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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 7, 2015 2:07am-2:39am EDT

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i put on is going to make me feel good. and that's a new feeling! it really has been one of the best things that i've done. it's made me really feel confident. it just makes you feel kind of a little bit more like i can do this. i can do this. and with the coolsculpting procedure you can do it too. so if you want to see a slimmer you when you look in the mirror, go to today to receive a limited time offer for a free consultation. ♪ right now at 11:00, a transgender woman murdered in the streets of philadelphia. was she targeted? tonight police are asking for the publ public's help to solve this crime. good evening, i'm jessica dean. ukee washington has the night off. police say the victim was beaten by a group of men and then shot. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live outside police headquarters with the latest on the investigation. diana? >> reporter: jessica, didn't night as police continue to search for answers, they are
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exploring all possibilities. in fact they would like to talk to the driver that dropped keisha jenkins off moments before she was kill. the family of keisha jennings is gathered outside that are south philadelphia home. mourning the loss of the brother and son they knew as instead of fan. but police say 2284 old keisha a transgender who sources say may have been working as a prostitute was shot and killed early tuesday morning. >> preliminary investigation reveals that the decedent had just gotten out of a vehicle at that location. was assaulted by five or six unidentified males. >> reporter: it happened at 13th and wingohocking street. police got a report of shots fired and found the victim lying on the ground. >> during that assault, one of the males pulled out gun and while the vick testimony was on the ground, shot the victim twice. >> reporter: neighbors say they often often see male prostitutes working in the air. >> a life is a live regardless. >> very sad.
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very sad. it's really like a sad day to the transgender community. roar report while police continue to search for a motive a woman who didn't want to show her case says a group of men were trying to rob the transgenders and they've been tacked in the area before. this time she says keisha fought back. >> the streets out here this is what they do out here. they target the transgender, you know, to rob them and, you know, this is what they do. >> reporter: tonight police are not ruling out hate crime here. they are also looking at robbery as a possible motive and they say that's where help from the public comes in. anyone with information is asked to give them call. we're live outside police headquarters tonight in center city, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> diana, thank you. tonight authorities are investigating a disturbing find. a dead body in a mercer county park. chopper three over roebling park in hamilton township. police son to do that scene and found the body in some weeds.
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the victim is a white woman believed to be about 40 years old. there's no word yet on cause of death but anyone with information is asked to contact the mercer county homicide task force. a teenager is in custody tonight after a campus scare. early reports of a gun sent the community college of philadelphia into lock down. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt is live on the school's campus in spring garden tonight with more on where things stand right now. david? >> reporter: jessica, tomorrow morning school will reopen but tonight there are no charges because police cannot find a gun. they say this was an argument that was isolated between two students, no other students were in danger according to sources but this did spark a conversation about being prepared between the school and students. within minutes, police and swat had the community college of philadelphia on lock down. >> everybody stay in place. >> reporter: this cell phone video illustrates a tense seen inside with swat team officers
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checking every nook and cranny. police spent hours looking foreman with a red hoodie. they found him and took the teenager who custody. but hours later, police never found a gun. >> there's little bit of up consistency in the victim's statements. there is a witness that did not see a gun. the young man that we have in custody says he never had a gun. so we don't know. >> reporter: nearby businesses were also put on lock down. including this neighboring daycare. little kids were initially outside playing. but were then he is cored insi inside. >> as parent it's always nice to be able to rely on them to keep your kids safe. >> reporter: jennifer butler has an 11 month old at the daycare and told "eyewitness news" she was pleased with the way things were handled. >> got a text message an phone call and was able to know that my child was safe. >> reporter: but some students didn't feel so in the loop about exactly what happened. >> it was just a swarm of police and they're saying hey, get out. it's on lock down. hurry up and get out much what's going on? >> it was either a bomb threat or a gun threat. i don't know.
