding in the back base, of south jersey and delaware, some of the tidal creeks, that coastal flood advisory continues until 7:00 tonight. so, chilly start to your monday, we sun, clouds, for the afternoon, not as winnie,
6:32 am
bit milder, temperatures back to the mid 60s, here's the school day forecast, 8:00 temperatures, still chilly, lower 50's, 3:00 talking about mid 60s, i'm going to give it a b plus just because it is cool, still not full sunshine, i'm a tough teacher. i actually taught college course, and kids feared my tests. i mean, i had the red pen, looking like it bled all over their tests but anyway 67 for the high for philadelphia, 66 at the shore, 06 in the poconos. really, meisha, a i real did i teach a class. >> i believe it. >> i was little tough on those guys. but, you know? >> i can tell how you throw out c plus like it is no big deal. we don't want. that will we want b's, a's, luckily today b plus. good morning, just waking up, traffic levels looking good. certainly are seeing them heat up now that we are in the 6:00 hour on busy monday morning, one area where we have disable vehicle, bensalem. woodhaven road eastbound at bristol pike. the exit block therefore little while. now seeing it pulled off to the shoulder. not causing too many slow downs, just whenever we have flashing lights on busy
6:33 am
morning, we will tart to see those brake lights go off. evidence right here, we are seeing that, certainly happen here. luckily, most of you are driving at posted speeds. now, this is one area where you are really starting to slow down, the roost develop boulevard moving in the south berks direction approaching the schuylkill. slowing down there a bit. just little while ago, we took look at camera the schuylkill as you get off the roosevelt boulevard on the schuylkill heading in the westbound direction of city avenue looking busy there, as well. now, mass transit, lansdale doylestown line shuttle bussing starting today bussing through december, weekdays 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. for those of taking the line make note of. that will also, an accident, collegeville, route 29 near park avenue, one lane blocked here. not causing too many slow downs, just make note, it is still dark out, there make note at least that it is there. also, water main break saturday. somerton section of philly, southampton road between theresa drive and kovach drive. the road is open in this stretch. you do, you are dealing with restrictions, for those of in you and around this area make
6:34 am
note it is there. looking at live shot earlier today, a low water out on the roadway, road open. there are some restrictions in place. erika, over to you. >> meisha, a thank you. happening today, a sentencing day for christina, convicted of kidnapping and molesting five year old girl in 2013. she claimed to be the girl's mother when abducting her from west philadelphia he will henry school. child was found the next morning at upper darby playground. >> local colleges and universities are on high alert today after federal authorities sent out warning of a possible threat of violence. the fbi and atf informing colleges across the region about intercepted threat of violence against quota university near philadelphia. and it is supposed to happen at 2:00 p.m. today. that threat was posted on social media. >> little unsafe. i mean, i have class in the middle of the day. >> if there were a more specific threat, if there were more specific information, this wouldn't have gone out like it had lawrence force.
6:35 am
, fbi, would have been addressing this threat. >> the threat being taken seriously. alerts gone out to thousands of student at local colleges and school official, they are now warning everyone to be on the look-out for anything out of the ordinary. >> four days after gunman went on deadly rampage, oregon community college opens it doors to student today. however, classes are not be in session. cbs news core upon dent chris martinez with more from roseberg oregon. >> reporter: members of law enforcement will be on hand at the community college today as the campus reopens to student and staff. the fall semester had only been in session for four days when tragedy struck. adding the small college to a string of schools, rocked by a mass shooting. >> we did not want to be part of the sandy hook club. but we're now members. the senior members are all taken care of us. >> people in rose hunk best flocked to churches throughout the city sunday to pray for the victims. and show support for survivors. >> dozens of worshippers at
6:36 am
new combination church of god heard pastor randy share his daughter's story. eighteen year old lazy, was in the classroom, last thursday, when chris harm err mercer entered and began shooting. >> and he said get out. get up. and she was throwed to the floor, played dead. he crossed overlays i, and shot the next one. >> i'm doing well. and i'm overwelmed by the support that i've gotten from everybody. >> over the weaken military veteran chris minutes thanked well wish presser his hospital bed. he was shot several times, as he tried to stop harper mercer from taking more lives. a white house petition is now circulating asking president obama to award the metal of freedom n roseberg oregon, chris martinez, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> a new york university student is reported to be released soon from a north korea detention, possibly today. south korean officials say, juan moon ju expected to be handed over at the border.
