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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> some philadelphia streets still look like this, still snowed n a live look at the broad and washington lot there, where work remembers piling up snow from across the city, into a heaping hill of frosty accumulation. >> and, new jersey governor chris christie returns to the campaign trail. why he's facing criticism for his response to the flooding at the shore. >> good morning, it is tuesday, january 26th, i'm erika von tiehl. kids, good news for you, another snow day in philadelphia. that public and archdiocesan schools all closed today. also, many other schools are delayed or closed. we have a listing for you at the bottom of the screen or just hop on line to >> right now, we want to check in with meisha and katie. looks like the snow should melt. refreeze, same problem today it seems? >> definitely seeing slick spots out there. the good news today again with the sun maybe peaking out, katie, and 40's again, maybe will melt off again. i wonder does it refreeze again for wednesday? >> yes, i would say this will
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be running theme for couple of days. we had nearly 2 feet of snow. that's all going to melt away. so it will take some time unfortunately, certainly as we know, it has been taking a lot of time for many of you folks that might still be snowed in, even couple every days later, just, so much clean up to do. so, bear with the crews. i know they're trying their hard toast get everybody cleared out here. but it is a pros, we start things offer by taking you outside though. what you will notice right on the tail end of the loop, little pink showing up here going west on the turnpike here. go out toward the harrisburg, starting to see freezing rain, and actually, little blip of pink right over berks, lancaster county within the last say half hour or so has been enough for the national weather service to issue freezing rain advisory, in short, until these temperatures get all across the board above freezing potentially will he see speckles coming in of freezing rain, freezing rain advisory issued for lancaster, berks, lehigh, northampton, carbon monroe county area, all points
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inland. again if that's where your travels take you, you will run into the possibility t won't take much to make very slick travel. please be careful. twenty-eight the current temperature at the airport, meanwhile, around a lot of the outlying suburbs, you are well below freezing, so we need that time to rebound, we will eventually even philadelphia shooting for 44 degrees, eventually this afternoon, but do watch for shower, although, i think in philadelphia, safe to say, meisha, probably just couple of rain showers, no freezing taking place from the precipitation. >> that's great. great news. thanks, katie. good morning, everyone, happy tuesday. now, hine me, you can see all of the flashing light for the cars. where is this? what is this? it is overturned box truck here on the blue route northbound, the ram from broomall upper darby. one lane is open. now if you watch this, you can see them kind of squeezing by, trying to make it around all of this congestion right now. but his is certainly going to make some slow downs for those of you even thinking about going around the area. if you can hold off, i would wait until this gets cleared up. you can see, single file lane
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now starting, again, that's the blue route northbound, one lane is open. and that's at best. 995 south at cottman, you can see, looking good. but right coming around the s curve starting to see those brake lights going off, letting know you are slowing down less than posted speeds, already just braking through this 6:00 a.m. a lot of people hitting roadways yesterday, or today, rather, that maybe stayed home yesterday. looking at the schuylkill eastbound spring garden, beautiful shot there. looking good. everyone traveling at posted speeds, in the world of mass transit overall make sure to check your schedules on line. parking will be an issue over-crowding, but everything is trying to get back to norm tal. another update coming up in about 15 minute on that. erika, back to you. >> thank you shall patience certainly running thin around philadelphia resident still snowed n now three days after the storm. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch joins you now at the roosevelt roosevelt mall in northeast philadelphia with what it looks like there. how is the parking lot looking, justin? >> erika, good morning, the philly mayor, jim kenney, has
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said to be patient throughout all of this. this was a record snowfall, and to not call 911, but to call 311 to get your concerns about your area. but when you see what we're seeing here, you understand why there might be some concern. the main streets here will be clear. we're just here at the roosevelt mall parking lot, a top what's now mount roosevelt, very high snow drift. that we have climbed to the top of to give this vantage point, you see, lot of blacktop here in the parking lots, blacktop on the road, but you go down one every these street here, and that's where you will find your problems. lots of snow and ice, building in those areas, the plows are working the main street, and they have been for some time. next priority will be get to go your neighborhood street. now, however, the only way they'll really know is if you call in and let them know where they should be going. we have seen some plows try it make their way through those roads, as you can imagine, snowy, icy, cars in the way,
