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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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cure cancer. we're going to learn the details of his visit and on you he plans to fight that disease that took the life of his son. eagles choose a new headcoach, a lot of fans we spoke with say they're surprised by the choice. we're talking about doug pederson this morning. we want your opinion, let us know what you think.g. >> it's friday, january 15th. good morning. glowed you're with us i'm erika von tiehl. >> i'm nicole brewer. >> good morning. feels a lot better the roadways are looking fe. we've had a couple accidents. they're getting cleaned. we made it to the end our work week and it's going to be 50's. >> we're going to warm up nicely up there. comes courtesy of a warm front lifting in but you tend to have side effects that come with that. we don't necessarily expect full bright sunshine all day. you're going to start to see clouds eventually building with time, but regardless, the warmth
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will be here, let's start off with a quick check on stormscan 3 at the moment. nice and quiet. in fact, the whole northeast is nice and quiet. it will not stay that way. it's going to be totally different on this radar satellite composite as we head to tonight. for now all is calm and very tranquil here. 31 degrees at the airport at the moment. gnarls of the wind, you virtually have none, 31 even at mount pocono. you're on par with the urban corridor, not bad in the poconos and 40 is your current temp in atlantic city. these temperatures are only going to be increasing with time. outside we go to a quick shot of our live neighborhood network. you can simultaneously see courtesy of the street lights there a little snow on the ground up here in broad headville in money row county outside pleasant valley middle high schools, 23 degrees, very light if any wind at all. school buss doing their thing in the distance, i do think once we see the stopper move me tonight, any of that lingering snow will get washed away. look at these area temperatures, in the poconos, it will be too
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warm for anything but rain with this storm system. for now, the daylight hours feature nothing but clouds, 52 in the city, 12 above average, by tonight the rain comes in. we're going to track that for you literary in the show meisha. >> sounds great. looks we're driving al here, what you're looking at is live shot from mobile 3, the schuylkill eastbound blast the blue route in or around conshohocken area. traffic moving nice, the good thing is, first thing i thought on the schuylkill i want to see if there's any brake lights going off and there is not. one traveling posted speeds, looking good, and i love this shot because it makes us feel like we're playing a video game. if i did, this is what it would look like. we're going to go to the ben franklin bridge. looking good, this is what i want to call your attention to, 202 northbound to the that ramp was closed for awhile. looking great there. and also we do have ap accident outside involving in west rock
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hill, route 309 southbound, 563 perkasie, whenever we have entrap means. it can be more serious, an accident investigation involving a pedestrian, hunting park 5th street is closed at hunting park avenue. you're going tot use this as your alternate. erika back over to you. >> i'll take it from here. doctors are working right now to save the life of a 45-year-old man, the victim of a hit-and-run in hunting park. this happened about two hour ago at fifth and hunting park. that man was found lying in the street. now, investigators have several fragments from the reek as evidence. they're waiting to get their hand on surveillance video from a nearby business. hoping it offers more clues. investigation is also under way into a possible case of arson in north philadelphia, police were call to a vehicle fire involving too mauves along 3100 block put of 6th street overnight. the fire may have started in the jen area. the good news no one injured. erika president kennedy set up a
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goal to put a man on the moon by the end of 60's, joe biden is launching a moon shot type goal, to find a cure for cancer. "eyewitness news" scan carabeo joins us at the penn school of medicine where the vice president will take part in a round table discussion later on this afternoon. jan, good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning, joe biden is expected here at the university of pennsylvania right around 3:00 this afternoon. he will first take a tour of the school of medicine and the cancer center before he sits down to that round table for that discussion that you mentioned. he is calling this his moon shot. he says this generation needs to treat ending cancer like it's mission to the moon. >> for the families that we can still save, let's make america the country that cures cancer once and for all. >> reporter: joe biden is now tasked with leading a new nationwide initiative to end cancer. a very personal mission. the vice president lost his own son 46-year-old beau by den to
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to brain cancer last may. today, science is ready and doctors at the university of pennsylvania abramson cancer center would agree. >> we're going to recognize this time when we look back as when things changed our expectations for treating cancer from treating to curing it. >> reporter: biden kicks off friday, friday. he already met with 200 of the world's top cancer researchers. >> we developed drugs here and many other places across the country that are beginning to show the way how we can activate the immune system in a safe way, in a very powerful way. achieving what appears to be cures me some patients. >> reporter: the goal is simple. biden wants to double the rate of progress. he wants to make a decade's worth of advances in five years. to do that, the vice president says he plans on increasing funding and resources, both private and public to fight cancer.
