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tv   Eyewitness News Saturday  CBS  November 28, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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fourth down. derrick henry. i don't know. i don't think he got there. >> gary: i don't think he did. >> verne: no. >> gary: i thought his knee came down. this will be looked at like a touchdown. i think he's short. he never really got his feet behind him on this one. he stumbles and falls forward and i don't think so. game is still alive. he needed to hit that full speed. it's very close. we're going to have to look again to see if hoos knees touched before they spotted it. >> verne: there is the stretch. short. >> gary: short. don't even need to look. derrick henry never got up any steam behind him that time. no momentum going forward.
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he kind of stumbled forward, leaped out as far as he could. if he had hit that full speed, i don't see how they could have stopped him. >> verne: that was a 10-play drive. all 10 plays runs by henry, but on the 10th play. >> gary: and remember, it was the fourth-down play two years ago that alabama didn't make that really set up all the craziness at the end of the game. remember carl lawson made that stop on fourth down? >> verne: i think the ball was down before the knee was down. >> gary: >> gary: where that ball landed of the pafs the line. they may move this up six inches. i didn't see his knee go down.
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knee down right there. >> verne: if anything -- >> gary: they're not moving that. they're not moving that. that ball is staying right there. there is not enough there. >> referee: after review, the ruling on the field is confirmed. auburn's ball. first down. >> verne: that was unequivocal. >> gary: no doubt about that. now we've got a football game again -- all you need to do -- remember, if they make that the game is over. >> verne: right. >> gary: now you've got to hold on if you're alabama and auburn has one more chance. if they score, they go onside. alabama took five minutes off but they cannot take 7 1/2 minutes off if they need it. one more first down. >> verne: johnson, eight of 16 for 169. three-man rush. they drop eight.
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that one is complete, and stops the clock. peyton barber. clock stopped with 2:40 remaining. >> gary: with the way daniel carlson can kick, auburn's just got to get a touchdown -- even if there is 10 seconds left, they still have a chance. >> verne: second down, seven. fake the reverse. johnson deep down the middle. tipped and incomplete, and it was reuben foster the first man there. coming up when this is in the books, back to new york for "the ram post game show" on rivalry weekend. third down, seven.
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>> gary: this alabama defense is one of the best sacking defenses we have in college football. can they make a play? or will johnson have the time to throw the ball? >> verne: four-man rush. johnson has the time but it's incomplete. it will be fourth and seven. >> gary: missed him. >> verne: melvin ray. >> gary: wide open. you've got to put that on the body. just out in front of him -- could have been caught. i don't want to be that hard on him. could have been caught. obviously, if you're trying to beat alabama you've got to come up with those but ray would have liked to have it a little further inside. >> verne: four and seven with 2:18 to go. >> verne: they stack receivers on both sides. across the middle. dropped. oh, boy.
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that's it. melvin ray. >> gary: no miracle. ray had two chances. the first one, he could have made a good catch. the second one, he needed to just make a high school catch. >> verne: yeah. so the ball goes over on downs. 2:13 remaining. >> gary: auburn could get it back with the proper use of time outs with, what, 29-30 seconds left. they've got one left. >> verne: one time out remaining. >> gary: remember a year ago when alabama played in this game, they did not have to win this game to go to the s.e.c. championship. >> verne: that's henry again and that is a new alabama
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single-game record for numbers of carries. that's number 43. auburn uses its final time out. hope you will be with us a week from today. we're going to have florida and alabama. jim mcelwain's team playing later tonight against florida state. alabama has now you won nine in a row. that eliminates ole miss from any possibility of making it to atlanta. second down, five, with 2:09 to go. there is an auburn alum. that's tim cook. c.e.o. of apple. and to his left, our right, that's his nephew, alexander, and a nicer young man you can't imagine. >> gary: they were in the booth. had a good time. >> verne: tim gave the commencement speech here in 2010. >> gary: just real quickly, you
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can make the argument that auburn should let alabama score here. 9-7 -- nine and seven would be 16. they would still have a chance. >> verne: here is henry. he was taken down hard. he looks weary. >> gary: you could make the argument not to run dmen any more too. >> verne: 44 carries. i'm reminded of the classic john mckay line when he was coaching at u.s.c. and he had a running back named o.j. simpson who carried it 38 yards, and mckay was questioned about the number of carries. didn't that tire out o.j. simpson? and john mckay said, "i don't know why. it's not heavy." >> gary: alabama can't him nicked on a meaningless run here. >> verne: third down, five. >> verne: flag. >> referee: number 14.