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it can be trecherous, perhaps when sunlight comes up they'll make more of headway and getting down there. we can tell you this: as you drive those streets, walk the sidewalks, be careful, there are some spots where you will see some ice. if it looks wet, more than likely frozen, so be very careful. but again, as you go out and about these next few days, it will be casino of touch and go, in terms of the conditions. you will want to call 311, that is the philly 311 line, that can also be reached on social media, on twitter, and facebook, also with the handle philly 311. they're working around the clock to get us back to normal, as you can see, it will take some time. erika, back over to you. >> all right, justin fin itch for us, thanks so much. >> so the big question is hey where did all of the snow go? live look right here at broad and washington where crews are dumping the snow into an open lot. the main streets are clear, but some of those side street, they still look look snow banks. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joining us now at
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12th and piers where snow is piled up to snow windows in some circumstances. good morning. >> reporter: erika, good morning. that is right. we've been making our way down 12th street in south philadelphia today we were over on watkins street, just short time ago. now we've made our way here to piers street. i can't even get into the middle of the road herement check it out. look how high the snow is in this area. now it is iced over, it is becoming rock solid. so folks here aren't going to be able to shovel this away. i don't even know how a plow get down this street guys. they might have to bring in one of the front end loaders just to move it out of this area. regardless, these folks are frustrated. they're looking for some sort of relief today. now, "eyewitness news" found many streets here in south philly in the same condition, it is now day three of clean up. and while road crews are working hard, working around the block, folks hearsay they aren't moving fast enough. advice dents of did he if he street got so fed up they went apehood and hired a plow for $600. not everyone can do that, right? the mayor says he under stands the frustration but asking for
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patience, because of the ongoing clean up, the ppa will not only -- that will not enforce parking meter or kiosk violations again today, so again, they will not enforce those violations today. but, there is a bit of a break however. the ppa will still ticket you if you park in front of hydrants, bus zones, handicap spots, or of course break any and all other safety rules. people here though again who are trapped, they're waiting for some relief. >> pull out if you are angry. a lot of people are angry with the mayor too. >> it is important to you. and if you're not out yet, frustrated and i recognize that, but we have to go through this in a methodical way to make sure the city gets back to work, as soon as possible. >> again, those road crews are working around the clock. you saw before we came to the live hit that we have about these front end load that's are picking up and moving mounds of snow to five different locations all across the city. these folks hope that some sort of relief comes here sooner than later, that these mounds every snow make their
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way over to what i am now calling mount washington, erika. for now live in south philadelphia, jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> spring can't come soon enough, jan, thank you. >> today new jersey officials will survey the damage in several flooded shore towns. the storm brought snow, coastal flooding and beach errosion to much of cape may county. in north wildwood, as many as 150 people had to be rescued from their homes. for some, it was like reliving hurricane sandy. >> got hit in sandy a little bit. we just got hit a little hard they are time. so the rugs that were new and the floors that were new are coming back up. >> it is day gentleman zoo. because, you know, do you it, you get it back together, and no one anticipate that it would be this bad. so it is kind of heart breaking. >> new jersey lieutenant governor, and commissioner, bob martin, from the department of environmental protection, they toured several beach towns yesterday to assess damage. meantime, governor chris christie, who is campaigning
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for president in new hampshire, was asked why he didn't stick around in the aftermath of the storm. >> there has been one county that's flooded in the state. one county. that was cape may county. the one count that i flood. so i don't know where from all over the state since we have 21 counties, where that's happened. second, i don't know what you expect me to do. do you want me to go down there with a mop? >> the mayor of north wildwood react today christie's comment. mayor patrick took to facebook to express had i disappointment what he calls christie's lack of concern and respect for the people of cape may county. >> and em battle congressman chaka fattah legal team wants to quick the case and they're going to court today to try. the lawyer wants why the to let them off the case since fattah can't afford to pay them. the democratic law maker is facing federal racketeering charges, and he says he's already spent $300,000 on the case. fattah is running for re-election, set to go on trial in may.
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>> 6:09 right now. still ahead this morning with less than week to go until the iowa caucuses, things are really heating up in that state. >> what the candidate are doing with their final few days before the iowa cake you cents, i'm brian web in new york, i'll have the latest coming up. >> plus, making a stadium super. we have a behind the scenes look as crews get ready for superbowl 50, less than two weeks away. we'll be right back.
