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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 7, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> we're live in southwest philadelphia tonight jessica back to you. >> all right, david, quite a scene this. thanks so much. a flu shot scare tonight in mercer county authorities say a nurse reused the same syringe she gave flu sthots employees at a local company. free flu shots were offered to employees west windsor and brown tells us workers are being tested for hepatitis and hiv a frightening health breach in west windsor, new jersey, september 30 the company held routine free flu shot clinic for employees only to to discover later the nurse administering shots followed anything but routine protocol allegedly reusing syringe while giving flu shot. >> that's unacceptablement they're supposed to use fresh
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needles and try to help public not put them in danger. >> the company offered the statement we were upset and alarld when we learned a nurse affiliated with total wellness the company we retain for free flu shots breached vaccination protocol. new jersey department of health is investigating and says the risk of infection is low but out of abundance of caution the new jersey department of health west windsor and c.d.c. are recommending testing for hepatitis b and hepatitis c and hiv. >> and i get a flu shot every year. i figure it can't hurt. if it prevents me from getting ill it usually has dial it. total wellness offered a screening and said they take full responsibility for the incidents and are working with new jersey department of health to resolve this as swiftly as possible. still nerved rattles and
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confidence shaken for those looking to get flu shots this weekend. >> our company always hires a nurse to come in and give flu sthots everybody to do on company time so everybody is healthy to know somebody sort of undermined that and it's really concerning. >> new jersey department of health referred the name of the nurse involved to state board of nursing which regulates and 'tis disciplinary action for nurses. natasha brown cbs 3 eyewitness news. >> a frantic search prompted shut down of martin luther kins high school today. they arrested two students and juvenile and adult. us is spengts were pass ago roun the 9 millimeter glock semi-automatic weapon mopping each other and were concerned it could would be nine the school one of student was arrested.
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>> in the happened of a juvenile it's a potential for disaster. there used to be a time kids fist fight and it would be done and now kids are getting weapons, guns, knife, so forth. >> there's no indkaiing the gun was ever taken into the school. >> no charges filed in connection with yesterday's scare at the community ledge of philadelphia. a teenager once questioned by police after being accused of having a gun inside that school. tonight the teen's mother is speaking exclusively to eyewitness news reporter diana rocco. >> do you know how painful is that the painful. >> mom of 17-year-old community college of philadelphia student questioned in tuesday's gun scare says her son's life will never be the same. >> when he came home last night and i listened to him tell me about his day it broke my hear heart. because i was not there for him to take back to be there for him. >> image of son in handcuffs
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was live on tv and over social media he was never charged and dwun was never found. >> his peers blamed him and called him names or social hero. weirdo, terrorist, gunman. >> police were acting on a report from a 21-year-old student that there was a confronttation and gun was pulled. they stormed the college an put it on lockdown. >> when they accused him in the classroom he willingly put his hands out. >> they checked my son from head to toe and they checked his book bag and cards and the only thing they found was church cds in glove compartmen compartment. >> her son was in custody ten hours and put in the adult cell and publicly humiliated he doesn't want to return to school. she believes the 21-year-old accuser fabricated the story and want to see charges filed and apology from police. >> you go an youtube you see it over and ever again.
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you see classmates talk about him like he's a monitor and they never found a gun. >> there was a preexisting relationship in the two young men. there were inconsistencies the 21-year-old's story. he was called back down thursday for more questioning. >> cbs 3 eyewitness news. >> a lehigh country judge ruled murder case of jimmy suka can bypass a hearing and go straight to trial. he is charged in the death of nancy average teen owe more than 0 years ago she died of head injuries at a north white township hotel. >> it was a decision made by defense team we would be more beneficial for us to get the transcripts now of all the witnesses prior to trial in order to prepare a viable defense for mr. snuka.
