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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  October 15, 2015 11:15pm-11:51pm EDT

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jim: the saints coming out of their final time-out, faced a third and 10 with four minutes remaining up 17. and ingram is chopped at the 30. time-out called this time by atlanta. just a reminder, up next, it's "the mazda postgame show." interviews and analysis of tonight's game. they're going to bring out hocker for what will be about a 48-yard field goal attempt.
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48 yards for hocker, one of two tonight. ooh that one -- that wasn't pretty right off the toe. 1-3 for the evening and what have you seen here tonight by the falcons, who had so much momentum coming into this game? that first half they had a lot of mistakes that they've never recovered from. phil: they're going to go back and you have to give the saints a lot of credit. i love the intensity, what they did on defense in the second half but the falcons are going to look at it this way -- the mistakes. it was all there. the plays to be made. getting a punt blocked. the opportunities, the penalties. driving to score, the fumble by coleman.
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jim: yeah, one after toot a -- another in the first half. phil: we just saw ourselves on camera. i wore a white shirt. i thought it was supposed to make you look trimmer. is that right? jim: you look pretty trim to me. a couple of nights in new orleans, that can change, though. with all the culinary delights here. second and 2. freeman. phil: you know, a situation like this, my first thought is all right, make sure matt ryan, you go out and tell him don't take unnecessary hits. you're down 17, tough to make this comeback. jim: another quick dumpoff to freeman for six. freeman 128 scrimmage yards
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tonight. 100 rushing. 28 more off of five receptions. hankerson, he's had a couple of moments he'd like to have back. speaking of like to have these moments back. mauti. that absolutely stired this place to a level they haven't experienced in a long time around here. phil: boy, you forget some of these really bad penalties. but when you give up a touchdown on special teams, the statistics say you're most likely going to lose the game. jim: third and 4. and another drop. phil: all night. it's not tevin drops. they've had a couple of them where they ended up catching them.
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just not grabbing the football cleanly and freeman that time definitely turned his head too quick. jim: of course they'll go for it here, fourth down at the new orleans' 40. this time same pass play and he makes the grab for the first. by the way, looking at the fall congress' schedule the rest of the way, they play only two teams that currently have winning records. that would be indianapolis and carolina twice. that's it. their schedule degree of difficulty is the lowest in the league for the remaining schedule.
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first down. ryan. the saints all over him. again it's cameron jordan. phil: what a night for jordan. this time the protection is pretty good but the step-up allows jordan to get away from chris chester to get the sack. that's a tough break for the right guard. jim: second and 14. and freeman advances it to about the 28. they haven't been able to get anything in the second half with julio down the field. phil: i said that a couple of times. yeah, julio genes, not getting him down the field one-on-one. the coverage has been better. jim: the ball comes out. ruled incomplete. that was tamme having it knocked loose and we have the two-minute
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jim: coming up after the game, the "the mazda postgame show." interviews and analysis of tonight's game. and congratulations to the new york mets. they win game five, advance to the national league championship series. mets-cubs. phil: yep. pretty exciting series coming there but this game. talked about a lot of things but when you think about this -- we talked about it early and we were talking about the game. we knew drew brees, yeah, he always plays well but tonight, gutty, tough. the leadership came out. the saints, they're about drew brees and their head coach sean
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peyton and they both came through tonight. jim: fourth down snap coming up. and the falcons will keep on advancing down the field. julio jones, just his third catch of the half for a total of 25 in the half. 6-93 for the night. looking his way. it's not there. he goes back to the near side, freeman. it's a touchdown. well, i tell you, this kid. i thought maybe he had stepped out of bounds but -- not even
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close. by the way, we're going to have an onside kick, of course, attempted and there has not been a successful onside kick the entire season. in the league. phil: i'm still trying to figure out devonta freeman, why he was so wide o'i'm looking at the defense and i know the game, you have a big lead. jim: devonta freeman has become a fantasy football superstar. here in the last month. two touchdowns on the night. giving them a -- him a total of 10 on the season. phil: if you look at the falcons -- we've talked about the mistakes and all that. but you think of devonta freeman, julio jones, matt ryan.
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such -- i mean, it's the big three. on this team right now. jim: mat boch will be kicking off. he did have three successful onside kicks back in 2013 but the whole league is 0-18. that's a little surprising. phil: sure it is. you'd expect one to just take a funny hop or something to happen where you could get lucky. but they all work on it so much and they've learned over the years to the front line be the blockers. let the guy behind make the catch. jim: and also, you can't load up one side anymore for the kickoff team. let's not forget that makes a huge difference. make it 0-19.
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willie snead falls on it. and the saints now just a few kneeldowns away from officially saving their season tonight. next up for new orleans. at indianapolis. they get the giants here. eli comes ban to -- back to his hometown. over halloween weekend. look at that. they play at indy, home against the giants and tennessee. going to come out of here tonight at 2-4. phil: i'm not going to sit here and predict that i know what's going to happen. that's tough. you look at the schedule, oh, they're going to win here and here and -- jim: the falcons stopping it here. they have two time-outs. and a quick one called.
