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tv   Eyewitness News at 7  CBS  November 1, 2015 7:00am-8:01am EST

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life-saving procedures women rely on. chris brown and will pauls: a risk that women in atlantic county can't afford. >> /couldn't be prouder of them. as i told them there is was a great moment for us to finds out how good we are. everything we want to get done is in front every us. >> a heart breaking lost for temple, as they come so close to beating notre dame. we'll have a look at last night's game. also how the team feels going into the last few games of the season. we're proud of them, that's for sure. plus, one woman has been found dead, after a three alarm apartment fire in plymouth meeting. the number of families impacted and why fire fight verse such is a big problem extinguishing the flames. >> and trick-or-treating, turned deadly, in new york. a car jumps the curb and
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barrels into the crowd, we'll tell you how eyewitnesses describe what happened. >> today is sunday, november 1st, good morning to you, so glad into you're with us, kyla standing by with more on the forecast today, then also, into the week. >> some like it hot. and if you like it hot. >> so get little shoulder shimmy when you start talking about 70s in november. >> it will make anybody dance, right? >> exactly. >> only this week, because we know once they're gone, they're gone. would will enjoy it while it lasts. >> today, not going see 70s, but we are going to warm up in to the mid to upper 60s, which will be quite nice start today. compared to the cooler temperatures we've seen. we have had few sprinkles, out there, slightly soggy start, we will see clouds mostly today, warmer temperatures, high of 67. taking live look at the neighborhood network, this is kutztown, where you can see, just little keel, about 48 degrees. the sun trying to peak through the clouds kind of hanging on right now. looking across the region, 45
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mount pocono, 52 lancaster, about 58 down in atlantic city. this is live look at storm scan3, so you can see just few little sprinkles, and they're mostly breaking up before they make it to philadelphia, but north or south of the city you could be seeing little bit of that. for most of us, it is just the start of cloudy run today. high of 67 down the shore, see high of 68. the poconos, 06 degrees for you today. but we do need to talk about these temperatures, because, while the average is 61 degrees, this time of year, you can see, we head into tuesday, big difference, very warm run of 70s, coming our way, i'll have that coming up for you in your seven day forecast, i feel tropical already, nicole. >> kyla, thank you. >> well, switching gears right now, tough morning for temple football fans today. the owls didn't get the outcome they were hoping for in last night's game against notre dame. in fact, the cherry and white fell short before a packed house at lincoln financial field in south philadelphia. the final score here notre dame 24, temple 20. leslie van van asker has for on
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last night's game. >> well the terrible l owls have nothing to be ashamed of. they played great game. it just fell short and coach matt rule couldn't be more proud. >> i told them great moment for us to find out how good we r everything we want to get done is in front of us. we have four games left. no matter where we go, no matter what is in front every us, we have to play the way we did tonight and just make one more play. >> we believe we can play with anybody in the country you know, great thing that we took a lost, but like i said before we have got to get back, correct our mistakes, get back. >> and the players were blown away by the support in the stands. >> it was great. you know, we had a lot, a lot of fans. they stuck with us the whole game. it was awesome. >> how great was that crowd? that was a temple crowd. notre dame did great job, i was fired up, man. you turn that on, all across the country, you see great temple crowd. you see great game, great football game. i didn't want to lose but i'm
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glad it was a great football game. >> this was college football at its best, the players can hold their heads very high. reporting from lincoln financial field, leslie van arsdale, eyewitness sports. >> ya, certainly proud every them, of course reaction, from temple nation, ranking this morning, from pride in a fight well fought to frustration, not getting the job done when it counted. >> fans had no problems expressing it, take a look. >> i thought we were going to win, yes, thought they would win it for us but they didn't. i was upset. everyone freaking out. they were freaking out. >> i felt temple played well. and they just came up little bit short. but they're going to be a good program coming up. i think they played really well. >> for sure. fans say this game was the type of exposure the school really needed and many said that even with the loss the university and it athletics program will ultimately benefit in the longrun. more on the game coming up next in sport. >> well, fire officials are trying to figure out what caused a deadly apartment fire in plymouth meeting over a
