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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  November 22, 2015 2:05am-2:36am EST

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>> ♪ >> from the cbs broadcast send in philadelphia, this is cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> right now on "eyewitness news," new video has emerged of yesterday's terrorist siege on a hotel in mali. you can see the desperate measures that some took to stay alive in total at least 19 people were killed including one american. meantime police across europe are executing raids and
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making arrests tracking down those responsible for the recent attacks in paris. at least four suspected terrorists are in custody. good evening, i'm natasha brown and thank you for joining us. the arrests were played today in two countries. at least one suspect is still on the run. let's get right to steve patterson. he's in the sat center with the very latest tonight. steve. >> natasha, the focus is on belgium where th government raised its terrorist alert to the highest level. the warning is that the risk of an attack is "serious and eminent" partially because one of the paris attackers is still on the loose and last seen crossing the border into belgium. nine days later, he's the most wanted man in france, 26-year-old salah abdeslam now the subject of an interfashion search warrant single-handedly putting whole cities on alert in brussells lockdown, police
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on guard, subways and coffee shops shut down. authorities in belgium raising the terror alert to the highest possible level warning of the looming possibility of another paris style terror attack in the nation's capitol. abdeslam believed to be hiding there. french police stopped him at the belgian border the morning after the paris assault but let him go not knowing his alleged involvement. meanwhile saturday authorities in turkey arresting three suspected islamic state militants one who reportedly scouted sites targeted in the paris attacks. >> ♪ >> and in paris, attempts at healing. citizens morning those who died at memorials around the city but many still on edge. [speaking foreign language] >> this woman told cbs news she still lives in fear knowing that an attacker is still out there yet as a whole, the resolve of parisians nine days later
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unbroken. >> ♪ while that brussells terror alert remains in place residents there are being dodd avoid train stations airports commercial districts even large gatherings. the alert expected to remain in place until at least sunday afternoon until the government reevaluates the situation. reporting live in the cbs3 sat center, i'm steve at patterson cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> steve thank you. anonymous is declaring cyber war against isis. the hacker group says it has uncovered threats by the terrorists against the wwe survivor series which is scheduled for tomorrow in atlanta. the fbi doesn't consider the threat and credible. anonymous also says it's uncovered information about new isis attacks in paris. anonymous claims it has taken down more than 20,000 isis related twitter accounts. now, because of the paris
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terrorists, they may have posed as a syrian refugee, the attack has ignite add debate about whether refugees should be allowed into the united states. today presidential candidates on both sides of the aislewayeweighedin. trump and kasich repeated calls to block refugees from coming to america. trump took it further revealing how he would like to keep an eye on muslims who are already in the u.s. >> i want surveillance of certain mosques, okay. if that's okay. i want surveillance. and you know what, we've had it before and we'll have it again. >> meanwhile democratic frontrunner hillary clinton struck a different tone today at an event in south carolina. clinton says the u.s. needs to improve intelligence gathering but that mass surveillance and turning refugees away is not the answer. >> it's important that we don't listen to the voices including those can coming
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from republican candidates for president who would paint with such a broad brush, would want us to somehow isolate, register muslims. >> this week the republican led house of representatives pushed through legislation banning the united states from taking in the refugees. the obama administration has already issued a veto threat. the president says he's committed to accepting 100,000 refugees into the united states. now, we are off to a cool start this weekend. so will the temperatures keep dropping throughout the week? meteorologist lauren casey is in the cbs3 weather center. she's got the answer. >> thanks, natasha. yeah, we did have cool temperatures today but with all that sunshine didn't feel too bad for a late november day. storm scan scan three showing us a trend for increasing cloud cover across the delaware valley. as we will have a cold front approach and move through overnight that could generate an isolated shower. temperatures right now
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49 degrees in philadelphia. we're in the low 50's down the shore, calm winds, poconos chilly of course 39 degrees with that southeasterly wind at around 10 miles an hour. as we head into sunday it is going to be a blustery day. cold front moved through tonight then the cooler air starts building in on the backside. also elevated wind speeds throughout the day. then arctic air, the bulk of it really arrives on monday. that will be our coldest day of the season by far. but looks like we could have a big turn around as we head into thanksgiving thursday with some unseasonably mild temperatures. we'll talk about what to expect there. some good weather news coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> thank you very much. now, a truck losses control slams into homes in pottstown montgomery county sending one person to the hospital and causing damage on the street. you can see here some of the damage from this afternoon. downed street signs and siding falling apart on some homes on north hanover street. peco crews were also on the scene making repairs to equipment. now, one eyewitness says the