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you know, the onside kick, as rare as they are, successfully pulled off. the saints had one of the most famous ones ever to to start the second half in the super bowl. thomas morstead kicked it off and it was recovered by new orleans. of course tracy porter with the interception return and the saints went on to win that one 31-17. phil: remember that production meet something we go in scene peyton immediately says you have to be daring to win these big games. he learned that of course -- it didn't surprise me. i was just mad he told us because now we can't go and say hey, look for all the stuff they're going to do and all that. once he told us, he had us. but bill parcells was a gambler too. people think of bill parcells
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like he liked three yards and a cloud of dust. i think back to when i played for him. he went for it on fourth down. we had fake plays, fake punts. we tried everything. the good thing is moe -- most of them worked. just like sean payton's onside kick in that super bowl turned that game around. jim: of course sean considers parcells to be his mentor. parcells mentoring peyton -- payton, who was on his staff. the falcons can't stop it again. phil: well, great job by drew brees tonight. i talked about it a few minutes ago but his numbers, 30-39. just the way he played and i'm sure just the way he led the team this week in practice, in preparation. jim: i think the shoulder is ok. what do you think? phil: oh, yeah. yeah.
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i thought he threw the ball well last week. he even looked better tonight. jim: so the falcons drop a game for the first time this year and the saints at 2-4 having already now played all the divisional opponents once. carolina has a trip out to seattle this weekend. phil: oh, but that's -- jim: coming off a bye. phil: an interesting game. carolina panthers, we saw it last year at the end of the year. cam newton, the offensive coordinator, everything came together and they've kind of continued it with their start so far this year. jim: gets it away and it goes
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out of bounds. phil: something the saints -- one little thought. they did miss some field goals tonight and in a league where three points is gold, that will be a major concern and talked about. in the next few days as they look over this game. jim: you saw the saints' coaching staff on the sideline. there'd been a lot of talk about hey, what's going on with rob ryan and sean peyton? rob ryan said hey, you guys keep blaming me, ok? fielding questions. because i know we're on the brink of breaking through. they take the ball right out of the hand of ryan. it was jordan who's had just a huge game who falls on it as well.
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and that will just bring us one snap to the end. phil: yeah, just another good play by the defense and just what you said. rob ryan, i talked to him yesterday and i couldn't get him to say anything negative about his players and i know he really believed it, that we're close, we're young. we can't do a lot because we have so many young players. jim: i tell you, one of the guys that's really led that defense for coach ryan, cameron jordan with his third sack, forcing a fumble, recovering it. the son of the six-time pro bowl tight end for the minnesota vikings. of years ago, steve jordan. and the saints did what they had to do. they had to come out here and treat it like everything they've worked for a whole year was on the line here tonight.
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cameron jordan. first-round pick back in 2011 out of cal. huge game. again, three sacks. mark ingram with a couple of touchdowns. freeman in an embrace there, a couple of touchdowns for the falcons. phil: you know, i'm not laughing at him but it just -- man, he's just so intense and -- jim: and these two, of course, you saw ingram and julio. they were part of a national
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championship team at alabama. quinn walking off after suffering his first loss as a head coach. let's go down to tracy. tracy: i'm here with drew brees and we saw the look of determination on your face pre-game and just the emotion after you scored some of those touchdowns with sean payton. how bad did you guys know you need this win for your season? >> every time out you want to win but obviously coming home after a disappointing loss last week, kind of the situation we've been in early on in this season. we needed a win like this against a very good goo good opponent. an undefeated falcons team. the team really came together and played great tonight in all three phase is. can't say enough about our deference. they got a bunch of takeaways. andrew: we were able to sustain drives, get points when we needed to. we left some out there still but it's something to build on.
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tracy: what can you say about ben watson and what he did tonight? >> that's my guy. probably one of the greatest teammates you could ever ask for. he's a phenomenal worker, a great leader. he's a great person, a great family man. everything you'd want in a teammate. i look up to him so much. he motivates me and inspires me every day. for him to have a night like tonight was fantastic. i wish i couch brought that ball down a little bit for him in the two-minute drill because he could have caught that ball and scored and that would have been even better. jim: we're -- we've heard that about ben watson whatever -- wherever he's been in league. here, cleveland. his father a minister. tremendous leader and thoughtful individual and tonight he put up some stats he'd never experienced before. drew brees, over 300 yards, a touchdown.