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>> septa warns, still today, there could be some parking issues at some of the rail
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station frost piles of snow, give yourselves extra time. >> philadelphia international airport also largely back to normal this morning. most flights arrived and departed on time yesterday. but the weekends, oh, talk about a travel nightmare, on saturday american airlines canceled all flights and other airport canceled on the east coast affected by the storm. >> amtrak also back on track this morning. it is operating on a modified schedule due to storm conditions. officials say service between new york and washington should be fully restored by later today. travelers also urge to check their trains status on amtrak's website before you head out to the station. but good to hear people are getting back on track today, katie. maybe little rain today, you think? >> it is look that way, actually right now, in fact, little bit of freezing rain issue going on through central pennsylvania, that we will get to in a second here. we start things offer here in philadelphia. as we overlook, from camden, across the river, ben franklin bridge, a-okay at the moment. we are generally still finding what i call pretty clear sky out there.
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clouds starting to build in, however, from west to east, and that's where in lies the problem of freezing rainy mentioned moment ago. so let's go ahead, flip it over here to storm scan3, where yes, you see pink, you know it can't be good. now granted, these are very light showers that are coming down. but because it is still so cold at the surface, it is falling as rain, and then actually freezing right on contact. that can be some of the most dangerous kind of wet weather that we find, just because, you think it is rain, but it is icing upright before you. you don't necessarily see it coming, especially, before the sun comes up. so do you have watch out for. that will now eventually, also going to find some showers picking up across the rest of the delaware valley. we go through future wet near certainly i want to show you what the set up is here. if you heard the rumors of big storm coming this weaken, repeat performance what we just had, i don't want you to worry about t so here's what's happening. you see, very solid hook motion going on here. area of low pressure, trailing front. we will see area of low pressure develop on the tail end of this front. that's what lift in, and what
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people think might be this storm system that's going to come our way for the weekends. however, i don't see enough cold air joining one it, nor anything to really draw it back on shore. so to me looks like just going to go out to sea and cause us no headaches. thank goodness for. that will if that changes i'll let you know. for now your immediate concern is this. as we look ahead in future weather, lehigh valley, poconos, berks county, lancaster county getting in on freezing rain, with a lull come midday around lunchtime then few rain showers start to pick up. could be broader zone of showers along i95, for the tail end of the evening rush, maybe late on tonight toward the shore point. that said, that's all you will find out there. couple of rain showers for the majority of our region. once the showers move through here, we will see skies start to clear, high pressure essentially regaining control, those two pieces though, cold air from the northwest, area of low pressure off to the south, they don't join up. so i think you're free and clear here the next couple of days generally speaking, for today the high hits 44 degrees under the clouds, then couple every showers along the way, too, we drop down to 34
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overnight, even though not at freezing, the grounds is cold enough that any melt that takes place today could refreeze. that's running theme right through the rest of this week, frankly, by the time we hit the weekends actually going to start to warm up to the mid 40's, not shabby, meisha. >> no, it sounds great. for the weekends? couldn't seybert. good morning, happy tuesday to you. so what you are looking at all of the flashing lights, overturned box truck, the blue route northbound ramp from broomall, upper darby, one lane open, but i say that with hesitancy. as you can see, there is a single file lane, everyone trying to get around this just barely squeezing by. so this is certainly going to cause a lot of slow downs. by the way, right there, some people out on foot, and it is very slippery. any time we have refreezing where we had melting and refreezing then talking about onramps, off off-ramps, sidewalks, under the bridge decks, very slippery conditions here. so this is going cause some slow downs for those of how can hold off on that area.
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i would suggest doing so. this is a look at the schuylkill at the conshohocken curve. looking good in both directions, just starting to heat up out there. certainly heating up on major interstates. ninety-five tail light moving in the northbound direction around the airport area. looking good. everyone still traveling around at posted speeds in this area. and also, for those every how do have flights, just check your schedules. same with mass transit. because everything is kind of moving and shaking right now. but slowly starting to get back to normal, erika, back over to you. >> good reminder, meisha, thank you. war of words continues between republican presidential candidates donald trump and ted cruz as the democrats meet for another debate. recap of campaign 2016 just ahead. >> also, coming up: clearing the confusion about financial aid for college. jill schlessinger will tell us why now is the time to get started on those tricky applications. we'll be right back.
