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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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brendan creato. tonight "eyewitness news" speaks exclusively to the little boy's grandfather. >> just go to sleep right now and wake up and he's not there. and there's no answers. >> the toddler's body was found in a wooded area of camden county but how he died remains a mystery tonight. autopsy results of the boy came back inclusive. hello, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. we're also hearing the 911 calls brendan's father made the morning his son disappeared. david spunt spoke to brendan's grandfather and he joins us live outside the camden county prosecutor's office with more on that. david? >> reporter: jessica, there are so many questions still unanswered in this case. i have to tell you, brendan's family they are confused. they tell me they are just not getting the answers that they want. i spoke to his grandfather tonight for the first time on television. he spoke and really said he misses his only grandchild. >> i can't even look at his picture right now, without bursting out and crying.
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it's just devastating. >> reporter: david creato says the last two days without his grandson brendan have been to put it plainly a living hell. >> words can't describe how i'm feeling right now. this is devastating to have him pulled away from us. >> reporter: three-year-old brendan spent the night with his dad david's son in haddon township monday night. tuesday morning he was on the phone with police. >> 911 what is your emergency. >> i just woke up and my three-year-old is missing. >> did you hear anything or see anything? nothing like that? >> no. i just woke up and he wasn't in my apartment. i don't know if he wandered out or what happened. i don't know where he is. the door was lock. i guess he unlock it and left. >> reporter: police found his body half a mile from his dad's apartment in the woods near a local park. hundreds gathered to remember the little boy tuesday night. and wednesday night, many including david creato are without answers. >> just go to sleep one night and wake up and he's not there. and there's no answers.
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what happened? >> david says little brendan came in to his own life when his father died three years ago. now he feels empty and confused about what the future holds. the only thing he knows is his grandson left an important mark during his short life. >> he was given to us like a surprise and taken away with surprise. just like an angel coming here. >> reporter: since the autopsy came back inclusive authorities are not going to have to row lie on toxicology reports. it's important to remember nobody has been charged in this case. i spoke to the camden county prosecutor herself this evening. she has no comment on the case. it's an active investigation. if you have any tips, police want to hear from you. we are live at the prosecutor' office in camden, david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news". all right, david, thank you. tonight investigators are searching for clues after a woman believed to be a doctor is found dead in inside her delaware home. family member made the disturbing discovery in hokessin delaware county. natasha brown tells us police
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are talking to man who claims to know what happened. >> reporter: startling discovery at a home along withers way in hokessing delaware. the body of a 55-year-old woman who was reportedly a psychiatrist was found just before 4:00 a.m. wednesday by her daughter. >> police responded to the scene and about half app hour later, while they were there, gathering evidence, they received another 911 call from a man claiming responsibility for the death. >> while on scene securing the scene we received another 911 call from an individual, a male individual that was providing details that were specific to that inquiry and claiming responsible. we sonned to his location and took him into custody without any incident. >> reporter: police are describing this as a suspicious death investigation. the manner of death has not been released neither has the identity of the victim or suspect. few details at this point.
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they tell us they have a suspect in custody and are not looking for any other suspects in connection with this case. in hokessin, delaware, natasha brown cbs3 "eyewitness news". after close to eight years as philadelphia's top cop police commissioner charles ramsay announced his retirement today. ramsay's last day on the job license january 7th. during a news conference at city hall, mayor mike nutter praised ramsay saying he changed the culture of the police department for the better. the 65 year old said he's had a blessed career and talked about how he hopes to be remembered. >> certainly the drop in crime. i'm not satisfied with it, but it's better than it was. and you have to keep pushing forward and try to make it better and better and better. i don't know if it's practical to think you ever get down to zero but the closer we push toward that goal, the better off we are as a city. >> thank you for coming to philadelphia. thank you for making my city a safer city. >> we asked some philadelphians
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what they thought about the commissioner's tenure and there was mixed reaction. >> he had his way he was going to put a stop to stuff. if he retires that ain't never going to take place. >> they doing nothing about the murders. all he worried about who out here on the corner. >> eiffel been her 20 to 1213 years. compared to when i first moved to philadelphia there's been improvement. >> earlier this year president obama appointed him as co chair of his task on 21st century policing. the president said from chicago to d.c. to philadelphia, commissioner ramsay has always supported our women and men in uniform and the communities they bravely serve and protect each and every day. i am extraordinarily grateful for chuck's service and wish him an enjoyable and rest full retirement ". "eyewitness news" has learned the chestnut street overpass above interstate 95 is closed tonight. chopper three was overhead in old city. the overpass is awaiting
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inspection by penndot which wants to take closer look and it comes following the discovery of a crack in a support near the parking area at penn's landing. repairs will start as soon as thursday. a 991-year-old woman is run over by a septa bus in philadelphia's east oak lane neighborhood tonight. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco has more now on how it happened. >> reporter: 91-year-old woman is hit by a septa bus crossing the street with her skate-year-old nephew. police say she was in the crosswalk on fifth street as the bus was making a left hand turn off of godfrey avenue just before 5:00 o'clock wednesday afternoon. >> the rear wheels of the septa bus ran over her lower torso and both of her legs. >> reporter: when paramedic the woman was trapped under the back drivers side tires hadn't to be rescued. >> after strikin strikeing thise the bus driver did the right thing, immediately came to stop.