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and he plan on bringing cancer fighters together to better share information. >> how can we extend our reach? how can we achieve cures in more and more patients because the time to do that is now. >>reporter: after his stop here, vice president biden will head overseas to switzerland where he'll talk to international experts there before returning to the state at the end of the month to continue here. starts right here at university city at the university of pennsylvania's again, right around 3:00 this afternoon. of course, cbs3 will be here to cover it all. for now we're live at uof penn. jan car would he, "eyewitness news". penndot has an idea to help alleviate traffic tie-up along the schuylkill expressway, the plan would let motorists drive on the shoulder of the road. looking live at the schuylkill, moving pretty well. the changes that apply to the area between route 202 and route 1 was the subject of a traffic study almost two years now. officials stress that no decisions has been made yet.
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a different decision as in eagles fans squawking this morning. wrapped up their search to replace chip kelly. meet doug pederson. pederson spent the 99 season playing quarterback for birds and coached with andy reid. >> it was a great opportunity for him, to visit with a great organization. so i believe it was an honor for him to have that opportunity. >> you see a good coach. he's never been a headcoach in the nfl. he's never even his offensive coordinator in kansas city he doesn't call the place. >> the eagles can't officially hire the 47-year-old pederson until the chiefs are done with their season. they claim the patriots in the playoffs this saturday at 4:30 here on cbs3. you know die hard eagles nation, the fans have to offer their two cents on the new headcoach. squawking we're calling it this morning, reactions is getting a
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bit of a mixed reaction. >> i'd rather take coughlin from the giants. he knows our division more. >> i don't know put it was my number one choice. there was a lot worse candidates i believe they were interviewing. >> for the excited actually. i never liked him. >> for awhile we thought the birds would hire a different guy. this guy. to the point where we made the enormous tom coughlin head. sure thing; right? no, we're not, we're not sure what we're going to do with this now. >> first exclusive interview, live onset. >> wrong head. >> all right. hey, if you haven't seen it the front page of the daily news right here you can see there's a picture of doug pederson. the headline says hail to the chief question mark. on the back flip it over little red. reference to andy reid's nickname of big red.
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relationship between reid and pederson. let us know on line. >> i think little red is a little bit of a slam. >> if he wins, everyone is going to be his biggest fan. >> he'll be promoted to big red part two. >> 6:09. republican candidates in the race for the white house clash in their first debate of 2016. >> there's a big overhang, a big question handwriting on your head and you can't do that to the party. >> we'll recap some highlights and show you a rare heart felt response from the most vocal candidate. of course, talking about donald trump. >> also blue penguin what's not to love here? they're the smallest penguins in the world. now you can see them up close and personal. katie already has. she takes us on a tour of their new home at venture aquarium coming you next.