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sight was devastating. >> we heard a loud explosion from inside the house and come -- and it sounded like a war zone and come out and we seen all houses were hit and i thought he fell asleep or something. i would say he hit three or four houses along the way and spun around at the last second. >> it's still unclear what caused the driver to veer off course and there's no word yet on who was injured or the extent of any injuries. also a missing college student from our area has been found dead near hamburg, berks county. 19-year-old jacob marberger's body was discovered in the picnic area of hawk mountain sanctuary. police believe he shot himself. marberger was a sophomore at washington college in maryland. he pulled an unloaded gun on a classmate last movement returned to pennsylvania but then disappeared from his family's home earlier this week. the college canceled classes fearing march burger was
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armed. tonight school officials say grieve counselors will be available to students in need. now, from ferguson to baltimore it's been a tough year for police community relations. there are now efforts to change the way police and communities interact. one police force in our area was recognized by president obama as a model for the nation. correspondent kenneth craig reports. >> we can talk. >> reporter: moments like this reinforce the new way of policing in camden, new jersey, might actually be working. >> and this is why. you have officers on bike. you have officers on foot patrol. >> reporter: sergeant thornton has been an officer in camden since 1996, about the same time the city was named one of the most dangerous in the country. >> as fast as you could lock one up, 10, 20 more would replace him. >> reporter: he was with the city's police department when it was disbanded two years ago. he's now part of the new camden county police agency working to reduce crime and bring residents and cops
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together. >> you're there to make sure that everyone gets home safe. >> hands up, don't shoot. >> reporter: from ferguson, missouri to baltimore maryland police-community relations are strained. >> the message is loud and clear. they want to have a different relationship with their police departments. >> we're going clarify the ethics. >> reporter: camden is rolling out new training for its officers anew mind-set. >> you may get some resistance. >> reporter: the goal is to turn officers into ethical protects focusing on empathy ethics and communication to deescalate tense situations. >> it reduces the gray area that you might lose your way and do something wrong. >> reporter: excessive force complaints are down 30 percent this year, which could save taxpayers money. president obama praised the training as a model for the nation. >> camden is showing that it can be done. >> reporter: sergeant thornton says he's optimistic. >> everyone that comes here
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sees it's good people. they just need a chance. >> doing a great job. >> thank you. >> reporter: kenneth craig, cbs news, camden, new jersey. >> with the holiday season coming up, state police are stepping up efforts to make sure families travel safely. "eyewitness news" at chapman ford in northeast philly today where parents were able to get their child's car seats inspected for free just to make sure they're working properly. from 2010 to 2014 penndot says 82 percent of children underage four were not injured in crashes while in their safety seats. and now the delaware valley is answering an urgent plea from an animal shelter. they have run out of space and they desperately need good homes for dogs. we first told you about the animal care and control team shelter in hunting park on "eyewitness news" last night. i was out there. all of the kennels there are full. the shelter told us 34 dogs were adopted today. long term resident dozier was among those who found a new
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home. the shelter is offering free adoptions for all large breed dogs. and a big time win for the temple owls football team today as their historic season continues to unfold. we're going to bring in lesley van arsdale now with a check on what this means for their bowl chances. >> well, it's a very good thing, they needed this win badly. the owls needed it to keep those championship hopes alive and with today's win temple retains first place in the conference's east division. the owls trailing early. threw for 261 yards two touchdown and became school's all time touchdown leader. temple moved to nine and two on the season with a 31-12 win. >> this means that temple can clinch the aac east division with a win on saturday at the linc against connecticut in their regular season fale so this is a very good thing. things looking good for temple. >> they are really doing well. makes you proud of them.
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lesley. temple football fans celebrated by chanting the fight song at the linc. they're filled with pride for their team. >> dream another week. we control our destiny. we'll beat uconn next week. >> i come with my roommates every game it's a great atmosphere. great school spirit. >> this win is big and i think since 1979, they've done better than they ever done before and it's great. >> so, what do you think of the owls chances chances? connect with us on facebook and on twitter just use the #cbs3. we'd love to hear from you. stay with us everyone. still to come tonight on "eyewitness news," runners hit the streets of philadelphia ahead of tomorrow's big marathon. see how police stepped up security to make sure that everyone stayed safe. lauren. >> yeah, big event day tomorrow. the philly marathon, the eagles game, so how much bundling up will we need? i'll have the answer to that question coming up in your
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"eyewitness news" forecast just after this.