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dozen families are now displaced. cherri gregg from our sister station, "kyw news radio", 1060, liver on the scene for us with details. >> reporter: good morning, nicole. yes, the montgomery county coroner's offers has reported to us that at least one woman died in this fire, and now, the district attorney's office here in montgomery county also investigating. and all of this is going on, as residents, some of whom lived in these burned out apartment are returning to see the damage in the light every day. as you can see being some of them were here earlier talking about how they're going to salvage their belongings, and waiting on the word to when they can at least begin to look through some of the debris. now, take a look at the video. the fire started around 10:30 last night in building d of this five building complex. and quickly escalated to three alarms within an hour. flames burned through more than dozen ants, causing billowing smoke, and the flames went up several feet causing heavy damage to the
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roof and other areas of the building. now, fire officials used ladders to get water on top of the flames. evacuating residents, and even some pets. we have been told that one woman had been stuck on her balcony now fire chief kevin laurence said that the sprinkler system was not working properly. >> we did have hydrant right out front that evidently got hit with a vehicle or something, so that had -- put that out of commission tonightly. lines running so far down the street, so water was little issue in the beginning getting it set up. >> now, as i mentioned, the resident of this neighborhood are beginning to wake up and take a look at some of the damage here. and as i mentioned, the red cross is also assisting the families who had been evacuated and on the district attorney's office is getting involved, and the montgomery county coroner's office is report that one woman has died in this blaze. live in plymouth meeting, cherri gregg, "kyw news
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radio", for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> so unfortunate, cherri gregg, thanks for the update. >> this morning philadelphia police are investigating a deadly shooting in the city's hunting park section. this happened along the 4200 block of north 17th street. police say that victim suffered a fatal gunshot wound to his back side and the suspect is still at large. >> a shooting in winston, salem state university leaves one person dead and another person injured. police say both victims are believed to be student. the incident happened early this morning. the university was put on lock-down, and tweet sent out asking student to shelter in place indoors. school gave the all clear. gunman not believed a current student. >> night of halloween trick-or-treating ends deadly whether car jumps the curb in the bronx. eyewitnesses say they heard screams of terror, as that car barrelled into the crowd, killing three people, including a ten year old girl and injuring four other. >> that store. >> i we heard the boom, boom, boom. cars hitting each other, the
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car flying, and then we were hearing screams. >> witnesses say the black dodge charger rams the car in front of it on morris park avenue, near boeing guard, then land. over the sidewalk, through a fence, and slams into a wall, it was around 5:00 p.m., and police say, most of the victims were out trick-or-treating. >> i saw the car come up into the air, fly into the air, horrible, man. another crushed under. >> some were under the vehicle, there was considerable damage to their bodies. >> three are dead, a 65 year old man who was on the sidewalk, was crushed, and witnesses said he died instantly. ten year old girl died short time later in jacobi hospital. as did a 24 year old man. four are hospitalized, the 52 year old man who was driving the black car along with 21 year old woman, and two girls, ages three, and nine. neighbor, fabio katsa grabbed one of. >> i am grabbed a bunch of towels, ran outside, she was hardly breathing. i put the towel on top of her
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to keep her warm. >> survivors two girls, 21 year old woman, 63 year old driver who police sources say may have suffered seizure in the moments leading up to the deadly crash. in the bronx, dave carolyn, cbs news. >> overseas right now, fighters attack a hotel in the so many alley captain to go of mogadishu, ten injured, attack started at dawn when suicide bomber detonate add vehicle laid win explosives at the gate after hotel. then gunmen on foot shot at people inside the hotel. islamic extremist rebels claim responsible for that attack. >> investigators are searching for the cause of the russian plane crash in egypt. the metro jet crashed shortly after take off yesterday killing 224 people on board including 25 children. the wife of the co-pilot said her husband complains about the plane's condition. isis is now claiming responsibility for that crash, but both russia and egypt deny it. allen pizzi has the details. >> the airliner came down in
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remote area of the rugged peninsula, and the military had to use helicopters to reach t the wreckage made it clear there could be no survivors. dozens of ambulances brought bodies, many of them reportedly burned, to morgue in cairo. the remains were flown home to st. petersberg. distraut friends and relatives have gathered at the airport there, showed photos and selfies sent bypass inning ers from their holiday inn resort town t among them, ten month old dorina, the youngest passenger on the plane. egyptian aviation official said the plane blast cruising at 31,000 feet when the pilot radioed he was having tech dag difficulties, and wanted to make an emergency landing at the nearest airport. and then contact was lost. flight trackers indicate that 23 minutes after take off, the a321 airbus was moving at a speed of 400 knotts. it suddenly dropped to 28,000 feet, and was dramatic sudden necessary slowed to speed of 93 knotts, barely 100 miles an hour.
