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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  December 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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it is springtime, in december. >> i felt like i needed to come run because weather was so good this morning. >> it is 65 degrees, plus, it is awesome. >> awesome indeed. spring in december, we're in for another day of near record warmth. highs are heading toward mid 60's today and that made folks
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on kelly drive short sleeves, pant, they were very happy. across the delaware this was the the the scene in had than lake park in camden county, have we have people out walking, riding bicycles and even fishing. christmas carol says, katie has been saying, all is calm and bright no complaints here by these mild temperatures. it seems like everyone even eyeing this fantastic weather. good afternoon, i'm erika von tiehl. temperatures are rising and record could be falling. the lets check with katie outside on the sky deck. we get caveat skiers are not happy but rest of us are thrill. >> i have had a hard time finding too many people that are upset about this trend, it is, really just unheard of the kind of warmth we're talking about. once in a while during these cold months you'll fine a couple days here and there, speckled throughout the month that are bit warmer than average. this is a stretch, a variable stretch of days that will remain above average. let's talk about where we came from, where we're going all of the good stuff in terms of the
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temperatures. we want to talk about that. as we look ahead we're expecting temperatures to remain in the the 50's, low, mid even upper 60's by the time we hit sunday. so along with the record that will be challenge and very likely broken on those days we also have the pattern on our side, high pressure, hooking us up, in a big way, you've got a nice clear sky right now on the cbs-3 sky deck and every where else, a rail thin la clyer ofd cover comes through. this three hour loop has been moving through. we are looking at the more sun then blue skies. our area temperatures, mid 50's up and down i-95, already in the 60's in dover and in the lower to mid 50's unheard of out in mount pocono and allentown. quick check what we expect the rest of the day and next two. we will peak with the warmth on sunday, guys, but it does appear as though this is still a pattern that sticks with us into next week. the especially a storm to talk about but for now, back inside in it. >> yes, kate, thank you.
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happening right now, oh, we have a live look at the shops inside liberty place in center city. all those people are gathered for a big old pep rally that kick off the celebration of the army navy game. the a academy pep ban, cheerleaders and fans getting pumped up about one of the most storied rivalries in sports n less than 24 hours mid ship men will take on black knights at the link. army/navy game tomorrow at 3:00 o'clock. you can watch it rate here on cbs-3. a mother and her cousin are charged with arson, burglary and attempted kidnapping in gloucester county. the prosecutors say that lynette maguire and denise coyle caused a fire at lafayette court in washington township last night. maguire's three-year old daughter lived at the home with her grand parents and three siblings. they were all able to get out safely but the home was destroyed. both women were arrested a mile from that home just minutes after that fire started. a huge 56 alarm fire tears through row homes in new york
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city this video from overnight in the bronx. seven buildings were a affect, nearly 90 people displaced. we're told nine people, including six fire fighters were treated for injuries. cause of the fire is under investigation. overnight there were two incidents the jet blue flight from new york to las vegas. the thinks video of officers taking passengers off that plane. over philadelphia, a passenger who shot this video a says about six people got into a fight, at least two were reportedly hurt. that plane just turned around, returned to jfk airport, and an unrulely passenger before take off was removed. i-95 is back opened this noon after a serious crash snarled traffic during the morning rush. four car accident happen the on the northbound side near the cottman avenue exit just before 8:00 a.m. one of the vehicles involved overturn. five people between 46 and 80 years old were sent to area hospitals in stable condition. a at this time it is still unclear what caused that
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crash. a pursuit by cherry hill police end with the the crash in pennsauken. that crash happened at route 38 and mansion road just before 11:00 last night. it involved two vehicles. two people were taken to hospitals with unknown injuries and it is not clear what triggered that chase. the search continues for the suspects who shot two men in philadelphia's fair hill section. more than a dozen shots were fired from two different weapons. one man is in critical condition, and lawncrest, 219 years old were shot including one described by investigators as uncooperative. so far police have made no arrests. the fbi plans to resume its search today of a lake near the scene of the send barnard dino terrorist attacks. cbs news has learned that the, crews are looking for a hard drive missing from a computer found in suspect syed rizwan farook home. the fbi says it is, possible that the couple who allegedly killed 14 people last week, came to that lake, on the day of the massacre. meanwhile the fbi it says enrique marquez is cooperating
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and under going questioning in connection with the shootings. the sources tell cbs news that marquez provided information about a terror plot he and farouk planned three years ago but did not follow through. marquez has admitted he gave farouk and his wife tashfeen malik the a assault rifles used in the attack. congress is expect to vote on a measure to extend fund for the government until wednesday night. stop gap measure will give lawmakers more time to agree on a spending deal. senate voted in favor of the measure, lawmakers are at odd on issues attached to that bill including funding gun violence research, campaign finance reform, and the syrian refugee crisis. meantime candidates giving a warm welcome to syrian refugees first of whom arrived overnight. 163 people arrived in toronto on a military flight. prime minister justin truedue promised to take 25,000 refugees by the end of
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february. turning to campaign 2016, a new challenger to donald trump is emerging in the g.o.p. race to president. new poll find what americans really think about trump's comments concerning muslims. craig boswell reports from washington. >> ted cruz is on the rise to in the race for g.o.p. nomination, latest cbs news poll shows texas senator gaining 12 points from october, and is in second place. he now has the endorsement of bob banderblast a social conservative who has back the last two iowa g.o.p. winners. >> i really believe, and expect, senator ted cruz to be nominee in 2016. >> reporter: donald trump remains front runner but cruz does not seem worried telling donors at a closed door fundraiser that trump and ben carson will fade. >> i believe that gravity will bring both of those campaigns down. >> people are looking for who is prepared to be commander in chief, who understands the threats we face. who am i comfortable having their fishing on the button.
