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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  December 31, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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it is not new years in philadelphia without the mummers. they are getting ready for their big strut down broad street in a little more than 24 hours this years parade will feature plenty of familiar faces but also some big change is his as he well. >> we have everything that you need to know to get ready for the fun. but first lets take a live look outside, it is a comfortable start to the last day of 2015, so how does start of the 2016 look? katie is here to answer that for us and also to talk about new years eve night, will people need the extra jacket. >> i would say so. we are flipping the calendar page to january so you would expect to need it. >> it feels like winter. >> yes, coats don't go well with dresses. >> maybe put some seek wins on the coat. >> yes. >> vittoria can do that, vittoria woodill will do that. >> let's sign her up for that.
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>> we are certainly expecting to see much quieter weather. you will not need any bedazzled umbrella, that is good news. you were hoping for that? >> a little bit. >> well hey, take one with you but, you know, go mary poppins style instead. it will be a quiet pattern here. lets go outside, storm scan three quiet as can be. we had wet weather rolling through, last night on the three hour loop how things have been just sort of pulling away in terms of the wet weather but there are still some clouds out there. you might even still find a few patches of fog but generally speaking things are calmer and more collect out there as well. it is a off to a mild start, for the standard at least but a as we go through the day, cooler air starting to move in. we have got a north westerly flow to our wind not a windy day a at all but because that is the direction that the air flow is coming from, it is going to keep us somewhat at bay with these temperatures values throughout the the the course of the the day. fifty-one is the current temperature in atlantic city, in at 49 currently at the a
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airport and throughout the the day. we will only top off a few more degrees from here but it does brighten up, that is the key, it looks so much nicer as we round out this year of 2015, down the shore we are talking 53 degrees. and 39 up in the poconos. and we have been talking mummers, lets get give you a parade forecast here new years day not looking bad at all, a lot more seasonal but as we step off with that parade, tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. 39 degrees, chilly granted but sun should be shining brightly, guys, back over to you. here's a check of traffic for you, a live look outside at i-76 near girard avenue. both east and westbound lanes looking good at this point. this is a view of the ben franklin bridge in camden, you can see traffic moving nicely for commuters traveling towards philadelphia. there is some construction to report on the westbound side of white horse pike, that is approaching warwick road, the right lane will be blocked until 6:00 this morning so deep that in mine. we are still dealing with an accident in royersford at the intersection of lynn field road and north lewis road, near the entrance ramp to the
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eastbound side of route 422, once again, keep it the in mind. switching gears, the mummers are putting finishing touches on their strut for tomorrow a's annual parade. >> this year they will strut down broad street on a shorter route. >> "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabao is live outside city hall with a preview of the the parade route, good morning, jan. >> reporter: good morning, for the second year for this new parade route where they are heading down broad street. there are 10,000 men, women and children who are putting on those final preparation is today getting ready to perform in front of the thousands of spectators so hard work that they have put on all year, continues, today, lets take a look. again, for the 116th year in philadelphia the the mummers are just about ready to strut down broad street. the here at the convention center in center city fancy brigades busy putting final touches on extravagant routines making sure their moves are just right.
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across the the city in south philadelphia, one of the cities oldest string bandies getting in tune. the wood land stripped bank down for one last rehearsal, costumes simmering and giant floats ready to entertain. while the mummers parade is american a century's old tradition on new years day leading 20916 par wednesday will lead to new faces, to expand diversity philadelphia division was added with cultural and ethnic groups including hispanic organizations and african-american drill team and lgbt groups. mummers parade 2016 starts at 9:00 o'clock at 15th at jfk, marching south on broad street and ending at washington a avenue. of course, the parade is free, and opened to the public. if you walk, stand along the parade route, stand here at grand stands that will cost you $19. live from center city, jan carabao for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". so, before we get to tomorrow's parade it is almost
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time to ring out 2015 and ring in 2016. fire works will once again light up the delaware on new you years eve, sugar house casino has fire works at 6:00 this evening and then again at midnight. 6:00 p.m. will be set to sound tracks from the star wars series in celebration of the new film the force awakens. there are several family friendly options to ring in the the new year in south jersey, in haddonfield, kings highway will be filled with food and performers. if you you are interested in something a bit more steamy, sahara sams oasis indoor water park will be offering waves of fun with the dj spinning tunes there for an relevant i night head to the camden adventure aquarium where you can still celebrate and get them to bed in time to toast with grown ups later on. if you are still looking for something to do tonight and not quite sure head to cbs we have a full list of act to it celebrate start of the 2016. another year in the books, rahel. >> it has happened so fast. >> it the is a blank. the it really is.