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we do have breaking news into our newsroom. chopper three over a massive fire in burlington city. you can see the flames. this is on the 300 block of saint mary street. we checked with firefighters and one person has been hurt so farful we will keep an eye on that fire and bring you updates as soon as we get them. right now, it is 6:12. the winter weather may be feeling a little blue. cold weather. new rivals to the venture aquarium sure to warm your heart. >> i headed over to camden new jersey for a is that clear peak at what just i object the cutest penguins ever. >> we're used to watching penguins waddle around the venture aquarium but tiny new additions are making their big
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blue debut this week. >> why are these penguins blue. >> it's a form of camouflage. the penguins are dark on the top and light on the bottom to help sties themselves from predator while swimming in the water. >> sapphire three of the eight little blues, who will be waiting water side this winter. >> first thing you're going to notice when you see a little blue penguin is exactly how little they are. they're the smallest species, raining in weight from maybe two pound to three pounds. about 13 inches to 15 inches tall. >> they may be small but boy can these guys eat. breakfast time and it's a blue plate special. >> they eat a variety of small fish. sardines, smelts, small trout and hiring. penguins in general can eat about 20 percent their body weight in a single day. >> they will reside in their very own ca ban if as.
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>>. >> when i think of penguin, i think of snow with. >> there are 18 species of penguins in the world and only two are found in ant, a ca career around. couple other that will travel to ant, a ca, but nor in a tell me patriot climate like what we have here, south america, south philly africa. australia and new see land. >> there's something going on here. >> from sit mi stroll alley have a lot to say. >> they're the most vocal species, they have a variety of calls from a low roll to a squeak. you're hearing a squeak, to a trumpeting sound, each penguin will have it's own unique sound or voice, that's how they identify themselves in the group. >> guests can get a close-up view of these friends, surfing and splashing. spring and summer. >> we're proud to say their
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permanent residents here at the at the care young man. >> the exhibit opens today. you can check them out. . we gave you a couple names, my personal personal favorite spud. they were absolutely adorable. >> the interview we might have to re-do this part. they were so he vocal. >> very comfortable in our forecast. >> absolutely. yes, they are beach dwellers. now, i wouldn't say this at any at the beach but it sure is nice for january standards. although i do show you the wider zoom on stormscan 3, clearly there's something to see here, a squall setting up across the northeastern gulf of mexico this is the storm system that will be affecting us by tonight. for now we're biding our time.
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wire zoom shows a separate system crossing into the northern planes, that is going to have an impact across the northeastern u.s. and end upbringing more snow chances for that part of northeast. it's just rain for us, start to see the clouds, hit the low 50's. storm crosses through late into early tomorrow morning and then out of here. the weekend isn't looking bad. skies start to clear. we should hit the upper 40's, then the cold air catches up to us and reenforcements are here, back into the 30's, upper 30's where were he should be on sunday, honor studies, could trigger a flurry. monday, many of you may be out. i highly suggest that you bundle up adequately. we're going to be back into the deep freeze low 30's feeling like the teens and that likely continues heading into tuesday at this point. here's a snapshot image. festive graphic for the hull
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blustery, looking forward in the seven-day forecast, we'll keep you into those low 30's, as we mentioned tuesday as well. mid 30's which wednesday, rerebounding a little bit as we head into thursday with some sun and some clouds; and in the meantime what was expecting to decide cloud build for now but it's a nice mile day. the timing can certainly be a heck of a lot worse since the only coming with that rain boy tonight. meisha over to you. >> i'm going to enjoy the 50's today. happy friday. everyone, if you're waking up with us, we're glad you're here, this is a live shot from mobile three. this is 95 northbound. we know by now, that northbound typically right now is looking pretty good. it's other side of the live shot. if you can do so this you can see just a string of headlights out there moving in the southbound direction on 95. that's typically where we see the bulk of our slowdowns, northbound, looking aok. we do there's construction naufrnd this area, we're used to that. we just got to maneuver around
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it. not podsing any problems whatsoever. this is where we have an accident. route 30 eastbound at business route 30 you can see him. we got marking headlights out there. you can see how slow moving it is and also we have a fire in springfield, townhouse under construction, not good. raven cliff drive at old state road, make note of that for those of you in or around that area, i'll have an update on mass transit river line experiencing 30 minutes delay about 15 minutes. >> 6:18 right now. coming up highlights and rack from last night's gop debate. >> also a travel warning for mom's to be to be, why the cdc considering new guidelines for
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time is ticking for voters to make up their minds and the candidates know it. >> the republican presidential candidates came out swinging. don champion has the debate analysis. >> reporter: one of donald trump's strongist political moments came when he defended his home town. his clash with ted cruz was one of the most talked about moments of last night's debate. >> everyone understands that the values in new york city are socially liberal, pro borings re abortion or gay marriage.
