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tv   Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 3, 2015 11:15pm-11:51pm EST

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jump pass just in time and incomplete. and now what do you do with 5:47 to go? at this place on the field, that was abdul-quddus who got a hit on rodgers. phil: came on the blitz on the outside. aaron rodgers did not have time to get rid of it and looks like they're going to go for it and i agree with the decision. they tried to catch detroit's defense off guard with the third down pass. they didn't. the blitz got there. you need two scores, 5:47 to go. jim: fourth and a foot. phil: you go for it. jim: from their own 26. a time-out is called by green bay. called by mccarthy on the sideline and even though they're probably going to need that one back later on, he didn't like what he was seeing.
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phil: if you changed your decision and you want to punt the football then just take the delay of game. so i think you're right, they didn't like the play. i know this this -- just from that formation that lined up in, jim. detroit's defense was all lined up there. they were going to make it tough on whatever it was, run or a quick pass. they were not going to give them an easy completion. jim: well, if you fail here and detroit takes over at that point on the field, even if the lions scored a touchdown, got the extra point, it would still be a two-score game. phil: that's right. but 30-14, two scores, two, two-point conversions. jim: same pass to cobb.
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shakes off the hit. cobb out of bounds at the 41. phil: wow. probably one of the first passes they install every year is this play. randall cobb in the slot. nice fake at the lining and breaks out. jim: goes for 16. cobb's first catch of the night. phil: mike mccarthy, you better get out of the way. jim: another throw over to cobb. and he's out of bounds after a short gain. that's diggs on the hit. let's go down to tracy. tracy: jim, you mentied eddie lacy just five carries, four yards. we've seen james starks and even the rookie john crockett in his first nfl game. i spoke to officials down on the packers sideline and they told me it is not injury related. it is a coach's decision, jim. jim: not happy with his play. second and 6. starks. faked like he was going inside, goes outside and out of bounds
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and that's near another first. and it is a first down. phil: good job by starks getting some extra yards. going back to eddie lacy. we talked to the coaches last night. everybody, aaron rodgers, they mentioned everybody on the offense and the one name we didn't hear -- eddie lacy. so something went on during practice. we tried to find out. whatever it is -- preparation. maybe they didn't like it. they gave him a chance here tonight. it didn't work and he's watching from the sidelines. jim: 4:40 to go. new set of downs. and a pre-snap penalty called. referee: false start, number 67 offense. five-yard penalty. remains first down.
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jim: first and 15. that's rodgers. all the way to the 27. phil: rodgers is having a good night. these are the type of passes, over the middle. it's a blitz. good job by the offensive line. beat up, three reserves, still pick up the blitz to give rodgers time to throw. jim: seven catches in a row for rodgers now for 100. as he's got a 10-yard gain and another first down. phil: little screen to the out. nice running.
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jim: from the 17. screen, starks. thought he was down. they rule him down. again, abdul-quddus. he shows up in so many places. phil: he's aggressive. we've talked about him a few times tonight. fast. they love the way he plays and if aaron rodgers wants to take a shot at the end zone, every single play, it's single coverage on the receivers. jim: here's a shot right here, to adams. and they wrestle each other down as the actually falls to the ground. that was lawson on the coverage and now it's third down coming up. and if they fail to do anything here, remember, they still need two scores so they would go field goal. phil: bottom of your screen,
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rodgers has what he wants. it's just a little underthrown. jim: third and 11 at the detroit 17. from the pocket. now rolling out. pointing. taking off. first down, touchdown! aaron rodgers runs it home! phil: what a great job by aaron rodgers. nobody's open. breaks outside. in -- and every defender had his back turned away from aaron rodgers. of course, that's why he goes into the end zone untouched. nobody saw him. ziggy ansah on the chase. still, you could see all the defenders with their backs to aaron rodgers in the end zone.
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jim: 84 yards in four minutes, 11 plays, one of which was the fourth and 1 from their own 25, which paid off, although it did cost them what could be a final time-out, leaving the packers with two. phil: changes things. i would kickoff -- kick off here. you only need a field goal no. onside kick. jim: and crosby sends it through the end zone. phil: puts a lot of pressure now on that packer defense to get a three and out.
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jim: yes, it's getting rather tense. a lot of quick decisions being made down in the truck. and jim and rick with his home
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game here, the dearborn boy. 3:04 remaining. can the team last in the league in rushing, the lions, run out the clock? phil: everybody at the line of scrimmage playing run all the way. jim: matthews and others were ready to get the jump on that we have a pre-snap call here against the lions for five. referee: false start, number 66, offense. five-yard penalty, remains first down. jim: again that's on waddle, who's had to replace ola here for the last quarter at right tackle. the second penalty on him. phil: everybody playing up there. giving up a first down could end the game for the packers, so dom capers being aggressive with the play call.