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>> that means we are getting older. >> i know. >> the time right now is 5:55. in business news this morning new way to protect your pass words. plus how oprah is impacting weight watchers and a short week on wall street. money watch's wendy gilette joins us live from new york, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, nicole and rahel. markets lost ground yesterday a a as we move in the last trading day of 2015. oil prices fell again, they have dropped 39 percent this year. the dow jones lost 117 points, the nasdaq was down 42. oprah winfrey new tv commercial for weight watchers has given the company's stock price another boost. commercial began airing yesterday, and shares jumped 19 percent. weight watchers stock has more than tripled since october, when winfrey bought a 10 percent stake in the company. toys-r-us in times square is no more. the last shopping day for the mega store was yesterday. it was a 110,000 square foot attraction for kid of all ages
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with even a ferris wheel. the store opened in 2001, the the company decided not to renew lease because rent prices have gotten so high. new trend in pass word protection adding emojis, british researchers have come up with a system to require users to draw a shape when they create a pass word, they say that the system prevents almost all hacking. british banking company, already introduced pass word using emojis, earlier this year, nicole and rahel. >> that is something i can get on board with because i so often forget my pass word but i can remember to draw that. >> yes. >> it is an option. >> that is true. >> wendy gilette, thanks. we will see new a bit. we will to have wait until next year to crown a new multi millionaire unfortunately n1 won last night's big power ball jackpot. >> but there is one ticket in pennsylvania worth one million-dollar. >> yes. >> match five numbers just not power ball. here are winning numbers, 12, 36, 38, 54, 61, and the power
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ball is 22. saturday night's drawing is now worth 334 million-dollar. >> i with take a million-dollar. >> yeah. >> maybe not in pennies though. >> check this out, penny saved is a penny earned, right. >> but to the owner of two convenient stores in orange county, california the penny is not even worth saving. >> he is banning them from his cash register starting tomorrow. >> he said they are useless and he is rounding out all cash transactions to the nearest nickel. he got the idea in the army and stationed in germany where pen writes not used in the base. >> everyone wins, so we all know, we're all consumers, we all know how annoying pennies are. they take time, cumulate, we throw them in the trash we put them in the piggy bank never to be seen again. >> they make it easier so it is not so difficult and not so much change carried around. >> the store will not change, but the toll at the register will. if it does not end, the charge
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will round up or down by a few cents. you had postal service unveiled its 2016 line up of stamps on wednesday. in addition to the tribute to pets, one eyewitness group is a set of four star trek films honoring original tv show's 50th anniversary. they feature classic icons from the legendary show such as u.s.s. enterprise, crew member being beamed up, and a vul can solute. a freeze made famous by football star so he would not lose money could soon make him some money. >> i'm just here so i won't get fine. >> i'm just here so i won't get find. >> how many times have we heard that? >> seahawks running back mar shawn lynch has a trademark on his famous phrase from last years super bowl media day. he was basically ignoring reporters questions. new lynch can control use of the phrase on t-shirts and the like. it is lynch's fourth trademark including beast mode and others. >> it is a smart move you are
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feeling a certain way. >> as a journalist i can understand a frustration asking someone a question but his reaction was pretty hilarious. >> pretty funny. >> thanks, rahel. >> good. we will update this morning's top stories including is what next in the case against bill cosby. plus this... >> ♪ >> it is the performance of a lifetime for some local singers, meet the the choir that is getting ready to sing for the pope. >> ♪ >> oh, yeah, keisha in our cbs-3 control room. i don't see any sweet moves though. >> there they are. >> look at them go. >> a lot of people will be partying tonight. >> i think that is joe kerr. >> yes, raise the roof, joe, come on, we got a hand. hit something we will take it. new years eve folks, thanks
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for celebrating with us.