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>> reporter: this morning trump fired off a tweet saying it looks like ted cruz is getting ready to attack. i'm leading by so much he must. he will fall like all others. will be easy. trump has seen challengers rise in the polls before dropping, even after making controversial statements like this weeks call for ban on muslims entering the country. >> we just can't afford anymore to be so politically correct. >> reporter: while majority of the americans tell cbs news they difficulties a agree with his proposal the opposite is true when they ask republicans. craig boswell for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". still a ahead, a brawl breaks out in parliament, wait until you see chaos in one european country. also, lost for decade, we will tell you where an animated disney film was finally found. and pluto the the planet, not the dog like you have never seen it before, more of these newly released images when we come r
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back on "eyewitness news", tickets for bruce springsteen's february concert in philadelphia went on sale this morning at 10:00 o'clock. the the the boss is embarking on a nine week u.s. tour. he is playing the the wells fargo center in philadelphia on friday, february 12th. a at last check ticket are still a available. did you see this? a brawl breaks out on the floor of the ukraine parliament. it happened during a speech by the prime minister in kiev and he is one getting lifted up and pummeled there more than a dozen lawmakers were involve. not as dramatic but there is some unrest between shady mccoy and chip kelly. mccoy's buffalo bills face
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first place eagles this sunday and mccoy is still upset over the a owe was traded and handled. he was sent to the bills last off season. since then he has rarely missed an opportunity to point out, the deal was made, chip kelly, publicly a apologized yesterday. >> how he was traded, wasn't handled right. i have said that before. i did not get an opportunity to talk to him. it is a are lesson that we should never do to be honest with you and i understand why he is not happy bit and he should not than happen bye that. i would apologize for that. it did not happen the right way. >> here's hoping he can move forward. come on guys. eagles and bills sunday afternoon at 1:00 o'clock live from the link and live on cbs-3. well, this is a long lost disney film is getting a second chance in the the spotlight. the the six minute silent movie is call sleigh bells, features, your favorite disney character oswald the lucky rabbit, good old oswald. it was sitting in the british film institute national
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archives and just recently they put their entire date base on line and that film was spotted by a disney researcher. >> it is absolutely fabulous, to the disney story. you could say, there wouldn't be mickey mouse without oswald. what is interesting is the compare and contrast have of oswald, a alongside mickey mouse you see real mouse. >> look at that. british film institute will hold a screening of the sleigh bells tomorrow playing to a new generation of movie goers almost 90 years later. still ahead on "eyewitness news", season's hardest fine holiday gift might surprise you. we will tell you how much the markup is going for on line. it is hard to find, do you remember crystal pepsi? yes, making a come back, sort of. we will tell you how to get a limited addition six pack. katie, i know you are clamoring for crystal pepsi. >> do i remember it. i do remember. interesting stuff. we are certainly looking ahead
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to an interesting forecast, extreme mild air, in place for us, right through the weekend, picturesque for mid december, we will have all of the details when we come right back.