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jim: it's given to bell. and he's backed up by one or two yards and again it's the rookie ryan comes up to make the play and a time-out called by the packers at three minutes. that sets up now a second and 16 for the lions. again, coming up, "the mazda postgame show," interviews and analysis of tonight's game. if you're the lions, do you run it again to force the packers to take their last time-out? phil: oh, man, after what we've seen, would i give the football back to aaron rodgers and take that chance? to think he only needs a field goal. that's pretty tough to do. i look at it and say safe play. they've had some success with screens. but if you're going to try to win the game, you're going to have to throw it against tight
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coverage, most likely on the outside. jim: they go to the shotgun with ameer abdullah the running back. and here's the safe throw. tate forced down at about the 18 and the last time-out called by green bay with a third and 12 on the way. phil: you're right. throw the screen. that was a safe. hoping to catch them in an aggressive defense and take advantage of it. but green bay, the defense, after that terrible start, the turnover where they got seven they're showing their speed. their complex. they've played well. jim: well, to think when these two met three sundays ago, it was a two-point detroit win. 18-16. and the margin is two for the lions at the moment. phil: there's no question now you can't play safe if you're detroit. you have to try to get the first down, go down the field with the
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football too win the game. -- to win the game. jim: third and 12. first down yardage at the 30. from the pocket, the pass, it is caught! by jones! just his third catch of the year. phil: protection was great. jones is on the inside. he's going to go down. that little move to the outside, beat quentin rollins inside. the little head fake gave him enough separation and matt stafford, good protection. just threw a bullet in there for a completion. jim: and it was a clean catch. bobbled it for a moment but had the hand underneath. jordy nelson in disbelief. now, one snap to go before the two-minute warning. t.j. jones seeing action tonight because lance moore was inactive
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jim: we're back with the packers out of time-outs. second down coming. what is the best situation green bay can hope for? phil: probably around 30 seconds, maybe a little less. depends on the length of the play that is detroit runs here on second and third down. jim: it's bell. brought down behind the line. a couple of yards' loss there. mike daniels. this next snap won't occur until a little under 1:20 to go. and again, that time-out that you'd have loved to have had, but you had to call it before they set up a play for fourth and a foot. phil: that's right, maybe he wouldn't have gotten the first
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down if he didn't call the time-out. there's no doubt, the detroit lions. they are going to run the football. you don't want to attempt a pass and give aaron rodgers, in case, it's incomplete, any extra time to get down for the field goal. jim: bell gives back two more. and it will be right at about 30 seconds. when they punt the football. "the mazda postgame show," interviews and analysis of tonight's game is coming up next. phil: well, the big thing is, when the packers get this football, if you're detroit's defense, too, what was the original plan to start tonight? let's keep aaron rodgers in the pocket. that's what the defense wanted to do. they haven't done a very good job of it, really. when he's gotten out of the pocket to throw the ball, the receivers have been covered. jim: so the punter still stands on the sideline. they've called a time-out there.
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and around these parts here, in the state of michigan, you get late in the game, you don't take anything for granted after what happened in that much-michigan state game. phil: oh, that's a good penny. we were all watching that that night. i forgot where we were but it was -- or that afternoon. jim: i do remember, though, poor tracy. she loves her wolverines, her alma mater, and to say she was crushed is an understatement. you know where we were? we were in green bay getting ready for the chargers and packers the next day. here we go. and he hut the -- hit the ground but no flag and the fair catch by hyde at the 20 with 2 seconds left. the packers got somewhat close in on martin. phil: yes, that was a little closer than they wanted, i'm sure, for detroit. jim: mike neal.
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phil: that was mike neal, number 96, that got the penetration but could not get in front of the punter and again, detroit, their job, surround aaron rodgers, knowing if he throws it in the middle of the field, the clock won't stop. jim: crosby says give me one more chance, having missed the kick at the end of the game in lambeau field down two that would have won it. it was a mystery kick. the usually reliable all-time scorer for the packers. with no time-outs, rodgers rolling out. on the run, flings it and tapped away. what a play, too. beautiful pass defense by dix. phil: what a play is right. aaron rodgers, full sprint to the sideline and diggs, the
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extra defensive back, makes a great play against randall cobb. he's sprinting, the defense is there and just flicks it with his wrist about 40 yards down the field right on target. jim: 16 second. packers cannot afford to be tackled in the field of play. rodgers. got a man down there and it's incomplete. abbrederis was the target. rodgers says wait a minute. wasn't that contact? no flag. phil: three-man rush. they let him out of the pocket. abdul-quddus is looking for the football. jim: mike carey, what did you see there? mike: that was a great no-call. both players looking back, playing the ball. the ball comes right to them at the same time. great play by the defense. no call for pass interference.