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there is now less than one week before the iowa caucuses. democrats, hillary clinton, and bernie saunders a periods on the same stage in iowa last night for town hall style event. cbs news correspondent brian web has more on the candidates and how they're making their final pitch to voters. >> at a democratic presidential town hall, in iowa, last night, bernie sanders and hillary clinton did their best to set themselves apart. >> i led the effort against wall street, deregulation. see where hillary clinton was on this issue. >> there are very different visions. different values. different for forces at
6:21 am
workment and you have to have somebody who is a proven, proven fighter. >> the republican battle for iowa also a close one, with donald trump and ted cruz locked in tens fight for first place. on monday, cruz met privately with passers in cedar rapids, pleading for their vote. >> so even if you're thinking about another candidate, the simple reality is there is only one campaign that can beat drum innocent this state. >> campaigning in new hampshire, trump once again questioned cruz's citizen schil. ship. >> he could run right now for prime minister every canada. woe have no problem. >> trump, cruz, other contenders, face-off this thursday night in des moines in their seventh debate. in new york, brian web, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". stay for the latest on campaign 2016. when we're not on tv we're always on line at still ahead, residents force from the their homes because they're in danger of falling off a cliff. incredible video.
6:22 am
also, havoc on the highway, two drivers bat it will out in the middle of traffic. look what they're fighting with. more off of this video when we come back. katy? >> light saber brigade out on the highway, look ahead here to pretty pain week every weather, few hiccups in the forecast along the way, we'll outline it all for you on the that's the right price! it's that low. what other things on this list "can't be right?" looks like a list full of "can't be right's." seriously?
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disorder in the court after a sentencing in new mexico. courtroom video shows michael shoving and then trying to punch district attorney scott case. judge had just sentenced cox after criminal sexual contact after fondling a girl t sent off panic in the courtroom. but the deputy took cox right down. also caught on camera, road rage fight between two men in austin, texas. video shows one man pulling a bat the other guy then takes a pole out every his truck, they go at it, like a light is saber fight from star wars. once the light turns green, they apparently both got into their cars, their trucks, drove off. when police arrived, no one was there, but come on, guys, simmer down. >> all right, still an ohio officer really lucky to be alive, caught in the middle of a freak accident involving a train and a semi.
6:26 am
all of this also caught on dash cam. captain brad moore was directing traffic around appliance or accident, when a train slams into a seem eye, and that impact sent the truck straight into moore. >> my left hands and arm got caught up in the right front tire. kind whatever he seen me barrel rolling, shot me out. miracle. i mean, really is, it is very -- makes you think a lot. so it is definitely one of those that, you know, foot this way, foot that way, no bush, it could have been really bad. so i'm very lucky, very fortunate. >> wow. moore suffered broken arm like you saw there, also received 25 stitches to his head. he says, though, he is looking forward to getting back to work. coming up in the next half hour of "eyewitness news", we will tell you what shows and movies were the post popular on demand during the middle of the storm. justin? >> erika, clear sidewalks, and clearer streets, mayfair is waking up little less messy
6:27 am
this morning. a live look at the clean up here, coming up. good to see. also ahead, one man's act of kindness to boy with special needs, is getting a lot of attention. we'll hear from that boy's grateful mother, just touching story here. meisha? >> well, we have overturned box truck on the blue route northbound ramp. slow downs on 95, starting to happen, and some updates for mass transit. all of the updates coming up. but first we'll take a quick break, stay right where you are. cb i've smoked a lot and quit a lot, but ended up nowhere. now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch, with unique extended release technology, helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". good morning. oh, we're all digging out together. but the snow really has no where to go. live look right naught in south philadelphia where workers are stack that snow hoping to clear those narrow streets. meanwhile, the snow on the streets means another day off for students in philadelphia's public and archdiocesan schools. many other schools are delayed or closed.
6:31 am
we have those listings for you at the bottom of the screen. you can also go to our website cbs philly. com. this is turning into nice long stretch for the kids out there, four day week, weekend, parent, so sorry, you know, got to figure out a back up plan. a loft folks do have to still work and get out today. and i would definitely caution, that it could still be little slick out there. meisha will talk more about. that will behind us, erika, the pink, so you never want to see pink on the radar. >> freezing rain? >> that's freezing rain, enough to prompt even advisories. full screen, show you where it is, across central pa, maybe business strip out to the state capitol, something like, that you will find rain coming downment the problem is it is rain as it falls, then it freezes on contact. that is the problem. frankly, freezing rain is some of the mining cause are you precipitation we encounter. it is sly. you don't necessarily know it will freeze on contact. but expect that it will. okay? and that said, because this disturbance creeping in little sooner than originally anticipated, freezing rain advisory has been, in effect
6:32 am
until 10:00 a.m., philly not included. in fact, the greater philadelphia region, delaware valley itself isn't included. lehigh valley, berks, poconos, all points inland, you are. so, do just be careful as you head out today. meantime, i would also say that if anything melted yesterday, it is certainly had a chance to refreeze in some of the colder spots like palmyra here outside of the cove nature park here in the live neighborhood ned work. no problems with visibility this morning. you have got 25 degrees however on that thermometer, and really you're below freezing up and down i95, in all point north and west of that. so, that's where you're likely to see some of the worse of the freezing issues this morning, heck only at 10 degrees this morning in quakertown after all. but through the course of the day, i suspect that you will see at least little bit of sunshine. watch for future shower to also be out there dotting the regional radar come this afternoon. thankfully meisha looks like too warm by that point, it is strictly rain showers for most of us. i would even say they're so light probably can get away without an umbrella today.