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i'm hearing different things. >> reporter: school spokeswoman told "eyewitness news" alerts went out to student and faculty who signed up for the new alert system recently release the. college president guy generals said "this incident clearly demonstrates that we like all institutions of higher learning are on high alert and must continue to improve our emergency response protocols and strategies much we must couldn't stanley monitor the people and situations around us. we must be vigilant at all times ". a school spokeswoman told me that just on monday the school sent out an elf male asking encouraging students to sign up for those alert. some did not. the president will hold two town halls tomorrow to talk about security to just answer some questions and list stone some suggestions from students about what could be done differently next time. we're live in spring garr depth, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> david, thank you. and stay with "eyewitness news" as new detail emerge in the community college campus
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scare. we'll bring updates here on tv and also online any time at new tonight coming together to call for raise in the minimum wage. "eyewitness news" on the temple university campus where some workers organized a public hearing. they're calling for a $15 an hour minimum wage across the state of pennsylvania. fast food, airport and other local wage workers were among those who spoke at the event. governor wolf is proposing to increase the perm income tack by half a per sent to help solve pennsylvania's thee month budget impass democratic house will vote on the governor's proposal tomorrow. >> a proposal for philadelphia sector cass soon know app pressed by the city planning commission. if it gets final approval, live hotel and casino will be constructed by the developers of the x9 in the life and parx casino plans for call las vegas style facility at 900 packer
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avenue in the sports complex. would it feature more than 2,000 slot machines and more than 125 table games. sugar house casino was philadelphia's first gambling hall. fantasy football is dealing with a big scandal tonight and two major fantasy sports companies are involve. as our todd quinones tells us, an employee from one of the companies is accused of using insider information to win hundreds of thousands of dollars on the other company's website. >> reporter: for many it's the lure of needing money. your friends play. do they make a lot of money. >> yes, i have one friend that's up 1200 right now. >> reporter: on game day the everywhere so is the cash. >> one week fantasy football leagues are paying $75 million a week. >> reporter: but their biz motto is under the micro soap after allegations of what essentially amounts to insider trading. >> just don't understand how that can be so unregulated. >> reporter: a draft kings employee admitted released early date on what specific players
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were most used in starting lineup ahead of nfl third week. getting that early information ahead of the curve could serve as an advantage. the employee wept on to win $350,000 later week betting on rival fantasy football website fan duelg playing against a fixed team you're never going to have shot. >> reporter: they defensed their practices in part saying "employees with access to the data are rigorously monitored by internal fraud control teams and we have no evidence that anyone has misused it. the sites can bay out massive cash prices on a daily or weekly basis. they call eight game of skill, not chance. >> this business is very unregulated. seriously. we've come a long way from the dorm room playing amongst your friends to the corporate severe that is fantasy football. >> we caught up with fans at chickie's and pete's in south philadelphia. do you think that needs to be more government oversight.
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>> i don't think the government should be involved. >> this isn't going to dissuade you from playing. >> probably not. they ban mose from taking part in gaming on their own sites haven't now temporarily barred employees from taking part in other rival sites as well. reporting-tonight in the sat center todd quinones cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> jessica. >> all right, todd thanks so much. former president bill clinton makes an appearance in late night tonight stopping by the late show with stephen colbert. president clinton's visit with colbert' comes on the heels of the 11th 11th global initiatives. colbert will also likely ask about hillary clinton's run for president. it will certainly be an interesting interview. no doubt about that. you can tune into the late tow with stephen colbert tonight at 11:35 immediately following "eyewitness news". and we have have been enjoying a great stretch of fall weather this week. kate, can we keep it going? >> jessicas at least for the next couple of days we l here's
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our setup through the midweek time frame of the mostly sunny conditions, warmer temperatures. highs in the 70s. the problem comes later this week. we're tracking a cold front that will start moving p during the day friday. here it comes, thursday is thr three. friday we've got some changes as rain approaches. coming up i'll have the timing on this and what it men's for your woke end. that's all ahead with the seven day. >> also, ahead, at 11:00, insurance companies ordered to cover all mammograms in pennsylvania. the new policy making it easier for women to get high-tech cancer screenings. plus, would you change the color of your eyes if you could not with contact lenses. there's actually a new permanent way to get blue eyes and our stephanie stahl shows us how it works and if it's safe. and you'll want to look up in the sky. the colorful event you may get to glimpse tomorrow night and it could have you seeing red, blue and green. details when "eyewitness news" continues.