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and identified himself to police. we know that the septa bus was almost completely full. there were 42 passengers. >> reporter: elderly woman who was walking unsifted was taken to einstein medical center with a crushed lower torso and legs. police say the bus' dash cam recorded the woman and her nephew crossing the street. they're looking for other cameras in the area that may have captured the and tire incident. >> it clearly shows the bus making the left hand turn on to fifth from godfrey and it shows the two individuals the one being the 91-year-old woman, it showed them crossing the street. >> reporter: that woman's skate-year-old nephew was struck by the bus. he did suffer minor bumps and bruises. she is listed in extremely critical condition at einstein much this is all still under investigation. in the olney section of the ci city, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". now update to story we first told you about last month. vandalism of cars belonging to thvillanova university football
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team and staff. take look at sis surveillance video. police are searching for the suspects using a credit card. the vandalism took place overnight between septembe september 2nd and 3rd when the teen left town for season opener. radnor police say the suspect broke into more than 13 vehicles at villanova stadium. >> the contractor on trial for the dea deadly market street building collapse takes the stand in his own defense. griffin campbell charged with third degree murder, six counts of involuntary manslaughter and related crimes for the demolition his company perform at 22nd and market in june of 2013. the building collapsed on to the salvation army thrift store next door killing six people inside. campbell could face live in prison without parole. family, friends and city leaders gathered to celebrate the life of jerry montgomery desire. the journalist, businessman and former philadelphia naacp president died last week. today's service coincided with his birthday and was attended by many including mayor michael nutter, mayoral candidate jim
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kenney and district attorney seth williams. jerry montgomery desire would have been 66 years old. today vice-president joe biden said he's proud of all the candidates he participated in last night's democratic presidential debate, but it remains unclear if he'll be jumping into the race. in the meantime hillary clinton campaigned in las vegas tonight. political observers say the front runner gave a polished performance during the debate. she clashed with bernie sanders on the issues of gun control and excesses of capitalism. vermont senator did come to clinton's defense saying he was tired of hearing about the e-mail scandal. and former president bill clinton will be in philadelphia tomorrow to raise money for his wife's presidential campaign. we're told that fundraiser will be private. bill clinton was recently in philadelphia back in july as a speaker during the inform aacp national convention. >> it is mid october but it will soon start feeling more like november. meteorologist lauren casey is in for kate tonight and has more on
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when the big cool down arrives. lauren. >> temperatures feeling pretty good right now. cooling off officially. 60 degrees in philadelphia. down into the 40s in mount pocono but our high temperature today close to 70 degrees but temperatures are going to take a big tumble as we head into the upcoming weekend. talking about some 30s for overnight lows and i'll have all the details in your "eyewitness weather" forecast coming in just a few. >> also ahead at 11 caught on camera. a bear running wild inside and outside a mall. we'll let you know where this happened and why an investigation has been launched. plus new details about former nba and reality tv star lamar odom. what workers nevada brothel told 911 dispatchers before odom was rush to the hospital. a mother's heartbreak over her child who is severely injured. she turned to exercise to cope with her struggles and that led to a new business. help reporter stephanie stahl has her inspiring story when we come back. ♪ and coming up right after
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"eyewitness news" it is the late show with stephen colbert and tonight stephen welcomes jack black, the ce older of go pro nick wood man and tap dancer michelle doran. he gets started at 11:35. we'll be right
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>> back now on "eyewitness news" a wild bear bursts out of a closed shopping mall in russia all captured on camera. it got up on its hyped legs to barrel through two doors. no people were hurt. the bear got trapped inside and the mall was roaming around before escaped through the doors. it ran to a playground where it was shot and killed by police. animal rights activists are upset about how the situation was handled and full investigation is now underway. former nba star lamar odom is on life support. he was found unconscious yesterday at a brothel outside of las vegas. official say the person who called 911 told the dispatcher that odom had blood coming from his nose and mouth that he had been doing cocaine and had taken sexual performance enhancers. >> during that call, the
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reporting parties informed the sheriffs office dispatch that the male had been using cocaine. they confirmed his usage on saturday but was unsure if it continued to the weekend. >> odom is till married to reality star low key kardashian. their divorce is not yet final. we're told she's by side tonight and making decisions about his care. >> tonight a judge is decide with a 12-year-old boy who was sued by his aunt. connell wanted $100,000 for medical expenses. it took a jury 20 minutes to reject that claim. connell says she had to sue because her insurance company would not pay her bills. on the health watch tonight americans spend nearly $15 billion on dietary supplements every year but a new study finds in many cases those supplements can be dangerous. the new report from the centers for disease control estimates
