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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  November 14, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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the back-up quarterbacks will get a few snaps, red shirt freshman. fitzgerald played in option offense in high school. but we talked to him about fitzgerald he has really bright future. >> verne: handoff. harris williams, no. 27. 4:05.
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fitzgerald to the 37 yard line. stay tune for the ram postgame show that's coming up after our game. we got 3:40 to go i doubt either team is going to want to stop the clock. >> gary: they got down in the red zone could not push it in. you think, we talked about it. alabama we figured they're going to score 24 to 35 points.
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mississippi state has not scored. i feel they wanted a score, they didn't get it. >> verne: brought down. galvin tomlinson. supposed to be another sack behind the line of scrimmage. see if they give them another sack. yes, they did. got across the line of scrimmage. it was not. time nor the napa play of the game. we're going to take you back to the first half and cyrus jones
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gathering this punt, breaking into the open, heading for the corner and he winds up scoring in 69 yards, that was one of a number of big plays put together by alabama enroute to this victory. fitzgerald. >> gary: long time, kirby smart's name starting to boil up everywhere around the country. can't learn any kirby two, shutouts basically ocean pitched the last two weeks. he stopped the run game then he stopped the wide open prescott pass game. can't do it any better than kirby smart is. >> verne: across the middle, incomplete no.
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flag. mylesfuls the intended receiver. >> gary: got chance to throw a couple of balls against alabama. test the waters out here. obviously dak gone from this team next year we'll be -- he'll be one of the guys fighting for that spot. >> verne: 31-6. when they get out here we fully expect knees to be taken. >> gary: i would think want to run the backups give damion harris a few chances. >> verne: which one of us played 13 years in the nfl? >> gary: i'm just saying. maybe now they will do it. he got back up offensive
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linemen. back up quarterback. he lost his running back. probably for the year. wants other guys to get a taste of action. i don't see anything wrong with that. thinking auburn now. dan mullen. streak against alabama will continue. next year they have to go to tuscaloosa. scar bow row. that will do it. 31-6. another dominating performance by nick saban, lane kiffen, kirby smart and guy named derrick henry. jake coker played his role
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tonight. the update have alabama at 6-1. lsu at home against arkansas later tonight. next week we'll see lsu at ole miss let's go down to allie who is with nick saban. >> coach, before the game you told me you needed your special teams, offense and defense to play well. your special teams scored, defense had nine sacks your offense was outstanding in that second half. >> we did a better job of executing in the second half. able to keep the ball a little bit, they threw for a lot of yards but we stopped them when we needed to on defense. it's tough with these guys especially with dak and his ability to run the ball. i'm pleased with the win, we didn't play our best game of the year but got lot to improve on. >> nine sacks best of the season how were you able to be so dominant? >> we thought that one place where we had a little advantage was against their offensive line. we needed to do it with four guys rushing they did fantastic
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job. >> whether you like it or not fans would like to know if the cut on your face if you're okay they were watching it. >> one of those pass rushers ran into me when i was running on the field on third down. he was bigger than me i just let it go. >> we'll have to find out which one he can run some extra sprints. >> thanks, coach, congratulations on the win. what an outstanding dominant performance by this defense how were you guys able to make such an impact in this game. >> i think it was practice, getting better each week, communication every time we step on the feed we executed well tonight. everybody did their job. we gave up plays but overall good performance. >> this team just continues to get better each week how are you able to do that? >> like i said just in practice. our coaches stay on us. does not tolerate mediocrity. play our standard on the field. we put on good performance tonight. >> your punt return for the touchdown got things going, take us through it. >> it was -- we caught a block,
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i saw they were blocked i just tried to make a play just like any time i do on punt returns, just great job by the whole unit. >> good enough to win a national championship? >> i think as long as we keep it going, the sky's the limit for us. >> congratulations on the win. >> appreciate it. >> gary: i thought it was going to be a close game, i really did. mississippi state when they weren't able to score getting those haymakers the way they got them. the way alabama scored shocked mississippi state they could never recover. >> verne: reuben foster helped celebrate. alabama one blemish fob the season. for gary danielson and allie
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laforce i'm verne lundquist so long from starkville with the final score alabama 31, mississippi state 6. the rams postgame show up next after these messages and a word from your local station. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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as coming up on the rams postgame show we'll fell you about a lot of close calls in the top ten where everyone escapes coming up right after this message a word from your local station.