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>> they looked at the case after public occasions of snuka autobiography. >> republicans in the him late tour easily defeated proposal by govern wolf no raise income taxes and raise a tax on natural gas. as it nears 100 days some that depend on state funds are making due. st. james's regional catholic cool teachers started their year with leftover work book and topes of payments. >> we fund so many other things in the government that education of our children in state of pennsylvania should be paramount. >> easters seals of southeastern pa says it has to take out millions of loans and cut staff pay to keep promises to the disabled community. it was one of the most popular spots during the visit of pope francis and world meeting of families and now it's no more. nada grat owe was taken down today and remained on the ground since cathedral basilica longer than expected as people
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continued to visit even after pope returned to vatican. it contained fabric strips with prayers on them and now it will be used for insulation for hom homeless. >> you saw it rights here on cbs 3 the heart bounding new medical trauma code plaque. tonight meet the young doctor behind the hit show and how his life took unimaginable turn at a young age. we'll look at the connection to pennsylvania, kate. >> it was a warm day temperatures mid 70s. above average rest of week and temperatures take a tumble and the cold front that takes change changes in the rain coming up in weather. >> and plus a delaware county police officer daily breakfast turns out to be anything but routine how he worked out of a
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local dunkin' donuts with more than cup of coffee. >> an actor to honor the dalai lama at tonight's is ceremony. >> and coming up after eyewitness news at 11 it's late show with stephen colbert. he welcomes jane the version, gina rodriguez. >> and performance by cane and tulla. >> and performance by cane and tulla. we'll be right
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we continue to follow breaking news out of southwest philadelphia firefighters are battleing a warehouse fire near 70 and cobbs creek parkway. chopper 3 over the scene tonight where authorities say the fire started around:30 and grew to three alarms before crews were able to knock down the heavy flames. no injuries reported so far and the cause of of that fire remains under investigation. and the coastguard has abandoned search for a cargo
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ship that sanction during hurricane joaquin. 34 crew members were on board. searchers found unidentified body in survival suit and damaged life boat and no signs of vur vivrz. investigators are turning their attention to finding the vessel data recorder believed to be three miles down at the bottle of the sea of the ship got caught in the sure kin after it experienced engine trouble. >> remembering a fallen hero today a philadelphia police officer killed in the line of duty was honored. police commissioner charles ramsey was there for dedication of hero plaque in memory of sergeant robert wilson the third. in march he was killed in a gun fight during robbery at gamestop west lehigh avenue and wilson has also been awarded medal of honor and medal of valor. >> delaware county police chief gets heart-warming surprise into a dunkin' donuts. chief robert adams was showered
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with random acts of kindness customer and clerk offered to pay for morning coffee and another gave him a hug. it comes after an ins dment connecticut where a dunkin donuts employee filed serve an officer. >> my job no different than yours. i don't sdovsh get extra pay or food because i'm a police officer. it's my job. career a chose. it's nice once in a while to hear the word thank you. >> hundreds of we support our police signs can be seen all over delaware county. >> actor richard gere is now monday the big names set to honor dalai lama in a special sayre moan dwli month. richard gere will take part in the liberty medal on october 2 26. dalai lama was chose tone receive the hopper and had to cancel last month because of health reasons. two representatives will ak sem raet ward on his behalf. >> you just watched code black.
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it was inspired by 2013 documenty of same name. tonight we meet the young doctor who real life story started all. code plaque the tv show he's a really impressive degree of authenticity. >> ryan mc geary executive producer of cbs code black and, doctor himself is man behind that authenticity. >> our goal is to make sure feel the intensity of what it feels like to be a doctor on your first day in a big hospital. >> you have to do it manually. >> mc car gary wanted to be a storyteller and was interested in film making and at 19 the unmath enable happened. >> no medical problems and one day i was notably being less in track races in college and long story short that led to a lymphoma diagnosis i had stage four cancer. >> he beat the disease and
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changed his life course. >> that experience as a patient and being among physicians and nurses pushed me offer the and and i said okay i'm not going to abandon my creative ambitious but he into to do this. >> he went to you of pittsburgh and 2008 became a residents at loss ankle less county usc medical center had had an idea. >> soo shoot documentary at one of the nation's largest hospital. >> four years he filled med documentary code black at la country hospital. >> his goal for the documentary that became tv show give a voice to people tirelessly working to save lives. >> part of what i was after was amazing commitment of these doctors and nurses and i think hopefully it speaks to larger group of not just doctors but nurses and other providers this this country who work hard every day in emergency departments everywhere. >> it's quite a show when you can watch code black hear on
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cbs three every wednesday night at 10:00. >> and the legendary stevie wonder took over wells fargo septemberer tonight. >>♪ >> the grammy award winner brought his songs and key of life towards south philadelphia performed songs from iconic 1 1976 double album backed by a supersized band. looks like a great performance there tonight a lot of people i have a feeling had a great time. if you were watching the sky tonight you may have seen something else. nasa successfully launched the rocket from virginia and this launch was designed to test new technologies and will make space missions less costly and risky. rocket he squekt aid vapor made of bar yam strahtonium. >> you were out there looking. i saw nothing. nothing. >> but you know my kids were