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egyptian authorities said they had recovered both black box flight record earls. moscow based operator said the aircraft was manufactured in 1997 and had logged some 56,000 flight hours, almost 21,000 journeys. the captain had 12,000 hours flying experience, nearly 4,000 of them in ap21's. >> the russian tv station quoted the daughter of the co-pilot as saying that she spoke to her father before the flight out, and that he quote complained that the technical condition of the aircraft left much to be desired. and affiliate of the islamic state which operates in the sinai claimed responsibility for the crash. in revenge for russian air strikes against millitant, in syria. but aviation experts were quoted as saying the group does not have surface to air missiles capable of doing it. although, they could not discount the possibility after missile hitting the plane if it descended for an emergency landing or if a bomb on board. lufthansa, air france, say they'll not be flying over
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until the cause of the crash has been verified. russian, german, french and egyptian aviation experts, will take part in the investigation, and the us has also offered to help. allen pizzi, cbs news, cairo. >> meanwhile, the s navy plans to send remotely operated craft underwater today, to investigate what's believed to be the missing cargo ship el faro. it was located about 15,000 feet underwater, using so in a technology. el faro went missing october 1st near the bahamas in hurricane joaquin. the crew members died on board. they say the wreckage consistent with 790-foot cargo ship and from sonar images appears to be in a up-right position and all in one piece. >> it is 7:12 right now. still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", there is a way to cut your car sheerness premiums in half. maybe even more. "3 on your side"'s jim donovan shows you how you can save big money. >> and, it is the peak time to check out the fall foliage here in our area. it is just beautiful.
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isn't it? meisha johnson is taking us on dream drive to some of the best leaf peeping spots in bucks county. plus, today might not be a bad day for a drive. we're starting out with a little clouds, and maybe some showers, but we are getting into some really nice temperatures today. kyla is going have a check on the forecast, some very warm weather, coming this week. stay with us.
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(trick-or-treaters look at that told to take extreme caution in houston, texas
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after some dangerous flooding there. up to 8 inches every rain was dumped in the area, flooding creeks and bouey's, at least five people have died because of the flood that began with rain in the us a at any and san antonio areas friday, then of course moved east into houston. and you can see, i mean, dealing with a lot of watt their. cars submerged. >> it makes you realize how lucky we are such decent wet for halloween, little chilly out there. >> nice and dry. >> and for the asked, kinds of all you need. >> for the costumes, he can actually, fun watching everybody, when i was getting ready to to go sleep, everybody getting ready to go trick-or-treating. >> adorable. >> it was. today warmer today, though, not going have the chill in the air that we've had the past couple of days, and we've got even warmer still after that. >> i'm hearing about a string of 70s. >> little bit of 70s coming. >> yes. >> excited about the 70s. >> okay, let's talk about where we are today. which is that we're starting offer cloudy. taking live look at the ben franklin bridge. this is our campbell's field camera. so looking across the river, right into center city. it is a little cloudy, so the
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sun is having tough time. you see trying to break through, little bit after tough time getting going this morning, we will get better going throughout our evening. if we take live look at storm scan3, you can see, even have few sprinkles out there, for some us, a lot of it falling apart before it makes it to philadelphia. but if you're north of the city, south of the city, could you see few sprinkles. they won't last long. it will head on out of here. so, today, few morning sprinkle, warming up today, to those mid to upper 60s, and we do have storm system monday to be concerned about, but looks like it is staying to the south. so i think it will just give us clouds, again, have pretty nice day temperature wise. future weather, what i am talking about here, so we will see the sprinkles move out. as we get into the afternoon, even start to get some clearing, as we go through todd. that's 4:00. remember the sunsets at 4:58 tonight. that's the trade-off of the sun rising little earlier this morning, but, by 8:00 a.m. monday, we have got cloudy skies, there is the system, that i am keeping an eye on to the south of us. in our viewing area again, i think we will stay dry, but heading point south be
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prepared for few showers monday morning, starts to clear out getting into the afternoon, sets us up for lovely monday afternoon, right into tuesday, and boy that's when the temperatures really get going. we get to that in just a moment. current temperatures, 56 degrees, right now, in philadelphia, 52 in reading, 44 up at mount pocono, little cooler there. and about 58 down in atlantic city. in fact, we go down the shore, shall we? take a look at the temperatures, 59 cape may, already, 606 degrees in ocean city so you can feel the difference, today, compared to yesterday. just much warmer morning. wind not bad. it is out of the south. you can see in dover about 10 miles per hour, 8 miles per hour in philadelphia, and little bit every gusty moment happening down in wildwood there little higher. hour by hour, shows you clouds will stick with us today for the most part. get some breaks of sun, in there, i think particularly as we get late near the afternoon, but the temperatures are nice and mild. and above average for this time of year. but we're going even higher than that. this is our temperature outlook. look at the entire eastern third of the country, this week, expected to be much above average, once we hit