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closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> adam:welcome to the ram postgame show. reminder tonight on cbs beginning with special "48 hours" coverage of the paris attacks followed by presidential debate. tonight only cbs. in the came you just saw alabama over mississippi state 31-6. derrick henry over 200 yards for second straight week. dak prescott hits the 300 mark but team only scoring six points. now look at the sec west standings with alabama now at 6-1 in conference play. lsu will try to keep pace tonight against arkansas.
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if the tigers do beat the hogs only tigers and ole miss will still be in contention for the sec west. rooting for auburn couple weeks from now in the meantime i am joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones. this was another tide -- didn't dominate first half from there. >> so hard to beat alabama. there were five turnovers. mississippi state had nice plan they were moving the ball they were stopping alabama. then, boom, a punt return. boom, there goes ridley with about 50 yard catch and run for touchdown really difficult to keep up with these guys, make the understatement when nick saban says we thought we had an advantage with our front against their offensive line. every time you say it you have that -- >> you don't say. it doesn't stop there with that front of alabama. it stops with derrick henry another battering ram at running back.
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now derrick henry, early in this ball game, six rushes, 14 yards. then after that all bets are off. 16 rushes, 190 yards this guy is so big. when you see him in person you marvel at his size. then ability he shows not only to run inside but to turn on the jets beat you outside with his speed. he's got everything you want. i saw the straight arm. >> there is straight arm trophy. >> that's as close as i want to be to it. >> i'm seeing your pretty well. >> talk to the hand. >> also had finishing speed on couple of those plays as well. let's get you caught up with today's action now as well, because alabama beat number two with a loss the way it was going up in syracuse with rex ryan driving over from buffalo to see his son play. i thought alabama they could be the new number one. how about syracuse you're alma
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mater hanging it. >> made it a game after giving up to touchdowns under first two minutes. rex's son did hold on extra points. >> makes it look easy on ten-yard run second touchdown of the date. his 15th straight 100 yard game. 181 yards. they will face a ranked team for the first time this season next week against michigan state. j.t. barrett at quarterback also had 74 yards rushing in addition to the passing numbers. b.j., number four,otre dame looking good. >> head coach of wake forest recruited deshawn kaiser from bowling green. i'm going to notre dame. puts on the jets there to get
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around the corner to score a touchdown. >> lot of irish fans against boston college coming up. josh adams with 98 yard touchdown run, longest in notre dame history. what we thought might be upset of the day, oklahoma state in trouble against iowa state. on the road. there were some storm warnings in ames, cyclones blew in hard. here, finds him for the go ahead touchdown. the sigh crohn's try to get back in it. throws a little high, a little wide. >> it was iowa state who spoiled oklahoma state season four years ago with 37-31 win in over time. cyclones go down. now seven losses to teams that are combined eight losses among them themselves. the sec east. >> that's right. keep on turning. keep on winning.
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right here. fell out of favor with the head coach early on this season. south carolina, what a bad season 1-7 in conference play. >> that cut the lead to three at one point. harris got to be concerned two more interceptions after four turnovers by this team last week against vanderbilt. when we come back we'll tell you about red hot north carolina and record setting keenan reynolds. there are things we expect from a phone screen
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>> adam: welcome back to the rams postgame show. go big, go home, sec on cbs, lsu and ole miss all starts autotrader college football today at 3:00 eastern. over on cbs sports network,
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no. 22 temple and usf right now followed by wyoming and san diego state. wrap up your evening with inside college football. back to the scoreboard. we saw clemson struggling a little bit up at syracuse they might have serious opponent to deal with in the acc championship game if north carolina keeps this up. >> rick: north carolina saying, commit tree, look at me. takes the punt goes 78 yards for a touchdown. they scored 31 in the first half of this game. 38 a week ago against duke. williams three touchdowns on the ground runs for 101. outstanding performance. >> adam: 59-21 they will to go virginia tech next week. defensive coordinator of this squad looking strong. b.j. history for keenan reynolds. >> that's right. looking for history in the ball game trying to be all time leader for touchdown runs at ncaa level.