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offense. five-yard penalty. third down. the clock will start on the snap. >> gary: i think nick was wanting to call time out and lane was waving him off like "we're fine, we're fine, we're fine" and that time we weren't fine. sometimes you're right, sometimes you're wrong. >> verne: they'll have a decently long bus ride to choose to discuss it or choose not to. third down, 10. henry. >> dan: on 45 carries, 246 yards. >> gary: they'll go for it here on fourth down again.
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>> verne: under a minute. >> gary: would alabama take a time out with one second to go here and rest henry for this fourth-down play? i think they will. >> verne: yes. looks that way. the >> verne: four down, one. 33 seconds remaining. do you know the secret to a happy home in these modern times? it's a housewife who's in control of the finances. actually, any wife, husband, or human person can use progressive's name your price tool to take control of their budget. and while the men do the hard work of making money, she can get all the car insurance options her little heart desires. or the women might do the hard work of making money. [ chuckling ] women don't have jobs. is this guy for real? modernizing car insurance with -- that's enough out of you! the name your price tool, only from progressive. where is your husband?
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>> verne: coming up tonight on cbs. a great night for the family. >> verne: fourth and one. >> gary: i'm surprised this isn't a quarterback sneak, to tell you the truth. >> verne: henry. punctuation mark. >> gary: everybody gets their blocks, gets around the corner. i thought for a second he was going to slide down on the one yard line. but why not? >> verne: 22nd rushing
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tohdown. surpassing the mark set by trent richardson. adam griffith with the extra point. griffith, 55 for five field goals tonight. a little revenge for the young man born in poland and adopted by a couple from america. derrick henry. now with 271 yards. to do great things, sometimes you gotta break the rules. surface pro 4. a new screen for new perspectives. a new pen for new masterpieces. new speakers for a new sound. we reinvented the surface pro. so you can reinvent everything else.
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>> verne: it is not all that long a ride from auburn to tuscaloosa, and no one will enjoy it more than derrick henry. 46 carries, 271 yards as the crimson tide wins its ninth in a row. they lost at home to ole miss with five turnovers in that game, and they are rolling. it took a little struggle tonight. >> gary: it did but that touchdown made a lot of alabama fans very happy, if you know what i mean. >> verne: i think i get your drift. and only now is the game over. the struggle continues. kerryon johnson. >> gary: great job by jeremy johnson on the bench. i was watching him. he went right over to ray and said, "hey, we have all been
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there. we have all made mistakes. it's not on you." everybody tries to catch him. melvin ray was just -- wasn't able to lift his head up and jeremy walked over there. good leadership. played a good, tough football game but you know as we look forward to that s.e.c. championship, alabama's dynasty started by beating florida. remember that? back in 2009. they have been number one at some time in the season -- think about this -- every season since 2008, and they can do it again this year. incredible run. >> verne: it has been. second down and 10. s.e.c. west standings going into the games tonight, alabama 7-1. they are en route to atlanta next week. arkansas, texas a&m, follow ole miss.
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>> verne: second down, 10. should be the final play. johnson has it tipped and there will be one more play. tim williams. >> gary: just thinking about that sequence when we had ford the with the hits hit out of bounds and will muschamp and those important 15 yards that got alabama into field goal position. those were a big three points. just a lot happened in that fourth quarter. >> verne: johnson. lateral play. that will do it. derrick henry with 270 yards. auburn, 263.
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>> verne: i guess the dynasty is not dead. let's go down to allie who is with nick saban. >> allie: coach, you accomplished two things with this winment a trip to the s.e.c. championship. and bragging rights for the next 365 days. how do you continue to find ways to win? >> it's great to win the s.e.c. west. it's a tough division and our guys have had our backs against the wall since the ole miss game and they've responded every time. a sign of great competitors. i love this team. a great challenge next week in the s.e.c. championship. >> allie: congratulations. >> thank you. >> gary: nick dropped the mic and left. >> verne: he did, he did. [laughing] i think he's still mad at lane kiffin. >> gary: that's the end of that interview.