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>> when the world trade center came down, i saw something that no place on earth could have handled more beautifully, more humanly than new york. >> he had this heart felt response from trump. you don't get a lot of heart felt responses from trump. >> cruz is running neck and neck in iowa. he scored major points for going toe to toe with the billionaire candidate specifically on the birther issue. >> when you go after cruz in a personal way and you damage someone who they still think would make a fine nominee, then trump is really. >>. >> the republican contenderers have one more debate before the iowa caucus, don champion, cbs3 "eyewitness news" 6:22. coming up a new lawsuit claims a popular lip baum can cause blizzards and a rash. also meisha getting behind the wheel for another dream drive. taking us to a museum dedicated to vehicles from the 1700s to the 1900s. old cars.
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>> very nice katie you're working on the weekend forecast. >> indeed and it's not a bad one. even though there's a storm brewing and also another cool-down waiting in the wings. for now, it's not looking bad at all. we'll have the full details and time out this next storm s
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garbage. that's the budget passed by the republican legislature in harrisburg. it's unfunded, unbalanced and unconscionable. it'll balloon the deficit. and cuts education by $95 million dollars. causing governments to raise property taxes. all while protecting the gas industry by refusing to make them pay their fair share. call your legislator. tell them to fund education, stop the deficit from ballooning out of control, and build a better future for pennsylvania.
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. today marks the seventh anniversary of the miracle on the hudson. january 15th, 29, us airways
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1549 hit a flock of birds ready to take off shutting down both engines, captain stolen berger put the plane down safely on the hudson river safely all 150 people. incredible day popular eos lip baum many celebrities is at the center of a lawsuit. claims the egg shape lip baum left her with rash, bleeding -- eos's claim that it uses only the best and most natural ingredients is false. the company released a statement saying e os products are safe to use and meet or exceed all safety standards. see where that goes. amazon is offering a discount for it's prime membership this weekend. the subscription team will drop from 99 to 73. good news. a promotion starts tonight at 9:00 pacific time and sunday at noon. only new customers can take
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advantage of the deal. >> there you go. >> i know your eyes lit up. >> i was hoping to save $20. >> coming up in the next half hour, emergency commute meeting following the ambush and attempted assassination of a philadelphia police officer. hear what muslims living in the neighborhood are saying >> a local eighth grader wins big for her idea for a smart phone. see how she's tackling health issues. >> a couple accidents out there, fire and updates to mass transit and i'll have all the updates coming up in a little
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herswe pour 'em!ures. we pass 'em! we pick 'em! delicious fun for everyone.
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hershey's miniatures are mine, yours, our chocolate. good morning, we're following breaking news right now me burlington city. where flames are shooting out of the roof of this house it's a huge house fire in burlington stow. chopper 3 on the 300 block of
6:31 am
saint mary street. burning about an hour now. you can see smoke pouring out of that home. we're told one person was hurt. looking to find out how they're doing. once again, live at this huge house fire in burlington city. we will stay on top of this and we'll bring you updates. >> hate to see that. off tracking rain for the see that. more changes on the way next week. did i hear you say the word snow? >> ok. so. >> i'm getting right to it. >> we were talking about the possibility of maybe next weekend. we're you don't have the looking at some computer modeling right now. i make absolutely no promises. i should not have said that. >> probably not. >> all my fault. >> that sword. we know what people do when they hear the s word. >> but there is a storm brewing. it brings in rain this weekend. but just rain, no ice, snow. we're going to track that for you coming up. first and foremost we'll start with a live look at stormscan 3 and the three-hour loop we got
6:32 am
going here, nothing to show on the radar but we're watching a nice large area of moisture develop off to our south, that is eventually going to be bringing us the next round of rain, early as maybe 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. tonight as it spreads over the delaware valley from south to north and some of to will be locally heavy with rain amounts maybe three quarters of an inch ponding our road that whole mixed, because it's overnight. i would say there could be worst timing, 31 current temperature. at the airport, we're in the 20's. many other spots around the region up to the north. as the day progresses, you will start off with sunshine, in fact, i think we're going to see pretty nice sunrise here in about an hour or so. as we go through the day, temperatures have a chance to moderate to 52. then the clouds are building in, setting up a blanket of cloud cover to keep things mild. by the time to storm moves if here, looks as though it's primarily just rain. for our area. the fact that it is mid january, it could absolutely be a lot worse.