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dietary supplements are responsible for 23,000 emergency room visits each year. young adults make up more than a quarter of those visits with the majority having adverse reactions to weight loss and energy supplements. the most common symptoms were cardiac such as chest pain. >> some dietary supplements may have benefits but there are risks and we encourage patients to tell their figures they're taking dietary supplements and which ones. >> for older adults the biggest problem with supplements was the risk of choking. a growing number of people are shaping up with a popular new dance workout that's kind of like being at a house party. >> health reporter stephanie stahl has more on the south jersey mom who created it and how she was inspired and moved by tragedy. >> reporter: but brook blair's 10-year-old son can't move or speak. he's been in vegetative state since he nearly drowned eight years ago. it was he can treatmently
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heartbreaking. >> her life fell apart after the accident and there's still constant turmoil we her son' health. >> at the same time i had no choice but to be strong for him. >> reporter: she found strength working out and dancing and turned her heartbreak into a new business. >> this is house party fitness integral dance class created by brook. >> when you're dancing you're not thinking about working out. >> house party fitness is just like anything you would do in house party. >> it's dance moves combined with weight training in this session with resistance bands. >> we act like we're in beyonce' video haven't fun. >> it has helped her lose 25 pounds. >> kids are always a priority but this is one hour to myself i get to work out. burn calories. do a fierce work out and have lot of fun. >> i slipped in to check out the class along with stephanie bag leone this was her first time at house party fitness. >> i loved it it was great. high of allergy a lot of fun an great work out.
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>> brook fran franchised her music and choreography. she's trained dozens of the strucks and the classes are in several locations. >> it's been great. we're in differ states. >> brook says she's always thinking about her son but house party fitness has given her a healthy outlet. >> at least i have this second child that i gave birth to. >> that helps to heal the wounds even if it's just for an hour. it gives me something to dive into. >> reporter: brook is a certified personal trainer. we have more information on house party fitness reason you can find a class alcoholic health. i'll also have it on my facebook and twitter feeds. i'm stephanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> great program. >> when you're dancing like that you can't really think of neglect else. you're focused on the music and the moves and all of it. >> you got that. great job. great job. >> all right. lauren is joining us with a look at the weather and fall is certainly arriving it. >> we'll be doing some moves this weekend to help get our blood flow and help us with the
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coldest air of the season on tap to move on in. web pretty seasonal over the last several days but all of that is about to change with a dose of some canadian but for tomorrow once again, mostly sunny and high temperatures topping in the 60s for us. as we head into friday that cold front is going to drop through chance of isolated sprinkle mainly in the morning and then starting gradual clearing as we head into friday afternoon. friday evening looks okay but this cold front is not going to be noted for the precipitation it produces but instead that cold air on the back side the system. chilly conditions so far our coldest high temperatures in philadelphia have been in the upper 50s this season. we'll beat that as we head into the up coming weekend. storm scan3 showing a few clouds up towards reading and allentown but clearing conditions across much of southern new jersey and we'll keep it mostly clear throughout the overnight period and temperatures right now not feeling too bad in philadelphia. 60 degrees right now. 55 in allentown. little cooler in ac at 53 degrees right now and checking in on the neighborhood
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network, had a little bit of a breeze today but wind speeds generally now calm to light and that's how they'll remain through the overnight period. coolest temperature reading right now 49 degrees in mays landing. we're up at 56 degrees right now in wayne. as i mentioned that cold front is going to drop through as we head into the early portion of the day on friday. then on the back side of this system we'll see a spinning of cold canadian air that will bring us chill left air of the season so far. we haven't yet seen 30s during the overnight period in philadelphia and we are going to feel that as we head into the up coming weekend also some high temperatures that will really struggle especially on sunday. 52 degrees the forecasted high temperature for the second day of the upcoming weekend that is a normal high temperature for mid november. not mid october. so quite chilly but overnight tonight lows dropping down right around average for us. 48 degrees. decreasing clouds northwesterly wind at five to 10 miles an ho hour. thursday tomorrow looking very nice.
