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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  October 9, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> good morning to you, today is friday, october 9th, i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm erika von tiehl. ahead this morning, new information about the flu shot scare in mercer county, new jersey, we now know what will happen to the nurse at the center of this scare. she used the same syringe, two
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syringes for like 67 patient. >> oh, that makes a person not want to get a flu shot. >> hopefully that doesn't happen often g out and get those in shots. talking weather right now, little rain in the forecast? >> yes, stowe will get little rain think afternoon, in fact, could even potentially see severe thunderstorms. so just want to make sure you're ready for today. take the umbrella headed out the door. no doubt about it, you will need it later today. might not think so first heading out the door. let's look at the headlines for the weather today. it will be warm friday. talking high of 79 degrees. but wet friday evening, and, cooler for the weekends, but cooler, can also mean sunny, right? so we have that on tap, too. right now, live look at the neighborhood network. current temperatures in media, 56 degrees, 06 in observation, little creek, 61, 63 point pleasant beach. notice the winds is nice and callment. we'll see the wind pick up little bit today. looming offer my shoulder here, stormy weather ahead of cold front. all of that is tracking our
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way, that's why our afternoon rush hour could get tricky. potential for severe weather there is downpours, gusty winds, thunder, certainly possible. national weather service puts us in marginal risk for today. so scattered showers, slow commute this afternoon, not a lot of rain totals here, to up about .3 of an inch. but some thunderstorms could come with this. you know when you are on the road you get thunderstorm could make it so hard to see. just be prepared. weekend will be beautiful. sixty-six and sunny saturday. seventy on sunday. beautiful, as we head into the neck couple of days there. we are going to head to meisha now though. she will tell us little bit more about the traffic. meisha? >> kyla, let's do. that will it is friday. there is nothing else we want to talk about but water main break, that's exactly what we are talking about this morning, here is a live mobile three shot. see this water main break did happen fifth street and south street near johnny rocket. now, fifth street is blocked, between south street and lombard. there are report of gushing water, trying to get that cleaned up right now, also hearing reports that businesses can expect some low water pressure in and around
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that area. so, just make note of that. that right now fifth street blocked between south street and lombard for those of in you and around that area. get another look, live look, route one approaching good. already this early friday morning, you can see, levers just building right now, already, this is fairly earl foyer a friday. friday tends to be lighter travel day. also nine at southbound at cottman, a lot of you getting early jump top your day in this stretch, as women. now construction, 42 freeway northbound the ramp to 295 north closed until 6:00 a.m. i'll have report and when that opens i'll keep my eye on that area. also, talking about this yesterday, roosevelt boulevard the inner drive closed between rhawn and woodward. and again, this is until 6:00 a.m. as well, so i'll let you know when that apps, as well. nicole, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. happening today, president obama will travel to roseburg, oregon to meet with survivors and relatives of those killed in last week's oregon community college shootingment the private meeting has not been role received by some locals there, who disagreed
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with the president's call for tighter gun regulation. gun rights activists plan to protest his visit. >> also, today, comedian bill cosby will testify under oath in a sex as at case. >> comedian scheduled for deposition in a case involving a woman who claims she was molested as a minor. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now in the studio with more on the details. >> good morning, that's what makes this case different. the accuser in this case was just 15 years old, a minor at the time of the alleged assault. happening today, bill cosby is set to testify under oath, in this case, it will be the first time that's testified in a sex assault case in a decade. now, cosby's deposition today is in the case involving judith handcuff, accusing owes can bye of assaulting her in 1974 when she was just 15. cosby's attorneys have denied those claims saying who have who have's former attorney tried to extort $250,000 from the comedian before filing the case. they also say she attempt topped sell her story to the
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national inquirer ten years ago. she is just one of dozens of women who have now accused cosby of rape. sometimes after he reportedly drugged them. cosby admitted under oath ten years ago to obtaining quaaludes and giving them to women he wanted to have sex with, but cosby has always said that both the drugs and the sex were concentual. now the philadelphia native has always denied wrong-doing and he's never been charged with a crime partly because the statute of limitations has expired in those cases. now, los angeles prosecutors deny to hail charges over these allegations saying the statute of limitations. definitely interesting case today. >> see what he has to say. >> it will be interesting to hear him for the first time. >> absolutely. >> jan, thank you. 5:35. celebrity chef paul has passed away. he's credited when helping to make popular cajun and creole cuisin. he first rose to fame as executive chef of the new orleans commander's palace and then went onto open his own restaurant. he also had several best selling cook books and
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television cooking shows. he died in new orleans after short illness. he was 75. >> we have some new information this morning about the flu shot scare in west windsor mercer county. free flu shots were given to employees at this pharmaceutical. the nutter giving those shots who work for a company called total wellness shared two syringes among 67 people. her license has now been suspended. officials are wrecking employees who got the vaccinations be tested for hepatitis b and c as well as hiv. >> 5:36. in business news this morning, beer with a special new ingredient. >> yes, what's up with the markets this friday morning? money watch's jill wagner joins us liver from the new york stock exchange with all of those details, jill. >> reporter: good morning, nicole, erika. markets are on role. dow will open above the 17,000 mark for the first time since august. jumped another 138 points on thursday. the nasdaq climbed 19. it is the start of earning season, so far not so good.