6:33 am
meanwhile we take a look at the area ahead and we're coming mild end to the week, rain to head am i the weekend. friday night saturday morning, then it does turn a lot colder next week. we'll be talking temperatures as well in the seven-day. >> that sound great to me, special because we're dealing with 50's. if you're waking up with us, take a look outside. this is a live shot from mobile 3. they are traveling on 95 southbound. i can let you know right now. there are plenty of break lights already on this busy friday morning going off. looking a lot slower here than it was just about 50 minutes ago when we were looking at the other side. 95 southbound looking slow. a lot of brake lights, you are no longer traveling at posted speeds when you get around here, we can see signs going by, when i looked about ten minutes ago. it was around cottman avenue, probably farther than that. slow moving in that area. switching gear, i want to pull your attention to mass transit updates. river line is experiencing 30
6:34 am
minutes delays right now. make note of that for those of you having to take mass transit. also, don't forget about this one, construction at media elwyn's pie cane station. media elwyn and chestnut hill west, this will be running this weekend and next. for those of you taking mass transit you're going to want to know about that. also an accident involving entrap meant, route 309 southbound at 563, perkasie. make note of that, busy morning for friday. neighbors in cobbs creek come together to support philadelphia police officer jesse hartnett who was ambushed in their own neighborhood a week ago. the suspect has pledged allegiance to isis. as "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt tells us, many who attended that meeting denounced the shooting. >> tonight is about terrorism, unfortunately. that's what this meeting is about. >> reporter: more than 200 angry and concerned west philadelphia neighbors packed the brian
6:35 am
school to talk about what happened one week ago just a few blocks away. >> i'm shot. i'm bleeding heavily. >> reporter: jesse hartnett was ambushed and so the several times, and authorities are confident edward archer pulled the trigger, not once or twice, more than a dozen times. hartnett took three shots to the arm. archer confessed to the shooting in the name of isis and islam. >> i've been in this city as a muslim 40 years. it does not reflect the character risks of the muslims here. >> he was one of do so dozens of proud muslims who came out for support. many on stage. >> islam is peace full it's certain people within can make i hard. >> reporter: the fbi is lead on the case and the bureau's director spent time with hartnett in the hospital before briefing local authorities.
6:36 am
>> we had the fbi level through our joint terrorism task force is investigating that attack as a terrorist attacks. >> reporter: he skipped specifics but said he doesn't believe archer is part of a larger cell. he's still cautious, ridge ross, on the job just over a week, spent time with officer hartnett in the morning. >> he's getting a little better but he's got a lot of recovery ahead of him. >> reporter: according to fbi officials, archer traveled to egypt and saudi arabia within the last five years. something authorities and neighbors want to learn more about. >> tinted represent us. this guy does not at all represent us. >> reporter: archer is behind bars this morning, he has a preliminary hearing scheduled for january 25th. last night at that community meeting dozening continued to wish officer a speedy recovery. david spunt cbs3 "eyewitness news" indonesia's president is returning if the site of
6:37 am
yesterday ofly deadly terror attack as three isis supporters are in custody there, they know the identity of five suicide bombers, two of them served time on terror charges of the at least two people killed, 20 more hurt when militants attacked a star bucks. burlington county's men and women in blue now have a mu crime fighting tool. it's called dna asset marking. residents and business owners can purchase a kit to mark valuables, each kit is registered with police and unique. you can only undercover the invisible solution with ultraviolet light say somebody steels one of your marked item like a watch or piece of jewelry. police recover the item and investigators can quickly id the rightful owner. >> it's a scary tool to offenders that they will be caught. the property will be returned to the owners and it will tie that suspect to the location of the crime. >> clever idea. camden county began using this new technology back in june.