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parts of south carolina are still submerged after record flooding. the storm is blamed for at least 15 deaths in that state. today an 11th dam failed and officials are now watching for new round of flooding much right now tens of thousands of people do not have access to drinking water. more than 800 people are staying in shelters and donations are pouring in from around the country. one family was rescued from their attic after posting an sos on facebook. >> we're here and we're alive and that's all that matters. my kids are safe. >> we'll have to do is gut the whole entire house. dry it out and start from scratch. >> despite today's sunny weather more rain is in the forecast for friday and is a. nt of tsb investigators are looking into the sink of el faro an american cargo ship which
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sank last week during hurricane joaquin. today the coast guard focused its search on two debris areas. yesterday the coast guard searched an area the size of california. they were able to find a badly damaged lifeboat. but no survivors. the ship went down with 33 crew members aboard after experiencing engine trouble. a united airlines pilot passes out on the job just one day after a pilot died on an american airlines plane. today's incident the flight was headed from houston to san francisco. it was diverted to new mexico. the pilot regained consciousness and was able to walk off the plane to be taken to hospital. on the cbs3 health watch night, all mammograms including the 3d versions will now be free in pennsylvania. a new policy under governor tom wolf mandates insurance companies cover all mammograms with no co-pays. even for the most sophisticated screenings. 3d mammograms can detect hard to find breast cancer that
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sometimes missed with traditional screenings. however some insurance companies still consider that 3d mom gravy to be experimental and don't automatically cover it. >> i've been working with other radiologists who believe in this technology, trying to explain to insurers how vital this is to the detect of breast cancer. >> in other states including new jersey and delaware, insurance coverage varies for thee d mammograms. the parkway central library of free library of physical looking great tonight. a wash in pink lights. october is breast cancer awareness month, and the library is just one of the local landmarks taking part in the lights for the cure campaign. joint effort by cbs3, cw philly and susan g. komen philadelphia. the phoenix in center city turn pink in the fight against breast cancer. that pink light right there is a reminder to schedule a mammogr mammogram. you'll see the pink lights all across the region all month lo
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long. do you ever wish you can change your brown eyes to blue? colored contacts are one thing but now there's a more permanent way to change the color of your eyes. health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the risky procedure that's sending some people around the world. >> reporter: beaming blue eyes like movie stars something actor and musician toran green always wanted. he says the attention they bring is priceless. >> people really tend to gravitate towards blue eyes. >> he wasn't born with baby blues. >> i was born with haze eyes. >> to change that he went to india for eye surgery he had something called bright ocular a silicone iris implant. >> it is placed inside the eye surgically in front of the natural iris. >> reporter: iris implants aren't approved by the fda so american doctors don't offer them. >> the cornea is clear. >> reporter: dr. david wallace agreed to examine toran to the naked eye his implants are nearly impossible to spot. but with the help of
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dr. wallace's light and instruments, they came into focus. >> that's the artificial part. that's what we're looking at. >> the brown ring on the inside of the implants that's toran's natural iris and while the implants may look artificial when mack any tied in real lif life,ing. >> everyone seems to love the results. >> reporter: well not everyon everyone. >> i would not choose to have this for my open eyes so i'll not want to rem it for you. >> place your chin on the chin rest. >> reporter: dr. wallace's examination found no issue with toran's eyes. no sign of damage and his vision is near perfect. >> they're at least a sharp 20/25 in both eyes. his eyes seem to be tolerating the artificial ill plants well. what we don't know is what the downstream risk is. >> reporter: there have been reports of pearl meant eye damage linked to the iris implants. toran says he wept into surgery with his eyes wide open about potential risks. >> i researched it for about eight months or so before i decided to pull the trigger.