6:37 am
' has been detained since april. the south korean student said he had been arrested by soldiers after crossing into north china, rather, into north korea from china to make a statement. ju permanent resident of the united states, been living in new jersey and studying at nyu. >> developing now, this morning, more trouble for rain ravaged south carolina. hundreds have been rescued at least five people had been killed, more rain, still on the way. cbs news core upon dent don champion with the latest. >> the mother was rescued from fast moving flood waters by the coast guard near charleston, south carolina sunday n much of the area, anywhere from 14 to 24 inches every rain fell over the weekend. some roads were no match for all of that water. >> we haven't seen this level of rain in the low country in a thousand years.
6:38 am
that's how big this is. >> yes, they just made a mistake. there goes. >> even though drivers were urged to stay off roads, some people ventured out, the man behind the wheel of this pick up, eventually had to be rescued when his truck got washed away. it was one of hundreds of water rescues in the state over the weekend n columbia, a the capitol of south carolina, a dam break flooded major thorough fares, at least five storm related deaths have been reported in the state, this morning, a flashflood watch remains in effect in many areas, because even more rain is in the forecast today. don champion, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> today, is the deadline to register for the november 3rd election in pennsylvania. election day, just four weeks away, philadelphia voters will elect new mayor, meanwhile, state-wide, ballots will
6:39 am
include three supreme court seat up a up for grabs, go on to the department web page for the official form. >> billionaire done al trump still leading republican pack in the president a.m. nominating contest. the latest pole shows trump up in iowa with 24%, ben carson on trump's heals, in new hampshire trump remains first place 21%. carly for rena not too far behind with 16%. those numbers do reflect some slipping for trump in the past month. >> and, despite poor pole numbers, rand paul said he's not dropping out of the presidential republican race any time soon. kentucky senator's poultry two and a half million, third quarter fundraising hall, has sparked some expectations, that he may drop out soon. but paul says, he does not need much money to keep up his campaign effort. >> still ahead this morning, it is a hot gift idea for the holiday season, now we are learning where that apple watch will be sold in stores. >> also, imagine this.
6:40 am
people rated just like restaurant or services? we'll show you the app, but for people instead. and, imagine coming home to find this in your driveway? how about it? the moose fight caught on camera. that story coming up. >> are you sick of the rain and win in justin has some terrific news today. you can so many up some sun this afternoon. he let you know when the sun will start peaking through the clouds. that and meisha keeping an eye on the roads when we come right back. >> ♪
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6:43 am
>> hundred cents of hot air balloons take to the skies above albuquerque new next comb, the 44th annual
6:44 am
albuquerque balloon festival. hot air balloons came in all shapes, colors, and sizes, just beautiful site. unfortunately, they had some cloudy skies out, there we certainly had cloudy skies, rain all weekends, hoping for sun today, weekend? >> working on, that look like see sunshine today, not full sun, but enough to start warming us up little bit. still cooler than average. next few days start to return to above average for high temperatures. but, cold start this morning, some of the suburbs we check in with the weather watchers, lower 40's, even in some spots. here are the current temperatures, with a a, checks in at 47 degrees, the cool 46 at dawn's house, in downingtown, mays landing alex, at 49 degrees, 50, here in philadelphia, and already upper four's middletown delaware, jason's house, newark delaware, del or owes, 47. similar numbers, again, in parts of south jersey, buena vista township, margo simons has 49 degrees this hour. you get it, the list continues, bethel, pa, looking at 45 at rick's house.