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nasa released new photos of pluto that makes further planet from earth seem closer to home. the nasa's new horizon telescope took these images of pluto. these never before seen images are highest resolution pictures taken of the planet so far. scientists say those picks are part of the icy plains. this is closest nasa a has ever gotten to the dwarf planet. just incredible. >> i always love seeing these high resolution photos. >> so interesting to me. >> love that. >> lets look at the forecast, katie. skiers are in the loving it but 60 some odd degree this weekend. >> we will be pushing 70 on one of these days. we easily expect not only
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challenge but likely breaking a couple records. the that is expectation this weekend most specifically. as is the pattern looks like it is getting milder and milder we have had to up and up our forecast ted highs to the point where we are flirting with 70's. minor innocent flirtation with 70 degrees by the time we hit sunday. what is not to like, right. let start off by taking you outside and show you storm scan 3a nice wide zoom here. lets give you a a sense of why this is happening. there are factors that play into it but if you perhaps check with our eyewitness weather winter outlook earlier in november, we talked about, this very strong el nino. el nino has a role to play in this. a a lot of times you'll find warmer than average temperatures, across our part of the united states. when you got el nino in place and strong one like this in addition to that, a a lot of the storms have just been tracking off to the north. we have had the chance as a result of the jet stream being so far north to stay inside the warmth, and keep all of that really cold polar air
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locked a away in the arctic circle. that has meant just a above average temperatures, this past month, second warmest we have ever recorded and we're on pace to potentially be in the top ten if in the top five with this current month. now talking about current snow cover, there is quite a bit of it. you have to go back out to the pack northwest to find most of it but up to the highest terrain, northern rockies, cascade mountains we have several feet worth of snow pack at this point but we have virtually nothing, out there across the better part of the northeast. we have not seen any snow here, but even a place like buffalo, typically, for the average of december, a alone, would have 27.4 inches of snow on the ground. just for december. so far they have had nothing but a trace. that says something, right? they barely have lake effect snow season. real interesting stuff there. look at how warm it is to the south. we are at 56 degrees. that is reading ten above the average. it is in the 70's and 60's off to the south. we're looking at conditions
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reminiscent as we move into the weekend. that warmth is moving north further with time. palmyra cove nature park in center city, blink a little bit, squint to see it, but it is there off in the distance. we had haze from moisture pent up and light wind. that is continuing to lift. you will have more sunshine then anything. we talk about army/navy coming up tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. kick off. perfect football weather. sixty-three at kick off. we are likely to top off higher then that for project high. shooting for 66. that will break a record. on sunday we expect to have another record for the books here and as we head into monday still warm but by this point, well, net is icon rain is on the way. it looks like one quick hitting storm, pretty potent but quick hit their brings in wind, rain and incomes our temperatures back but even still, normal high is 46. so even though we will drop a handfull of degrees we have been still above average. >> bizarre. >> that is the the word for it. >> i'll take it.
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katie, thank you. you may be able to buy wine where you buy beer in pennsylvania. state senate passed a bill to allow grocery stores and take out business that is sell beer to sell up to four bottles of wine. supporters say change would help state owned stores by improving probability but critics say it could put some state stores out of business. right now it is up clear if the bill will pass the the house. here's a flash back for you to the 90's a crystal pepsi, making a temporary come back. the lovers of the crystal clear soft drink can get a chance to win limited addition six pack. fan favorite debuted in 1992 but was yank off store shelves two years later, in the very popular. contest is taking place right new through the pepsi pass app, pepsi says this is a perfect holiday treat for some very lucky fans. time right new to check your philadelphia a jobs market report with cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. >> while you are concerned with checking people off your holiday shopping list retailers are paying careful a
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attention to your buying habits. entire industry has popped up around collecting and analyzing consumer date a market research analyst are in demand. job openings in the field are expect to grow 32 percent over the next several years, research analyst are employed a across a number of industry, retailers, manufacturers, even universities in the government want to know what makes consumer tic. companies increasingly rely on data to better target their marketing strategies and analyst help gather this information, study it to pinpoint trend and ultimately help sharpen a sales pitch. data is used to improve products and services. market research analyst in the philadelphia area earp over $73,200 a year. you'll need a college degree to land one of these positions but you don't necessarily need to have studied market nothing school. many of a background in math or statistics, others studies social sciences or communications. after all gathering consume are data is clearly a science
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but determining what that data means can often be an art? i'm jill schlesinger
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thanks for watching. >> "eyewitness news" continues at 5:00 we are always on line for you at cbs >> young and restless is coming up next. but first lets leave you with a look at the army/navy pep rally happening right now at the shops of the liberty place in center city. split is, everybody getting excited. cheerleaders. you can watch the game tomorrow at 3:00 right here on cbs-3. have a great day.
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>> chelsea: [ sighs ] it's a good tree. >> adam: it's a great tree. >> chelsea: [ chuckles ] can we stay like this all night long, please? >> adam: yeah. are you kidding me? after all your effort decorating this place, we can stay here as long as you want. [ knock on door ] >> chelsea: [ chuckles ] seriously? >> adam: yeah, all right. i'll -- i'll get it. whoever it is, i'll tell them to scram. >> chelsea: [ chuckles ] >> adam: don't move. >> chelsea: okay. >> sage: oh, thank god. heat. >> adam: you, uh...weren't sitting alone in the park again, were you? >> sage: no, no. my heat's off in my apartment. but, um, i'm interrupting something. i should go. >> chelsea: no. it's -- it's okay. uh, what's going on? >> sage: i did something crazy. >> adam: what did you do?


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