6:38 am
there's still no word on the identities of the three big winners of the giant power ball jackpot. >> i wonder who they are. >> the 7-eleven store in california accept add $1 million check for selling that winning ticket. the other two winning power ball tickets were sold in florida and tennessee. all three winners will split the $1.5 billion jackpot. three stores in pennsylvania sold million dollar tickets matching all five numbers but for the the power ball. a ticket sold at a wawa in new jersey matched all five but that person won double the prize, $2 million because they added a multiplier. >> that's nice. paid off. >> coming up why the cdc could issue a travel warn forgot pregnant women. >> it's a cheap cardboard contraption but one couple says it's price less. it saved their baby's life. see how doctors found a way to use it in operating room. >> meisha is taking us on a dream drive.
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a vintage car the vehicles from the season hundreds to the
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katie weather watchers are out there right now looking at the forecast. sounds pretty good. it's foggy 50's are we talking. >> yes, we're expecting to see the temperatures around into the 50's. we'll start things off with a quick check on the eyewitness weather watcher temperatures in the 20's, few pit 30's showing up out there. depends on your location. we'll zip around, 31 comes into us right now from david in clementon. 26 came in from ed he's seeing just a cloud. not terriblyly cloudy. a single cloud out there. 26 degrees. let's go one down in delaware briefly. we got one further south, let's check this guy out. 37 comes in from andy. he's down all the way in dover.
6:43 am
where, as well, he got just barely a cloud outside. 37 at his comment. no wind, no windchill. perfect. there you go. what you see is actually what you'll be getting on the thermometer. and that holds true across one of our southernmost locations in the delaware valley down no the rehoboth beach where, one loan man bundled up. you got to look closely. he's got a nice heavy coat on. it is chilly. it is january after all but a beautiful sunrise under way. modist breeze. it's going to be milder than average. stormscan 3 as we take this looking moisture building in, a squall line setting up off the florida pan handle. as this builds form i time, we end up with rain at home. specifically by tonight. now, i do think you're going to get through the typical evening rush without a hitch. then the rain moves in from south to north, 52 in the meantime. tomorrow still pretty mild for the norm.
6:44 am
we should see any of that rain tapering off. the thing with this storm is it's mid january and everyone is gettinging just rain even up at the ski resorts. >> thank you so much for the update. we all need to know. especially as we're making our weekend plans. happy friday. all of you. blue route southbound route 1 looking very busy. gun, that's the blue route in the southbound direction. that's where you're seeing that flood of brake lights coming on. it's busy for friday. tends to be one our lighter travel days, it's looking busy out there. take a look 95 southbound cottman avenue looking at a live shot about 15 minutes ago and it was a stream of brake lights urics traveling less than posted speeds. especially as you come around the s curve. 42 freeway looking busy. looking just a sea of headlights out there. route 42 southbound past 168 around that area, this is where we have an accident that just popped up. make note of that for those of you in or around that area, mass
6:45 am
transit river line is experiencing 30 minutes delays, also tweeting out other updates in the world of mass transit, overall things looking good. i will say we do have another accident trufilling route 309 southbound at route 563. all major highways and necessity are slowing down slightly. when i look at why we're dropping sensors. 24 on 95. 37 on the schuylkill. slowing down quite a bit on this busy friday morning weekend coming up. excited. if you're looking for something to do. go on a drive perhaps. >> why not? >> i love it. >> i'm going to old school. with that i'm going to say very old school. i'm checking out beautiful vintage vehicles, a quick drive away. take a look. this week, we took a trip to berks county to visit the historic borrow of boyertown.