7:19 am
tuesday, looking at 70s, so the jet stream, is moving to the north, you can see, by monday here, that lighter orange showing that you we're still in the mid 60s, by the time we get to tuesday, here comes the red color, that jet stream moving little further north, and that means the 70s are here with us, and they stick with us, until saturday, that's when it will start to move little further south, get cool air moving n boy oh, boy, talk about above average run. yesterday we had 50's, today looking out for 60s, same story monday, then 70s tuesday into wednesday, when the average high is just 61. and unless you think we have any business with these seven's, let's review what november usually looks like, folks. we should be low 60s, then headed down by the ends of november to a 50 degrees average high. so today, we will be nice and warm, 67 degrees, a.m. sprinkles will be out of here, clouds will stick with us, few breaks of sun moving n tonight mild, your low, a 1 degrees. not bad. clearing skies. we look at the seven day forecast, it is stellar. check it out. tuesday here comes the sun. it is to sticks with us, wednesday, thursday, 70s,
7:20 am
beautiful, right into friday. nicole? >> oh, all right. well, it is now seven, let's see, 20, 7:20. traffic moving out there. with more on, that hey, ann. >> hello, nicole. thank you, yes, we have our time right today. it is easy to get confused. looking at the talcony palmyra bridge which is still closed, it was actually a big boat just passed through, big ship, rather, just passed under it. but we miss that shot. it was okay. it went very fast. talcony palmyra bridge about to reopen again. at this point still close in the both directions, now, onto another bridge, the ben franklin bridge, which is open now, but soon it will close, it will close by 7:45 a.m. it will reopen at 9:30 a.m. for the cooper norcross run the bridge. but right now, it is open for business. but not for long. so, if you plan to take this bridge, you are going have to take the walt whitman bridge instead. and here go. here is a picture of the walt whitman bridge. this is i95, at broad, at the walt whitman bridge, right at the top of your screen there. to the left, and that will be the bridge that you will take from 7:45 on this morning.
7:21 am
but i-95, and the walt whitman bridge both in good shape today. with no delays or problems. and that is the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans, nicole, back to you. >> ann, thank you. women, it is big time for fall foliage. beautiful viewing spots right here in our region, very close to home. we call them dream drives. our meisha johnson checks them out. >> ♪ >> this time, bucks county, beckons us. just south of new hope, we're taking river road south to washington crossing. turning onto route 532, to drive into newtown. >> on river road, and it is gorgeous, right here. >> it is just breathtaking, when you drive, get out of the city, into the country. >> we're following the signs to bowman hill tower. >> so here we go. and we are going what feels like almost vertical. these roads are very very narrow. and here we are.
7:22 am
>> hi, meisha, a welcome to washington historic park. >> thank you so much. oh, it is beautiful here. >> bowman's hill tower, complete in the 1930, approximately 115 feet tall. it was built to commemorate the sacrifice and to honor those early revolutionary war soldiers and general washington. >> pay $6, get elevator ride up most of the way, then walk up 23 tight winding stairs. >> holy moly! >> you have beautiful 15-mile view. and there is nothing else like this in eastern pennsylvania. >> here you have view of the soldiers grave. the thompson kneel i house was the field hospital. >> does anyone ever talk about seeing any spirits or anything? >> we always have the folks that say oh, is the tower haunted, people say oh, i felt something, or i think i've seen something, but we don't know. never know. >> we're on heading to newtown, and i heard rumor has it that there is a great chocolate shop there.
7:23 am
>> ♪ >> oh, it is so cute. okay, so, here we are, in newtown chocolate ear, and the first thing that i'm struck with is the aroma, it is absolutely delicious. >> the pretzels, number one, believe it or not. >> number one seller. >> people love pretzels, chocolate covered press sells. >> where are you making this. >> on the other side of the wall there. we're going to make a gnash, french chocolate. first thing we do is add the cream. this is corn syrup. or glucose. there you go. perfect. >> all melt in your mouth good. >> we are driving to tyler state park. and we are going to play disc golf. perhaps the first time i've ever heard of that. >> all right, well, this is disc golf. every shot that you throw is
7:24 am
considered a stroke. just like ball golf. compared to golf, it is so much cheaper, it is quicker, it is easier, not as frustrating. >> all right! >> there you go. that's better. >> oh! >> keep it simple. step back a couple. hey! >> can't believe i made that one. >> now, now, you might be intimidated. >> ya! that's right, baby. all right, meisha, little swagger there. cup hear that? that was awesome. still ahead on "eyewitness news", there is a way to drastically reduce your car insurance premiums. we'll tell you how you can save big money. plus: it is the latest healthy water trends, it comes straight from a tree. why this new beverage is pushing out the popular coconut water. we'll have more stories like this coming up next.