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the first two companies to report have missed expectations, including gap, specially the company's banana republic brand. customers made it clear the clothes don't fit well and aren't flattering enough given the prices. the skies not so friendly these days, even though most flights are arriving on time, consumer complaints against airlines have nearly doubled in the last year. the department of transportation says the biggest gripes are delayed flights, and baggage or ticketing problems. and, something is brewing at the gym. company called supplemental brewing has created a beer with protein, or as they call it, abreuteen. has seven games of protein, 5% alcohol, look to go raise about $40,000 on kick start, the slogan for this bare, it is where your work-out meets the weekend. so what do you guys think? >> just an excuse to drink at the gym. common. >> seriously. if you want protein with your beer have, a hamburger or something with it?
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common. >> brew team, well, they're trying. >> happening today lasalle university will install it first woman president. doctor colleen will be the 29th press of the university since its founding back in 1863. now, in addition to being the first woman president, hanna just also the first president who has not an ordaned member of the church. the ceremony takes place at 2:00 # this afternoon at the hayman center. still ahead this morning, governor chris christie taking a shore town to task. >> more on the battle at the beach over margate's dunes. plus this. >> i'm kevin frazier, coming up michael, and all-star cast examine the man behind the machine and hugh jackman face-off. >> also ahead, getting crafty, with beer. more beer news for this morning, how craft brewers are becoming a sort of collector's item. we'll explain coming up next.
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>> bloat in the hospital in critical condition, but they're expected to survive. >> for the first time in a decade, bill costly will testify under oath in one of the sexual assault cases against him. accuses him of sexually assaulting her at the playboy mansion in 1974 when she was 15 years old. >> tunisian democracy group
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won the nobel peace price for contribution for the first and most successful arab spring movement. norwegian nobel committee awarded to the dialogue quart at the time, big win for small notion suffered two major terrorist attacks this year. >> new jersey governor chris christie files an eminent domain. >> will allow it to move forward. public property and ten privately owned beachfront homes are at issue here. the christy administration says resistance from margate residents is holding back that project. that will put sand back on city beaches. margate's mayor, however, says the project would change the landscape unnecessarily. >> the beaches in margate are a seaside resort, jammed, priceless. >> margate people that live on the observe for the tack that is they pay, that it would obstruct their view of the ocean, and that is the reason why they purchase their houses. >> margate says, it wooden bulkheads are enough to
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protect against coastal flooding. >> coming up on a 43:00, do have little rain in our forecast, kyla. >> yes, we do. i think our weather watchers are watching, good morning, sending in your observations, let's take a look at what here 56 degrees, where lynn is, good morning to her in cherry hill. and she says tgif. i think a lot of people agree with you there, lynn. cool, brisk this morning, looking forward to the day. hey, how about here in still little further east, mark, in chat worth, 54 degrees where he is. you can see nice and cloudy there, too. he says, falling barometer, moistening atmosphere, could rain be on the way? yes, sir. you are correct. that's exactly what we're going zero see, current temperatures on the 50's, 60s 61 in philadelphia, 55 mount pocono, 464 little warmer there down in wildwood as we get our morning started. playing a little football tonight, i think the weather will be tough at 7:00. we've got our game of the week here, delaware military
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academy taking on saint mark, 70 degrees, so warm, have you to look out for the showers that could be right in the middle of the stormy wet r. this is live look at storm scan3, there is the problem, doing fine right now, but that weather will be tracking our way. and some of the storms could even potentially be severe. >> i think it is just going to be the fact that these storms are showing up at rush hour there is afternoon, and could be problem. also the national weather service has us in marginal risk for severe weather so do you pawn, go i winds possible, thunder with that too this afternoon. let me track this forward. show you what i am talking about. here we are at the 5:00 time frame. see some of the juiced up storms making their way toward us right at this wrong time, clears out quickly by saturday, looking great, not only will saturday and sunday be pretty nice, sunny, cool he err temperatures in the 60s, but also have, remember, monday, we've got columbus day, 73 degrees and sunny.