6:46 am
when you drive downtown boyer town, you see these color painted bears scattered all over the place. >> it was off to see the boyertown museum of historic vehicles. these are not your father's old mobile or old mobile at all. many of these might not be your great, great grandfathers. >> i'm kendra. >> what are the dates we're talking about? >> the earliest piece we have dates to the 1700s, we go to the 20 and century. we do include horse drawn and motorized. we have bicycles. >> the vehicle rain from wag gones to elegant carriages with beautiful glass work. back then the groceries came to you, via bread truck or meat truck. that trolley is from fairmount park. many were built right here in the 1900s, this was boyertown
6:47 am
auto body work. part of the carriage factory is still there. including the old metal forwards. >> while i'm here i'm going to learn how to be a blacksmith. the hotter it is, the easier it's going to be for you to tap it and bring it around. tap on the end. it will go down. >> i just turn it? how fast. >> as fast as you'd like. >> i love it. >> so pretty. >> there are also vintage buildings like old sunoco gas station. >> at this at this 1938 diner twice a year you can get a cup of coffee and a slice of my for 1940 prices, not too shall be with yyou can get your coffee for a nickel and a slice of my for a quarter. >> many cars actually still run. just not in today's tragic. >> some people would argue on the schuylkill expressway. not the easiest. >> we don't want take these car can say on the schuylkill expressway.
6:48 am
they're not going to keep up. >> we decided to hitch a ride. >> it's time to take a dream drive in this 1913 beauty. let's go. >> this is so cool. it's not going to go as fast as your car todaying but at the same time, you didn't want to go as fast as you do now because the roads are terrible and cars did share the road with so many horses. if you love to drive and you like those old, old mobiles whatever, go there. to that museum. it's really neat and think about 1700s. like. >> that is a change. >> it has a horn? and they all run, which is so cool. you can also see the old slay. it's really cool. i love these little pieces. thanks meisha. check out the largest dinosaur ever on earth, this is pretty huge; right?
6:49 am
literally. doug from argentina, dug it out of a quarry. 46 feet high and weighed about 70 tons. experts say it lived about 100 million years ago and it's now at the american museum of natural history in new york. >> do you see the teeth on that guy. >> i don't have to see see teeth on that guy. >> it is 6:49. let's see what's coming up on cbs this morning. nora o'donnell joins us live. >> good morning to you erika and nicole, charlie talks to sean penn about his interview with el chapo. we're going to get a preview. democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders joins us: the news is back in the morning, we'll see you in just about ten minutes. >> nora, thanks so much. looking forward to it.
6:50 am
health watch, the cdc is considering a travel warning for pregnant women to certain parts of the caribbean and south america. the concern is over the mosquito born virus. it can cause a neurological disease if babies causing them to have abnormally small heads and severe developmental issues and sometimes even death. no vaccine against this virus and no medicine to treat it. >> also on the health watch. new technology developed by google is surprisingly low tech. it's a cardboard box. it can provide imagine ri and according to stefanie stahl it was used to safe a baby's life. >> four month old tegan is alive thanks to this cardboard box with two small lenss and a smart phone inside. >> finding out after the fact this helped save her life. that's phenomenonal. >> the box known as google cardboard was used by a team of
6:51 am
pediatric heart surgeon to save baby's life. she was born with one lung and half a heart. the first doctors told the family there was nothing they could do. >> the family was given the worse prognosis you can imagine and she was told she was inoperable. a word we hate. >> a miami team was willing to try something new. took computer scans of her heart and lungs and uploaded to a smart phone, they were lend then able to look at 3d images of her heart and you don't know using googling cardboard that can provide detailed images. >> the old vr images we used to get were too grainy, not specific enough for the fine detail you needed to a delicate open heart repair on a baby. >> the virtual retail allowed doctors to visualize the baby's heart in relation to all other organs making the operation much simpler. >> being innovative seems to be the goal of this hospital and these doctors.