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mostly sunny, crisp conditions dew points will be on the lower side. 30s and 40s meaning it feels very comfortable as that humidity is concerned. high temperatures in the middle 60s and we keep it in the middle 60s for down the shore and your forecast for tomorrow very nice looking day. mostly sunny conditions a big cooler up in the poconos 58 degrees. kind of a mix of sun and clouds. and as we look at your delaware valley forecast for friday, still middle 60s ahead of that cold front on saturday and sunday upper 50s on saturday. and then down into the low 50s a lot of sunshine but we'll have a little bit of a biting breeze both saturday and sunday. so that will likely keep your wind chills on sunday in the 40s all throughout the day. still cool on monday. but very dry conditions mostly sunny and then we do start to row bound as we head into next week so pretty quick turn around after chilly upcoming weekend we're back in the middle 60s by tuesday. >> all right. not a permanent freeze or cold yet. >> not permanent. just a brief dose. >> a little bit.
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thanks. >> flyers nation is final toll night -- firing tonight. don bell has your sports. >> guys playing stingy hockey right now they have not allowed a goal at home all season long. the season is not that long. but you want to see this. that's coming up next.
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fighting to save atlantic county. chris brown's attacks? the press calls them "embarrassing" political "posturing." the truth? chris brown and will pauls opposed the atlantic city rescue plan, even though it would save thousands of our jobs. we already know they're propped up by north jersey casino interests. and pauls even wanted the vote to allow north jersey casinos "this year." now they brag about helping atlantic county. but there's a word for politicians like that. hypocrite.
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>> offense, defense the man between the pipes had it going on. >> getting it done. he wasn't even the start at the beginning of the season. >> how about that talking about what's happening on the ice. that feeling you have when you're in your own house. you know where the cracks are
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and the hardwood floor. you know how to set the shower itemly just right. that's how the flyers feel in south philly they got their first win of the season at home on monday hosting the stanley cup black hawks tonight in south philly. kim tow timonen welcome back. remember he played with philly for seven seasons. dropping the puck with jonathan tas. and claude giroux. flyers on the power play. delgado leaving it for gagne who strike. later in the second puck in front. claude giroux the captain lighting the lamp. two-zero fly guys. how about night cal neuvirth. 30 safes second straight shut out at home. flyers within three-zero. we are off and cruising. is the sky blue is water wet? is fletcher cosx the nfc player of the week, yes, yes and yes. >> he was force of nature sunday
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gets the saints and today he was recognized by the inform fl. cox dominated the game with three sacks, two forced fumbles arc recovery and six tackles. it was his best game as a pro. what did he do after he won the award. he showered his teammates with props. >> it is a big deal for me, man, as i said earlier, without those guys the back end and being around real good teammates none of that would have happened. it's real good thing for me. >> because of intelligence and because of the guy he is and how dedicated he is to learning the game we move fletcher around l lot. you can say there he is this is how we'll double team him. >> fletcher cox was a beast on dough fence dee marrow murray 20 carries, 33 yards. pat shurmer was asked if demarco runs better when sam bradford is not in a shotgun position. >> i think as effective in the shotgun as he is under center.
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i think a player may like something more than another but that doesn't mean that they're not good at the thing that they may not -- because i know he made comments how he likes to run downhill on it. >> friday foot fall from that see this week we're going to coatesville. downingtown east at coatesville wins game of the week with 67% of the vote. catch the frenzy friday night right her on cbs. >> always a good time. >> i love friday night for that. so much fun. >> indeed. thank you, buddy.
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♪ land marks and buildings all across our region are glowing pink all month long. take a look at center square and the clothespin in center city taking part in the lights for the cure campaign which is a joint effort by the cw philly, cbs3 and the susan g. komen philadelphia. the pink light is a reminder to schedule a mammogram and good timing. october is breast cancer awareness. a member of the cbs philly family celebrate as big anniversary. >> 50 years ago kyw news radio 1060 began its all new format and we've been listening two, three, four times a day every since. tonight the anniversary was recognized in lights a top the
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peco building. congratulations kyw news radio 1060. we'll be back. ♪
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(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. time for to us roll. our morning team is back at 4:30 tomorrow morning until 7:30. for our end tear team, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. the late show with stephen colbert is coming up next.
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