6:33 am
not terrible. >> good, that's great news. oh, who wants to hear freezing rain at this point? no. so the good news today will be nice. i want to direct your attention if you are just waking up with us, good morning, this is where we have an overturned box truck. we have live chopper three over this overturned. this is the blue route northbound. the ramp from broomall upper darby, you can see, completely on it side. and what is happening, we do have crews there trying to get this remedy for you. but what we're seeing is a long line of vehicles, trying to squeeze by, on this ramp, and move around, where we do have this accident. so, this is not good t looks like they're just moving it, in the up-right position. voila. perfect. because when we see that happen, we know that soon enough they're going to get this cleaned up for you. right now it is certainly causing you some slow downs. now moving right along 95 southbound before cottman, looking very busy. this is not at all what we saw. typically on busy monday morning. so on a tuesday, when everyone
6:34 am
is back to work now, for the most part, a loft are you anyway, this is what we're seeing. it will be very busy. we're seeing this heat up certainly on 95 south before cottman. this is a look at 422 eastbound at the pa turnpike. another area where it is very, very slow, still already, traveling less than posted speeds in a lot of areas. so i'll be back in about 15 minutes with another update. erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. the exhausting task of removing all of the snow enters its thirds day. we want to give you live look right here at 12th and watkins, in south philadelphia. where that small street is still covered in snow. the philadelphia parking authority will not be handing out tickets, again today, to give crews more time to clear those impassable streets. the ppa is also extending the 5-dollar discount garage parking rate. one resident taking matters into his own hands, listening to city officials by not dumping shoveled snow into the streets. >> my neighbors suggested the garbage can, and i'm taking it casino of as far as away as i can from the street and other cars, because that's not, you
6:35 am
know, cool with me to just throw that right thereafter, you know, my neighbor let me shovel. >> oh, looking live at broad and washington, where philadelphia crews are piling the snow into an open lot. the mayor encourages residents just to be patient. plow trucks clearing main roads and secondary streets, they're up next. >> well, today's above freezing temperatures should help to melt some of the snow. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch has been traveling all throughout the northeast for us this morning, out in mayfair now, and things look pretty good out there, justin, good morning. >> erika, good morning, yes. we are back in mayfair. on days like today, patience is paramount. we are able to walk comfortably down tudor street here and just behind this here, frandford avenue, is back to bustling as per usual. if you look along the street here, you can see, you can park, too, along frankford. spends some days since you're able to say that, how much, if you walk with me, my photographer scott here, i'm walk down the clear sidewalk, as well here, and show you the
6:36 am
west end of tudor just past this truck here, perhaps you can see, there is still some plowing that needs to be done along that stretch of tudor. it is going to take some time to get the roads back to normal. we are talking about some 2500 miles of streets here in philly, that need to be cleared. the city knocked out many of them, but of course, not all. so you're secondary, at the shower neighborhoods streets, you may find some congestion, some ice pack, some snow. the city working on, the mayor asking all of us to be patient as we recover from this record snowfall. he is advising you to call 311, that will connect you to an agent who will hopefully send a truck to great your street cleared. if you can't reach them, by a phone, they are also reachable on line by a social media. that is philly 311 on facebook as well as twitter. throughout the northeast, we can tell you that you see a lot of this, high snow drift, the plows have moved that out of the way. the next step is getting those
6:37 am
streets cleared. and with the forecast going up, and down, that melting snow turns to ice, so refreezing creates more problems. soap the city working on it, you have to be patient, and of course, report your street, and pretty soon we'll see more of the traffic, the hustle and bustle, the schools reopen that were all used to on a tuesday morning. erika, over to you. >> justin finch for us, thanks so much. now the storm kept most people snowed inside and looks like a lot of folks use that time to catch up on tv, movies. comcast says 1.3 million customers use their on demand feature, and that's a record. philly and new jersey saw 50% up tick in users. the intern was the most rented movie, and hotel transylvania, so funny, most watched free movie. as for tv shows, shades of blue and game of thrown were the most popular, winter is here, right? the snowstorm also pack major economic punch along the east coast this early, but some analysts put the estimate anywhere between 500 million
6:38 am
to $3 billion. damage reports include burst pipes, collapsed roofs, power outages, and flood damage. also, lost revenue from restaurants and transportation. experts do say though that the economic impact would have been far worse if that storm occurred during the work week as opposed to on the weekend. >> 38:00 right now. college move-in day may be months away, but now really the time for college applicants hoping receive financial aid to complete that much maligned free application for federal student aid, also known as fafsa, that storm form. jill schlessinger, up in new york, and hey, if you're still snowed in, great day to get to the paperwork. why should we start it so early, though, jill? >> you know, if want to qualify for any financial aid, that includes your pell grants, stafford loans, academic year 2016-17 you need to start as soon as possible. the reason is those who file early maximize their chances of getting money. some of these grants actually get given out based on first come first served.