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jim: second -- six seconds, i don't think they can advance it in six seconds. surely not far enough to get out of bounds and kick can a feek field goal so one absolute desperation moment in the middle of the field. to jones. to rodgers to rodgers. how about that? he's thrown down. we have a flag! the game's not over. grabbed him by the facemask. that was devin taylor. referee: personal foul, facemask, number 98 defense. 15-yard penalty. automatic first down. the game will be extended for one play. jim: like the game in jacksonville. in that case jacksonville had enough yardage with the penalty to be able to be in field goal range for the winning kick by myers. did he get the facemask? phil: he hit it. it happened so fast i can see
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why they threw the flag. jim: all right, well, the ball is spotted. phil: yeah, he hits the facemask. jim: the ball is spotted at the 39. how far can rodgers throw it? phil: he can make it to the end zone if he gets out of the pocket, gets a running start, but can the receivers get far on and off down the field? jim: rodgers in trouble. he turned 32 yesterday. duds he have a vintage moment in him? in the end zone, it is caught for the win! richard rod germs with a walk-off touchdown! game ender for the packers! total disbelief at ford field. the packers saved by the
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facemask call, given one last clans and aaron rodge -- rodgers heaves it as far as he can and richard rodgers boxing out in the end zone for the touchdown. the son of a former cal football player who was involved in the band play, one of the all-time game enders in football history, the stanford-cal game of years ago, 1982. now the son comes up with the play of his own. phil: right from the start, again, you let aaron rodgers out of the pocket, good movement, and you wanted to know if he could reach the end zone? i had no doubt that he could get it there, by getting outside the pocket, three-man rush. that's the first mistake, but make him stand there. he couldn't have reached it. but the running start, he looked
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across the field. saw the line of scrimmage, the chain markers then throws it up and boy, nobody in front of rodgers. rodgers, terrific night. . jim: rodgers to rodgers. two guys from cal connect. phil: what a throw, what a catch. of course, the penalty gives them that one more chance but you know what, you can't blame that. you have to blame the defense, the fact that you know the only thing that could beat you if you let him get outside the pocket and they let him get out there a couple of times on that last drive. jim: they had to officially snap it off the touchdown. they take the knee, the game is over. and the lions season basically ends with that hail mary.
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phil: here it is. the big penalty. is it a good call? yes, he hit the facemask. you have to throw the 15-yard penalty. jim: mike carey, did you think that was the right call on the facemask? mike: he got just enough to draw the flag. what you're looking for is a grab and a twist but when it happens that fast and the head goes down, you're going to get a flag on that for player safety. phil: the head went down. that's what probablmade the flag come out. jim: from 20 down. with barely a pulse. this is the biggest comeback in the history of this rivalry that dates back all the way to 1930. the 173rd meeting. and the packers, what a changer. what a complete season changer it is. phil: oh, yes. how high and how far did he throw that football?
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jim: incredible. let's go down to tracy. tracy: aaron, have you ever been through something like that? aaron: we've been on the flip side of that. we now the feeling. i'm out of breath. it's the most amazing game of my life, to be a part of that, to never give up. tom clements always talk about time and downs, you got a chance. i get facemasked on the last play. i knew we were about at the 40. guys gave me enough time, i just tried to get it in the end zone there and i can't believe richie caught it. tracy: while that ball was in the air, what was going through your mind? catch it, you have to catch it. i felt good it was going to be in the end zone. i got a nice run-up to curl up into it. i would -- i could see -- box out and get in position. i didn't see richard until the last second. when he caught it, i blacked
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out, i don't know what happened. it was the greatest feeling i've had on the field in a long time. tracy: how's that for a birthday present? aaron: it feels good. 32, i'm still young but it's a great group of guys. we were tibble in the first half. when matt hit that first down late we could it was over. time and down. greatest game since the super bowl. we're in the mix. huge win for us. we're going to enjoy this weekend. have some laughs, geteady to come back next week at home. tracy: go enjoy it. have some cake too. jim: how about that statement thank you, tracy. phil: he was out of breath. jim: greatest game he called it since winning the super bowl. phil: just to know there are so many olds against you but how
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about the throw? the fact he knew it. he even said to tracy wolfson. get outside, i said he could make it, but it's the movement of him, knowing he needed to buy time and he is slick in the pocket. oh, my gosh, that's from the 35. that's close to 70 yards but it's how high it went is what's so impressive. jim: if that throw was in dallas it would have hit the scoreboard. phil: a lot of guys can throw it that hard but not that -- far but not that high. you saw the flexibility of his body. jim: rodgers, 6'4", puts his body right in front of everyone. phil: the detroit defenders were all looking at receivers again, just like aaron rodgers' touchdown run. it took them too long for them to turn and locate the football.
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jim: given one last chance -- phil: mike said watch his helmet go down. that's what you see. that's why they threw the flag. jim: 61-yard winner. devastating loss for detroit. really plays out -- falls out of the playoff picture. they had all these ideas of winning out and they were in control of this one at 20-0 at one time. well, -- phil: well, if you had told me at halftime i'd have said there's about zero chance that green bay could make a comeback and win. what a job by the players and coaches. jim: happy birthday, aaron rodgers. it was truly a vintage moment. the miracle in motown, the packers pull off the victory. tim!!
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>> welcome to the "the mazda postgame show." rich: the broncos hahned the patriots their first loss of the season on the last play of the game sunday night. the monday game ended with no time left on the clock with the ravens running a blocked field goal back for a touchdown and tonight's game ended with no time left on the clock with a rodgers-to-rodgers hail mary pass to keep the packers' season moving in an upward direction and essentially ending the lions' season on the spot in frontf a shocked homegrown. rih eisen along with


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