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>> maybe you bike to work or take the train to work. it means that you are probably not using your car very much. so, per mile insurance will save awe lot of money when you are not using your car. >> metro mile is a pioneer of what it calls pay per mile auto insurance. offering low mileage drivers a cost-saving alternative. >> the best customer for metro mile somebody who drivers under 10,000 miles a year. >> so how does it work? customer's monthly bill broken down into two parts. the first part is a flat base rate. which is determined by a number of factors, including, how many years you have been driving, the kind of vehicle you have, and your accident history. this second part of the bill is a per mile rate. where you pay few cents for each mile driven. in adam's case? >> right now i am paying like $35 a month, and 7 cents a mile after that. >> since adam only drives about 60 miles a month, his mileage charge is less than five bucks. after switching to metro mile, his total insurance bill each month, with liability and collision, dropped from $130
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to around 40. >> very affordable. >> wireless device called a pulls plugs into port under his dashboard. it doesn't transmit information about how he drives, but does track the miles driven. >> so in effect you pay for what you use. >> mileage data, and data about the car, can be accessed on line or -- >> mis-information is also on the app on your phone too. >> but simply put, it is the price that's grabbing attention. after all? >> if i'm saving money (not spread the snored. >> pennsylvania's the sixth state where metro mile is being offered, but they're expanding with the goal of adding new jersey by the end of the year. no word on delaware just yet. i post add link with more information for you on then on my facebook and twitter feeds. reporting for three on your side, i'm jim donovan. >> all right, well, still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", it was a heart breaking lost for our owls, a look at the extremely close game against notre dame, and how the fans are responding. cherri gregg? >> reporter: yes, three alarm
7:30 am
fire here at this apartment complex, in plymouth meeting claims one life now the d.a.'s office is investigating. i'll have more coming up. >> and good morning, i'm keeping an eye on the weather for this morning, we've got few sprinkles out there, but big warm up on the way. details when we come back. stay with us, "eyewitness news" is coming right back. for the girl scout meeting... okay. for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! giant just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane. my giant.
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because it works for our patients. here, at cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia, we give our patients the freedom to make appointments that fit their schedules, even on weekends. because we believe in being here when our patients need us, so they can keep living their busy lives. weekend appointments are now available here. learn more at
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>> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". today is sunday, november 1st, good morning to you, so glad you're with us. i'm nicole brewer. 7:33, right now we send it out to the skydeck. kyla, who has some good news, if you like it hot, kyla, good morning. >> definitely, good morning to you. now, the first first thing you notice, i don't have big coat on out here. that should tell you the temperatures are bit warmer today, and it will be pretty nice, we will see some of the mid to upper 60s as we go throughout our day. starting just touch soggy, few sprinkles, out there, those will start to work their way out, going through the afternoon, we will be cloudy most of today. is some breaks every sunday shine in there. we have streak of 70s, coming our way, can you believe it? they start on tuesday. currently though 56 degrees as we take live look at center city, winds out of the southwest at about 8 miles per hour, not bad out here, not bad at all. live look at storm scan3, shows you the sprinkles that i am talking about, most of them falling apart before they make
7:34 am
it to philadelphia, points north and south certainly seeing light showers throughout the morning this morning. those will head on out of here. we will see high of about 67 degrees, 68 in you're down the shore, and poconos, about 60 degrees today. but none of us will be able to kick the clouds completely until we get later into the evening. the average this time of year about 61, but as you can see, as we head into this work week, we are going to soar, yes, we are, and see run of 70s four days long, starting on tuesday, and there is a lot of sunshine coming with it, too, i'll get into all of those details coming up in your seven day forecast, for now we head back to the studio with nicole. >> thank you, battle well fought. but the temple owls just couldn't get the win they were looking for in south philadelphia last night. the owls suffered a disappointing lost to notre dame's fighting irishment temple, notre dame, exchanging the lead throughout the game, but in the end, a touchdown, by notre dame's sealed the owls fate. final score, 24 to 20. and even with a tough loss like this, temple fans tried to stay optimistic.