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>> it's a big weekend here in the city as thousands of people are in town for the philadelphia marathon. while the big race is tomorrow many runners kicked off the weak weekend's eve vendor today with the rothman 8k. alexandria hoff has more from the finish line.
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>> good morning runners. >> reporter: an alarm clock a few extra layers, 4.9 is that miles and yeah you got this. >> this is my first time running an 8k. >> reporter: via land or feet the rothman 8k is the rallying event for philadelphia's marathon weekend. falling on the eve of the boston and olympic qualifying 26.2-mile run. the recent terror attacks globally extra security was in place early on with general bag checks. >> ♪ >> reporter: but the focus was on moving past pain and past barriers and that was no more clearly found than in the front of the pack. the fastest man was from kenya. but first in women for 8k coming in just under 26 minutes south jersey's own mariel hall.
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>> i live in the area i traid here but i have never raced in philadelphia. >> reporter: speaking of training earlier this week mayor michael nutter revealed his high hopes for his finish line high five. >> you'll see displays of high 5's that you've never seen before. >> how you doing. what's happening. hey. >> reporter: there form did not disappoint. >> he was in good form . >> [laughter] >> i got a couple high 5's from the mayor. >> reporter: an added boost for a city set in motion. >> great job. >> all right. >> yeah, for sure. >> reporter: the theme here was run fast, run far, run philly, the theme certainly played out here on the parkway. i'm alexandria hoff, cbs3 "eyewitness news." >> all right, good luck to all the runners out there. they certainly weren't running any raises today in chicago though. a major winter storm is hitting that city right now. parts of the chicago area have already received several
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inches of snow. the hardest hit areas are to the north and west of the city. now, cell phone video was sent to us from local philly rapper pat money. he's out in chicago for a show and says he almost got stuck in his hotel room because of all the snow. the snow is also causing problem at city airports. at o'hare more than 260 flights have been canceled and about a hundred canceled at midway. they're really dealing with tough conditions out there in chicago. certainly we hope they keep that there on that part of the country. >> no, no snow in our forecast yet but we are going to be dealing with the same system but it's going to be in a weakened state when it arrives in the delaware valley. we're not going to see too much as far as precipitation impacts here but we're going feel some of that cold air on the backside but right now dealing with chilly conditions in center city. skycam3 showing us a nice view of downtown on this saturday evening. we did have a good amount of sunshine through the day today but storm scan3 showing us the trend for increasing cloud
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cover over the last couple of hours, certainly not uniform but as we head throughout the overnight period, that cloud deck will continue to increase in advance of a cold front that is in association with that big snowstorm. it was the first snow for chicago and also the biggest november snowfall for them in 120 years. so, what a way to start off the season. we're seeing some showers in association with this system working in to parts of western pennsylvania but again, not a lot of precipitation expect heed for us from the is system as it passes through overnight tonight but we'll see some lingering clouds and your philly marathon forecast race time 7 o'clock, 43 degrees, you'll certainly need the layers. blustery conditions as well. runners will have to contend with the breeze out of the northwest pretty strong but as you head into the afternoon hours, temperatures in the upper 40's, so chilly and especially factoring in that breeze once you're stretching and celebrating after your 26.2-mile run. neighborhood network showing us temperature in the 40's. yeah, we're not really going
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to warm up too much tomorrow. kennett square 47 degrees right now, 46 in bensalem and hainesport calling in at 45 degrees right now. we do have chillier temperatures to the north and west. the lehigh valley 47 degrees right now. we're 49 in philadelphia and very mild still down the shore. 54 degrees in atlantic city and mid-50's right now in wildwood. slightly breezier conditions north and west of the city as that frontal boundary approaches. winds out of the southeast but as the front passes through overnight tonight, those winds are going to shift out of the northwest tomorrow and usher in some colder air but overnight tonight actually above average, 43 degrees. wind speeds stay on the lighter side. chance of a and isolated shower, mostly cloudy. tomorrow a mix of sun and clouds, blustery, a high of 50 degrees. would be our coldest of the season so far and those wind chills will be down into the 30's to potentially mid 40's throughout the day with that northwesterly wind up around 10 to 20 miles per hour. future weather showing us not much of a rain chance tonight. chance of an isolated shower.