6:52 am
invasion is what saved our daughter's life. >> you don't need to be a doctor to use the technology. they can easily be found on line and the ap turn your phone into a virtual reality device. i'm stefanie stahl cbs3 "eyewitness news". >> you really how meaningful technology can be in our lives. incredible. a young philadelphia girl earned herself a trip to san francisco for the super bowl because of her reward winning idea. >> 13-year-old ciara dubeck is an eighth grader at our lady of calvary, entered a competition hosted to create aps to tack he he will health issues at school. she won $11,000 in grant money to build the ap and an all and he knows trip paid to the super bowl. >> my idea was a health and wellness ap for grade school students. here at our lady of calvary, they can earn points and rewards based on competing in different
6:53 am
health challenges. a fitness challenge. >> before the big game, dubeck will meet with mentors to help design the future of her ap. >> you can catch that super bowl 50 only on cbs on feb
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. before we go, we have breaking news, 12 people are missing after a possible collision between two marine corp helicopters.
6:57 am
the coast guard can found debris and empty life raft and fire on the water. >> they're still looking for any possible survivors, cbs that you say morning will have an update on that search coming up breaking this morning to our area, heavy flames and smoke burning through a section of row homes in burlington city new jersey. the fire is live look right now from chopper 3. broke out 5:30 in the 300 block of st. mary's street. at least three injuries, once again looking live at the fire burning if burlington city. today joe biden visits penn school of medicine and abramson cancer center. president obama end endorsed biden to lead a national effort to find a cure for cancer. >> reports say the eagles will hire former birds quarterback doug pederson as their new headcoach. pederson is currently the offensive coordinator under andy reid in kansas city.
6:58 am
they can't announce any move in the playoff run is through. the national panda makes his first public appearance this weekend. let's look. >> my gosh. >> bei bei is the name of the panda born in august in washington, dc. he'll head outside tomorrow with the rest of his panda family. that little ball of fir has already taken dc by storm. >> it is pretty drn strong about five and a half million viewers so far on the 24 hour account. >> the social game is strong. >> i can watch that all day. >> last on our forecast. >> got to check in with me. >> it is really dull to follow. it's looking pretty darn nice, i want to walk you through future weather, noon we're going to see sunshine, the rain takes over by
6:59 am
sunset. in the mountains it's too warm, just rain, that moves in overnight. then by tomorrow morning, heck by noon, it's long gone meisha. >> thank you for your that. good morning, we have a disabled vehicle, the schuylkill westbound before route 202. busy area just starting to build up right now, also 95 south on girard. you can see southbound still tapping on your brake lights. i will say tension is easing a little bit. 35 on 95, 41 on the vine, 29 on the schuylkill, we'll be in the eastbound direction. >> thanks, you ladies know this, i want a let our viewers know, today is my last day oh morning show. not going far. just coming into work a little bit later as a contributor to the 11:00 newscast. we have exciting new projects. i can't wait to share it with you. but you're going to have to stay up a little bit later. quickly, to say these ladies are beautiful, talented smart, also niceest people in the world and the same people behind the scenes, i love you guy, thanks
7:00 am
so much for being with me every scenes, i love you guy, thanks so much for being with me every single captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is friday, january 15th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning. sean penn breaks his silence to charlie rose about interviewing the world's most notorious drug lord. >> ted cruz slams donald trump in his values in the latest gop debate and democratic candidate bernie sanders joins us live. we are live in cuba where tourists are not quite ready for the tourist boom. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. i thought this is somebody upon whose interview could i begin a conversation about the policy of the war on drugs?


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