6:39 am
many parents tell me oh, i'm not going to qualify, so why bother going through all of this? the answer is you know what? you never know how your situation might change. and if you have multiple kids in college, you may qualify, and finally, if you are looking for merit aid, many schools require families to complete the fafsa. people also complain the form is add ooh us. the department of education says no no, fafsa takes most people 21 minutes to complete. contrary to popular belief, there is no income cut-off when it comes to federal student aid. >> oh, that's interesting. now, some people maybe wait to go get their tax information, their tax season over, 2015, to apply. should they wait you think? >> you know what? you do not need to complete the 2015 taxes to start the fafsa. just use last year's return as a guide, estimate this year's numbers, so the government can at least process the application immediately. now, the other good thing is some application may be able
6:40 am
to use something called the irs data retrieval tool. it automatically calculates fafsa with your irs information. if you file your taxes electronically, the data will be available, within two weeks of filing, that's just another reason to file electronically. you go to to complete or correct your fafsa form. click on the financial information tab at the top of the page. then click the linc to irs and poof, all of your income information is transferred directly to your fafsa form. just do it. >> all right, good advice, considering the cost of college, no reason not to, jill, thanks so much. >> right. well, you might have all of the friends in the world you think it comes to facebook. but, take a second look here. new study out every glands says no matter how many facebook friends you have, only four, four of them, will stick with you in tough times. the study concludes while facebook is good for keeping up acquaintances, facebook friends are very rarely close
6:41 am
friends. there you have it. all right, living on the edge. takes on whole new meaning for some resident along the pacific coast. they're being forced to evacuate, because of this, their homes are getting dangerously close to falling off a cliff. details just ahead. >> what can i do for you? >> you might as well have given me a million dollars. >> that grateful mother thanks the man who comforted her sennachie got hurt. we have that heart-warming story coming up next. again!