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>> welcome to "the mazda postgame show." rich: the saints get a touchdown pass from drew brees, two touchdown runs from mark ingram. a blocked punt for a touchdown and a sack forced fumble recovery on matt ryan to wrap up a much-needed 31-21 win to kick off week number six in new orleans over the once-undefeated atlanta falcons. my name is rich eisen, marshall
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faulk, steve mar yatcha, michael irvin. how do you see these things come something we certainly didn't. harry connick is calling out us out on twitter. brees, 300 yards pass. did his usual bang thing on the cal fons. steve: he's 14-5 against the falcons. michael: i sitted -- sat here watching this game. i started to mention it. i was there in 2006 when they returned back to the dome against that atlanta team. i was working with the other team. it was so impactful i mentioned it in my hall of fame speech in 2007 and that was the atmosphere they created in that dome again tonight. it started out just like that game and the crew hit it on the head.
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i was like wow. and they ended up winning. steve: they won the toss and didn't defer. they went right down the field and scored 80 yards. marshall: it's not even fair. we try to call ate rival game but drew brees has basically dominated the falcons in this so-called rivalry game and whether him and his team has been healthy or had bounce gait or whatever, they've found ways to beat the falcons, whether it's been in new orleans or atlanta. all of us felt it was a sure-fire win for the falcons but tonight, sean peyton and drew brees, they got it done. steve: i don't care how good you are, you can't turn the ball over, especially in the first half. you talked about the blocked punt for a touchdown. michael: and in this game, anybody can beat you at any given time. rich: the falcons now 0-1 in their own division. the n.f.c. south. jim, phil, take it away.
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jim: thank you, guys. we're gown town -- down to five undefeated teams as the atlanta falcons suffer their first loss of the season. a mistake-filled performance and that started early in the game. phil: it did. it just shows you how -- the falcons have been winning the way you win a lot of games. playing right at the right times. the turnoverses, not doing that running the football. protectering their team. protecting their defense but their offensive line also. we saw obvious passing situations here tonight, one of the weaknesses of the falcons. they have a hard time holding the defensive pass rush off the quarterback. jim: so the saints had lost six consecutive home games and last time out at home they beat dallas in overtime and win again tonight against atlanta and a really great crowd here tonight. they really got into this game. fumed by that blocked punt there in the first quarter that was recovered and taken in for a touchdown. phil: well, the saints did a
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great job of keeping their crowd into it. there were never any lulls. a little bit for a while but then the defense made a play, they'd cause a fumble. they were the aggressors tonight. jim: next thursday night we're going to be in santa clara for the 49ers' hosting of the seattle seahawks. not a lot of love when those two square off. phil: no, no, i think that's a big understatement and i think we've learned something here tonight. don't go oh, that's an automatic win for the seahawks. i think we're noticing right now, the nfl, from the first team to the 20th team, there's very little that separates a lot of these teams. jim: this weekend we'll be at lambeau field for green bay and san diego. coming up next, your local news, followed by "the late late show" with stephen colonel berp and
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james corden. only on cbs. that's a wrap for us here. for phil, tracy -- tracy, mike carey. jim nantz here from new orleans and thanks for watching "the mazda postgame show."
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>> cbs sports thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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♪ right now on "eyewitness news", ordered to shut down the state that's forcing fantasy sports web sites to go dark as federal investigation into the league heats up. from the football field to the pill lat tee studio some of your favorite eagles players are working out to a different routine. see how you too can work out like a pro. >> but first, a brazen crime in the heart of philadelphia's rittenhouse neighborhood much police say the thieves drilled their way into a jewelry store and cleaned out a safe. good evening, i'm ukee washington. >> i'm jessica dean. it sounds like it's straight out of a hollywood script. jewelry store heist pulled off while everyone was sleeping. it happen at the timed and gold story on south 19th street. diana rocco has more. it's a crime fit for tv or the movies. thieves drilled through walls no break into a jewelry store safe. >> oh, my god, i just -- oh, my
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god. first time i didn't realize -- >> the jewelry um-hmm. >> it left store owners in disbelief. the july well thieves broke into this store two doors down from time and gold jewelers on south 19th street in center city and drilled straight through the dry cleaners next door into the jewelers sometime overnight emptying their safe. the cleaners opened up thursday when she thought she had been robbed. >> they just mess up the system, the cash drawer. >> bathroom wall was opening to the big next door and her cash drawer and computer broken into. she's now left with repairs but it wasn't until police responded around 10:00 o'clock thursday morning she found out the jewelry store safe on the other side of her wall was emptied. >> my store messed up but compared to their store it's..
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it' >> you're okay. >> i'm okay. >> police are not saying exactly how much was taken from the safe but the owner does tell us it was a very big loss for him. this is all still under investigation. in center city, i'm diana rocco cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> murder and obsession. police charge a suspect in the death of a delaware doctor after a chilling confession. authorities say the 21-year-old suspect planned that alleged crime. our natasha brown has the disturbing details. >> his intention was to commit homicide. >> reporter: three year obsession that minute 98ed in murder. that's how news sell castle police describe christopher frick's alleged action. he's charged with the murder of 55-year-old caroline e-con. the victim's daughter discovered her mothers body in company hose sin delaware just before 4:00 a.m. wednesday. >> frick entered the residence and confront the victim a physical a


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