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>> so looking good. how are we doing on the traffic? i imagine okay this morning? >> friday's really nice travel day, and things are looking pretty good. i will say what i've noticed we are starting to see things heat up just little bit more, even earlier than i would say we typically do, not even 6:00. already see 42 report bound, get kind of those -- you can see, it is plenty of headlights, plenty of tail light out on the freeway, pulled off to the shoulder not causing any slow downs there, but just make note for those every in you new jersey approaching 295, slowing down just little bit. then also the schuylkill eastbound spring garden, again, looking good, everyone still traveling at posted speeds but certainly levels are starting to pick up. where we have an accident this morning, talcony palmyra bridge toll plaza, new jersey side route 73 open, expect delays even already in the area. then also, another water main break in moorestown, new jersey main street closed right around near starbucks, use alternate, route 38 for
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those of in you and around that area, then also another water main break this morning, that we are recovering, fifth street at south street, near johnny rocket. fifth street blocked, between south street, lombard, there are reports of gusting water, lower water pressure for businesses in and around that area, so certainly make note of that. a lot of stuff casino of busy morning and looking at other cameras, anywhere we look, if looking at the vine, if looking at the schuylkill, even 95 southbound, starting to show some slow-downs. so it is busy morning indeed. ladies, back over to you. >> landmarks growing pink all month long. take a look at the commerce square in center city. it is taking part in the light for the cure campaign, cbs-3, the "cw philly" and susan g. komen philadelphia. the pink light is a reminder to schedule a mammogram to remind her to schedule the mammogram. breast cancer awareness month. >> just love driving through the city well, helping high
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school girls build brighter futures,, "eyewitness news" at the kick off event for women of tomorrow, a mentoring program that helps at risk high school girls. now in the second year, the program is a 19 philadelphia schools sigh in the video health reporter stephanie stahl one of the mentors who helps to build student self esteem and academic performance to help improve grad rates. incredible. >> and having the role model in your life, and what you can achieve. >> mentorship. well done. right now 5:47. if your years after his death, a bio pick about steve jobs, big screen it, stirring up controversy here. also, this looks fun. peter pan getting live action remake. >> her entertainment tonight with a look behind the scenes at the new movie. >> hugh jackman is the evil pirate black beard in the original story of the boy who never grew up in pan, and, michael, kate wins let, set
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rogan, take us behind the scenes of the man who built the machine in steve jobs. >> everyone is waiting for the man. >> michael, place steve jobs, master architect of apple computers in a bio pick, that looks at what made the man who made apple computers. and it wasn't technical jarring thin proved tough for the talented cast that includes kate wins let, set rogan, jeff daniels, but writer erin sore kins intense dialogue. >> fire causes stampede to the unmark exit it will have been well worth it for those who survive. >> you have a moment where you have a brain farther, okay, then you can pick up the line again. but beast aaron wright is such a rhythm, once you sort of lose it, you are kind of kicked off the train. everyone sells waiting for that rhythm to join in on. >> welcome to never land. >> and in pan, we go back before peter pan was peter
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pan, and find a boy brave enough to venture to a strange land, with mermaids, colorful tribes, pirate, led by hugh jackman, who rocked a bald head and beard for the part. >> he's kind of larger than life. i had so much fun playing t i did say a joke couple of time, am i having too much fun here, man? because i'm cheering up some serious scenery on this one. >> you have an ancient prophesy. a boy who could fly. >> for entertainment tonight, kevin frazier, now, back to you in the studio. >> i believe. so cute. >> looks really awesome. actually for all of the latest news from hollywood watch entertainment tonight, on tonight, and every week night at 7:00 right here on cbs-3. >> as far as weekends go, good time for mover. >> i anything with hugh jackman. >> yes. >> and aaron, can't lose. >> coming up tonight on cbs-3, hey check out the amazing race at 8:00. one team facing penalty after costume mistake.