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>> waves blamed on he will nope john, causing the cliffs to erode. officials have condemned those ants, you can see why, in california. also, eviction notices have been issued. only way tenants can get back in is to remove their belong. really you can see why,
6:45 am
hanging there on the cliff, got to be careful there. 6:44, checking in with katie with our forecast for the day and checking in with our weather watchers. good morning. >> quite a slew of observations coming into us, this hour, but we will start thing offer just by going out to the map view, where you are seeing a lot more variety this morning, than we have in recent mornings. there have been cull elf mornings wherever one was either in the two, a the teens, or everybody in the single digits, the teens, now teens, singles, 20's, actually, even cup old of spots where you're in the 30's right now, so we are casino every all over the place, depending how much cloud cover you may have had through the overnight, that played a big role, also urban proximity to the urban corridor here, but zero in on handful of these. we start things offer here with one of the 20's, kenneth martin reporting 24 degrees right now, with just a lot of clouds out in willingboro, did he have comment, we'll check it out, great day to be a life. love it. certainly. yep good morning, kenneth. check in with another one just offer to the south here, where it is a lot milder by comparison. 35 degrees, not bad. in clementon, new jersey,
6:46 am
where david dutch is reporting from, and he, too, has nothing morgue than bunch of clouds out there. going to one more, take it across the river get on into just outside of philadelphia. up to norristown, still finding, sorry, north wales, still finding just handful every clouds. 19 degrees comes into us from phil. i was, let me see if i can try this again, 24, see if we get it, david mitchell the one i wanted to soup, in norristown, where i know they are still cleaning up a lot from this past weekend storm. he's reporting generally just a lot of clouds overhead. so that said, dow want you to watch out for maybe little bit of refreeze to go take place from anything that came through, or anything that had a chance to melt away last night. it may have re froese end -- frozen on the roads. further inland you go, might be running into little bit of freezing drizzle, freezing rain this morning, very fine rain, if that, because but you can see pink if you look closely starting to build. this largest system, area of low pressure, trailing front,
6:47 am
waist going to end up being the lynch pin too, the whole idea of whether we get a storm later in the week. so what happens, see area of low pressure develop on the tail end in the next couple of days, will move off shore, then what happens? so does it stay out to sea, try to curve northbound? that's the big question mark right now, but i have to tell you i don't think has got the right set up to actually bring us any additional snow later in the week, still allowing the snow shower or snow flurry for that matter, but doesn't mean we will see any big snow, do watch for the icy travel for the next couple every days, that's just a given because of the melting and refreeze that will be a running theme for couple of days, but notice, next few days actually do warm back up, especially by the weekends, mid 40's, the he can peck takes here all weekends long, meisha. >> already looking forward to the weekend, thanks, katie. all right, take a look hine me, this is live chopper three, giving you a wide shot of the backups on the blue route, because we do have overturned box truck, on the blue route northbound, the ram
6:48 am
from broomall, upper darby, one lane is open, but that is at the maximum. you are really trying to squeeze by it, you can see, where they pulled the overturned box truck back up now. now they are just trying to get it cleaned up. it doesn't mat their it is upright, and trying to get it moved out of your way. you just saw the backups, they're extensive. if you can avoid the blue route at this point, right now, just until they get that out of the way, i would. because a lot of vehicles, you literally are just sitting there, and there is just a line of vehicles coming every which way trying to get on the northbound blue route right now. avoid that area, try to do so. here is a look at the schuylkill, conshohocken curve looking good, pull any headlights there moving in both the eastbound and westbound direction really slowing down there. ninety-five southbound at cottman, another area where you are looking very slow this morning. and then the world of mass tran it, just make sure to check your schedules on line. i don't have time to touch base at all, but i'll be tweeting this information out all morning long. back to you. >> thanks so much. right now, 6:48. time to see what's coming up
6:49 am
on cbs this morning. nora o'donnell joins us live from new york with the preview for us. nora, good morning. >> reporter: and good morning to you, erika. ahead we're in iowa covering last night hall, bernie saunders, plus all of the major news of the day, how mcdonald's is bank back customers. also, us news and world report releases best and most profitable jobs of 2016. we look at 50 years of the best superbowl adds to find out the secret to making them more memorable. see in you just about minutes. >> love those commercials, thanks so much. national woman is grateful for the kindness after stranger. apple store employee saw nine year old child with special needs running to a wall and then returned in to help him. laura mitchell with the story of a thank you note that went viral. >> this is lynn marie running and her nine year old son, the little boy has downe syndrome. few years ago he was diagnosissed when autism. >> when you are a parent after special needs child, you get
6:50 am
lots of stairs, and you get lots of -- some people are kind, but you don't ever know what you will get. >> james use's an ipad to help him communicate. on thursday, the mother and son were at the apple store at the mall at green hills buying a new one, when something outside the store caught the little boy's attention. james tried to run after it, instead, he ran right into a clear glass wall. >> he just took off running, full steam ahead, and he smashed himself right into that wall. the sounds was horrificment and he fell flat over. and then he hit his head again on the floor. everyone in the storm gasped along with me. >> as lynn marie tried to console her son, a worker returned to his side, to make sure he was okay. >> well, andrew came over, he sat down, and he just looked at me and he just said what can i do for you? and he might as well have given me a million dollars. >> the worker then went a step further by sitting down on the floor with the little boy, to program his new ipad, and show him how to use it.