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here's the headlines, bill cosby is out on bail after montgomery county prosecutors charged him with sexual assault. prosecutors say that the philadelphia born comedian drugged and sexually assaulted a woman in 2004. he will be back in court next month. nypd will be making sure times square is the most safe
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place to celebrate the new year. nearly 6,000 police officers will be on duty tonight, including members of the new counter terrorism unit. and former eagles coach chip kelly has broken his silence for the first time since his firing. he thanked fans and team owner jeffery lurie. kelly regretted he was unable to give fill a championship. singers from our area will be celebrate nothing italy. >> they are celebrating and heading to sing for pope francis in the the about a sill contact diana rocco gives us a preview of their special performance. >> ♪ the >> reporter: angelic voices of the archdiocese boys and girls choir rises from the basilica, in preparation, for their trip, to the vatican. >> it is in the very often, that we will get to travel internationally and such a great honor to be working with the sistine chapel choir and their director. >> ♪ >> reporter: sixty boys and girls from our area and more than 40 family members will
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leave new years eve for it thely. >> it will be another life changing event for them. they are so honored to sing for pope fran cyst in philadelphia but this time they are investigating him. >> reporter: choir sang for pope while visiting philadelphia in september and they will be performing for the holy father. this time in rome with the sistine chapel choir and six other choirs. on january 6th, at the festival of the epiphany. >> it is just a blessing, and it is great, and going to go through this choir sing nothing front of the cathedral when pope visited us here and visiting him there. it is a real operator. >> we're doing this to make people happy that is what we want for people. >> reporter: in their first trip to rome it is part of the spiritual journey for many children. >> i'm so excited he invited our choir and it is an honor to go over there and sing for him. >> grow more spiritually and to see pope francis. >> reporter: the choir will start the new year traveling rome and hoping to finally meet pope francis
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face-to-face, in center city philadelphia i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> what an experience for those children. >> can you you imagine. >> they are so articulate about it. >> they full appreciate the experience. >> very talented. >> mayor nutter honors a young philadelphia teen who achieved national greatness. "eyewitness news" at city hall where applause was well deserved for northwest raiders. the team composed of 24 young men from philadelphia's germantown section, when the pop warner national super bowl championship. they came back from a 19-point deficit to win midget division by a score of 34-19. >> that is pretty awesome. >> yeah, good for them. switching gears, talking the the forecast, we all want to be out in our dresses, our finest but we will probably need a coat. >> and the shoes you can getaway with it but would i definitely say you will want to be indoors where it is more climate controlled and little bit warmer because we are starting to see more typical
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january chill begin to settle in here, guys. that is what is eventually going to be the story, for now we are off to a cool start but remaining above average even at this hour. we will look at around the board here we have just a rot have 40's to report. we will zero in right around philadelphia, just go out to outlining suburbs to the west and then go across the river in a second here but bill is coming in with a clear sky. he sent this in the last half an hour from cardington at 49 degrees despite that clearing but he did mention that there was fog out there early this morning. that too is, thinning out. if you see it at all it will be dissipating shortly. meanwhile will we are at 47 degrees from lynn, she mentioned the rain that came in last night and said it woke her up and road are damp but we are drying out. so that is good news there, and she's looking forward to the sunshine. the as is everybody else at this point. the let get down to delaware very quickly where 49 is the temperature, last sent in from jason in middletown where the the sky is starting to clear,
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and, lets check his comment. it looks like last day of 2015 will be a nice one. it looks like this will be just the beginning of the strength of nicer days. with that said you might feel a hint of the breeze, generally it is calming down, the wind, notice wind direction for the most part it is coming in west to northwest, the the the arrows become more of a story because win flow comes from the north west even though it may not than windy, it does keep temperatures cooler as that cool air mass comes in from across the border. so as skies clear we are in transition here today, we will level off it looks like into the lower 50's this afternoon, but then tonight you're heading out to dinner, heading out for fire works whatever it might be we will be gradually falling through the 40's, as we hit stroke of midnight more like 40 degrees we will bottom out to 35 and then we are just staying steady here with sunshine and low to mid 40's generally the story for better part of the forecast, guys, over to you.
