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tv   Eyewitness News at 5  CBS  October 6, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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-- accidents on the roadways. and how are we looking in the world of weather. >> it's quiet. you can't beat it for october. it slaps you in the face and wakes you up. feels good outside. we'll see a lot of sun. if you look for warmer temperatures hold a few more hours enjoy this afternoon. 50 right now as we look at palmyra nature park over new jersey across the river. nice shot at the sky line. here are the numbers. again outside the city we're in the 40s. 49 trenton and still right along the immediate coast milder in the low 50s. 45 willow grove and 43 pottstown. winds are pretty much calm or maybe about 5 miles an hour out of north. it looks like we will not have to deal with gust question winds any more as low pressure system over carolinas is weake weakening and moving offshore and even improving conditions down. there that's great news for south and north carolina. here's school day forecast, looking nice, 53, cool at the bus stop. 8:00 coming home from school. low 7 0s. i'm many a good mood today i'll
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give it a with sunshine. 72 for the high for philadelphia. upper 60s at the shore. great conditions in the pocono poconos, mid 60s. nice weather continues to the end of the week i'll show you in the 7 day forecast in a few minutes. let's check the forecast. >> an a. >> that's right. >> i never thought i would hear that. >> good morning, everybody, happy tuesday to you if you are just waking up for us. we have things happening on the roadways. one of the first looks outside construction wood haivsh westbound between roosevelt and evans street all lanes are blocked use alternate such as byberry road. you can see flashing lights. stay away from this area if at all possible. also another area of construction 95 southbound direction girard and vine. the right lane is still blocke blocked. it was center and right now it is just the right lane. so also when you look at this camera you can see volume progressing to the 5:00 hour. that's usually pretty safe indicate ter might be busy travel day. also we have an accident
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southwest philadelphia, now, we just showed a shot of this earlier. this is involving a police car in south philly near the bartram avenue and holstein part of bartram is closed. that was involving a police vehicle. people were on the roadway and crews were there and vehicle did not look good. accident collegeville overturned vehicle 9 at park avenue one lane blocked. erika over to you. >> new this morning investigators remain on the scene of a crash involving two philadelphia police officers. eyewitness news reporter justin justin finch joins us now with that story. >> erika, good morning, crews cleared the scene a short time ago. take a look behind me. traffic is moving here. and as officers recover now from broken bones and neck and back pains investigators are looking into what caused this crash. let's take you now to video. there's still several unknown this morning.
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first, investigators plan to speak with the officers at the hospital about what they remember about the crash. we know two twelfth district officers one male and one female were inside that suv. the male officer was at the wheel. female officer was in the front passenger seat. the suv appears to have been traveling west on bartram avenue between essington and island avenues 2:00 this morning. when for some reason it crashed into a tree and no other cars were involved. the male officer, the driver suffered neck and back injurie injuries. the female officer's injuries include a broken leg and police were not immediately shore ft. officers were responding to a call at the time of the crash. back out liver as you can see traffic is moving on bartram. we're told both officers are recovering at penn presbyteria presbyterian. live in southwest philadelphia, justin finch, cbs3 eyewitness news. >> thank you. new this morning a woman and child rushed to the hospital after a car accident in east mt. airy. two cars collided thoron avenue
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and uphill street after 11. police are investigating this accident. meanwhile officers are also investigating a deadly overnight shooting in fairhill section. it took place on the 2700 block of north 8th street before 2 a.m. police say two men in thirteens or early 20s were shot. one died and the other was taken to temple hospital. we're still working to get an update on his condition. >> and meanwhile crews manage to quickly extinguish a small fire at the three mile island nuclear power plant. exelon which operates that facility say the electrical fire broke out 10:00 last night and the fire was put out and the plants was operating normally in minutes. there was no danger of radiation being released. >> meanwhile secure at the remains tight at university in our area after an online threa threat. deadline had since expired but authorities are not taking any chances. the threat was posted anonymously on the four chan
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web site the same site warned of shooting in northwest before oregon shooting. >> i was scared. i did not want anything to happen. >> this could be somebody trying to get attention in internet community. for chan is activating terrorists. >> they are looking for the computer the threat came from. an experienced hacker would be able to mask that. >> chopper 3 meanwhile over deadly crash involving septa trolley bus in frankford. horties say a van rear ended tollly at penn and ared streets last night. that killed the driver in the van and critically injured passenger. 19 passengers on trolley requested medical attention at that scene. 5:05 now a chester county mother is behind bars facing disturbing charges of child abuse involving her daughter. 34-year-old jessica risey of honeybrook admitted to supplying and ingesting her 1
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14-year-old daughter and 16-year-old boy with heroin. riffey supplied them with heroin in august and september. she's facing felony child abuse and drug charges. district attorney says this is a case of child abuse unlike anything he's ever seen. >> as a parent you exist to protect your children. and not only was this monday exposing her kid to a dangerous you been substance she was participating in getting her addicted to heroin. that's outrageous. >> bond for riffey is set for $50,000. police have issued an arrest warrant for this man, jamison burns. the da said he helped fly the heroin. >> philadelphia police are serving for a woman they say robbed a td bank in center city and the crime was captured on surveillance. police say this is the woman that robbed the bank at 1900 market street 4 p.m. saturday. authorities say she fled with an undisclosed amount of cash. if you have seen this woman
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you're asked to call police. >> the national transportation safety board launched an investigation into missing cargo ship. officials believedel faro sanction near bam ham as during joaquin. the u.s. coastguard will focus on survivors now. three dozen crew members were on board. jamie yucas rrts from florida. >> they want to know why the chip sailed into the eye of the hurricane. >> i don't know why they did not just steert ship in a different direction. this is is totally unacceptabl unacceptable. >> it was headed to puerto rico and kavrid 391 heavy containers and 294 trailers and automobiles when encounter ferocious winds and 50 foot se seas and sent out distress call it lost you power taken was its
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last communication. coastguard believes 53-year-old captain michael davidson thought he could outrun the storm. they found one body wearing survival suit pieces of life boat that could hold 43 people life rings and oil slick. family met with owners of shipping company. >> i'm president and ceo of tote so the responsibility ends with me. we put tremendous trust in captains and crews and all employees whether they're at land, on land or at sea. >> main thing i think is to leave knowing there's hope and there's faith and that's why i stand. i'm standing on faith and hope. >> coastguard cutters, commercial tug boats, planes and choppers are searching for missing. james jury yuccas cbs3 eyewitness news. >> federal assistant is on the way to flood ravaged south carolina. president obama signed disaster declaration making aid available to the hard hit areas there.