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he knocks record, my tyson would say, into bolivia. does it on senior day. >> remember, if navy wins out they could delay committee's final rankings in all the bowl pairings until after army-navy if they are the selection from that group of five. reminder you're watching the ram postgame show on cbs. our day began at auburn, rick, war eagles ready to fly but not the offense. >> rick: neither team able to throw for a hundred yards. mckenzie weaves past defenders 53 yards to paydirt. the third punt return for georgia on the season this one comes at perfect time as the dogs hold off. >> the dogs get it done all the boo birds around mark richt. you a burns 6 yards passing. meantime, maryland was passing to the wrong team. >> he had that part of it down
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comes to this game, six games this year, 11 interceptions. he just lobbed back. he takes it to the house. >> 44 yards there. michigan state bouncing back from their first loss of the year but connor cook did not play in the second have tougher a suffering shoulder injury. after the game he plan to start against ohio state next week. that will be on the road. another quarterback going down here, tray i don't know boykin. >> battles out of the, suffers ankle injury. later leaves the field. here is back up third string quarterback foster sawyer. breaks a tackle on his way to 4 yard touchdown. the horned frogs hang on. >> they eek it out against kansas team 0-10 since 19 4. their star wide receiver was available, played just a little bit in his bounce back from injury. they face oklahoma in their next game.
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back to the big 10b.j., northwestern, now they won three straight. >> last two they won by exactly two points. justin saxson two, yards. gooses are wild in northwestern. >> purdue worst rushing defense in the big ten. northwestern gets it done. big one against wisconsin for them coming up next week. now, rick, pitt against duke. going on the road trying to keep pace with unc think they're fired up? >> they are excited. trying to hold off north carolina. here nate peterman finds him in the back. end zone for touchdown. they make north carolina wait at least another week before they can clinch. >> that's right. peterman with three touchdowns in that game. meanwhile, michigan in battle right now they were able to get a fieldgoal to take the lead but hoosiers answered back. so they're in over time right now. wolverines and indiana how about that. >> in the american, clutch game there, memphis lost to navy last
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week trying to pay it forward give houston their first loss of the year. cougars led by stud, greg ward, junior. also from the american, temple and usf underway on cbs sports network owls try to compete with one loss on the season. and lsu, just underway against arkansas team that's really turned things around. see if leonard fournette can take out his frustrations on that hog front. lot emotions to express here on accolades. another ha "a" on the report card, reynolds with the fcs records. harvard, no. the 22-game winning streak over at the hands of penn. >> where is the emoticon with the -- >> copyrighted that before the game. tonight, b.j. >> kevin hogan turned this into dual threat at stanford. rushing for about 60 yards per
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game over last three. a touchdown, using those legs. >> great game also rose bowl with ucla and washington state. the cougars flying high. >> look ought for the cougars. >> and oklahoma against baylor. baylor beating them the last two times. everyone thinks sooners will pull it off. >> oklahoma will run the ball. they will be -- >> iowa state, kansas state rushed over 200 yards. >> keep rung the ball. no oklahoma team under bob stoops has lost to the same big 12 team three straight times. that's the opportunity that baylor has in front of them tonight at home where they are on 20-game home winning streak. that will just about do it for this week. thank you for watching the ram postgame show. tonight on cbs, a live "48 hours" with latest on the paris terrorist attack. followed by the democratic presidential debate. thursday night football is on nfl network this week with titans and jaguars. nfl on cbs kicks off tomorrow double header action, many will see browns and steelers, most will see the patriots and giants
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in game two. all gets started at noon eastern with "the nfl today." for all of us have good evening enjoy your weekend. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> france mourns leaving at least 120 people dead. we've t team coverage with new information tonight. lauren. >> it was a brisk start to the weekend but a warmup is in store. i'll let you know when high temperatures jump back up into the 60's. >> and taking tailgating to the next level. now only ford offers $750 black friday bonus cash on select vehicles, on top of ford friends and neighbors pricing.
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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now on "eyewitness news," darkness in the city of lights. vigils all across france tonight honoring the victims of yesterday's horrific terror attacks in paris. a live look now at the streets of the city. parisians and tourists alike are visiting growing memes to pay their finals respects.


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