6:51 am
touched by the kind gesture, lynn marie snapped this picture of james and the apple worker, andrew wall, then posted a thank you note on facebook. the message spread quickly, all the way to executives at apple. >> i think people are just ready to hear something good. and andrew deserves to be applauded. >> lynn marie would like the company to know what a special employee it has, working in its green hills store, and she wants the world to know there are still people out there like him. >> just so touching that somebody really doing the right thing, the very healing thing, a little boy smacks his head, you walk over, hey, can i help? >> and it is an employer's dream to look for apply ' that really goes above and beyondment look at the ripple effect now this is causing because of one really nice gesture. >> even nicer the employee says hey i was just doing my job. this is nothing out of the ordinary. >> good person. >> says a lot about him. >> love this story.
6:52 am
>> a seventh place finisher in a marathon never registered for the race. meet the blood hunt. showed upped at the starting line in bamm, apparently showed up for little bathroom break, kept on trotting with the runners. she ran the entire 13.1-mile course. >> oh, my gosh. >> her owner, who is not a runner, says the dog is not used to going on these long trecks, didn't even know about her celebrity dog until a friend called unfilleted her n but just cruising right along there, going for little jog. >> oh, my gosh. >> firefighters meanwhile in sacramento rescued eight people from burning home. that's not it. they also saved three dogs and look at all every these little guys, a laundry basket filled with pup ills. they were stuck inside the house on fire. they made shear they went back, scooped them all up. one person did suffer minor injuries, in that fire, but everyone, including all of those pets, are expected to be okay. just all people doing the right thing today. love it. >> exactly how it should be. >> little pups i'm sure mom
6:53 am
and pap doggy so grateful. >> so cute. wonder if they're going up for adoption? >> no problem finding homes. >> i want one! >> send them out here, sacramento to philly. we'll be back with a check on your traffic and weather together. those little faces. >> so cute, puppies!
6:54 am
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6:57 am
>> belong owes and the panthers getting ready, game a week from this sunday, len ramirez shows us santa claire a, california really now in the spotlight. >> he lie said yum looms large, now it is literally super sized. >> and already, drawing a crowd, 12 days before the game. >> this part of santa clara completely made over. what's going on? where is the party? >> how many pavilions are being set up, worlds wide media coverage, already up and running. inside the lombardi trophy sets the stage. >> oh, awesome. >> lucky we are really lucky to have have superbowl here. >> crews turning the scarlet into superbowl gold. new luxury suites being built in the side end zone areas, the fields being prepped up to take on both the players and the half-time performers. >> you know, they took tv into consideration, when they built the stadium.
6:58 am
>> cbs sports is all set to unveil new technology for superbowl 50. thirty-six extra cameras, super slow-mo, 360 agree views are all part of the game plans. >> we bring everything out. we have all of the toys. we have no excuses. you know, we've got to be able to show you every single angle. >> santa clara, come on, so close to the silicon valley. if you want to go to the game, it will cost you a pretty penny. ticket price tracking website says the average resale price after ticket: $5,178 for one ticket. pair of ticket near the 50 yards line, already sold for $12,000. >> twenty-four grand. >> i don't know. i want someone to bring me, bring me place. >> if you have an extra terrible, meisha would like to go. you don't have to spend all of the money, watch it right here, panthers, broncos play superbowl ooh february 7th, the game once again, right
6:59 am
here free. and you get to enjoy all of the fun commercials, too, so true. all kind of bonuses, and you safer the 24 grand. >> absolutely,. >> extra bonus. >> all of that mine every year. >> still blows my mind. >> but hey, if you're a broncos fan, you are a panthers fan, don't get me wrong, get it, but it still blows my mind. >> still want to go. >> watching freezing rain right now? >> indeed we r we have to watch out for, southern suburbs, not finding any precipitation falling in the live neighborhood network at kutztown, but just west of that, there is a little pocket of freezing rain and drizzle pushing throughment doesn't take much to cause major headaches. >> no, sure doesn't. thanks, katie. okay, you guys, we have overturned box truck, blue route northbound ramp bloom all upper darby causing slow downs, 59 south at cottman also looking very slow this morning. >> all right, meisha, thank youment next on cbs this morning, they have the latest on the hunt for three dangerous prisoners on the run in southern california. and reminder to join us bright and early every weekday morning right here on cbs-3,
7:00 am
we kick things offer it is tuesday, january 26th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." washington still struggles to dig itself out, and a rush of travelers causes massive gridlock at one of the nation's busiest airports. hillary clinton and bernie sanders blast eechl other before the final push to the iowa caucuses. and the american who survived the paris attacks reveals her story for the first time. but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. i believe that i'm the better person to be the democratic nominee. >> we need bold changes. we need a political revolution. >> iowa voters will


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