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>> reporter: and now. >> i have no regrets. not one doubt. i always wanted to have blue eyes. the fact that it's scientifically possible is exciting to me. >> reporter: the operation to change eye color costs five no $7,000. but toran didn't pay that. since he's now working with bright ocular to tell people about his experience. the company is eventually hoping to get fda approval here in the united states. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". well no matter what color your eyes are you'll definitely want to keep them on the skies tomorrow night. nasa is set to launch a sounding rocket from a sight in wallace island in have a have between 7:00 and 9:00. space agent agency says people from long island to north carolina may see a colorful cloud of blue, green and red as the rocket dee employs it's sub pay loads. keep your eyes to the sky tomorrow. kate. hopefully it won't be too clou cloudy. >> i think it will happen if the launch happens tomorrow it would be clear enough we'll be a able
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to see it right after 7:00 o'clock. look south from philadelphia and you can see they're releasing a barium mixture that allows them to study clouds in space and should be something pretty cool to see. hopefully we'll get a chance to go out you had zoo and check that out. >> in the meantime great fall weather. >> three fall today and tomorrow another gorgeous day as well. lots of sunshine the way just few clouds in the morning but the sun comes back in the afternoon and then another sunny stretch into friday. at least friday morning. things change again. let's take look what's going on take you outside to start thing off downtown center city philadelphia looking pretty good as we look down 16th street. you can see everything is all lit up. it's a cool, clear night. not quite as chilly as last night. a few more clouds in the sky will keep us a little milder through the overnight hours. storm scan3 showing the clouds moving through not big deal. just a few more clouds out there but clouds tend to copy you a little warmer at night. keep the ground warmer like blanket as you're sleeping. as your body cools the blanket keeps you warm.
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that's what clouds do to the earth surface at night. no rain in our area. should stay dry towards friday afternoon and then things chan change. right now 62 in pottstown. 58 in hamilton, new jersey. just 60 in royersford. last note at this time we were down in the low 50s so things have changed warmer day today. 75 degrees that make today the first day in october above the seasonal average. you'll wake up to temps in the 50's tomorrow. definitely the jacket or sweatshirt when you're sending the kids to the bus stop or heading out the door for work. 57 the morning low in philadelphia. 55 in where we'll start off in millville heading into your wednesday it's partly sunny britt tee comfortable day. few clouds in the morning sunshine in the afternoon and that this front starts to come through clear viewing conditions around 7:00 o'clock to see perhaps that vapor cloud in the atmosphere. thursday looks good. cooler in the wake of that front we're back to around 70 and them here comes our neck system. this comes in friday afternoon with rain and perhaps even the chance for a thunderstorm or two as it will be nice and mild. out ahead of advance of that front. let's take peek what it look like again you can see the
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showers off to our west by 1:00 o'clock. the actual threat for rain right around the evening commute friday and starts to move off the coast later friday evening. but you can see kind of that bowed shape of that line as it moves through portions of delaware and south jersey an indication of strong gusty winds and perhaps even rumble of thunder or. to some heavy downpours imbedded in that line as well. spots especially down the shore if that line material rises could get three quarters of an inch of rain. if news unhike our last rainy pattern that's and out relativ relatively rapidly here's hurricane joaquin hanging on still category one hurricane winds 80 miles an hour. it look like it will try to hang on right through the weekend and it may head right now it look like the latest track is actually taking it toward the coast of spain and portugal. joaquin just does not want to quit. still going in the atlantic but not a threat to us. overnight mainly clear, cool, 57 degrees. your wednesday looks good. sun, clouds, more sunshine in the afternoon the high 76. thursday just a tad bit cooler we're at 70 degrees. full day of sunshine, though. friday watch for the rape and
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chance for thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening. saturday may start with some clouds i think the sun comes out but it's noticeably cooler. we go from the mid 70 toss barely in the mid 60s a chilly saturday but three seasonal sunday and monday is columbus day if you happen to have the day off a great day to be outside 73 and sunshine. >> all right -- kate, thanks so much. don a here with look at sports. >> we're talking about the birds. what else is new? chip kelly gets blitzed from an unlikely source. one ogle is ready to gut it out and big ja makes his debut. see how the team went to work in d.c. sports is coming up n
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eagles are sitting duck. easy target for criticism. just one and three with one of the worst offenses in football. now the most glaring issue the fact that they can't run the ball. demarco murray led the league in rushing last year witness cowboys. this season he's averaging 1.6 yards carry.