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more than 20" of rain fell killing 12 people. and scenes of unearthed casket are are adding to heartbreak. one man went to retrieve a casket floating down a flooded road saying that is someone's family and we have to respect the dead. >> this is video that might make you think twice about driving through a flooded roadway no matter the death minutes after that truck drives by this road in columbia south carolina starts to collapse keep watching see that. it was not long before the rest of the road gave way under floodwaters. they always warn don't drive through roadways when there's water on them. >> amtrak train de rails in vermont. what investigators believe led to that accidents. >> and also this, >> i mean he's a pilot he leaves sunday night and doesn't get back until wednesday it feels like he's on his trip. >> a pilot pass as way mid flight. now we're hearing from his wif wife.
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>> also ahead the suspicious death making national headlines. this morning we learned the victim is south jersey native. we have details coming up in a live report. live report. . >> listen to funky sound of philadelphia you're looking live inside cbs3 control room this morning all right doing roll call here this morning joe, raise your hand and debbie where are you there she is and vince, newsroom sexy single lisa where are you lisa and greg, come on, showier hands, greg. >> okay. can't see greg. >> but, that is our great team behind the scenes in the control room this morning. getting it done four. getting it done four. we'll be right back
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that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ >> it's wlevd the rocks fell from ledge above. this come nearly five months
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after amtrak derailment in philadelphia which left eight dead and more than 200 injured. >> and american airlines released name of the pilot who died during the flight yesterday morning. 57-year-old mike johnson of utah. he became ill a few hours into the flight. johnston's family said he struggled with heart problems including double bypass ins 6. however in the days and weeks before the flight they say johnston was feeling good. >> you just feel numb. that's the only way i can explain it. it's not real. >> johnston's family says they find consolation in the fact he was passionate about his famil family, faith and career. 5:14 now residents down at the shore are trying to recover this morning after getting battered by wicked weather over the past few days. torrential downpours and whi whipping winds caused this home right there to it snap off its foundation and drift to the bay
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middle township, cape may coun county. thankfully no one was home at the time. that powerful storm ripped away parts of area beaches. work is already underway to repair damage. in stone harbor fencing heaped in piles and materials used to reinforce dunes have been exposed. >> i'm surprised at the lack of beach now even after hurricane sandy there was some beach left. this is just right up to the dunes now. whatever dunes are left. >> most of the flooding issues were along the bay. they were due to extremely high tides friday and saturday and avalon manner street cleaning crews pushed marsh grass off the roads into high piles. a lot to cleanup this weekend or rather this week. >> the good news is erosion will back off now and winds are calming down and still we have rough waters off the coastline as the wave heights are running high. you see brighter colors offshore. wack keith is doing that.