7:35 am
well, i am not real a football fan. i don't really watch football. but i got so into this game because it was so close works have made so much history. >> game between the two nationally ranked teams saw it fair share of pre-game hype. espn college game day program featured the match up and broadcast live from independence mall. we'll hear much more from temple coach matt rule coming up later in sports. >> police are investigating a deadly fire in plymouth meeting, fire ripped through the plymouth rock amounts, killing one woman, and damaging several apartment. cherri gregg from our sister station "kyw news radio" 1006 is live for us on the scene with more, cherri gregg? >> reporter: good morning, nicole. yes, the montgomery county coroner has confirmed that one woman died in this fire that happened last night. and as you can see, the many of the residents who live here, and live nearby have, been coming through looking at the damage, the extensive damage, caused by the blaze. and they are looking at that time in the light of day. now, the fire displaced 30 residents and damaged 19
7:36 am
apartments. here at the plymouth rock and the on sandy mill road. take a look at the video that we have. the fire started around 10:30 last night, and building d of this five building complex, and quickly escalated to three alarms within an hour, flames rose several feet high. they have burned through more than dozen apartment, and caused heavy damage to the roof and other areas of the building. firefighters used lad tears get their hoses up high enough to get water on top of the flames. evacuating the resident, even some pets, and we've been told that that one woman was stuck in her apartment. now, chief kevin laurence said that the sprinklers were not working properly, and there was a damaged hydrant. which caused some challenge in controlling the blaze, but luckily, most of the residents heard the smoke alarms, and quickly got out. >> i was scared. not so good. everybody -- some people, furniture, property is
7:37 am
damaged, and everybody -- some people are really, really sad, upset. >> now, at least one resident we spoke to had said that that there had been some maintenance i shall news this apartment complex in the past. and as i mentioned, 30 people evacuated, 19 apartments damaged, red cross is assisting those families, that had been displaced. as fire officials investigate what caused this blaze, and d.a.'s office is investigating it, as women. and again, one woman died in this fire. live in plymouth meeting, cherri gregg, "kyw news radio" for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". all right, thanks for the update, cherry. >> mean wheel, rutgers university student sent charged with stabbing two people in a dormatory. this happened on the college avenue campus in new brunswick friday evening. police say 18 year old daniel attacked a student and visitor during argument in the lobby of midler hall. faces attempted murder and other charges. the violence comes ahead of president obama's visit to
7:38 am
rutgers newark campus tomorrow. in west philadelphia, a trap east artist was injured when he fell 30 feet in the crowd during a performance at the universal circus. it happened near the mann music center at 52nd and parkside last night. circus officials say the 19 year old suffered lower bang injury, and is expected to make a full recovery. no one in the crowd was injured. so that's good news. the cause is still being investigated. well, a big time nfl player is lead ago class action lawsuit against daily fantasy giant fan dual. washington wide receiver, pierre garrison, filed that suit friday in a maryland court t alleges that fan dual is profiting off of player likenesses without compensation. the suit is on behalf of all nfl players who appeared on nfl poster since 2013. now, fan dual has responds dollars to the lawsuit in a statement reading in part: we believe this suit is without merit. there is established law that fantasy operators may use player names and statistics for fantasy contests. now, rival daily fantasy
7:39 am
sigh draft kings already has an agreement with the nfl players association. all right, women, "eyewitness news" cameras captured the remaining section of the surveillance blimp being carried away by helicopter. you may remember the story from couple of days ago, crashed in northeastern pennsylvania wednesday. crews pulled the blimp out of the trees, officials still don't know thousand broke free from the maryland military facility. its tether did cause widespread damage. and at this point, anyone with a claim is asked to contact the army. >> well, team of rescuers has managed to free hump back while entangled in hundreds of feet of fishing line off the coast of southern california. thirty-five to 50-foot whale was spotted on friday. after working for several hours yesterday, crews were able to cut away about 100 feet of rope and buoy's, possibly from lobster trap. the whale still had some line in its mouth, but doesn't appear to be in distress, and is expected to be okay.
7:40 am
>> former florida governor jeb bush, trying to muster some support. bush was among ten presidential candidates to appear at the eiffel republican party's growth and opportunity forum, in des moines yesterday. the former florida governor had been seen as a potential frontrunner early on, but really failed to catch fire as a candidate. his debate performance last week was considered by many to be weak. bush acknowledged yesterday that he needs to improve his debating skills. well, democratic presidential candidate, hillary clinton, continues racking up the big-time endorsement, international longshoreman's association said its endorsing clinton for president. more than 06,000 members comprise the labor union nationwide. this is one of the several major union endorsements the former secretary every state has received in just the last couple of weeks. it is a trends that many say is a blow to closest rival, senator bernie sanders, of vermont. >> one of my oponents touts the fact that she has a lot of
7:41 am
establishment support in governors and senators and mayors, and that's true. a lot more than we have. but on the other hand, we have more people who have made individual campaign contributions at this point in a campaign than any other candidate in american history. >> senator sanders took a little break from the campaign trail to get into the halloween spirit. take a look. the democratic presidential candidate actually went trick-or-treating the grandchildren, in new hampshire saturday, following that speech. sanders spent about 20 minutes trick-or-treating. that's awesome. >> well, hey, just in time for halloween, spooky object passing by the earth. here is new animation of it. take a look. casino of looks like a skull if you kind of see it swirling around there. nasa says, it is actually a dead comet. they've named it spooky, the agency table capture some animation of spooky, all thanks to observatory in the can airy islands. scientists say they really can't explain its erie resemblance to a human face.
7:42 am
guess that's why they call it spooky. >> all right, still to come this morning on "eyewitness news", there is a new health beverage on the market that is boasting all kinds of health benefit. okay? we'll tell you why maple isn't just for your pancakes any more. plus: get ready for some warm temperatures this week. kyla has a check on the forecast when we come back.