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>> at 9:00 hawaii 50, scuba diver being investigated. >> blue blood tonight show newspaper reporter is targeted for his clothing. >> don't forget to stay tuned to "eyewitness news" at 11:00 our personal favorite among the line up. we'll be right back.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now.
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>> nearly a year at a fire tore through the columbus farmers market. >> grand re-opening celebration yesterday! the cash register hasn't been heard by marcy and her family since 2014. that's of course when flames ripped through the wing of the market, days before thanksgiving. the market hopes to have all of it stores back up and running, before the one year anniversary of the fire, which is next month. >> all geared up for the holidays, i see they got their halloween stuff out. >> good time of year to reopen. >> the beer business not what it used to be. gone are the days of just those major brands. >> "eyewitness news" reporter natasha brown has more on the craft beer boom. >> this is called scotch i scotch. >> drinking craft beer here at the flying fish company in somerdale; just as much about the experience as it is the beer variety. >> it is extremely social, apart from the beers, and and constantly changing by the new beer tonight, there is another new beer coming out tomorrow.
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so always something new. >> right now, standing in the briary itself. the co-founder of the brewing company, has seen resurgence in the craft beer industry, in recent years. >> the craft beer, it is something that is made by hand with love, as opposed to being a very large industrial production. here at the flying fish brew company, they make about 300 or so large kegs a day, or 4500 gallons of beer. >> craft beers are more popular than ever, all around the country, here at this vermont grocery store, people lined up, early in the morning, waiting hours to buy a specialty brew called head i topper. it is the dream creation of brewer john, and it is only distributed in limited amount. >> i get to make beer the way i like to drink my beer. thankfully a lot of people agree that's a good way. >> what's your favorite beer here? >> that's like asking a mother about her children. >> for robin at the flying fish company, it is about changing the mindset
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surrounding beer, like their exit series, featuring exit along the new jersey turnpike. >> i just like that it is local, you know, that it is being brewed, we live in voorhees, so it is literally brewed in our backyard and it is just nice to support a local business. >> for many years, beers were just the fizz i yellow stuff that came in a glass. and now it is now there are so many varieties of beer, that have always been around, but never made. >> the craft beer boom has welcome more than ever in new jersey with more breweries popping up every day. in somerdale, natasha brown, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". also, those brew pubs, where they have the great food along with the locally made crafted beers. >> we have so many great craft breweries here in philadelphia, pretty hot spot. a lot of pumpkin varieties right now, just saying. >> coming up the in next hour of cbs-3, "eyewitness news", i'm doing back flips and break dancing, folks, going to apologize in advance. boom. there it is.
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boom, ya, little weak, but hey, what can you do? it has been a few years. well, break dance presser all over the world in town for a big competition this weekend. there is keisha -- you don't want to miss. >> this i embarrased myself but i have to say this group of dancers incredible. >> really are. bringing the 80s back, love that. we are also talking about a farm at one of the nation's busiest airports. >> okay? >> yes, more on the airport farm and nicole break dancing. it will be a great hour. >> quite the combo. >> we'll be right back.
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>> philadelphia police say not the only crime committed here. >> happening today, bill cosby has deposition in a sex assault lawsuit. but we won't hear what he has to say, at least not for awhile. >> and your evening commute, oh, it could be wet one. storm scan3 right here tracking showers for later on today. but at least looking okay right now. >> yes. >> today is friday, october the ninth, thanks for joining us. >> i'm erika von tiehl. we kick things off with kyla and meisha this friday morning. changes coming our way? >> roadways looking good, starting to heat up little
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bit, construction two, water main breaks to update you. kyla, how is it doing outside first? >> feeling little cooler it me because we have little breeze going. it is calmed down, but when 1st st. out here, like little movie star, the fan on your hair action, makes you feel chilly. so out early definitely take jake today. live look at the temperatures, 61 in philadelphia right now, 57 up in mount pocono, 63 down in atlantic city. live look at storm scan3, shows you that few clouds, could get some sun as the day start. how much, there it is. the big old mess coming our way. >> moderate risk, so downpours, gusty wind, thunder, also, possibility, with what's coming our way. however, once we get this out of here, and it looks like it will be during the rush hour time frame, we're setting ourselves up for real nice weekend, sunny, cooler temperatures in the 60s, but beautiful fall weekends ahead. so, something to look forward to, after we get through the rain today. you can see saturday,


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