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checking traffic right now this is i476 near area of route one headlights are moving in the north bound direction so that is good news. also look at i-95 at philadelphia international airport all lanes are cleared and there are in current delays at the airport. burlington bristol bridge now back down and reopened to traffic, so no problems there and current travel time if you you are heading out i-95, i-76 and route 422 all looking great at this time, of course, it is still early so that can change. scare in the air for passengers aboard an air canada flight. their plane from shanghai to toronto encountered heavy turbulence and landed in calgary. twenty-one passengers including three children were hurt. >> we thought we were dying, as you can see in the movies where they all go up to the ceilings, everything went to the ceiling that wasn't anchored, lessened to be learn to all of you keep your seat belt on even when it is sunshine. >> injuries are described as non-life threatening, air canada is making arrangements
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to accommodate all overpass eveningers including those continuing on, to toronto. >> that was scary. carrie fischer fires back at body shamers. >> the the 59 year-old actress best known for her role aspirin zest leah in star wars has received a barrage of hateful tweets about her appearance and latest star wars movie. fish are reprices her role 30 years after she first donned that famous golden bikini. fischer took to twitter saying pleat stop debating whether or not i have age well. >> you know, i can totally understand where she is coming from. people are so critical. they think she is not the a person and does not have feelings. he does, be nice, be nice everybody. say good bye tour exfoliating facial cleansers and shower goals. tiny plastic micro bead you have been rubbing on your face and body are now out loud in the united states. president obama signed a bipartisan bill that prohibit selling and distributing products containing micro bead.
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the tiny particles do not dissolve so it is intended to protect the nation's waterways. >> wow, so many products i feel like has those bead. >> it is interesting a lieutenant of products will be pulled from the shelves i'm sure. there are new developments in the case of the affluent teen. >> we will have details on. that we will be right
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the the mother and teen fugitive ethan couch is back in the u.s. after authorities say she, her son fled to mexico. tanya couch arrived at los angeles international airport early this morning in the custody of u.s. marshals. judge has block her 18 year-old son deportation, and ethan is texas teen known for using an affluent defense in the fatal drunken driving incident, he could face jail time for leaving the u.s., after skipping a meeting with his probation officer. a florida woman accidentally, shoots and kills her daughter after mistaking her for a intruder. it happened just outside orlando. mother told police she saw someone break nothing to a window late tuesday night. she fired one round. the injured daughter was taken to the hospital where she later died. >> it is real shocking when... unaudible. >> really sad. >> i tried, i don't know, i'm a mother as well. >> although the police are investigating they say it
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appears to be a terrible accident. with man is not being identified because her husband is a under cover police officer. current events have forced a denver book store to change its sign. isis books and gifts was name after the egyptian goddess of health. last month it became target of vandals who wrongly associated the book store with the islamic state terrorist are. the sign now read goddess, books and gifts. >> isis has been around for at least 3500 years, egyptian goddess of health, of family of healing. why wave a red flag in front of the ignorant people may react in such a negative way, when we don't have to. >> owners say that the official name of the store and web site will remain isis books and gifts but their sign will use some new brand goddess books and gifts. well, massachusetts boy is hailed a hero for saving his brother and himself from possible carbon monoxide
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poisoning. >> braid den wilcox was sleeping in on vacation yesterday morning when he heard a beeping sound. he went to the basement and carbon monoxide detector was in full alert. >> so i woke up, my brother, and we ran outside and we call the fire department. >> if he didn't wake me up or we were still sleeping then the carbon dioxide would get into our system. >> i'm still feeling pretty sick to my stomach over the the whole thing but just so thankful. >> wow. >> part of the reason brayden knew what to do is thanks to the fire department, fire fight gets to school every year to teach kids what to do in an emergency like that and thank goodness he retained that and put tonight practice. coming up in the next hour of "eyewitness news" we are live, in montgomery county with the latest on the charges against bill cosby. we have an update on abby rose pit bull that spent nearly one full year in the delaware county spca, stay with us, we will be right back.
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comedian bill cosby back in front of the cameras but this is no act. the philadelphia native now charged with sexually assaulting a woman in montgomery count and we are live with the latest. kiss off the old block, who will be coaching eagles this sunday but, chip kelly is
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one saying he is grateful. we have his letter to the philly fans. happy new year, you you heard it at least two residents in auckland, new seal land. thinks their fire works display, it is right there. it is 2016 over there. katie has forecast for rest of 2015 here. we will tell but that in a couple second here. it the is thursday, december 31st, new years eve i'm nicole brewer. >> i'm rahel solomon in for erika von tiehl. lets get to katie with the new years forecast, good morning, katie. >> good morning, guys. we will start to see things clearing out in time for new years eve festivities, chill in the air for sure. it is flipping calendar page from december to january after all so as we look ahead to what is typically or coldest month of the entire year and temperatures are going to trend, towards much more typical values but we will start of


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