6:45 am
here is what is happening as far as the temperatures go, average high is 70. not going to make it today. we will be mid upper 60s, then tomorrow though above average low 70s, wednesday, it will be warm day, mid 70s, slightly cooler but near 707 for thursday, and then friday right back up to the mid 70s again. few systems watching right now. storm scan3, stubborn low pressure system over the southeast coast bringing steady rain into the carolinas, over 20 inches every rain some spot. there is joaquin north of bermuda a both systems slowly move off, as they move eastward start to see the clearing skies. the latest on joaquin, winds at 58 miles per hour at this hour. track will eventually go northeast into the northern atlantic. real now worries for the us mainland except maybe some higher surf. there is the low pressure system over the caroline alleges, we start to clear the skies out. low tracks to the east looking good for tuesday and wednesday. high pressure remains park over new england, and that sunshine does help warm the temperatures up. so today, not as winnie, mostly or partly sunny skies, 67 for the afternoon
6:46 am
temperature. another cool night tonight. because of the clear skies, calmer wind, 53 for center city, 40's in the suburbs, and check out the extended forecast, nice stretch of weather next few days, go to low mid 70s through the end of the week, how friday, late in the day, watch out for showers, doesn't look like anything heavy, cold front moves through. then we dry out for the upcoming weekend. how are the roads looking? >> justin, good morning tonight roads are looking pretty good out. you can see, live mobile three shot, you can see, the vehicles kind of going by, what you are looking at here is actually water main break that we had this past saturday in somerton, somerton section of fit i, now, this road, as you can see, is open. but there are certainly some restrictions in play, you can kind of see the water on the roadway splashing up there, just be careful, whenever we do have water main break certainly want to drive with extra caution. now, moving on, the vine, looking great here. volume level certainly building. now, we do have some bridge repair construction, now there is goes into effect tonight.
6:47 am
starting at 11:00 p.m., until 5:00 a.m. both in the eastbound and westbound direction. now, this is going to take place broad street at skewing, goes into effect tonight like i said, but goes every night, 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. until thursday. so, just make sure that you make note of that for those of you traveling the wine. also 95 southbound at cottman looking busy there, just starting to hit your brakes little bit traveling a little bit less than posted speeds trying to make your way into center city. another update coming up in about 15 minutes, erika, over to you. >> thank you, there is new kind of app that sort of like yelp except you don't rate restaurant or services, you rate people. reporter betty yu says there are a ton of backlash. >> we want you to get those rock star comment by the people who love you. >> founder julia, and her best friend nicole, created the app because they wanted a way to research strangers. >> you're going to be able to really find out who somebody is before you invite them into your life.
6:48 am
>> set to release next month, allows people to create profile for themselves or anyone else you have a cell phone number for. anyone can post a rating or come don't that profile. positive or negative. though bad reviews aren't immediately posted. anonymous reviews aren't allowed. >> freedom of speech is cool. at the same time i think you should respect people's space. i feel like this is kind of little inch trues disbelief this, critics slammed it, foreign courage cyber bullying all of the negative attention caused the app ' westbound site to crash yesterday. >> i think the people most motivate to write a rate being you is someone who doesn't like you. that will could be trouble. >> cnet editor bridget carry says that can mean defemation or libel. you can't exactly say anything you want on the app people. profanity, racism, and sexism are banned on the app. and users can dispute low star rating. >> everyone judges on a daily
6:49 am
basis. so, you have to. i think it is just human nature, so, maybe this is the next step. >> julia insist insists people is a positivity app, constant complainers will see their own star ratings drop. >> casino of encourage you to be a positive person, pointing outlook good at butte of other people. >> see what happens. that will was betty yu reporting. at apple watch coming to target stores, just in time for the big holiday shopping season. the retail letter begin selling the gadget over the next few weeks. we're told all locations will have them by october 25th. target's website will have even larger selection to choose from. the watch is also sold in best buy stores. >> 6:49. time to see what's coming up on cbs this morning with charlie roads up in new york right now, and has preview for us. charlie, good morning. >> good morning, erika. ahead tracking historic flooding in south carolina. plus, the search for the missing cargo ship out of florida, also, former congressman, patrick kennedy, in studio 57, he's opening up
6:50 am
about personal struggles and family secrets, you heard last night on 60 minutes. and we will also talk with astro fist cyst tyson about the science behind the film the martian. all of that and more, the news is back in the morning, see in you about ten minutes. >> all right, charlie, thank you so much. >> meanwhile, flood waters are finally receding at beach towns in new jersey, and delaware, but the damage remains. "eyewitness news" reporter rahel solomon with the latest for us now from wildwood. >> one of the worse example seen shot by blogger tony ditch. >> exact location where the house came off. >> in a picture posted to his blog, north wildwood home before it was ripped from its morgues, apparently because of the storm, and sunday floating here in the bay. flooded road on west rio grab near susquehanna avenue in