7:43 am
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>> the latest healthy water to come out of the shelves comes out after tree. maple zap, actually clearwater i liquid it, can be boiled down to make sticky syrup. but hands full of companies are now trying to tap in to a new market. and sell it as healthy water. >> we bottle that sap as it comes out of the tree. >> launched vertical water last year, and it is now in three styles and stores. >> consumers are really looking for natural foods and beverages. and maple water is a naturally occurring single ingredient beverage with nothing added or taken away. >> bottle costs almost $3. the makers say it is full of nutrients like iron, magnesium, but no scientific evidence it is any better for you than plane h20. >> if you want to try maple water, see how it tastes, that's fine. but if you're using this as
7:46 am
your main source of hydration, you're likely wasting your monday. >> i maple tree gives the watt area very slight sweetness, and is 15 calories a serving. >> like the hint of i guess maple i guess. >> doesn't taste that bad. >> there is also the sugar factor, one serving of may he will water contains three, 4 grams of sugar, and in terms of may he will trees, makers say tapping for the sap does not hurt the trees, it is the same process used to make maple syrup. i'm stephanie stahl, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". i do like some maple syrup. interesting. all right, good morning to those of you, my eyewitness weather watchers this morning, waking up a lot warmer than we were yesterday. no doubt about it, let's look at couple of observations this is john, 51 degrees in perkasie, notice he has the clouds out there, a lot of people seeing cloudy start this morning. 54 degrees, we have little further east, where margo is, in buena vista township, and she says mild with a side of clouds.
7:47 am
it is mild. you notice that when you walk out the door. it is just much kind of easier type after day today. one more, let's look at this, it is 53 degrees, 53 degrees where sally is, in wilmington, again, cloudy skies, little sun trying to peak through there. and i think we will get few breaks of sun going throughout the day today. this morning pretty socked in. let's take live look if we can right now at center city. you see those clouds, they're in play, no doubt about it, but i have to tell you, it is so nice to walk outside and feel these warmer temperatures, i think you'll be okay with the clouds. few sprinkles out there for some people too this morning. but those will be moving out rather quickly, haven't really seen any in center city. now, you notice the sun came up earlier this morning, because of our daylight saving time. well, that means that it is going down earlier tonight. so this is a start of it, folks. 4:58 p.m. that will be your sunset for this evening. so just keep that in mind if you have plans to be out and about. live look at storm scan3, shows you, most of this is falling apart before it makes it to philadelphia. notice, we do have few
7:48 am
sprinkles tracking toward us. so, i don't know that you will need the bella, hood would be good idea if you're out early today. we start warming up. see high of about 67 degrees, by monday, another storm system in play. but this one will stay to the south. it will get some clouds going for us, as we start our work week, but looking out for mid 60s, future weather thousand all plays out. here we are this morning, few sprinkle moving out, clearing skies moving, in that's about 4:00 p.m. this afternoon. overnight, notice, that system staying to our south. now, it is getting awfully close. we will get some clouds from this, mostly stay dry. but certainly, if you're in the southern portion of our viewing area, you could see few sprinkles, be mindful of. that will clears out by monday evening, looking at nice clear skies, that sets us up for pretty nice tuscon tap. currently right now 56 degrees. in philadelphia, 52 in reading, about 44 in mount pocono, little warmer down the shore 58 degrees in atlantic city. in fact, check out ocean city already up to the 60 degrees mark this morning. the winds is not bad. it is a south you arely flow,
7:49 am
little breezy down in wildwood there at 13 miles per hour, but really more mild here in philadelphia, about 8 miles per hour. so we go throughout the day today. looking pretty good. clouds stick with us, get few breaks in, there i think later in the afternoon being likely in the 3:00, 4:00 time frame. but the temperatures, hey, it is nice. above average, and in fact, we will go well above average as we head tuesday, through friday. you can see the temperature outlook, not just us here in philadelphia. look at the entire eastern seaboard, expecting to be much above average. so the jet stream on the move. with what that means it lets some of the warm air in. here is monday, we've got the mid to upper 60s, then we get into tuesday, here comes the 70s. notice the red color starting to move up. that will means, the jet stream going up there. and we are warming up. as we get into saturday, we start to cool down again. but, we are going to see above average temperatures, no doubt about it, when the average high is just 61 degrees. so today, high of just 67. not bad. still above average. cloudy skies tonight, low of 51. and look at your seven day forecast, you got to check it out. 70s starting tuesday,
7:50 am
sunshine, right through friday. nicole? >> kyla, thank you. let's check in on the roads now with ann evans in the cbs-3 traffic center. ann? >> nicole, the ben franklin bridge, the star of the traffic show today, it is in the process every being closed down, for the norcross run. the cooper norcross run, the bridge, right now, it is still open to just couple of cars, but you can see runners on the side there. it is to soon will be closed closed until about 9:30 this morning, so you will want to take the walt whitman bridge instead as your alternate. now, another closure here on the ben franklin parkway this morning, the inner drive is closed, it is closed for the run and walk for hope. other than that, everything is open. the outer drives open on the parkway, just inner drive closed. that's the latest from the cbs-3 traffic center. i'm ann evans, nicole, back to you. >> ann, thanks for the update. we'll take a short break. we'll be right back.