2:31 am
buzz bissinger took aim at kipp kelly's dig to sign him in the off some. >> why did he get demarco murr murray. he's like a starting pitt which are. you need an inning or two to get oiled up and see what work and what doesn't. he needs 20 carries a game. use ripe matthews which would have been fine. ryan matthews when he's not hurt is a good running back. >> everybody taking aim at chip. the eagles are among the bottom five in all major offensive categories. the line has under performed and now three of the five starters are injured. right tackle lane johnson has a sprained ncl he expects to play sunday against the saints. >> i mean, our backs are against the wall. we're one and three right now. we don't have nobody else. so it's either, you know, step up or sit down. so i'm going to go until i can. >> basically he has no choice. switching gears the sixers in d.c. for preseason hoops. it's arefies look at third overall pick jahlil okafor. 19-year-old center out of duke.
2:32 am
he's 6-foot 11, 270 pounds and basically built like a refrigerator. so here they are taking on the wizard. we'll show you all okafor the sixers has as whole are terrib terrible. okafor jumper in the lane. here he is fading away didn't have to do this at duke because he was bigger and stronger than everybody else. pro competition okafor putting it on the floor. fading away. something to watch in south philly. over the fall and winter months. okafor again fading away from 15 feet. the jumper is good. jalill making his presence kno known. now in transition gets the lay layup. jalill okafor had six of 10 shooting. 12 points. the sixers lose by 34 points. yes, they lost by 34. preseason but that's a lot to lose by. i'm not saying. just saying. friday football frenzy game of the week where do you want us to go live from.
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here's are your choice. camden at camden catholic. delaware at military academy at saint marks. archbishop carol at cardinal o'hara. go to to vote. we'll announce the winner tomorrow night at 11:00. speaking of hoy school if the ball, a game in wisconsin kids name is brandon thaw with the one with the ball that of one is trying to tackle and they have no chance. they have no chance at all because he is balling. he's not even getting great blocking. he's just that good. we're coming right
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forbes under 30 summit couldn'ted in philadelphia with big music festival tonight. "eyewitness news" at the festival pier on penn's landing. the summit features some of the world's brightest young minds trying to find ways to improve the world. they're all 30 and under and they're making a difference in the fields of technology, science, sports, food and entertainment. we'll be right back. ♪
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i don't have to think about what i wear and how it's going to make me feel anymore. i know everything i put on is going to make me feel good. and that's a new feeling! it really has been one of the best things that i've done. it's made me really feel confident. it just makes you feel kind of a little bit more like i can do this. i can do this. and with the coolsculpting procedure you can do it too. so if you want to see a slimmer you when you look in the mirror, go to today to receive a limited time offer for a free consultation. thank for watching white news at 11:00. our morning team is back at 4:30. for don, kate and everyone here i'm jessica dean. we're always on for you at the late show with stephen
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colbert is neck with former president bill clinton. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for omega xl. >> my name's larry king. a few years ago, i had to have open-heart surgery. when i recovered, i established the larry king cardiac foundation to help people like me avoid heart problems with proper foods, medication, and a healthy lifestyle. well, i recently met ken meares, a man with similar goals. he's the founder and c.e.o. of great healthworks and, for 25 years, has been active in creating and promoting good health. well, ken has developed and tested a product called


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