6:51 am
wildwood, a driver sunday, carefully testing their luck. and you can see the water is at least ankle deep here on rio grand avenue. cars had been trying to make their way through this this afternoon, meantime, take a look. the parking lot of the boathouse restaurant still almost completely submerged. >> so sitting inside watching the fishing. >> meanwhile humor has been keeping joe entertained. as he watched his west wildwood yard disappear under several feet of water. when it re-emerged sunday he met it with a broom, and patience. >> i've been out here since about 6:00. >> and delaware, the bethany beach volunteer fire department, has rescued two men stuck in high water possibly as deep as five to 6 feet in some areas. a spokesman for the fire department tells me one man was standing on the truck's top when firefighters arrived. but despite the brutal beating and the significant property damage for some -- >> so sad, because everyone is
6:52 am
losing so much of their property. >> no injuries were reported. in wildwood, rahel solomon, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". now the rain stopped just in time for cape may's october fest. flooding forced organize tears quickly change the event from saturday to sunday. but, many people down at the shore were able to enjoy the event still. jackson street was transformed with german music and food as attendees got to brouse crafts and antiques. while some vend hers to cancel because of the date change, organizers say they're still happy with the turn out. >> really windy, it was rainy, but we did have quite a few customers and gasthaus came down for the weekend, and business was pretty decent. i would have it say. >> the event lasted all day, and also included some beer gardens. >> also, down the shore, lucy the elephant gets a facelift. the famous marching gate attraction has some crumbling wood right now in her trunk, that will be replaced. she's also going to get a top to bottom paint job. this warning does not come
6:53 am
cheap though. in all it, will cost $58,000. the group that takes care of lewes is he selling t-shirts and using a crowd funding website. lucy, you would never know it, is 134 years old. still looking fantastic. way to go, lucy. we'll be right back. first though here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3. ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪ ♪ the final countdown!
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y- top stories, following all morning, fbi warnings local universities, there is a possible threat of violence to be carried out at a school this afternoon. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us at temple university. she has the latest on this threat. good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, even though this threat did not specifically name a single university, or college, campus officials from across delaware valley have been busy notifying student of this situation. we saw alert sent to drexel student, temple student, u pen and many more. here at temple the university will be operating on normal schedule today. but the school says there will be an increased police presence. and other schools all across the region are doing the same. that's because on sunday, federal officials with the fbi and atf informed schools about social media posting which threatened violence at a quote philadelphia area college or university according to the threat, that violence is supposed to happen today at 2:00 p.m. now, even though this is a
6:58 am
non-specific threat, investigators are taking this very seriously, and they want students to remain extra vigilant today, of course, report any suspicious activity. we will stray on top of this story. for now live at temple university, in north philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> jan, thank you. 6:58. alaska family captures fight in a neighbor's driveway on video. who is deking it out will get your attention two moose were in all out brawl in south anchorage, check it out. this is near the peak of mating season, near anchorage, park rangers say the moose were probably competing for breeding territory. but one of those times you're grateful to have a car between you and dueling moose. >> and big. hard it see from video how booing miss are, but they're huge, incredible. >> all right, well, back here at home. >> no messing with them. >> hopefully moose-free situation. sun coming back today?
6:59 am
>> sun, cool headed out the door, may hit you hard, temperatures in the 40's in some spots, dress warmly, afternoon highs get to up about 67, still little cooler than average, neck several days looking at decent amount of sunshine, low and mid 70s for tuesday, wednesday, thursday, even friday's on the warm side. watch out for showers late in the day. doesn't look like anything her. >> i moving into the rush hour, here is a look at 95, betsy ross bridge, you can see, just incredible volume level here on 95, and i can tell you, anywhere interstate 95 you are looking very busy. also, 422 collegeville at route 29, looking bus any that stretch as well. going to the wide, censor map all over, kind of dropping at this point. >> thank up, meisha a next on cbs this morning, kennedy secrets revealed. patrick kennedy discusses the families code of silence. and, reminder to join us bright and early every weekday morning right here on cbs-3. key kicks things off at 4:30 a.m. hope you had a great weekend, everyone, see you tomorrow bright and early. take care.
7:00 am
captioning funded by cbs good morning, it is monday, october 5th, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." torrential rain trig.ers seen once in a thousand years. the deluge of rescues in south carolina. a cargo ship with dozens on board vanishes in the bermuda triangle. patrick kennedy is in studio 57. his famous family is fuming over what he talked about on minutes." we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> we have not seen this level of rain in the low country in a thousand years. that's how big this is.


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