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get out of the past. get fios. >> owls this close to proving t temple taking on ninth ranked notre dame. owls looking for the first win over top ten team in school history. 69,000 in the stands at the linc. that's a school record, pick it up in the first quarter, no score, desean kaiser finding his way, 4-yard touchdown run. seven-nothing, notre dame. second quarter owls down by four. pj walker to brandon shipping over the middle. good for the score.
7:54 am
until the owls on the board. and up ten to seven. but back come kaiser. you give them an inch, he'll take 79 yards. all the way to the house. fourteen to ten in favor of notre dame. now in the fourth quarter, owls trailing 17 to ten. jihad thomas, nice move right there. fighting through chest injury, and gives the owls a huge score. and then, how about this? a field goal from austin jones, later in the quarter. and temple, regains a lead. the fighting irish come right back. kaiser standing, delivering, to will fuller. he is a local guy is fuller. went to roman catholic high school. breaking hearts all over the region. and so notre dame now leads 24 to 20. last chance for the owls, pj walker, pick off, and temple first lost of the season, a heart breaker, 24 to 20.
7:55 am
>> notre dame is a great team. avenue lot of respect for them. i thought they made great, great plays, they made one more play than we made tonight a lot of things went against our guys tonight. they just kept battling, battling, battling. and even to the last play, i thought we had a chance to come back, win the game. couldn't be prouder of them. >> you know, we got a lot of guys doing whatever, you know what i mean, we got great guys. you know, awesome game tomorrow, on to the next one next week. >> sometimes it is not what you do, it is how you do it. pen straight had a six and two record, entering saturday. but none of their wins were all that impressive. nail biters don't inspire confidence. thorough beat downs, though, oh, those get it done. so, that enters saturday match up against illinois. look at them making a point. christian hacken-percent, in hey vale. first quarter, no score. firing the toss to chris. 6-yard score. penn state on top. later in the quarter hackenberg again, nice
7:56 am
comfortable pocket. find gino lewis. the junior quarterback with a 21 tore 29. 266 yards. twelve-nothing, nittany lions. third quarter it is halloween and so penn state decides to go with a trick, nick, throws it back to hackenberg, first quarterback to catch touchdown for a touchdown since michael rob sin inch, crush illinois 39 to nothing. james franklin, impressed with his qb. >> our guys pro, pro style pass, some guys are dual threat passers, then some guys hurt you in all three phases. and that's hack. he can hurt with you his legs. he can hurt you as a so much. he can hurt you as a passer. awesome. awesome. >> just awesome. let's head out to providence, where pen took on brown and ivy league action second quarter, up 14 to seven. alec, 134-yard score. next, quaker possession, again! complete to eric, 2 yards score. penn with a 48-28 victory.
7:57 am
on the road. out on the main line, villanova took on maine. no score the first, zach pass complete to aaron wells. watch, watch wells down the line. tosses defender out of the way. goes 64 yards, nova with 13 to three win. triple crown champion. american pharaoh won the $5 million breeders club classic by six and a half lengths in his final race before retirement. fans stood 20 deep all along the rail, cheering and snapping phone photos of the superstar horse. american pharaoh won nine of his 11 career starts, first sweep of the kentucky derby, preakness and belmont in 37 years. >> that does it for sports. all don bell have, a great day. >> all right, don, thanks. that's ooh it for "eyewitness news" at 7:00. here's what we have for you coming up at 8:00. live on the scene of faith al fire overnight at operate complex in plymouth meeting. we'll have the latest. also ahead, did you set your clocks back overnight?
7:58 am
did you remember to do that? kyla grogan is telling us how the weather is also falling back this weekend. stay with with cancer, early detection can mean life or death. so, when chris brown and will pauls would recklessly deny access to basic health services like mammograms and annual exams, it makes a real difference in women's lives. chris brown voted against funding for cancer screenings. and will pauls opposed funding for clinics that provide access to mammograms - life-saving procedures women rely on. chris brown and will pauls: a risk that women in atlantic county can't afford.
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> a raging fire in montgomery county overnight. ear we're following the latest. dozen out of their ants, several coast cues made, at least one person did not make it out alive. we're live on the scene coming up next. >> also, halloween tragedy, when out of control car hit the group of trick-or-treaters. at least three people are dead, and we'll hear from horrified witnesses, coming


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