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out in the bark yard and reported they saw a green circle. >> they did. >> for three seconds or so. that's what i heard on twitter. it wasn't eye climatic but visible in the sky. if you saw it great if you have pictures you can sends them to me on wait toer i would love to seety was busy checking twit to sigh if it actually launched and missed it overhead. i didn't see too much. we have meteor shower it tell you about tomorrow. first what's happening tonight. taking you out outside to the roof cam. things looking good in the cit city. no weird green, blue or red lights in the sky and clear comfortable evening and temperatures drop overnight a nice cool night with clear sky. >> here's how the day shaped up here's time lapse on neighborhood network camera gray start to the day and as we talked about yesterday clouds in the morning and afternoon sunshine and that's exactly what happened again after a gloomy start as if by magic you
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snapped and clouds are begun and dark sky in cut down, 50 already. many spots in far lying suburbs could see 40s overnight tonight. as we zoom out nothing to talk about here. there's a weak boundary moving to the morning. what i'm concerned about for tomorrow it won't be a brilliantly sunny of a day as we originally anticipated and that's because of cooler air and generating cloud cover through the afternoon. partly sunny we'll call it thursday. temperatures on the cool side tonight. 62 already in philadelphia. and down to 66 in reading and 54 allentown and there's 40 already, 46 mount pocono. october started out well below ang and remains below average and you can see the past few days we started to ramp temperatures up a bit and by the weekend at least through the next couple of days we're going to have a few more reds added to the calendar here and then we take a tumble again. weekend turns cooler. temperatures a little bit of a roller coaster here not a lot of wet weather in the forecast and we have sunshine through much of the weekend. the problem comes on friday
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afternoon. tomorrow, 70s. sunshine. new clouds in the afternoon and friday afternoon when the front pushes through with chance for showers and we clear out saturday. it will turn cooler and by the way a new low develops that could bring rain and they definitely do not need. it i put 5% chance of rain in for tomorrow and popup isolated up stability shower most is dry. friday is best chance to pick up rain this week and mainly in the afternoon. with see as we go through thursday. clouds, showers move through. that a big deal. it comes at the time of the evening commute. a tenth to quarter of inch of rain expected. temperatures into the 50s. clear, cool, 56 degrees in city and tomorrow is another above average day by a couple degree degrees. look for a minimum of sun and clouds and get to 72 and eyewitness weather 7 day forecast showers come through friday afternoon and good news is they are in and they are out it's not a rainy pattern and behind that's turns cooler and
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it will be a great fall weekend. cooler, crisp, sunny, great football weather perhaps. >> i know. >> that sounds good. >> you can soak up the sun and hopefully victory. >> hopefully. >> hopefully it's sunny disposition for the eagles as well. punch early and often. sam bradford explains what birds are not dog doing on offence and of coursey season is underway see what world lea leader is trying look on special
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>> handle your business do it now so you don't have to worry about it late. that's the theme at the novacare complex. they've been unable to convert third downs. league has 2 teams now. one of the big reasons why they're struggling to score points. sam bradford doing work in early downs would make a world of difference. >> it's hard to be efficient and complete high percentage of third downs when you're 3rd & 7 and third and 8 and longer yard annuals i think on first and 2nd down we need a better job of being efficient. >> eagles left tackle jason peters had to miss a game since 012 and that could change sunday suffered a quad injury to team loss to redskins and only saw six plays. lane johnson with a knew sprain could move from right tackle to left. >> all right. high school football st. marks represents. we're going live from st. mark
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high school for friday "football frenzy". they rocked the boat this week. they'll host delaware medical. archbishop cardinal owe har at thanks for voting. 10.8 number of car nrots khirk chick blackhawks championship ring. against rangers in chicago new york scored upset winning 3-2. we'll get you -- your first look at anyers tomorrow night tampa bay when they take on lights eping and flyers miss the kick quov last season and some predicting repeat performance and for orange and black it's probably best to ignore the critics. >> it's outside noise. this group does a good job of listening to one another. >> we have to understand they have a reason to put us out of the spot because we didn't make the playoffs last year. so we go from that the understand you know we're not in the playoffs by their
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thinking and going to do everything we can to prove them wrong. >> okay. check this out. russian president vladimir putin by playing a hockey matc match. he scored 7 goals and his team wins. here's the question who in right mind will block putin's shot. this is bad business decision really you want to do that. >> he scored seven goals. >> seven goals. >> of course he did. >> you don't want to end up in siberia. >> right. >> way to go. way to go sgle tha
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>> new tonight a preview party for important event in the fight against breast cancer. eyewitness news boys estimate set are store if center city they host add a party for pink tide ball. thisier's ball october 17 has ocean theme and among those celebrating tonight ceo of susan g. komen philadelphia. >> october is breast cancer awareness month and landmarks all across the area are glowing pink take a look tonight at the bellview on south broad. pretty out. there pink light is hallmark of
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the lights of the cure campaign. it's a joint effort by cbs 3 and susan g. komen philadelphi philadelphia. and susan g. komen philadelphi philadelphia. we'll be right book
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>> thanks for watching eyewitness news at 11 our morning team is back at 4:30 for don, kate, i'm jessica dean we're always on for you cbs philly come the late show with
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stephen colbert is next. philly come the late show with stephen colbert is next. see you captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: this guy-- >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: very nice. ( cheers and applause )


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