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cold front starts moving through. we're seeing the drier air build in on the backside tomorrow afternoon so a nice day for the poconos, lehigh valley, sunshine breaking out. chance of a shower along the cost but pretty isolated in nature. the cloud deck does start to clear out as we head into tomorrow night for everyone. starting off on monday morning sunny skies but it is going to be a chilly start to the work week. so, most sunshine across the region tomorrow, poconos chance of an isolated shower down the shore. breezy to windy conditions for everyone across the area and keep that in mind if you're headed out to the eagles game. the bucs taking on the birds, 1 o'clock at the linc, 48 degrees but with that northwesterly wind the wind chill factor is going to make it feel five to 10 degrees colder. no wind chill factor, though, as we look ahead towards thanksgiving a beautiful holiday forecast, mostly sunny, a mild turkey, 60 degrees the high temperature. that's about 10 degrees above average for us but we're going have to climb to get our way there. 31 degrees monday morning. a chilly start. 45, that will certainly be our
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coldest high temperature of the season by then. we haven't had highs only in the 40's this season so far but we're back up to 50 degrees by tuesday. middle 50's by wednesday. tons of sunshine and that awesome looking thanksgiving forecast. >> i know, it looks so beautiful and the turkey is doing the happy dance. >> of course. >> got a shimmy going. temple fans got a little happy dance going. >> they're doing the happy dance exactly. yeah, that's right, more on temple's big win plus penn
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>> as we told you earlier in the newscast temple owls one win away from the menage letter particular conference title after a victory over memphis. in the second quarter owls
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down six-nothing. tj walker,. secondhand off to david hood. a 14-yard score and the owls expanded their lead 14 to six. first play of the fourth quarter, temple with the trick play handoff to the tight end patten. temple shut down memphis 31 to 12. >> you have to have seniors who aren't focused on their futures. you have to have seniors who aren't disappointed about last week. you have to have seniors who are out there leading the way. our seniors led the way today and i couldn't be prouder. >> this is the greatest win in the program right now. we got one more and then we'll be in that conference championship. one more, though. >> penn state state played their final home game of the season against 12 ranked michigan it was a whiteout at beaver stadium. over 107,000 fans hoping the nittany lions would win their
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eighth game. hackenberg hit blackmail with a touchdown mass pass. wolverines come back. michigan had the lead for good. they beat penn state 28 to 16. the nitts and regular season next week at michigan state. flyers facing the senators. orange and black struggling to score, they're last in league in scoring with a 1.79 per goals average. steve mason in net hoping he would get a little offensive support. second period flyers down a goal, two on one, hoffman with the goal. it gets worse. still in the second senators back on the attack. milan right through place son's pad into the back of the net. flyers lose another one. well, it's been a minute since the sixers won a guaymar 25th to be exact and since then they've dropped 23 straight games. so will that losing streak end
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in south beach? sixers up eight, covington pulls up from behind and makes the three and sixers up by 11. the heat fight back. under three minutes left sixers up by three, chris bosh drains the three right there. the sixers 11-point advantage is gone. heats up. twain wade drove to the basket. his floater misses but win low's tap in is good. sixers lost their 24th straight game 96 to 91 the final. less than 24 hours before the eagles face tampa. both teams with four and five records and the eagles have a chance to move into first place in the nfc east with a win. i know it sounds crazy. birds defense have the difficult matchup. bucs led by this year's number one overall pick jaemis winston. evans has caught 27 passes in the last four games. >> winston relies on him heavily. he gets a whole bunch of targets. lot of times he's covered and he'll just throw it up to him and a lot of times he makes
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those plays. that's something we got to look to defend this week. >> going get you ready for the clash between the eagles and buccaneers. starting tomorrow at 11:30 on sunday kickoff join me don bell pat gallen and merrill reese live from the linc tomorrow at 11:30 right here on cbs3. >> that should be a good game. >> i think it's going to be a close one. >> they have a short week the eagles. >> right, they play in detroit. >> okay.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back everyone. the philadelphia fire department is training the firefighters and paramedics of the future. 50 young people actually were honored during the closing ceremony for the fire explorers program. "eyewitness news" at the fire academy on pennypack street. the explorer program is for young people ages 14 to 21 who are interested in working the fire and ems field. and we wish them t
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>> an unusual sight in utah. check out these flying sheep. wildlife workers flew around the state's washington county picking up big horn sheep actually. this is done to make sure the herds don't get too large. officials are worri


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