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sending higher swevlz. they're half that, 8, 10 feet and near shore waves running 4, 5 feet today. again it was persistent northeast wind. it was not just from the weekend storm. you have to go back to the week of the pope. we had on shore flow two weeks that tore up the shore. at least winds calm down now. people per ton 45. atlantic city 46 into tell dell we go near 50 harrington and around philadelphia suburbs look at that mullica hill 43 this hour in malvern and chec checking in at 47. 43 pottstown and 41 quakertown and maybe dip down to upper 30s before sunrise. quiet own storm scan 3 we had sunshine yesterday and few afternoon clouds those clouds diminishing and full sunshine today warms us back up boov ar arm. great ingredients for fall foliage. seeing moderate color change in poconos. low change philadelphia and
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surrounding suburbs. not much yet. give it a few more weeks and we'll peak end of october into early november. we have a few weeks to go yet. high pressure over new england keep us nice and dry. we'll keep it sunny on wednesday. mild, mid 70s. weak cold front coming through thursday. comes through dry. dropping temperatures to 70 for high and stronger front coming friday. that brings showers in here late in the day friday and cools us back down for the weekend. today, full sunshine. tonight, few clouds around tomorrow partly sunny skies and still mild day. nice and dry and here's what's left of the storms off the carolina coastline and joaquin moving along way improving companies for the region. forecast high today up around 72. enjoy it in the sunshine tonight. clear and cool, 57 degrees extended forecast. looking good through end of week until friday late in day we see showers. weekends nice, fall weather talking about 60s and sunshine. miesha. >> look at 70s. good morning, everyone, happy
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tuesday to you. good news some overnight construction projects are getting out of our way. this is one area interstate 95 southbound between girard and vine right lane blocked to construction center lane and right lane. there now it moved to right lane clear 95 good news that's a busy stretch as we know in the morning and also another point of construction woodhaven westbound between roosevelt and evans street all lanes blocked and you want to use alternate. i suggest one by lake byberry road in and around that area and the ramp 95 south off ram top woodhaven closed. make note of that. we have an accident bartram avenue now reopened for those of you in that area. that was involved a police officer or police vehicle. make note of that. that is cleared. collegeville also cleared. this is where we have overturned vehicle also cleare cleared. we have an accident active accident obviously active 42 westbound before arm an hammer
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boulevard. and for you in and around this area make a note of that. not causing slow downs now but it could as we progress through the 5:00 hour. route 42 northbound in place until 6 a.m. i will let you know when it clears route 55 to 295 right lane blocked and off ramps closed in that area. erika over to you. >> miesha, thank you. eyewitness news has exclusive details about i renewed effort to uncover a dark secret beneath local train tracks. work underway at what is called duffy's cut in east white land township. it's believed bodies of 5 irish rail workers are buried there in mass grave near 183-year-old tracks. well most died from colera and some may have been murdered. soil samples were taken yesterday. they'll be sent to local arc archologist for analysis which will hopefully yield exact location of the mass grave.
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>> 183 years ago railroad buried secrets here things they didn't want anyone to find out about 13 years trying to figure a way to get them out of here and now i think we got it. >> from 2009 to 2011 remains of six workers were found duffy's cut. extra vacation crew has permission from amtrak to now dig on their property. >> 5:20 hot budget issue facing users of new iphone the big complaint customers have for app sfwll ahead we're hearing more from key eagles players and fans after that disappointing loss in washington. you're watching eyewitness news this morning we'll be right this morning we'll be right back.
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>> an employee admitted to leaking confidential data last week. draft kipingz and fan duel issued a joint statement saying they had strict policys in place and there was no evidence internal data was miss used. >> eagles touch loss on sunday is on the mind of fans. what the eagles need to do to get out of last place in the nf d east. >> there's a lot of things we have to fix quickly and there's cause for concern no need to jich of offer the band wagon yet. >> there's not a lot of enthusiasm in abundance for eagles' fans now. >> rts eagles making playoffs. >> unfortunately i don't think so. >> one in three. >> i will not give up. >> at chickie's and pete's >> at chickie's and pete's.
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>> when you lose the moral is down and off the field you feel like crap. >> linebacker connor bar contends they need the spark. >> next week we need momentum early and need to start fast and make plays and get energy up. >> jenkins acknowledges the 1-3 start will test the locker room. >> we'll find out a lot of players on the team and coaches as well as how mentally tough this team will be. because in the grand extreme of things nothing we set out we accomplished is out of our reach. >> a lot of players and fans still talking about the fact the nfc east is so weak this year and maybe, just maybe, the hole the eagles dug themselves may not be as big as it seems. reporting from linc, juqua todd quinones, cbs3.
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>> he punched ball out of hands of receiver. as it appeared he was scoring a touch town. seattle got the ball and won last night ago game. the lions should have gotten the ball on one-yard line because defense inteping alley nongd the ball out of end zone. >> nfl fall league meeting continued this week. they plan to review roger guid guidele's role and madders in the deflate scandal. and phillies bench coach larry bowa could get another manager job is. former manager of philly and padres interviewed with marlins yesterday. they fired dan jennings after the game against the phils. the phils want larry back on
5:27 am
our bench. >> still to come this hour eyewitness news how you can own a rare piece of history. it's an auction for watch that has been to the moon and back. jan. and investigation into a south jersey beauty queen's death continues today.who was she with in her final hours and what police are waiting for this morning, erika. >> did you have a linked in profile if so you may i have money coming your way. details coming up. justin. >> grab a coat this morning waking up with chilly temperatures and a lot of sunshine today warms us up to the 7 0s. the eyewitness forecast coming up, erika. >> miesha is keeping an eye on your commute to let you know the detours and how to get around trangled traff
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>> good morning, today tuesday, october 6, i'm erika von tiehl, it's a sunny and warmer day today. just add to the forecast coming up in a moment. >> also this is something a lot of folks are talking about users of new iphone 6 s the reporting a problem with the phone you could call it a burning issue. a piece of the phone some users say is just too hot to handle. do you have the upgrade. i saw the old phone.


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