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>> verne: [laughing] here is the napa play of the the game. look at the elusiveness and the tenacity of jacob coker and he sends it deep into the end zone. ardarius stewart with the catch. let's listen to the call of eli gold. >> now the snap. they fake the give. coker under pressure. escapes one man. escapes a second. loads up and throws toward the end zone. touchdown, ardarius stewart, after coker absorbed the hit and then got around another man. 34 yards. what a strike. what a play. and alabama takes an 18-6 lead. >> verne: what a good friend is eli gold. he is dearly beloved among alabama folks. >> gary: verne, it looked a little bit ugly and it looked like auburn was doing a lot of stuff, but if you take out that one big pass on the tipped pass, auburn would have gained less than 200 yards in this game. this alabama defense pretty darn
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good. >> verne: we look forward to alabama and florida next week. for the guys in the the truck, led by craig silver, steve milton, to the guys up here, chuck gardener, butch baird, david moulton, for gary danielson and allie laforce. goodnight from auburn. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division "why is america safer today ♪ when we travel or go to busy places?"
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>> cbs sports presents "the ram post-game show." >> adam: welcome to "the ram post game show." i'm adam zucker.
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tonight on cbs. >> adam: in the game you just saw, alabama beating auburn 29-13, derrick henry had 46 carries -- 48 "48 hours" he had 46 carries, alabama clinches the west division, ole miss can't get that done now but they can enjoy a victory in the egg bowl tonight if they can beat mississippi state, again, derrick henry outgaining auburn by himself as i'm joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones, another heisman statement, four 200-plus-yard games in his last six. >> brian: he's had his biggest efforts in big games, where you have heisman moments. he's averaged 22 carries on the season. nine last week. he played one quarter. he had fresh legs. we said in the pregame show, rick, this was going to be an l.s.u. do-over for this auburn defense. they held up nicely until they
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didn't -- you continue to run derrick henry at this defense. he we're them down and in the end they had nothing for him. >> rick: buddy ryan has a 46 defense. nick saban has a 46 offense. you need a quarterback to win the big prizes and i thought nick coker came through. 17 of 26, 179. he makes a play, gets this to four and one. alabama makes the decision to go for it and how about this play. another chance to make a guy miss. avoids again. looks dofield. find ardarius stewart for the touchdown. if he's going to have to play like that for them to win the championship, but you you put those two kids together playing like that. alabama is tough. >> adam: how about the legs of adam griffith, five for five. florida is going to watch this tape as they get set for next weekend. >> brian: they have to get their mind right for a battering, punishing football game like auburn did.
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they knew what type of physical match-up this was going to be and they were ready. they just didn't have enough left in the tank. it is going to take depth and fortitude. >> rick: florida is built to stop the run. the question is will they have any offense to go with it. i'm curious to watch them play with florida state with treon harris and see if they've developed anything. >> adam: a different kind of battering ram with derrick henry. from the big ten, b.j., michigan state leaving no doubt en route to the conference championship game. >> brian: connor cook was watching last week in the horse shoe, he was watching aaron burbridge escaping a couple of nittany lions. >> adam: they'll face iowa next week. it could be like a national quarterfinal if you will and that also meant that this effort was wasted, perhaps, rick, volume one, harbaugh and meyer. >> rick: owen woody would be -- >> rick: woody would be proud. ezekiel elliott made a point a
7:25 pm
year ago. he wanted the ball more. over 200 yards for him. more than 300 f the buckeyes. tough to stop. >> adam: in the meantime clemson, number one team in the country, b.j., they needed all the touchdowns from deshaun watson. >> brian: rollingont arms and legs of deshaun watson, around the corner to get the in the zone, counted for foukt -- accounted for four touchdowns on the afternoon. >> adam: big one against the treeless next week in the championship game. -- in the >> rick: a beautiful play. this cody kessler pass. the trojans take care of business. >> adam: josh rosen two picks in the loss there. coming up a coaching legend gets a win and one more bowl game.
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>> adam: welcome back to "the ram post game show." next saturday at the 4:00 eastern the s.e.c. championship presented by dr. pepper on cbs. florida and alabama in atlanta. coverage begins with cbs college football championship saturday powered by ram at 3:00 eastern. as we go back to the scoreboard one more time, b.j., it's one more bowl game for beamer. >> brian: 23 straight. virginia down three. one minute left. chuck clark leapsment gets the interception. frank beamer. wins his last regular season game. he and his wife reflect on the big three after the ballgame. he dances for the big three. >> adam: the post game locker room. he's had some dances.
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they win it 23-20. 12 straight wins over virginia. 23 straight bowl games. other finals from the day. north carolina putting up big points. georgia finishing with nine wins. louisville on a 38-3 run to end the game. that will just bodo it for now. thank you for watching "the ram post game show." here is what's on cbs tonight. a reminder. >> adam: for all of us have a great evening and enjoy the rest of your weekend. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division
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